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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Facebook Marketing Best Practices

    • 2. Twitter Marketing Best Practices

    • 3. YouTube Marketing Best Practices

    • 4. Instagram Marketing Best Practices

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About This Class

Hey Guys,

My name is Chris Greenwood a.k.a Manafest. I'm a full time music artist selling hundreds of thousands of albums and toured over 21 different countries worldwide.

I love using social media to market my music and connect with my fanbase. The tips and tricks I teach in this course will grow your social media following fast as well as a loyal fanbase/customers.

These are tips anyone can apply and get results. I've made this course easy to follow and I am always available to my students if you have any questions or comments.

In this course I cover: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Christopher Greenwood


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1. Facebook Marketing Best Practices: Hey, what's up, guys? Is Chris Greenwood a k manifest so stoked you're in this part of the core social media marketing for musicians and specifically focusing on Facebook. I love Facebook. It's my primary tool that I use for social media. I know there's so many more you can use. Whether that's instagram, YouTube or Pinterest or Twitter. My favorite is Facebook. And why? Well, first of all, did you know there's 1.28 billion people on Facebook with accounts that is crazy and that is a lot of people. Okay, so there's your number. One reason. Second, the other thing is one out of every five pages viewed on the Internet is on Facebook, one out of every five pages, out of any page, people reviewing anything that they're going on. One out of every five is on Facebook, so to say that it is important I have an account up on Facebook. Yes, it is. If you don't yet get on there and let's get started into this because I am so stoked. It's one. My favorite things I used personally for Facebook for posting most of the time. I use a little app on my phone called pages. If you don't have that, you can download it. It's free. You can upload your pictures, your status. You can upload videos. You can shoot a video and then post it right on there right away. And that is just amazing. We didn't have that years ago, and that's just so powerful. So I made a list of everything I wanted to go over to grow your social media on Facebook and see connect with people. And so let's just start off with Number one is you gotta post good content. You do not want to be posting by my CD by my music by my city by my merchandise. By this By that, the formula you want to do is give, give, give ask. You want to be giving more valuable content than you are always asking because if you're constantly just beating people over the head saying by my CD about my CD, you're gonna annoy the junk out of people and you know what they're gonna do. Unlike you're gonna lose followers, you annoy people, and they're not gonna follow you because the key is to post good content. And what I mean by good content stuff that share a bowl, whether that's quote card. So if it's really cool, that looks good. Cool photos, something people can relate to. Maybe a contest where you're giving away free stuff. You know, one thing I love to do is is hey, like this, comment or share this and you'll be entered into a contest to win my sign CD win tickets to a show when something, maybe a call from the band or personal voice message. You get creative as you want. But the other key thing about this whole social media thing is is you're being social. You're engaging with people you want opposed good content. Take time to think about your posting a status update of you. Just like, Hey, what's up, man? Just recording this song right now. We're hanging out right here in the studios. My buddy George, and he's rocking some guitar stuff. And yeah, we're just so stoked, man drinking a lot. Whatever. Post that, you know. What are you doing today? You know, maybe you're eating cereal. Just something that relates to people that shows that you're really don't post corporate corporate is not cool. This is the day of the walls coming down and you connect directly with your fans. Want post good content. You wanna post 2 to 3 times a day? I've heard some people have been say four times, and I know that's a lot of content. I know. And if you don't have that much content to post, then just do two times a day. Do once a day at least once a day, keep showing up. And the reason I say you've got to keep showing up is because you're in competition with all the other bands, all the other artists out there, and either you're going to attract those fans or they're going to, and we're all fighting for people's attention. So you want to be consistent showing up, and I'm not just talking about for a month. I'm not just talking about for a few weeks. I'm talking about for six months, year after year after year in build your platform, because that's what you're building here and that can expect everything else. I've been teaching this course about attracting record labels and all that stuff because you want to build an audience. The fact that I've been posting every day and connecting with my audience, not just when I'm releasing a record shows that I'm riel. They can expect that I'm going to show up and then I actually respond. I respond to a lot of the comments. I can't respond to all of them, but I respond to a lot of them and show that it's actually me doing it. And people are like, Oh, man, that's so cool and just allows you to show your personality And that's the whole point of social media, Okay? And so here's another thing. When it comes to don't I already said, Don't sound corporate. One of the things that you can do on Facebook if posting 2 to 3 to four times a day is a lot, you can schedule it, so that means you consent down for like, 30 minutes, and you can schedule your post to go out tomorrow to go out next week and you confront load that sucker. So if you're on tour, you're busier in the studio. Posts are happening without you having to be there. That's one of the most amazing things that you can do is scheduling the posts. One thing I do not like to do with Facebook is post from instagram to Facebook or post from Twitter to Facebook. Whatever the Ilaga rhythm