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Solidworks Tool in Sustainable Design

teacher avatar Rakesh Potluri, Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Skillshare intro 3

    • 2. Lec 9

    • 3. Lec 10

    • 4. Lec 11

    • 5. Lec 12

    • 6. Lec 13

    • 7. Lec 14

    • 8. Lec 15

    • 9. Lec 16

    • 10. Lec 17

    • 11. Lec 18

    • 12. Lec 19

    • 13. Lec 20

    • 14. Skillshare conclusion 3

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About This Class

Main Theme:

This is a class which is all about learning how to apply Solidworks software for evaluating and improving the eco-friendliness of the designed product.

Class Project:

Students will select a product and evaluate its environmental effects using solidworks software,

Class Outcomes:

The students will have the knowledge required to apply the software of solidworks to evaluate and reduce the environmental effects of the newly designed and existing products.

The students will have the knowledge to understand and interpret the values of the impact factors that are used for assessing the environmental impact of the existing or the New products.

The students will be able to apply these concepts for conducting basic research into Sustainability & Sustainable Design.

The students will be able to apply these concepts for producing environmental friendly design projects for their college studies.

The Information obtained through this course can be applied to any relevant engineering field.

Class Target people:

This is a class that is targeted at the beginner level students with some prior knowledge of the basics of engineering (Design, Manufacturing related fields).

People Curious about Environmental design, Life cycle assessment Sustainability & Sustainable design, Solidworks software.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rakesh Potluri

Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner


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1. Skillshare intro 3: so coming to the third part of the course, which is nothing but soil of stool in sustainable design. So as a designer or engineer, you should strive hard to design products that are more and more. And we don't mentally friendly Onda. As I've told you, this is a three part series on in this, a particle ever three parts cities. This is the third part, which is nothing but a contribution toe life cycle assessment. Insistent will see this in class. So what do you need is you need some tools which can help you design, evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of the product you design. So here in this particular class, you are going to learn about soil book software, which will be used as a tool for assessing the environmental impact off a product, and we try to produce sustainable products. So in this particular course, you are going to learn about sustainability design. And what is the design process that is adopted in the industry to produce it? Eco friendly product are sustainable products and what Saalbach sustainability software is ? What are the different more news inside solid works that are used for assessing the sustainability off a product, then how we can apply the soil looks off that gruesome practical products, and we try to assess the environmental impact off those products. So if you are going to complete this particular class along with the projects that I have given in this particular in this particular class, it will be ableto understand how we can apply Soil looks tool towards a practical design off, sustainable for nix. Then finally, once you complete this course successfully, you will demonstrate knowledge on industrial design procedure that is adopted for designing eco friendly products. And you also have knowledge about soil looks. Justin will be software which is a more dual inside solid works and will also know the methods. And ho you can apply Sorry look, software for assessing and reducing the environmental impact off the existing as well as newly designed products. So I hope you are interested in this particular class and you join me in this journey off learning about soil works. That tool, which can be used it for developing sustainable products. Thank you 2. Lec 9: this'll lecture I'm going to Do you know the design process that is used to design sustainable products are that is used to adopt sustainable design towards designing that product. So I don't know. What we have done is we have identified materials, processes and systems, and we have seen that these three concepts are these three other key elements that defector sustained will descend even in this three. Also, materials is one very important factor, which is the worst influential on the processes as well as the system. So then again, we have concluded that materials are this issue on driving elements in the sustainable design and they directly control the choice soft process, uh, systems. Then also, we have identified what are the important environment impact factors that affect the environment. And once we have identified what all those impact factors we had seen that the quantification off impact factors is very important and quantified the back factors, meaning that we can compute that and were not meant impact. So what happens if you are going to quantify those impact factors that we have identified? Then if he's a meeting that we can compute that and we don't mentor in backed off the product. What happens, we're going toe. Apply these concepts in a systematic and logical manner to provide, or to design tools that can be used by designers to perform life cycle assessment off a product and then create and evaluate the sustainable design. Or, say and Ron mentally backed off that particular for Arctic Then so when coming to the design process, the first and foremost up you need to do is really Toki creative part drawing. So once you create the part drying this part drying should be according to the specifications from the manufacturer are from the consumer are from the management. So depending one different specifications, you need to design a part. Once you are ready with the concept, you are going to create the part design. So these parties and should be for a specific purpose. Then, once you created the partisan, then you need to select material. So with which material I'm going to produce this particular design. So once you have identified the potential material, then you're going to assign this particular material to the part design. Then once you ever done the second step, then you need to select the manufacturing process. Depending on the tape off material you have selected on the design off your product, you need to select an appropriate manufacturing process so that the products can be manufactured efficient. Then, once you have selected the manufacturing process as well, then you need to select a system. So what does the system include? This system includes the part of transportation. That means through which way you're going to transport the material to the manufacturing unit. Here, you're going to transfer this finished product to the consumer and all sorts off Transportacion comes on the system, and the next element that comes under system is in which a region of the world you're going to manufacture the part and in which region of the world you're going do you the part. So if you have decided all those factors, next step comes into play, that is, we need to city does it basic, remember, dissented that we followed by designing their product. Using this are looks off. There are any others after maybe any three days off there. So this is the design process that we are going to use while you're designing products in any three d software. Then, once we have set all these four parameters like we have created the partisan, we have selected the material we have selected the manufacturing process we have specially in which region off the the world, that the party is going to be used and the party is going to be manufactured and how the but will be transported after his ailing or after descending all these parameters that extra pews toe, sit, basement. So what happens? Based upon all these imports, we tried to calculate the back factors to do their design such as carbon footprint and Andy consumption area certification and water purification. So what does it mean? So once we set all these inputs, we try to calculate the environmental impact off a product in terms off carbon footprint, energy consumption, acidification and water purification. So once we have calculated all these values, we are going to say this values is a basically so as a starting point, then what happens? We can then change the design or we can change the material. We can change the manufacturing process. We can change the man faction union on whatever parameters you need to change you can change and then you are going toe once again calculating back factors like carbon footprint and energy consumption. Eri certification in water purification and once again, you can compare. Once you have calculated impact factors, you can compare the using back factor values with the already existing baseline values. And you can say that the new design is more environmentally when they are not so big. Likewise, you can big number off prices and compare them using this particular matter. So in the six step, what you are going to do is you're going to repeat the steps 2 to 5 and calculating back factor for every new material selection. Are every new design for every new manufacturing process. For every new input that you have changed, you can calculating back tractors, and then you can compare all these impact factors with the basically that you have already said in order to find note where the design that you have created is sustainable or not, are otherwise. Are there any alternatives that you can create toe, get a more sustainable design? Then, if there is any need, you can also redesigned the part as they told you so this is a basic process that is a doctored by the engineers in the industry in order to design our sustainable design and analyze the sustainability off a product and then compared the sustained will get other art and they do designs. And finally they come using this procedure. They come up with that new and better sustainable design when compared to the world of washing. In the next picture, I'm going to introduce you to the theory regarding this hardly works. Sustain will be software. Thank you. 3. Lec 10: way have learned concepts off sustainability, sustainable design principles and guidelines to be followed for the sustainable design and the water. The impact factors work is easier. Another source off concept. In this lecture, I'm going to introduce you toe solve up sustainability, the theory that you need to know before going to practice sort of sustainability, then white. Why should villain sustainability and why should we learn star look sustainability so fast will know the answers for why should we learn sustainable? The first and foremost thing is more and more consumers are quieting greener products. So, as I've told you in intellectual lecture itself, that whatever the design that we are going to do are we are going to perform it is directly linked with the societal needs and preferences. So number days, what happens? The consumers or the society is warning more environmentally friendly products. That is why we should be learning the concepts or sustainability. And we tried to apply these sustainable principles to produce more greener products than the 2nd 1 There are new rules and regulations that are being imposed by the government's regarding the innuit ornament. So in order to meet all those rules and regulations. We should be knowing the concepts off sustainability and the design principles off sustainability so that whatever product we are producing, it is going to meet all the required rules and regulations. Then the final only sustainable is any they started you for. Success has I've told you right now that's ofeighty. He's wanting the wounding greener products. So if we are going to produce a greener product and compared to your competitors, so what happens? Your product will be selling more, and that is one big strategy for your success or further success off that product. So this is why we should be learning the concepts off sustainable. Then coming toe side looks sustainable. The first and foremost thing which pursues has to learn star looks the same Maltese. It is a very easy to use software on water. The inputs you are giving to the software and water, the outputs. Whatever the foods that are coming from the software, they are very easy to understand. So that is the first major important point. Then the next one needs by help off soil sustainability or by the solid rock sustainability , we can redo the environmental impact off our products are off our designs, which we are designed then turned with soil look sustainability. We can easily communicate our design on tornadoes effectively through something known as the reports orographic displace. Then 4th 1 Sidewalk sustainability expresses a more knew that is available for free for every soil works user and my new there are two versions offs are look sustainability there . That's our look sustainable the express and that one is a sorry look. Sustainability. So we are going toe know or we're going to find out the difference between so what is our looks Sustainable? The express and 40 solved work sustainability further in this lecture only then. So this is a basic industries that you are going to see when you just opens our look software and Atlanta, that's our look sustainable. They are such generally express then. So before going to do sorry, sustainable the analysis inside the software, we should know some theory regarding how the sustainable D process is going to be carried out inside solid works. So here, you see, when we open the software, we can you four types off input the first tape off input we can. You know the saltbox software is red. It'll so material is nothing. But if you take a part, what material is that particular part made a pulse, and then the second input is their manufacturing process. So manufacturing processes nothing. But if you take a product, what is the manufacturing technique that you are going to use to produce that particular part? And once you have given this meaty manufacturing process has an import, the 3rd 1 is the manufacturing region. So in which area are which country you are going to manufacture your product and the final one needs transportation and use. So how are you going to transport this particular product, which has been produced in some country, and it is going to be used in other countries? So what? By what means? It may be true heir it may be to water. It may be true. Road, in what means you're going to France for this particular manufactured product to the consumer, are from the consumer Toda Dump yard are enough place off the product. In addition to these foreign ports, in the latest version of the software, you will be able to give what is known as the end oflife parameters. That means based upon your design and the material usual for your design, you can determine how much amount off this particular product can be. The second, how much amount of this particular product you have design can be incinerated to get back the energy And then how much amount offer product that has to be dumped in a landfill. So you are going to give all these parameters In addition to this four parameters as input to the network sustainably, more do are solved. Sustained With this offer, once you have provided all this required inputs, this particular Saalbach sustain will be will calculate the results and these are the major output. So the faster put is the carbon footprint. 2nd 1 is the energy consumption to organise the air acidification factor and the 4 to 1 is the water eutrophication. So we can display all of these results in the farmer fader dashboard graphic dashboard are other ways we can generate a report containing all the input. Maybe. What about them? Input the factors that we have given and water all output that has been derived by using. That's our look sustained with the software so we can see output in terms off two tapes. The 1st 1 is the dashboard display, and the one is that report. So in the middle, you can you out sittings like you can use the software to find similar materials or replacement materials for the middle, which we have provided to the software. A clear and you can also set basement so that you can compact two types off designs and finally, to design is better. Then you can also modify design using the sorry looks off that and you can also modify whatever the inputs you are giving on based upon all these settings, you are going to get that output. Then see here coming toe material. As I have told you, the fasting put that we are going to give for the software is a middle. So in this, we are going to have food types off imports. One is the middle class input, and the one is the name Hira. So Medina classes nothing, but so whatever the material you are going to choose, it belongs to some sort of a category like, say, steals aluminum are plastic source that sort off things for example, if you are taking a B is plastic, so a bia's comes on the plastic Medina class. So based upon the material you have selected, you need to be selecting the material classes. There are around 26 material classes that are already available. Insights are look sustainability material that abyss so some of the middle classes include steel, iron, aluminum in long scar, paralyzed gen big glass fibers and other sorts of things. Plastics. Except so if you go deep into this material class, each material class will contain another group. Off materials has have told you if I take aluminum allies, so this particular material class contains all the materials that comes on lever aluminum allies said 1063 l. I order when you know six Fire like 1345 and light. So all these are aluminum alloy. So what happens? All these materials will becoming another radiated class off aluminum ls. For example, here you see this A bia's acrylic nylon P high density PV city did. These are all different dates off plastic materials, so these plastic materials comes under the class off plastic. So once you say, like the plastics class. This all the materials will be available for choosing so you can choose from any off this part plummeted. And so then the next input we need to give us the manufacturing process. This manufacturing process changes depending on water