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Solidworks and Plastic Injection Mold Design

teacher avatar Rakesh Potluri, Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Introduction to Plastic Injection Molding technique

    • 3. Plastic Injection Molding Machines & Molding Cycle

    • 4. Plastic Injection Molding - Process Defects

    • 5. Industrial Mold Design Process

    • 6. Mold Design Process in Solidworks

    • 7. Introduction to Solidworks Mold Tools

    • 8. Solidworks Mold Design Example -1 (Simple Block)

    • 9. Solidworks Mold Design Example -2 (Hemispherical Object)

    • 10. Solidworks Mold Design Example -3 (3-D Elliptical Body)

    • 11. Solidworks Mold Design Example -4 (Lego Brick)

    • 12. Solidworks Mold Design Example -5 (Blocks with Holes)

    • 13. Conclusion Video

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About This Class

SOLIDWORKS mold design is a  module present in SOLIDWORKS that contains many useful tools which aid in the design of molds for injection molding and casting. Plastic Injection Molding is a versatile and handy technique for producing plastic parts in mass quantities. A lot of the products that we use in our daily life are manufactured through this process. A variety of industries starting from consumer products to mission-critical aerospace and medical Industries, rely on the process of injection molding to produce the parts they require. Despite having many advantages and applications, the major complicated, time-consuming and costly part of the Injection Molding process is the mold design, used for producing the parts. In the process of  Mold design, generation of different features such as the parting lines and surfaces, shut-off surfaces and tooling splits is very crucial for the most critical component i.e. the Mold in the Injection Molding process. SOLIDWORKS is a software that is widely used in the industry for designing complicated products with ease. In this course, we will be using the SOLIDWORKS 2018 software and the SOLIDWORKS mold tools present in the software to generate Mold (core & cavity)  that can be used as a part of the Mold assembly for either of the Injection Molding or the Casting process.Having knowledge on such type of modules in SOLIDWORKS software will make you stand out of the crowd of basic SOLIDWORKS users.

