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10 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction

    • Process & Project: Write & Produce a Song

    • Groove

    • Chord Progressions (or Not)

    • Song Form

    • Lyrics

    • Chorus Design

    • Bass

    • Production

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

Writing songs in the style of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) poses unique challenges and warrants the inclusion of the production track into the writing process.

In this 52 minute class with songwriter, producer and film composer Boris Berlin you will learn the fundamentals of writing songs that work effectively in EDM. Boris teaches different ways of creating contrast and dynamics to keep the music exciting while certain aspects remain constant.

Boris draws from years of experience writing, producing and remixing for various artists, bands and record labels. Prior to coming to New York, he had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting and Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music.

This class is geared towards aspiring songwriters, producers and DJ’s in the EDM genre.  Some basic experience in a Digital Audio Software (DAW) is useful for the completion of the class project but not required as you can also collaborate with a producer or DJ to help complete the assignment.

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I was looking for some ideas on arrangement, not specifically EDM, and I think I got more out of this than just that. There are elements you can put to use immediately and other stuff that is good to know in general. Would recommend.
A lot of new information and insights in the music production. After this class it feels like I've taken a step from beginner to some intermediate level. Thank you Boris for your time.
The basics - which are really good to know and explained.





Boris Berlin

Songwriter, Producer, Film Composer

Hi! My name is Boris Berlin, and I'm a songwriter, producer, film composer and multimedia artist originally from Berlin but transplanted to vibrant New York City to pursue my creative dreams. After several years of working for NY-based music production houses, I've gone completely independent working mostly from my own project studio. The digital revolution has brought so many amazing tools to our fingertips that it's an incredible time to be a freelance artist.

My music has appeared o...

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