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SolidWorks 2018 Surface Design and Analysis

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (3h 36m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 1 Why SolidWorks

    • 3. 3 1 Interface

    • 4. 3 2 Movement

    • 5. 3 3 Templates

    • 6. 4 1 Sketch Tool

    • 7. 4 2 Curve Continuity

    • 8. 4 3 Smooth Curve

    • 9. 4 4 Trim Extend

    • 10. 4 5 Convert

    • 11. 4 6 Offset

    • 12. 4 7 Mirror Pattern Move

    • 13. 4 8 Constraints

    • 14. 4 9 Quick Snaps

    • 15. 4 10 Dimension

    • 16. 6 1 Surface Model

    • 17. 6 2 Extruded Revolved

    • 18. 6 3 Swept Lofted Boundary

    • 19. 6 4 Fill

    • 20. 6 5 Freeform

    • 21. 6 6 Planar Surface Offset Flatten

    • 22. 6 7 Ruled Surface

    • 23. 6 8 Replace Delete Face

    • 24. 6 9 Extend Trim Untrim Knit

    • 25. 6 10 Thicken

    • 26. 9 1 Zebra Stripes Curvature

    • 27. 9 2 Deviation and Draft Analysis

    • 28. 9 3 Undercut Parting Line

    • 29. 9 4 Symetry and Thickness

    • 30. 9 5 Compare Parts

    • 31. 9 6 Measure

    • 32. 10 Summary

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About This Class

Welcome in SolidWorks,

The world’s best products get their start in SOLIDWORKS. Find out why industry leaders are using the SOLIDWORKS solutions to not just design better but smarter.

With this COURSE you will learn all necessary skills to work and design in CAD system. SolidWorks offer a lot of command and option to speed up your work and to help you in every day task. Only good knowledge and understand how software work  will give you a chance to beat competitors on market.

