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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Round 1

    • 4. Round 2

    • 5. Round 3

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Often look at the Sudoku and wonder how to solve it? Tried several other videos but can’t still can’t seem to crack it? This is one and only video you will need. 

It is all about logic, not about luck!

In this class you’ll learn techniques to solve a medium difficulty Sudoku puzzle

Even if you’re new to logic puzzles, you’ll find these simple and effective techniques easy to use and apply to your work!

Meet Your Teacher

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Rukmini Kanvinde

A little bit of everything....


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1. Introduction: Hope you're doing well. In today's video, we are going to learn how to solve a Sudoku. Today's puzzle is a medium Pfizer, and I hope a weekend. Go ahead and solve this really quickly. Let's get started. 2. Materials: Okay, in today's materials, what we have is a small piece of paper so that we can write down our puzzle. Then an eraser, a pencil to write down our options and the final numbers. And then this black thick Sharpie diet with when the kind of Boudin, the actual puzzle before we start. 3. Round 1: Okay, so now that we have a line numbers blocked into the Sudoku, I genuinely put in one to 29 numbers down here. So what we can do a stick them off. Once we have captured all of those nine numbers in this buzzer, we even start off with the doom that have the most numbers in them. So for now, let's start off with the one at the top. Okay, so we have 12. Let's look for number three around. Do good. There is no three here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and plug three in here. Ok, so also another thing to remember is if you have a squared, right, one of these genetically 12346789. So we kind of do understand where each number is missing or what options we have for each number. Now we're at number three here. Let's do number four. Gets, so this lower line already has a, for this right side, one already has a force of all we're left is with this for k. Then let's look at five, but there's only 15 left, so we'll stop on now one, then 67. So we have seven in the top row and then nothing else around. So we're just gonna go ahead and put 7778905. Sorry. Disgusted by forgot. Ok. Then let's move on to this one because this has the most amount of numbers that are given already as well. So one to get, let's look at three hill. So three, the top rows already full to that out. The middle rows or leaflets, all we have left is three here. Ok, so 12345. Now let's go for six. So there's only 16 here. So I'm gonna go ahead and put six here. And he'll, I spill the square that we have allocated. So then there is seven. So also seven will go down here. You already have a 7800 and see that we're going to introduce that K. So seven, it, it doesn't the bottom row, so we don't have any, it's an adult. So it heat. So they could be in either of these squares. Then nine. So nine is in the center. So we still have these t squares open where nine, Good, B, k. So far so good. Okay, now let's move on. Now we'll start off with number one, Yankee. So one, let's see. Let's go clockwise, okay? And we're going to put in all the options for each of the squares. And we're going to work our way down and stopping at 1-2-3, 4-5-6. Okay. So one here. So going Street down, nothing. Let's just stick with this box Fest. So one already in the middle rows of we can't do much there. One in the first column on the left. So we will have one in these four blocks option of having. And then number two, we have it in the top row, nothing in these five squares. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and put, do, do, do 22 k. Let's check our number three. I think three will go in all of these squares because you have nothing on this side or this side or here to prove otherwise. So that means three could go in any of these open squares at this point. K number four. So we have fought in the top row, four, in the bottom row, we have four coming down from here in the rightmost column. Stemming spoken only go in these two squares of food and food. Let's look at 5-5 is kinda hackers currently in this entire puzzle. This is the only pleased that has five. So like three, we're going to put five everywhere. If five, k, k, Let's go on to six. Six is in the top row, sixes in the middle row. We have six here as well. So that means feeder move this line and this line, and then this line, then we're only left with six here. The 78, and now nine is only in the bottom row. So we're gonna go and put nine everywhere else. So 1-2-3-4-5, K. I know I know I mentioned that we would work using one and then fill out each Biggs 99 by 93 by three square. But I think it would be easier if we went through all the numbers so that we don't miss out any of them. So let's go on to this one now. K, so then starting off with one again. So one is across here and then one is across Hill, and man is across here. So then one would only be in the center once k, then moving on to two 2s Hill does note, and then two at the bottom, so the top row, and then the center row. So we're left with 12 here. So we're gonna go ahead and put 22 gala lipstick at three. So currently we only have three in the center column, so we're gonna go ahead and put 33. And then 334 already exists. Five, we have only in this scholar. So we're gonna go ahead and put five and on the other ones, that would be four of these squares, six, K. Now we have seven in the top row, 17, this side rule, and then seven here. So now we're left with seven In the two squares here. So 77. Now let's go to it. So it is indeed to boredom rose. There's nothing it, the, that would prove for these three squares. So, or let's put it, it eight