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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Persuasion intro

    • 2. Choosing Effective Communicator

    • 3. Creating Effective Communication

    • 4. Which Route Do We Take

    • 5. Preventing Persuasion

    • 6. Does Subliminal Advertising Work

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About This Class

The fact is that our social behavior arises from our social cognition. Especially when the unexpected occurs, we, as a humans, want to understand and explain why people act as they do. Social psychology’s great lesson is the enormous power of social influence. This influence can be seen in our conformity, our obedience to authority, and our group behavior.

If you have ever wondered:

How Much of Our Social World Is Just in Our Heads?

Would People Be Cruel If Ordered?

To Help? Or to Help Oneself?

A common thread runs through these questions: They all deal with how people view and affect one another. And that is what social psychology is all about. Social psychologists study attitudes and beliefs, conformity and independence, love and hate.

Course is made of 13 carefully graded sections, where every section include several lectures related to the specific topic. Of course, we start with the mother of Social Psychology and have some general info about Psychology itself, than we go to the center and start with the Social Psychology. We cover two main parts of Social Psychology – Social Thinking and Social Influence.

Social thinking covers topics where we learn more about ourselves, who are we in social worlds, how our selfesteem affect it, and how we perceive others. And later we have Social influence and topics which talk about how persuasion affect our personality, how we act if we are given power in certain fields, and are we capable of killing someone if it’s ordered to us?

Who should take this course and why?