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Filip Gorzka


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1. 1 Intro: Hello and welcome in Sorted Works 2008 Thinkers. My name is Philip Gascon and professional engineer with almost 10 years experience in Cuffs System design. I would like to start the training from Price. The world best products get their start in Sarid works, and it's almost correct if I say that industry leaders are using sorry work solution, not just design better, but also smarter. With this curse, you will learn all necessary skills, work and design in professional cut system. Sorry, it works off a lot of comments and options to speed up your work and to hurt you in every day. Only good knowledge and understand house off. The work will give you a chance to beat competitors on market. The training will start from beginning. I will show you how to create proper sketch and how to design smooth shakes. Then we will use our sketch to create surface in the really pretty surface, our basic operations. To create more complex shapes. You will use them also toe cut. Your Sorry After that will make analyzes to see if they meet all requirements will try to find some common mistakes and try to fix them incorrect way. So let's start the curse 2. 2 1 Why SolidWorks: hello and welcome to my next Cursed for sorted works. My name is Philip Gasca and I will be or instructor in this tutorial. So it before we start working with sorry works, I will start to describe what this program is and worry disused and how it iss eso popular in our days. So they have started works and solid works was developed in 1993 by Jonah her stick. And this software is based on for assorted corporate authorities also. Ah, very well know. Freedy software. Ah solid works was takeover in 1997 by Dassault System. That's the system. Is French company one off the biggest one? It's known from his also very popular software catty every five, mainly using production company for design, tooling and computer aided manufacturing. This is because it's very good cooperate with a machine on the production. So it is very easy to also designed the program for this kind off during almost 70% share of markets. So it's mean that this software is very popular and it's very easy to find a job. Okay, so now I will talk about the license we have. Ah, normal stand up to sort. It works license, and the slices include remodeling large assembly designed for the animation and basic rendering in the newest version, this rendering he's quite good, but mostly, and it is normally that a lot of companies, some additional a software like very orchestra, render the parts first. Past design analyzes. So the standard license allow toe check, for example, dungeon See Ah, the motor. If they are correct or notice. Very summed up, it is only the basic analyzes an interference check and to the drawing can also create to the droving. And that communicates how our mother will be manufacturer on our production sheet metal design. World Man's more to design and cut important export. What I can say is that Sorted Works has a lot off. Ah, he can open a lot off extension. It's means you can open a lot off file from other software like Annex Katia Aljaz a creo parcel it step. It started works probably, as I know is only one software with so money it possibility toe open other Softwares. So we have also license started work professional, this licensing glowed file, um, management manufacturing Coast Estimate, and this is I think, rather for other department there, then, for normal engineers who are rather strictly it connected with the modeling A M cut that assuring so we can and share our data between electric car card and mechanical. If some that's checking eso, we can, for example, check it for our part meat or required stand art. The thing collaboration that's K scheduling got library. Hey, so the free Preval's are rather connected with me? Imagine, but Catholic Baroque. It's very useful because it's include or and they already pretty fine models like Bolt Screw. Not so it is very useful. And this cat library ISP Eat up your work in your job because you don't need to model everything from the beginning, but you can use and import some parts from existing library cut tolerance. Analyzes advanced with realistic rendering. Also, this is some additional and rendering engine in the storied works. But as I said before, if you want to render your a part and presented to your customer, it is rather better to buy some additional software, which is rather dedicated. All Nieto run during reverse engineering. This'd is mostly used when you have some scan parts with your scanner, Freedy and you want to revert. Hold the surfaces in solid works. A. About this reverse engineering. I rather advice. Use other. Sort of like a theologies more advanced, especially for, ah, sexual work and design for manufacture, ability and the last week, of course, of the pregnant solid works. So, additionally, we have a time booze, time based motion. Analyze this internalised racism, allies advanced surface, flattering it by being collected car, cable, harness and rooting. And what's more about license? We have also the student through all these licenses, only dedicated for students and its students must have. The email on the university is so it works for start up. This is if you'll start. Just start your company. You can ask for solid words. It's probably force some period of time on Leoville before ah you to work. And so it works for research. If you have some company who specializes, it's I'm goingto free such you can also ask for sorted works, probably with the lower both. Okay, so now we'll focus on part design how it's look, so now we have a concept project after dot we have modeling Freddie. We just make some simulation off our model, then we render it. We make some Dechaume intonation and we work with the tooling for our part. And now I really just tell you about all of the software on the market, and I will tell you which one is dedicated for which part off the part design. So if we talk about the concept project many day, there are four Well, no software like Aaliyah, speed for fusion, sketchbook and photo shoot. So here this software allows us very fast design our product. But Motorist created in those software our later rebuilt in our modeling software, and it's the pent if we need nervous polygon or parametric totally cut. So if we designed some kind of cops concept, it could be to the or Freedy them. We need to rebuild it in our dedicated modeling. So, for this is because in a concept project, we don't focus, for example, on curve continuity or surface continue. It'd so the motor's might, during the concept are rather impossible toe make as a physical part. So after more than a pretty we have simulation we can use answered Abacos nasstrom model up , singling for rendering Ah, the top software ease we write, but also for engineering. We have you read Key, short and substance painter and substance designer Sub substance are rather software to paint or to create the material for our parts and after effect and after effects. Mostly used to render video for documentation, use out of cut or cut software. Cuts off courage mean that mostly and modeling software includes also the model dedicated only to design to the drawing and for touring Creoles. Mostly Etch Calm, master, come Sorry, Okay, Modeling for the we can divide it into a noose. Polygon and parametric modelling cut. So for no sporting gun, we have released remarks rather for modeling, his heart actually ringing, ringing. It's mean to build and some kind off sketch, which will be used later to animation Meyer. Four City I. So it's mean for special, affecting movies. Blender, which is open source cinema for the, which is rather usedto product percent. Reno with Brush Hooper readers also sometimes used in God modeling psalter because it's Bice own curve and, for example, for these remarks and Maya work. And rather, in a way, when you bert, try anger, so each model is built from thousands or millions triangles. Z brush is only for sculpting mothers rather rule used for rockin environment, poser for free. DeHart and tweeting for video ethics about the Parametric modelling cut, we have Katia ending solid works. Sorry, Dutch Corio. Aaliyah's an inventor and for architectural use rabbits, ketchup and micro station. So it is a different between notice particle and parametric modelling cut. So those suffering on the left side are used on Lee to rendering or for a special effect or for movie. But the software on the right side, I rather used for production and as I find out to create the physical parts that we modeling, ah, every year. So its mean that with the cut software, we can use those parts for our production and for motor sport legal software. Use only the models and to render or for some effects. And this is because on the Parametric modelling Cup, every time we need toe check continuity between sacrifice or, for example, between curves and we put or the constraints between elements foreigners, polygon, it is not important for us. We need toe only have the final shape. Toby, a small what is more important, Parametric modelling cut. We also have the history so we can change For example, some elements which was done earlier And this modification will have impact on our rest elements. And we need toe report whore mother something from the beginning because we need to change something called the beginning. Unfortunately in North spotted on we don't have history and we can step back in our history . Okay. About the permitting for drilling cut. So we have French company Desa Germany Seaman's out of this peer from U S. A. And pity to yourself Rome, United States Okay, so I have divided this sort wearing toe basic surface and vents and PLM PLM eats meat product lifecycle management Which means that this software is it dedicated toe hole Ah, part design process from concept to modeling rendering of them toe for buyer, seller, department, financial department or management This is a whole combine. Okay, So and Indust offered we have as a basic solid works software dedicated only to design surfaces. Isom which is very no in automotive industry them is advanced. We have Catie Harvey five and PLM for the experience from Siemens is a basically have solid H from Sarah's face. We don't have anything from Seaman's as advanced. We have an Eakes except Tapia and are very often compared with each other and has appeal. I'm we have team center which very good cooperate with Kathy. And so it works okay From out the desk, we have inventor and mechanical as the surface. We have very good software Aaliyah's which is also very common. Ah, use with Aisam from PTC we have as advance creo and the PLM rather old software, but still using some company company. Why wind chill. Okay, so here I have the least off software and we've the extension that can they can open on this color orange. I saw your Which extension is not before each software? So which means that for example, inventor His own extension is I pt for solid works for sketch up for seamen's worry know each of the software or has his own and not thief extension. Okay, so, uh, in the version without 2018 sorted works has ah new additional possibility called Freedy interconnect. This means that we can for the assembly we can import the part from other modeling software directly. So it means that we don't need toe. Convert them into Steph files, but solid doors can open. For example, Katia, file or annex. And if you will change anything in Katia or annex and recite this automatically, this will be shown in started works assembly. So this is very good. Sorry. DOrtiz, One off the first software dot have this possibility and blood. You must know that we have on the left side the software. Here we have the four months that this storied works can open. And the version off the software, because you have started works without 2018. But, for example, cannot open Katia. Every five are 2018. Yeah, this is nobody. Because so it works with our 18 war stories before Katia. So it must know about this. If you have, for example, in your company Katia Air 2018. So interconnect probably will want work. Okay, so this is called now, let me start the course, and I would show you how to sort it works and what it can do. 3. 3 1 Interface: Okay, so when you first start started works you will receive the books which is scored. Welcome. This is welcome. Dialogue works and that they give you a very fast access, for example, and do some of the bookmarks. And you can December on this window to do not show on. Start up And here you have some bookmarks. The 1st 1 is home where you can, for example, started to mother a part assembly drawing. Or you can also create some advance templates and about the templates I will tell you something about but later in templates you also have some additional bookmarks. You can also use open bottom toe open your existing project for example which is 17 other software or which was might on other PC. Here you can see recent documents that this those fights are on your PC and also you can see there resident leaf orders that used and there is also a resource information when you have links toe website connected with sorry work to conceive what is new? You can collect connect to your solid work. So website you can also visit the four room on and connect contact with and other person. There is also customer port are user droves or you can get some support. Recent top Here you can see the fires that recently opened on learned up. You can see some tips and tricks, some information about the solid works. And there is also alert a window where you can see or are others connected with started work. Six, for example. Something goes wrong then you can read it about this here. OK, but the standard T will mostly used in the home. Ah, bookmark witches. The 1st 1 as a default. Okay, so we start our new part and this is the windows from Sorry, it works so and here we have our basic comments like file and it window insert tools, windows and helps A In those money, there are all kinds off option and you can goes here or so in tow. 30 works properties. If there is some oppression that it's not least that here, then you will probably find it in the file In certain window here, we can have ah, also the bottom that are used toe open, for example welcome books you can say for check the fights properties, for example There is also option to rebuild the model on a or option connected with solid works. So you can adjust yourself this organization are or how toe works should work. OK, so here we have the advising sacrifice. This is future. So this is Those comments are connected with solid modelling. But we also use the sketched up surfer is to create more complex shapes and very wait stop to check and on the life our models. If you don't see a very white here and then you need toe just right, click here and just mark which option are you interested? So check if you have evaluate survey sketch and features and I both on the left side We have the history off our and modeling. We have also here at the our front playing top and write one or so The origin worries our mind excess system in our Freedy space there are also some option on the right side where we have the started works resource is so here we'll again have ordaining toe our websites a design library. I will talk about the bribery lighter and this is very useful because you have or pretty defined component File Explorer. If you need to check files on your PC view pilot, we don't have the pilot right now. Ep Iran's So here we Joe's the correct material for our three D parts customer proprieties . We can add some properties for our model like, for example, tighter name. Hey, we can at some provisioned number and everything that we need to put and everything that will be necessary Ah, later. And we get for so sorted works for where we can also connect two website. Okay. And we have some mothers and I will explain you those comments that are price on the top eso the 1st 1 is zoom toe feet. This is mostly use when you have your motor out off the view and you need toe, zoom it to the center. So at this option, who will be used? Okay, The next one is zoom in who we select some area and this area will be just so a previous view. This is useful if you want toe step back to your view before this section my option, you know, cut software. You can just cut your mother and check how it's look inside first Union toe selective surface and then with the arrow. You need to move at this section. If your intention. This is vory also useful because when you click it, you'll get some cube on you. Select which view you want to get. This option is also available as a default when you click there space bar on your keyboard and here we have also won UPS and Court Normal. Leo and Normal View will set your view. They forward to your selected Sarah face on war, and there is also possibly to change the display with edges without address. Uh, we've small fudge's. You can also change it in tow, wire frame or wire frame with his lies on. And there is also so see all existing lines on your mother's. And there is also ah, you can also said the filters for your view, and here you can set what you want to see on your mind. If you, for example, if you want to have a plane is able, then you need to select a correct filter here. Edit appearance. This is used to select material for your mother's, and this is the same on the right side you can also change the bag route or it's going all it's rather record environment. Nobody I will use free point or playing my part. You can also change, for example, this one with the black background and there is also a neighbor to boost your graphics. When you really view graphics without, you can see that this mother look rather flat. But with really graphics, you see that it's became more not run. You can also throwing shadows and being occlusion. Eminent occlusion is ah this option at you some additional life you can view your mother a za perspective one. This is mostly used for new design Something smaller in some bigger Sorry. Or you can change your view into cartoon Clear. One thing that you need to know is when you have the rearview graphics tomar it's taken more resources off your PC. So, for example, if you have big assembly or regional half your workstation could enough, I recommend you toe turn reality graphics to enough and also turn off shadows on I'm being occlusion. And without this option, your sorted works will probably work. Ah, much faster. I will turn or the option. Um Okay, so let's we start the next part 4. 