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Rakesh Potluri

Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner


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1. Introduction to the Course: This is darkish for Clooney, and I'm going to be our instructor for the course on injection molding and solid book. So in this video, we are going to see what are the things you are going to learn from this particular course . So before going toe that a brief introduction about myself. I'm a researcher as well as an educator undertaking my research in a of composite materials and design. I haven't industrial experience where I use it solid looks off as my design tool. I haven't experience in teaching designs software, which included this solid work software for both graduate as well as a graduate students. For more than 40 years, I have published several research papers in high Impact International journals and presented my research in various international conferences there. I have user solid works as my main modeling software or tool. So what are the things you're going to learn from this course? You are going to learn what is injection molding the basics off injection, more like production process and how the injection molding machines are going to work. What is the next morning cycle plastics user, referring exit polling and then the defects that marriage during the next morning process as well as you will learn about what are the process at what age is that is that they just why this particular gets morning is big, widely used or applied in the industry for producing many types off plastic parts in various fields to such as aerospace, consumer boots as well, a sports etcetera, then coming to the next part off second part off this particular course, you are going to learn how to design a bold what is the procedure that is adopted by the industry for designing a bone, and you are also going to love this off their competent, off solid works. Mortals basics. And then we are going toe practice. This oil works Montel by designing most for simple objects are three D shapes. Using that soil looks bulldozed. By the end of the course, it will be able tow a national basic software injection molding and the next morning machines. How there are parts are produced, and then you can also have peculiar used the ball tools for designing boards for various three D objects. You will be able to attend of this course. You will be able to design more simple as well as medium, differently objects that are going to be producer through the process, off injection moulding. Then you will also able to understand the technology and different parts Doesn't inside a bold design as well assembled assembly. Then finally, I'm exactly toe get you started on the journey off learning about in next morning and how to you. So I look small tools for design. I hope you will have a good time in learning this course And the software. Please stay motivated to learn and finish this particular course on. Then once again, Thank you for joining me in this course. Thank you. 2. Introduction to Plastic Injection Molding technique: this really are you process off Election said contagious. And that won't just material Tuesday. Next molding process. So what is in testimony? Injection morning is nothing but a process which is used to produce a plastic. But what? We are going to take some sort of plastic and then perform into the desired shape the shape of the final product. Here in this inmate, I want to see the more off this possible medical parts used for different purposes that are produced by using various plastics through the process. Off injection morning, you see parts of various sizes that can be produced the sizes, waiting some small medical devices to very lengthy £40 off Dr Balick and see the difference here. They are very small parts off the plastic. Here there are maybe a big parts off the part automobiles that are produced using the process off injection molding. Different examples off plastic mass produced a small in that boarding school. Vicious bottle caps car parts on wives except then in this morning in process that is rightly used in that treats many fields for production off part, especially plastic parts. In the future. Medical consumer auto do health care cars, and there are a lot of areas where this industry morning is are rapidly used. Yes, morning is ideal for mass production due to the reasons offer its past production cycle. Beachy temple edges the cost of the park because if you are going to produce any part in the mass quantities automatically the past, but part is going to be the just injection molding also produces excellent dimensional dollar vintage and it required minimum are no finishing operations are assembly operations . It all depends on the end product, which is that you are going to produce a plastic see there are coming to the morning. There are some political elements in an injection molding system. They're anything but national milling machine plastic material with which you are going to produce the part, and the more only is nothing but the place where you are going to produce that the quiet plastic parts. So what happens? A plastic that you have taken is made in the mission, and then this made a plastic will be injected into this particular moment, and it is left there for a few seconds, very fulsome solidifies and comes out as that final part that is replied then this particular process off injecting plastic into the mold. This cat raised very high forces. And this high forces are playing only for a short period of time. Generally Rome in seconds. Only the typical value off this injection President somewhere around 15,000 years. But depending on the type of product you're going to produce and the plastic you are going to work with, it can be ringing anywhere from 3000 tsa to somewhere around 40,000 p s inaction to this particular process. We're also going to have what is known as the cramping Force. This camping force is applied on the mold which is used toe hold in parts of the mold. Together, there are different parts off a more which we are going to see the later when the plastic is being injected into the plastic mouth. We need to be able tow, hold them together, hold out the parts of the different parts of the whole together. So for this purpose, we are going to that clamping force. And once the next morning is done, we need to reject a part of for rejecting the part of you need to apply some four switches . Objection. Forced the process cycle time produced. One more parties, very low telling seconds or so. Then we have different materials, which we can use for injection molding. CDF. These are Abia, sir, plastic brand news. And that's one of the examples off producing parts with habeus granule is Lego bricks overused saviors plastic to produce the Lego bricks through the process off injection moulding them. The only problem Granules used the poly problem Daniels So producer plastic containers. Then we may use the parliament regimes to produce hosting and different parts and definition dis particular plastics. We can also act some fibres, which makes it a composite. This can be produced so in the morning, then polish stating Beach T. These are the hearty cups which are produced by the injection molding process, using the Polish state in plastic. This have the plastic polyethylene containers that are music people used for fertilizers and pesticides, which produced two injection morning by using the pointy little in Granules on the policy. PVC is one of the most apartment plastics. That and the different stories and a master have been developed using the mourning process to PVC plastic land. In addition to this other Daniel, plastic materials can also be used like ped. Poorly, it'll interrupt, relate another materials and even composite materials. As you have seen in this example, this is a competent material. It can also be producing toe the party itself. Injection moulding. Remember, the material selection is not content with these plastics are composite configuration to the medieval selections difference on the end application? And what is the desire to strengthen the activity off? The reason that we required for our plastic part that, based upon the design concessions, were going to sell it committee deal. So come into the other technique which is known as the powder English Morning. What happens, he ever It is a combination of two processes. Possibly get more the powder that the border maybe off ceramic art is not a matter of origin and we are going to synthetic. So what are the different materials that they told you? We can You ceramics battled hard models for the manufacturing off parts through this process, off ordering Morley then this cauldron it's morning is you really apply produce a very large volumes off small, complicated party here in this very valuable to see different medical devices produced using the holding its molding here, some of the parts have been made to Syria sent some parts being made through that metal voters. So what happens is we haven't inject the metal powder. Once we get the metal powder into the bullet and we're going to heat, take end of party through the CENTERING stated so that it comes out as this and get back. Then what are the different? I want something that's morally so the major quantities of material handling costs are reduced and come back to other manufacturing processes, and we can easily create a part of it matter. Inserts in combat, weather and producing parts. With the title of it is, as I already mentioned, that we'll get a very tight. All of it sets off the park producers to engage in morally and as we are able to produce in mass quantities in a very less time, the heart. But the party's lawyer so lawyer part can be expected from the next morning process that this weigh in every key part in every cheaper X over there is a plastic injection molding is widely applied ravage the apparatus remained. Is that one day of testimony? If you are not able to design the ball properly, or if we are able to control the morning parameters properly, what happens is rapid. We are going to see what is there. A fade in the coming few lips is then we parts can be producers sometimes, and this are weak at this particular declines, and we are going to see what it's in planes the father left, so don't worry. And if it is the not the mold it properly, the parts becomes crap. They cannot be the cycle properly. And if you want to recycle also, it isn't foster in the past and then again come to the final disadvantage. Mold design is very indicate the main major parties the moral design, which is very, very complicated and for the first time, if we are doing it, is a very expensive. But this may not be a big disadvantage as in there longer, and you cannot set this particular costs off the bolder design and little plan effective. So in the next lecture, we are going to see what are the different parts in an injection molding machine and what is the next morning cycle and how they moving process system. Thank you 3. Plastic Injection Molding Machines & Molding Cycle: different parts of the injection molding machine. What is the mornings? I kill how the plastic parts of your toe and I am machine Nothing. But the next morning machine has the main sections. One is the injection unit on the more lessen the and the 3rd 1 is that camping in the main function of the injection unities toe. This is the plastic. The material to the party's going to be produced. It will be sued in the form of a pellet and you have seen in the deadly electric. And then in this particular pendants are heated up and this trolley form of the plastic is converted into semi formal the plastic so that the plastic can flow into the mold. And this particular submits the state is being They were the whole assembly. These are the main functions off that inaction. You then come into the fullness of the contains two halfs. What is none of the cavity and the court? The cavity and the poor are going toe form and combination through each of the plastic part off the shape of the plastic party's going to be determined. We are going to learn about four and a cavity in the father lecture stood over The cramping unit holds on tightly during the process off injection. So and we have learned in the early lecture that this particular injection of the plastic into the police can't traced by very high photo. So in orderto keep this, um, older, together like Corden captain together on other parts of the moral assembly together we need to apply some clamping force and this cramping forces being surprised by that sampling unique. So these are the basic parts in an injection molding machine. The hard part raised users to store the plastic there knows where in the production of the next morally parts is being