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Software Testing - How To Start Career as a QA

teacher avatar Prashant Kumar, “QUALITY” is my Passion!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Software Testing Overview

    • 3. Importance of Software Testing

    • 4. Software Testing Terms & Techniques

    • 5. Types of Software Testing

    • 6. Quality Assurance Process

    • 7. Test Deliverables

    • 8. Career as a Software Tester

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About This Class

Are you considering a Software Testing Career? Or wish to learn Software Testing?

I will be more than happy to provide one-on-one support or add lessons to the course to answer any of your questions on this matter.

So, there's no reason to hesitate! You can basically try the course for free, and see if it's helpful.

I can't wait to see you in the class!!!

This course will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of software testing and related career trends. It will guide you through the path one should take with the appropriate skills and the roles and responsibilities of Software Testing or Quality Assurance professional. These sessions will help you learn Software Testing concepts and provide you with enough information to start working as a successful Software Tester. 

What will you learn?

  • Software Testing Overview.
  • Importance of Software Testing.
  • Terms & Techniques.
  • Types of Software Testing.
  • Quality Assurance Process.
  • Test Deliverables.
  • Career Options as a Software Tester.

What are the requirements?

  • Anyone with basic knowledge of Computers and the Internet.
  • No technical and programming skills set are required.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone with or without any prior knowledge and experience in the field of Software Testing.
  • Anyone who wants to learn Software Testing.
  • Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Software Testing.

Happy Learning!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Prashant Kumar

“QUALITY” is my Passion!


Hello, I'm Prashant, a seasoned QA professional with 14 years of extensive experience across Application System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing, and Quality Assurance.

I am here to share, what I learned in different roles during my career as- Java Developer, Quality Analyst, Business Analyst, Test Consultant, Test Lead, Test Manager, and finally – Quality Head at major IT firms, Investment banks and start-ups across USA/ UK/ Switzerland/Germany/India.