3 2 Movement: Okay, So in this lesson, I will show you how to move in for these price Off started works, so the basic one were new. Plea left most Bhutto. You select it each sad face, or you can dress keep the bottom to run and to the selection tool you can select most war at the same time. On the right, most Bhutan click, you have accessed oh, fast context money and have also ableto select some useful when you just clicked Left control and right Most bottom you can get the right your money with some selected view. This is very useful. Mostly when you just need toe switch between some of you. OK, I will. Just back toe is a metric view A when you just click left control and middle most bottom You can just move your model in three D space when you just clicked left out on keyboard together with the meaty middle mouse button you can rotate your mother and when you clicked left shift on keyboard and media amounts went on You have zoom in and ism out option. Zoom in and zoom out. Also work with the mouse. First you need to select some edges or point on the era orange color and them with the mouse scroll. You can zoom in or zoom out your view. So the moment in corridors is very intuitive and really, really easy to understand. Okay, on the left corner, you heard your excess system orientation, and this is very interesting. Can't I will tell you why in money got software half a different orientation of access system in sorted works. And you have, uh, ex wise that on and why is located to the top. So this is quite interesting because, for example, Katia is that excess have to the top. And you must remember about this because when you just import your mother toe other software, especially to the rendering engine Avery often you need to a diverse define which access is to the top, which access is to the left. So if you import mother from Saudi dorks, you must remember that Ah, why access is said to the top and, for example, if you import from Katia software then must select that access services were interesting and it depends if you cooperate with other got software, then must select your access just at the beginning because there later it would be some misunderstanding between Lord Assembly, for example, from different cut software. Okay, now I will tell you something about for the connection. On this is some kind off mouse dedicated for engine nurse A and it's coursed spies Miles Enterprise. Every day I work with such a tool. It would, I can tell you, is that the solid works. It's one of the software that toe work with free space. Very, very good. No money. Most, ah, got software engineers programs cooperate with space with really connection devices. But for example, CATA has some problem, especially when you need to center your real in third works. This is not the problem. Storied works Theis devices. It's mostly dedicated for sorted works, so you can you can use it without any problems. And here is another type off this for the connection devices. This is space. My wireless, A wireless is without the cable, so we must remember about recharge it regularly. There is also option with standard cable. This is quite small devices, so you can and just put it in tow. Such a cover IHS. They still have a lot off advantage because it's smaller. It's very light and it's good looking here and also cooperated. So it works very good. But there is one huge disadvantage unless you considerate snow in the space for your hands . So when you work with these devices, you need to put your hand on the table ISS and this solution could be problematic, especially when you work for, ah, a long time with the modeling. So probably will get the problem with your hand and you just and very fast switch to this second example. Okay, about this thesis is about the prices. The smaller one is 1/2 off price of this bigger one. But this begin one have a big advantage with the space for your hands, as you can see, additionally, has a lotof battle and some screen on the top. Unfortunately for me, the screen is useless because I never use it also, with these dedicated bottom on the left and on the right side. I don't use this bottom because if I used the devices to speed up my work but the bottom, I need to look every time on the devices to check work. But I need to play. Okay, So as you can see anyone use for the connection devices, interpretation of this motor is very small for and it's local Araneta, and it's very easy to use. And what it's more you can rotate your object and at the same time you cancer, for example, for some operation. Or you can go into others options so you can do two things at the same time. And this one very speed up your work. And for sorted work, I would recommend to use such a devices. 5. 3 3 Templates: Okay, so this time I will show you how to stamp light seen, started, works things. Comment is quite easy to yours. A. Okay, When you click on this button, you will get some more information, display many. And here you can just put some information important information about your mother. So we'll start from property Name Joe's text because we want to input the text here. And this will be our basic elements. Might off steer next time. Put data. I was an input. Very rare or social data. And here I will put some in numbers. Additionally, I ah, put the property. Name is material also has a text and here ever put the steal and the revision revision will be as the number on this would be 01 make a s. You can see we have already field our table. And now we were safe. Disinformation as a separate file, I will choose part templates on it would be safe on my disk in the foot. For others of this is local disk program data started work. Sorry. It works on the version. Off sorted works and templates. Further, I would change the name off the file. It will be my table, and you can save it. Okay, so when you open dialogue books again, you will see that or the information are already field. So when you next time start your Sarid works, we'll get the welcome window. Pop up and advance. Martin, you can as a template Joe's, you're pretty find Take a table. And after you open your summer information, our data will be again. Ah, loaded. Okay. Now I will talk about the measurement you needs because in different countries different type inserted works we can use meter, kilogram, second sentimental gram and second a millimeter gram. And second and interest in this story are really used them Millimeter graham on the second . So I said it as a default. And when you opened on this money, you can also put define some more information about the measurement unit. It depends what type use in your company. 6. 4 1 Sketch Tool: this time we are working with a sketch. It'll sketching. He's one of the most important toe created solid. So it is good if you will practice a small rescue can on understand how or the stools work . So before we start need toe always select the plane or serve ice where we want to place our sketch And you must remember that this surface or playing or any other object must be completely flat. Eso it's must be plain surface. Okay, so, uh, after we just the sketch option and then we can select where we want to place. I were a sketch. Ah, um after selects and some sacrifice We are ready to do this. I also mentioned that have to option inside work. You can just create the schedule two D drawing or on the Freddie space, for example, He right? Just draw a line between two objects that are priced in Freddie. As you can see, this line connects stow different ah boxes. As you can see, I just don't know Freedy sketch and I try to do that to the sketch and I will select this plain Assauer base one. Okay, Now I will just tell you how to use all this basic option. We will strike to the straight line. We just select first point and the endpoint on. If you want toe continue, you can just selling the first point and silicon Oh, this yellow a construction line and that will allow you to create the next line, which will be part or perpendicular to our existing Kwan. So you can choose one of those supported line, and after you use it, there will be some green I can appear, which means that between those two lines, we have some constraints or relation about the relationship with more later. Ah, every elements has his own properties. For example, lines. We can just select existing relation to see what type we have and worry dislocated. And we can also add some already pre defined relation like horizontal, and will make this line horizontal vertical. Unfortunately, when you have the presenter, it is obvious that we cannot have both for this relation. So I will remove horizontal and now our line ISS a vertical position. I can also fix this line. It's mean that the rest off elements will be modified, but our line that has fixed relation will always stay in the same place. It is a very useful, especially when you create a lot off relation between elements. On the next option that we have here, we can set our line to be only for construction. So it is very useful if you want to use this line. For example, as a symmetry, there is also infinitive line, but you must know that if you create the infinite T fly length, you must also check for construction because we will not be able to use infinitely line in pretty modeling. And we can also change departments. He like lamp or anger anger. If we have another elements and you want to change the relation between them, we can also choose the X y ah location and we can set our line Aceh question. So we need to boot their tax and white okay, the next the center line and this line would be always design from the center off our existing commitments, and this could be useful if you want to use. It also is a symmetry or, for example, do it creates some share object meet point line My meat point line first we need to select some point and then we will create line that has the both for lamp on both sites. So if the mouse you different night, you choose the lamb for on the right side and on the left one. Now the circle which was the center point and radios also on the left side. We can trust type of circle. Ah, see if there is any relation and we can use it as a construction and we can change the permits off localization X y and the register off our circle. You must remember that Takes and Weiss always counted from our access. Oh geez. Ah, the dream nine in the center off our sketch a very matter circle. So we just put first point 2nd 1 on the hurt and our secret Our calculation vice on case location off our selected point, the next one supplying. So we just select point and our line would be go through these points very often use on a very easy to draw a explain then we can By moving this point, we can also modify our spline and also the left side take distant relation. We can add some relation like Fix Way can also use this line as a construction. We can show curvature at this one so and continue tees off Our explain about critter I will also talk later but here we can display how this look like a stylus plein. And this pline is obert with some contra points also were useful especially if you have some blueprints and you need toe adjust your line for example toe image This is the control points will give you more possibility to change the location off this blind in for the spice. As you can see by moving this point, you also more. If I this splint the next question on then you can put x x one x two on and why and a question off the line Next corner rectangle. So we choose the first corner and the cornet on the opposite side Andi have generated ah, new shape a centre rectangle eso just Selig center points and then you just create. I had a rectangle in three point Cornell wreck tango. So we select the 1st 2nd and deferred corner. The last corner is calculated based on our existing one. Also, we can change it off. Haram, it's here. We can change rectangle type every point center wrecked anger. So we chose the centre on the to additionally point on. Then we can create our rectangle. So as you can see, you have a lot of options to create. But our Logue arm. So you need to put for second and the first point and the anger. Ah, for delights. You can also change the Parham. It's on the left side to modify this shape room. Next one will be arc. We start with the center point arc and deception the source over useful on a very easy to use. So we need to select the first point them we just select the Ciriaco and where it should be end a sickness. You have displayed degree and you have the Ark dungeons arc, and this one will work with some existing corn. We just select the points on our new ark will be tangent in the first point, together with our existing element. And as you can see, we have the green icon in this place. So it's mean that barflies our tundra and only in this point three point arc or silver useful. We just said that the first point, the end point and the middle one which that every night how big Red deuce who will get and OK, the next one leaps. So we need the center radios and the white and the partner ellipse. It's mean that only half off the ellipse will be built. Ah, horrible. Andi said the first point on the 2nd 1 on the left static And always change all your permits if you only need it. Cornick, which means big. You can also change it by kicking the most button. Okay, And now the text you can also put some Texan started works. So first you need to select the curve and you need to input some text I would put Sorry, it works, Victoria, and you also need to change the phone because right now it's too small. Okay, you have the text, the front and the size of this front. You can also change it. How it should be located according to our selected good a slot have also ability toe design slot in a very fast way. First, we need to select first point 2nd 1 and the thickness off our slots and to have different type of building, for example, bent for a second point on the thickness. We have Centrepoint straight point recently, the middle point and the weakness and three point arc. So it's mean we're but the Ben slot on the center point arc slot. So the center point, and now we're chose how long it should be on the thickness on the end and the last one option party gun. Very useful. When you put abort, for example, you need to pull Centrepoint the site and on the left side. In departments you can also trying to the ah, number off anger and feel that you can design feel that in sketch or in free departs about their building simulating the sketch. I rather recommendable done pretty mother, because it's later it's quite easy toe change it. But you must also remember that when you birth the feel it in the mother. Then you have more operation on your tree on the left side, so we have I feel it or some for we can use it by ankle and this times or with toe distance service. It considers a lot off useful option in Sarid works if we talk about the sketch 7. 