If you find anything interesting in this field, and if you like answering on the question that are so obvious but maybe you never will ask them, you are the right person for this course. If you like to hear and learn about how todays advertisers, marketers, and scientists first of all who bombard you with those ads all over our social networks, how they experiment with our brains, and how they made someone to buy certain things or just to explain that “unexpected” behavior click enroll and let’s find out together. :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Persuasion intro: on January 19 2007 Steve Jobs, the enigmatic co founder and CEO of Apple Inc. Introduced the first iPhone for the world anyways, quickly revolutionized the smartphone industry and change what consumers can keep the expect from their home. In the year since, smartphones have changed from being regarded as status symbols. Apple sold close to pre 0.7 million iPhones during the first mark here on the market to fairly common pleas and essential tools. One out of every five people in the world now also smartphone, and there are more smartphones in use in the world than pieces. And it is difficult for many young people to imagine who anyone ever managed to function without them. If you consider the relatively high cost off these devices, this transformation has been truly remarkable. Much of this shift in attitude can be credited to impressive use of tactics, authorization employed by smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, this difficult marketing campaign for a new model of an iPhone, the levers, a carefully crafted message that cleverly ways together stories, visuals and music to create an emotional experience for going public. These messages are often designed to showcase the range of uses of the device and to awoke a sense of need. Apple also strives to form relationships with its customers, something that is illustrated by the fact that 86% of those who purchased the iPhone five ass were upgrading for a previous model. This strategy has benefited Apple tremendously, and it has sold over 1.16 billion iPhone since 2007 making it one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Every day we're bombarded by advertisements off every sort. The goal off these ads is to sell US cars, computers, video games, codes and even political candidates. The ads appear on billboards, Web side, pop up ads, buses, TV infomercial and while You name, it has been estimated is over $500 billion spent annually on advertising worldwide. There is substantial evidence that advertising is affected in changing attitudes. After the RG Reynolds company started airing, it's Joe Camel ads for cigarettes on TV in the 98 is Camel's share of cigarettes. Sales to Children increased dramatically with Percy. Asian can also have more positive outcomes. For instance, a review off the research literature in the case that mass media and the smoking campaigns are associated with reduced smoking rates among board evolves and your pres. Asian is also used to encourage people to donate to charitable causes, to volunteer, to give blood and to engage in healthy behaviors. If you think that advertisers and marketers have too much influence and then this section will help you understand how to resist such attempts in precision following the approach used by some of the earliest social psychologists and that still form the basis of thinking about our communication, we'll consider wished communicators can delivery the most effective messages. The which type of message recipients. 2. Choosing Effective Communicator: In order to be effective procedures, we must first get people's attention, then send an effective message to them and then ensure that they process the message in the way we would like them to. Furthermore, to accomplish the school's Mercedes must consider the cognitive, effective and behavioral aspects off their methods. Person aiders also must understand how the communication they are presenting released the domestic Christie Peon. He's or her motivations, desires and goals. Research has demonstrated that the same message will be more effective if is delivered by a more foresees of communicator. In general, we can say that communicators are more effective when they help the recipients feel good about themselves. That is, by appealing South concern. For instance, attractive communicators are frequently more effective first aiders than are unattractive communicators. Attractive communicators create a positive association with the product they are trying to sell and put us in a good world, which makes us more likely to accept their messages. And as the many marketers who include free gifts such as mailing labels or small toys in their requests for charitable donations, well, no, we are more likely to respond. The communicators who offer us something personal beneficial were also more proceeded by people who are similar to us in terms off opinions and values, then, by those home we proceed, is being different. This is, of course, why advertisements targeted it's Teenagers frequently used teenagers to present the message and why Advertisements targeted at the URL elderly use older communicators. When communicators are perceived as attractive and similar to us, we tend to like them. And we also tend to trust the people that we like the success of the per work bodies in which friends get together to buy products from other friends. And maybe you. More to the fact that people like the sales person, then to the nature of the product. People such as media mogul Opperman, free tennis star Roger Federer and the musician Bono having used as communicators for products, in part because we see them as trust working. And that's likely to present in an unbiased message. First, warning communicators are effective because they allow us to feel good about ourselves when we accept their message, often without critically evaluating its contents. It's expert communicators may sometimes be perceived a stress 40 because they know a lot about a product they are selling when a doctor recommends that we take a particle drug, for example, were likely to be influenced because we know that he or she has expertise about the effectiveness of approx. It is no surprise that advertisers use race car driver to sell cars and basketball players to sell athletic shoes. Older expertise comes in part from having knowledge. It can also be communicated by how one presents the message. Communicators will speak confidently quickly and in a straightforward way, are seen as more expert. Then those will speak in a more hesitating in slower matter, taking regular speed and speeding it up by the leading worry small Spangler segments of it . So that he found the same but actually goes Foster makes the same communication more perceived of this is probably in part because faster speech makes. The communicator seemed more like an expert, but also because foster speech reduces the listeners ability to come up with compare arguments as he or she listens to the message. A pack of speakers frequently used this technique, and some of the bass procedures are those who speak quickly. Expert communicators are expected to know a lot of out of product. They're endorsing, of course, but they may not be seen a stress. 