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Social Media Training For Businesses

teacher avatar Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Social media compendium intro

    • 2. The Ninja way of attracting Customers on Facebook

    • 3. Top ten reasons why your business should

    • 4. How to do a social media audit 1

    • 5. Color psychology the way to improve sales

    • 6. What is social media

    • 7. Fundamentals of growing a large linked in following

    • 8. Linkedin All Star Rating Tips

    • 9. Social media ROI

    • 10. Your class project

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About This Class

Social Media Training For Businesses

This course shows you how to use Social Media training for your business to Increase Customers, Improve profitability and get your brand message across to more of your Followers

We all use social media in our daily lives,but are you using it properly for your business, or to get that job in Social Media?


If not, why not? Your Competitors almost certainly are and you could be missing out BIG TIME by not having a cohesive and well thought out Social Media Strategy.

This course will show you how to Increase your followers across all of the leading social media platforms.

It will show you how to complete a social media audit to highlight any deficiencies in your marketing whilst explaining how to fix them.

Some of the many other things we will look at in the course are:-

10 reasons your business should be leveraging Social Media.

Nine tips for increasing your click through rates on Facebook and the Ninja way of attracting customers.

Reaching your target market on Twitter.

Ever-Growing circles on Google+

Fundamentals of growing a large Linked-in following and how to get that Impressive all-star profile.

How to spot your fake followers.

How to use Psychology to increase sales.

YouTube- using visual media and visual storytelling to improve your brand.

By taking this course you will learn lots of hints, hacks, and tips to get you ahead of your rivals. By properly leveraging and using the dynamic power o Social Media you will Increase your customers and Improve profitability

Enrol now. Every few minutes that you delay means your rivals could be getting ahead with their Social Media Strategy.

I look forward to seeing you Inside

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All music for this course (upbeat forever, maccaray bay, blue ska, dreams may come true, spellbound, thief in the night) all by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mike Ingram

Skillshare Teacher. Follow me



Thanks for taking time to visit my profile page.

I'm delighted that I might have the chance to help you, through my courses here on Skillshare.

I've been fortunate enough to work at some top companies and have also for the last eleven years run successful businesses of my own.

I've picked up a lot of experience in online and offline business and hope to help you be successful too!

My Interests include online business, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wordpress, SEO and Social Media and I hope to soon be able to share some of my skills with you In my courses. My hobbies include playing guitar.