4 2 Curve Continuity: Okay, guys. So this time I will explain you what is curve curvature and how to use it and how to interpret dis our faces. Okay. As you know, normally in our real life, there is not exist anything that have only the sharp at so during modeling, we need to remember about this here I have, for example, the 1st 1 Ah might with sketch when we see on the middle the sharp edge. On the second example, I also have some edges. And on first example with Gaumont feats blind. So you can see that this is quite smooth. A transition between surfaces and the last one which is making sketches a one shapes. So what you can see is that it will be hard toe decided which off this example I talk about the 1st 1 and the 4th 1 word culture. We have Soto check. Ah, this I can use the curve it the surface curvature comes and to see what kind off a continuity we have. Okay, so I will put the analyzes, own each example, okay. And the last one. And now we talk about age of these. So here, as you can see our comes. Show us how the rodeo's is built for our each surfaces. And as you can see in the middle here in this point A we have a discontinuity. So it means the surface on the right side has its only Rogers and the service on the left side also has its own Rogers. And they only touch with each other in this edge. But there is no any smooth transition between them. So they are only touched in this land and nothing more. This continuity, it's called G zero. Okay, now we moved the 2nd 1 Okay, so here we see that avarice comp. So thats mean that this blue line on surface on the right side, on the left side and in the middle one and all off this line are on the same side. So its mean that this serve ice is tangent with the middle one in this point and the middle one. It's also tangent with this one on the left side. Also in this point. So this means that we have intelligent transition because we have the blinds on the same side part in this place. We see that there is high peak so there is some kind off rice and this rice is not smoke. So this means that we have Juwan continuity. Okay, let we see this one s You can see we have also relies on the one side. What is more, we can see that this radios and this one have its own value. But the middle one also has the red use which is the same in the on both points on the left side and on the right side. And we can see that the transition between its surface is quite smooth. So this means that this continuity is a Judge Ito and the last continuities discontinuity said Jeffrey, You can see he will have on the one curve and there is very, very smooth transition. And this continuity, it's really hard toe beard because we need to modify a lot off elements. And this continuity different is rather use in aviation and automotive industrial. As you can see, the transition here is really, really small, and this shape is almost a perfect head one. Okay, So, normally, in normal life, we don't use the first example because as I told you before, we don't have the shape a sharp edges on. We only use the sharp edges in the place that we really need it. And normally during your momma doing we would rather use the second example this mean this one and the 4th 1 Those both are popular and are normally used in everyday modeling. 8. 4 3 Smooth Curve: in pagosa lesson. I show you what is the curvature? Continue waiting. So this time I will give you some tips and tricks and how to create how to fix the sketch to get this curve s move. That is only possible. So I will start with toe strike line. And as you can see in the point off that we have a sharp edge. So to avoid such a situation, we can use the fill it option. I feel it will make direct use. And between those two lives. Okay, I really actually from the sketch. And now I will make some extra. And as you can see, we still have some visible edges. But those edges are pungent in this both place between this and this surface and between middle one and it's from. But so if you Letty Swan off the most often use solution toe fixed any sharp edges. Okay, Now I will a dream And this line again from this site and from the 2nd 1 Okay, I will show you one more possibility for making the feel it. As you can see, we have also in the future top. We have comment. Feel it and we cannot wait, making me feel it also from this side eso this matter. It is quite easy because I can always double click on the feel it from the left side and I can change the reddest. I don't have to enter the sketch and modified. But you must know that in this method you have additionally operation on your tree. So it's depend towards solution you prefer before them our work at the same way. Okay, this time I really used defeats. Plein, you need to disable close plan in this situation because we don't oneto close and explain. And this you can see here we have some visualization how our new kerf will be looked like so I can extend tolerance and when I extend to Laurent's, my curve will be more modified. But as a reason, I will get this move transition. So after a peek, okay, and accept this tolerance, I will exit from the sketch and now I would like some extra and as you can see and now I have a very smooth transition between both edges and I don't see any sharp edge so fits. Klein's also ever useful when you create a sketch. I will also return on surface and I would reduce the scale. And I will also increase here toe better route. And as you can see, we have a very smooth transition between edges. Okay, I will remove it now. I will create some sketches in Freddie so I would choose this plein here. And as you can see, I want toe bent those curves in every and direction. Okay, I will exit from it. And I will also create the 2nd 1 somewhere in this place. Okay, So as you can see, both, of course, are blended in different direction and they're located in three D space. So now I will also so goto tools here. And I really used the beat split. So as you can see solid works, it tried to connect both curve and he did a very good because transition between or free address right now are also very smooth. So this is feats. Flying is very good. If you want to remove any sharp edges and once have a smooth exit only possible transition 9. 4 4 Trim Extend: so let we back to sketch top. And this time, command dream and extent both very useful. Especially when you work a lot of time in sketch and sorry, it works. Ah, one off. The best function and have to compare with competitors is powered dream. But I will show you how this power dream work at the end. Because now I will work with each off this option. Why by one Because they are for the beginners power. Dreamy surrender advance stores. So let me start with the corner corner, Treem. A very simple way to use if we have some straight line and we have corner and to want to remove the rest off the lines that are useless in this situation. So we select the both life and the rest of the sketch is roof the same and this time so it depends on which side you start your selecting them. Solid words were calculate and choose what will happen with the rest of the sketch dream always inside. So first we need to start first line as a first limit and the 2nd 1 as secondly, meat and them we select and the rest of life and each lines or each elements that are between our limits will be removed. So the second line also has been removed because it's in the and middle off the off our selected lies the same with the second option, but this time so it works. Removed everything that is outside off those toe limits line a dream toe close. It's it's work or something very similar way with select online, and this line will be removed until and next. Elements in this time we have another Amazon, both sides, so only the middle part will be totally removed. And in the last function, power copy power Walkie is a very smart door. You need to hold your mouths, Bhutan and them you can dro some spine which is also understand, is a selecting. So we select each line that we want to remove and started works when we'll do it. Automatic very useful and very speed up our work and the opposite and function. It will be extent this tool issues toe revert our line or our courses. So we have some of the circle which was probably dream before, and now we would like to extend it to our line. Okay, so from this site, it is impossible. Big cause Sarid works right now. I don't know where our sink shoot. And this is why we cannot extend it from the opposite side. But you can still extend this line here to the circle because ah, the circle is the next element that will be broke Our life. Eso both extent and cream are very useful And try to understand it correct. 10. 4 5 Convert: Okay, so now one off. The most basic common that you probably use is convert inside this convert working especially quite. These committees were no in money, a cut software. So I will show you how it's work. I will start the sketch from the top of you. Okay, so now we are in the sketch comment. I can draw anything and that I want to I will grow some rectangle. Okay. As you can see, I can move it everywhere. But in this situation, I would like to make this edge in the same position as etch from my existing model below. So, as you can see right now, it is almost impossible. Big cause in this on this plan where I have located my sketch, my mother is in another position. So what? I can do Easter's convert option and to project or move the edges from the mother below up toe my sketch place. So now, as you can see, I can modify my existing correct angle. I can, at some dimension, I select both edges. I will add smart dimension between those to life, and I will reduce the left toe zero. And as you can see now my both adjust mitt in the same place and I can use all off my lines from my existing for the models and I can create new sketch using my existing line. Okay, so now I would like also to meet the projection off this whole. So because it's inside, I can select inner loops one by one. And I can select my whole okay after click. Ok, the whole has bean converted. And now I have ah finished sketch. I would like Toa modify it and I will remove my first shape in this rectangle. And as you can see, I have almost whole shape taken from my pretty modern Now I selected And as you can see, the sketches close so I can and make a next route. Um okay. This time I don't have hope. This is because I need toe first. Select this sketch for XT route. I will little make it down and I can click. Ok, so as you can see now I have one of the same figure like ah on the model just below. But with the protection there is one more quite interesting function and Juries connection between in the original sketch and the projection. So now I will reduce that. They mentioned off the whole from my first model and after a click. Okay, you will notice that my new mother also has been changed. This is because production every time check if there is something changed and it's automatically update my mother. So this is why we mostly use convert if we want to keep their relation between those still model. There is also intersection function, intersection function work in also in the same way as protection. But in this time I said, life playing and face and I want to fight and I want to find the place word my plane cut the face and as a result, I have straight line. I can do it with each face. I sell it, all of them and them I goingto intersection and I have might intersection with my plane. So if you need to find where two or more mothers got with each other and then you can use intersection function, which is also very useful, especially if you want to find and where he's, uh, elements together with some kind of play 11. 4 6 Offset: the next type off comment is office it offset Also IHS? Well, no And yours Yours in many cuts after so offset its usedto move by a distance, some edges or sketch. Okay, so I mean the sketch. Ah, more group Now I select Ah well that just then I click offset And I said to them You mentors is my distance and ah after click Ok, I have read it a second shape that is move from my orginally by 10 millimeters. I can change things this time. For example, for five millimeters, I can also a choose different type off site for example circle in the situation I can change the reverse off the site, for example, For inner or outer, I can add or remove dimension Ah, I can also select a change. So for example, if I have the select train neighbor as you can see solid works take all off my edges and make the offset If I will disable the change now I need to click one by one off each edges that I want toe office it I will selection again and bi directional so I will get offset on the both side off my orginally sketch. I can also at cap. And so So So it works will make the radios on my ends. And I can change this. Radios in tow the straight lines. I can also make my orginally a lines as a Gomer three. So you will notice that they will also change in tow, dodged outlines or I can make office. It is the geometry. So my orginal schedule stay and my offset will be as a construction. So it depends and what you need to have a lot off option on the left sites which very speed up your work because you don't need to Later again select your a nice and decided to days should be constrained or not. I can also select different type of shape. For example, Splint in this example. Okay, I will exit from the sketch model. And now there is also option to make the offset for free g ah models and to make the offset on some existing surface. Okay, So, for example, here I will select the spice and I would like to mike offset from this edges. So, as you can see, I get the yellow line and I can change the parliament's here and said the distance I can also juice Riverside but in this situation I don't have anything on the opposite sides. Also, your CSIs Ah, there is no option toe make this offset on the second side. But I can also make offset off the edges on the band surface. Like in this example, I select this edges and as you can see, I have the euro line on the surface And what is the most important every time you will change the lamp fuel? Not that this yellow hatch, which is offset, always like on our surface. So in this example, I can, for example, use this offset toe cut the surface in this place. 12. 4 7 Mirror Pattern Move: Okay. This time I will focus on romance used for a copy and move our shape in our sketch. Wonder I will start with the mirror one. It'll make an in your face. I need to have some reference in this situation. I will create the line and I will make it for construction. Now I will select my rectangle and I will use my line construction as a reference. So I sell it the shape and I select. Also in line is a mirror. Okay. As you can see, I get the new shape on the opposite side. I can turn on on. Turn off the copy when you have to know. Copy. You will get two results with a copy off you will get only one. And when you change and the shape on one side, it will be automatically update on the opposite. This is how the mirror work. Okay? I will remove it. Times also removed the constraint. Now we will make the pattern. Pottery sues toe, make the copier for existing shapes in many pieces. So for example, I will select the general sketch pattern. And so I really move for this shape in direction. X and direction. Why? I need to add some dimension which will be constant for each shape. And I will edge how many numbers I would like to make the copy the same in the second direction. First the distance and number of pieces and Africa like OK, so it works. Created additionally shapes. I would have removed them. Okay. And the same I will do with the circular pattern. And I will select the my orginally point in this corner. And you can see that my ordinary shape will be rotated over the circle and every ah distance. It will just make a copy. Okay. So I can also change the anger. Okay, angle off my copy in the number off my elements. Okay. Six to below one. It is impossible. So I will put my b seven. I can also increase the radios. And I can also change the angle. How the thread dues, how the searchers should be located and after click. Ok, so it would It's just my copy off my orginal the sketch. Okay, I remove them. And now we have the comments responsible for move copy rotator scale our existing shapes. So the 1st 1 will be moved, and we have two options to move from. Boeing's two points are with Putting the X and Y Param. It's as you can see after Click Repeat Sorted Works will copy these shapes with the same parameters as before, or I can use the mouse and move this elements from one position to a second toe. I can also make the copy. The different between smooth and copy is that we will get every time new elements and rotate. Okay, so it's allowed us to rotate. Ah, our existing shapes. Ah, according to reference point and buy some anger. Ah, there is also option to keep the relations. So this is very good because every time we want to have the same shape s at the beginning and we can also scale our model to scale. We always need to select the point that will be also reference in each Vario above one will increase our shapes and below one will always make it smaller. I can also mike the copy of my existing Ah, scarce. So this means that I will get to shake on Oh, my sketch model. Okay. And the stretch option the stretch and allow me to modify my shapes with mouse. And by moving my existing points, I can also modify their shapes. Okay, so this is our thinking about moving on. Copy. Ah, Elements in sketch. 13. 