With an Engineering degree in Computer Science, Postgraduation in Management and specialization from Harvard’s  University, ICMS Sydney, I consider myself, an avid learner and I b... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to my cause. Software testing. How to start a career as a three. I'm your training Prashant Kumar. Before we start the goals, I would like to share a few things about me. I have more than 14 years off I t In. The stakes begins. I hold PD, especially issued from Howard University and I Samos Sydney Masters in business Management , and I'm a graduate in computer engineering. I worked a softer developer business analyst, did consultant, program manager and finally quality head at Media I deformed investment bank and startups across USC, Yuki, Susanna, Germany and India. I've been acting in the mental for queueing to the asked and the students across the globe for more than over a decade. Let's talk about the course content. What are we going to cover? The part of the schools in my first class will cover software testing overview. We will get to know about what is software testing Different kind off insights letter to software testing. The second class will cover important or stop protesting. Last three will cover terms and techniques which are used in software testing industry. Last full will cover types of soft protesting last five cover quality assurance process. Last six will cover test deliverables and plus seven will cover on those points, which are required for you to start your career. This offer tester. Why should you take this course? If you're interested to get an insight to soft protesting industry, then this is a must have course for you. If you're interested to push your career in the field of softer testing or quality analysts calling quality assurance. And if you wish to check with this field, soft protesting industry is the right carry trades for you or not, then this course is very important for you. Those discourse. You learn about different kinds of tools, techniques and processes used in quality assurance. This course will help you to get to know different kind of professional growth options in software testing industry. What are the different kind off job rules and jock pathways, which you can use for your professional growth in this field? Last but not least, you'll get to know how to kick start your career in software tester. If you're looking forward to make a career in the field of software testing, then I would highly recommend to go through the rest of the videos from this ghost, I can assure you, after you have completed the schools, you will have a greater insight to the i. D industry on. You can decide how to pursue a career as a software tester engages. If you have any questions or feedback, you're most welcome to share your feedback or questions or queries in the comments section . And also don't forget to like or shared. This goes and videos with your friends and collects. I look forward to your support with this. Become to the end off mark one. Thanks for watching and see you in Part two. 2. Software Testing Overview: Hello. Welcome to the part two off my cause. And in this part we're going to talk about software testing. Overview. What is softer, Distinct. So this is something that is very important. If you are really going to start your career at the software tester, you need to understand what is software testing So after dating is just not one stick process. It is the combination of process tools and techniques which were going toe study over here . What you were going to discuss in this part investigation about the quality of the product and service. So here, at the part of sorts, off protesting, we investigate about the quality of product service, understanding the disk off development. So when the software is developed there certain risk attached to it and those just car discovered while you test the software. The third point is intent on finding bugs or issues needing to the failure, so they should be an intent at the part of soft irritating. You need to have an intent of finding books or issues that merely to the not necessary or may not already to the failure. But we always did tow avoid failures, and this confident only by finding books in advance reasons off protesting Very find that productive services feet for use. So what is the ultimate cool whenever you develop a software there? D medical for back software, which is a product or a service, is to be used by business. You this and then but the Hempel softer testing you very fine that productive service is fit for business use process to ensure the correctness and completeness. This is a very important point, soft protesting in the process to ensure correctness and completeness, I'll give example off correctness and completeness to make things more understandable for you. Correctness. Let's take an example off a calculated so that you have a calculated and then over there you're giving importance to plus two. And if it is giving your particular toe 22 then this software in 30 calculate is not working fine. It's not correct. So you're verifying the correctness. It should give you the expected desert with just defined as correctness over here and then completeness. Now you have a calculated will. Take the same example. You have a car punitive it. You very you're giving two plus toe. It is giving you 22. Now, if you divide two by two and does not giving you answer are you give two percentile to and you should have immortalised are you're using Scribner toe on the concrete is not giving you Answer. Yes, it is giving a correct answer but it is not a complete answer. So the software used inside the calculator may be correct, but it is not complete. This is example through which you get to know what is the meaning off correctness and completeness and show you this of destruction. You. This extraction is the financial of soft irritating. This is the most important thing that you should always keep in your mind. But you're doing this off protesting at the Park of fortifications. You have been insured. Quartey's uncompromised. It is always the best 40 which you're providing to your uses. You're doing this soft protesting job off the activities of the process whatsoever you're doing in the part of software dating. You're doing it for a reason, and the reason behind it is uses satisfaction. You have to ensure that uses so satisfied what do what they're promised. They're getting it. And this is done while softer testing within you insure that what they were, you have distinct what they would you have signed off. Whatever you have developed that is meeting the expectation off users and they're satisfied with this is software testing. It's not shock. Over here. You talk about five different stages of software testing. This will give you a better idea of soft protesting and how exactly this done. It starts with defaced discovery. So whenever you say you are in discovery phase over there, you have to study the requirements. You have to understand the requirement. You have to get that requirement and performed requirement analysis. Didn't you get to know what exactly you have to do? What did they expect? The dinners? What are the expectations from this off? You get that all information and you analyze it, Then you move on to the second phase, which is planning in this planning faith. You analyze the requirement, you go hurt, you make a plan, you make a strategy, this plan in test history and with the help of tools, you do kind of planning in terms off, differ in terms off time promised, and you're going to take comedy for you went to take so much the sources, You're going to utilize that part off your testing in order to use the software. All these things I'm going to explain in before the slurs. And let's say in the park, full five or six, you'll get to know in detail about all the steps. So I'm not going in the tail over here. The next phase is just a design. So the part of designing off soft protesting you designed discusses to design this scripts . You designed this scenarios and you design test environment within your protesting The whole software moving on to the next face nineties Just execution. So now you have requirements you have analyzed the chronic plan you have this case is your scripted government. Then you're going toe X cured. The test those justices of executed and test report you will well, the report the bus that you find the defendant from the defect tracked the