performed. It also allows the plastic Granules in the control of quantity to fall into that battle. This particular balance are mainly contents office. If you move, the less that falling from the hopper until the farmer don't there. Joni's heated by using off the heating band. So what happens as a solid that plastic Granules are going toe come and into this particular heated region, Then this particular solid for the plastics are converted into visco elastic are semi state and here there is something known as the tribunal it which is going to rotate this but plus photo. Who is rotating? What happens? It is going to Costa left that are falling from the hopper into the forward region where they will be getting heated then that this is also attracted to what is known as the injection. Once we have the right amount, talk right quantity off golden plastic. What happens is this injection cylinder is going to push this class through part word. Then what happens at this particular holding? Martin will be indicating toe the mood. Here, coming to the moon, there are two place. This is the moving planet and they stuff except platter. So this surface of platinum will not move. And this particular moon planet will be moving in the translation direction. And this is the cavity. And this is the so what happens when we are going to use the injections in another injector plastic Here, This will be caused this to or corn Captain will be close together by the use off a clamping unit. This is clamping unit and that there will be a clamping mortality is going to produce the required motion on the force for this clamping mechanism. Then there is what is known as a high bar going toe the moving platinum and try to fix this picture pattern in position. So these are the different basic part inside an injection bowling machine. Then that this is an example often hardly gentle injection molding machines we can get going. It's morning missions, two different constellations. One is 100 confirmation and you see yet another one is electable. Configuration Very tense. He here but majority off the I in the park producing machines are in hardijanti configuration. So here, you see, this is the hard part that this is the battle through it to the school and other pictures have been fixing. This is the elevator Morton and everything that present in order to break this group with a rotary direction and a letter to provide the translation motion toe the flu as well. Injector golden plastic into the mold. Some leaders in the morning assembly and he had a clamping unities President Lee bowling molding machine based very continental, according to another things. And this is the control panel and this is the control panel for the rectal mission and everything is same, but it is in a vertical configuration here. Then coming to the net Molin cycle. We have four different stages. Frustrated the cramping state. Taking one is the injection state with water cooling stayed and fought on its projection states. So what happens faster? The two more house have to be held together tightly by the machine. So what happens? The clamping mechanism will clamp both the house off the boy. Once the cramping is done, then we are going toe Use that Yes, The molded plastic in Buddha have day and night. One cities injection is done. What we're going to do is we are going to pass water on the ultra surface off that the park so that the tactics who don't easy and once the part that's cool daughter in salute, fight Then what we are going to do is we are going to use. That just happens to edit that part out of that mold. These are the four basic steps inside a in the morning. Remember, we are going to put the water on the plastic part. We're going to put on a sad face off the part. There will be some channels that are implemented in China. Bowl you will be along the floor for between is going to take all the heat from the plastic back. And once the stash party solidified lentil failures and they take out so see, this is the basic procedure. First, what happens the cramping unit as clamp the more half. Then in the second state, the injection school is going to be injected a plastic into the cavity. Then what happens? It is left there for a second and then cooling has. And once a polling is done, we are going to attack this particular back out. See, once you can just clear the cramping has been them and then and the cramp in years and we are going to injection month. We're going to a lot of morgan matter to flow into this jam China. And once it is, really we are going to leave it for the second or so for it to cool, and then we're going to object. That part of this is that this is the clamping system. So in the next video, we are going to see what are the different defects that may arise in the production of the plastic parts to injection moulding. Thank you 4. Plastic Injection Molding - Process Defects: this. We know I'm going to talk about what are the different defects that arises during the image mourning process as a part for an infection process? We should be expecting some defects, and I am on the next morning is not an exception from that to attract on. Morning defects are raised by the moral itself because the design of the mole is very in Tikrit or a complicated one, and you should be very careful by design the most. And other factors such as moving injections, cycle changes in the morning cycle, uneven cooling and world is any part of you are going four million from want. Ignace is and them, and changes in the temperature are some of the important factor that will cause the defection injection more come to the effect. The question foremost ing in sync marks what are known in the sink. So here you are able to see the sink marks on the surface of the plastic. There are different reasons for the since March locker. If the injection personal lawyer them, they require the pressure then that it may cost us think much are other ways. If the parties having non uniformed wall thickness. Of course. For example, here, the want Ignace is on. We're here. Lee at this is they want Ignace summit on tenement. There is an onion from wall thickness. What happens to do that? Some parts like here, the lawyer sickness part will be cool to let them come back to this but part of it Higher thickness. What happens this village to uneven sink it and they teach temporarily avoid in the mold. And these are some of the partners for that much to actor, then bubbles. So what happens if the injection president too high are otherwise? If there is a harsher, more amount of Martian plastic we put into the machine, we are going to have bubbles on the outer surface off that part, and these are clearly visible. Here. You can see it is a clearly visible one, which is not good for restaurant as less acidic purpose. Also, then the Thurman is known as a shot. Sharks are so what happens is due to an insufficient amount of plastic. Floor are lovers is the plastic flow is low, some off the part or some sections off the mortal remains unfilled even after the cycle is done, some part of the Holy Left unfilled, and this is the known as shocked shop. So what happens? The cavity, maybe unfilled, because off the shark trace on sufficient are otherwise the plastic mold float the plastic flow in the morning very slow. What happens when it is being injected slowly? What happens? It is going to cool down rapidly talk, treating the parents off that more so here they are unable to see one full lean injection moulded part and one jocular. Then the next one is the tomato. Once the high Pisa performed party school, don't we need toe ejected? Apart from the more using Tom, a mechanism objective being so finely subjective, pins are applying some rejection for So what are part time inundation? Maybe appearing on the part on and this loser marks like this year. In this figure, you are able to see circles which are being left behind by the injection being so they're a small indentations made in the park with addiction system pushing the part out of the mold . They are an indication off, too short, a full time. That means what happens is if the pulling time is not enough of the part it will leave in the nation's you do the object of the government. If you are going toe, apply access to addiction. Post. Also, this booklet in the nation's mid then rapid immediately they wanted nationally is a rapid. If you are not able to design the off more properly and control the processing perimeters, the melon of the major thing is that happy? So what happens? Some sections of the more make faster than others, which may be due to different reasons, as we have learned earlier. If we are going to follow different wanted nous is, some factions will be cooling more rapidly. Some sections will be cooling more slowly, and this is one bacon, and there are other more reasons for the part toe fashion. One median and who's on the other region, which leads to rapid of that Park rapids is an indication of the cooling Great that is non uniforms that multi here. It should be a striped surface, but what happened to the animal? Fully, the surface has become a car. Would one it is not acceptable then flashing what happens is the more than plastic miss people off the mold cavity between the mold, half sensually fail on that packing line as a thin layer of plastic. This you usually seen a low quality part. The layer is visible after rejecting the part, and it is an indication that clamping force is not enough. Order is too low for the injection pressure. So what happens at the parting line from the cage of the plastic Will apartment and the love of classical occurrence becomes this type of flash. But this defective fear they are about the surface. It can be trained off very easy. But I know this excess plastic, then that they're actually not as a bun mark. There there will be a bunch of area inside plastic particulate produced this maybe you do improper venting off the tool. For others, the injection person off the plastic is to hype. Then the next defective flow. Much. This has nothing but off tone, very lame pattern, so we don't require such takeoff patterns here. But this pattern's have occurred here. Cities are all the five things on the floor mat. What happens if the ignition pressure is the lawyer than the required pressure? The flow parts will be appearing on the face off the plastic chairman of the room, then white. So I have nothing. But they are Hollis for their all of sports that are producing that fact. Are there pockets producing that part? This is due to the lack off holding injection at a proper level or otherwise Shark injection told required. The injection pressure is not selfies are required. Time are otherwise eter. I'm often different, very sharp. We're going to get this tape of white T everywhere it will receive. This is the whole which we have intentionally put into the plastic part. But this is not why that has been produced during the manufacturing index morning off this particular part. Then come to the next one. This after relate them a thing, but that this color planes were to floor friends meet support. For example, in a molder, there are 2/2. So what happens and will be injected the plastic from the top part as a low bottom part and they are going to make it some sort of region. There Disney Plain sort of Ailes will be form if the bills are clearly visible, then they ticket lawyer temperatures inside the mold all other ways. These two parts have not born being born in together. So this is not the important thing we need to see while producing that plastic part, then suffers delamination. 