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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Self esteem

    • 2. Self esteem motivation

    • 3. Dark side of Self esteem

    • 4. Perceived Self control

    • 5. Self serving bias

    • 6. Self presentation

    • 7. Impression management

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About This Class

The fact is that our social behavior arises from our social cognition. Especially when the unexpected occurs, we, as a humans, want to understand and explain why people act as they do. Social psychology’s great lesson is the enormous power of social influence. This influence can be seen in our conformity, our obedience to authority, and our group behavior.

If you have ever wondered:

How Much of Our Social World Is Just in Our Heads?

Would People Be Cruel If Ordered?

To Help? Or to Help Oneself?

A common thread runs through these questions: They all deal with how people view and affect one another. And that is what social psychology is all about. Social psychologists study attitudes and beliefs, conformity and independence, love and hate.

Course is made of 13 carefully graded sections, where every section include several lectures related to the specific topic. Of course, we start with the mother of Social Psychology and have some general info about Psychology itself, than we go to the center and start with the Social Psychology. We cover two main parts of Social Psychology – Social Thinking and Social Influence.

Social thinking covers topics where we learn more about ourselves, who are we in social worlds, how our selfesteem affect it, and how we perceive others. And later we have Social influence and topics which talk about how persuasion affect our personality, how we act if we are given power in certain fields, and are we capable of killing someone if it’s ordered to us?

Who should take this course and why?

