Social Media for Creatives

Chelsea Matthews

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12 Videos (1h 33m)
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About This Class

Social Media for Creatives is an 11-chapter video course developed for companies and individuals in creative industries. What can only be described as a video toolkit, each chapter covers various topics that, when compiled, create the ideal framework for a success across core sociall networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Whether you're trying to figure out your content strategy, your brand voice, or just what time of day is best to post, this course walks you through both the creative and the qualitative.

This video course is ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives (photographers, designers, artists, etc) and anyone who is interested in taking their social media to the next level.

There will also be select exercises throughout, which are optional to do but encouraged! The workbook can be downloaded here

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Great course on social media marketing, especially for those of us who are new to it. She really breaks down strong points quickly. Get your pen and paper ready!
I thought this was a great class. I think it is the best one skillshare currently offers for social media. As a filmmaker it really spoke to me. Tons of useful information packed into a digestible form. My only issue is that so many website and apps were named throughout the videos, but they don't appear in the course workbook. Also, the growth spreadsheet is not attached. It is mentioned in chapter 6, but there is no download for it. Is there a way to upload a document with all the apps and websites mentioned?
Chelsea is great! Classes are organized great + provide the right amount of information. Taking note + learning alot!

Whatever you say, Stove.