defect. You do the defective analysis on the data report on Finally, you do improve your software testing process based upon all the reports on your analysis on finding you need to perform certain modifications and additions through which Yusof protesting processes improved like softer tasting. It is a continuous process. I firmly believe that self protesting the continuous process. You cannot do it just by one thing or just biding the Day Glo stuff. It is a process in which you have to learn many new things made in terms of technology made in terms of tubes and then keep on modifying, improving you're the skills so as to get better and better dental. You can find better books, better issues on appraised equality and provide the best quality of software to your users . With this become to the end of part two, Thanks for watching and seeing Part two. 3. Importance of Software Testing: Hello and welcome to the party of this goes here. We're going to discuss about importance off Software district. So now when you are aware of software testing, what exactly software testing and different kind of visits off protesting the most important cushion, which you should ask yourself, is Y two desks. Why, Actually we need softer, attesting way softer testing needed. So to answer this question here, people, does our system meet the requirements that guided its design and development. So everything, when they software designed or developed, there are certain guidelines there certain requirements which are to be considered as a part of the look mental design. And with the help of softer testing, we figured out with others requirements were met or not, this pond correctly toe all kind off imports. You have to check with the help of software testing that the system, which has been definite, isn't responding correctly. Toe all kind of inputs with the given set off import, it is providing you the expected output yes or no. You have to check whether the system performs. It functions within the acceptable time the time required for the complete system performing desired function, whether it is acceptable or not. Does our system justify the cost off development and price paid by the users? This is a very important point which you should consider it at the part of software testing justification of the cost. So in order developer software, you need to invest money in terms off the resources in terms, off man material, technology, everything. It requests a cost on the cost of development where they did, justified or not, and the price paid by the users if use it is buying your productive services with the price Which user is being done, justified or not? And how you get to know you'll get to know with the help of testing. Doesn't our system achieved the general desert? It is stakeholders desire so they're different stakeholders like somebody who's investing. You have a development ing. You have a softer, distinct ing. You have set off uses and you may be having except off the views are. Let's some other people who are the third parties who might be using on my front beings into softer there. So many stakeholders between Gordon softer look man, and all of them have different topic patients, so with the deserts, which this software is providing It is achieving intensity to satisfy all those desired stakeholders. Expectations. Yes, I know that is very fair with the help parts of protesting, is it sufficiently you zip in? Usability is one of the most important thing. We should be considered at the part of software testing. Is it actually behaving in the same way as it is expected to behave? The actual behaviour and the expected the area of the software should match and they should be least deviation are no division. Can it be executed in its intended environment? They're different set off environments. For example, if you're paying a soft reality of being a little bit softer, then they could be I, us or Android. And I take a different person off either staying in android different different rhythm of factory. So this is a different environment and with the soft phrase were confined issued behave in a perfect manner without any kind Officials in any intended environments can we afford cost off, Miss Defense, How much of this can dig? No, With the help of tasting, we figured out what are the different kind of defects which the system is having. And if we're missing any of the defect, what is the potential risk And by missing a certain kind of difference? Or if you're not fixing any of the defect, what is the kind of this we're taking? All of this portions are answered with the help off protesting. This is way softer. Testing is very, very important part off softer. Can you imagine any of these domains working without softer testing? Now this is something which is so common I have 16 different domains are different areas. Off are predictably life that we use different kind of software made the A T m beautiful. First support or maybe customer support is shopping live Search on the Teoh buying something where equal most shop and then all kind off notifications, e mails, different kind of delivery services, credit card bangs, traveling something like network telephone, Internet, mobile payment or money related convictions. So there so many things which are day to day basis. We do. Why are software's through online applications for mobile labs on? Can you imagine if any of those is not working in the weight is expected to work just because it was not tested properly, and they did. So this is the reason softer testing is very, very important. Maybe any field and I believe it has not a very bright future. And if you decided to push your career this off, Protester, you're going on a very director with this become to the end of part three. 4. Software Testing Terms & Techniques: Hello and welcome to the part four of this course in this part. We're going to talk about terms and techniques using software testing. Before we start this part, I'd like to share something with you. Can you give what is this? This is a really calculator, one of the least computers which was building the year 1947. Such a huge computer. It used to have lot, many electromagnetic components and technical components as well. And you know, what is this? This is an actual bug which was found in this really calculated in the 1947 because of which the calculator started toe function in improper way and the malfunctioning and failure cost. So in the year 1947 this was the first case off bugger identification which lead to a kind of failure. And because of this, the dumb bug came into picture. So, friends, let's talk about software testing terms which are very popular. And if you want to pursue your career, the softer it is that you should understand or know the meaning off all these terms first and it book defect. You sure affair. So for many of the people on this dump, they might sound very much similar, but they have a little difference, so I'll explain it to you. It is something when they dollop. ER is writing in court on that court has some kind of problem we call it as because of that ended it reserved into a functionality, which is not exactly the age should be so expected that there is not equal to the actual lizard. And it happened because of the address. And that's kind off issues of known as Bud or defect. So your system might have a issue bugger defect because of the edit, and then ultimately it will lead to a kind of failure. The government is specification every time when you have a software which is to be developed before being developed. The second kind of equipment specifications, which decide off his defiance. What would be the nature, functional and nonfunctional nature on what did the expected behavior that is defined under requirement specifications and requirements specification it used by yourself, protested nor the baseline and create his test cases, and in order to use it for his or her testing. So the next time is this scenarios or this kisses the decision at your moles at the high level scenarios, which are based upon software specifications and are used for defining different kind of scenarios to abuse for distinct purpose. And based upon test scenarios, a more granular level of cases are defined, which are known as test cases, which are properly steps in order to test the requirement. I'll give an example to you not to make it more clear. Let's see you have application like Facebook, and then you have to log in to Facebook and you have to