If you find anything interesting in this field, and if you like answering on the question that are so obvious but maybe you never will ask them, you are the right person for this course. If you like to hear and learn about how todays advertisers, marketers, and scientists first of all who bombard you with those ads all over our social networks, how they experiment with our brains, and how they made someone to buy certain things or just to explain that “unexpected” behavior click enroll and let’s find out together. :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Self esteem: he's self esteem or our overall self evaluation. The some awful ourselves schemers, impossible Selves. Namely, if we see ourselves as attractive, athletic, smart and destined to be rich in love. Will we have high self esteem? Yes, Sajani for Corcoran. Can UAL When we feel good about the domain, such as looks, smarts or whatever important all of South esteem, one person may have south a steam that is highly contingent on doing well in school and being physically attractive, whereas another may have self esteem that is contingent on being loved by God and adhering to moral Sanders does. The first person will feel high self esteem. What needs to feel smart and Google King and the second person when me to perfume world specific self perceptions do have some influence. If you think you're good and Matt, you will be more likely to do well, it met over general self esteem, doesn't predict academic performance, worry well, academic self concept. Whether you think you're good in school, that's predict performance. Of course, each causes the other doing well. It's not makes you think you are good and mad, which then market rates you to do even better. So if you want to encourage someone or yourself, it is better if you were pretty easy specific, such as you are good and Matt instead of general, freeze your great And if you're kind, worst reflect through ability and performance such as you're really improved on your last test. Rather than unrealistic optimism such as you can do anything does feedback is best when it is true and specific. 2. Self esteem motivation : Abraham. NASA reported it. A Salafist scene Maidens model predicts a wary of interesting Chinese, even friction among brothers and sisters. Do you have a sibling off the same gender? Who's close to you in a judge S. So people probably compared to two off you as you corrupt? That's their presumes. That people's perceiving a one off you as more capable than the other will motivate the less able one toe act in ways that maintains self esteem. That's our things. That threat to self esteem is graters for an older child with a Kylie kept capable younger sibling man with a Bremer with markedly different ability levels typical recall not getting along well with him. A man with a similarly able Brunner are more likely to recall. Very little friction was underlies the Mahdi to maintain or enhance Augustine. Mark Leary believes that almost self esteem feelings are like a fuel catch. Relationships enable surviving and thriving. Does the self esteem guards, bowlers, US trapped and social rejection moderating us to act with greater sensitivity to other's expectations? Status confirmed that social rejection lowers our selflessly and makes us more eager for approval. Sprint or jilted, we feel unattractive or in Adak would like a blanking. There's work light, this pain, moderate action and search for acceptance and inclusion elsewhere. 3. Dark side of Self esteem: 4. Perceived Self control : So far, we have considered what South concept ease, how it develops and how well or pearly we know ourselves. Now let's see why I was self constant, mother, by ruin this south in action. This sounds capacity for action has limits. Note from Roy Bomb Siren he Scully. Consider these people who exert self controlled by forcing themselves to eat radishes rather than chocolate or by suppressing forbidden thoughts, have secretly quick, faster when given unsolvable puzzles. People who have tried to control their emotional responses to an upsetting movie activity decreased physical stamina in People who have spent their willpower on past, such as controlling their emotions during an exciting pill, later become more aggressive and more likely defied with their partners. They also become less restrained in their sexual thoughts and behaviors. In one study, students who depleted their willpower by focusing your attention on a difficult task were later when asked to express a comfortable level off intimacy with their partner more likely to make out and even remove some clothing. Effortful self control depletes our limited willpower reserves. Our brains Central executive school gyms available blood sugar went engaged in self control . South Control, therefore operates similarly to muscular friend Go hold Bomb Styron, Julia Exline Move are a weaker after exertion, replenished with rest and threatened by exercise, Although the self energy can be temporarily depleted. I was south Concepts do influence our behavior, given challenging tasks. People who imagined themselves is hard working and successful. Outperform those who imagine themselves as failures. InVision your positive possibilities and you become world likely to plan and enact a successful strategy. Stand for psychologist Albert Pandora captured the power of positive thinking in his research and theorizing about South efficiency or how competent we feel in a task believing in our own competence and effectiveness. Peace, dividends, Children and adults with strong feelings off South issues see are more resistant, less anxious in less depressed. The also lead healthier lives and are more academically successful in everyday life. Self viciously leads us to set challenging goals and to persist. More than 100 status show that self efficiency predicts worker productivity. When one problems arise, a strong sense of South officials see leaves workers to stay cool and seek solutions rather than ruminate on There. In a backless e convenience plus persistence equals accomplishment and with accomplishment . Self confidence grows south efficiency like South esteem grows with hard won achievements. I have no social life, complained a 40 something single man to student therapist Jerry Faris at Paris, urging the patient want to a dance where several woman dance with him? I was just lacking. Hugh later reported in When We Never Happened Again. When Faris reported this to his men third, Julian Rotter, it crystallized in an idea he had been for me in orders experiments in his critical practice, some people seem to persistently feel that would happen. Saddam is governed by external forces one kind or another, while others feel that what happens to them is governed largely by their own efforts and skills. What do you think about your own life? Are you more often in charge off your destiny or a victim of circumstance? Rather cool that this time mansion lock was control, Which Paris He developed 29 period statement to measure a person's locks of control. Imagine taking this test in which things view more strongly believe in the long run. People get the respect he deserving this world or, unfortunately, people's word passes un recognised. No matter how hard they try. What happens to me is my own growing. Or sometimes I feel that I don't have enough control over the direction of my life. He's taking. The average person can have an influence in government decisions, or this world is run by the few people in power injuries and know much of the little guy can do about it. If your answer to these questions were mostly a, you probably believe you control your own destiny. And if your answers were mostly be, you probably feel chance or outside forces the German your faith. Those who see themselves as internally controlled are more likely to do well in school, successfully stop smoking where seed bells deal with MERICLE problems directly earned a substantial income and delaying from gratification who achieve long term goals. 