material class you are going to use. For example, let's say you have taken aluminum allies as the class off material that you design the product. Then these have that different manufacturing processes that are directly available inside this. After that is the day casting extrusion Forgeard militar machines and casting and etcetera . So if you select a part that is the middle of plastics, then you have to date so for manufacturing process that are already available inside the for looks. After that, there's nothing more the injection, more lead and actually in process. In addition to all these processes, if you have any custom process, you can also use the options at once options inside the soul of software. Read it and give the at once and manufacturing process as an input. Then 3rd 1 is we are going toe input manufacturing region, so manufacturing legion means what happens. We are going to produce the parts and some part off world. So we need to give in which part of the world we are going to manufacture that particular product. For example, there are 60 takes off selections here. One thing we can produce. The party in North America, Isha, India, Australia's Europe and the South America. So these are the different examples that are available in Put the manufacturing regions that are available, insert software and remember based upon the median. Then Andy requirements differ. For example, if I take not America the usage of thousands years, nuclear fuels, hydro electric field, all changes when compared to the leading off Asia, the resources that are consumer by the manufacturing process are also based upon the manufacturing region. Build upon which manufacturing region you are going to produce your part. What are the resource choices and everything will be based upon? So what are the reason choices we have? Why don't we have Asia, Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, India and other countries? I think there are around seven regions from which we can select. Then the next 10. Finally, in port is the transportation and they use region, so transportation means So if we are going toe say produced a part in Asia and you are going to use that particular party, not America. Then you need to transport that part from issue. Do not. So then what do you need to do? Is you need toe provided transport for transporting that particular object or particular product. So in what way you are going to transport, are you going to transport that part? Where are are you going to transport it to ship? Our trade are set road And then once you have she put this particular product you also have to define in VT region. This butler product is going to be used, for example, based upon the usage, only you need to transport that club product, for example, like us take the product has been manufacturing North America on this particular products will be used in North America. Only then what happens? We can trance for this product, from the manufacturer to the consumer. Through Lord, that is the best way. But it's This particular product is manufacturing nation, and the use region is in North America than the best way to transport is through. The sheep are water. So, like, where is a based upon the use region and paper for transportation. Also, the environmental impact factor changes in back factors. Changes see estimation off. The environmental impacts are associated with the transporting of the product from its manufacturing location to its use location. Then once we have given all the foot perimeters, then these are the four parameters that are going to be calculated by the star looks sustainable this often. So what are those perimeters there? The carbon footprint, daily acidification, watery traffic ation and an anti consumed. So we have learned about all these factors in the previous lecture, or does carbon footprint means what are the units of measurement and other things? So he have see, as they told you, we can see or we can observe these perimeters or results inform off in two forms. First form is the an and er environment impact dashboard. So this is running, then we don't mention back dashboard. This is what you are going to see inside the software. Then from here, you can just generate a report and you can open that report as a PdF or other ways. You can also open it in that word format, then factor percentages. So here, see, there is a fight act that is being shown in the dashboard. So what happens is when we can clean the carbon footprint said it is going to show what person they just carbon footprint. He's being produced in the middle State. And then what person? Dangerous carbon footprint is being generated during the manufacturing face. Likewise in each from each affairs off this particular product, we are going to know how much percentage off carbon footprint is going Toe come. So this is the pie chart from which we can get all these factors. And if you want you can You can also click on this to get additional information. This all things we are going to see further re when we are goingto do problems and we're going to solve our problems using Sorry. Look soft that the next darkness We can also set baselines toe calculate between two different materials say, for example First I have taken a product X and in the faster case I have were designed it with aluminum and I've designed it through milling. I have used the milling process to manufacture it, so I'm going to calculate all this environmentally back parameters on, then I will do. City has a basement. Then I'm going to change the Medina and I'm also going between the manufacturing process. Then what happens then? Normally, impact off the product will change. So what we have in tow calculate once again. And then we're going to compare this current values with the already set basically where you so that you can say we should. Design is good for the environment. Do not worry about this at this particular point because we are going to see how to perform all off these things. Using the soil looks offer in the further lectures. Then you can also use some automated tools that are present inside Solo of Sustainability Express to find out materials that can replace the existing materials. So, for example, as I have already told you, if I were to take a product X and I'm going to manufacturing through aluminum on, I want to find a better replacement material so that back of the product should be decreasing. Then I can use this particular tool, which is on automated tool for finding out similar materials based upon all these properties, so based upon whatever the criteria you are going to specify. It is going to find out the replacement material for the current material and then once it finds the replacement material, we can compare the design with the present design then. So these are all the definitions off for different properties that are to be given or that are to be used to find out similar materials in the automated tools present inside solid works has a mechanical or materials or aerospace in unit. I think you have no known about these basic properties off materials then. So coming to silo sustainability, as I've told you previously, that there are two types off software that the soil of sustainable the Express and the other one is a solid work sustainability. So the major difference between these two lights in the fact that sort of sustainability can perform well CFR assemblies. If we take sustainable, they express, it is going to perform in C for only part. So if you take an assembly solid rock sustainable. The express cannot performance here for assemblies. But coming to full versions are not sustainable. It is able to performance here for their families as well and the initial do assemblies, he will have some other options. Like, what are the types off energies that are required while assembling this total assembly? And now this ourself. So the major difference lies in the fact that lce off assemblies cannot be performed using sustainably express. And remember, sustainability expresses a more new that is free with every version off this artworks off. But if you want advanced capabilities for sustainable the analyses, you need to protest conversion, soil work, sustainability from your reseller, then so coming to the far look, sustainability only calculated. So it is a very good tool, and it is available for fears cost online. It helps us to convert and Rome until, in fact, whatever the enormity impacts we have calculated using the software in Do you want to kill ? Parameters are human measurable parameters. Let's say, for example, if I have designed a product that is going to produce one kg off carbon dioxide footprint or carbon footprint the throat, it's like second. So if I tell this particular one kg off carbon footprint, what happens? See, and government? We thought having any technical knowledge may understand what may not understand so What I'm going to do is I'm going to give that particular value has a so this calculator and this calculator will be converting that particular value in due number of miles driven by the car. So what does it mean means? So how many number off miles That's the car travel to create the similar amount off carbon footprint that was created by the product. So likewise. If you're going to convert whatever environmental impact that you have calculated inside the car lock, sustainable the software into human, measurable parameters. It is easy to convey our sustainability concepts to the common people, and you need not worry. We are also going to see how to use this online calculator in the further lectures. When we go and we try out hands on using this are looks the same with the soffit, then coming to the major difference off silent, sustainable ex presidents are look sustainable. Day. As I've told you, everything for party seems so. If you are going to perform a sustained moody analytics for a single part, you have the same features. Same common options. Inserts are look sustained with the express. Our sidewalk sustain will be also. But the major difference lies in the fact that our look sustainable dances can performance year for assemblies also, and it can also use the an option called less assembly visualization tools. We tells us a lot when we are dealing with the large assemblies, So we are also going to look about what is there some living relationship tool and other things in the father lectures with their hands on experience. Putting that. Are you soft that So this We have finished all the heat collectors that are present in our course, and from the next picture, I'm goingto who've been the soil work software and we're going toe practice hands on, whatever the concepts we have learned through the lecture cities off like just thank you. 4. Lec 11: I think in this lecture I'm going to introduce you to the soil. Looks sustainable. The module present inside this artwork software with the help off. An example that is washer. So what we are going to do is we are going to design this washer on Daz in the material 10 to 3 carbon steel on. Try to predict what is the environmental impact off this particular washers. We are going to calculate the impact factors such as carbon footprint and acidification, artery top ification as well as energy consumed. So we had a critical indirection toe. All of these four impact factors in the alien delicious. So for that purpose, what I'm going to do is I'm going toe now. Start soil looks software. So for this purpose, I'm going to use 2018 rushing off the sidewalk software. But you don't worry if we don't have access to throw lots. 2018 can also use the soil. It works in software from washing off anywhere from 2014 to boot, eliminating the procedure and the auction's everything remains the same. So one time, open the soil looks. I'm hearing the world with a fine. I'm going to open the file. So I'm going to browse that the location of the file. And I'm going to sell the fight for this example ongoing. Use the washer file. So I'm going to say, like this one. And best open on one separates open. It has already been opened. And if you don't worry, if you are using a lawyer and diversion off the software one thing is you can design this particular You can model this particular washing by yourselves. So what happens? You need to start to circles. And then you need to extrude the middle part with that particular thing. You are going to get this particular washer. So now I have opened a part. Right now more time going to do is in order to access. That's our look. Sustainability more. Do I need to go to that? Evaluate them. So here these are all different command managers on these are different. Perhaps in this times I need toe. Really? And once I go to the aliens tab, you see, my sustainable tools will appear here. If the sustainability to doesn't appear here will be having a arrows at the end of this particular toolbar, which you have to click and you will get access to this sustainability. But but if the screen resolution supports every option like this shown here, you will be directly having access to this such attainable tool in this pool. But so here there are two types of such unwieldy tools. One is a full national, sustainable deep, which I'm having here, and the other one is known as the Sustainable Express. So what happens? The main difference between the sustainability express and the sustainable retool our our full personal sustainability tune can do environmental impact analysis for assemblies also . But if you are only having sustainably expressed, that tool is going toe have the capability of doing and environmental impact finances only for parts it cannot do further assemblies. So, whatever, Do you have the option of my the same father? Now we need to pick on this particular model. And if you don't have access to ever earlier tab here, what you need to do is you need to right click on anyone off the tab, and here you need to check way that there is a tick mark. They say it's evaluate or not if it is not their travel, Elatab is not going to appear here in the least ofttimes. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to right click once again and I will just this early in the early tab. He's present in the group off tabs here. So I'm going to work with the evaluate tab and then I'm going to sell it the sustainable Tito. So once inside the sustainable de Tool. So it is asking me when determining environment back to showing some information being you need not worry about that information you just pressed Continue and you just press continue C that isn't in the face. See, there is an industries like this. So you are going to have to use this particular cab. Our task pain for the number off tapes. So for that purpose, what you are going to do is you are going toe press the push pin icon. So once you press that pushed me Nikon, it won't we dissipating. So, for example, see fighting on the graphics windows. It is not dissipating. But if I don't push the push me Nikon, what happens if I said like the graphics window or select any other option. Realities will disappear out. It is going to minimize, but we need to edit a lot off options. So what we are going to do is we are going to the task pin. They're selecting you, open it and then we are going to Costa Pushpin icon once so that the push me Nikon, what happens? It is going to stay there forever. It won't minimise even though if I select any other option for many months. So I'm goingto just drag that needed the graphics windows then this particular as I previously So you There are four important input factors that we need to give to the software the first factories, the medieval factors. The next group is the manufacturing group. 