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1. Social media compendium intro: everybody. And welcome to the social media compendium secret tricks, hacks and hints. Before we start diving into the world of social media on lots of secret tricks, acts and hints to get you ahead of the pack, I'd like to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing my course. There are other courses out there on similar subjects, and I'm really grateful you've chosen this course about the others. Lying is a simple one, and that's to give you great content and value for money. No, when you've taken all you want from this course and statistically on finding out that most people never actually finished a whole course, it would be really, really helpful to me if you could leave a few words in a review on you. To me, unlike most people, and appreciate approval and encouragement to keep me following my dreams to be productive as a you know, me instructor also your feet back, or help ensure others join my courses and hopefully help me earn a living. It's not as easy as it looks to produce these courses. I think he wants again for your custom in General. Steve, if you need any more information on me, I've added some contact details at the end of the course 2. The Ninja way of attracting Customers on Facebook: sh Don't tell anyone, but these post is the ninja way of targeting traffic on Facebook. Now, you may not have heard of them, but dark posts really are the best way to target traffic on Facebook without any of your competitors. Seem what you're doing now. The main differences between dark posts and usual posts is they won't appear on your Facebook wall and so, in effect, are invisible to everyone apart from your target. Sometimes this stealth mode of doing things is the best way of doing things. The second differences, you can tell it by keywords, for example, company owner, etcetera. Now let's take a look at how to get these dark posts. So first of all, to get to this part, you clicked on it Manage adverts, which is on the left hand side of the main menu on Facebook, and you'll come to this page and you want to select power editor. So here we have the power editor and you want to exit. Click on page posts from the drop down theme here Now, along the top. Here, you'll see a number of different items click on, create post, then you get this box up, which is create unpublished page post. You put any euro in here, post any text you want in here and a court action button sewing up book. Now download. Learn more shop. Now, Now, on the create unpublished page post along the top here is a post type and you can see there's a link. You can look at a photo. You put a video, you can create page post for status, and you can create a page post for offer. And sure, you select this post will only be used as an advert, which is this spot in here. That means it will not appear on your Facebook page. So here I've created the page post A. So you can see you are our post text court action. We just sign up, make fantastic income from fiver off, uploaded the image, and I'm ready to create the post. So let's just let Facebook create the post. And there it is, broke after the summer and you'll see this little half moon shape here, which shows that it's no actually active yet. So by creating clicking on the little link post right next to it, you get a post preview up here of what your post is gonna look like when you do it. Now, with the dark post created, you can then choose keywords for the interests which meet your site selection criteria. With dark posts, you can tell it's specific. People be want crowding a war as the post remains invisible. Hence why they call these posts dark posts. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Top ten reasons why your business should: 10 reasons your business should be Leveraging social media. There are many, many reasons for your business to use social media to increase sales and grow your customer base. Here is a list of my top 10 reasons that your business needs to take action now. Number one. New business. By using social media in a consistent manner and putting out regular good quality content, you will drive new business and increase the number of cells you're making. The majority of businesses have reported again, particularly when using Facebook and LinkedIn. Number two. Using social media gives you a completely free platform to put your content on. Obviously, you have the option to buy advertising on a with a moment major social media platforms. But this is not a necessity. And therefore Social Media offers a cost effective way for businesses on a tight budget to grow their online presence. When you put your content on social media, you give your customers a chance to interact with you. This gives you a much more personal connection with them. It lets your customer see there is more to your company than just the sales machine. Number three is interaction number four learn what they want through listening to your customer on social media, you can learn more about your customers, likes and dislikes what they want, what they don't want, any comments about your brand and maybe giving insights into potential future sales. Number five. Social Media is a great way to enhance through lead generation. It's been reported that over 70% of B two C companies generate cells and leads through Facebook alone. Number six Search engine Recognize ation. The more good, relevant content you post online on things like social networks, the more like she'll get back, and therefore the search engines will start to see back links your company website. This, in turn, would increase your position on the search engines. When people are looking for you, you should use your website to build trust and for its interactivity, foster relationships with people and grow your search engine. Ranking number seven. Word of mouth sales. Social media allows you to grow your word of mouth sales. If people cycled, things will share your content with their customers, friends and families. It may build their trust in your products, making it much more likely that they're going to come back and buy from you again. Number eight. We've always seen those videos on YouTube and for at the Internet that have gone viral. Sometimes the content you post may grow viral. This means your content is getting shared by many people there, then sharing it with their friends and families. Ultimately, this Kenly lead to some posts being seen by millions of potential buyers. This is gonna go a long way and create a lasting buzz about your products. When this happens, there's a good chance to monetize your content by allowing links to adverse to be placed in it or on it. Number nine established expertise By posting regular content online in blocks, forums