15 families is nothing but a condition with things have faced their superior due to the presence off contaminated material and say the plastic. So, for example, if you are going toe contaminate the plastic of it to some more national laying actually part of dust and other things. What happens is delamination. This layer, if they're like footings and then can usually feel off, which is known as the delamination. So basic example you can see. For example, if you have a fallen, you appended a layer off paint on it, and you can be able to reflect in the form of feels like it is. What happens, do presents off contamination diplomatically being locked in such a manner, then jetting. Getting is nothing, but in a situation where the particular jet streams are, the flow streams are formed on that set off that part that has been solidified sea, getting the first to a situation where molding part fails to stick to the bulls, affect to the high school doc injection being a through the mountain plastic subtle spice in the state that shows a baby for our jet stream. And that's the first off the morally part did not back for the athletic looks off that part of the next video. In the next video, I'm going to talk about the design courses. Industrial design procedure off more, thank you. 5. Industrial Mold Design Process: well designed process where we're going to learn what are the basic steps in world in designing a mall in line so faster, Holy should know there are different types off modes. This most can be divided based upon the number off cavities it contains. We can have a single cavity moaned as well as a multiple Captain Moon. The single have, the more we can produce one plastic part at the time, and in a multiple happy part mall, we can produce a magical part of the same thing. Then the next two division comes based upon the construction. If we have two plates, we call the placed more three places that seem great More than aside that mole and attacking most. And based upon the ejection system, we have types off moves. One is a political system where we use the addiction things to edit the part out of the ball and then that we needed to per plate to eject apart from the mold on the bean ejector because it seems to production system per plate. Then, based on the type of round that off the food system to reach the plastic is spreading through the coal we have a part in the morning. We have a cold on the moral and we have got a pardon as a less colon, a mold. So these are the different basic types off most at that present. Then, according to industry practice, there are three major phases in that role is a plus. Two traces The pocket isn't then to bend the arc of the moral reasoning and then is a more so. The first step we need to design the part according to our design considerations we are going to do is in the part. Then we are going toe once the party's, then we are going to make some simple modifications according to the manufacturing constraints that quite for manufacturing the parts like, for example, once the party's generated, if we are going to manufacture the parts by use of the injection molding, we need to add a draft so that we can easily at the park out of that mold type of modifications are done there only simple modifications that they do not very the structure of the park. Significantly, then the second ship ease to tell, apart from the moral isn't one sided in the party done, and this particular part, he should be verified by a bold isn't are evaluated by a boulders and to check whether this parts are able to be produced to injection molding. So the more designer must ensure that the cast morning moles are easy to make. Also, we need to check whether this part can be produced by nationally. There comes from only there enough, and he has to evaluate the part and then a pool. Whether the more living can be done for this part of, then the moral is enough also, and choose that the past warning wants to the quiet for producing the park are easy to manufacture and they can what country, if we are able to go home and fractured. Also, if it doesn't work properly, what happens? The total process off designing as well as manufacturing your role will be wasted. A lot of capital and they used to be invested initially indo date but into this particular face and they all go for published and the evaluation process mainly includes something known as the draft analysis undercut tenancy send a parting like analysis. So what is that? Kraft General Sisi's thes definitely make sure that the party has a draft so that it can be easily addicted out after mold. Then the undercut tenants somewhat similar, but it is needed to ensure the path can safely be ejected out of the mold without damaging the warlord without having any are having any effect on the injection process, then the parting line analysis you saw partner didn't means the day. But so far no sorry. It's sort of part of some form old. So the parting finances and lost the designer to investigate multiple full directions and select a vegetable direction to separate both that months. An important thing in the mold preparation activities to determine the floor and temperatures through analysis off the plastics. Here you are able to see and ordered us to bulldoze flow software in reach and plastic part injection morning has been simulated to see how the plastic part is going toe. So what are the temperatures once after the injection or other temperatures off the part on different regions of the party? Everything is. Work is being simulated here. This particular simulations cannot be done in, so I look soft. There are some commercial office like artist mourn flow of each other. It will do a designers in performing these allegations, but in order to understand all these reasons, we need to have them only started well. The designer should have a good amount of heat the college and have a good understanding you interpret that isn't so. Once this particular phases, then the next two years off the third faces, the more living after the park, Disney's sister and it is modified and approved for designing the more and more reasonable begin that process. The first and foremost thing is we need to scale after model. What happens is the plastic quantity school. It's things toe in order to accommodate for the plastic sent aid arson today in the dimensions of the part we need to be doing. What is that skating? They begin by scaling the moral up, using the plastics in factor to a farmed it for the cooling effect off that flash. Once we have done. But putting up the track section factor, then the designer create what is known as a parting lines. Then he's going to get the shot off their faces, and he's going to prevent that party surfaces we are going to learn what is the parting line. Set off surfaces and parking surfaces in the next lecture, and we are going toe Create all of these things. We are going to learn how to get all of these things holding the child a lot more designed pools in the heart that sections off this particular course plastination that designers start cooling to do half the first half in the poolroom park. And the second is that cavity body wonder design. I'll see the foreign camp the most important part. Sophomore. There are a lot of other competence. It is a Mulligan is a very creative, very complicated stuff, and it has to have. The designer has to have a lot off knowledge about different parts. If you are able to see here, there is a core, and a cavity is a court and Kathy under them Court and county. There are different parsecs to public CS department. There is an upper part. There is a new system gate systems through which the small has to flow into the mold. These are potential links decide the space of see how remember how many number off parts are dead there are a number of parties injection system, then he ever there are addicted beings. See here addictive things. And there are a lot of other components which we need to design it. That symbol in this particular course, what we are going to do is the other into concentrate upon the most important backdrop for designing the Warren family. Extracting the forint empty for the plastic injection, molded parts or other ways. This particular procedure very similar, producing the court and captain for attaching part of it. There are different passages. Bowling takes alignment schools, clamping components, Obama system, ejection systems, cooling systems, electrical systems. There are a lot of systems which are made to be integrated into that mold is in the next video we are going to see over you are how we are going to produce the hold according cavity inside solid books. What is the design process that we adapted for designing san cavities inside solid works? Thank you 6. Mold Design Process in Solidworks: Theo. Radio talk about the mold is a process that we follow in search before going toe that steps . We need to know some definitions. The faster definition is a core and county the court in Cambodia nothing but who hops off the more this is the captain. This is the core. So the cavity, the presence that imprint off the outside part of the outside of the park. So this is the plant plastic part that is being produced two minutes. Family you see this particular cavity is going to the present are also it's a face off that part and the court the presence star imprint out there inside the features off that. But the cavity half is always attracted to that. Fix it of Blatter are fixes are stationary, plate off an injection molding machine and the core is going to move in the capital direction. If it is in the heart of genital configuration, it will move in the heart agenda direction so that I inject. The parts can be addicted out safely, then parting may parting line is nothing but a line or occur which indicates with the old house on the corner of happy will be separated. The parting man can take different shapes if maybe not slightly, maybe a circle are. It may be a carver. It maybe you can take any shape. But the only thing is the parting lines should be closed. Identity. If it is not a closed indeedy, we are not going to get out. Born, which can be separated so that always the parting line should be in closer entity than parting surface. The parting surfaces. The surface with the two months will have contact each other. So what happens is when the two moons of when, according the cavity appellation together there will be a contact if it this is nothing but the parking surface. This parting is also a surface, which indicates a very what according county are going to be separated. The parting surfaces, maybe flatted, maybe. Step price. It may be annually to be anything taking off a complicated shape. Then again, this particular mould treat a flat. Parking Surfaces are easy to remove, their easy to manufacture. They're less expensive when compared with the moon's having the parting surface in a complicated manner, then charter surface. So what happens? The faces are needed to throw the new open cause when there are some was to go see now Brock, we need to close them before deciding that day before designing the for our gravity. This is done through use of that after faces. The faces that do not have old doesn't require any shut off surfaces. For example, a block it center hole require startup the process off. No, the whole spitting is nothing but a tsunami of synonymous with Corrine cavity. Well, speaking in the process, when we try to split the morning to pull us, one is the core half another one in the cab via after the street that designers poleaxed that gates are more systematic toppings and faster. There are a lot of systems that they told you in a little. There are different systems that happening to be integrated once we are satisfied with the pool in the cavity generation. So one of the major stuff it's a core and multi generation. So this is the food spitting is the procedure, then come into the tooling split. This is a technique used to split that block so possible will take a card system well enclosed, a model into a block and then we're going to use the optional. It's a cooling split to split this particular block that I got. It can morning in tow or and county so cooling, split user stuff, parting lines, parting surfaces and shut off their faces to 50 brought, which is enclosing the cat model into cavity as well as a core. Once the system we have done with the generating the poor and Gowdy said that software, then here is an example where you are going to see this is the part. This is the part. This is the two cops off doubled. This is the half between the core and this is the half, which is that county. And you remember in industry there also may be your last half as Letta be half and then this is the cool prosection and this is the part that is being This is the part that is being produced and this is the line. This is the line parting off. The months will occur and this is the city, and this is the surface which is goingto part this two months toe half off the most. So coming to the world in process in solid. The hostel is to create a card more that part. That has to be more morning. Then you need to insert the morning bosses if need it. Don't already, and we're going to apply the shooting factor because if you don't apply a shrinking factor and is in the warrant, empty he as it is. What happens is if we are going to go for the reinforced plastic in your morally what happens. The sinking of the plastic is not accounted for, so the plastic parts produced do not have the good tolerance for otherwise. The shape of the trash can also be damaged. Do business. Once you're done with this, we can add that necessary draft toe. The part and one sanitary draftees added to the part. We're going to create the parking mine and that there are any balls we're going to create checkups faces if needed only. And then once we have done with parting lines and shut off surfaces, we are going to create a parting surface. Then we r play the pool, spit and separate the poor and county. And once we separate the Warren County, well, export them as a new part and we are going toe at the system and other systems in that as a part of our polling assembly. So see, after the foreign company has been generated, as I told you this morning will be apart off a complicated moral system. Our World Assembly, which contains additional systems, boilerplate alignments, clamping competence, electrical systems, cooling systems, see, here is a simple mount. Each country is different number of parts. The next session. Off these cavity and the core, there are other different parts Lexie editor, bar support plates, ejector plates, more cores, hammers and schools and others who bushings, rings, se adjust debilitating fears and have nothing. So this all have to be designed in according to some specifications. And then this. All parts have to be assembled in an assembly and were made in solid rock. But the major concentration in this course is going to be given to the procedure in Materia going to generate the tour and Kathy for different simple parts. In this course, in the next section of this, of course you are going to learn are you are going toe have an introduction toe solid Good morning news how to access those more does. And then they are going to go toe user for five different examples to show you how to generate the foursome cavities. Very easy using that world does. Thank you. 7. Introduction to Solidworks Mold Tools: wait to see how to set up the more tools. Cameron, manager in Charlotte Brooks The Washington I'm using here is a solid works. 