is, Facebook doesn't like that, and you're the amount of people that see that post is greatly decreased. So when it comes to Facebook, you want to make sure you're posting directly to it. When you schedule the post, though, that's totally fine, because you're doing that within Facebook. Me personally, How I have it set up is I have Facebook posting to Twitter because Twitter is not my primary social media application that I use like I have right now, about 160,000 likes on Facebook. I have about 24,000 Twitter followers, so you can really see that Facebook is my main thing, just because that's where I get the most results and it will be different for everybody. You know, just because Facebook's great for me, maybe for your audience in the particular niche and who you're focusing on Twitter or whatever might be better. Okay, so it all depends for you. There's there's no rules, okay? And what you want to do on there is continually to build your audience, okay? And I'm all about social media, OK? It's not going away, whether it changes hands. You heard me saying the other video, Where's my space right now? It doesn't exist. That could happen to Facebook. Okay, we just got to be riel. It could happen. It could disappear. And that's why you want to constantly be pushing them over to your email list. If you haven't created an account with the mail chimp or with a Weber, so you can start collecting email addresses. You want to do that immediately, and how you do that is you create a form or squeeze page where you say, Hey, sign up on my email list will give you a free song. We'll give you seven free songs or we'll give you something but get their contact information because you gotta understand Facebook doesn't allow you to see it doesn't doesn't doesn't allow. Like when you post something, not everybody sees it. That's like your page. You know, they got a new Ilaga rhythm in there that blocks people from seeing it, and they want you to pay to see them, and that's where Facebook boosts comes in. And when you want to boost your post to see certain so people can see your post. And you know what I've heard. And I always say, You know, if you're not willing to spend money on your career and marketing your music, why is someone going to spend money to buy your product? Whether it's $5.4 dollars, 10 bucks have a small budget to boost your post, especially when you're starting out just to start building up. Those likes to show social proof. The reason toe have MAWR likes more followers or whatever you want to call it is because when people see that and you have a certain amount in their mind, they're like, Oh, that person must be legit, Okay, Like, you know, it's like, Oh, they're a big deal. Dang. Okay, cool. And it gives you authority. It gives you social proof, which is so important. But again, at the same time, you want to keep migrating those people over to your email list so you can have direct connection direct relationship. I made some more notes in here that I may want to make sure that I did not miss. I'm gonna be going over on my, Actually, we're gonna switch over in a second to my laptop, and I will be showing you my screen and go over a few more things. But I just want to drive one more thing home. You want to give, give, give, then ask, Give value, give value, give value tango for an ask. Okay. You don't want to be knocking on their heads constantly by my city by my city by my city. It's so annoying. It does not work. That's the strategy. One last thing we're gonna get into the insights. Consistency. Um, I'm gonna be talking about in this video. We go into it about targeting your boosts and Facebook ads and some really cool stuff that I can't wait because this is so amazing. So we switch over to my computer and I'll see over there. Okay, guys, here we are. I am logged into my page here. Facebook dot com slash manifest. I'm already logged in. Um, and so right here is something I want to show you. Guys I didn't show earlier Is the blue check mark, which means I am a verified page. Um, I applied for that a while ago, and I couldn't figure it out. And then one day this message popped up on my screen somewhere and it said, Hey, do you want to verify your page? And so I was like, Yes, and so I'd actually send in all this information like my address and like, proof of like my passport or driver's license. And so again, when you have that blue check mark, it just again shows more authority and social proof that you are a real person and you are who you are. One thing I want to focus on here, right here is your picture, your profile picture. It's important to, um, have something that's clear that's readable. That looks good. Maybe even a picture of yourself. Right now, I have my latest album. I should probably update this a little bit more just to keep it fresh. Um, probably every month I would say I should, at least or even every three weeks, probably good to update that. One thing I really wanted to point out here is this banner image, okay, and you can use an app called Can va dot com, where you can design for free, and it's really easy to take a picture and then add text around. It's to, ah to just make it look it. That's canvas e n v a dot com will make sure I add that in the notes in your checklist for this part of the course. And so what it says, Here's edge of my life. Music Video Watch now. Well, how can you watch now? What if people do is if they click on that, it opens up. And on the sidebar here it says, Watch music video. Now with a link to my blawg. Okay, where they can watch the music video, all right, And it's got all the different comments and stuff here, which is great. So watch what happens when I click on this. I'm not taking them to YouTube. Why am I not taking them to YouTube? Because I want to keep people in my funnel. I want people keep people on my site. And so what I've done here is on my blog's. I've embedded the music video right here, which it should show up in a second Internets kind of slow in the basement, and there's my music video there where they can watch it where they can buy it on iTunes if they want. Okay, um, go to my manifest sore, and it's got all the lyrics in there, and the reason I have that in there is for Google searches and stuff. But what's something really cool that it's not happening? Because I already clicked on this page already is if you would have waited about 45 seconds on