log out of Facebook. These are the two best scenarios Logan, Scenario and law got Scenario. No log in scenario can be divided into much smaller discusses, for example, trying to log in with incorrect log in 80. Trying to log in with incorrect password, trying to log in with incorrect Logan. But correct password trying to log in with correct log in incorrect password. So this was a very simple example off piste scenario and discusses moving on to our next stuff that this test environment so just environment is the environment and with softer testing, will be performed. For example, if you're testing a software in in case off mobile little your testing, a mobile app or mobile software, then it can have different kind of based on what makes like android or IRS. In Android, you have different and greater than 456789 10 and I us you have different presidents off. I used to test this is example of testing government. Then your best estimate just dismissed the kind off afford estimate, which you have to give depending upon the resources, depending upon the complexity of the task complicity of this. After testing, you have to do so you have to figure out you provide estimate. How many person days how many person hours off a Ford will be taken in order complete a given softer, distant battle doneness this destination. Then it's just plan the next time, Mr Plan, It is a kind of plan we had in you provide all shot off information. How exactly have a plant toe? Just the requirement. It implored the resources and it includes. Therefore, it includes the total time start time, end time, how you're going to love on the box, how you're going to do the defect tracking, having you be informing what would be mode of communication. What are they expected Output from distinct side venue, early start testing and generalist doctors thing. What are the conditions for the sign off? If there any kind of predictions, everything is mentioned in your chest lamb the next time it's just results based upon your plan. When you go ahead and execute your test cases, those discuses, they have to kind off options to kind of results. I did. A test case will pass or the disk is will feel. In some cases, you might need some information you need to define or dig deeper into your disc cases or doctor developers. But ultimately you have to come to a conclusion which will be passed or failed. These are dooming discus dessert test results. Then you have to support based upon your distinct. You prepare the report and you share it with all the stakeholders. It is doing a test support. It has all the details. You start time in time purple number off bugs raised on put the number of parks rejected, put a number off requirements test a total time taking to the number of resources used and all kind off information is provided in this test report so that it can be in alive by all the stakeholders and to keep them updated. Last but not least, it's a very important dumb, which is used in self protesting, just industry, that is QE thing off you stand off is a formal sign off apartment which contents any kind of conditions, any kind off information that is required for a go or no go decision whenever this after this tested and when it is to be old auto production based upon all the information Mitchell used, richest after distance has collected toe his discuses, dis institution, dissed environment and through his dis planning and what the reports he has shared based upon all those things. This after Tester has to decide whether it is a goal or no go decision that is mentioned in this stockman, which is a formal document. It is known as Kyu A sign off. No, we're going to talk about a few software testing techniques that will help you to understand how exactly we do the software testing. The 1st 1 is manual testing. Then you have our permission Testing. The authorities exploded to testing This isn't table testing, a steak condition, testing it of guessing on a mix and match. So there's not a different kind of software testing techniques. In upcoming Slash, we're going to discuss all these techniques in detail. My home testing. So in man, interesting as the names, just most of this. After testing process, it is carried by manner testers, and it is being done one by one. In a step wise, more bill of fashion lets the water did the steps first requirement analysis. Step on as soon as you get the requirement to analyze it and you try to understand it. And then, based on that, you prepare your test plan. That is Step two, Mr Three is discus creation needing different kind of discuses. Then you have a step full, which is discus execution. We're in your desk and you figured out whether the discuses passing feeling, if expected, is that an actual? It'll this matching? If not, Then you raise a defect on the defect logging dirty. This they're five. And then that defect it is fixed, are verified, whatever is fixed that is defined by the tested on the steps. Six. Was that to provide report and sign off. This is no less manual testing. We're going to the next one. That is, automation distinct. Our commission testing is very much seemed like manna testing. But over here instead, off the softer tested a human being testing it. Most of the testing is done while some a script or some automation tool. So we're here. First thing. First step in the reminding the scope of pissed off automation. What did the scope, how much of testing you're going to do with the part of the commission, and then you have to find the right kind of pull for automation. Step three is this plant is designed and tested strategy to figure out what kind off, just plan and disease, and you're going to do. What is the strategy for you to test where automation. The next step is sitting up off Destin Weierman. Since the automation is to be done while some kind off a Scripture tool, so you have to be sitting up some kind of pissed involvement, and then the next step is automation, system development and institution. You have to develop a script tackle test. The given requirement is for your discuses in the given test environment and perform the institution. Then you have the last, which is analysis last sister, witches, analysts and the Nation of Test report. So one institution is over. It will analyze the desert toe. Figure out with it. There are certain issues. Then it will report it from the news reports for the deferred. It will donate report for the past discuses into Internet reports for the failed discuses. So in this way or commission testing is performed, the 3rd 1 is absolutely testing. Exploring testing is based upon four minutes stated of four main phases. The 1st 1 is learned. 2nd 1 is design. 3rd 1 is execute four twenties, interpret or analyze. So in one phase, what a tester does he has to figure work to taste, how to taste and how to find a problem. He had the requirement with him, and he has to learn hard to taste what good days and how to find a problem. Then he has to design is more this case or brief description off discus rather than the complete hold cycle off test scenario in this case is development. He does has a detested this developed a brief description, then this test execution just like normal execution gathering the deserts, visitors have been gathered. And then you have interpretation were what has been learned about the product, what has been learned about the tasting about the process and a more product. What divers after data has not depending upon his own learning. He put things back into the learning faith, and it becomes, like explanation. So absolutely testing, basically exploring and getting to know you just put forward without any much preparation you put forward toa software testing product. Oh, they project wearing. You have the predict in front of you. You're not on your own. You did nine years, kid. Execute and interpret and keep on going in this pain exactly person. So that with a reiteration you're learning improves. The next interesting technique is decision table listing. So decision they will take testing is based upon it the same table I have given example over. Get it is Facebook log an example very in. You have different kind off conditions, which a mention on the descent table and then you decide what this in today call exactly. The software should behave in certain scenario when you have certain such kind of import what would be expected? Our work, for example, you have loved the email blank and password blank. What did they expect? It'd have entered