2018. But you can use any Russian off solid with software you have access to from Sarajevo studios and for up to 2018. Okay, so if we are not able to get a hold of that so I look stupid and 18 you need not worry about how to practice all these friends, because in every video I have created, I have shown the process off. Morning. The park has been so unique, not ready. And even though these parts are not that complicated, you can be been fitted from the procedure off. How to design the part. Hold mortal apart in solid looks then, yeah, If this apart aside, books condensed different pools that will help you to generate Moore's in a very fast and accurate manner. This only works. Models are very efficient in generating the major parts of the more like poor and cavity. Once we have dilating that important part, then we can design all other parts in a different part, files according to specifications. And then you can use all these part in the assembly file to assemble and to create a complex some world assembly. The mold does contain only two parts, but the more less simply convinced different number off parts. As in earlier sections, we have done so. One thing is, if the more tools tab is not present when you open the solid books, one thing you need to do is you right. Click on any tab and here you are going to get there right Click context menu. Verity is going to show different argues that are available inside the software, and from this you're going to select a bowl full stop on to select the multiple stab What happens? There is an attack that is added to the common manager. And if you go to this mortal staff, we are going to get access to the different tools that are present inside. The more tools come and manager, and you can also get access to different types off tools through by going to the insert option on going to the malls, where you are going to get access to different types off the news that are available in the command manager Now, when you open, the Mongols command manager use you access to several types off boots. These are the tools which help us to work with surfaces. These are basically useful when we are when we have a complicated part of that has been exported from other Softwares into solid works. We need toe, do some surfacing work on that and these are majorly these tools are facing. Pools are helpful for that purpose. And these have known. And the analysis tool where, as I have told you, if he is, the most important checks that up be that will be done by an old designer will be the draft penalties under a tenancy is in the parting enhances. These are the tools that are useful to perform all these actions, whatever the parts we are going to mortal and do in this particular the course, they are very simple one. So we need not do all these analysis then coming toe other tools that are presented. These are the different pools that will help us to create the required option. Suppose, for example, in that that finances we don't have any required the draft. We can use it after option to create that plastic. But then we can use this plea plane toe, create the splitting sad faces inside and three D object. We are going to see how Cooper from all these things in the later videos, and this is one of the important option, which is known as the skin in the scale auction. We are going to say this in case additional is the shrinkage factor toe fantastic part before design the poor in that empty. Once we're done with all those things, these four are the basic options, each other mostly important for us in generating the course and after your moles. Fatah part which is going to be injection molded. So these are the parting line. Options are tough surfaces. Parting is our use. It'll generate. It is used to give the who love direction as well Agenda. The parting lines on the shut offs. Officious is further creating checked off surfaces to make a watertight body toe accurately generate the cavity on the court. Then the party faces. In order to generate the parting surface, we lose this option, and once we have done with all these things, relating all these things use option one is the tooling split. It uses the tooling, refuses all these generated entities through these three options to create this who have soft that mold. Once we're done with this, we can export this half says they individual part test and then use them as a part of more less family assembly in the assembly model of Sorry. But so this is how you need to set up. And you see, the units are the Farlow. Can we set up from here? They're MMDS and ideas. So in the next videos, I have shown you how to change the units according to the different requirements are otherwise. If you don't want toe, gladly change the units. You can also follow the procedure which I have told you. I think it's a very basic procedure. Anyone loco toe change The unit values, which is done automatically after it started, started early in the next videos in and set off next to find me does we are going to take We are going to model simple, simple objects three d objects. Then we are going toe see how to generate. You're going to see in practice how to the let Coursen cavity, so that by the end of this particular course, you will be able, tow, generate for any type off solid object that you are able to generate. That more looting. The fire drops mortal. It is just my practice. Doctors are very simple. So we are going to learn that in the next few lectures. Thank you. 8. Solidworks Mold Design Example -1 (Simple Block): this'll video, We're going to see how to design the cavity and the court for the plastic injection molded square block or so rectangular block. For that purpose, I'm going to use the toilet bowls that are present inside the sidewalks. 2000 dating software. And remember, these tools are safe in solid works from our son ever two dozen 12. So you get practiced. These examples in any rational doesn't threat off solid work static for Putin to put all the data from the purpose I have opens our looks 2018. So once I opened as follows Suit alternating I'm going to press control yet and I'm going to select it. Then you part find and press OK And remember the party chairman to create for this video Easy interest. So what? I'm going to do it faster Fall Once I have launched the you part fight I want to go to the unit system is going to change the unit system from really made us toe in just a second. Once I have done this, I wouldn't do go to the feature staff in the future staff I'm going to select extraordinary Both are so incensed elected extruded boss. At this, I learned to serve the topline here. I'm going to create a simple rectangular block so I don't need any more advanced options for creating the bass guitar to sell in the center of attention. And I will select the origin off the top lane and the centre Christ with the spectacular, and I'm going to drive rectangle once. After all that, I can you know, I need to do you beverage in so far, that person to go to the smart dimensions and this particular line. And this dimension is about five inches the heart of genital dimensions, about five inches and where to go The needs about three inches. So once I pleaded the best, which I will do it stating more. So I say I did the stating more. I will be going into the modeling more that I need to give that depth tough extrusion here so that lefties are doing just so. I have 32 inches and I want the Prophet Su Jin onto the opposite side of this particular played. So what I'm going to do is angry toe reverse the direction of extrusion by pressing on this direction. Arrow. So once a have done this back, letting the extrusion has Jane did into that accepted up was it that so that I'm going to close this option now we got the block for which we are going to create a foreign that have using the bull balls. So for that purpose, I'm t switch to the board school staff. If the multiple stab it's not already presented by people on any of the tab, you can select bold goals. Then here, the first option we need toe learn is the scale options. So scale is nothing. But if you take this particular block and you have created this pull up to injection molding, what happens? He's during the cooling cycle. The plastic is going to sink a little bit, so we need to do that's thinking factor using this scale option. So I'm going to set up this particular object, and I'm going toe you a killing factor off one point identify, which means a 5% seen Katie will be occurring monster cooling off the plastic cast that then the next thing we need to do is we need to create the parting legs, and we have already learned Parking lane is nothing but the lines of always going to be divided or split. So for that purpose, what I'm going to do is when you sell the particulates option present here. So it apart England's option. The faster for most in you need to do is you need to space for the direction of Pulte. What amounts has toe move away from each other? So in what direction that cavity is going toe move in the specter that course we need to define first. So, for that purpose, what I'm gonna do resemble to sell this stop surface, I take it to the top surface. I'm going to see out of here. So this is the direction off Kolata Cavity. But I want this every from the cavity. So what happened to do is ever just reverse the direction of the pool. And once I'm done with that direction, given the direction I'm going to go for the draft finances. And you don't worry about the draft analysis so much for this problem. So we don't see this course. We don't originally acquired this draft analysis. So once we have selected, that's not pull. We're going to select the parking lanes. So this lines are going to be the party lines when the world is going to be split. So I'm going to sell of this plane and then it is showing now. So what it is the water software is trying to do is destroying Tell what is the next lane? I need to sell it in order to create that. But the gloves are parting legs, so I will decide this one. Now they're showing the light. And remember this part name selection should be a closer ingredient. Should not be able to read it. If you didn't open region, this offer will not be able to create the parting lines. So once years elected closes region on the four lights featuring the parting lines is complete and the mall can be separated. Once you get this said you are okay to go. So I am going to press Okay here. So the faster for most of the year created a part Yngling and there are remember, there are no holes here. So what happens? We need not really not the create initial off surfaces, So going to the next option is the parting faces, the parting, their faces, the surface with the core and the county's going to divide. The Orange County's will do debate from the toughest. That open will be all of the committee from the bottom of electricity for now. But I'm going to do is I'm going to serve the parting surfaces option and from the party surfaces option. See this Partick surface option makes use of the parting lines, which we have already created. Before you see, every option is out of Italian unity. I need not ready for the simple, basic shaped like this. You need not go for the manual parting surfaces. You can definitely use this out of my data parting self regeneration. Here, you need to give