often, Box would come up, would have popped up immunity and say, Hey, I want to sign up for the email list and collect their email address because that's the thing again I wanted to focus on was to get people on your email list. If we go back to my Facebook page here, okay, What some people do is instead of this saying, watch now, it could say, you know, whatever your band name is cool picture for seven free songs. Click here. And then, instead of this link going to going to on the video, it could go up to a link that signs them up for their email address and so you can get their name and email address and reach out to them that way and send them the free songs, and I'll explain more about that in auto responder auto responders and all that stuff. But what else I want to show here, which I think is really important, is status updates. And and I talked about how you can boost a post. Okay, so let's just say, for instance, check out new music video fighter. Okay, go like that. And then I hit enter, and then underneath I'm gonna, um, maybe put a link to my website, because again, I want to keep people going back to my website dot com. And one thing I'll say is well, too. Okay, Um, if you don't put a web link, then Facebook will be nicer to you, and they'll let more people see your post. Whenever you put a web link to an external website outside of Facebook, you lose points basically. Okay, I've proven it where I've either deleted that and posted the same thing or I've included it . And whenever you include a link, you tend to get, um, not as many people seeing it. So I'm gonna click photo video, and again, you can do this on your iPhone or Android whatever you use. So let's upload a video. So I'm gonna click on my docks here. Where's my videos? And then I have a thing called short video clips. And here's fighter video to porno. Okay, now, that's there. It hasn't uploaded yet. This is what I want to show you, which is really cool with targeting. Okay, you can click this, and you can add targeting to show who you want this to go to. So if you want to focus on a genre relationship, status, age, location, which is really important where your fans are. Okay, so you click on all locations now, here, Okay? And it opens up. And so if I only want people in Canada to see this I type Canada. If I want to focus on Germany or only people in the United States United Kingdom. So awesome. You have been focused down by city. Okay, like if you're going to a certain place to play a show or something like that, or you have a specific following or you're going to be going someplace like I have a show coming up in, uh, Albuquerque. Okay, So I put United States and then I put Albuquerque Boom. You know, I mean, You know what that means? That means targeted. It means only 300 people from Albuquerque of liked my sight. But let me show you something really cool that I just think it's so dope. Just Exeter that when you go to boost post okay, I want to spend a little bit of money, but maybe 5 10 bucks. Whatever. Oh, yeah. I want to spend $400. I don't really recommend you. Do you know it's just changed that, like, five bucks? OK, and it says right now I've got that only focused on Canada. But let's change that. Teoh say United States for fun, OK, United States, boom. Okay, so I focus on the United States. This number should go up, OK, 1028 100 people boasts boost for one or two days. Let's go to because the money might not all get spent in one day and check this out. You can do either people who like your page and their friends. You don't have a huge falling. I wouldn't recommend you doing that. People similar that liked you, okay? Or people you choose through targeting. Okay. And so as you can see, I've got one front loaded already in here because some bands that I thought might like my mute that, like other bands might like me is 1000 foot cracks have done a lot of songs with Trevor from GfK, TobyMac and Skillet bans that I think we're late, but you can add anyone in there. You know, I could put in, you know, Taylor Swift. I could put in, You know, Papa Roach. You know, um, I could put in m and M. You know what I mean? If I think that my fans will cross over and you want to be realistic, OK? And you want to be careful with the age range to and making sure, like only people that are from 15 to 30 or whatever your demographic is, Maybe you have a really young demographic. Maybe it's on Lee 15 to 20. So that means that people that are on Lee within these specifications are going to see the Post. So it's very targeted, very focused. That is power man. That is awesome. That people that So when I click set budget or what not? And then I click post bam. I'm going after those people that is huge. And that's why I like Facebook so much. Okay. And then another thing I want to show you, which is so awesome is See this little arrow here. Now go down here. Schedule Post. So I wanna have this schedule to go out. You know, I'm busy tomorrow and again. I said, you wanna post between three or four times a day, so let's have this go. And I'm just saying nine oclock am it started nine? Because I know that's when people start getting online and lets its schedule boom starts uploading the video. And guess what that sucker is going to be scheduled. So while I'm doing something with our my church or where Ramat doing something out of meeting that just posts automatically. So some people like man. Dude, you're so on your game. And what I'll do is I'll load that up all week, You know what I mean? You know, I could do like a contest. Like I said earlier, You know what I mean? You know, like comments or share this photo for a chance to win a free autographed CD manifest. Okay, Boom. And I upload like maybe a picture or something like that. And then I go back here schedule. And then I had that. 1st 1 went out at nine. So maybe I want to put this one out at 1 22 PM tomorrow. Not today. Boom. Then I hit. Scheduled. That's loaded. I can do this. Look, so far, you can schedule ahead. You could just front load this baby as much as you can or maybe get insistent or someone who's, you know, intern, whoever to do this for you. And you can just rocket. I think that is just so awesome. What else did I want to show you in here? Let's do insights because that actually it's go actively. First, leave this page. Okay, so activity shows you what's been going on. Shows your schedule, post your