Songwriting from scratch - How to write an EDM melody | Andrew Booth | Skillshare

Songwriting from scratch - How to write an EDM melody

Andrew Booth

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Terminology

    • 3. Analysis of Avicii 'Wake me up'

    • 4. Analysis of LMFAO 'Party rock anthem'

    • 5. Analysis of Major Lazer and DJ Snake 'Lean on'

    • 6. Example MIDI track


About This Class

This is not a video about production!  Specifically, this is aimed at you if you are comfortable at creating beats and producing but not sure how the music side of things works? This course uses examples from the EDM genre, although the techniques discussed here can be used to produce any music in a pop style. The course will make use of Logic Pro X on an apple mac, but there is no reason that you can’t reproduce anything I do and show you here on another comparable DAW, on any computer.





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I have been involved and devoted to music for 20 years. I have pursued interests in live performance, concert organisation, recording, mixing, production, label management, and directing. My ability to conceptualise clearly and communicate concisely both musically and socially, allow me to work alone, or in concert with others very effectively.
I have worked on recording and live music projects with Kenwyn House (Reef) Mitch Glover (Kosheen) and Gary Shaw (Sherman Robertson + Jimmy Withers...

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