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About This Class

Social Media for Creatives is an 11-chapter video course developed for companies and individuals in creative industries. What can only be described as a video toolkit, each chapter covers various topics that, when compiled, create the ideal framework for a success across core sociall networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Whether you're trying to figure out your content strategy, your brand voice, or just what time of day is best to post, this course walks you through both the creative and the qualitative.

This video course is ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives (photographers, designers, artists, etc) and anyone who is interested in taking their social media to the next level.

There will also be select exercises throughout, which are optional to do but encouraged! The workbook can be downloaded here

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Very good content with specific knowledge to help you better understand and utilize each community.
Great course, very articulate and easy to follow.
This is a great class. High quality content that is presented in a clear and easy to follow manner. Improvements I'd recommend: 1) I can't find the growth worksheet, but the workbook provided is well designed to accompany the class. 2) Label the videos for ease of navigation Thanks Chelsea!
Sarah Fay Philips

Lifelong learner and educator





Chelsea Matthews

Founder & Creative Director, Matte Black