messages. You know you can promote your page, all that stuff. Let's says where you can create an ad. I'll show you that in a second. Let's go to insights. This is a really powerful tool. So current Page likes this week I've had 534 people like it. You know, my total post reach this week has been 170,000. Um, okay. Just rat people engaged. This is something super important, and that's not bad. 25,000 people have been engaged in the post. That means people actually responding, liking, getting involved. That means this last week I've had seven 1000 likes on the photos or videos I posted. I've had 567 comments on everything that I've posted, and I've had 899 shares. And then these are all the post clicks that people actually clicked on it. So it's really cool to see. And then what's really dope is is your five most recent posts or let's just click and see all the posts. And the reason I want to do that is is because you want to see what's been working and what hasn't. Because if something works, then you wanna post that again, not right away. But you want to put that into your funnel like every week or every other week post that sucker like this one right here, this bull in a China shop video of me rocking out. Look at 42,000. Um, uh, People reached 2800 likes 388 comments I think that is there? No, that's likes post clicks like That's huge, man. So I've posted this guy before because I know it works. Here's another one where all my fighters at love. You guys Huge engagement, Okay. And a lot of its organic, Another of its paid. Here's one that I have paid because I want to promote my store. Okay, I think I put 10 bucks into that. I got $5 left to try and reach more people. And Teoh just trying to sell some stuff you're tryingto get. People go into my store. Okay, Um, there's another one that I have that just does really awesome. And so what I do is is I keep putting it in there again. One of the key things you need to understand is a creator. If you've already got content, you need to just keep curating that and putting it back in and putting it back in and putting it back in. You don't always have to start from scratch. I have tons of songs. I have tons of music videos that I've created over years. I need to keep putting that stuff into rotation. Okay. So powerful Let's squirrel back up here. Um, to people. Now go to people. And this, this is under insights again. Okay, We're under incite people. This will show you where your fans are as faras demographic And who so I have 40% females and about 60% men. Okay, So have a bigger meant male demographic. It shows the age range 13 to 17 18 to 24. Looks like that's kind of more. My my biggest audience is the 18 to 24 Gap. So you know what? When I'm doing my targeting ads, that's probably where I need to focus on and focus on building those because it looks like I already have that organically. I don't have a lot of 65 people. I don't really have a ton of people 45 to 54 35 to 44. It looks like people really start dropping off at 35. But even more 24 shows you by country. My biggest country is the U. S. Second is Canada. Brazil. What shows you that states her cities? Toronto was one. My biggest, um, cities, Houston, Texas. And this gives you an idea of maybe where you should go perform where you should focus your ads. Maybe where you want attack radio and build in that market and build maybe where you want to do more ads and stuff like That's cool, man. Such good information to know where your fans are going Back to the home page. Um, again, that's why I love Facebook. It's just so powerful. You got your messages. You want to make sure you're responding to people. Here's something cool to haven't responded that person yet, but you scroll down. You want to respond to people like this? One said great pick. You know what you gotta say? Hey, hey, thanks so much, man. So much man at Chris, You know, August era boom hit him up. Maybe I even like his post. You're going to stoke your fans out and get them so excited when you respond. Another thing here is you can put all your events in your upcoming events and let people know when you're coming to town. That's super important. And again, I just want to, um, encourage a few things. I got my website in here, uh, consistency. I'm posting every day at least once with this new scheduled post. There's no reason why you can't have new content out there online reaching and engaging your fans. You want to do that as much as possible 3 to 4 times a day, engaging post stuff that's colorful. That looks good. If you want to ask a question, um, maybe you what? There's something going on in the market right now that you can tap into, like, if it's the football game and people are the Super Bowl in, you know, a lot of fans like Super Bowl. Hey, what you guys do it for the Super Bowl? I'm doing this and you can kind of connect with what's going on in the market right now. Whether it's Christmas, it's just a certain holiday or something that relates to your audience so you can connect with your fans 3 to 4 times a day. Good content. You don't want to be like bye bye bye. As you can see right here, I've got to buys. But right now the reason I have to buys back to back is because I'm just launched a new store. And so I'm promoting that that is okay when they're in the middle of a launch. But again, I'm not gonna post again. Oh, by most of by my stuff? No, because I know I got to continue to give value three times value as, ah, what's his name? Gary Vaynerchuk says you want to go? Jab, jab, Jab. Right hook. Value, Value value. Ask. Remember, there's 1.28 billion people on Facebook right now. You want to invest, You want a target, you want to be consistent. And one have fun with this thing. Man, it's so awesome to create and you get direct response from your fans immediately. So go out there, make it happen. I hope that helped you guys a lot. I'll see you in a future video. 