40 fear statements seem to be influenced by external causes. For example, people who are seen to be our king in their own self interest. For example, on an expert witness we speed by the warriors, Keys or a celebrity who is paid to endorse a product may be ineffective because we made this count their communications. On the other hand, when a person presents a message that goes against external causes, for instance, by arguing in favor off an opinion for a person who isn't moved to disagree with it, we see the internal states it has that the individual really believes in. The message he or she is expressing is even more powerful. Communicators also may be seen as biased if they present only one side of an issue, while completely ignoring the potential problems or counter arguments to the message in this case is people who are informed about both sides of the topic may see the communicator as attempting toe unfairly influence them. Although we're generally wary, aware of the potential that communicators me, the liver, mass cities that are in a cured or designed to influence us, and we're able to discount messages that come from sources that we do not us stress 40. There is one interesting situation in which we may be fooled by communicators. The secures when a message is presented by someone whom we perceive as untrustworthy. When we first hear the person's communication, we appropriately discounted and if therefore has little influence on our opinions. However, over time there is a tendency to remember the content off a communication to a greater extent than we remember in the source of the communication. As a result, we may forget all the time to discount the Remember the message this asked. You'd change that A cures over time is known as the sleeper ethic. Perhaps you have experienced the sleeper affect your in high profile election campaigns, candidates sometimes produce advertises that attacked your opponents. These kinds of communications occasionally stretched the truth in order to win public favor , which is why many people listen to them with a grain of salt. But the trouble cures when people remember the cleans made. But forget the source of the communication 3. Creating Effective Communication: once we have chosen a communicator the next half east of the thermal. What's type of message we should have him or her deliver. Neither social psychologists nor advertisers are so naive as sitting that simply presenting a strong message is sufficient. No matter how good a massive ease, It will not be effective unless people pay attention to it, understand it accepted and incorporate it into their self concept. This is why we're attempt to choose good communicators to present our ads in the first place and why we tailor our communications to get people to process them the way we want them toe. The message is that we deliver may be processed either spontaneously. Other comes for this, include peripherally or heuristic lee or thoughtfully on the other side. Other terms for a portfolio includes centrally or systematically spontaneous processing is direct, quick and often involves effective, responsive to the message. Total processing, on the other hand, is more controlled, and he moves a more careful cognitive elaboration off the meaning of the message. The route that we take when we process a communication is important in the Germany. Whether or not a particle message changes our attitudes because we're bombarded with so many perceiving messages and because we do not have the time, resource is or interest to process every message for were frequently process messages spontaneously. And in these cases, if we are influenced by the communication at all, it is likely that it is relatively unimportant characteristics of the advertisement, such as the likability or attractiveness of the communicator or them using playing in the ad that will influence us if we find the communicator cute. If the music in the ad puts us in a good would, or if it appears that other people are around us like the ad, then when we simply accept the mastered without thinking about it very much in these cases we engage in spontaneous message processing in which we accept appreciation attempted because we focus on whatever is most obvious or enjoyable, without much attention to the massive help shall be taken. Found that students who were not highly involved in a stopping because it didn't affect them personally were more preceded by a likable communicator than by an unlikable one. Regardless of whether the communicator presented a good argument for the topic or a poor one on the other hand, students who were more involved in the decision were more proceeded by the better message than by the poorer one. Regardless of whether the communicator was likable or not, they were not fooled by their likeability of the communicator. You might be able to think of some advertisements that are likely to be successful because they create spontaneous processing of the message by basing their perceived attempts around creating emotional responses in the listeners. And in this case is the advertisers use associational learning toe associated the positive Beatrice of the act with a product. Television commercials are are often humorous and out of mama as frequently feature beautiful people having fun driving beautiful cars and the slogans I'm loving it like a Things Good and Go to the last drop are good ads in particles they successfully create positive affect in Valley Center. In some cases, emotional adds, maybe effective because they lead us to watch or listen to that rather than simply change the channel or do something else. The clever and funny TV ads that are broadcast during the Super Bowl every here are likely to be affected because we watched them remember them and took about him with others. In this case, the positive affect makes the ads more Cillian because ing them to grab our attention. But emotional ads also take advantage of the roll off effect informant information per sensing. We tend to like things more when we are in a good war and because positive affect indicate that stinks. R k. We process information less carefully when we are in a good mood. That's the spontaneous approach to Percy's. It is particulary effective one. People are happy, and advertisers, of course, try to take advantage of this fact. Another type of added that is based on emotional response is one that uses fear appeals. Just add that show pictures off badly. Outcome about accident to encourage to see balance use or images offline cancer surgery to decrease smoking by and large, fearful messages are per season again. This is due in part to the fact that the emotional aspects off the ads make them civilians and lead us to attend and remember them in fearful ads and maybe also framed in a way that leads us to focus on the Sicilian negative albums that have a cure for one particle individual. When we see an image of a person who is a jailed for grow accuse, we may be able to empathize with the person and imagine how we would feel if it happened to us. Does this? That may be more effective than more statistical at stating the base rates of number of people who are jailed from Caracas every year, all the laboratory status a generally find that fearful messages are effective in precision . They may be less useful in real world advertising campaigns. Fearful messages may create a lot of anxiety and therefore turn people off to the message. For instance, people who know that smoking cigarettes is dangerous, but who cannot seem to quit the experience. Particle anxiety about their smoking behaviours, fear messages are more effective when people feel that they know how to react by the problem and have the ability to actually go so and big responsibility for a change without some feelings off south officious see, people do not know how to respond to the fear does. If you want the scare people into changing their behavior, it may be helpful if you also give them some ideas about how to do so so does they feel like they have the ability to take action to make changes on the other side? When we process messages only spontaneously, our feelings are more likely to be important. But when we process messages, hopefully cognition prevails. When we care about a topic, find it relevant and have plenty of time to think about a communication were a likely process, the message more deliberatively, carefully and thoughtfully. In this case, we elaborate on the communication by considering the process constant the message and questioning the validity of the communicator and the message. Beautiful message processing or cures when we think about how the massive relief So our old beliefs and goals and in goes our careful consideration off whether the precision attempt is Ouali were invalid. When an advertiser presents a message that he or she hopes will be processed with fully legal East to create positive commissions about the art, you'd object in the listener. The communicator mentioned positive patrons and characteristics off the product and at the same time attempts to downplay the negative characteristics when people are asked to list their thoughts about a product while they are listening to or right after they hear a message. Those holy more positive votes also express more positive attitudes toward the product than do those who leased more negative thoughts. Because the total processing of the message both are is Thea attitude. Thoughtful processing helps us develop strong articles, which are there for resistant to counter appreciation. 