and other social media message boards. You can establish yourself as an expert with both your existing and, more importantly, potentially new customers. Number 10 show the quality. It's a great way to explain the quality of your products, what you do and what customers should choose to buy from you. That concludes my top 10 reasons In the next lecture, we're going to be looking at the main social media sites and which ones are the correct fit for your business. See, then 4. How to do a social media audit 1: in this lecture, we're going to be talking about the importance of conducting a social media ordered there. Before writing any content whatsoever, you'll need to do a social media, order it to determine and locate all of your social media profiles. I That's which accounts you set up on all of the social media networks. Not only the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and the other big ones, but also the content submitted unless and no networks like Cora and read it now, Google Analytics is a great tool for finding out in depth knowledge on your customer base. Now we really don't have time right now to go into Google Analytics, as this would be enough content to create a whole rubber course. Or maybe several. Many of the main of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, also have their own sweet off analytical tools to assist you in your aims before starting your order, you need to think about what you're trying to achieve as a business free social media, any shore you measure. Against this, you conclude things like calculating the return on investment on your social media campaigns and the right your social media following is growing across the various platforms you shouldn't show your order includes determining the demographic of your customers on each social media platform. The information you need includes things like the sex of your customer, the average age of your customers, even if it's banded 18 to 80 years the location of your customer. Now you can use geo location with lots of the paid advertising platforms these days in order to target specific local traffic. What do your customers interests both business and social? You should also almost things like What are their problems that need solving? Also, look to see that your content across all the social media platforms is consistently branded . Each profile is completed correctly and also take a look to see if they're up on any unofficial sites out there for your business made by past employees or just fans of yours. What type of content is being produced and at what frequency? What is the monthly and annual budget? Four. Social media split by platform. What feedback are you receiving as a result of publishing your content? You could measure the number of retweets favorites likes etcetera. You need to ensure that your content is standardized across all of the platforms, meaning your corporate colors are used and all your company logo all typeface is consistently displayed that the information given is current and accurate and that your customers are receiving a quick response to their feedback. The levels of customer service offered on social media will have a direct impact on your business. It may pay to put all the information you find into a spreadsheet showing the Web address and number of followers and how much content has been published to each site, as well as the content creator. If several different people or different companies create your content, it may also help to keep records of user names and passwords for each. At this stage, this may be invaluable to you later. If someone leaves your business already from misplaces, they're looking details. It would also enable you to take far swifter action in the event of a security breach. Now, once you've completed your initial orders, take some time to look at the results off your spreadsheet to familiarize yourself with how you believe you are performing Now. After that, take a look at your biggest rivals see what they're doing on social media networks. You can use a tool to do this to save you some time. Something like ECM Rush will really help with this. It costs about $69 per month for the paid version, but there's also a smaller free version available. Another break place to look is social mention dot com. But for now, I want you to look at your rocks overall performance on social media Now, Once you've done this, how do you compare those to yours? I'll be doing better. Is there anything you could? 5. Color psychology the way to improve sales: this lecture is entitled kind of psychology and social media. There are a number of ways you can use color psychology to increase your social media likes and sells every spring from a font of posters. Returning to the color of your whip page can send signals to your readers about your brand on things like class trustworthiness on several other qualities, which will distinguish you from your competition. For instance, kiss metrics have produced the following statistics based on the colors used in websites. Colors men don't like. First of all, last men dollar the color purple Second way. Don't like the color orange and last of all way, don't want the color brown onto women. Women like color gray. They also don't like the color orange, and finally, they don't like the color brown over. Let's look at what those colors signify gray. When talking about gray way, think of a boring, drab tone. It's a neutral color, which can look dull and even dirty. It's very conservative and emotionless. It's associated with older people when their head turns gray. Think of how many women like to color the hell. It also signifies that middle life wisdom, intelligence and security grace used as the color of camouflage Jews by many navies and air forces. If you're going to use ground a website to signify intellect, all security, try to balance it out with a different color on color Will. Most other colors will combine particularly yellow and orange, and you can see them solved by side there and blue and green tones. You may also blamed grey with pink and purples to give your site a more feminine quality. We associate orange flowers and the fun and happiness of spring and summer, which comes after long cold motors, oranges, Brian Bold and components, a happiness that yellow signifies. Together with the energy of raid. It signifies energy and healthiness, and you'll often see vitamin tablet box is aimed at Children in this color, However, it's a color that many people also dislike as it signifies flamboyance and success that many people find annoying. That's why you'll find many sports teams using this color to show their fun but energetic sides. It's also used in places to show construction areas and also for traffic cones. Therefore, a