5. Self serving bias: most of us have a good reputation with ourselves in studies of self esteem, even a little scoring. People respond in the need. Ridge off possible scores almost half esteem. Does person response the statements such as? I have a good idea which a qualifying edge active, which is somewhat or sometimes one of social psychology, is most provocative. Yet firmly established conclusions concerns the Barden sea of self serving buyers. Many dozens of experiments have founded people accept credit when they told they have succeeded. They attributes the success of your ability and afterward. But the attributes. Failure, external factors such as bad luck or the problems inherent impossibility. Similarly, in explaining their week threes, athletes commonly cried themselves. But the attributes losses to something else. For example, like that brings bad referee calls or the other things super F word or dirty plate. And how much responsibility do you suppose a car drivers tend to accept for their accidents on insurance forms? Drivers have described their accents in words such as these, and a musical car came out of nowhere. Stuff my car and managed as I reached an intersection ahead, sprang up, obscuring my vision, and I didn't see the other car or a pedestrian hit me and went on there. My car. This is from Toronto News in 90 77. This phenomenon, or self serving attribution, is which is attributing positive outcomes toe oneself and negative albums to something else is one of the most Parton off human biases. Now we have crushed. We have to know that sheltering bias also appears when people compare themselves with others. If the sixth century BC Chinese Philosophers Logs who was right? That it's no time in the world. Will a man who is saying overreach himself over stand himself in overrate himself that most of us are a little insane for un subjective, socially desirable and common dimensions, most people see themselves as better than the average person. Compared with people in general, most people see themselves as more act ical, more competent and their job friendlier, more intelligent, better will king less tragedies healthier and even more insightful and less biased in yourself. Assassin David Meyers tells us that in probably most of us over elite, namely, he and his wife used to pitch their laundry as the food off their bedroom calls Hambor in the morning. One of us would put it in, he says, when she suggested that I take more responsibility parties, I didn't I already doing 75% of the time. So I asked her how often she thought she picked out the clothes. Oh, she replied, about 75% of the fine. But what if you had to estimate how often you perform a rear household chores like cleaning human here? You're elected to see that you do these less than 50% of the time. Apparently the secures, because we have more knowledge about our behavior and then about someone else's. And we assume that other people's behavior will be less extreme than ours. We have a curious tendency to enhance our self images by overestimating or underestimating the extent to which others think and act as we go. On matters of opinion, we find support for our positions by overestimating the extent to which others agree, a phenomenon called Defaults confesses affect when we behave badly or feel on a task. We reassure ourselves by thinking that such lapses out or so common after one person lives another, the liar begins that preceded the other person is dishonest. The gas that others think and act is datable. I lie, but this is everyone. It would cheat on our income. Taxes or smoke were likely toe over us. I mean, the number other people will do likewise. It will feel sexual desire to over another. We may over arrest me to the others. Recipe Russell Desire As former be watched actor David Hasselhoff admitted, I have had bottles everyone has when mothers of ability or when we behave, row or successfully, however, a fool's uniqueness ethic more often, if yours, we serve out with self image by seeing our balance and moral behaviours as a relatively unusual. For example, those who use marijuana but you seatbelts will overestimate, which is full of confesses. The number of other marijuana use is an underestimate, which is false uniqueness. The number of other seatbelt users does. We may see our feelings as relatively normal and our characters as relatively exceptional to sum up self serving bias well stated. Contrary to the presumption that most people suffer from low self esteem or feelings of inferiority, researchers consistently find that most people exhibit a self serving bus in experiments in everyday life. We often see crowded for always successes. Well, bleeding failures on the situation most people rate themselves is better than average on subjective, desirable priests and abilities. We exhibit unrealistic optimism about our fate. Futures. We overestimated the commonality of our opinions and foibles, which is false consensus. Well, interesting commonality of our abilities and marriages. We're just false uniqueness. Such perceptions arise partly from a modest to maintain any enhance self esteem. Amount of that protects people from depression but contributes to misjudgment and group conflict. Self serving bias can be adaptive in that it allows us to savor the go things that happening our lives. When bad things happen. However, self serving bias can have the mal adaptive affect off, causing us troubling others or rotated out of something we reserved. 6. Self presentation: So far, we have seen that the southeast, at the center of our social worlds, that self esteem and self sufficiency pay some dividends and that self serving bias influences self evaluations. Perhaps you have wandering are sound enhancing expressions always sincere. The people have the same feelings privately as they express publicly. Or are they just putting on a positive days even while living with self doubt? Sometimes people sabotage their chances for success by creating impediments. Livni success less likely. Far from being deliberately South destructive, such behaviors typically have a South protective aim. They say. I'm really not a failure. I would have done well except for this problem. Why would people had to give themselves with self defeating behavior? Recall that we eagerly protect our South images by attributing failures to external factors . Can you see why? Fearing failure, people might have to give themselves by parting home the night before a job interview or playing video games instead of starting before a big exam. When self image is tied up with performance, it can be more self dictating to try hard and fail than to procrastinate and have around. Excuse if we fail while handed kept in some way, we can cling to a sense of competence and equally succeed under such conditions. It's going only both our self image, and it gives protective boots self esteem in public image by allowing us to attributes failures to something temporary or external. For example, I was feeling sick or I was ouch, too late, and I, before, rather than tow, lack the talent or ability. 7. Impression management: censoring bias, false modesty and help handicapping revealed adapt off our concern for self image wearing degrees were continually managing the impressions we created, whether we wish we impress, intimidate or seem helpless. We are social animals going to an audience self presentation refused while wanting to present a desired image host point external audience, which are other people, and to next internal audience, which is our sounds. We work at managing the impressions we create. We excuse, justify or apologizes necessary to shore up our self esteem and wire. If I our self image is just as we preserve our self esteem, we also must make sure not to brag too much and risk the disapproval. Fathers. Social interaction is a careful balance off looking good while not looking so good in familiar situations. South presentation happens without conscience effort in unfamiliar situations. Perhaps it a party with people we would like to impress or in conversation with someone we have romantic interested in were actually self conscious off the impressions we are creating, and we are here for last modest, then when among friends who know us well, preparing to have our father graphs taken, we may even try out different faces in a mirror. We that is even do active self presentation, the please energy, which often leads to diminished effectiveness. For example, the last persistence on a tedious experimental past or, more difficulty, stickling emotional expression. The upside is that self presentation can unexpectedly improved mood. People felt significantly better than they thought they would after doing their best to put their best face forward in, concentrate on making a positive impression on their boyfriend or go from Elizabeth. Dunne and her colleagues conclude that date nights for long term couples work because they encourage active self presentation, which improves Mort and to sum up sell presentation. We will say that is social animals. We adjust our worlds and actions to suit our audiences for wearing the grease we know if our performance and adjust it to create the impressions with desire. The tactics explain examples off false modesty in which people put themselves down axe for future combat tours or publicly crowded others while privately crediting themselves. Sometimes people will leave himself, had to keep with self defeating behaviors that protects healthy seen by providing uses for failure. South presentation. We're here so allowable wanting percent. A favorable image both funny external audience, Anton internal audience with regard to an external audience. Those who score high on a scale of sound monitoring adjust their behaviors to each situation, whereas those going sell month during made so little social adjusting this he seemed insensitive.