4. Which Route Do We Take: what taught for instantaneous messages can be effective, but it is important to know which is likely to be better in a situation and for rich people . When we can moderate people to process our message here going into boy, then we are going to be able to present our strong and per season arguments with the expectation that our audience will attend to them. If we can get the listener to process these strong arguments forcefully, then the on your change will likely be strong and long lasting. On the other hand, when we expect our we sinners 2% only spontaneously, for instance, if they don't care too much about our message or if they are busy doing other things, then we do not need to worry so much about the content of the message itself, even a week. But interesting message can be effective in this case. Successful advertises Tailor your passages to beat the expected characteristics or beer audiences. In addition to being motivated to process the message, we must also have the ability to do so. If the message is too complex to understand, we may rely on spontaneous cues such as the perceived passport nous or expertise of the communiqu either, and totally ignored the content of the message. When experts are used to attempt to perceive people, for instance, in conflicts, glory trials, the messages that these experts give may be very difficult to understand. And in these cases, the jury members may rely on the perceived expertise of the communicator rather than he or her message being preceded in a relatively Slovenia sweet. In other cases, we may not be able to, percent said the information, totally because we are distracted or tired, and in these cases, even week passages can be effective again because we process them. Baby Castillo Pain Goldman showed how different motivations may lead toe either spontaneous or Kotal processing. In their recent college, students heard a massive suggesting that the administration is beer College was proposing to institute a new comprehensive exempted all students would need to pass in order for graduating and then aerated the decree to which they were favorably toward to the idea the research is manipulated. Tree independent arrivals 1st 1 was Message Trent. The message contained either strong arguments, which is per season data and statistics about a positive ethics off big sense at other universities or weak arguments, relying on Lee on individual quotations and personal opinions. Then second thing, which is sort source expertise. The message was supposed to prepare the either by an expert source. For example, the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, which was chaired by a professor of education at Princeton University, were by a non expert source for example, a class at the local high school. In Third Factor was personal relevance. It has the student who were cold. Either that's the new example, would begin before they graduated, or just high personal relevance, or that it wouldn't begin until after they had already graduated, which is a little personal relevance, as you can see here in this figure between his colleagues, sound to interaction at the top panel of the figures showed that the students in the high personal relevance condition, which is left side, we're not particulary influenced by the expertise of the source, whereas the student in the low Purcell around conservation, which is the right side, were on the other hand. As you can see, the bottom panel, the students who were in the high personal relevance condition, which is the last side were strongly influenced by the quality of the argument. But the little personally moment students, which is right side in this game? We're not these findings, I think, with the idea that when the issue was important, the students engaged in total processing of the massive itself, and when the message was largely irrelevant, they simply used the expertise off the source without bothering to think about the message . Because both total and spontaneous approaches can be successful, advertising campaigns such as those used by Apple carefully make use off four spontaneous and multiple messages. For example, the ad Me showcased the new and useful features off a device like the iPad amid scenes of how creative or productive people and an inspiring soundtrack. 5. Preventing Persuasion: 6. Does Subliminal Advertising Work: if it were effective. Some liminal advertising would have some major advantages for advertisers because it would allow them to promote their product without directly interacting because you must activity and with them to the consumer, knowing that he or she easing Versi ated. People cannot counter, argue with or attempt to avoid being influenced by mass. It is that they do not know they have received. And this may make subliminal advertising particle e effective due to fears that people may be influenced to buy products out of their awareness. Subliminal advertising has been legally bent in many countries, including Australia, Great Britain and the United States. Some research has suggested that subliminal advertising may be effective. Caramels truby in cloth had do sh college students with a serious of computer trials in which a string of lag ascetic BB, BB, BB or BBB with small B was presented on this Queen and the students were asked to pay attention. The whether or not the stream contains a small B. However, immediately before each off the letter strings, the researchers presented either the name off. A bring that is sauce Larry Holland, for example, like Lipton iced or control string containing the same letters as a Lipton eyes. The pranking wars were presented so quickly for only about one off 50 feet off a second that the participants couldn't see them. Then the students were asked to indicate their intention to drink Lipton iced by answering questions such as If you would sit on a dress. Now, how likely is it that you would order with tonight and also to indicate how thirsty they were at this moment? The researchers found that the students who had been exposed to the lifting eyes primes were significantly more likely to say that they would bring within eyes then where it goes , who had been exposed to the control world, but that this was Onley true for the past Citians, who said that they were currently thirsting. On the other hand, other research has not supported the effectiveness of subliminal advertising. Charles scrapping conducting conducted a matter analysis in which he combined 23 research studies that had casted they influence off subliminal advertising or consumer choice. The results showed that subliminal advertising had a knack kable effect on consumer choice . Cigarette concluded that marketing should quit, giving subliminal advertising the benefit of the doubt, arguing that the influences off subliminal similarly are usually so weak that they're normally overshadowed by the person's own decision making about the behavior. Even if a subliminal or supple advertising East received previous experience with the product or similar products where even unrelated, more salient, similarly, at the moment may easily overshadow any ethic the subliminal message would have had, that is, even if we do perceive the hidden passages, our prior attitudes or our current situation will likely have a stronger influence on our choices. Potentially no buying any affect this subliminal lasted would have had taken together. The evidence for the effectiveness of subliminal advertising is weak, and its ethics may be limited to only some people and Onley some conditions. You probably don't have to worry too much about being subliminally proceeded in your everyday life. Even subliminal ads are allowed in your country, of course, Although subliminal advertising is not that effective, there are plenty off other indirect advertising techniques that are many ads for a probables and alcoholic beverages have sexual connotations which, indirectly, even if not subliminally, associate these positive pictures with their products. And they are the ever more frequent product policeman techniques were images or brands are police on websites and in popular TV shows and movies,