3rd 1 is the use group on for 20 Easter Transportacion Group, as I've told you in the Lectures previous lectures, that these are the four inputs that we are going to you know, the software. And once we do this for inputs to the software, it is going to calculate the environmental impact of design. Do send. This is not on the environment. Toolbox on water. The calculations we are going toe perform. The results will be shown here. So the 1st 2 column is known as the carbon footprint. And this is the energy consumption on this is the area acidification. This is the water eight appropriation. So now we need to define that medial for this worship. So we have designed the washer. Now we need to as enemy Didn't with this washer. This one, Toby Man effect. So I'm gonna do select madam as make class off Medea. So there are a lot of class soft materials like steel I aluminum and other things. The main material with which I'm willing to manufacture this washer. One year duty carbon steel, which comes under the class off my reveals, known as still. So once you sell it, the material class A. Still it contains a number off steals under this particular class. And see he had the one year Otri booty. Carbon steel Is Solectron a proportional destiny? They're going to sell it this one. And once I sell it this one see the weight off this particular parties being shown here? So what happens if I produced the the part with these dimensions? And with this middle, I'm going toe have a weight off. The part is going to be 9.48 grams. So once I have selected this material, the next input I need to use manufacturing. So in victory led in the manufacturing off, this particular part will be done. Either it will be manufacturing. Dated in Jana are India say Australia are America. So in what region? The particle manufacturing will be majority off. The manufacturing activities come from Marchena. So we need. We are going to select the issue so you can sell it This manufacturing region in two types by two types. One thing you can self from this drop down list. Otherwise, you can also pick on this particular mapping on the region. So here the region is issue. I have selected a sham by default. It will be Atia only. If you want change, you can just scroll down, click on this drop down menu, and then you can sell 1/4 Really genuine. But for now, I'm leaving it to Asia. So once I have given the manufacturing regions, I need you give this particular value. So what is this? Well, this is known as the built to last So what happens is if I am going to design a product, how many years it should be functional, so he had by different it will be one. Here. You can change it toe our first months. Eight days are any other thing. So we are going to see about this particle options in the $5 examples. So once I have selected an infection region, then I need toe. Specify what is the manufacturing process through which in this particular parties will be manufactured depending one the tape off middle class we have selected. There are different types off processes that are already available in soil sustainable. For this process, I'm going to use the stamp of former sheet metal. So I've selected that club process and see fireman between the process. Here, the energy requirements for the passes are also danger. For example, if you have any other process other than the processes that are defined here, you can just press custom and after taking on the custom, you can you the energy requirements on this particular process. But for now, I'm going to select Tristan good father sheet metal and once a selected and defined the manufacturing constraints on there again, there is another man faction constant known as the paint. Depending upon what type of 20 or using the environmental impact of the particular part will be change. So once I have given all the manufacturing constellations now what I need to do is I need to select the region off youth. So, for example, this particular part will be manufacturing issue and this will be transported from a share to America on this will become a part of her machine. It is going to use it. Not that so. I have selective see again Just select from the problem and you or I can just select from this highlighted map image. So I'm selected this one on one side of specified the use region. The next and final input we need to give is the Transportacion. So what is this transportation We need toe transfer this particular part from the manufactured region. Duda use region so we can use four types of transportacion matters. So this one is a train and truck ship as well. Unless our ship our goods are really so the most economic way for transporting from Asia. Do not America is through ship and the distance between these two with one toe, 39 tow kilometers. If you want. You can also view the custom distance between these two places. It all depends on your own choice are other ways you can leave it by default. For now, I'm going to leave it by different. So once I have given the transportation conditions, I can also specify the in love life conditions. So enough, life conditions means once this party's over, how much amount of this part will be going to recycling? How much off amount of this part will be going? Do you see being separated and how much amount of parties? Good. We dump it. He had this 33. That 10 foot before reminds the conscience for everything. This all depends on what type of material you are going to use in the design. So these are the values that you are going to be. Are you are needed to be spacing for now, What I'm gonna do is and will do this options do the Ford as well, because we are going to change this options and we're going to see how to change this options in the saddle lectures. So once I have done all these things, see here when I'm changing every option from this pools this environmental impact the database has changed the thing that I'm gonna be back nativist has change it. So here, See, this is the carbon footprint that is being generated by this particular product over its lifetime. Use off one year as we spacer in this particular part has been built to last for one year. And this is the energy requirements. This is the air acidification and eutrophication. So you need not worry about this color scheme, this color scheme and other things we are going Oh, seeing the father in the next lecture. So you, right now you don't worry. You need to give it. You are everything puts you need You are you have to be giving it in this sustain will be schools, and you are going to have this environmental impact toolbar environmental impact dashboard . It may be called as a dashboard will be updating. And if you are going to increase the duration off, use this particular options will also be changing. So he ever this is the options are this is a job where you can select what type of database he's used to calculate this results way. They're CML are Tracy for our course. We are going to see a man that a base RCM Elementary you took ella plate. Whatever the options that we are going to see in the next lecture, we are going to see how to open each part of the new Normandy in Baghdad and study. What is the amount off for carbon footprint are what is the mood of the impact factor that is being generated from different parts, like, say, for managing man attraction phrase. How much amount of carbon X our carbon footprint is there, say, when you were transporting how much off water purification has being affected like plays? We are going to study these results in the day and the nation to all of these things that we are going to use another material and we are going to combat the environment, impact off other materials with this particular base meaty than thank you 5. Lec 12: way, way have left in the last lecture. So in the last lecture, we have seen how to launder sustainability toolbox and how to give that different inputs and how the environmental impact toolbar are Say, toolbox are dashboard looks like. So here. See, you have selected the material Class T on this particular washer is being made up off 10 to 3 carbon sheet steel. So you have given all the required inputs here. So now what we are going to do is we ever to examine this results. So if I want to examine this carbon footprint results in detail. So I'm going to just click on that particular toolbox are that particular part after and normally back dashboard. And once I am selected, that part of the dashboard here see, it is showing how much carbon footprint is being generated by this part in different faces like save material processing phase, it is going to generate somewhere around 0.18 So this unit's off for measurement these cages off, see photo equal in. I think we have talking about all these units and other things in the previous typical lectures. So during the manufacturing face it is going to produce zero a month off. Carbon are very negative, say very, very tiny amount. That is that on 3.3 e minus three. While it's you says it is not going to generate any type of carbon footprint on at the end of the life. If the end of the life is according to what our conditions here we have given that 33% can be recycled on 13 person can be innocent, incinerated and before person will be thrown away in tow. The chancellor, based upon that more Ramon carbon footprint is being generated. The end off life, which is there on some points I e minus three cages soft, able to equal in on while transporting this single part. It's say, if we are going to transport only the single part, it is going to generate that on three point duty U minus four cages soft carbon dioxide so like ways. If you want to see the effort, are the energy consumed by this particular product in different phases, you can just go and press on this home button and one superstar, this whole bottom, you come back toe the environment in back dashboard and you can see the percentages through this by checked. See, for example, the in the total energy that is consumer by this party trope, it's life. The majority is being consumed during the material processing ST which is there are 67 point 35% days. Then coming to this one, the man section door is going toe absorb or it is going to take an energy off equal and to 9.98% age off the totem are out of the total energy they quite through its lifetime, use off one here like where you can also go to the address certification. You can just roll over on to the region for which you want the information and you will be getting those information. If you want Beatle body tell, you can just select that part of the government dashboard so that this is going to show us in detail. See the acidification. So it is calculated in cages off Soto equality. And here during the material crossing phase, it is taking around 4.6 even industry. The manufacturer says it is going to take this amount 3.40 minutes. Likewise, it is going to date. So once you want to come back, you can just press on this. So not what we're going to, Louise. First of all, we are going to set this particular material last basically this one glove middle as the baseline for that purpose. What we're going to do is we are going to go to the option here. So this is the set. The baseline option. Once we said this particular material as the baseline material, what happens is that software is going to store the values and then we can change the material. And we can again recall if later this particular impact So I loose and then we can compare this impact. I lose coming from the new material with the set to base like mediator for that purpose. What I'm going to do is I'm going to goto this but corruption on as a state based on an option. When were you selected this set? Baseline. I've selected this one. No, see, every color has turned black. So what happened? Sees this black represents the baseline media. So for example, so take some media next and you calculate the environmentally back on the X. And then you said There's a baseline that I lose that are coming from the X material will be shown as they are represented as a black line here. And then if we are going to change the material toe from etched away and you are going to re calculate the values those values will be appealing either in red are being based upon whether it is an advantage or decide wanted. So I'm going to show you that also now what we are going to do is instead off steal. We are going to change that material toe aluminum. So we're going to change the material class, toe, aluminum alloys and in aluminum allies. Also, we are going to see the material aluminum. We are going to sell aluminum. See once have selected this particular materials. The waiters updated the way, just updated, and we are going to said all those manufacturing processes, manufacturing region and everything took the same as we have set it in case off the previous material that is the 10 to 300 Steve. So once we have said all listing, see here there is a combat agent that is being shown in the environment Impact Dash book. So what happens? This lane upper lane is being represented Wrinkle. So that means what happens is and compared toa the steel material on the baseline material which we have selected previously. When we are going to manufacture this particular part with the new material which is the alumina alumina. This is going to reduce the carbon footprint by a percentage of 66 on an anti consumption by a person later, 71 on the air. Acidification will be pleased by 22% and the water will be decreased. Water purification factor will be decreased over 67%. So from this what you can say if you are going to replace this particular material off the part from one you know, Pootie carbon steel toe alumina, What happens? The environmental impact He's reducing drastically and mind you, the reminding factors up remaining the same are kept constant. We are not changing in here that are the factors suggest man faction region are manufacturing matter or any other thing. We are just keeping everything saying, but we are only changing the material here. So by the change of material you can see how much amount of environmental friendliness are , how much more constantly product that we can get you that this way. In the previous political lectures, I have told you that material material is a very important factor in achieving such general listen. And it please the factor, which would deter mines, which dictates a different parts like the sustainable designs, sustainable manufacturing as well, a sustainable end off life factors. So from this, I think you will be able to understand how much the impact off material on the sustainability off a product is best then. So once we have taken, one thing we can do is we can open an excellent we can write down these values. We can write down these values and once we like, don't leave. When you say 66% age, 71% age, 20 do pose, and then 67% dates. But I'm going to do is I'm going to go for one second. I'm going to school. So the upper region with the material and in the middle class I'm going toe changing toe plastics, and I'm going to try to produce the same but with a poxy say a poxy answer. So I'm saying I have selected this poxy and see the weight off. The part has reduced very drastically. I think it was that on 4.3 grams far Rutstein. Sorry for our alumina on the weight has very much decrease. It is that on 1.33 for this box it unfilled. So and that's adoptions we are going to do. Said them to Constant. Then once you absurd here. If I'm going to produce the same washer with a poxy material, what happens? The carbon footprint is decreasing, but it is decreasing Only 50% 8 on the energy consumption consumption has decreased by 40% 8 area acidification has decreased by 53%. And this by 50% date. So what I'm going to do is say we're going toe once again. Go back and change the middle aluminium. So here first, do you remember this was 50 40 53 50. So then I go back to aluminum allies once again and I think the media I select the material by scrolling down and I'm going to sell this aluminum material on once this aluminum material has been said see he ever in the carbon footprint has decreased by a percentage off 66% in the case off approx cedars because by only 50% 8. So in terms of carbon footprint aluminum materialists bought a conference then coming to an energy consumption it has decreasing by, I don't know, 53% a year or so So here then anti consumption has decreased by 71%. So in terms off and energy consumption also, this particular alumina is the best one and come into the air acidification factor for that is around knighting 50 tr I think 53 or so but here it is only when they do person date but coming to the water drop implication factor We can say that is the decreasing by 67% age. But in the case off a proxy don't it has only decreased by I think that on super people send it So what happens when we compare all these and Rome Italy back factors Alumina, is there better choice when competitive toe the steel are the a proxy for producing this sort off washer, so you can also change the different kinds of materials come about them. You can compare a lot off materials like this, but it takes time. So in the next example, we are going to see how to use the automated tools that are present in their sustainable DNS is for finding off different materials that can replace existing materials based upon the and rodent impact factors that have been calculated by the software. Thank you. 6. Lec 13: way are going to see how to perform a sustainable GNN icis off a plastic part. So for that purpose, I'm going to go to the final say open on in the open. I am going to say like this example to contain. So once I opened this particular file, as usual, we need to go to evaluate tap and then I really attack. You need to find out where the assistant would be too large, sustained with the express to lease. So, as I have told you, if this particular tools are not available on this toolbar, you can just press on the arrows which will be presented the and love the screen. By pressing the arrows, he will be having access to this particular options. So once we have loaded the part, we are going to pick on sustainability so that sustainability more deal will open on the first and foremost option we need to the finest detail. So what tables me didn't treat you are going to do this part. This is a plastic part. You believe this parties being made a bus habeas blast. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to the class in the class off materials I'm going to select plastics as a obvious is a plastic class off medialive selected plastic and by the Ford habeas has appeared. But what we are going to do is we are not going to use a BIA's. I am going to change, too. Bc high velocity or polycarbonate high velocity high discourses. Sorry, this high viscosity, not velocity. So here, the house on the material that this PC high viscosity. So I have selected that, but from media and runs have selected this particular media realities were to give me the weight off the total part. It will be around 3.17 cages, so once have found out this what I'm going to do is I'm going. Toe said that the man infection region again the manufacturing region will be. I will change the manufacturing region from Asia to North America, So it should not America. One way to change the A Diaz manufacturing regional manufacturing usedto go to the dog down the new and you can sell it. Whatever options you request a issues. I want a shaken selected from the drop down menu, but right now, here the manufacturing region will be North America. So what I'm going to do is drop down arrow and I can sell this. Not omit are another. Thing is I can just press here, see when I am just taking my mouth. So on this map it is showing are violating the regional manufacturing that is available on the map. I'm going to select from here. Also, I can also select from that map And once I've selected this area slow manufacturing, I am willing to select how many number off year cities will do last Say, we have designed this product to last for one year. So I'm not going to change this particular values them by the 40 fees and the plastic class of materials. There are only two days source manufacturing processes that are by default available in this software. They are the injection molding process and the extrusion process. So for this purpose, and to select injection moulding as the best way because if I try to exclude this particular part, it will be more physical and come back toe injection molding off this particular part. And then I'm saying it doesn't contain any being so once I've selected this one. I'm going to sell that use region. It is This practical apart will be used in an autumn. It can be generally so. I I've selected this North American region. So what happened? See, the transportation has changed. Release all this. We have selected a shares. A manufacturing median in usually as a North American region are always watch our conferences. There is an intercontinental exchange than the diesel transportation Would will be right ship because it is the most economic way off transporting the part. But here we are a manufacturing and we are gonna do the part in the same continent. So the majors things are the default transportation mode was given that if you want to continue, it also can change this to rail also. And you can also change this particular distance by just typing. So, for example, on will transport this particle apart from the manufacturing area to the EU's area. And there is a dishes off just 200 kilometers. I can just type into one kilometers and she loved given Lee for value, So the calculations will be changed and you need not worry about this local. So I can change it like this. But fun on what I'm going to do is do the city defaults. The city student defaults off 2000 find sound Frank Kilometers are otherwise You can also change this transportation more to train and you can give them help a lot to say this fourth of particular. Another thing you can do is you can select multiple Borzov transportation is so what happens from the manufacturing regions are to force 50 kilometers which is going to be traveling between. And once you do just that particle a force in particular because then it is going to be traveling by truck for the rest of studio find sand below are otherwise you need not select anything So far now What I'm gonna do is I'm just reset to default and once every city to default here also, I'm not going to change the enough life values like this particular medium. So this enough life sauce change. It depends on the material. And you're going to say if they are going toe be a design ever. Then you are going to get this particular i losers from the made its a player who is to supply the middle for manufacturing off this but one product for now. I'm just leave it through the foot. And once I've selected this one C and murmured back dashboard has updated, and we have calculated the carbon footprint as well as an A D requirement as well as the air as well as the water. See he at the previous and the current of material. We haven't sent any material to be the baseline. So what happens? The bolt current media level of the previous save material that we have defined first it is nothing but PC. I discussed it. So that is where there is no change any. There's no change in the amount of carbon next door, and I do consumption order area certification are wanted Eutrophication If you want more information about these factors you can use, just go along with that name and you can see you are getting a message. So what is a carbon footprint image off carbonite said another green house emissions just meeting carbonate equal. And then everything. We have discussed all these information in the previous Pete collect Jirsa that I have a thought. Okay, so once we have calculated all these things. The next thing you need to do is we need to say this particle emitted less that basically, if you want to compare it with other material, are other sorts off options that are available with manufacturing or transportation or in conflict. So if I'm going to transport this true packed, what happens? This is going to blame and predominantly impact. So what I'm going to do is I have to say this as a baseline, and once they said that there's a baseline, then I'm going to change the transportation to see what is their predominant back. If I am, will do transport this particular product by training suit off like Chris for that compel agents. Also, we can use that basically combated and matter. So on that basis. Once I said it has a basin, see everything turned black color on once your part formula analysis, And if we want to save the sustainability and answers you can save, one thing is you can save this information along with the part in the part file. It can be done by jester pressing on this close, and once you press on, disclose it will ask you there is a modification that was done. Would you like to save it? If you press yes, this particular information will be saved. This particular information will be saved along with this particular But so it is. This warning is nothing. But this butler part has been created in the older version of the software. So you are goingto say with this particular part in higher worsen. So would you like to update? So when you press just says so, it is one to be saved. So what happens in the next picture of you're going to see how to use the automated cruiser in order to find them. Medida, which has similar stint, are similar properties but have less impact on the new government that that present inside solid works sustainability. Thank you. 7. Lec 14: way are going to continue from wherever we have left in the previous lectures. So in the previous structure, what we have done is we have a Zenda Polly corporate High Risk Austin material for this particular part. And we have said the manufacturing leader News region as well as the transportacion type and other options. And we have seen the environmental impact off this a PC Hi vis. Costing material if this product will be used. The Faryd lifespan off one year now What we're going to do is we are going toe. Try to substitute this PC High viscosity may deal with some other plastic material, which has a lawyer and round impact. So one thing we can do is we can study the mechanical properties and other properties off this particular materials and try to find, note and alternate material manually. And once we have satisfied or once we think with another material say areas is going to be he replacing this particular material, we come back. We opened a sustainable finances, and now we're going to set PC high viscosity as a baseline, and then we change the PC high risk watch to do a Bs and then compare Bordeaux values and see whether our thinking is right or wrong. That is one thing which you can be doing manually. But if we want to search manually for a number of options that are available out there, you would be able to do the analysis in the least time possible. And this is going to cost you a lot off money. So for that purpose, what you are going to do is you're going to use the automated tools that are already present inside. So look, software. So I'm going to show you how we can use those tools to find similar materials with the lawyer, and we don't mental impact for that purpose. Once again, I go to the evaluate tab. So, like the sustainable T tools, as I have told you, we have in the previous lecture, we have saved this total data for this particular part, that is rate is appearing here. If you haven't saved this particular data, it won't appear once again. And you need to set every option once again to get this particular values enough Here. You see, there is an option known as the friend the similar so This is the option which we are going to use for automated finding off replacement materials. So for lead purpose, what I'm going to do is I'm going to sell it. Find similar. So one second on the find. Similar here. See, there is another model that has opened, which is known as the find similar material here. You have different columns here. So this 1st 1 is the property column in the property column ity showing different types of properties that are available Further material on the second column is the condition column . We are going toe talk over the condition just a minute, and the 3rd 1 is the value column, and 4th 1 is Units column. And here you see, this is going to show the material that you have already up read that you have already applied to the but so you have applied a PC High risk, costing me deal with this amount of properties. This amount of elastic modelers, this amount of poisons issues here, more or less. Another thing, I think being a mechanical engineer are, say, aerospace engineer materials engineer. You may be very well knowing all these particular properties what these properties means and what are these units means and other things. So here, first of all, if I'm going to find the material similar to this the first and foremost factories, we should replace the existing model with other material, which has a similar properties but has lawyer environment impact. So I need to give some conditions to the computer so that it can search for other material based upon the conditions that I have provided toe the computer so far that, first of all, in the middle, that's what I'm going to do is I'm going to select in Stood Off any I'm going to select the option on as the plastics. So what happens now? If I ask this offered to such from other materials, it is going to such for every place replacement material only in the plastics class. It won't search for the replacement material in the steel class or are living in class or any other classes. For example, there are four discs classes off models that are already by default, present in the soil, books, materials, labor. So if we are going to search for a material, you can get a number off options but in order to reduce the search are such a volume, you're going to set this particular class to plastics. Just think off it as a we will such if you just taping agent victim and they will have a numinous and number of results. So now what you need to do is we are going to apply some filters. So the such words or key word so that you are going to get the results that are only related to the he would have the topic. You're searching like ways here. Also, you are going to apply some filters to the search are apply some conditions to the software so that the software will be finding the materials as accurately as possible. So the first middle class I've selected the value to the plastics 2nd 1 So, for example, if I'm going to the place a material for this a specific part C for this specific part. So what are my main gun stations? Whatever may didn't I use for this particular product should be having height and jail stint as well as a It should be having our love it it should be having it blew it so What I'm going to do is I'm goingto go there. So the properties and the main important properties that then city property and that ends. I'll send property, so don't stay property. So if the density off the material increases automatically, the weight of the product willing please. So what is my first condition is I don't only reserve it off the product So far. That purpose I have gone to the density. See here in the density condition, there are three against three conditions. One is the greater than condition. One is the less than condition. One is the similar conditions. So what happens if I select greater condition and said the computer are given the instruction to the computer to find a material it will find a material which will have higher density in comparison with the existing medida. So, for example, the PC high risk course, the Irish question Mittal is having the density off 1190 And if I give this condition has greater than what happens, it is going to find a replacement material which is going to have a STI value higher than the PC high risk Austin that is somewhere from 1200 about if I give the value, too. If I said the condition to less than what happens, it is going to find a replacement material, which has density less than 91190 if I set it to similar. So it is going to find them material that has their similar density toe the PC high with caustic. So here I am going to safety is too similar. So I have selected the condition similar then the next important thing is it ends. I'll send. We may have the highest and the standard, which is basic requirement feature for whatever material with which we are going to produce this type of plastic parts. So for that purpose, what I'm going to Louise, I'm going to select greater dance condition here in the tens. I'll send here in transition, and I'm not going to change the values. If you want, you can also change the values which we are going to see in the further lecture. So right now we don't need to worry about that. So we have given the conditions that whatever the material, the computer is going to suggest me. It should be having hidden in Stacey, let toe the PC high viscosity and whatever the extension of the material, it should be greater than the PC high viscosity Medina. And once I've said the conditions see here you can say the conditions for any off this particular properties. So if you want to find a replacement material with higher elastic model list and existing material, you can just select a greater than if we want toe select with the lawyer elastic more or less, you can press this one you don't need are you don't have any conditions that is, ah, elected to elastic. More dealers or any other option just press are living by default to any the ones I've selected, all the conditions or space for the conditions. See, I want to find a similar. So I'm going to select Sinn Fein similar so one cypress find similar. What happens is these particular software will such for whatever materials that are available in the plastics class off materials, and this particular reasons have been filtered according to the conditions which we have provided earlier. That is the similar density and Raider fans else and conditions to the software on one side . It is showing here in the column, issuing what class off materials this replacement material belongs to, say nylon into belongs to plastics. And obviously we have selected only one million in class two sets. So whatever the options that are available here will belong toe only material class. And here it is, showing the elastic