up the death or sickness off the parting surface. But this problem I'm going to give a tree into value for the thickness speech. And once I give the thickness and a longtime OK, that this is the surface I'm going do best described the surfaces, but I'm going to pass. Okay, now what we need to do is you need to create the core and the cavity, which can be done to things off the tool explained. Option is present here. Someone decided the food inspector option. Now it will. It will ask me toe create a rectangle. It will be the basic it for the cavity as well as the core. For that purpose, I'm will do. Select This particular stops our face. And once I select the top surface, it has gone into the stitching mood. I will take a center. McDaniel. Once again, I'm going to take the origin and the center point, and I will do Royal. Thank you, and I would do dimension that thank you So that I said, It's, uh I'm interning. Their boat sounded just desire to have observing just this dimension visible 17. And remember the dimension off. This particular states should not be exceeding that vengeance off the parting face. Other ways will get ever. So once I've done skating, I would do it the best. Getting so I'm exiting this catching more. See, here we are getting some options about who'll expect there are two dimensions. So these are the dimensions which you are going to provide in order to create that war as a lesser cavity. This particular dimension presence that ever sickness off the cavity. And the option is the thickness off. That course for that purpose. I'm doing five on the border and two on the upper part. Okay? No. You see, two blocks have been created. Now what we are going to do is we are going to go to the data migration and we are going to the hoop Copy bodies off ship cell of this particular body once, and I will do drag it like this to some distance and then once I drag it, what I will do is I will again. He turned to the who poppy body step. And I was like this one and I'm goingto rotate it. Do something. Okay, So you can see this is the cavity. And this is so you can see this is the cavity part off the mold and the poor part of what you're satisfied with all those things you can see So you can see there are new for laws that have been created in order to the present on the faces, as well as a solid bodies that have been generated using options. And that's why it looks once you are satisfied with this particular mould are the cavity and the core what you are going to be. They are going to go to the college bodies for dinner, and you can see if you sell it. This particular cool explained one. You can see the the court that has been selected. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to right click on that and I say interacting with two options and then I want to search the folder where I want to save this particular files . So I'm save it. Didn't someone like documents? So I'm going to say there's a core so or Okay, so you have see what he says. It you part right once you are done seductive temptress. Okay, so you can not rewarding. Well, if they had like this, you can just don't have any problem with that warning. Then we are going to go back to the more or less a plea, and then we're going to select this one, the geezer county, and we're going to do the same procedure, I think inserting toe new part and such for the rose for the whole A very want to save that part. And you can just type it cavity. Okay, then, once you're finished with Vatican test, okay? And the new part file containing the cavity will be open. Now, you can just press Cartola and going to the assembly, more do and press, OK. And once that simply more do is open, you can just tightly like this cavity. Angeles court except new company more. Okay, So, using the options present in the assembly model of the side of a soup invincible this particular warren county. And this will be the basis off designing that mold once you are done with generating off the were in the cavity. This procedure using the tools of the solid works you can design that. I stopped the things in the world like the screws of gate systems, injections, something other things. So this will form the basis off the modern design. So in the next video, we are going to see how to generate 1/4 captain for it to miss medical object. Thank you 9. Solidworks Mold Design Example -2 (Hemispherical Object): this video, I'm going to show you how to design a core and cavity for the hemispherical object. For that purpose. I'm again open Charlie Brooks and we went toe Prescott 1,000,000,000 I will just look the part so that I will create a heavy spirit object. So here I went to go to the sketch tap on, and I went to sell this kitsch and for my basic it, I'm going to sell it. That happening on the top line, I'm going to select their circle on the center of the circle will be coinciding with the origin, not a plane, so I don't have a second. And remember, the unity turned. Working here is in interest. But if you see the software littering millimeters, one thing you need to Louise, you need to get the sketching more and then change the unit. That is one thing you can do or otherwise. You get that people to this part dimensions you just like this. My damn it off this happened. It was given Toby What? Each So you didn't just type in one. I just said, like this one here, this value and you can just type one and after that you need to tape it. What? You know it. You are going to specially this particular why. Look. So once you have just read one page, then that's OK. So if you'll see after spacefaring one needs it has been changed to milliliters without any apart from our site. So this is one thing you can do in this particular example. I'm going to do everything like this. Only I have the problem, Really, Just But I'm using the elevators unit in the software, so I'm going to use the same technique to convert. I just do the elevated damages. So once I'm done with the cycle, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a line and I'm going to go. We're delighted The middle of the circle much. I've created the land in the middle of the circle. I went to sell it that to make this option and I'm going toe, remember half off the second because we are going to use that revolve command to clear the hemisphere. So this particular skating will be useful. Then I'm going do clothes that are angling, dated, sketching much, exited a speaking mood. I'm going? Do switch onto the features. Auction our feature stamp on I'm going toe select the the vault option. So the world boss, our base. I've selected this one on that. I will do Select this active as my access off revolution on. If you see if you are going to revolve this particular shape through 3 60 degrees, it will become a spear. But we want the hemisphere. So what we're going to do is we are going to take just 3 60 Tick this value into one day. This one and we're going to stay 3 60 degrees toe 1 80 Did this best. Okay, there. That's okay. So we have created the hemisphere. But this you need to create mold our coroner cavity again. I'm going to switch with the world will step. That's the first thing we need to do it. Meaning toe, you just engage escape. I will go like that kill and I'm going to sell it. This particular object, as we have already used up 1.5 before. So it has taken that as the default value you. So it is not the default value can just stay there. And do you want for your affair. I'll leave it like this. Okay, that I'm just I will take okay. Now what we need to do is really to create that part. England, the 49th Street, where the hole is going toe split so that person will sell of the party alliance option Onda here. First of all, the first thing needing to do is we need to you that direction off full. Generally the direction off full will be defined through use off the plane surfaces. But here there are no planes are faces, you see accepted that bottom. You can use this particular thing as the different surface are everywhere in what they believe you can go and experience that features tree on in the future. Stephen also served our planet the streets. It doesn't make any difference and answer the action off police showing approach. I will pitch in that direction because is the ball three time will do today. That it will be the upper part of the core will be the lawyer part. And by rule, the particular directional schools should be every from that calamity. So that is why I am always changing that directional deep hole. Once I am done with this option, I'm going toe goto the draft An answer this afternoon and she shows me being as a less red color green color means it is going toe can have a positive after that, convinced it is going to have any to after and you go into worry about. So in order to create the parting line, there is only one option present here that is this border a bottom lane off that hemisphere . So the software has selected this particular age for US auto medical. So once we're done with the selection of the particulate edge, there is a message showing that the party line is complete and the bulls can be separated in tow, Cool as a left county. So once I got this message, I'm going to click on OK, now, the next thing we need to do is you need toe, see whether there are any holes, so that really to create the shut off surfaces. But in the case of this object, there are no holes, so we did not create any shut off surfaces. The next thing we need to do is we need to create a parting surface for that purpose. What I'm doing is I'm with yourself parking at this option. Manchester. The parting of this option parking services has been like on the parting agent we have selected. So now what we are going to do is we are going to view that sickness. I have given the thickness off the parting surface. And so you see, I have given a parting sophisticated. The particular departing surface has been created in words, but we want a parting surface to be clear dick outwards. So what I'm going to do is I will do just that. They were so directional creation off the parting surface so that I'm going to get their parting. Such is outside was outside of that quality life, their self. Once I'm done with this particular option, I'm going to press. Okay, now, what we need to do is we need to create that Kathy and her court for that purpose. I'm going to go to the two legs production, and I'm going to select the top surface as my skating plain and ever. Do Creator. Thank you. I'm going to sell the center point rectangular in the center point of the rectangle on the origin off the plane are going to go insane. So I I will create what? Directing one time later That rectangle. What I need to do is I think of you that dimensions. So I'm going to hold here until the dimensions. And remember this particular dimension is one point to fight interests. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna do press one point to fight and in just best Okay, then I'm going to set of this one as one distraction. This is also what going to fight Say what? Going to five in Just so the software will be automatically converting all the values doing so once we have created the required basket, we are going to exist. The sketching board. I want to make the pitching more see here The corner of happy are being shown here The sorry, but we know that I urgently need So what we need to do is here and veterinary of data points out each. So I then now here also zero point sound five inch. I am once we have the distinctive Okay. Now you can see the Horror County has been generated on remember, What are the values I will give? You hear their arbitrary values. This is only two. So that there is an option here. You can, based upon the designers preference, they can do this sickness they can do this week and all of things can be displayed based upon their in Duchin Onda designed preferences. Okay, then, once I'm done with this, I'm going to go to the data migration tab. I'm going to go to the boat Poppy bodies option. I'm going to select this but your body and going to translate it upwards like this. And once I have translated it once again, I will go to the full body taps. And at this particular option, I was again no date this one, this one by 1 80 degrees or so so that you can see this cavity. Now what? I'm going to leave once again on the move for people. These sank to the bottom half off the port off the bone. I will do that. Get downward and one time charges traded the position of the core. I'm going against that. Your body language to select this one. And I'm Linda located somewhere. Arab unity weakness. I think like this. Yes. Okay. That. Okay, so I need to again do that location and time Done with the location. I'm 30. Eric. Quincy is a parting surface. This is the full cavity is poor part of the month. So this is how you can generate