4 8 Constraints: Okay, So this time I will talk a little about the relation and how to Reaper our sketch. Ah, relation are used in all cut software. And they are used toe Mike, the correct shape. Okay, So for example, I was stopped with two different lives here. And I want to check if there are some existing crew relation between those lines. So after click on line, I can see on the left side that there is no any relation. If you want to display relation, you need toe select displays relation, or you can treat the elements and the box on the left side just appeared. Okay, Okay. I can also at the relations. So I will select the line on as the foot. For one elements, I can add free, different relation horizontal vertical antiques so I can make this line horizontal. And you must remember that this line is my chorizo nitel in accordance to our existing excess system. Those red lines I can also make the slide vertical off course because I already have herds until relations. So this means that line cannot be horizontal and vertical at the same time. So I will remove the horizontal relations. As you can see, my lightness right now said is a vertical. I can also set in line as a feet. So this means that if I want toe make the relation between those lines, lines with fix won't be moved, so it will always stay the same. So I said the fix, I will remove it and now I will remove it also. And I will change the position off this line. I select both of them. I will at the relation okay between those two life and I want to make those two lines to be and perpendicular. As you can see, my second life has been modified and now I have 90 degree between those two a lot I can also make them para. But as you can see, I still need to remove the perpendicular. And now, as you can see, my both flies have bean part. I can also make them equal. So this means that both will have the same length And now I can click again display or relation. I will click on my life and as you can see there, some existing I conduct show us that we have some relation between those slice. Okay, I will just make this line vertical. I will make it fix. And now I will set some relation between those two line and in this situation, my second line because it's get fix and a second see won't be moved A. It will stay as the same position from the beginning. So I will move. Make them part on. And as you notice, only the first line has bean mortified. Okay, I will exit from the sketch. I will remove those lines and the next relation that you will find it will be during drove the line. As you can see, when you draw a line, he will get additional yellow construction line. Those line will help you toe create the next elements which will be barrel to your existing Kwan or it can be perpendicular. So this is very fast way on this construction line. It could be use as your support so you can use it every time you need toe. Be sure that your life will be perpendicular or part. Okay, I really modified this line and now I will drone some shape And as you can see those lemons cross on one point. So this means that the sketches not close and you won't be able to create freaking model. So it means that you will be able to extrude disorder or, for example, you can tell a situation that you still have some existing line for from some delight or modification before and this was also we have the impact on your solid because you will normally get on error. So the best way is every time when you are finished, your sketch toe check ive There are some problems. Okay, So normally in this situation, sorted works show us that very snow Any error and this is because we need toe modify tolerance. Okay, so intolerance You'll get information that he will get information about gaps that are that are smaller than I worked around. So we increased the total mass kill and get the zoo mean the window that show us that we have problem here and we need to solve them. Okay, so I just dream those at this and there could be also some existing elements on in this situation. We need toe increase tolerance. So you increase tolerance every time you get an error when you want toe, create the extra tint. If you will notice some error windows, you need to back to your sketch and probably in the rep your sketch. Increase the tolerance and find where your sketch is. Not correct. Finish. In this example, I increase the tolerance, and so it would show me that there is some a long line that should be probably removed. So Ripper sketch is very useful and try to use them as most as you only can. 14. 4 9 Quick Snaps: they started works also offer a route off. Additionally comment that are used toe speed up your work and they're called Quick snap. So quick snaps We always want me, for example, one toe design some new shapes bites on our existing quant. So, for example, I will select the line straight line, and I want toe use my existing shapes toe drought lining and and I want to make them connected together. So and each shapes has some characterised Inc elements inside. So, for example, I will start from points now a point snap. It's mean that my line will start advice on some existing points. So, for example, in the circle it will be middle one. And when I click it, my line will start from the point that is inside the circle about this shapes. I can start my line from some existing point. Centrepoint snap Centrepoint snap is used when you have a circle and you, if you want toe, draw the line exactly from the ah, a center point off your circle and meet point snap or so very useful, especially if you want toe very first, find the middle off your elements and you want to throw the line from this point and the next quadrant Snap quadrants. Nappies. Very good. Shown on the circle, the circle is divided into four pieces and into four points. So you can start rolling from each point that I don't rely on your circle intersection Snap . This is when somebody got through other elements. And do you want to find display? So, for example, here will be intersection and you can start Draw a line from this characteristic point and you rest snap Nearest snap. Ah works in a way that so it works. Find the clothe closest Ah, characteristic point where you can start your line tangent snapped Hundreds nappies mostly use when you have some circle and you want to throw line that will be confident in the start point And in this place our line is tangent with our circle and the next one is a horizontal vertical point Snap eso We can just start our ah lying from the point which is scouted from our local access system So it's mean from this toe red lights and greet snap eso our ah start point will jump on our great So if you want to start exactly from point located in the great. If this option is for you, you can modify dimension off your great in Saudi work option. I have said my size of degree to 100 millimeters and every square is also divided into four . So between those points we have 100 millimeters and it's also divided into four IHS option sub square. 15. 4 10 Dimension: So at the end of them sketch model I will also show you how toe put dimension on your existing elements and how toe Mike, your sketch Fully constraint eso mostly you will probably use the smart dimension smart dimension this we'll find Ah, which kind off the mentioned you want to put on Europe sketch and I must have meat that trade works its work very good and predict a lot off dimensions. So, for example, if we have produce, we pro probably want toe check the dimension off the rodeos and this is ah, why were you smart dimension which automatically detects that we need the readies and we can always check the lamb for the vertical and horizontal line. In this example, I will just use the quick snap to find the middle off this line and I will also did mention and there is the option toe Find horizontal dimension. If you have tracked horizontal dimension and if you select the vertical lines, you will not see any Ah, very so which we checked the lamb for the vertical lines for the horizontal alliance and we can always always check the dimension from some vice line and it's work also for vertical and for horizontal coordinate dimension. We can also check the lamp off the whole path. So we said, like the powerful um and we can sell like the chain, or we can select each lemon step by step. So, for example, I select this one. This radios the rest of the line and I will click OK, and I get the value which edit the lamb for each elements and the final who will be 698 millimeters. So if you have some elements, and if you add each dimension and you will make this elements fully constraints, so it means that you cannot move it because everything is every dimension district, then you will not stop. The line will change his color into black, so this means that element is fully constrained and you cannot move it in any direction. Okay, I will remove the dimension. You can always changed. I mentioned on the books on the left or by double click and change value. Or you can select instance today and by clicking on Dimension, you will see the new box where you can put your and you value and now I will remove or the dimension, as you can see here we have the shapes with a lot off elements, and if you take time, toe my the dimension for each of them. So so it works also offer fully defined sketch option, which means that a sordid works will find the dimension automatically for us. So after select or elements, we see that we have the fully constrain shape because it's changed color into black and and we see all the value which waas generated. There is also one very useful option called shaded sketch counters because, as you know, toe design extra or the solid, you need to have your sketch close. Eso even the sketch. It's close. It will change the color inside the contour, and then you will get information that your sketches already to be extruded. Okay, so one likely shaded sketch contour you will not is that we have gray color inside our sketch, and one control is without this shaded I feel inside, so this means that the control should be fixed and probably we need to use Reaper sketch in this situation. Toe track, What's going home. So after a click re project and increase the tolerance we get the zooming window, which was that both elements need to be treated. After that. The sketches close and it's change color inside. Okay, I will make the extra No. Okay. And now I can add additionally sketch on my existing face. You must remember that Create the sketch face must be flat. It cannot be bent. So I will choose this one and I will. At some sketch, this will be hold. OK, but now I want toe add also the whole on other site. Normally, I cannot do this because sorry worse. Keep me on Lee toe my existing one. But and there is option called Rapid sketch which allowed me to jump from one sketch in tow . Another one in very simple and fast way. And I can just like the face. And at some hold on it. After you exit from the sketch model, you'll notice that soliders automatically create the sketch blind for us. This is also very useful and its speed up your work. OK, so this is everything about sketch model that now we will jump to another one and practice as Morris. You can't because catch model is one off the basic, and it is good to understand how all of this function work to speed up your ah design. 16. 6 1 Surface Model: this time we will start with surface model and I will show you or the options connected with Sarah facing it's surfacing is quite interesting. It is in this Stop. If you don't see this stop, then you need to click anywhere here and make the pick of the surface. Okay, On the pretty seen s you can see, I have toe boxes. From the first point of view, they look similar. But when I and click on Section view you will notice that there is some difference inside off those models. So on the left side, you can see that I have white color inside. So it's mean that there is material on the right side. You can see that there is hope. So this means that on the left sites we have solid model on the right side, we have service model, and this is one of the most important difference between surface and started modeling. Sorry, mom. Turning our field inside and surface modelling are empty inside. Ah, what iss more One new just surface design. You can see that the edges sometimes so it works are this plate with blue colors in many other cuts systems surface are, ah, display in other color. For example, yellow in 30 doors. We have the same color, but we have some bounder, and so it works off a lot off useful tool for creating surfaces. We can use them to create more complex shapes or, for example, toe create a cutting tool that will be later use. Do make some modification on our sorry eso Uh, as I told you before, surfacing is my more harder than create Sarid's because we need to remember every time about the continuity about the gaps that can appear during modeling and mostly at the end, we need to close our surface and convert them in tow solids, they creating surface mornings and say them as a step five. For example. I can make some error in opening another Carter software. Okay, so inserted works we have here. The first icon represent is NT for a surface designing, and they're mostly used to create different types of shapes. Here we have some tools for modification. Ah, and so at some feel it in this area with have comments toe replace all, remove some faces in the next part. We have everything connected with three month dream or joining our certifies in them. We have tools for give weekend and cut wif other certifies. Those options are used to prepare for our shape. Mother in tow. The sorry and the last parts way have some reference geometry and curves. Also very useful toe design or shapes or some modification in the next step. So the protests off designing in surface is quite easy, and mainly we create some shapes or cutting tour. And after that we convert our mothers in tow. Sarid's okay, so this is our basic information. Now let's start to work with surfaces. 17. 6 2 Extruded Revolved: Okay, so now we are going to work with our some surface tools. As you can see, when you start to surface model, you have only two options available. And this is because the rest off them required to some sketch already defined or some existing surfaced those toe function, extra surveys and reports of surface. And they are, ah, working here in a little other way. So when we just click on one of this icon and we select some plane, we are now moving toe our sketching model. And here we can just start to sketch Ah, our right nine and after kick. Okay, we will see that those lines will be extraditing for the space and this is how extra at work. So it's mean that we have some sketch and we will extra dates. It's mean that we will ah, something like sweeper them from our sketch. We can only meet the lamp if we can blind with the value or we can upto any elements. And we can also set the distance with meat plants on this mean that the distance on both sides will be the same. And we can also put the draft with some input it value. And this is very useful because we don't need to put this later. But we have every thinking on operation. We can reverse direction. And also we can just close the end. So yes, you can see we have with their cup ends, we have almost close our surface. Okay, let me back again to our modification and we can tour on the second direction on the opposite side and here with the same option. And we can change the left with some value or with this arrow there is also optioned, toe capped and on opposite site. When you do this on after you click OK on your modeling, then you will not is toe have close surface. And if we check this modern with our section you can see that our mother is filled inside. So this means that sorted works automatically convert this surface in tow. Sorry. And from one side, this is good because it's beat up your mood earning protests and you don't need to add a weakness. And and the end close it. But there one minus is that you still have the icon from Sarah face east. It off solid. So even you have for the surface icon e Normally you are not sure if this model is close or not. You must just remember about this. So if you don't done this mother before and you just take it from other person there you need toe track with the section in This model is close or not. Okay, the second option is revolved. I will make the rectangle. I will add some Ah line Ah, as our excess might be some straight line all right Can beat anger in accordance our rectangle and after selected our mind sketch has bean rotated over our access after click Ok, we have finally our parts After make section you'll notice that our part is empty inside So this means that we still have the surface instant soul it okay when we just go in tow modification off this part Ah we can just adjust direction with the blind we can change the anger and we can decided when this report will be and and after click Ok, you can see that there is whole insight on this is still the surface instead off. Sorry, 18. 6 3 Swept Lofted Boundary: Okay, so at this time in the next function, Sweep loved it and boundary. They are all working the same way as for solid, but I will show you how is it also in the surface? So who will start with the swept surface? Sometimes it's called Ray. It's so first I need to select some sketch and some guide. And as you can see, our sketch has been sweep over our guide. And as you can see, our mother is empty inside. So this Minda have still surface. I loved that loved issues. When you have tow different pro profile or sketch and we add, or so some on guides toe modify the stripe and this you can see, we could finally and get also the freedom under, but also without any material inside. So it's mean that have steel surface and the bounder in boundaries used when you have two difference shapes and you do not have any guide and you only money relate with direction on the beginning and at the end, don't determine nine. How mother well look like at the result. As you can see, inside is still whole without any material. So one thing that I need to mention here. Sometimes when you create solid, you will not be able tow, create some more complex shape. This is because so it's our field in sight, and you will have to use the surface with the surface. You will get your model. We've sub selected guides on pro Feiss, but when you create ah surface, especially more complex shapes, sometimes at the end he will get an error. If you like toe, close it and convert them to sort it. This is mostly happened because some more complex shapes ah, are really hard to convert into. Sorry it and you will probably need to modify so sometimes. Ah, if you can't just model solids, complex shapes the right to do it with the surface modelling. 19. 