modelers poison, say shows here more lesson in the density Tamar connect, wit and other sorts of things. So now what I'm going to do is I went to just celebrate the it'll just picking on a public option. So once I click on click Options here, what happens? This is the environmental impact toolbox or that dashboard. So what happens is it is showing the carbon footprint. This is the energy consumption. This is the electrification, and this is the war. So it is the acidification, this of water purification. So it is going to calculate the results for the new material, and it is going to compare the new results with the baseline material, which is the PC high viscosity. So what happens if I'm going to produce this part with a click medium high impact? It is going to reduce the carbon footprint by 54% age energy consumption by 59% age. And it is going to register air acidification by 37% daily and water to application factor by 39% age. So if it is going to decrease in comparison with the base material, it is always represented in green. But say I'm willing to sell it that island instead off a click. So what happens? See now the green has changed to red, so the being has changed to red. That means in comparison with PC hi vis costing material and I am going to produce the part with nylon were not one it is going to take up 50. It is going to generate 50% more carbon footprint. It is going to take a 29% age more energy and it is going toe lead to water our area certification by 44% and it is going to increase the water certification by around percentage of 72. So if it is going to this environmental impact is going to increase, then it is going to be represented in the red. So if I select a silica, it is going to be shown in green because the interminable backed off the material in combating with the based material has decreased. Like what I can just select. But banks on the sea here when I sell it, perplexed. What happens? He's a it is going toe the carbon footprint he's going to reduced by 55% daily and 50 60% date and 37% day Jan. 39% it. So from this, if I select this particular option, this is one of the best option. So what I'm going to do is I'm satisfied if I'm so I destroyed with this material, I can just select this particle of material. So he had remember, the manufacturing process will be the default manufacturing process which we have previously selected from here. If not, you can just come here and change so that the environmental back calculations will also change. And this is the final factor is known as the material financial impact. So material financial back means what happens is if we have the cost of that is being provided that has been defined for the material fish upon the course. Different to the middle is going to calculate for this name impact of the material on the cost of the part. Say, for example, if I going toe if I'm going to produce the part with PC, it is going toe, say have extra lists. It will cost me X dollars. But if I'm going to produce safe but with a click, what happens is I'm going to have a reduced price for producing this but clear part. This all comes under costing and other things. But here, in this course off sustainability, we are going to deal with this particular factors only so and coming toe. Other important thing is a material impact factor is a property that you should be defining in the materials database. Off the solid works, we thought that you cannot calculate the material financial impact. Now what happens so finally as a design that I can take it a decision that applique is more good in comparison to the PC High risk question. Why? Because it is reducing the carbon footprint, it is reducing the and Andy consumption. It is also reducing this particular, um, about identification, air acidification factors. And I also see here the perplex up also decreases. Everything but a click also decreases everything. OK, so I'm going to select. But the based upon their density requirements and other requirements are expensive ticket and share more or less and other things it should be having somewhat high modelers based upon the model is if I compare both these materials etc. What are having similar amount off environmental impact and the financial impact? Because if I produced apart with the click, it will be decreasing by 39% of the cost will be decreasing with 38% 85 selling this particular part, it is going to decrease with 39%. But he c c The smartness is very low for perplex man come back toe klik medium. I am so for the same cause I can get hired property So what? I'm going to do it and we'll sell of the click And once I select the cyclical then I'm goingto say except and once I accept See here the new material calculations appear here in . Then we're muddling bag dashboard. So once I am happy with this particular material, what I can do is I can just press on sit material so that what happens? This particular clip made it will be applied. So this particular part and once were applied All these things we can just the press on the clothes and we want to say with So we are going to press? Yes. So that this particular data, what we have created night now will be saved along with the part that part file. So this is how we cannot use the automated tools in search solid groups. So in the next video of the next lecture, we are going to see how to perform. An insists are sustainable. The chances for a sheet matter part. Thank you. 8. Lec 15: way sustainability and anuses for a sheet metal parts for that purpose. I'm going to goto file open and I go open. Example. Three. This is a part that has been created using the sheet metal options President. Sir, it's all about software. So once I have selected this one, I'm going to go to sustainable the once again. And once I said, the sustainability, the task pain will open. And then this the first option we need to choose is obviously that made it so. This is part which is going to be made with a neuro six year. Oh, and liabilities from Oliver Class for that purpose, I'm going to sell it the aluminum in the class, off materials. See, I want to sell it aluminum alloys and in aluminum and loss. I'm going to select 106 year on life. So this is the first material that is available in this class off aluminum allies. So that is right by the funding has been selected. So once I've selected all these things city showing that second level off content inside this particular material, which is 0% only on the weight of the part, will be 1 20.27 grams. Now I'm going to set the manufacturing region, so I'm going to set the manufacturing vision toe. Isha. So once I said the Man Fraction Region to issue, I'm going to live with by default so it is built to last for one year. What is the process might be from the processes soon as milling, but it is not the milling to which we are going to produce this start off parts they start off parts should be produced toe the process off stamp with a Farmall treatment of stample forward sheet metal. So once I've selected that particular process, see among developed city that is used for the processes 0.8 kilowatt hour program and the natural gas that is used to process is a 30 fight to beat you. Graham and then start amount off scrap that can be generated while we are going to produce are trying to produce this sort off parts. So here we are not going toe paint anything on this. So now coming to the EU's region in the EU's region, I'm going to select the North America and in the transportation the obvious before one will be the ship. So I'm not going to change this transportation. And I'm not putting this enough life conditions. And once I'm satisfied with all those things. So here and around the back dashboard has updated based upon the selection committee. Now what we're going to do is we are going to go to the find similar in the find, similar toe in the material us. What we're going to do is we're going to city toe aluminum allies. So what I'm going to do is I want to find a replacement material for this but club material which has a lawyer in back down and we're on me. So I have selected a median aluminum allies in the middle class. The main criteria for they required further metals for code using such type of parties. Transient stand on that you listed. So I wanted material which has hi, it ends else and the so I'm going to go with attendance, stand in the condition of select greater than and I am going to have a material with a similar English. So I'm willing to sell up similar in the industry and the ones I have given all these conditions. Now what I need to do is I need to press fight similar on the one Cypress finds him that it is going to show me some allies. 134 Fire like 135 So I'm going to select 134 fight. And so once I've selected 1345 and light, see what happens. It has a similar environmental impact that is comparable to what you'd succeed are like. So even if I select that this particular one there is more. Entertain the back. So what I'm going to do is to sell it. 1350 So 1350 If I sell it this particular medium also, what happens? I don't have any money to change in the environment. Impact off the But so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to sell it. The 134 fire life. So 1345 Yes, except on the sea. He ever the man Fact in years of processes to Millie. But the manufacturing process should be tampered for murder, cheap metal. So I've selected this. So I have selected this one on the one side selected this one I want to accept the same material. Say, 10134 firelight and accepted one thing. We can do it like this or otherwise. What we can do is we can go to the fine, similar materials and she lost. This is aluminum. We can also find out the steel. So in the steel class, we can have the conditions like understand? That should be gonna eat that. Okay, I understand. And the Philistines should be similar. Somewhat similar on say, I want to find similar. So we didn't find any similar immediately with the required characteristics inside steel. So what we can do is if you want to read the conditions you need to press on this particular area. Adoption on one superstar, the adoption. You will come back to the Katie. That such great sitting, such great media. And you can just replace everything like Marcy any or otherwise. You change it toe aluminum and lives, and that he ever stood off the same levels. And you put any and you can just to find the put the manufacturing process you change. The manufacturing process will stand for four months. She pedal, and then you can say sign missing Miller and it is going to so number off medians number off meridians. So based upon our sets, criteria only is going to fill that a number of parity off prices if we want to. Another known all these things. We need to go back to the search for a dealer once again and really putting this such great be there. So based upon our such radio on how long, How many number also results in that the computer is meant to show will be depending upon. And once you have done this thing, you can guess the one thing you can accept. The middle are just cancel out this such so once you have satisfied with the Madeira begins say set Medina, said Medina, so that the particle metal is applied to this object. So now what? We tried to such harassing Let me deal. But it wasn't the next thing we can do, is we? One thing is we can change the an effective immediately, so it's a change of an affecting leading from Isha. Save can really do the and Robert back. So what I'm going to do is instead off manufacturing area regional Isha will go set up Europe on one, says Elop. Europe, see what happened? The carbon footprint has decreased, The energy consumption has decreased. The address certification has decreased. Water certification has also decreased. So we are in vain in finding all this England material which is lowering back tractor the next to the news. We're concentrating on the manufacturing region. But remember this all goes his on sustainable, dependent on sustainable in the Isle of Additions when we worse but using Dana products. But these are not only the factors that the company's going to construct. It is a lot of factors taken first actors on the course and the lot off things. So we this this court early, we are goingto base our decisions decisions based upon sustainability only. But remember these are not. These are some of the conditions that the management will be taking care in finalizing with the region off an infection will be our Presupposes, manufacturing and other things. So coming back to our example, we have tended to Europe and the impact has because now what? We are going to be well again, changing to say we're going to position yourself going all the way toe issue. We have changed that. You do not have to see if you are going to produce and not know what happened. A carbon footprint instead of decreasing, it has increased by 2%. See? And this energy conference in a little bit, 1% every factor. So what happens is if we are going to produce it apart, using the cheater sheet metal operations inside, not over the car. It is going to have adverse effective and compared toa manufacturing in Asia. So one thing is you can go for a shares, a manufacturing hub. We're really pleased that you can go for that Europa. So I have to sell my infecting region in Europe. So this is how you can calculate different options. You can calibrate the front options once I'm happy with these options. You can just pick on the x mark. You can say yes. Save yes so that the particular information will be saved along with this but the club part in the outside. So in the next lecture, we are going to see how to convert all these values. And now we have derive some impact factors and we have very with some value. So they're normally back practice. So we have a new car hood. This and Ron Ridley back factors in tow the values which can be easily unless stirred by that. Thank you. 9. Lec 16: I think this lecture we're going to continue example three, which we have left in the last picture. So in the last picture, we have applied that material and we try to find out the material which is similar to the already applied material. Then we have changer the manufacturing legion and we have seen the effect off my infection region on the environmental impact of the correct. What we're going to do is we are one second where we are going to go to the earlier tab. They never leave that you're going to sell the sustainable module. And once you self sustainable module because you have previously say would be sustainable, the analysis, along with the part in the part, fail. All the different values are being shown here. So it takes a little bit of time to calculate once it is done. Okay, Now we just calculated Now what we are going to do is we have caliphate here, See, in a normal dashboard, we have calculated some values safe. If I just keep on this carbon, it is showing some values. Let's say it is going to generate 1.6 cages off civil to equal in. So all these things are better understood by people with some basic technical knowledge. But if I want to tell this particular impact or if you want to come away, this in fact factor toe the common people, then what I need to do is I need to convert this carbon footprints and other things into some units which are easily understand, are easily unless told by the common people. For example, let's say instead of telling that this particular part is going to produce 1.6 cages are see what to equal ender greenhouse gases. What we can do is we can convert this particular value into a value. Say how many number off miles does a car drive to produce the same amount of pollution. So, for example, if I if this product is producing one born six cages, also able to equal and so what I'm doing is I'm taking etc. We I'm going to travel on land miles on that SUV using gasoline. Then this is going to produce the same amount of pollution that this particular part of please creating. So once you have finished third, calculating all the impact factors like carbon footprint and other back factors. See, there are some values that you have a pain. So now we need to cover these who are losing human measurable values. So what are those were used? Those values are the values which can be easily unless told by the people we don't having any technical Bagram for that purpose. What we are going to do is we are going to use a sustainable Nikolic later. That was the developer by Solid Works Corporation and these president Online sorcery. So we are going to use that kind of later on. We're going to convert these particular values that we have created or that we have derived from the Taliban place. Musings are look sustainability, more dune. You covered them into human measurable values. So for that purpose I'm going to click on. But I'm known as the online info. But so once I click or cross on that particular butter, it is going to take me to the website. With the sustain will be calculators are looks of state multi calculate this present. So this calculator we have majorly to lose This is the first row. This is the second and these are all the different doctors that are available Calculator fast rule It is showing the current isn't so What? We have them in this sheet Metal material. First of all, we have taken one euro 60 rely to manufacture the sheet metal part and then we have city has a basically And then we have changed the material to 134 fire a lot. And then we have compared it with the basement. So here in this a top pro, it is going to show the carbon footprint that these airplane after applying 1345 aluminum a lot of media and the here this is the baseline and material. So, as for example, we have sent the one you know six year old ally has out based material. This value corresponds to the basement. Didn't this value corresponding? Duda second immediately between you, we have compared the basement eating this Doesn't the president the value coming from only change of material? You can change anything you know in the 1st 2 separate containing off the options like manufacturing options, medical options, use region and other options also. And you said to the baseline and then taking any other options and compare it with the Baselitz. Those two values will be shown here. So coming toe the calculator. See here This is the amount off carbon arcs and equal in that generated by the party that it is being prepared are manufactured using the 1345 and light for a lifetime. News off one year. So what happens? The part that we have designed with the one year Oh, sorry. 