a poor county for the heavy metal objects in the next media . We are going to see how to create a bold and the cavity, But a three D object which has to be split manually into half of our generation off court. Thank you. 10. Solidworks Mold Design Example -3 (3-D Elliptical Body): wait to see how to create a manual splitting the three D object to create the parting lines for that purpose. Once again, I've opened started work. I will do press control and you will on select apart find to create the part for which I'm going to let the quarter cavity. So what time in the park module I will go to the skating tap and said, getting tool, they want to set the Copley and I will do that ellipse. So I'm going to create it. So once I have created their lips, I'm going to go to the spot images on I went toe dimension they lives So that I mentioned here I'm selected will be the media axis off this lady off the major axis off the little this partner dimension will be that it's my video. So see here the units both off the Unitarian, But problem it shall be given easy Egypt. So what? I'm going to do it once again, I will trade in the dimensions and Children Given that I mentioned the name and my toe distribute that emergency Just the software will be converting these damage and slowly so the major radiate is forages. So what happened to do is I'm going to press for the taping. I am so that the software knows that I'm going to give that dimension in in just so we have given this particular they just laid it. Now we are going to do the minor radiate So we do nothing. Don't just do in just so I do does this one now an ellipse has been created with the quite damaging once again. What? I'm going to do it. I'm going toe go in the theater line. Clear the line. Yeah. In order to use that revolve option afterwards Tokyo that TV object. So I will go to the treatment of gays and I'm going to They're off the half after helps ensure that with this I'm depressed. Okay, I'm directed that sketching Take the getting more I wouldn't go to the feature street and in the features tab. This is the line off the axis about which I'm going to love this but profile. So I want to sell this as the active off revolution. So I'm selected this particular line. I think it is taking a minute. Don't boo. Yeah, I'm tracking this length on the sea a 3 60 create and I'm with best. Okay, so I've created that solid for which I will do then the different for that purpose. I'm going to switch to the more fool step. The multi step, The faster for must think we are going to do is we're going to us scale once again. So I will Skin will decide this object and I and 1.5 Okay, then see, we need to create the party that will fighting next option. Just a departing nice option that I just see on there any just there I can select the but this purpose. What meaning to Dewey's? We need to go to the feature street and we need to sell it that toppling the star plane is nothing Went paid me a 1,000,000 which is at the center of this particular radio on the once we selected this one. We need to use the manuals faces option and said that the split faces option. So once the faces suspect, then we will be able to select a parting length and see this direction off. Cool is the worst of charity. What I'm about to do that. Always a rule. The whole direction should be away from the county. So I'm going to say that they love the object. What he had done with this, we are going to sell the draft an answer. And you see, based upon the national polity showing that they do after as opposed to draft. Now you will be able to select this particular just as the party. Just if you haven't done this Clickety click basis option, you won't be able to have any adjust to select as a parting. Just this t the objects. So what? You have definitely dissection you. Okay, then The next thing is you need to see whether there are any holes in order to create the set off their faces. But there are no hold. So we did not get any shut off. Not really to create a parting, so we'll go to the party states option. So let the party surface option and I'm going to do the parking phase. Surface has two inches. So he had that you did starting. And so what? I'm going to do it my way through and then yet again. Good at this. Enter now What happened? This but letting has they do? What about the dimension? Two inches each other enter here. It is automatically be targeted toe event by the software. So here we will be able to see only hope the party surface has been created. This is because you are selected only half off the lake as the parting name. So what do you need to do? Is you need to exit from this auction first and see here there is an ever mark that is being shown our customers that were being shown on the parting glance option. So just press on that I click on that option and just like the edit feature option and how are you going to do is go to this Agius election option and they are going to select the on their lane with you other agent. You have, ah, disarray earlier. So I'm going to select both of that. Let's just so once you select ella, it just see the CDP is that the party line is complete. The ball can be separated in the previous example before exiting this particular part in an option. We have always seen this message and then only we have a phone that the mold, The particulates have been created successfully. But in this example, what we have done is you have deliberately amount of this particular option, not adult seeing this message. So this is to show that this particular options can be a detail even once a doctor has been applied. So fancy a time with this. I'm going to press. OK, then. The full parting surface has been created here. So what? We have created a parting surface. The next thing is to create the county and the port so that we're going to go to the pool. Expect and we are going to sell it that probably for creating the basic it and I will do service intellect mainly as usual and be a Delic tanking on the dimensions off the rectangle are present in inches. So what happened to be that dental in jails and this after is going toe automatically create them are calmer than we do. So that emergency here they are this damage of these five, So fight each and this damage. He's 90 just fine in just okay. And you see, this particular sketches will be on the parting surface limit so you can just exit that catching more. Now you need to give the thickness off them for that. So here, I'm doing that. Why I even just as you both off the court fight just This one is also fight just And once we had done the district investor okay, that I'm going to go to the data migration that I'm going to set of the movie poppy bodies . And I want to send the top faceoff top cavity time. So select the partition. Translated a foot on the one time that that's okay. That once again reliving the same option. Don't rotate this party. Okay, So I used the same option for the bottom line is that we're translated downwards and once I don't really use that on a day like this. So instead of this one sorry, is that this? This is the direction they want to So see yet the good and can't be created further. Really? Object which doesn't happen just can be selected as Partick surfaces in the next video. We're going to borderless simple lego brick materials in the bill exits and we are going to create a golden calf for the simple level. Thank you 11. Solidworks Mold Design Example -4 (Lego Brick): video. We are more or less people Lego brick and create the decor and cavity for that level. For that purpose went toe press controller on when you serve apart filing So all the dimensions that I've been given out So we did not change the units from MM doctor. So I'm going to go to the States to serve the sketch. And I want to select toppling one time selected that operating again create a rectangle and the district angle dimensions are Did I the five women and this particular dimension is to stay in their mouth. Okay, we have created this one we have been doing sketching more. We're going to the features tab. We're going to sell the extraordinary boss are based on I'm going toe reversed the direction off extra area and left off extrusion is 7.5. Once I created that, when I went to press Ok, Then I went to create with the stitching tab once again helping stop face off this rectangle then went to create a circle here On that trust the circle is fighting them is five and the addition of the circle end of the second cure Ages and the five members and the dishes between this age in the center of the circle is for is for Emma. Once we have selected that press, okay? And I will do a trip that sketching more. Now go to the features task. I will decide the extra border base, and I want to select this which provides the perfect Children is whoever. That's okay. That's okay. Now what? We're going to Louise. We are going to go to the Lena pattern option, so I'm selecting the leader back option. In this linear pattern, I need to select two different directions. So the first direction will be that this particular direction, the second me will be this particular. So in this direction, I'm going toe have three instances off this particular feature. And in this direction, I'm going to have to instances off this particular object. So I will do give a do so three. And in this direction, I want and inserts herself only two. Now, I went to select what after features that I want to battle for that purpose. I'm going to sell it this but will feature. So this is a futile time onto so lots of selected this one. See? It is showing me a review. But what I want to Louise I want this particular elastics Toby present on the opposite side for that purpose were to go to the direction do. And I'm going to switch the direction here so one times are destroyed with the direction off the new instances that will be created. I'm going tell you the descends between these two incenses. So the distance between these two instances will be 7.5 find for in the first direction. And it is also the same in the second section. Seven point, right. I am satisfied with the review again. Yes, OK, so that this particular feature has been battered. Now what I want to do is I'm going to select the Upshur and I'm going toe celeb This fish that has to be bold and the thickness wall thickness. After creating a shell, it will be one that will be one number for the object. So I was elected. I didn't pressing. Ok, Sophie, a shell has been created. It is that simple level brick we have created here. So once you have created here, the level brick require little pig. We don't go to the mall tools again. The fashion for most things we need to do is to give the scale. So I'm going to sell it. The scale and I went to sell the object. As usual. It is 1.5 pressed. Okay? And remember, this game doesn't change any dimensions off this particular object. But this particular tolerances will be carried out when we're creating the war in the cavity. That is not on this scale. So once we have given the scale that I think we need to do is we need to do that parting. So we need to sell the particulates on the first and foremost thing Really to define is that who? No direction. So for this purpose, I'm like this particular face, and then we'll just like this. But I just made a difference for the direction in which I want to pull the ball separately . Then see, as usual, we are going to place the cavity off the top and the poor at the bottom. So they know what we need to do is we need to, specially the polo direction away from that. So I will do speak to that direction. Look, then we are going to go for the draft analysis. Then I was to sell at the bottom. It just here present here in our toe the party line where the ball will is going to split. Selected all the four legs. Now the the safety appears that the parting lines is complete and the mall can be separated into poor and cavity. But we're done with this American dress. Okay, so we have created a parting. See, there are no holes through holes, so we don't need to create any shut off surfaces in this problem as well. So we're going to go to the party surfaces and what we're going to do is we're going to do that sickness off that parting surfaces. I think the thickness of the Arctic surface is a 50 so I've made a 50 Emma Partick surface . We don't require this much of parting surfaces, but remember, all these lengths and dimensions can be controlled by the discussion off the whole design. It is not a bill that, for their particular dimension, should be having but robotic surface. But always only the generally the parting surface should be more than that whole dimensions . Once you have that spread with the parting service fear create, then we can best. Okay, now what? Peter DeLuise, you're going Do be a death or a cavity for that purpose is to go to