6 4 Fill: so the next function is called Feel it or feeling it depends what kind of software. Use it. This is quite smart. Ah, option. But it could be sometimes very dangerous. Especially that it can give us some unexpected results. Okay, so we have the counter and we need to select or the lines which will finally be close. Okay. After click. Ok, you will see that we have there. This is because our country is not closed. So we have to auction to do. We can just fix the sketch and dream on those toe unnecessary line. Or we can mark deception, fix a bounder. And this option will close our sketch for us. Assorted work, key school quite intelligent, and he know what we already need. And dysfunction e says you can see is very fast and ah, very friendly because you need to only just select all the lies and you will get the surface inside. In this example, it was quite easy. This is because we have gone our sketch here. So it was birth on one plant on. There would be more problem, especially. We have more curved and normally will should use the sweep loved it or boundary surface and sometimes they will not work and it will. They will generate some error. This is mostly happened because we have probably something wrong with our already designed surface. For example, there could be some discontinuity and our surface won't be able to be built with sweet lost it or bounder. And in feel it's quite easy because we only need to select each other the edges and together with some support, like surface. So here we have some example we surfaces in gap in sight and now I've, like, toe fill this gap with surface. So I select the edge and I need to change the curvature here. So contact is is it the fault? But I would like to have a tangent in or area. As you can see, we have also automatically added on elastic zebra stripes analyzes okay, after selected or Edison kick. Okay, you notice that we have this field our gob. Unfortunately, the finally shape he's not accepted. We have tangent on each sort of face on each edge. But unfortunately, our banding in the middle is horrible and it cannot be normal use. This is how fill it works if you let mostly always, will you the gap and for example, if it is so small, like here, you will not be able to see in this problem at the four first point, you will have to zoom in on Jackie forever. Finkel. It's okay because you have field surface. Unfortunately, this surface is not accepted. So this is why I do not recommend to used to feel they can even tell you that in some comer in some companies, option is forbidden. I always try to use first sweet love the boundary. If they will not work them, try to fix your existing surface and again trying to sweep low for bounder field. His rather usedto plan are, ah, shape or when the gap is really, really small and you know that you can ah, make it. We've feel every time you start your feet. Terry's. As I mentioned before, Zebra Stripes analyzes that will hurt you to see where it's not correct curvature and where it it's worth toe revert the surface that are outside 20. 6 5 Freeform: so deal. Now Every time I I told you that to build some kind of surface, you need to use extra or reverse or some kind of sweep love boundary option to create the surface. You also need toe create first, some sketch and some guides and then you can just beg surface and there is from solid works . 2010 Quite interesting function called free for not allowed to toe built and modify surface with some access system. As you can see on the screen, I have some counterpoints and with my origin I can just put some modification on my surface and creating more complex or concept shapes. But before I show you how to dysfunction, I won't do toe see something interesting. As you can see, I have control points in this place and by moving this excess, I can make some modification. But what you can see when I just move one point. It also has impact on the rest. And when you just move something by some value, you won't be able to find out how far and the rest of the points just moved. So this is the one thing that you need to know that in free form you can make some modification, but it is really hard to know how other and parts will change. So when you design concept and modeling and dimension is not really important for your free form, it's okay to use. But if you have some specific they mentioned and position off some off the ah points, then it is not recommended to use this government. Okay, I have for the sketches. You can seem you can see that free for me. Still unavailable. This is because we need to create also some surface first. So I just used the field surface and I will create. And the patch boundary Okay. After click. OK, we have some surface and we can start. We freeform. Okay, so first we need to select our face. Now, As you can see, we have some Great. We can change this. Great. It's called MASH. We can change match next city to more Um, a little score. This will give us more control points, as you can see. But what? You must know that more contra points it will be quite hard to modify all of them and it's take along a very long time but you're modification will be more precious eyes. So the best option is to use as less as it only possible this counterpoints. This will be best for you especially if you will then modify your surface. Okay? I just said to the value to four in this example. And now we will started to create some modifications. You can always turn on and move this much preview if you need. You can also said transparency for dispatch. This is very good. If you have some reference image and you need toe addressed shape off your patch to feed your drawing. Okay, Here we can also at some symmetry symmetries Good If we want to have the same part looking with this said the same modification. So if you will put something on right side, there will be war. So ah, this will also appear also on opposite site. You can just draw even to symmetry plane importantes example I re just use one and of course, contra curves way have option toe add control curve Ah which would be used to create some modifications. As you can see, I have green line and this green line will also appear on the opposite side. I would just at two lines here and now I can just at some Contra points a contra points communicated only on our control. Girls I can at that's my knee point is I only need And when you click on your points you will notice that origin will appear and bike picking the mouth the bottle and hold it. You can make some modification in different access. What is more, you have shown the value how far your modification will go. So this is also worry Interesting batters, I told you before, you have only dimension for selected point. You don't know what will be the movement for dress off the point. Okay, so we have the curve and we can also make some modification Went with control polygon So a so you can see some of green line appear and and also when you will modify Ah, this point your surface were or so change for some people Contra polygon. It's more precise, especially if you have reference drawing and ah, the better feel. Ah, with modification. With this option, you can try by yourself what is better for you for points or control Pulling goes and we can always at more curves. And we can also fleet direction because, as you can see in this example, we have only horizontal and vertical. Hey, we can also rotate our control curve and this is also possible Normally is at the fort. There is not real option When we click user defined, there is information that my medication would be lost because I didn't leak green thick. But this is OK. Okay, So first we can at some line. And by clicking on the Sierra o Harrow you can rotate your great and you can at the guy. Ah, all the contra occurs As you can see I don't have right now. Don't know. Ah, symmetry. This is why I need toe at manually degree line on opposite sides and for example, I would create such a big on my sacrifice A This or gene is also quote tree Ott and I can turn it on or turn it off. It depends when you have a turn it off. The best option is to create modification with this slider or by put value by yourself. Triage orientation. The threat orientation is that the foot is position as your global origin, or you can change it to service or curve normal so global he's at the same position s your origin self. When you switch it to surf a stem, your is that access will change position and now it will be normal to your certifies. The same with kerf your origin with me tangent to curve, but only in selected points and you can again try some modification. Zebra stripes. Very interesting and helpful, especially in free form. With the zebra stripes, you can see how the curvature E has change. Also, you can turn on curvature comes for your kerf to see if you're Griff's look correct or there is something to fix. We can change direction for this curvature comes and we can change the scale and density, and we have curvature typed for surface and for care. So is the Bentz would type you need then city on a scale as I and before, and a so you can see on my edges. I have continue waiting right now it's contact bike, but I can change it toe tangent and could richer assess usually and tension and curvature issues for, especially if you have some already pre defined sir face on the edges on the opposite sites . So if you need toe, adjust your surface to the existing one, you can choose the continuity. If there is no any surface, it is good to truth contact. You can change this country waiting on each batch, so to sum up, free form is good for concept modeling. And if you have some references, for example, referenced. Sorry it or reference image and you need toe. Adjust your surface toe your reference. If you need toe, create more practice eyes modeling freeform is not recommended to yours, and it's quite hard and hard to predict how other points we look like after our modification. Okay, so in the next lesson, well, go to the next option for surface modelling. 21. 6 6 Planar Surface Offset Flatten: Okay, so the next option is plumber surface offset surface on flatten. So all these three options are usedto create some special surface. So the planet's surface is quite easy. Every time you want to put any sketch, you need to have plantar surface, as you can see on the band one, I cannot do this. So planar surfaces flats are face mostly built on some existing complain. So to create such a plane, we need to self surface planner. We can, for example, use some existing contour and after select our boundary Ah, our ah surface will be feeling inside the same on the 2nd 1 And when you want to create sketch now, it is not a problem. You can just draw anything on those toe place because they are planning runner surface. You can also create between some edges, as you can see in this situation, and I can also put sketch on it. So problem surfaces mostly used toe, prepare some surface and to put sketch on it. Okay, Next, we have the offset surface. Offset surface is to create some surface which will be moved from your reference from your basic one by some value Yes, you can see on the yellow side, on the yellow color I have my perfume and after click OK, I have some offset. So this is the same surface by but moved by some value. And unfortunately, if you put in some case this value to bake, you will notice that your surface will be intersect in this area and now it is impossible to created. So you need toe, just develop toe, correct one. Okay, We can also switch the direction here with these bottom or we've value and after that we have the offset on the opposite site. And to look what's happened when I dress put really high value. As you can see, we have a new offset, but the surface is quite modification, has a lot of money education and it's not Look at the same as your orginal it. It will have some a different volume, for example, so you must look out with the value because sometimes you will get some really different ah surface. Then you expect flattened surface wetting surfaces mostly used when you design in the sheet metal, and when you have some bandits are face and after that you want toe, make it really flat or a planner and put it on your way to the drawing can, for example, put some dimension on it. So with the bent surface, it won't be possible. But its readers the reception. So Mike Dependent Sarah face Flood. So the first thing that we need to do toe flat our surface he's, of course, select our patch. I select the half off my existing surface and in according to each at I want to make it flat. Okay, So as you can see, we have some option here, toe off the much preview and to turn on and turn off our preview. And there is something like court. Experiencing accuracy can be set too low or high if you set it too low, or the calculation made by solid works will not be criticized enough. And, for example, total lymph could be a little different than reality. When you change it to high, the compression will be much pretties. I about this you can see it's take longer, so it depends how complex or how huge you have this surface. Then it will take longer. Additionally, you can also make flat for some existing careful line. For example. I was selling this one in the middle Conductor click. OK, so it works well. Also, try to cooperate and make this lying flat together with my surface. The quite interesting function aside before, especially if you need to put the bandit certifies on here to the drawing for documentation . 22. 6 7 Ruled Surface: Okay, so the next function court roll it rule its surface and this is used only one you need toe extend your surface. You can also use extended surface toe create some similar. For example, we have some sacrifice here and would like toa make some modification. Unfortunately, we don't have the sketches. You can see So this mean that surfaces, for example, results from some dream and you want to make it longer. So we need to, through its surface tension to surface option is the first we need to select the edge and now our surface is extended and what is more in this edge, it will be tangent to our existing surface and we can put some value here. And as you can see, we have some additional back here. Okay? We can also set it normal toe our surface normal. It's mean perpendicular to our existing surface, but only in this edge on also, we can change the day, stunts and direction here, a pepper to vector tempered vector. It's mean that we need to first select some reference. This could be some Streit lane or plumber surface, but also we can sell it from our dream Some existing plane built, for example on our origin. So in this example, I would say like the plane. And as you can see, our current surface will start in our expert. It will be a perpendicular to our selected the plane on. We can also change the angle here and the sames and the same with this does we can also sleep the direction a perpendicular victor. And this work also in a similar way brought this time our surface will be perpendicular to our selected vector. And it's also option to sweep something and this week also will weapon perpendicular to our selected surface on or we can modify it. We've coordinates input on ex wives that to make, for example, such a shapes. Okay, I will just back toe attention to sacrifice on. There is also option that we can select more edges if you want to extend it on both sides. But when you click OK, in this way you will get an error. This is because so it works as the fort tried to connect our extent and sacrifice. So we need toe enough trim and neat and also we have selected connecting surface So this means that our surface will be connected only with the surface and on the media. But we need to disable dream and neat. Mostly when you create Tunja and through its surface, on off extremities and after click OK, you will see that we have our surface extent it on both sides. 23. 6 8 Replace Delete Face: okay, I saw the next quite two interesting function Delight, face and replace face. And very good. If you have some existing sacrifice which are a result from some modification and, for example, cannot change the progress operation. But you need very fast change. It's some faces. Okay, so I have the books. Your anti will just create some extra on both sides. And now I've like toe replace different surface with my extra it. And this is possible. We've replaced face. So the new place face for the first. I need to select the face that I want to replace. And the next one I need to select my replacement and after click Ok. And when I also hide my replacement, you can see that certain words just moody fee. Kate My ah existing. Ah, but so very useful on and give a lot off. Good result. Sometimes replacing price will not be possible. This is mostly connected with complex off your shapes. And if solid works can make some calculation for existing model. So sometimes this function really not work. The next one is delays The late face. I must have meat that in started work this option work. Amazing. I work who I also worked with many other got software. And unfortunately, the late face in other one don't work Sometimes s we expect 30 it works. Had this option almost perfect. So with delight Face, we need to first select some faces that you want to delight And you have some options and decided what result we want tohave. Okay, so I have some other here and now I will select the patch that I want toe modify and toe china it. Okay, so I want to sell it this one and this. And as you can see, we have also some some a need that can speed up our selection. We can select all face all surrounding faces We can select or inner or outer groups. We can select all or dungeon faces or we can select or times and faces But it will select only one of them. Um in option We have selected delight one. So after we click delight and click Ok, you will not. Is that solid works? Just remove your selected surface and as a result you have the gap. Then you can just try toe fill this gap in many different way. But there is also optioned toe delight and patch after think. Okay, you will see that so it works. Delight your selective surface and even revert your existing Guan. And now I don't have any trace after your old surface and you can also cam. You can also select, relate and feel with dungeons after click Ok is sorted. Works will also remove selected faces will try to feel the gap, but you can see you have the control here. And what's more, this field area is also different A to the surrounded faces, and so is the plant will to need and what you can go because sometimes won't be ableto create the later part and only delight and feel well work. So you must know about this that very often you'll need to try a different way because shapes could be so complex that Sorted works won't be able tow delight. Something 24. 