1345 And light is big. Huge for one here thwart its life cycle. It is well to produce 1.682 cages off carbon exit equality. So what happens this way? Movie are going toe converted Good avenue, which is the president by car driving for mine miles. So, for example, we take it Toyota Prius. So if this Toyota Prius, we travel in this car for their distance off nine males, we are working to generate the same amount of carbon dioxide that is being generated by the use of this particular part by manufacturing used. And now that things are for the product that is made up off of 1345 like coming to the baseline design, see here, for example, if we have designed the part using one you know, six year and I also produce life deputies were to generate 1.68 toe cages off Carbon answered our carbon footprint. So this is equal to driving it iota Prius car for a distance off about nine miles. So this is how you can convert all the values from the technical. All technical values toe the human measurable values are and I lose, which can be easily understood by the people without having any technical knowledge. And remember, if you just type in Google Sustainability calculator, then you are going to get this one, and you can enter whatever we lose you want as we have launched this calculator from the software that this movie has taken the values that were calculated this off. But if you go to the Google type in such a multi calculator, it will open and you can you any values and build upon this value is going to convert it to this values. Say, for example, instead of tired a Prius, what I want to do is I'm gonna take an average European car. So if a concert average judo can car cover next, unequal in that is producing during the lights. A lifetime of the product is equal in tow, driving an average European car for about distance off for miles like ways for the basement material. Also, it is that set. The carbon footprint is the same like West. You can also change the energy consumption for changing that, and you can't jump shot. You need to select this on a do consumption options. So if I select the 70 consumption, see here there are three options. One thing you can convert the Lucy watching number off of us off watching TV, or number of our self running able or number of hours off lending a laptop. See, for example, I want to sell it ourselves for boring in there. If I am going to design the product using the 1060 and like what happens to die energy required throughout its life cycle is we call it Dude and England Laptop for our type it off 52 of us for it. I'm better off 52 of us. Then, if I'm going to design the part with 134 fire Lloyd, then what happens then and the requirement for the product throughout its life cycle and be just four over software running a laptop. Likewise, if I want to convert it to do number off herself watching TV, I can just click here. So one second here, see, for the baseline design these equal in tow, fire of herself, watching TV, he ever. If we can tell this particular of material that is the 1345 light, then it is negligible are, say, half an hour or so off watching it. You are 15 minutes supporting it. So this is the amount of energy that is required toward the lifetime off but the clock product. So this is how you can convert people centric way loser toe human, measurable values. Then in the next video we are we're to see how to perform sustainability analysis on an assembly using solid state with people. Thank you. 10. Lec 17: I think this lecture I'm going to show you how we can open an assembly file on how can we open a single part from the assembly filing, but for assistance would be an answer to that and also perform sustainability and dances for the war. Our assembly and remember this particular performing sustainability and says for the whole assembly is only available with full version off. Sustainable the software. If we are using sustainability experts, you won't be able to do sustainability and aunties for the assembly. So for that purpose, what we are going to do is go to the file and best open. And from the open, I'm going to goto the brake assembly folder in the brake assembly fold. I'm going to select brake assembly. So once I said that the brake assembly, I'm going to open it so in 2017 and do those in 18 emotional sort of software, there is one big known as a performance calculator. Andi chose how much off time it is taking for opening such models for such a huge assembly . So it is saying that this says family has bean created, designed and created in education. Russian you need to use it for education purposes only. So you need not worry, because this education course So this is the assembly between we're going to work. So the first and foremost part we are going to look at is this particular rotor. So there are a number of components from this assembly. First of all, what I'm going to do is I'm going to sell this rotor, and I'm going to rightly Congress that and I get an option. Moon is that open? But so what I'm going to do is and open that low tar part. And it is showing warning that this has been created in the older version. So address okay on Cyprus. Okay, See, from there simply, we have separated that rolled up, but so once we separated the older part. Now what we are going to do is for the persons who don't have access to the full version of sustainable did. They need not worry they can open their assembly and once they open their simply dick and separate the order like this and when they suffered the road like this, there can be able to use the sustainable the express more do so I'm going to sell. The assistant will be more do Our system will express our dune. And once a cell like this one the basic of starting part or the starting material for this particular part which is the rotor is still so what I'm going to do is and we decided the steel material and then initially this particular component is made up off, you know, 23 carbon steel sheet and then the weight off the company. If we are going to produce it with card mansion, is there somewhere around full sound? If I grams, how come into the manufacturing? I'm going between the manufacturing region to Asia and, uh, it is built to last for one year the process through which it is being made, the sand casting So machine descended, catching what happens once we produced this part to sand casting and then we're going to apply some mentioning operations over on this particular part because we cannot produce all these holes in sand casting Okay on once we selected that part of the process. One thing is, if you don't want to use this, what values and you have customary values as I have no new. Previously. You can just go to custom. You can just under call kilowatts or whatever the values you have with you. Otherwise you can lightly go to the database and you can just use this so I will do the machine to sand patched. So once I selected the machine descend casting on D. C. This will be painted this pendant using a part of putting. So I have selected that particular option as well. So once I selected that particular option, I'm going toe not an aura who's region So they're not in America. So once it is done by default that she is the best matter. So it has been selected by the front, and I'm not going to change this part of your options. So, Bishop, on the sittings we have created this environmental impact. Dashboard has been updated. How what I'm going to do is I will go back and I will do select, find a similar material on once I get into this, find similar material. But I'm going to do is. And when you said the material class toe, I didn't are others I can just to keep it toe any. And then once a cubic to any, I have full main considerations. Barneys. I should be having the similar dermal expansion quotient. So if I want to replace this material with other material, I should be having the similar dermal expansion ocean. Andi, I should be having a greater space ticket. I want to Hello. Greater specific it for that purpose. What I'm going to do here, See, in the condition of materials, condition, property, our property specific it I'm going to select great value. So greater value, then coming. The thermal expansion cautioned it should be similar. It should be similar if you want to change this particular value. Also, what you can do is you can just say pick like this and you can just enter. The values can enter the values, whatever while using need. So find out. What I'm gonna do is I'm just going back one second. I'm just going back in there. I went to go back once again to this. Find similar materials on now I'm going to set the conditions. Basically, it should be greater basic. And then the that man expansion question should be somewhat similar. So I've selected these two conditions and I pressed Find similar and see here the two showing me some four material. So if I select Pashtu carbon steel So what happens? Carbon footprint has increased and they say it acidification in food, whatever the identification has also included. So we need not like this. But when we did it, then come into great cash State and see what happens when compared with the carbon shoot. Steal it as the carbon pleased by 27% age This particular thing I would say this energy consumption is decreasing, but that do person ladylike ways. See? But the cost has increased the way that is explicit it. But in this course they are only deciding based upon us on such general factor. So this is the most decision. The material which we can select out of these four materials see? But here the manufacturing processes familiar. We need to change it also. So I'm going between you took machine designed cash in there now. So we are going to get this Miller results because the past idol is estimated a lot off. These four made tedious. So if I am happy with that, I number I can accept it or otherwise. What I can do is you can press on it. It and I can go back to the such great either One second. Onda, we don't changing these two conditions. I'm going to add a new condition. That new condition is that convention condition. Let us say I wanted tens. I listed. He consults in some water greater than some 48. So what I am going to do is four. And that just type in four he ate. I have entered whatever the value a required here. So you can enter anywhere. Knew that you required in any off this party platter columns. So once I have entered this one, I won't do best find similar. So once I've used that condition, See, here there are only two types of materials that are matching. I'm such great either. So what I'm going to do is when Joe Sakic, this one crashed carbon state what happens? See, there is no for environmental impact on the carbon footprint, But this has decreased the energy consumption to Chris by one person days and so on. So I see that doesn't deal me any replacement material with re lawyer impact and run back to our Louise. I'm going to go back once again. President aided Button, Then in the transition. What I'm going to do is I'm going to put any I'm going to put any. Then again, what I'm going to do is I'm going to find similar. Then again, it is going to show me the four options in that four options have the great gas stayed in, which is the best option. So I'm going to select that option and press, except now what happened? See, the material has seen your ugly cash stated, and the raid also has decreased by a small percentage so on Same Satisfied with this particular material, I'm willing to say this back to my deal as my mediated. Once I have said it, I can just again for us on this close. It asks us to save this information, and the press is so that this information will be say, with the solid works and one city sale toe the spectacle party showing that some information regarding that somebody also had to be updated. So it's and I pressing So until every party, so I need to places so it isn't. We have saved that assembly. So once we have saved there simply, we can disclose this one. So now see if I'm going to sell it. This particular rotor, its material is going to be the cast. I didn't. OK, so this is how we can separate apart from an assembly and we can do the system will be analysis and a player made leader in the coming lectures. We are going to see how we can perform and sustainable the announces for the total Assembly and identified the parts quieting high end and er stay producing high carbon footprint. And there starts off things and separate them on do that sustainability analysis over them . Thank you. 11. Lec 18: I think in this lecture I'm going to show you the procedure off how to perform sustained bullion insists on the assembly. This particular option on this particular feature is only available with full version off Sarawak. Sustained will be. If we are using sort of sustainability express toe, you will not be able to do this particular exercise. Then coming toe the options we goto the evaluate tab on just select a sustainable And remember they were small change in the options that are present for the assembly. Sustainability enhances before that this assembly showing some ever What this ever means is these three parts that are being the present and here have no median as a without having a material assigned. What happened? The sustainability calculator cannot can dictate the environmental impact on the S M. Lee. So for that purpose, what we need to do is we are going to sell the brake caliper first. And once we sell like the brake caliper from here, we need well defined which committee they'll he's used to manufacture this particular very calpers so far. Brake caliper. What? We are going toe Dewey's We're going to go to the class off steel in steel and window. Select the club stainless steel. So this is the material with which this play calif bodies being prepared and come in tow the brickbats. Very parents are usually made with exotic materials like salami, composite materials and other things that sort off materials are not my deformed present in soil. It works. So one thing use you can add your old materials to soil state of this, if you have added previously, you can use it. But for now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to exclude this particular apart from my assistant Will Deanna's. So what I'm going to do is I am willing to sell the part and I will select Exclude. So what happens? This particular part has been excluded from our current tenderness is then come into the oil seals. Generally, the seals are prepared with rubber material. So I'm going to go to the class off number and in there. But I'm going toe select silicon rubber. So one sided. As in every missing material. Now this particular message appears results are now available. You can feel the results so press on view results. So once you press on the results. The sustainable the calculator will be calculating. Then we run frontal impact off the total assembly. As this is a big or large assembly, it