Software/Hardware I use to Live Stream on Twitch & YouTube

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10 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. What is live streaming and why do it

    • 2. How my live stream looks on YouTube and Twitch

    • 3. What hardware can you use to start cheap and what do I use

    • 4. Introduction to Wirecast and how to save your production setup

    • 5. Setting up your sources to input video into Wirecast

    • 6. Which version of Wirecast I use and what you might want to use

    • 7. Setting up your picture, editing your shot, and using a green screen

    • 8. Setting up your output to stream live to YouTube and Twitch

    • 9. Screen capture another computer and record to disk with Wirecast

    • 10. Streaming live to YouTube and Twitch successfully


Project Description

Share what you would like to live stream with the class! 

I like to occasionally stream when I set up new ad campaigns for my business and the video games I like to play. Here is a video from one of my most recent live streams:

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