a incorrect Logan Incorrect email. I really shown on the log in page saying, If you give correct long and already password and what will happen, you there will pass on the logging build and you will see the Facebook home page. These are the different kind of scenarios which will be covered in a part of this and people for the results. You three different kind off decisions were to be taken based upon the input and those that printed in the tablet fashion. The next technique is state transition technique in a state transition technique. So they're from one planet from one state is shifted to other state. For example, this taken example loss been entry for the A. T. M card. You go inside the a d m and you insert your card and then you start you bidding us and you wait. You see, on this king day the pop up to interview pain and then you knew first trying to give a correct in you get the access to your account. If you don't have a correct in, um, did the wrong thing, then you're given a second try and then again, if you into the correct number, you are given access to take home. If indeed, around the number you were given a thought, right, and then from Tartarus. If you have a correctly number, you were given access today. God. And if not, if it's incorrect, you're not giving a foot. There is 1/4 option is not given to you, and the card is followed by the 18 machine. So this is the different kind of estate. What it will happen whenever you use it is actually trying toe access a Team Kardashian software getting his again. So is that the different kind off distinct techniques? And did it the different kind off stage with using the state transition testing Next one is ever gazing. Ever getting is a technique wedding. You try to guess error based upon application. Just reports previous predict experiences identify defects, the kind of defects what we have seen so far, Production tickets. If it gets you have production defects in place. If you have a checklist. For example. There's already 18 working and they're worked in path and they're created a kind of checklist. So looking at the checklist, you can figure out where system can fail. What good with probable called off failures and dicks? Institution report. If we have your doing certain enough regulations, then depending upon the text, insufficient reported configure. Okay, this is a component artistic part of Starter, which is having a lot of problems, so you can guess so it is basically based upon your guesswork, based upon your testing skills on the instincts it comes with. The experience are the kind of information what you get from the other software tester or development team with whom you are working with this. We come to the end off this part. Thank you and see you in the next part. 5. Types of Software Testing: Hello and welcome to the part five of this course, and in this part we're going to talk about types of software testing. When you talk about software testing, it can be divided into different types. But here I have divided broadly into two categories. You know, to make it easier for you to understand that is starting, and dynamic testing started lifting the testing in which you know about the testing on you do. Most of the thing with is already planned, and you don't have any dynamic or intent in this taking place to your distinct, whereas in dynamic gifting many of the things they're done or 1,000,000 things, they are taken care off at the wrong time. On the flight. Don't let the defense within a static and dynamic testing started testing campaign divided in tow. Review walked through. And this inspection this every techniques were used for a static testing. So you basically David accord. You walk through the court or you expect the court and figure out what could be the issues without even actually executing or running the court in the runtime. So this is what you do at the part off static testing no coming back toe dynamic tasting, dammit! Tasting camp divided into broadly took a degrees one off, which is functional testing, and that there is non functional testing functional listing Whenever you talk about any kind of functionality that is to be tested that come from the functional distinct. So let's say you talk about the features off the software. You talk about different kind off requirements, which are to be tested. They all come under functional testing. And then there are certain non function companies. Office often suggest performance security or different kind of usually de features. All this the commander nonfunctional category so distinct lifted to the nonfunctional state off a software company. The non fell contesting and anything which is tested a part of function safe come from the functional, distinct function. Tasting can be divided into two more sub categories, which is white box tasting and black box testing. As the names this white box tasting it is white. Any 10 minutes you can see through, you know how exactly things they're looking the gold. Andi, how exactly? Could is going to behave. So you do unit testing you gold statement and populated coverage and test all of this and then you have branch today. So this this is something which is not a white box testing. It is done mostly by the developers are software automation testers or somebody who is in the field of development. And they want to take their court. They do the white box testing. Or if we have some development and programming skills, you can also do. You can write your discuses and you can perform white box testing. The black box testing is the testing, which is very much popular on it is done. We don't knowing the actual court behind the functionality that is being tested. It is divided into many sub categories, like system testing, integration, testing, small for sanity, testing, functional testing. And then you have regression. Testing you have usually depends testing. So give the example off. One by one, system testing Is the testing off a system or the model, which for which, you know the functionality. You don't know the court. You just check the expected behavior and their behavior and figure with eighties working as expected. If they any discrepancy or any kind of different, you know the difference. Save me. You have different different systems or models which have been tested when they're integrated. They should be working fine, not only stand alone, but also when, after the integration, we integrate together to form a bigger system that is known as integration testing. And then you have a small percentage irritating. After you have a break, you check it on. You figure out just by looking by doing a quick sanity, you figure out whether it is a growing wave. It can be used for your testing or not. If not, then you would have done it and you did the shows. Then you have functionality tasting functionality. Testing is broadly whenever you have a list of functionality that needs to be tested. This mostly the requirement business ting. And then you have regulation testing regulation, testing the system in which was present a near in production and the way it is working. Even after making the changes on the functional individual in production and working fine, they should remain un impacted. So before the change and after the change, the main system should remain un impacted on if it was in production and working fine even after the changes, he should be here in the same manner that discovered under regulation. Testing. Usual receptive testing is the kind of testing in which uses they're given a word in off software to test and the desperate and the figure out whether it is financed. But there use the requirement and they provide the sign off. And they didn't usually some interesting death metal Alpha beta gamma distinguishes than a different levels, so we'll talk about it. Future classes in case If you want to know any details regarding any of this filth, Frito asked me in the resection on You can provide feedback and I'll get back to you with so what you're looking for, not function interesting. Dynamic testing has the other part with his non functional testing and nonfiction testing has bean subdivided into several components of assorted parts. It just Lord and stressed, resting comfortably testing security, texting, recovery testing, usability, testing our cookies testing. So I take First Lord and stress testing its a kind off performance testing you keep on increasing Lord and see at work time will take so the Lord distinct stirs testing