2. Twitter Marketing Best Practices: Hey, what's up, guys? Is Chris Greenwood a k manifest so stoked about this session? Twitter, Social media Marketing Twitter is an awesome platform. There's millions of active users on this thing. There's millions of twits tweets per day, and it is a viable platform for you to market your music. I heard recently that there's more girls on it than guys, and it is been awesome for May I remember I started building it. I guess about four years ago I was a little late on Twitter. I remember I had a company really helped me build my platform on there. And one of the main things that they told me to do and this is important for social media, is for social media authority is the follow and follow back strategy where you follow someone and they follow you back. But I really want to point out something really important about this. You don't want to just follow anybody. What they had us do was is they went and found artists that are similar to us and then looked on their followers and follow them, and we would follow like 100 people a day, and we would get tons of followed backs and people like you who followed me. I'm gonna go check them out. It's very similar to you liking photos on Instagram when you follow something. A lot of people are just like, Oh, dang nude. Somebody followed me, you know, Look at that. That's really random. Someone just said this person is following me now, and I didn't even know I had, uh, Twitter notifications turned on. That's so funny. Yes, you won't have twitter on your phone to There's no excuse for you not to be using Twitter. Okay, Because you have it on your phone anyways. As far as the follow and follow back strategy, you want to follow people that follow similar artists to you because if you're similar so style to someone else and don't say you don't sound like anyone, there's someone I'm sure that you can compare to you that led just that would like. You might like this person as well. So you want to go after the their fans. It's the smartest thing you could do. It's very narrow. It's very focused, and it's very similar, so there's really good chance that they're gonna like you as well to follow him. I'm telling you, try this. Start following people. They will follow you back. And I know it will show that you have, um, tons that you're following a lot of people to and you can only do so much. Or twitter. Well, blacklist. Do you want to be careful? OK, don't go too crazy. But eventually you can unfollowed people. Okay, so that it looks like you have way more followers than your following. Okay. And this again, social authority, the more followers you have, obviously the more people you're going to reach and when you follow someone, they're not just sure they might follow you back instantly and have that set. But the same time there's a good hope that people are gonna follow your see who followed them and check out your stuff and be like, oh, click on your website might really like it. Who knows? They might buy your by your music. You don't know things happen all the time. And that's the cool thing is like, this is costing you nothing. This is just your time. Are you willing to put in your time to do this? To make it happen or get someone to help you to do this, to get your music out there, like I can't even believe we complain Sometimes artists, we have all these tools, and it's never been easier. The problem is, it's so noisy out there and again you gotta cut through the noise. And the best way to do that is made great music and is the hustle just But you taking this course and you investing in yourself and watching this, watching these videos and learning you're gonna be way ahead of all these other artists because they're not doing this. They're not putting in the work. They want to make music in their basement and just expect people to find them and get signed. It doesn't happen like that. You gotta put in the work another way. Teoh Follow people into search is through the hashtags. If there's a certain hashtag that connects with your music search that has tag and follow, those people, maybe have a certain genre of music, country music, search, country music, look at all the people and start following them and reaching out to them like a man. So you like these people. I like them, too. Remember what a social media all about? It's about being social. Take the time and 30 minutes a day, an hour a day, whatever you can afford. Spend some time on this, you know. And speaking of Hashtags, when you're posting, you want to make sure you put 7 to 10 hashtags in your post. So when people are searching Hashtags, you show up, you connect. Okay, You want to be out there as much as you can. And when people twit you or favorite, you maybe say thanks, reach out to them and direct message him and say, Hey, man, that's what's up. You know, you only got 140 characters on Twitter. It's a different platform than Facebook. It's a different platform than the Instagram or Pinterest or YouTube. You only have 140 characters. You want to make sure you're very to the point. You're riel. You wanna be personable. Remember, you can post a lot mawr on Twitter, I think earlier I just said three or four times a day on Twitter, you can post 7 to 10 because it's a different way of feed in the way things you know are showed on Twitter, and people are a lot faster and scanning stuff. And you gotta remember people only scan back so far at their feeds, You want to make sure you've posted quite a few times, so you show up and people's feet because they're only going to scroll back so many times and they might be like following 100 people arm. Or, you know, if you want to make sure you're in that feed and you got understand, consistency again is the key. Because if you're not posting other people are and you want to get the attention of people , remember, it is a noisy world and you're trying to cut through all that noise that's going on there. And so that means you got to put in the work. I'm afraid it is not. You know what I mean? A non work thing. Get rich overnight, be famous. You know what people are saying? Oh, you just came out of nowhere. You're you're famous Overnight, famous overnight for 10 years overnight and then it happened. You know what, though? As you do this and you implement this stuff, I challenge you. I challenge you to put the work in for six months, even three months, and you watch the results start compound and paid dividends into your career. If you're trying to reach out to search certain people, whether it's promoters, just certain things, that's what it's amazing. But the Hashtags you can find people that are top it, talking about your topics instantly, and you can reach out to them and connect with them and be social with them because that's what social media is all about. If you haven't downloaded Twitter onto your phone, do it. If Twitter is not going to