6 9 Extend Trim Untrim Knit: Okay? Right now I will show you also have other important function extent surf, extreme sacrifice, Antium surface and surface. So all the option from this block So we'll start with extent certifies Excellent surface is used toe Mike some existing surface longer, especially if we can't modify some sketch or any privilege operation. So as you can see here we have some surface and you'd like to mike it Ah, longer So a za First we select our edge and as you can see so it wards try to rebuild our model and extent surface. We can set the end as a distance so we need to put some value. And sometimes if you put too much value, side words won't be able to revert your mother. We can also really meet It is distance with some point or also with some other surface extension type. We can set the same a sacrifice So this mean that sorted works with with mathematic equation We're tryingto find the continuity and try to revert the rest of the surface keeping your existing shapes. This is very important and this is quite interesting can very useful If you want to keep your curvature with this functions. Okay, so we'll extend it and after it like Okay, you will notice that this certified extended surface is still treat us one object. So this means that there is no any such in the media. And we can also change to Lina Lina. And by turn on this option, our accident surface will be only tangent in one edges. And this edges were still appear as a separate ah line and that you can see our accident parties also Treatise A is other object. So extent, surface is very interesting and work very good, especially if you want to keep continuity and the next thing is under him surface. Here we have some surface, we've got insight and we've some cut off on the one side. And now we would like toa remove this gap in the media about would like to keep this cut off. So this is why wheels undreamed. So first we select or our surface A. We can also increase the dimension outside off our selection. So you will not that our surface will be rebelled with ah longer distance and all our cut off and gap in sight has been also removed. Okay, well, back to modification. And for example, I would like to keep this cut off on the extra meeting. So I will just reduce the these times here and here. We can choose which fights should be on dream. We can select, alleges so or our cuts also will be removed and is a result will only receive some surface . Okay, We can also select internal edges to remove This is what you want at the beginning. And we have also option just to remove external edges so the gap inside will stay, but the cut off will be removed. So you have many option here. Select. There is also much with Orjan Allah. So, for example, if we turn it off, we have removed that gap inside. But we still have a contour. So mostly merge with orginal as the foot is turned on. And this is mostly what you will need during using Antrim surface. So this is quite useful on quite easy to understand and to work with in your modeling. Okay, The next one is a dream surface dream surface is very interesting on You will use it very often in your modeling this option issues toe got You are surface. So here we have some to surface birth. They are intersect with each other in the middle and I would like to dream them. So first we have option toe to Standard and Moto or I were first work with stand up and as a selection, I always need to select trim tools. So the surface that will be used as a dream tour So first I'm selling this one and next surface that I want to modify. And here I have to option. I need to sell adoption that I want to keep and the rest will be removed or I can switch it to remove selection and then I will sell like those parts. That would be okay. We keep selection. I select the surface that I want to keep and opposite side has been removed. When I change it, my selected surface will be removed on everything opposite will stay. So the pent what you need you have the different configuration here We can also select is a dream tool My second surface and is a surface to dream. My planner and our sandy. The method is the same we need to select what we need to keep and what we need to remove A . Right now I get another because I have selected to sacrifice here. So I need to remove one on the result. As you can see, we have done some dream. Okay, Now we work with Otwell. Dream, move to our cream. He's specific, Juan, and work also in the same way, but have some adoption. The first we need to select everything that want to modify. And then we select also if we want toe, keep her the selection or remove them. So I would just use keeps election and we have free different option toe preview the the I . I also select the surface toe modify and you have free preview options. So the 1st 1 is standard and it will show us all of the surface that we will get a za result. So this is our results. And this is what we will get. And this one this option show us all the surface that will be removed And the last one will show us both Ah, those surface that will stay and or so this one which will be removed mostly will probably work with the first preview option because it is the fault on its standard, okay? And no, let me back Toe added feature. And there is also surface bleed option and this is mostly used toe create to decide how our edges will look like. So this would mostly work with the Fort Preview option. And when we just win here, you will notice that one of the surface is longer than the 2nd 1 so sorted workers need to go like how this curve will look like after extent toe be able to make some split as a not reality. It's mostly used with curvature, and we Fleener out. This is mostly used in such a way that solid works will try to find the, ah, smallest distance between or the extremity point. And there we can also sell X pleat all so we will select everything that needs to be split . Eso is the pence. How would like to look your final shape? You need to decide if you I want to snatch a royal on finding the extended shape or Lena mostly I used natural, and this is what I want to get. Okay, after you click. Ok, uh, we will get the dream to surface. Okay. The next one is can eat surface Need surface issues to connect all the south face together . As you can see here we have some books boxes built with some surface and we can select each surface individual. So this means that this is not a solid. And what is more, if I will turn the section Ah, on the here. Okay. First, I will use the neat sacrifice and he rested Cassie. I can select each surface individual. Okay? And after click Ok. Ah, all surface are connected in one operation and even I will use section. You will notice that these books is empty inside, so this is still on the solid. So after that, I can use the ficken option to create fitness and converted to sort it. Or I have this option also in surface need to create solid and after take okay. And when you make the section, you'll notice that our books is field inside. We've material, so this is very useful and speed up your work. Okay? We were just back toe properties off this books, and here we have some other example. As you can see, I have to pack your at the first point. They look that they are connected together. But when we really zoom in to this place where we have the such well not that there is some really small and got between them Okay, as you can see So this happened very often on and normally is that you will not mean everything because it's we take a lot of time. So there could be a lot of gaps. Gaps are created by mistake or from under operation and to need toe fix them. OK, so in the need sort of face, I have said it both much and as you can see, show gaps in range. I'd select some tolerance for me moment for maximum and started working for me that there is gap between month, my surfaces and I should remove them so I can go into the sketch and modify the sketch and fix the problem. Order is woman One more option And this is where the need is very useful because here we have the gap control and we have some tolerance. Sometimes we can increase this tolerance or decrease if we increase solid works, will find bigger gap. But after we select dig up here to be fixed by solid works, sometimes our surveys could be mortified too much. So this is why we only should select only really smile, gap and after Click OK, Our surface has been modified by sorted works and the gap has bean removed. But we still have this edge. So should we keep this edge or remove it? It depends what we need sometimes on presentation. If we need to show that there was a gap, we will stay with the edge and for example, we can use this edge toe our next modification. If you want to remove it, we need to goto added preference And here we have option merge and diet. So this means that all the edges from gap will be also removed. And now, as the final, you can see that we have a flat surface and this is what we probably expect the beginning so or dysfunction are really interesting, very useful and try to practice with them to understand how they work correctly. 25. 6 10 Thicken: Okay, so one of the most important function in surfer designing keys chicken. And if he can, its most use at the end off your modeling. And if you have already finished your model from sacrifice, then it is good to convert it into a story. For example, toe save it toe other cuts system or to our, for example, for our assembly. So Hugh s, you can see on my screen we have some finished box. The box is made from surface. This is because we don't have any weakness right now. So also on the left side, on the tree, you can see that the surface is made from extruded and this is still ahead. The sacrifice. Now, I would like to at some fiqh in to my mother, so I need to click on this battle. And now I need to select my star faces. And I have three options to do so I can set surfaces with offset my present surface to inside. I can set them on the both sides and for outside. So it depends. Would I need I select the correct option and I said very with distance and after take Okay , I get some figures, and with the section you will see that our mother with insight is filled with material. So this is how it's look and how it's work. So how to solve the house so it works, created this, if you can. So he select our existing ah surface, and he just creates some offset and also create some. Dream it to modify the surface and try to feel the spices. Oh, are the gap between our surfaces? I told you this because it's very important and sometimes you won't be able to create the chicken because the offset will not be possible to calculate. So So maybe we'll need toe. Adjust some dimension, for example, to set the to lower or higher. It's really depend how complex, easier model. So you must also remember about this when you build your complex shapes in surface because a tsunami surface you can build almost everything. Unfortunately, at the end, you would not be able tow close it and converted toe. Sorry it, and then you wouldn't need toe make some modifications for your surface. So this is good to know. Okay, now we will create some additional sketch with some curve. Okay, Now I make some extra What? In both direction and okay. And now we will use the second option called Thickened Cat. We've difficult cart. We need some existing surface. We first start our for created sacrifice and also we in the same way just choose the core it weakness and put some value. And what you can see we have some freakin surface. But after click ok will notice that this material just disappear and also will be removed from my existing solid. This is car traffic and cat work. What? It's more we can select the bodies to keep. We can keep all the bodies or we can keep only selected one by selected one we can understand toe select in the stable Which part should stay and which will be removed And this is option was very similar to cut with surface But at the beginning we just had some fiqh in and ok and toe create the cut And he started with the surface First we need to have some a designed sir Fight it on this surfaced mast interface Inter intersect our solid in whole and we sell it cut with surface. We sell it our surface. And also with this era, we decided which side off our model should be removed. And so it should stay. So we can also more defied without any problem. And you can always change the site. This is, uh, and you can or at the end, you can or so hi to your cutting shears. And this is why we used mostly the surface to create some shapes and them toe cut with the surface, our solids. 26. 9 1 Zebra Stripes Curvature: Okay, So in this part, I will teach you how to detect any errors. And then you she connected with discontinuity for surface. And I will show you how to check you for surface are birds corrected and, ah, Jack, if they will be correct for your production and if it is even possible to make it in real life on for example machine. So as you can see, I switched to every way top where we have each. Ah analyzes. I would start with the zebra stripes and curvature to show you how to detect if you're surfaces are connected together with Juwan or Giteau. So let's we turn on the zebra stripes and this kind often arises is well, knowing many cuts software, it will show you which continuity you have on your model or how this continuities look like . So, as you can see, we have black and white stripes. I can decrease the number off them. Um, what's more, I can make ah, the White Stripes speaker or the black one, so it depends what you actually need. I can also increase the smoothness off each lines. Hey, must know that when you have ah, very huge model which is assembled from many different surfaces. And when you turn in this move nous to remarks you your PC would be You're Scipio will be vory overstretch. So this would be a good idea. Sometimes toe change. This movement stood Look and we can also change the color of the stripes and we can set them hurry toe horizontal or vertical. So it's also depends what ah analyzes you need. Okay. So as you can see, when I move or rotate my mother, you can see that we have the stripes. The stripes are not connected together on itself A So this means that we have here on Lee Ji zero continuity. So this means that surveys are only connected on the edges. Batteries? No any continuity. This is why our stripes on each surface go in a different direction. So now I will add some, feel it on this edge and I will change profile toe circular and I will also change the radios toe 20 and I will click OK, need also to select the edges. Okay. Okay. So as you can see right now, we have additionally stripes because in your surface, appear between those two. So in this situation, hi will just back to the stripes and I will change them toe vertical. So yes, you can see Right now the stripes are connected and there go from first surface toe the feel it and to the effort one. So this means that we have some continuity here but as you can notice, the stripes are rather sharp. So it's mean that we have G one continuity. I would modify my feel it toe curvature. And now, as you can see, the stripes are really smooth between each free Ah, surfaces. So this means that right now we have ah g to continuity. So this continuity is between the first and the second. Ah, surface. Okay, Now the curvature analyzes curvature and the lights is show us continuity with different scorers. The black one are dedicated for surface that are planners. So it's mean that they are flat and we can put the sketch on it. If we have some continuity, we will get a different color. In this situation we have green one and as you remember, our abilities with curvature. So this means that between black and green we have this small for transition. It's mean that we have Grady int. As you can see, we have black here the black change in tow green and destroyed Transition east quite small . So this means that g toe it is present here I will change my fill it back toe circle our profile I click OK, And now, as you can see, we have sharp ah or strong transition between surfaces. There is no this great radiant So it's mean that we have only g one continuities because we still have green color on one off our surface. As you can see when I just put my mouse cursor on the surface, I have curvature and and the red use information. So the regis's taken from the feel it but the curvature ease from automatic operation and it's come from a very simple way. One is divided by our Rogers. So this is why we have a 0.5 millimeters in curvature. Okay, I will change my feeling the curvature. And now when I move my cursor, I have different good of richer value. So this is no more because my read use trains each time. I will also add additional. Feel it here with 30 millimeters and from for the rest for the last one, I will add for 30 millimeters and now I will check with curvature. Okay, so it's you can see we have different rathers on different box. I will change it also toe curvature feel that So now, as you can see, we have different value for curvature on each feel it And there is some dependence that this mohrer read use and feel that you have Then the value for the curvature will be higher . 