k, Let's do nine. We have nine only in the bottom row right now, nothing in this section here. So we're gonna go ahead and put nine and all of them above 999. And moon lines here, because we have in the bottom right. Okay. Now let's move on to this one. So we have 11 in this row, one in this, and then we have 11 coming this way. So this and this, and this. So we're just going to put one here. Let me show you properly. So we're only left with this open square. This is another way of doing it so that you don't get confused. K, So then one, two, k. Let's look at three. We have three coming in from the center. Yeah. So we have 123 boxes open. So 333450 and don't have five anywhere else. So 55555, okay, now let's to six. So there's one here and then one here. So then six will go in these three colors, three squares. So 6667 is just in the bottom row as well. So we're going to do 7777. Okay, let's go to it. That is, there's only eat hill in the center row, center columns, so it will go everywhere. K And then there's already nine, so that's a k. Let's go to the center one. Let's look for more lucky than bad, because that's the center of everything. So y, k Now we have to seduce only in the top row. So now we're going to do everywhere else k. Then we have three only in the side column right here, the right-hand side most 123334. Then five is five. We'll go everywhere because we don't have another five. Competitive with six is already in hell. We have a seven in the leftmost column. And then everything else will have 777 K it, so it is in this column, and it is in this column. So all we have left is the center, more square. So I'm gonna go ahead and put it in there. K. Let's go on to the next box here. One, do across, and then two here. So we're left with these three boxes. So to 30. And then let's go to two to one to three 3's. Yeah, let's do fall. So for fall. And we have four here and four across. So with that, we only have four left to be in this one. There we go. Four. Then 55 is only in this column. So we're going to put five everywhere else, ok? And then six, let's see, six. This is in this column, six is in the bottom column, so we're only left with this one here. So it would be open to number 66. Let's go to seven is already in hell. Let's go do it. It actually is nowhere to be seen. So we did a dog or on the sides. I see ETF my bad. So if it's already in hell, it can only be in 12 or three options. So let's go ahead and eat. Kay, let's go on and do 99 is in the two columns. Do rules here. So nine get only between these two squares. So 99 k. And let's go to this 11. And now we have to do, and do. We have to coming in from the centers or only these two squares can be the center, DOP and water. So let's go and do number 33 currently is only in the DOP rule and in the center row. So we're going to put three in the bottom row everywhere. K after three comes for, so for we have 12 and then this one and the bottom. So that means four will be here. K, Let's do 55 is only in the top column, adopt row, so we're going to put five everywhere else. That's five squares. Now. K, Let's do 66. Isn't this first left color? And then I don't see anywhere else. So we're gonna go ahead and put six everywhere else. That would be 666. K seven, only in the bottom row right now. So we're gonna go ahead and put seven everywhere else in the middle column and the bottom row. That leaves us with only one open spot here. So it looks like we have a when I eat. Ok. I'm already exists. So let's go on to the next one. Let's start with one. Give one here. We have one here, and we have one here. So that means one has to be here. K, Let's do, to do this right here again. And that's it. So du is gonna go everywhere in the center, 22234, so 44, and then four here. So we're going to have to have for the sentiments came, then five is only in the top row. Goes everywhere else. Let's do six. Is in the center row here. Six will go everywhere else. So 66, six x k seven, the bottom row. And Sandra, so let's put seven in these 37 sevens, and it already exists here, so is this one and this one. Okay. Looks like we're at the end of putting in all the numbers. Let's start back from the DOM. 4. Round 2: Okay, so let's get started. We have all learned numbers in here without options. Let's start from this block all the way down and walk clockwise. Ok. So now let's see if any of the numbers in here, like 357, already are in the rows or the columns. Ok. So based on what I see here, doesn't seem like it. There are no trees anywhere if you inhale. So we have to keep this may mean that at the 5s or any 7's, K. Let's move here. Okay? So now I see we have a new number Hill, which is number one, is, I'm gonna go ahead and pull off all the one options in Phil. Okay? And then if you notice that there's already one in hell, so that means one number will go here because it's the only place we have that option. So I'm gonna go ahead and it is out of this. Okay, let's move on. Is that any number twos that then new 3s, 456 is already in has 789. Oh, okay. Let's go in his case seems like we have one here, right? So let's see. We can pull off the one from here. So then we are only left with one here because there is no other one elsewhere. So I'm gonna go ahead and put that one. Ok, and pull up the one from the cache. And near the new numbers here we've got four, but we already have that captured one, c. So 1234567. So keeping the eight and then nine. Okay, let's go down. Okay. So 123 new trees, no fours. Fours, five. Nope. Similar 567 sevens. No. Oh, we have got a new ID. So if we put this ETL, we are, and then see we have a new a2 as well. So if I put that in and this is, then we only have one option of eight left here. So I'm gonna go ahead and put that eight K. And there's nine already. Okay, then let's go here. One, no new twos or threes. 