be your main platform, it's not for me. I'm not saying it doesn't have to be for you. Then I would suggest you connect it to your Facebook or whatever platform you're using. So that, like, just like when I post on Facebook, it automatically goes to my Twitter feet, Okay, And that way, at least I'm there without having to put in any more work. And I know you're busy. You don't have a lot of time, so you can't be everywhere all at once, but you can at least be posting their automatically and set it up. So it's linked, so you can at least do that. All right, we're gonna go to my screen. We're gonna show you a few more things on Twitter. Hope this video has helped you guys out. I believe in your rocket. Let's switch over. Okay, guys, here we are on my screen on Twitter on my laptop on log into my account. As you can see here, let's start here with my profile picture. I currently have the picture of my new album the moment you want to make sure you update your graphic here periodically, whenever you're promoting something, and so people can kind of see what it is engaging in image, something kind of cool. I've done about 40,700 tweets. I'm following about 2300 people and I have currently 25,000 followers. Twitter is not my main thing. Personally, I post to Twitter from Facebook. Like where to check on my tweets here. You'll notice right here where it has what I've said. But it's come from this link of Facebook here again. Not necessarily the smartest thing when it comes to building the actual platform of Twitter whenever you can post right from it is the best way possible because you just get better points. And people know that you're an actual, legit Twitter user. You know what I mean? In here, you can see on the people of favorited it We're sorry people that have retweeted it, How many people have favored it? And in my profile, as you can see, I've got I'm promoting still the edge of my life music video and notice here that I have it on my blawg page. It's going to the I'm a fighter .net blawg page because when they do that, ah, message is gonna open up and it's gonna ask them for what name and email address to sign up to my mail list. Actually receive my e book for free. My book fighter five piece conquering fear. That's kind of my bribe is like like like to call it I don't really like to use the word bribe like just say the value I want to give them in exchange for my free stuff and again noticed the blue check mark Here I am verified and again, this helps you out, makes you look more legit. More social proof and just that you're crushing it and you want to be posting between seven and 10 times a day on Twitter because it's a different platform. It's faster. It's quicker. You remember. You only have 140 characters to use per tweet, you know. And so when you do post a link, if it's a long link to your album on iTunes or to your Web page, what you want to do is you want to go to bit Lee to shrink that link down. And I just want to give you an example of that. I don't know if I've got this open or not. Um, let me just open it here for you and show you exactly what I mean, because it's important. So here's my album the moment Okay. What I do is I go to Betley and I'm a copy and paste this link, so it shortens to a really short link right here. OK, that's basically So instead of posting this super long link, I can post this short links. I'm not gonna bother going to Betley. It's just a B I t l y dot com for that, okay. And then because when you only have 140 characters. You need it to be short. Every character counts at that point. OK, so it's a different platform than Facebook. Different platform on Instagram. You can post YouTube links in here, and people can watch them right inside. You want to post pictures? Remember, pictures, say 1000 words. People are very visual. That's why Instagram has done so, so well. And so it's important to post not just words but a picture or a link to a video or something cool like that. As I'm looking at this, I'm noticing here trends, and this is something you want to be really aware of. And this works well on Instagram to These were the latest trends right now. And so what's a good example? Will Halloween's coming up in a few days? So a lot of people are searching the hashtag Halloween Well, that's a great opportunity for you to kind of jump on a trend and take advantage of it, because when people are searching the hashtags for certain tweets, like when I go up here to discover and I want to do a search for like Halloween or a different hashtag yours has more of a chance of coming up for all the people that have hash tag Halloween. It's a great opportunity to look, you know, um, they have more on this changes all the time. So funny. London is there. That's my doctor's name. And it's normally things that are happening, and I'm gonna has to do with news. It only has to do with something going on. And you can kind of be on the cusp of the no and what's happening. Okay, so you make sure you throw in your house Hashtags, I want to say at least 7 to 10 hashtags per tweet so that you are got more of a chance to be found. You know, Hashtags are important, super important. When it comes to Twitter again, what do you want to do is well, you want to make sure you are responding on Twitter. You want to make sure you are being social on Twitter, engaging your audience. Some people can direct message me and honestly, I have not been very good. It was that a guy helping me at one point. But these are all the people that have messaged me recently and I could probably go through them like a my brother. Huge fan of you. Any chances to get? Ah, hello from him. So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go in here. I want to say Hey, what's up? Thanks for hitting me up. Have an awesome week. Arms doing that really quickly. But you know what? That's going to make a huge difference to that person and probably like instant fan. You know what I mean? And sometimes what you can do is you can retweet people, you know, and it makes such a huge difference when you were spawned and you engage with people. It's not just about you being the superhero. It's about you talking and connecting with people. Uh, one of the other things I want to point out here. Let's go into edit profile where you can change the background of this. You can change your link. Where is that? I'm trying to find I think quick here and settings