spike testing visit a different kind of performance testing with being used. Then you have comfortable d tasting. You learn the same software, different different platforms and check whether it is comfortable or not like cross border compatible Testing is a very common example, so that then you have security testing. You check with the application is secured or not, and then recovery dating. For example, If a user has forgot his password, what are the mentor to which he can recover this user director are recover it to gain access to his account. This would be covered in part of recovery testing. Then you have usability testing. How usable is the software you were, You excluded part, whether it is good and you they're not having any problem when you're cooking betters thing . It is also part of Securitate hurting women. The third party cookies Parrot cookies are Mississippi's medical kids with the application in using with to stay for North. So this is a or on structured, which defines different types of testing, which are travelling nowadays, and it certainly used. We move on to the next light. That's talks about some more distinct types. So water this testing types, apart from the tasting taste worked with this guy just now, we have a few more distinct types with charred database testing use a distinct you wait and you existing negative testing mutation testing, comfortable did testing monkey or gorilla testing and the last is business Really nice testing. So let's quickly walked through all this after testing types and see what exactly they do. So the 1st 1 is database testing, indeed. Amiss testing. We have it in the base, but you set off data, which is to be tested with the help of different kind of tools and techniques to figure out if there's any kind of issues with the connection. Security off the data on data retrieval, data loading, data extraction. All these things they're working in the expected manners so that is covered at the partof database testing. Then we have user testing, so the descent off uses certain kind of testing is performed so as to ensure the software is working in the intended area and users are satisfied There's a certain kind off uses survey or post. The test user is asked about his feet back through Rich and the deserts they are generated on this authority. They get to know whether you there is happy with the software or not. Then you have you y and U. S user interface and user experience testing here also software the nonfunctional side of soft Erviti you were in You X Band is considered for the testing purpose look and feel on holiday experience off using the software. These are mean features which are tested at the part of you were in new X testing. The next one is neither testing. I didn't like this testing technique because it talks about all those feelings scenarios on those negative scenarios, doctor, not work. So let's say any kind off failures which is not supposed to happen on that any kind of security issue that should not occur or any kind of data indicate that should not doctors all this a cover that the part off negative testing you have the next distinct types, which is mutation testing in mutation testing. The same word in off software is mutated again and again on DSO aftertaste, also mutated again and against toe find a final Boarding off software also is to find the final word enough test, which is distant software completely without any issues off. It is figuring out all those kind of so which is figuring out all those kind officials. It is intended to be found. So this is known as mutation testing, where you have set off certain set off mutations or certain versions of the same software of the test commuted again and again and find you. So is to figure out the issue or the best performing software. Next one is comfortably retesting. Compatibility Testing is mostly about checking whether the software is working. Find on the discomfort people with different wouldn't off platforms made the operating system me more by lawyers made use the platform crossbow the comfortable tasting it a very good example of such kind of testing. For example, you have a website you have a big page on, then you need to test whether it is working Final chrome. It is working fine on age, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other brought it. Then you have a monkey or gorilla testing monkey or gorilla Testing is a kind of a knock testing very just like a monkey or didn't like you're given a softer without any knowledge . You go ahead and try to break it to try to do it depending upon your only skill. Set on your own knowledge to try to figure out how exactly can break the software. Such kind of testing is known as monkey or gorilla testing. It is nowadays many of the starter. They're using such kind of techniques and last but not least, his business really distrusting so many organizations before they actually go, like the provided soft copy or go for the soft around and through the soft loan. They have a virgin, which has put them in the final word, and that's it. The deal is worth in which is about the company or softer, deliberate, the most likely candidate, which is to be the lead to the production. And then the check with that candidate is ready for the business users. It's all business. Compatibility is checked on those words in on those business really options, and then testing is performed first to make sure that when did lead to the production, it will be handed putting business compatible. Such kind of distinct is known as doesn't necessarily taste testing. With this, we come to the end of this part. Thanks for watching and see you in the next part 6. Quality Assurance Process: hello and welcome to the part six of this course in this part. We're going to talk about Quartey Assurance Process quality assurance as the names of this . It is only about a shooting quality, and in software testing, what is the main goal of Main Motors are protesting. It is toe assure quality. So let's see the whole cube process in general. In this light, we're going to talk about different expects off Q process and how exactly quality assurance process takes place. So the first thing, what we have to learn or what we have to do that is focused on core business. Every time when you do softer testing, you have to focus on the core business. What exactly is the mean business side off the software that is to be used by users? We have to focus on that, and all the activities will be driven by business and focus on core business. The second part is operational cost production. You have to have a process that should be a very optimum well, and it should help in releasing the operational cost. The heart is it is leaving internal capabilities. So maybe to maybe technology or maybe the sources who were carrying out quality assurance or wordings after testing, they have toe understand and English are released their internal capability so as to have maximum utilization off there. Spencer Onda Technology Video You're using Better Turn time Better 10 Time is very important for the users of disaffection in previous let's we talked about users of distraction and you cannot have a bit of users of destruction without a better turnaround time, then greater control to have a nice control over the all expects of software testing and quality insurance is very important. Without a control, in fact, a greater control. You cannot manage things, and you cannot go in the right direction. But I think if you can see when I say the leasing internal capabilities, releasing internal capabilities will lead to rising efficiency. It will help you to increase your efficiency and your productivity process Optimization. This one is very important. You have to optimize your process. You have to keep on learning from the feedback, can learn from the mistakes in past and keep on optimizing your process Structure reporting At the end of all this steps, you need to have a report we should be structured and we should have all the details plus and minus points and the learnings, which will help as the feedback which will help to review the whole process and not to bring the improvement. So this is Q process in general. No, we have. Do you have a process for software? Distinct. So it is the right from the previous screen. But over here it is more confined toward the softer testing process. And you can see we are having several components, and this components are gone to the Q protesters off. Protesting the 1st 1 