27. 9 2 Deviation and Draft Analysis: So this time we are working with rafts. Oprah Probably if you working with morning or injection material into the form, so you will probably know that drafting he's very important because ah, product without draft will not be able toe. Take it off from the form. So draft is necessary during building, especially a plastic part. So so it works allowed you to check if your mother have any draft, or if there are some places that this draft need Toby at. So first we will check with deviation. Analyzes education analyzes Show us the anger on the sharp edge between the surface. So first I said, like the edge, I select also how many points I want to check. And after Carmelite Sarid works. We'll check the anger between surfaces in specific area. Eso. As you can see, I have a free characteristic point. The 1st 1 is a marriage deviation, which is marked as a red because on the left side, to have the full color scale and the marriage aviation, you can see that it's mark with red color and the value is 102 point 47. Next, we have minimum division, which is marked with a blue collar and the last one is the maximum deviation, which is marked with green color. You can change those colors on the left side on this escape and this is very useful if you need to check. What if you have the bandit surfaces end? You need to check anger on different point at the same time to illustrate if you're surface are built, corrected or no. Okay, then X function is called dropped Analyzes. So the first thing you need to do during ref analyzes you need toe select the point or the surface off the injection material to your for So in this situation I will chose this plane on the top and I want to set that my material will be exactly from this plane to the bottom . Andi, I also need to change direction. So to the opposite site and now solid works show us Ah, the places where we have a positive draft worries required drops and think that it draws. So I can also addressed with this tree out the inject point and I can also select face and I can change from Rodwell transition to Onley free colors so I said it is a limit free degree and right now it's sorted. Works. Show me on the green color or the faces Ah, with a higher degree with the ah red surfaces or the surface between free degree and the yellow without any degree. So this means that we always have green and red color because some of the surface will be it with ah plus and some of the surface will do minus and the yellow color, which means that in this area we need to add some draft. And this is because we won't be ableto take this part from the form in the future, so various for told to analyze this very easy and very fast. It will give you some result. 28. 9 3 Undercut Parting Line: a. Besides it drift anger, it will New design mold parts you are so must remember about undercut analyzes in Saudi work That is also optionally to check if we have some undercut on our mother And so it works well. Mark them on some red color to show us that this area will probably need toe be modify if there are, for example, each of us start in some places will probably need to put some core for our morning. Okay, so undercut analyzes as usually First I need to say choose the plane Plane will be uses a my in that point or injured injection plane. And I need to also select correct direction with those lines. And I as before, I can also make some adjustment with tree out about my injection place and I will click. Ok, so as you can see and I started work. See, check my mother and mark some aria on red. So this means that and when you just inject some But we are here, they will be probably some problem with taking Ah, those parts from the form in this area. This is why we have mark on red and it's mean that here we have undercut. And so we need to remember about this and probably some core will be needed to add in this place the same on the opposite side. We have some hinge here. And the change, uh, is ah built in in the way that we have some additional undercut in this area also. So we're useful and easy to use. Told that in very fast way will give us some go to result. Okay, so when you designed the more parts you also need to remember about per part incline and 30 works also can help us in this situation. And it can suggest us some parting clients, especially if we are natural where it could the boat. So have ah, the mother here. And right now I would like to check if there is some good solution for parting climb. So it's usually I need toe first select the injection plane. It could be playing, or surfers. In this example, I will choose the top of this model. And as you can see with the ah additionally line, assorted works mark where we can put the party line. Sometimes you need to know mean your mother toe track word. This place is a so you can see it. Place eso works place partly on this blades on the top on on the bottom. As I said, you need to sometimes Zo mean and the same situation for each Blake. So if you are not sure where the apartment line should be, you can just use Sarid works, and three works can suggest you where you can put it on your three d model. 29. 9 4 Symetry and Thickness: Okay, so started works also offer some more analyzes, especially when you design some a part and you start from the sketch and you have a lot off sacrifice at the end. He want to check if your model east, for example symmetry So, uh, inserted works There is also told and the program check by himself. If our mother is symmetry in accordance toe select, it played. So I click on a single plane and sell. Explain what this is. Ah, playing one from my zero access. And now I want to check if my model is ah symmetry in accordance toe this blame and a za result We get free different colors. So on the left side we have a check results and we can select each surface. So the red red one are unique faces. So this means that it this faces are different on both sides and they are marked in red. Why it could happened Maybe because we have this plant in the middle. But for example, we have some movement on the mind sketch and plan is not located in the middle off our sketch. So, after making some extra it and other operation Finally, we have some difference on our model in next symmetric faces. So on the green who have mark or the surfaces that are symmetrical and they are identical on both sides and a symmetric. So this mean that here we have some a symmetric surface in accordance toe our plane. So also very useful tour and it will allow you to check if your mother is cemetery or not. So this is our silvery useful when you design the car because when they designed car you mostly designed on the half off the car, it's mean on the one side and after you finish them, you might just make the cemetery. And if you get some kind off issue or error, damn you. You can use this tool to verify if your model is Bert corrected. Okay, a now way have also other also were useful. Analyze the store inserted works and this tool is called thickness analyzers. On my mother, I you can see that in this place I have some additional block which is boot from the sari material. So its mean that in this place I will probably have the highest fakeness value, and I would like to check. Ah, how the thickness look. Um um, other surfaces to check the thickness. I need to have Sorry. First this is off. So I know the my Fichtner. My default weakness for this month is to be meter. So I will choose 1.5 as a minimum and 2.5 as a maximum. And I would like to check or couple light how my model looks like on each point. So now sorry. Doors, check my mother. And finally I get some thickness. Kyle, we've definition off the value off thickness. When I just put the girls, you can also see that I have value in each point. And ah, we've the I have for free mind scale a light blow which show me each weakness that is close to 1.5 millimeters. So, for example, in this area, you can see that the value here is something about one 0.5 or lower, and the next is Ah, red one. It's mean that in this area we have ah, value Close toe, 2.5. So it will be something, uh here. And this is the white color, which means that on white area we have value, which is much higher than our limits. And this is correct because in this place we have some blocks and there will be fiqh minutes. Something about remember, dad, you 11 millimeters. So also various for So if you want to check, have your offset, for example on look like on or models. 30. 9 5 Compare Parts: Okay, so one of the last until Isis. But from my experience, I can tell you that this is one of the most to useful and very careful in everyday work. So probably also in your company, you receive a lot off revision of her mother's. And sometimes you need to check if there are some changes. Okay, so I have opened toe windows to make them horizontal. You need to go into windows and change horizontal or vertical to have both for the moderates on the view at the same time. So, as you can see from the first point of view, it is quite hard to find any difference between those models. And you will probably spent a lot off time. We from a German to check each certifies one by one, and probably you will is the final me something. So here we have the come for the Q months. Integer So first I select my revision one and profusion do off my orders. So what? I need what I want to comfort his documents Properties. So document properties it mean Or the information futures. So it's mean or the operation on my tree in this. Ah, sub option IHS unuseful If you design your model in started works and when you just modify some think you also reopen your first mother and at some additionally operation. Because if you just import your Step five without any history so this feature camper won't be possible and off course Gomer Tree Yoma tree. It's mean Ah, what change which certifies We charges eso to compare it First we need toe align our parts can. This is what I told you many times before it toe align parts hotel solid works were lined both parts First we need toe have the same access system in the same place on both models. So if you just draw a revision one on one axis system and you start to grow your revision tools on other access system, then you need toe Ah, create a new a global coordinate system that will be located in the same place. As for the first part. This is why in reference documents you select global coordinate system and because in this example I bert both murders on global coordinate system. Then I can choose it on my reference the comment If, for example, I have two difference coordinate system. Then I need to choose Correct one on the ah table on the right side. So this is very important. And this is what I told you. Also, we've modeling and then re opened your mother finally in some Ah, render software. Okay, so if I have everything, just correct that then I can just front comparison. Okay? After around. Come around comparision. So it works, Checks all the surfaces. Okay, so now I have documents, properties comparision In these place, I have least it all information about my models on at the first a row, you can see size and revision one has 91 kilobyte Entravision toe has 90 free killer. But every time you have different in size probably will also have some difference in Goma. Tree off for both models. Because when you just at some notes for revision to without changing gp probably there will not be any changes in size. Hey, we care for information about last safe and about them us volume and about the coordinates . Ah, system. So this is just the first comparison. Now we will move to features. Okay. So as you can see about the features who can see that there is no any new features edit. There is no future removed, so probably there will be some modification. When we select the unique. Then we can state that those surface selected on yellow colores our difference. So now if you can see and there is probably this bloke he's longer and the register feel it will be probably also different And now you can step by step. So by selecting each features, you can check the difference because you will not that the values also shown and we have the volume comparison and face comparison eso When we just changed the face comparison, we can also see some additional information like, for example, on change faces. So we have this Iran change faces and we have uniquely 20 unit faces. So this means that thesis vices are new one on they are not similar and we also have the faces that has bean modified in some case and we've really in comparison, we have material to remove. So what have been removed? We can see and materials to add. So what we need toe add toe get revision toe and common where you saw this mean which parts are still the same and are untouched, so to sum up every time you need to comport off. Monday's tried to use this comparison. The humans analyzes because it's well help you, and it will avert you toe miss any elements that you will not be able to find with your eye . 31. 9 6 Measure: okay, It's time for our laster. Also belong toe. Analyze a store and its core measure measure you will probably use during modern ING protests. And it will help you to find the correct lamp for your edges, for point or for many other ah, different type off limits. So we start with measure and we select default value. It's mean between two center, so I have to read use here and I want to find the distance between the center of above. Additionally, I have also rodeos and center in ex wives that e I can also change which distance I want to count. So this is center to center. But I can also drank the minimum distance. So it's mean that between points that are close, it toe each other, but that, like on my radius, the same with the maximum This stance side works will find two opposite far away points. So various full tour I can also custom d stands. For example, I can set what I want to check on first are condition and for the 2nd 1 So, for example, I can as a first select center and for the 2nd 1 I checked the minimum. And now I have count distance between center off my radios to the close point on my second element. So it depends what you need. You can very fast jacket with the measure toe. I can also check the surface on check the area value. I can also check the left off my edge. I can also check the coordinates for my point. Coordinates accounted from my zero XS system. And I can also change my measure you needs. I can use document settings. A document settings are located in my global settings for solid works. Or I can change it in the in this corner s so it is rather better to use this money from the right bottom corner to change your unit. But you can. Also, for the measurement tool, you can also use your custom settings and, for example, you can change the land few needs. And for angular units, nobody I'd recommend to use from the global money. So it's mean from this this one and you can always turn on option to show your ex wives that measurement. Okay. So, for example, for point for the line and his and in this situation will always get that this times from access. Why geeks? That this is hopeful. If you want to know how far is your object for your CenterPoint, you can change the measurement measurement typing toe point to point. And I have also additionally, still doing on options for exercise, that this is why I have a distance between my two points and additionally started works all social. We exercise it distance because I have steel. Are this option on measurement up? I can also check the dimension on the and I look books so I can copy all of them and for example, I can priced it in tow extra or any other software. There is also measurement history so I can check what was counted from the beginning. I can also check the anger, for example, the distance, everything that only meet. Okay, so this is everything. If you talk about the Al or Isis, I hope now you understand how or of this one should work, how to use it and in which situation and try to use each kind off analyzes from Sarid works because what's most important, it allowed you tow avoid any misunderstanding on any errors and it will help you to find any problems during modelling process. Institute Off Searching on physical parts on production Sorry. Works has a lot of useful A command and they work pretty smart. 32. 10 Summary: Hi again. This is everything about surface design and analyzes. I hope you spent a great time during discovering new features in survey design. I hope that now you understand how to build surface correctly and fast. I also recommend to study first part with name Sorry. There you will find how to build a solid murdered together with assembly. That sorry works or so over at the anti. We learn how to refer to the documentation for your company. Good luck.