go to settings. Hopefully that loads up quick. So as you can come down here, you have your profile and you have your design. Okay? So you can upload different background, different images. Sometimes I'll just put my whole album up there. There's something I want to promote if I want to put show dates up there or a tour and just have that nice right here, all the all the latest tour dates, that's a great way is gonna make sure you keep updating that constantly. But Twitter is a great platform to be connecting with people again. You better decide what works for you. I've heard that more girls are on Twitter than guys, for me is probably more guys and it is girls. And again you can be tweeting 7 to 10 times a day. But hashtags are important. Trends are important knowing what's trending, because you can take advantage of that and get some extra views and more people finding you and one of the other things. And it doesn't work as well as it used to put the follow for follow strategy following people and then they follow you back, and eventually you guess you cannon follow people. But you know what the truth is? Social proof is social proof again. You do want fans that are actually just following you because they like you because that's what's really gonna help in the long run. But at the same time showing that you have thousands of followers makes you look legit, it does make you look real. It's called social proof and social authority. So it's worth to do the follow for follow back on. What they used to teach us is Teoh actually just use this program to unfollowed a lot of people. But I ended up getting in trouble with Twitter and got blacklisted for a day. And so I do not want to mess around with that and then end up getting in trouble on getting blacklisted for good, because this is a great, um, platform to be engaging people. But what do you want to do again? Because Twitter, anything could change the Ilaga rhythm and he could change it at any point. You could lose all these followers and not talk to them. You want to drive them to your email list, okay to drive them to your email list. So I'm gonna just, um, show you that because obviously I'm not even doing it on my profile and I want because this isn't my main thing, but I want to see what you can do here. So here. Here we go. Um, and I should check to see if this boost up my, uh, email is sign up for free music at and then perfect, and then hopefully they'll go to that link or they'll click on that link. Either way, they're going to my going to my on page and look, you can change the photo here and you can change the header and they recommend the dimensions. So that's what goes across the top here. As you can see that song again, I'm promoting my edge of my life music video and you can create this image on canvas c A n v a dot com where you can get a designer to do it. Depending on your budget, that's gonna click, save changes and again, great way to connect with people. Man, use all the platforms. Find out which one works best for you. Why, this is logging into my Facebook. I don't know, But hey again, Action fuel success 3. YouTube Marketing Best Practices: it was of Guiza's Chris Greenwood, a k manifest welcome toe launching your career as an artist. Smart music business. And right here we're focusing on social media marketing for musicians and YouTube. YouTube is my second favorite platform for marketing your music on social media. There's 1.8 billion users unique users on YouTube a month. One billion. That's crazy. 80% of the traffic is supposedly outside of the U. S. A. So talk about going international, you know, depending wherever you live. I don't know where you are watching this, but 80% of it is outside of the USA. So talk about being able to go international and reach a lot of people. Like I said, I had the opportunity to blow up in Japan. We've had huge success in Germany in different places. YouTube is a great platform for that. They say 100 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every hour. That is amazing. That is awesome. And so if you do not have a YouTube account, you need to create one right away. One of the first reasons why you want to use because it instantly becomes an income stream YouTube will pay you when you monetize the videos. You know, artists like Walk off the Earth. I know a guy who does, like not fighter videos. It is, and the navies is going. Bobby Razzak make good income per month just off the ad revenue from YouTube. Sure, you do got to get a lot of streams. It's not the highest income stream in the music industry. It could be for your career, depending on what you do. But in my experience is not the highest for me. But it is one of the income streams you want tohave rocking so you can monetize your videos . There's so much things that you can put up on YouTube. What do I recommend to put up? Well, first off, all your music, all your music should be on YouTube. You gotta understand that that YouTube is the second biggest Google or sorry second biggest search engine behind Google. So that's where everybody goes to search for music. That's where everybody goes to listen to stuff, whether in a watching a music video or just want to hear your song. If you don't have any music videos, that's okay. Upload your songs Maybe it's just with the cover image. Maybe it's just with the cool image of that song that you have someone, design and all. It doesn't show the cover the whole time, but you want to make sure that all your songs air up. There's when your fans air searching for it, they find, and then in the description, maybe put a link to your iTunes so they can buy it or to your store, preferably or even better, having your description. Hey, if you like this, sign up for more free music and then you put the link to your opt in page. So what? So you can get that email address, baby, you want to get their email addresses so you can contact fans directly. And what are you doing? By giving free music, you're providing value you're giving. You're creating a relationship, and that's what I want to go into next. Right now is what social media is all about being social, connecting with people. When people comments on your videos, you want to respond back. You want to say thanks. You could say all It's so awesome. Hey, have you seen this one? This is actually my favorite videos, respond to people and be social. When you respond, a