45 is the same, 67 is the same. No changes. We have. And nine, so I guess the square stays eyes is good. Let's go here. So one is already in hill. No new dues. 345 is the same. 67. Oh, we haven't knew it. So these two laws of it. And we go left with this one only. So I'm gonna go ahead and put that as a pulling off it elsewhere. K. Let's go downhill. What do we have 12 as this three as well as is for 45 as is study, it's moving six as is seven as well. It N9, I guess this disk where it hasn't moved at all, 1234 will stay as is five. Also as is six, as is seven. And eat or lusting as is. Well, maybe we can pull up the six because I see this nice. Okay. Let's see if we can put it off. And bad, not bad. Kayla's moon has a 12345. We have six here, as is seven. Oh look, it is in this column, so it can't be here, so it has to be nine. Because those were the only two options. Since it is out, it will be nine. If nine is in, this option is already in the square, right, then we can have to dig it out from the option. So we have six and ETL and just six years. So now I'm going to pull off six, just put six here because that's the only option left in this block. And then pull up. And then the only option left. Is it looking at, as we finished one holds Gleick. Ok. Let's go back to square one. K. Let's see, let's start now. I feel like now we have enough numbers on the grid to kind of move on and start with legs singular numbers. So let's see. I feel like I see a lot of it's anemia and we might be almost done with it. So let's get that one knocked off first. One to this one is missing then this 1123123. Ok. So we only have one left here. Let's go ahead and get that. I knocked out of the box. So we have ETS, can't be in this row or this row. And then these two columns already have it. So that means there's only in this one. We get as we knocked out the eight. Ok. So now that we have looked at IIT, let's go descend into the nine. Yeah. How about that? Okay, so if you do 909 in this row and this row that we're only left with nine in this one. Let's go ahead and do the 99. And this called a row nine. In this row, we still have two options of nine here. Let's come back to that later. Ok, moving up, we have nine in this row, nine in this column and this column. So we're only left with this square root, ITS nine k. So then let's see if these two nines can give us something here. So this row, this row. And then we have a column right here that says nine. So nine has to be in this one. Again, let's do for this room, this square root of 99, these two rows, and then this column, and then now the newly placed nine. So it has to be in hell. So we're done with 900. Yea. Okay, let's see if any of the other options have opened up for us. Something to quickly do that, close out some square is Okay. So you are just looking like a zoomed out. Look. I see that we have do and five-year and 59, but we already have nine. Here's I'm going to pull off the nine and this one and then we're left with 55 and lift with to look at as we finished one whole squared. 5. Round 3: Let's see if we can start off with number one. Gives so 123123123. Oh look, we already done with one K. Let's go to do so 112, one. Ok. So based on what I see here, this, this square seems to be, we can fill that up really fast because we have couple of 2's columns and nine, so there's 12 and then 12 across. So we're left with this square right there. So I'm gonna go ahead and fill it up to, okay, then next one is next to. So if I do this two and this two, we are left with the one in the bottom here, right? So remaining rolled up. So this one, k, so two. And then so 1123, n1 and n2. So let's do this one-year quickly. Then this one and this 103. Sit at these two options open. Let's come back to that. Okay, let's try this one. So we have to heal and do hill doing the center. So we still have these two options open. Looks like we have to revisit again. Okay. Nobody's let's go to number three. Number three. Number three, there are no 33333. Or here. Or here, or here, or here. Okay. Let's come back. Let's go 241212312. Ok, and this could be good for us. Okay. We have four of them here as a three of them here. So let's try the center. So drop row, bottom rows two, got two options in here. This, this row is complete, so let's SRE, role bottom row of still can't do full because we have and then fall here. So these two options remain as wet. Ok, let's revisit that eventually. Five is a bit harder right now because we only have dual do files here. So let's go to number six. So 123121. Okay. What should we do to bring, OK, let's start with this one. We have one column in here. And do those. Still got two options in here. I left. Okay, let's revisit that later on. Coming down to this one. We've got six here and six here. So we've got two options, six here and six here. So these two options are still there. Good. Let's come back to that. In looking at six years. We have six here and six here. So we have to do with these two options. Okay, so just going back a little bit, right? Coming back to this graph, this is something that logical. And just have to think about it this way and gave. Now if you have number six here, this column is gone. This row is gone because we have six Hill. Yeah. So we're only left with these two options. That means 16 v in Edo section of this column, this column, right? So now if we concentrate on this square and imagine that six is in one of these column spaces, right? That means it will be 606 like this. Yeah, because we couldn't have had it in that as well. And then six would be coming in from these two, which means our six number could only be pleased in this one. So I'm gonna go ahead and put that six and there. Okay, let's see where it takes us eventually K. Now let's do this 16 here, six here. So say you got two options right there. Let's hold off on that. Okay. Let's go to number 7711 then. Nothing in