sort of action on to brown. What do we think off when we think of brown. Apart from the obvious color of sewerage way, Think off leaves dying and going brown. Arrival of cola Shorter, less happy days. It's also the color of the earth trees and some types of stone, showing a warm, neutral color with a certain dependency and natural disassociated with the American firm, UPS uses it to good effect in their corporate branding. If you're going to use it on a website, match it with other natural colors like green, yellow and orange. And again, you can see the suit each other set there side by side. As you can see here, both sexes don't like either orange or brown. It's while advisable Teoh not choose him as the main choline. Your website now, As you see here, it says, don't use them apart from Bob. Now that's not Bob. The person Bob signifies the big orange button, which is here, and you can see it quite clearly. This site is Amazon. The orange of the big orange button attract you to want to buy something. It's a very impulsive color, so if you're gonna add a bite now, button on anything, make it over orange or yellow So let's go into the colors that men like. First of all, there's blue thing, there's green, and then there's black for the women. Women. Oh son, look green, they will say like blue, but they like purple. Many people think that women's favorite color is actually pink, but it's not is actually Purple Way. Draw a conclusion for those both sexes, like blue and green. Now let's talk about some of the colors we like. Purple is the myth most contentious of the dislike colors as its dislike bond men but liked by women. Purple was used by the ancient Romans to show power and wealth is often associated with royalty or nobility and as a mixture of the calmness and stability of blue, together with the energy of rate. Using the color purple shows your sensitive, compassionate and understanding it confused by luxury brands to show wealth, wisdom, dignity. Together with Aly other traits we associate with a king or queen. So why don't men like purple while maybe is an inherited deep seated hatred of roti going back to the days when way used to fight leaching battles for and against king and country, or maybe men don't like to be in touch with their caring, compassionate side that purple represents. So let's look at the two colors of both sexes. Like most people, like the color blue is the color of both the sky and the sea and symbolizes safe nous, trust, calmness, truth, responsibility, conservatism and lortie. It can also be used to show both spirituality and heaven. Blue promotes. Relax ation on reduces stress way often. Use blue for a baby boy. Blues could be combined with white, a warm colors let rate orange and here avoid using blue with food websites. Aziz Blue is also the color of dieting now on to Green Way like green because it reminds us of nature and is the color of grass, trees and bushes. It signifies the growth of plants and flowers in spring and summer, harmony and growth of nature. Together with safety green of traffic lights and progress way, expect to see green when we think of outdoor events and of charities and environmental causes. Of course, green is also the color of money and signifies prosperity and abundance, and therefore had an association with financial services and markets. It mixes well with yellows, and Browns Way also show that men liked black black shows, elegance, luxury, power and sophistication. Think of a black sports car. It also makes us think of night and the air of mystery of the unknown. Black absorbs light, and the color is used as protection both from the sun and as a color warning. Morning black shows, control and power. It's a very sophisticated tone. When we think of black, we think of that little black dress or that black tuxedo wear toe high powered social events. You'll find black mixed with white. For contrast on a lot of luxury item websites. It shows items of great. It should be noted that too much black signifies depression and coldness or use it sparingly. So let's look up the color that most social media sites use on. Funny enough, it's a color we've already proven that both sexes like and there's Facebook for you, primarily in blue. It's already been proven by color psychologists that both sexes like a blue. So it's no coincidence that Facebook is actually colored blue, and if we look further, Twitter is also colored blue, and the 10 family enough is also colored blue And if we look at some of the other social media sites there colored very similarly all of contrast in colors such as red. They all go together well. And if that most banking sites again are colored blue, it's been proven to be a color. I think both sexes light, that's all for this lesson, we'll see in the next one. 6. What is social media: What is social media? Let's start by trying to define what social media is. Almost all of you would have used the World Wide Web or just Web, as it's also known. Initially, it was designed as a communication tool to get messages sent between two or more different people. In actual fact, the messages are in a format cord. Hypertext. The World Wide Web was invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee back in 1989. He was a CERN scientist, and he had designed It is a method of communicating various formats of information in a much faster way, then was impossible. The first incarnation of the Web was created in a rough format by Christmas 1990 with the first Web browser and first Web pages written about the project itself, all created at the same time. In August 1991 the World Wide Web was launched as a public service. In 1993 CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be made available to everyone for free . Following this, a graphical browser was introduced for the World Wide Web by a team from the University of Illinois. This innovation meant that graphics could easily be added to text in messages swiftly making the World Wide Web the world's fastest tool for communication Over time, website developers and application designers, I started looking at ways to get more intricate uses from the World Wide Web. The term Web two was coined and referred toe websites that allowed users to collaborate and interact in a virtual community. This brings us back to our original question. What is social media in Weber? 