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Social Selling Blueprint - Facebook for Freelancers and Creatives

Toya Wilson-Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant

Social Selling Blueprint - Facebook for Freelancers and Creatives

Toya Wilson-Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Social Selling for Creatives

    • 2. Social Selling Blueprint for Facebook: Why Create One

    • 3. How to Create a Facebook Cover Video

    • 4. How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo Using Canva

    • 5. Updating Your Story or About Section on Facebook

    • 6. Social Selling Case Study Janet B. Sessoms Fine Art (Part I)

    • 7. Social Selling Case Study Janet B. Sessoms Fine Art (Part II)

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About This Class

Learn how to combine your unique story combined with social media and timeless selling strategies to build a tribe of raving fans.  We will cover how to --

  • Properly Setup the About Section (Our Story) on your Facebook fan page
  • How to Create Facebook Cover Photos & Video that Transform Likes into Buyers
  • The Secret to Using Facebook Live to Get Fans & the Media to Share Your Stuff
  • Watch the Case Study of painter, Janet Sessoms sell a painting using a Facebook Live video.

Although these strategies are shown using Facebook, you can use the content you create on Instagram, YouTube channel, LinkedIn and your Google My Business listing.   Whether you are a beginner or have dabbled in Facebook advertising, you will find a strategy that will transform your business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Toya Wilson-Smith

Digital Marketing Consultant


Working with organizations such as SCORE, U.S. Chambers of Commerce and the Small Business Administration, companies hire Toya when they need a common sense approach to social media.

Toya is the driving force behind NexGeneration Digital Marketing Agency and co-founder of Simply Social, a social media educational company.  With a background in sales, marketing and human resource consulting, She is known for her ability to simplify complex and fast changing technology and social media topics to people of all ages and with various backgrounds. 

Toya teaches business owners and entrepreneurs on how to strategically use social media, search engine optimization and video marketing to increase brand awareness, attract new leads and gain media attention.  ... See full profile