one. Nothing, nothing one. Ok. I see this. Let's see vertically if he has something. No, no, no. Seven would not because anyway, it doesn't have anything. But we do have two 7's hill. So this one and this one, and that would leave us to seven being in this square. Okay? So look at this. We have almost nothing left here. We just have two options and let's see what they are. One, do. So number 345. So 35 are our two options. Hill, I don't see anything around his sullying, nothing in the rows or in this column that can help us figure out whether it should be a three or a five at this point. Just going, gonna go ahead and erase the other options. So it doesn't confuse us, okay. Okay. Let's do a quick check and see if there are any lines that are only one or two squares that are left to be food. So let's start from the top here. So again we have 356. Again we have 35 and needs to be filled. So hold off on that one. Let's look at this 112345. So still stuck with that. Too many. More than two. We have two here. So let's see. 1234. No phi is and 17. So nothing here, either. 5757, K, there are two here, so one, no dues yet. And three again, o, or look at it as, but we do have a three here already. So this rho can, this rho cannot have three right here because this, this column already has it. So three has to be Hill. And then du has to be here. So maybe that helped us out of it. Okay, let's go ahead and see if anyone's more. This is three squares, this is more than, this is four squared, three squared again, let's check vertically. More than two squares, more than two, more than two, more than two, more than two. Then this is two squares, 123456 and then seven. So 57, again, this is full, this is full. Okay. We have two more, but this is the 35 issue that we already have seen before. Okay, so let's start from the top again and seeming b. We can cancel out any of these numbers. So let's go into, so this side column, this middle column, and then this middle row. So the only two that spot where left is with this one right here. Let's pull up the two and the other locations. Now that leaves us with seven years, the only option putting on seven and D bottom here, k, gray, k. And that brings us to the role of just six Hill. Okay, let's go back to doing on the 2s. This is one to do and then two in the center. So then we're left with du here, k. So I guess all the twos are done at c1 23123123. So 2s out. Let's try three, node three, node three node 33. There's 1313 HUB. Get let's see. Oh, look, we've got a center opening right there for us. So that's a three rate. Moving on North 3s, 1313, that see, getting it. Sorry. One color as one rule, one rule we left with two options. Nothing from the DOM that can help us heal because this one is just in the center. So let's hold off on that. Yet. Let's go to number four. For one, just one Ford do 4's. No, threefold, 1231. And to Obama. Okay, let's go to number five. 15v. Certainly enough ice at all. At all. This 1-5 here. Five is going to be little hard I feel because there is only been fighting from the 150X from the start. So it's gonna be hard to kind of find a 5V immediately. Let's go to number 61231231. Oops, missing 600 and then six. So let's try this once the only square root, a sixth 66. Oh, let's go, let's plug it in. Let's remove all the successes from the other ones. Six k. So that leaves us with wood and fly here. So this leaves us with five and this gives us four. Fantastic. Okay, so let's go and again, 1231231236 is done. Let's go to 71 to nothing. Nothing. Nothing. So sorry, one. Nothing. 12. Okay. Let's see if we can do the seven in here. Ok, so 12 still got two options. Left. Key means to seven in here, but we only have one. So we have to hold off. Okay, now let's see the bottom 17 here and seven here. That leaves us an opening for seven right here. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and plug the 17, then F02 seven this way. Yeah, let's see. And then seven, these two, then we are left with seven only here. And this option is gone. Okay, so 123, node seven and node seven and here, 123, I think we will have to revisit seven again. Yeah. Okay. Let's see if I had any lines that have two or less. Okay, so two, but we have the same 35 issue too. But sorted3 openings do openings CAN five. Let's see what we have. 1234, nothing for five yet. 67, okay, I think we have to put seven because seven is already existing in this column, so it cannot be repeated in this, in this column at all. So seven has to go downhill and five will go down the liquid as we solved 11 squared and one row and one goal. Kay? So 57 again, let's scroll down this now we have an issue here of 123456. So six can go over here. So we just have to do 35. But by some rows and columns. So one, do not three yet for five, let's see. Of sociology was trying to sell it for three, right? But three is already in this row, so it can't be in that space for that column, three has to go here. Yeah, so, and then this has to be five, because that's the only number left. So look at as we solved 11 whole row. Ok, let's see. We have left over here is number five and leftover number is seven. Okay? Okay, let's see what we have here. 123, the only number left, 5123 is the only number left Hill k. Then what we have here, okay, so 1234123 is already in this row, so it has to only go in this one, and then five. And then this one. So it's threes already in this row, then it has to be five. And then ligand as we solve a Sudoku puzzle. Congratulations. 6. Final Thoughts: And then I really hope you enjoyed solving the buzzer with me. Remember that Sudoku is all about logic and not loved. I hope these tips will help you go head and solve any Sudoku puzzle that comes your way. If you have any questions or one due to view this glass, please go ahead and put it in the comments. Don't forget to follow me. And let's give this journey going.