2.0 terms? It would be a website or app that allows two way communication of ideas. Now, obviously, this differs from regular media like newspapers, magazines, books, TV and film, etcetera, where you're presented with the information with no instant method of reply. Social media allows the transfer of text, graphics, photos, audio and visual in a seamless, integrated meant manner. It's enabled people from all over the world to communicate thoughts and ideas instantly to each other. Our use of the World Wide Web is growing more and more each year. The average number of minutes spent on the Web was said to be accelerating at a tremendous speed. In fact, it doubled between 2011 and 2000 and 12 and it continues to grow it. That sort of speed today, the number of registered social media users has increased from a 1,000,000 in 2004 to well over a 1,000,000,000 in 2014. And in the United States, people spend over 15 minutes of every hour on social media sites. Over 90% of marketers now use social media for for business purposes, with over 70% reporting it had kind them new business, according to a source from Socially statue dot com, In the next lesson will be looking at 10 reasons why your business should be leveraging social media and I'll see you there. 7. Fundamentals of growing a large linked in following: this lecture is entitled Fundamentals of Growing a large following on 19 now today, Linked in has over 330 million users. About half of these are active monthly users. It adds two new members per second to its business orientated social networking site. Now I use it regularly to grow my network of business contacts and would suggest you do the same. I built my linked in account from zero to over 6000 riel followers in just a few weeks. All the people I've added are decision makers for their companies, like company over owners, CEOs, presidents or vice presidents, directors or other senior board members or executives. Now, the reason we've done that is because I wanted to get to the decision makers in any company . In other words, they could be classed as Holly targeted South leads. Now let's head over to linked in, and I'll show you exactly what I mean. So here we are on my 19 profile. As you can see, Where is Michael Ingram on the owner Frank Reservations LTD. As well as being a you know, me instructor. So what we want to do is select profile from the top main menu there on this is my profile here, a Z You can see my profile Strength is all star because I've filled in all the necessary information and got the relevant feedback that you're gonna need. So basically a nice photograph of yourself together with all the basic information here. Yes, we scroll down. You can put in details of meaning languages. You know any details of volunteering experience? It says here I've got 500 plus connections in natural federal, over 6000 connections. A summary of what I do in the transport and freight industry and some of my background company owner, commercial manager, Frank Reservations Manager. It's important to get these recommendations from people as well to say whether you're a good worker or not. As we scroll down the page, you'll see that I've got one or two endorsements for what I do. So in this particular case, 99 plus other people have endorsed me for being able to do my job. Logistics the same for Transportacion, the same for freight. In fact, we look at the top one, you'll see that I've got all of these other bits and pieces here that I've been endorsed for. So how do you get people to follow you? Well, the easiest way to increase the number of your link to followers is simply to follow the people who follow your followers. Now that sounds complicated by natural. Fed is not. You get people to follow you, and you just go on to their profile and follow their followers. 19 allows you to follow 200 people more than follow you any stage so you can rapidly build the number of people on your list. If you follow people that are in your industry, people will probably know who you are and will soon be falling. You, as they won't follow, backs themselves. As an aside, I usually turned down requests from recruitment agencies as I don't want I for myself or my followers to be hounded by recruiters or the like without first getting their permission. Obviously, if you're job hunting, please ignore this now. Once you've made the initial connection, the aim is then to turn that connection into a real customer. One of the best ways to engage your customers is to like and comment on the posts, they mate. So just by clicking on. Like here. You're connecting with people. You'd often see announcements that X has been in the job for why amount of years, all they may have gotten a new job. It takes hardly any time at all to congratulate them. It's also worthwhile sharing your prospects posts. The trick is to get a nice balance between sharing, commenting and liking lost at the same time. Not coming across as some crazed stalker as this will mean you get absolutely no chance of a cell. The aim is to slowly increase the level of interaction over time between you and your prospect. This way, long term friendships are made making for a potential customer that is more likely to stay with you for a prolonged period of time. Now, if we just scroll to the top here. I recently posted a notification which said, The value of Facebook timeline. Unless you can see here, it's got an amazing 1.1000 views on my update. No, but clicking on somebody's profile, you can search by over the top comments or most recent posts made by your contact. Once you've completed your profile to your satisfaction, and I mean completed all of it and not just parts of it. Start to join some groups and you'll find these under interests and then groups. And you can join many, many, many groups up to 50 groups, and you'll find that will give you even mawr chance to add people to your list. Because some groups have millions of members, you can then cherry pick those you'd like to link to you. More often than not, they're linked back to you, and your network will grow exponentially. Often have dozens of requests from people wishing telling came with me. It's fairly easy to grow vast network. However, once you have made the initial connection, remember to turn that connection into a real customer. Another important thing to remember is, after you've created your personal page to check with your company has a page two. If it doesn't, then you need to create one this double to chance of making connections. That's all for this lesson. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one 8. Linkedin All Star Rating Tips: here are my top tips to get that all important or star rating on limiting number one use of keywords as it says there on the screen. Make sure you use usually that involves. One key would talk keywords repeated least three or four times with body text. Number two is to get a small for yourself therapy place dressed up in very small gear. Double scruffy. You're here to do business. Approaching is if you would. Business meeting image is everything on two parts. Number three. Make sure your business is put on the map. Clinton. You need your location in a prominent place so that everybody conformed you. People like to do business locally. Make sure you could be found. Number four is you are alum. Did you realize you could have a custom? You are on the team or you need stew is looking up. Change your You are to mention your business night before he's old about branding. This is my opportunity to show your company or over. Let shorts there big and bold with much information about your business as you can. Number six connections is your ideal opportunity to connect with many people as possible before to know you can build up a global network of contacts. I just think we need something delivered in spite in your in Britain. It's right to make contest. That's what you're here for. Make sure you use it properly. Number seven. Staying active? Yes, that's right. Much like exercise. If you don't use it, you lose it. Keep posting commenting on other people's posts and make yourself visible. That's right. Keep active on the team if you want to be noticed. Number eight. Why not put up YouTube videos showing exactly what your company do? Post them on your profile page before two. You'll have contacts coming to look for you. Number nine. Watch those endorsements rack are they're breeding. Useful people will trust you. As a result, I've got several 1000 endorsements, although the average 19. Just five endorsements. If you help people out on endorse them, they will. Endorsing back. It will raise your pro phone number. 10. Show off your achievements. Show off your course certificates. Show off your high powered education. If you've got it, flaunt it and let other people see Number 11. If you help charity in any way, let people know about it. It puts you in a great light and is just as important as showing your qualifications. Number 12. Like other people's posts, we were like a big record issue. If you see a post that you relate to, just kids like it and comment on it, it'll raise your profile. Lastly, think of your linked in profile as this sounds page. It's your job to get those people sold on you before you leave. By paying attention to a lot of things I've told you about. In this course, you can get to that all important or start voting. Thanks for watching. 9. Social media ROI: this lecture is entitled How to calculate Your social media are oh I how to work out your social media are oh, I and why you need to know? First of all, what is social media? Are Oh, I well r o. I simply means return on investment or the return on the money that you paid out. Many businesses put a lot of effort into providing content on social media, however, through advertising getting commission content made for them. Graphics designed things like pains. Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instacart grand posts, all employees staff to run their social media campaigns for them. These are for business owner or someone in senior management. You will need to know exactly what you're getting back from a long time money, stuff and resources spend. To do this, you need to figure out what you're trying to achieve by being on social media now, is it to increase your followers to get more people to like your page or to read retweet your tweets To get more visitors to your website? There's ah, whole host of different goals you or your business could be aiming for, and you are in the best place to work out exactly what these goals are. Nobody else can tell you it's something that you need to figure out for yourself. Once you figure these out, note them down, perhaps on the same spreadsheet. You did your social media order earlier. You can track your individual goals by using Google analytics or something like jetpack for your websites and a social media tools like buffer to analyze your social media conversions . The next step is to put a value to each of these individual goals that are important to you . For instance, you might value a visitor to your website at £10 per annum based on your conversion rights . That simply means that if a customer is spending £10 per annum on average on your website , then that customer will be worth £10 per annum to you. Or you might value a real each retweet at $1 per 1000 impressions as it is being viewed by potential customers. And they're lucky to and roll on your lists or come to your website or a Facebook page like or additional follower is worth, say, 50 50 cents to your brand. Now there is a formula that you can look at and the formula, according to Neil Patel and quick sprout dot com, for working out your social media return on investment is as follows. It's simply the return on investment equals the benefits minus the costs. Tom's 100 divided by the costs just again. The return on investment equals the benefits. More nous the costs. Tom's 100 divided by the costs. That sounds very complicated. So to simplify things, what we're looking at here is the return on investment equals the benefits or the goals attained. The people that come into your Facebook pages. Websites retweeting your tweets less the costs, which are things like advertising paper, click campaigns, the cost of employing people, taxes, the cost of taking people away from doing something else that could be Justus productive and multiplying that by 100 to give you a percentage. And then after that, if you divide that number by your costs once again now I'm gonna give you an example here, looking at my buy sell ads campaigns. The cost per click on those is approximately 1000 clicks fruit to more appetizing, which is about $30 per 1000 clicks Now, if my click throughs convert at 1% on a $50 product, that equals 1000 times 1% which gives me 100 sales times $50 which means my return on investment equals 500. Therefore, looking the R O I equation. In its simplest form, the return on investment equals $500. Sales minus $30 costs times 100 and then I then divide that figure by 30 again, which is me. My return on investment Now that needs to be a positive number of was. There's no point in doing it now. Of course, if I were doing that for real, I need to add a lot more costs into the equation. There are all sorts of costs, things like labor costs, etcetera. But now you should get a rough idea off helter. It's how toe workout, your return on investment for social media products. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture 10. Your class project: Hi. Your car's project is shown in the box just below the main screen net to the community books Creature Project on Uploaded under the Class Project section. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I want to congratulate you for completing this course on hope It helps. Have you enjoyed the class? I really hope so. If so, I would be grateful if you could leave her of you in this. Bob's here. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you inside some of my classes.