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1. Social Selling for Creatives: Are you a creative or freelancer? Do you need to attract more sales toe Live your dream of financial freedom? Well, I want you to know that, yes, you can attract more buyers for your project using social media and simple video just as painter Janet Systems or the artworks Wilmington, both current clients of mine is social media marketing works for them. They will give you a resounding yes. In fact, Jami sold a painting in two days using just Facebook live, I'm tell you, Wilson Smith, a digital marketing strategists that's been working with creatives and freelancers just like you for over six years to increase their sales, using the Internet, particularly social media and video Marquis. In this course, you're going to learn how to combine your unique story and authenticity with social media and timeless selling strategies to consistently attract buyers to you. If you're ready to get results like Janet's Essenes and the artworks long meets in, I invite you again to take out my new course are still shared social selling footprint for creatives and freelancers. Thank you 2. Social Selling Blueprint for Facebook: Why Create One: it is now time to get into the main section of our course, the social selling blueprint for freelancers and creatives designed specifically for skill share. Before we proceed, I really want you to understand the definition of social selling. It is nothing more than the process of developing relationships during the sales process. Social social media really equals connecting with other people. The more you do this, the more consistency you will bring into your lead generation systems and processes online . And when there is consistency, there is then consistency in your income and the profits of your business. So social selling can be really important to ah, freelancer or an artist or creative in terms of streamlining their business and making it profitable so you can focus on the things you really love Now. What is the challenge these days with selling things or attracting new customers online? It's really how to attract new customers for your business projects or services during a time where people have access to more information than ever before. As you can see on your screen in 2012 we were really only experiencing about 2.5 sales messages or advertisements per hour. If you were an adult living in the United States over the years, those number of sales messages, as you can see, have significantly risen. And even though it's dropping off a little bit this past year, it really is still almost six messages per hour because we're always connected to Facebook instagram length in or watching YouTube or Facebook live videos where their ads embedded in them. Now, even though on our television screens we, if you have cable, can fast forward through the commercials, many of us don't. So that means we're inundated with sales messages all of the time. So when you go to try to sell something, how do you cut through that noise? Well, the solution is simple, but not always very easy to implement. It goes back to social selling, and the definition was building those relationships during the sales process. If you have a relationship with someone when they want to buy a new piece of art, when they want another copyrighting project done, who are they going to call the artist or the copywriter that they never met before? Or the artists in the copywriter that they have a relationship with. So how do you begin to build that relationship? You've got to number one. Show people your work. People have to see it. They have to touch it. They have to fall in love with it. They have to visualize it in their home. They have to visualize their business using it. So you've got to be consistent and you'll hear me say that word quite a bit about showing people your work online. Secondly, let them get to know you don't just use Facebook to talk about your business or your artistry. Use Facebook to talk about what you're doing for the weekend or your family or your favorite hobby. Make sure that they get to know you as a person and as a whole person. Not just the part of you that is interacting with them took him that business. More importantly, give your fans. Hopefully your future customers as well. Give them insight into what inspires you. You will be amazed at how well that works and then finally provide them with social proof that other people who have purchased from you in the past love your work and that they will probably love it. just as much. So I really want you to start thinking about things differently in terms of your marketing strategy. Instead of thinking about competition, I want you to really think about it as cooperation. Think about people that do the same thing that you dio as brand ambassador. Think about your friends or industry leaders or influencers in your community and past customers as your new brand army, the people that are going to deliver your message to their friends, family and colleagues about you and what you do. That way you are earning money and clients even when you are sleeping or on vacation, and we all want to do that right. So regardless of whether you have competition or not, think about cooperation and how those new brand ambassadors that you have are going to help share your work and content by a social media. And before we get into the actual strategies, I want to share with you the foundation of your online presence. How are you going to convert fans to customers and you should be seeing on your screen now Facebook live instagram, Pinterest, Google my business and LinkedIn and all of those things are part of social media. Correct Facebook Live your Facebook cover photo and your Facebook about section can all be used to create content that you can share on all of the other social networks I have listed here. And that is why I wanted to call your attention to it, because now you can use that same content that fame cover photo, the same Facebook live audio video on all of your other social network profiles and get the same traffic to a different target audience. Well, enough of the power point slides. If you're ready, let's start transforming your marketing strategy. 