is just my satisfaction. All day. It was business value, and over here we have cast Mr Destruction. It will come only if you provide a high quality software, toe the users and uses a happy because their expectations are met. So because Mr Destruction is very important, then is it a library you need to put? You need to provide something with the high level of reliability. It should be alive in your starfish a bit 11 and it can be insured only after years off protesting. You can have confidence on your software, and you can provide a highly the label software confidentiality any kind of data notice digitize very important. Onley privacy and security is very important, so they should be kind of comfort. And sheltie on the confidential is very important for users nowadays. Then you have cost effectiveness if you're innately. If if your process is very defined, Villa structured on it is being improved, then the big effective next in terms off a foot and cost, then you have business value addition. The Guardian should intense after testing should provide some kind of business. ValueAct. So the uses when they get something extra for what they're being here, brings the Hollywood lost a distraction to them and last but not the least, its flexibility irrespective, often in technology respective. Off any platform, irrespective off the kind of fuses or user base target uses you softer, distinct process on this structure. Everything should be flexible enough to meet different kind of requirement and help people to have a high level of satisfaction. But this would come to the end of this part. Thank you for watching and see you in the next part 7. Test Deliverables: Hello and welcome to the part seven of this course here. We're going to cover this delivery bills. So what are just delivered? A bills? Best deliverables are those objects, which you need to provide as the output in case off your software district. So as and when your performance after testing during the process of software testing. And once you're done with its after testing, you need to provide certain outputs. So this stakeholders and these airports are known as test deliver weapons. Let's go through each one off this one by one. The 1st 1 is test strategy. Does this start? It is a high level document, which is the Ark level document, which provides you information with the guiding principle that should be used for this design and how exactly testing is carried out on the organization. This is a Generalistic document, and it is mostly high level, which is used by almost all different units and project within the organization. It is only created by the head of Quartey Unit or director or CTO. Somebody like the top most position who is carrying or dick or dictated later decisions. He's one responsible for creating this started t for the whole organization in this document is displayed. This plan is predicted specific document which has on the information regarding scope of the testing objective method Did What kind of approach is going to be used? Different kind of task ruling responsibilities afford should do And it has information about the environment, dependencies and especially it is very specific in nature and in this past week to the project which is under testing. This is known as test plan. Then you have testing value dysentery, the high level document wearing you provide information about what are the means in their views, which you're going to cover when you're going to perform your testing in My previous lights have given information about this scenario. In this case, this is a more granular level off documentation where you provide each step in the actual and expected result for a different kind of testing abuse. So this scenario is a hard level in which you have very brief description of what exactly you want to test and how you want to test and notice kisses is a detailed document wherein you provide each and every Easter expected a natural or put So this is the difference between intestine Alyan, discuses. Then you have this data. When you're planning to test, they should be certain set of data which would be used in the part off in port. And when that standard input is given, the desert, which should be in interest rates are expected for Mitt or expected awkward should be received. Then only you can verify where your actual reserve a little matching or not. So such kind of negativity used for testing it don't test data. Our team. Our game is requirement. Estimated metrics. So everything when you get a project for testing, which has certain requirements those requirement termination, the requirement reciprocated mattress. And for those requirements in order to see if you're covering all the requirements of the part off your to cycle, you provide metrics in tablet form it we're in. You check the coverage for each requirement. If you have covered all the requirement if we have tested, that is for all the requirement And what is the coverage in terms off test cases? And once you're done with the testing, where if it all any of the any of the part of the requirement which was not first or somewhere. There's some missing cases. All these things on this information is then didn't requirements. Traceability metrics. Then you have different kind of test mattresses like defective. Or do you have you have a foretaste, mate Effort, Deport Effort, Metrics. You have bug report and you see how much person days off few bucks were rejected. How much person did a few bucks were approved. Similarly, if in case you have any production issues off their doctor, you're released, that also will be the contrary or mentioned in the metrics. So they're different kind off mattresses. This is who set off mantises, which have used it, is mainly used by the test managers for the purpose of monitoring deficiency, monitoring the Judoon cost and how exactly softer testing is carried order and whether it is in the given scoop off timelines caused in the source ways. Everything is covered and nothing with Mr And they know associate in the risk in world. For all this purposes, just matters are used. Incident report, as I mentioned. It is one of the report in which you have all the production defectors in others. For example, if they production issue or defect that will be recorded of the incident, which will have all the steps and why, doctor. And then you need to provide the root cause. Analysts for that incident, an incident report is prepared. This is state of support basis. Doesn't support is basically your status after the execution. For example, if you're doing testing on Billy daily basis and you have said protesters doing the testing , then you provide a daily status report. Justice test IPOs. Where did you give all the information or commented where winter tested? How many cases have been covered? How many cases are pending? How many discuss this pas? Common discuses feared if there were any defects found. How many defects are still to be done by developers Harmony to fix that addicted. How many defects were approved if it all day running difference which have been fixed and fixed? What did they What did the commentators on retesting off those defects? That all this information is provided in Texas status report. Then you have test summary report This some reward is created on the basis of Texas status report at the end off softer testing seconds. So once you're done with this. After testing everything is completed. Then you generate this summary report depending on a daily basis to test report. You call it all that information for determinant summary format and provide this summary report intelligently attacked along with Dick us enough most of the time. Taste some real important years enough often together. Then you have released not before signing off the product before signing on the border through the production toe. The uses. They should be released north prepared. This is a prepared by just manages off somebody who is a lead or business analyst or release manager who said, We're leaving the productive production. So they prepared the complete set off instructions so there to protect and beautifully successfully or the service converted successfully. Production toe uses. There's no net released north on the last one is test closer report Tasteless, reported the reporter, wherein you provide all the necessary information before testing close before closing the test cycle. It is mainly considered as the final document where you have all the information. It