the post production. Then again, I will do so on the top surface. Stop played are the top surface off the feature to Peter that thank you are the best sketch for the bone window three. A rectangle that dimensions off the rectangle. Remember that reaches off that this particular more should be less than the parting face dimensions that I ventured inside 55 in this direction and that he I think this I study. So this is the 35. Sorry. Ever been Don't defend only So this is the dimensions. So I went there activity. That's very that averages exit. So exit that I have to give that thickness or height after that. Here I will give some error on the 50 year. Did he okay, We make you add on the good defensively. Don't be afraid. And there's also but five at breath. Okay, so here we have created did it quite well. So what happened needs up. See, we are created about there. It is going to split at this but surface. No. What I want to do is put the date emigration, much of it as the full copy bodice option. I'm going to set up the upper part in transit and then once enticed, ready the translation. Do a getting the same option toe the dead object so that you can see that gravity shape of the cavity. That's okay. So see, the shape of the cavity is exactly the shape of the what to get feed object that we are going to be a decade. Get more lofty If I again he was our table. Do you like this butler? Down this little feature down. Then again, toe, get this one so that you have a clear picture of the border or out. So this is the county. This is the court. And this is the procedure in which you are going to generate a poor cavity for the seller. But it is nothing but similar to the doctor started objects with you. So in the next video, you are going to it will know how to create a shot of her face for the past with holes inside it. Thank you 12. Solidworks Mold Design Example -5 (Blocks with Holes): wait to see how to create a shut off their faces and generated warrant cavity for the objects with the locals. For that purpose, I'm going toe again. We'll do this hard. Look, press controller, select the part file. That's OK. And now I will go to the future staff, go to the actual option so that the top lane and create a center point rectangle doesn't off the rectangle and the origin of the plane will be coinciding. And the region's off this clever like Daniel R 1 50 And that this one is our 50 implements . That this side is also 1 15 minutes. So once you created this one, you are going to reject from that sketching more on they are going to just a You had addiction. But the extrusion on the dimensional actually study profit to that. Okay, so once you've created the block, you need to play the whole snow. I remember to create two types off holes. One will be accountable for what will be a too good for creating a true hole. What I will do is I went through so let the sketch. I will tell if the surface as the sketching plane went to create there circuit so that I mention of that second, he's a d m m 20 of them Onda that I mention that this is between this particular agent this but the Claddagh Center is that the Emam the distance between this edge the center will be contacted him as well. So we have created accepted. So I wanted to just getting more And I went to go to the future staff to select exclusion cut on when they have this particular profile and I want to sell it. So what? So that the whole will be created through debt thickness off that they cannot self destructive. Okay, in a mess. OK, so we have created so that extend me need to do is you need to use a whole with the option not to create a comfortable hole. He chooses a very convenient. Instead of creating the true X Children cuts, we can create use exactly this club option for this I'm going to set up the counter bore and from the countable options, I would say this time that asshole and then I'm going to select a side of them and I will do go to the position step and then went to select some land of white on that surface off the block. I'm sorry. After some land a point on the surface off the block and press. OK, now we have created a condom or cold asked. This particular problem is only for the friends. We don't require exact damage for that. So once we have created this one, we will switch on auto bulldoze step and then first and foremost in use, I think we haven't going to do this. Okay, So I will have the skin on and just object, Okay, as usual, because what 0.5 has been different in my software? Then I'm going to play the part pigments for the part ignites. I'm going to select the art England's I'm going to serve the top surface off this, and I'm going to sell it. One of the stated here. Still, you've stated here you the direction the bull and as usual, we're going to be in the county, on the set or on the bottom side. So we're going to fix this the actual school, the opposite side. And once we're satisfied with this, we're going to go to the draft analyses and that just on the bottom of the this particular block so that we are going to play that parting light months were selected. All that acquired part ignite. See, there is an ever the party line is complete, but the whole cannot be separated. The court and county who may need to play down shut off surfaces because the previous examples you didn't have any through balls. So it hasn't asked you to create that shot off surfaces Here it is just giving you everything that even though you have created partly created this particular parting 19 need to clear the sack of surfaces before creating the tooling split. That is what it is saying. So we are going to press. OK, so the problem we are going to press. Okay. See, there is no other warning here. So that way we can be confident that whatever the particulates we have created, we have theatre actually Now coming to the set off surfaces the de facto faces so you can see your chart off their faces for the holes were selected. It just see here it has automatically selector some adjusted, sadistic does some sort off surfaces, so they start off surfaces are nothing but their users to make a watertight body so that this watertight body can be used to create the core and the cavity. For now, we are going to leave it to default and press. OK, so see now what happens is thin surface will be created to close this but the club hold to close. This butler was see must be appreciated. The shot officer faces were going toe that create the parting surfaces. So sort of the parting surface. Then you the thickness off the parting surface that they say the thickness of the parting face be somewhere around 50 and milk. That's okay. Yes, OK. Once we had done with creating parting surface we're going to go to the tooling Sprott option in the tools production line to select the top surface off this particular object to create the basic sketch it will be my mole on. I'm going to create a rectangular once again I'm going to do that. I mentioned the dimensions here. Let us say it is 1 75 here the dimensions be somewhere around 100 75. They also won 75. So it is OK are readily agree to have That s a 200. And the dimension also who 100. Okay, then you re elected. This is getting more. We're going toe you that depth. You that 50 by 50 50 Bay 50. Okay, so I think I'm satisfied with the depth, so I repress. Okay, so we have created foods we have now. I will go to the data migration option. I'm going to sell the move. Poppy bodies left the top body. I'm going to translate it in space on now. Whatever to be, they will do the big meeting. The same option I would date this object. And was it transported? The tradition I can press. Okay, now, whatever to do is I'm going to apply the same options to the bottom of the bowl as well Were translated downwards. That's okay then. I want to sell it once against adoption and I won't do rotated. Did you see? I think you need to have some translation as well. Summation. Translation. So once again and I will do you a little bit time station dog words vessel See, it has created based upon the split surfaces we have created has created all the mortar other ships in the port in the camp here. And if you are able to see for the counter bore hole, what happens is that you get this particular plastic into it. It will not be able to pierce. Downwards are it will be very difficult to be a doctor so that this particular part of our goal will not be coming out in a good fashion. So this will be a big that. So what we can do it became again Go back to the part of surfaces we can make, like say it feature. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to manually cell in pseudo, allowing the computer to select. I went to manually select mistreating surfaces. What I'm gonna do is I'm goingto live this particular I will clear the sections first. I'm going to sell this but Claridge no problem. And now what happened to you? Is it still selecting this particular example to sell this particular edge as much Out of surfaces. Once I select a boat just a police operable toe. Korin cavity and I went to press. Ok, now you can see an automatic abdication off this particular recorded the cavity has occurred. So see, here it is showing that this particular who can be easily report from the charity. But in practice since I don't think so, because this particular extension will become a barrier for easy ball off. The more the next thing we need to do is really to take the shot off surfaces so that we can changes, features and make the whole that is easily removable. Then I will do it once again, go to the chateau surfaces, select the edit feature. Very creature. I'm going toe clear off the district have already selected. And I went to sell the bottom two inches off the bottom images of that object and test. Okay, No, I can't see this particular cordant f d has change it. And this particular arrangement will be much easier tow beam or separated than the every year one. So this is how you are there. Do perform corn cavity design for the objects with holes. This course has done with all the basic options that are required for you to create bowls our foreign cavity parts off the mold. Remember this particular this court, you have learned the basic options that are present inserts are look software recharging due to create a bold our foreign, 50 parts off a bone, the father plastic injection molding as well, lest casting parts also so, if you are comfortable with using these options will be very useful for you in the future. To the late call center is further complicated. Object. I hope you have learned good options about the more design using solid works in this course . Thank you. 13. Conclusion Video: Hi, This is Racquet Sport Blue tur, instructor for the course off injection molding and solid work. This is the final video. In the course there you are going to review what are the things that have been dealt in the courts and water that he capabilities you will be having if you have completed this particular poor successfully. So the things you have learned a lot about the next morning, What is injection molding and what is the injection molding the cycle and water, the injection molding, machine made person injection molding machine and how they molding works as well as the plastics user for producing plastic parts for molding? And what are the defects that marries during the process off injection molding than injection molding process at what ages as well as deserved? Want ages on the application Field says, Well, you have learned about with this particular yes morning processes, being applied for different purposes in different industries. That what is a national policy procedure for designing molds or mold, assembly and water, the main parts off and moral assembly, And you also have learned about the solid works? More basics Using the sorry look software, the particular version of software used in this horses or late works. 2000. They did. But you may use any software overshot from, say, 2000 words, and then you also have seen practiced examples off to design molds for simple treaty object shooting. Solid works more dudes. What are the key capabilities will be having after completing this course successfully? You have the knowledge about how the process works. Have knowledgeable that Michelle hold is a process and you can also efficient use the software off solid works at the mortal present. Inside the soil looks to design balls for various daily objects that difficulty off the bones you can design are raiding from somewhere like simple objects for simple objects to after medium difficulty objects. Then finally, I hope you had a containment learning this course and the software as well. And please stay motivated to learn further from here on once again, I tend to have congratulations to you for joining me this journey and completing the course successfully. Thank you.