3. How to Create a Facebook Cover Video: Now we are inside of Facebook, and you are looking at my Facebook fan page weddings on a budget by Denia and just in jail is me. And I have been in love with weddings since I was a really, really young girl. So I decided to create a test baseball fan page to really discover woodworks in Facebook marketing and what really doesn't for an online business. So welcome to my fan page. As you can see, you can always change your cover photo, and the first of these three strategies that I'm going to be showing you is all about the cover and profile photo. Now we're not going to talk about the profile photo. As you can see, my profile photo is a really bad stock photo image, and this is one thing that you do not want to do. You always want for a profile photo for your profile to either be yourself. If it's for your personal page or if it's for your business, then it needs to be of yourself or your logo. Either one is fine. One is not better than the other, but you want to change your cover photo once every 4 to 6 weeks. So it does not kids still, and now Facebook has given us an amazing opportunity. And it is the ability to upload a video for your cover photo. And I'm just in love with this option. So I'm gonna show you what you can do with the cover photo. Now I'm going to choose a cover photo, actually, not a cover photo, but a video for my Google docks bio, and I want you to see how it brings it toe life. Part of the reason why I think video is so engaging is because people really do get a sense of who you are or the message you're trying to communicate. So you really want to show your best off now, the video does not have to be Ah, Hollywood trailer. It does have to showcased two fundamental things. Number one. The audio has to be good because if you cannot hear the video cheeses are you're gonna click off and go do something else. Number two, you need tohave good lighting, so the picture cannot be dark. And if you're shooting a video of yourself or doing work, what really is very helpful is natural lighting. So this is a stock video that I'm using, though, and the stock video is really well done. And you confined stock photos and videos from Pixel. Now you can see it says your video was at it but won't be public until you publish it. I contract the video currently displaying to reposition it. But I really don't need Teoh. So I'm just going to click next and then hit Publish, and you started to see it was playing as I was talking through that. So now, with anyone new lends on my Facebook fan page weddings on the budget by Dingle They're gonna see this video plane. Which one do you think is gonna be better? A still cover photo image that's been sitting there for months and months and months that current fans, if they've been to my family page again beyond the time that they saw it the first time in decided to click the like button hasn't really seen any being different. And then new people coming to my Facebook fan page just seeing a old picture. Which one do you think? Well, about their attention and the image or a video so food for that, I hope. And you can do the same thing even if you don't want to shoot a base to camera video. You can also do this with a power point in your voice. Or you can also change it up because it does have volume, See, so I could turn the volume up. But I'm not going to. And so if you don't want to do just a video, you could dio your voice over PowerPoint slides using Adobe Spark. So there's so many options. I encourage you to think about creating a good cover photo, and that is going to be a project for this class. You've got to create a cover photo, and I prefer that you dio a video than a different type of cover photo. But I'm gonna show you an option just in case. Now, one of the things that you can do and I'm gonna positive cover photo is you can click the image or the video. And if somebody clicks it which they're used to it at this point because clickable images having all the rage rate, you can actually edit the video. They can download the video. So what you can do in here is I can write a comment around this video saying Thank you for visiting. If you love weddings as much as we do, we invite you to keep in touch by clicking the like button. Now if you had a new piece for sale. If you are running a special for new customers, you could also put this in the comment section as well. But don't ignore this precious real estate in the next video. What I'm going to do is share with you how to create a snappy Facebook Fame page cover photo using Canada. So if you don't want to do the video around, you can always use the Camba tool, which I absolutely love to create a special custom Facebook fan page cover photo. I'll see you in the next video and thank you for watching 4. How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo Using Canva: now we are still currently on the first strategy, which is using your Facebook cover photo to really drop new visitors to your work to your business, to your industry that are checking you out. We just want to inspire them to keep in touch by liking your Facebook fan page. And the first way to do that is by giving them a compelling reason to do so, using the cover photo or cover video. Now, for this particular course, and for this example, I decided to upload a stock video to my Facebook fan page for the cover photo. But if you want to use an image that is perfectly OK as well, I like to use canvas to design an image just to suit a particular purpose. So as you can see, Camba is free to use, although they do have a paid option and they have various templates. Whether it's a YouTube fund, nail blah graphic instagram post, Facebook post or just a general social media design baseball cover. I don't know why the images not coming up, though, gives you an option for a ton of different Facebook cover photo templates. And here we are looking at the different templates rate. As you can see, some of them are free. Quite