is mostly used for management purpose with the new track. Okay, work was good. What was bad? What do any Mrs how much what the accuracy, How much were the efficient You're being what they miss it in case off production issues if there is any problem with the team, if there's a problem with their first, is a problem with the cost while they're over shipping costs for the tasting. All this information that rented the best clue that report this final disclosed report it straight into the heart management and the stakes. And depending on the desk of the report, many companies do their building. So these are the main just deliverables that are included as part of software testing. And you should be aware of this test of liberals, and you should be a bit off on this documents. So, guys with this, we come to the end of this presentation. Thank you and see you in the next part. 8. Career as a Software Tester: hello and welcome to the last part of this course that is, career is a softer tested in this part. We're going to talk about different career options that you can find at the software testers. And what are the all possible combinations in terms of job options where you can grow at the software tester. So most of the time, just like this lady, many off you who was looking for a job and who want to pursue a new career in software testing, they must be thinking, What are the career options in self protesting and curious? Right, So here we go let's see what a different kind of career options. So in our talk about different career options, I'll tell you certain career path with which you can choose and what are the different pathways? What do you have as a software tester? So if you start your career depending on all those information which I am provided in the previous legs on those information, what we have discussed in the different parts appeal Part seven, you can start your career This software tester do news off protester Orestes after it is that if you have Indian degree. Or, if I don't have anything, that you can start as a normal beater tester to certain organization and to certain naps. And then you can start finding differ tin birds, and then do goes off time with you growing experience. You can start working at this off protester Now this software testing field is divided into several authors testing types, which we already discussed in the previous lights. But we have a battery based upon different kind of tasting, which are conducted by testers. So what are this parts? These are manual testing stream. You have business analyst. You have automation, testing stream and performance tasting stern. So if you want to pursue a career in the field off manual listing, you can become a mineral Lester. If you are more inclined towards business analysis and you want you have a higher affinity toward the business side, you're going to start working at the business analyst. If you like cooling in programming and you're very much interested in software testing through automation, then you can become automation tested. And if performance is something which is very exciting for you and you like performance testing, then you can move the words perform interesting and become a performance test, then Manchester. He has the option to grow as the lead or test consultant. So first you have the software tester. Then you are a man or testes and then as a man or disturb you can grow after 234 or five years of experience, you can become lead this lead or test consultant. If you're a business analyst again, after two to your five years of experience, you can become business consultant same way with the or commission tested. After having 3 to 5 years of experience, you can become automation, deed or automation constant and performance tested. After 2 to 5 years of experience, they can become performance leader performance consulting. No, on resisting what I talked about over here, this lead business consultant automation you don't consult for For mostly, these are interesting people, so it is a man of testing, and he's interested in conserving business consulting. Then, after 2 to 5 years off the direct experience, he can also switch from manual testing business consultant. If there's automation tester and he wished to pursue his performance leader, confident he can do the same, saying be a business on list after 3 to 5 years of experience as the automation engineer, he can touch his career from business and list to automation. Need a concept in so it is very flexible. I find it's after testing. You have locked me into the streams wearing You can see it from Oneness Tinto other resting at any point of time. There's always growth option available for you. See me after having a weakness off Years of experience. A plus years of experience. You can start working at the test manager or a business manager, productive or automation architect. Performance architect. Here you have a very good opportunity off ring from one finger or one extreme on growing into other stream. Like, for example, you're a manager. This leader Concertante you can easily grow at the businessman is they're all you can. After landing automation, you can start working at the automation architect after 10 plus years off experience. So it is not really is to inject. It is not a district, but if we have the living experience at any point of time, you can move from one extreme to the other extreme on in due course of time. Depending upon your expert eyes and ears off experience, you can easily get a neural. So, guys, I personally believe this is a very nice option. Even in my case, I started my career the software developer, and then I moved into business analysis. I did My GmbH started working at the business analyst and then I moved into soft protest consistency. Andi there from there, I started working at the lead. Then test managers in your test manager head off quality. So this was my career part. And you can also select any off this part, and I'm pretty sure that will be very helpful for you nowadays. There's also one rule which is very common. That is S D e T. As the D stands for software development engineer in test. This rule was started by Microsoft, um, and amazing in past few years. So this is a role which is a common role in between software developer untested, somebody who is having a affinity towards development and testing. Let's say, having equal affinity towards softer development and testing Afghanistan big career, the SD 80. So you see right, we have two of the candidates sitting face to face. One is interested in making things. The other one is interested in breaking things. But I personally relieved they're not so much different. They just have different approaches. But if you're somebody who follow both of this approach, you are the best candidate for S. D E T. Rowe. So let's see. What are the different kind off software testing growth options on giving a very good example to you in our to showcase how you can grow from manner, distant toe head or director of a unit? So somebody with general two years of experience and that person is a manual tester. That person is working day in, day out on different kinds of software testing and technologies. And then that person got interested in tow automation. After 2 to 5 years, that person is a good candidate for our commission tested, and he or she knows how to test manually as a less using the automation, and then they grow. For more automation, test to rule, test on list of test lead or test pencil control with having 4 to 6 years of experience and after that need about 8 to 10 years of experience that person can grew at the test manager , so you can handle the whole predict soft artistic project within the organization. Or you can start working in the freelancer test manager test toe or know something like that. And with due goes off time after having delivered experience, maybe after 10 or 15 years, you can start working at the head off unit, head of quality or director of quality, something like that. So this is the preparation which you people can easily achieve just by practicing your passion towards quality. With this become to the end of this course, thanks a lot for taking this course. Please provide your valuable feedback reviews on Do Share this schools with your friends. I would be really happy to help you, and you can connect me anytime regarding any cumulated, Kredi feedback or career guidance. I'm always a little or nothing, then thank you and wish you a happy loving