will take a little bit off pain, and you need not worry. You are. Now the calculation is over, and this is the environmental impact off this particular assembly. So once after cal, including environmental impact, we no see what are the options that are available for us? Sustainable the enhances for an assembly. So here, the first option available is the assembly process. Previously, we have gone toe the safe, he observed. The part sustainable the enhances. The first option available was material options. But here what happens is before convicting an insists on this the Total Assembly. We had defined the material for every part of the assembly, so that is where there is no material option here, then come into the options that are available right now. The first option is the assembly process in the assembly process that it will ask us with assembly off, this particular product will depressed and it will make a presentation, or it will take place somewhere in North America or say Japon in the or some other part. So we are going toe set to a show. Then see this particular assembly is built to last for one year or two years later. Cities will to last for two years again. This change in here, then you can also do the energy that is required to assemble all these particular parts. So, for example, if I said that this particular option C some other new options are available to me so far, assembling this product what type off year you are going to use. Are you going to use the electricity? Are Are you going to use the natural? Yes. So generally it is fitted with some talk. We're in just another things which are operated by electricity. And it consumes to some electricity throughout this particular assembling process off this . But right now we don't have this particular value, so we don't give it here. But this is how you can add the value there. And we are also going to change it for one year only. Otherwise, if you say it is built to last for only $1 you can just Jane here. So it really is built for, say, one month You can just press one month Say, if you take this brake caliper and you designed it for somewhere fun car it is just designed for to run for And they are saying hours only ahead on three or four hours. So like crazy you need to estimate so this is billed as a designer. You should be having an idea off. How maney Yes, this part is going to be used. Basically it is designed to work for one here and then coming to the EU's region. I'm going to city to default. That's not America. Only right now you should be having an option known as that energy required during operation which is not available right now. So it is not available right now. What you are going to do is we just close this and once you close this and you again recently, sustainability Toolbox, you are going to have that missing option. So once again, I'm going to go to the sustainability. So once I opened a sustainable do you see here in the use the region? What happens the previous time? We didn't get this particular option, which is known as energy needs over life spent. Now this option is visible, So I'm going to sell it this particular option on in this. So in orderto run disassembly to run for one year, we need toe toilet and we need to supply it with breaking while. So we are going to select, I guess. And we take that gas city and we are going to find out how much amount of gas, maybe the quiet one gallon for total year. You can even use it for a month, a day or other. So I'm going to give one gallon here. So once we have imported the energy needs over the life span, then we are not going to change the transportation. We are going to change. We're not between the transportation. We're going to leave it to let the fault you and coming to the enough life or in the Total Assembly, we can be safe in 60%. So what? I'm going to go on that 50%. Then we can incinerate, or we can burden 20% of the total parts in the assembly and the reminding that deep person days will be thrown away. The Lancet. So I have entered these values. You don't need to worry about this ellos signature. So once you ever entered all these things, See here the calculation is done. And here there is in a question mark beside this material impact factor. So you need nobody about that. Because what happens? CCT showing that for some of them were details that you were present to some parts. The cost to factories not given are defined in that software. So you need not ready about this particle Evra question mark here in this course. So this is how you can perform a sustainable the enhances foreign assembly. So then coming. You see, once you have performed everything, you can just close this one and save their data. So in the next video, we're going to see how we can identify different parts that are consuming the high amount off energy and perform sustainability and and sister. So the jilted environmental impact on energy needs off that particular apart from this whole assembly. Thank you. 12. Lec 19: this'll lecture. I'm going to show you how to identify different parts that are consuming energy, high energy and we try to do sustainability analysis and we try to reduce and indeed requirements for that specific. But so first of all, we have already in the last picture we have already done the sustainable de analysis for the total assembly. So if you have done this sustainable the analysis for the whole assembly, only the following options will be, you know, functional R will be working. So for this, I'm going to go to the assembly with delegation and here, See, based upon the criteria we have mentioned, it is starting all the parts that are present inside this assembly. So here, if I take the brake caliper, it is showing that it is having 82.84 grams like west. What we can do is in should off showing the mass for all the parts off the assembly. We are going toe. Ask this software to show what are the energies required by the total are different parts off the assembly. So I'm going to go for this option. I'm going to press this particular arrow once I'm going to press this arrow. If we have already added the sustainable the total energy toe, these columns, you will be having an option that is available here itself. But as this is the first time you will be opening this type off option for sustainable thing, you need to go for the more and in the more option, you need to select the sustainably energy sustainably energy and press. OK, so once you press OK, this particular column will be added. Here it is showing that already a column it's attained exists. So please, the software would not be able to add it once again. So I'm pressing. Okay. But when you are doing with the money, are working with us. After you press OK, it will be added to here. So I'm going to access it from here. So sustainable and so one says elected the sustainable the energy Is he here? This partners operate a P caliber is consuming the most amount affinity. That is 1 32.96 millimeters. So what can I do? First of all, I will select We'll right click on Let's and I'm going to say open, apart and once I have opened this part Now what I am can do I can do the sustainability nlc so on this but clip art See, I'm going to click here to update their values are the reasons See here when coming to the energy it is consuming around 1 30 religio rolls off energy. So what I'm going to do is one thing I can change the material with which I can manufacture this but club. But I'm going to go to the middle class. I'm going do the find similar tool in the finder Sing Little. What I'm going to do is I'm going to set the middle class toe aluminum only I'm going to select aluminum allies once again and I need a material which has similar sheer model list . She has a similar share Modelers then greatest basic heat. So greater specific heat and then lesser transaction is also okay. No problem. Let's sit inside. Sent is also not a problem and I pressed on find similar and one cities showing me different number off options that are available Likens this click on any off the option I can see here and I can verify where that this option is good in comparison with the previous one are not so as I know already. I'm going to sell it. The final one that is the A 3560 f the disagreed off aluminum alloy you can reduce the environmental impact happened footprint off this part by 13%. You can save the energy by decreased energy by 18% date You can save the energy by sorry air acidification factor. My 37% agent water purification factor has decreased by 29%. So what I'm going to do is I'm going toe press except and on Will do said this as a mediated once a said this but clever one as a material as my material. What can I do? I can close this one can say that changes that I've done for this material. Once I have saved the changes all these changes will be coming toe this particular era assembly and it is going to be updated and see here number instead off 1 13 Village als Sorry, it is my goggles. So he ever we are getting one, not nine Maga Jos in studio off 1 30 mega. So what happened. We have reduced and anti consumption. And this particular energy consumption is also clear income in when it comes to the assembly. This is how you can identify parts with different criteria. And then you can use the sustainability tools to reduce the their environment impact on. In the next lecture, we are going to see how to generate a report we'll discuss about what are the elements that are present in the report. Thank you. 13. Lec 20: I think in this lecture I'm going to show you how you can generate a report for whatever sustainable finances you have done. So this is same in the sustainable deal. Express or sustained would be software, so and this is similar for the part as well as assembly. So once you are satisfied with the sustainability and dances you have performed on a part or an assembly, you need to generate a report. And you need to give out our send out this butler report your management or some other engineer who is working in another company. So for that purpose, I have just opened this but blood voter, and I'm going to select one more material. The Smith cash tiredness ascent, and we have compared aboard this particle of materials. Now, once I have finished third performing this session with the analysis, I can just press on save as so if I click on this save as option C, He has the showing the report that is generated by the sorrow of software and it is in the form it off dogs. We can generate reports in three tapes off for minutes. One is the and this office format. And the other one is Excellency. Yes, reform it. And the 3rd 1 is the gobby else here format. So this the particle a sustainable Deanna's is can be he imported toe other lce life cycle assessment Softwares that wants life cycle. It has been soft West. So for now, what I'm doing is and will be generated report in that document for my So select this farmer it I can do the name for the file. Say, I'm just leaving it by default, Voter. And I can ask this particle ever computer to save the file wherever I need. So I'm going to go on. I'm going to select the four letter in which I'm going toe save the file. So I have selected a folder. Once I've selected the folder, I can press. Okay, so once I've selected okay, it will take a little bit off time and it will update the results. And once it updates the results, it is going to say within the former off world for my one suit saves, we're going to a bed Net, Butler office file, and then we are going to see what are the elements that are present in consistent with the report. So, yes, he had it estimated that sorry lock system will report. So coming here, you can tell you where you can place your company logo here, and you can type in your company name, city name and other things. You can aid it. So on the problem and coming here is showing for which model you have created. Assistant will the report You have created the sustainability report for the rotor more than and the media used was great cast, Aidan and the recycled content in the material used was 84%. The weight of the product was this much. And the man faction used was my changes and casting the sophisticated off the particles this much. And it was built to last one year and directional fuses also for one year and coming up with an exception, it is showing the manufacturing region is the president ing in orange color the use region it is representing in this sub particle ugly finish color. So he had. The issue is the manufacturing region at America is the use region. And you can do the all the reasons in the somebody that you have selected issue are where you ever selected, not America, the available reason and other things. That, and if you want any information regarding late cycle assessment, you can click on this link and you can goto the whatever this supper club Web site this day ever that was Bill Persall looks for, for people can go there. You can learn more about this election cycle assessment, so come into this one. See he ever we have the material on the material unit. Cost was not defined, so it was not used for costing. Enhances our financial impact finances. And what are the manufacturing allegiance and what is that I have self energy used of what is a transportation, how much sense it is being transported, which is the mode of transportation and other enough life constraints. And for everything you can new reasons, supporting sentence and other things in the comments where you have selected like this in the dinner, as we have seen previously, we can also convert these factors in mind, said driven by the car of your number. Off our softening, A laptop can convert all these complex factors in do some factors, which can be easily understood by the common people. So if you select this one, it will take you to the league. Darling Calculate Assistant will be calculated by the Silos Corporation, which we have seen in the previous lectures. So the final page consists off the environmental impact. So that has been calculated by the sustainable the software. And see it is also showing that CML impact assessment was used to methodology refused Tracy in shell off he every featuring CML It will show that the results have been calculated using that Tracy Impact assessment methodology. So this is how you can generate it. Report. Once you generate a report, you can just it it and add whatever comments you need. And you can just send it to the person, not engineer some barrels. You can also send it to the management so that they can understand the system will be off the product. Thank you. 14. Skillshare conclusion 3: way have complained off this course in this class, we are going to review about the topics we have learned and how to continue learning further from here. So, coming to the things you have learned, you have learned about the sustainability design process and how this process works and how this process he's being applied to develop different the sustainable products in industry. And then what is sustained will be software and what does sort of look sustained, multi more dual contain on how to use the soil. But software for assessing the environmental impact off the newly designed products are other ways. You can also assess the environmental impact off existing products, and then we are trying to estimate the environmental impact and trying to reduce the environmental impact off different products through the projects and through the lectures we have in this particular class. Then now you will be able to demonstrate knowledge on industrial design procedure that is adopted for designing eco friendly products. You'll have the knowledge that is required for applying soil book software very effectively in orderto reduced in order to assess the environmental impact off an existing or newly designed product and you can also use it to reduce the environmental impact of the design products. So I hope you had a good time in learning it. Me, my course, are my classes and the software. So please stay motivated and you need to learn further from here also. So this learning process is a continuous process then. Thank you. And congratulations for joining me in this journey. Andi, I hope you have successfully completed this three part course and you had gained knowledge on what is sustainability and what the sustainability designed. Different principles. Different guidelines for sustainability reasons. Different environmental assessment impact factors. Onda then use off soil works tool for practically assessing the environmental impact and reducing the environmental impact off. Newly created projects are already applied our existing products. So I hope you are going to join me in my further classes as well. And thank you.