a few of them are free, actually, but some of them do cost a dollar. So depending on which template you choose, you may have to pay a dollar. Now I'm going to choose this one just because I like the template and the design of it. So what I'm going to do, just show you how it works. If you are unfamiliar with Camba Campbell has been around for a while now, so I think you probably have seen it. Or at least heard of it before. But what I want to show you is how easy it is to use. So once you choose the template that you want, which we did already this designed with love, right? You have to upload an image. Now, as you can see, I have some images already in here. But none of these really work. I could use this beach image, right, And it looks OK, but e, I think I would want toe upload another image. So I'm gonna go back to my Google, my drive, or Google drive and pick another image that I download it earlier. I think I like the Isle Beach Celebration one. And so I just click of load and it is actually adding it to my photo library. Now, once is available, I can literally just choose it, and it will populate. Now, I really wasn't feeling that one either. So I think I'm going to start from scratch. And it looks like something is going on inside of Campbell with Facebook cover photos. So we're going to choose a free option or free template and see if we get a different result now, which is going to drag our image over here, and that one doesn't really show up very well. So we would have to change some things about it here, maybe change the color or get rid of the color. I think altogether. So let's see if we use the beach image here. Now, see, the beach image actually works much better, and we could literally put a quote right in here and while that it will be ready to go, So it is clearly up to you to use the templates as you see bit that best matches your brand . Whatever you do, make it custom make your cover photos. Stand out Because remember, it is your first impression to your future customer. So you want to make a good one in the next video? We're going to cover the second strategy, and I can't wait because that second strategy is for real, a game changer just 5. Updating Your Story or About Section on Facebook : Now we're back inside of my Facebook fan page, and the second strategy is actually completely building out your profile, and you would be surprised how many people don't do this. But Hub Spot has stated to us as marketers that 64% of the time new customers hot leave prospects. People thinking about doing business with you actually check out your about page, whether that's on your website or your social network profiles. So you need to take some time to pay attention. 64%. So 64 out of 100 people are checking to see what you have said about your business. Now I will say that this page has 2200 likes a respectable number, but not really that great. And I use it for testing. So I'm okay with those people liking the fan page and not really getting what they want because it's just testing. So I founded interesting that even with maybe one post every six months, that people tweets, which people still like my Facebook fan page. And after doing some more testing, let me let you in on the secret. This is a bonus strategy, but if you have not changed your Facebook fan page name. I suggest that you do it or at least consider it. Most people will name their fan page after their business or name their fan page after themselves. I didn't do that. I named my fan page. I included in my fan page name my key words that I wanted to rank for. So weddings on a budget. It's a keyword phrase that brides women who are thinking about getting married. People who are just interested in weddings would search for. So when they put weddings or weddings on a budget inside a Facebook search, guess what happens. My lovely fan page shows up, and 20 over 2000 people just decided so like it. If you have not changed the name and you're in a specialized field or in niche that you can name your fan page after include part of it as acute keyword phrase in your fan page name, I strongly suggest you do it. That was above strategy for you. So let's get back to strategy number two, which is the about section or your story. So you first want to just add ah, photograph that really defines who your business is and what you dio. So I'm going to click out of Facebook telling us what it's all about. And I'm going toe Add one of these images, right? And his plea images from our library. So I'm gonna pull of dramatic one of just a bride and groom. Then I'm going to give it a tide. Oh, and say, I've loved weddings since I was 12 or I'll say since the age of 12. Now I could begin to write something or ed other pictures and you can write whole paragraphs. It doesn't really matter. I'm gonna keep writing something so you will bear with me. So I'm just sharing the story of how I first fell in love with Wendy's. And the story goes like so although I wasn't a but I wasn't in the wedding, I took note of every detail, but I was a junior. Brides may when I was swells and then I'm afraid I fell in love with weddings. Now baseball. Kiss it. What's your story? Right? And you can tell your story in a number of ways. You can tell the story of how you became a painter by a picture of you painting or a picture of you when you were a kid painting. You can tell the story of how you became a copywriter with a picture of you reading a book or working with a client and then telling the story of how you came to do that type of work . The point here is to give people again, some understanding of who you are and what made you fall in love with what you do. Why? Because you can tell people the features of your services or the benefits or by the Swedes are working over you joy for life. But until they feel your passion until they really understand your inspiration squealing to be, ah, hard roll to sell them something so in start inspiring them early and often. And this is the first step to do that. Now what I want you to do is take some time to think about your story and then sketch it out just right out a couple of paragraphs. It really does need to be the re paragraphs of three sentences each. Now, I'm gonna finish this in just a little while, so be sure to come back and visit my page on Facebook and see what the rest of the story is . If you're interested. If not, go work on your own story. Added to the about section of your Facebook fan page. I guarantee you that you will start to see results as soon as that goes up. And you shared the fact that you tell the story on your fan page to your current Vance. Okay, I will see you in the next video. 6. Social Selling Case Study Janet B. Sessoms Fine Art (Part I): welcome to the social selling blueprint case study. Now I love a good case study, and the reason being is because I never want to reinvent the wheel. I want to take what's working for someone else and put my own spin on it applied for my own situation, not copy it, but changing and use it as a lesson to help me be better rate. So in this case, I want to help you and your marketing be better, and I want to introduce you to a former client named Jan Its essence. Jenna is an amazing painter on DSHEA. She has been doing this for years, and when she came to me last year, she wanted a way to use social media where she wouldn't have to do it all of the time. But she would do it consistently and begin to gain some traction in essentially selling more pieces off her work. And she stand an amazing job and I am super proud of her. So this is Jane. It's very first Facebook live video, and as you can see, it was about nine months ago. She got 46 likes three shares and 681 views. Not bad for a first Facebook live video that just showed up on her personal Facebook page. And she's doing everything that I just told you to dio. If you've watched all these videos share what inspires you, give people a little bit of insight into your family and what you dio and why you do it. And that's what she's doing in this minute video. After we met and I talked her into doing a Facebook live video and walked her through exactly how to do it, some of the mechanics of what to say. She did a really great job, and as you can see, she got 17 comets and someone even said Who knows both of us and it was also a client, said Super Video Jane, eight. Toya will be proud, and I waas, so I want to play just a little bit of the video so you can see that the video doesn't have to be again. Ah, Hollywood production. You don't have to be an actor or actress. You just have to be yourself. Make sure you tell people with the videos about what you're doing in the video and give them a cosy action at the So let's see what Jenna had to say in her very first Facebook live video last year. Good morning. I'm live from Fredericksburg, Texas. Amanda and I are having a wonderful mother daughter weekend and were visiting the art galleries here in Fredericksburg was first Friday last night. So we got to meet or see a lot of art off artists that I see in magazines. But I never get to see their work lives. So that was very exciting. Of course we visited Dan. Backs aren't here in the RS. Had a gallery, but we also saw work by Kwan Ho Um, Scott Christians, sons got Burdick, Laurie Putnam. Caroline Anderson, of course, is one of my favorites. Um, it is very exciting to see this, um, lab from Fredericksburg. 7. Social Selling Case Study Janet B. Sessoms Fine Art (Part II): Now let's talk about Jan. It's cover photo and profile photo now that you have seen her first Facebook live video and see that it doesn't have to be perfect. Your fans and your family and your friends are going to support you, and you may just get some business out of it. But I digress. Let me get off of my Facebook life. So box, as you can see, her Facebook cover photo is one of her latest images and then are pieces and then have profile photos, a picture of her standing next to another one of her pieces. She has about 553 lights, and you can see that she has engagement. And just a little while ago, just a few days ago, she sold another piece, which is amazing, right? And so every time she's selling something, she's actually giving social proof. So that's what you want to do, and it doesn't have to be a detailed description of the situation or what happened. It could be a very short sentence, as in this case, when Janet says, Please toe have sold the guys. Now she has ah pretty active group of people following her. Um, as you can see on May 18th Port City Auto Care actually displayed one of her images, as you can see on the wall behind them. Her work was also displayed in a very popular restaurant here. So she put out, excited to see the oceanic is using my painting for their ad. And so Janet does really share pretty pretty consistently on Facebook. It's not every other day or always three times a week, but it's enough to keep her fans engaged. And when you add Facebook live to that, you would be amazed at how well it works. Now I will give you a caveat. Janet does prefer to use Facebook life on her personal Facebook page, and it's perfectly OK. It just depends on how many followers you have or your fan page versus how many friends you have on your personal page. If you have more friends on your personal page, makes them with some customers. Definitely. Do your Facebook live on your personal page. You can always share your Facebook live video to your fan page, and I will blink in my notes how to do that in case you're interested. But if you have more fans than friends, definitely consider doing the Facebook live on your fan page. The key is to make sure they again. You give this Heidel tell people was about, keep it short and sweet and then finish with a strong Carter action. And it doesn't have to be by my ex. It could be sign up for my email newsletter. Follow me on Facebook to keep seeing behind the scenes sneak peek videos. Just ask them to do something to keep in touch with you so you can keep them moving down that sales cycle. Now, the next and final video is going to be asking you to do a project of your own. So please come back and stay tuned because I really want you to get the results that you were seeking when you signed up for this course.