message goes up on theirs to let them know that you responded. But also when other people go to that video and they see all these comments like, Oh, this dude actually responds that social proof and also in YouTube's a logger rhythm. If they see that there's like comments and there's traffic, they're going to boost your video up in the ratings so that more people can see your video that is huge. That is super important. What also is important that you can upload just beside your songs? Definitely your music videos of you have, um, lyric videos. Maybe you singing a cover song of someone. Or maybe you just singing your song or maybe live footage behind the scenes footage. Maybe you traveling with the band or on the road. Or maybe you're in the studio working on a song. You can get so creative, but it always comes back to consistency. You want to keep up loading new content and uploading new content. Someone I really look up to on YouTube is Walk off the Earth. Let's go to youtube dot com slash walk off the earth. They do a ton of covers, but they also do their own music. I looked on there just to see how many videos they uploaded. It looks like they're very consistent over the years, but looks like they haven't uploaded something in about a month. And I would say You don't wanna wait any longer than that at least every month, or even if you can. If you've got enough content every week and when you do upload your songs. If it's four albums like I have Seven Albums out, I create a playlist and put all the songs for that album under that playlist. So for my fighter album, all the songs for Fighter Under There for the moment, all the songs are under there under the playlist, Super important and super to be consistent. The cool thing that I said as well to is make sure you download the YouTube at okay YouTube app on your iPhone or Android so that you can easily respond to comments and be on their There's no excuse. While you can't, you know, be responding to people and connecting. When we have these devices, it takes time, but again. You've got to be willing to do what others are not willing to do. And that's what's going to jump start your career and get you way further in this game. I made a little bit of notes here. I want to make sure I did not forget anything As we go through this. It talked about monetizing in the video, were in a second here. We're gonna jump to my computer, where I'm gonna talk about how you can monetize your videos and some of the different things you should actually do on YouTube to customize it. And another thing you might want to consider, too, If you have a budget is promoting, just like how we talked about Facebook, about boosting posts and doing ads and what not. You can do ads to promote your videos that show up in front of other people's videos. Just like how you see those ads where that eventually one click click skip, you could do some serious customization tohave your music, play before somebody else's video, and you can get very customizable and very narrow down who you want that video to play for so super stoked about this stuff I love it. Social media marketing for musicians. This is the YouTube section. Let's jump over to my screen right now. Okay, guys, here we are on my YouTube channel. Youtube dot com slash manifest. I want to point out a few things here if you notice. My subscribers are only 2500 approximately and almost half a 1,000,000 views. I lost my YouTube channel a while back. I've tried resetting the password a 1,000,000 times and lost it, so I had to start over from scratch in January of 2000 13. And so definitely not happy where my YouTube channel is that I'm working at trying to grow the subscribers and grow the views. Another thing that I've realized recently is whether you're working with the label or your independent or not. Um, you want to make sure you're premiering your content. I don't care if you're partnering with somebody else. You going to give them their link? Sure, they can premier the video for you, but you give them the link to your YouTube page. Okay, because, um, you know, for example, I'm with tooth and nail. Bc recordings When I released the moment, which is my latest record, This music video edge of My Life only has 49,000 views. But if you were to look at it on BC's, they have, like, 50,000. So this thing is almost really cranking out 100,000. But you know, right now it's on Lee showing 24,000 and I want to point out something here. Let's just work from our top all the way down. Okay, this is the banner image. But if you notice one things, I have sure I'm promoting my latest album. I have my logo, um, official video channel. And then what is the cool thing that I have the most important free music at manifest dot com? Okay, so if they go to manifest dot com, what are they going to see? They're going to see an opt in form for free music. And the often that I use is on my pages at the bottom. One thing I want to point out to is a plug in that you want to use. Write this down. It's called often Monster, which will automatically show a pop up on their screen to sign up for free music. So you want to utilize this space that YouTube has given you? Okay? Because remember, we're using social media to drive them where to our site and to get the email list, you can have direct communication with your fans inside of YouTube. They allow you to add your other social media. So you had the link to my Facebook link to my twitter. They have bit Lee here, which is going to strange. And then instagram, um, is what I use that main again. The the main ones I use or YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and instagram. I use bit Lee, if you're not familiar with Billy. Actually, this is iTunes. I don't know why has a bit Lee icon, but I use a bit lee to ah shortened links when I'm posting on Twitter. But arguments more of that. So what is this video here? This is the trailer video they call it okay. And so you can put whatever it is that you are promoting or what your best video is. The front. So it's the first thing people see when they come to your page And mine is this music video edge of my life. Okay, I don't know if it's gonna play how good my Internet is here. So I was gonna pause that. So underneath the video again, What do I have in the description? Because someone might find this video anywhere again. Get free music and updates at manifest dot com. I'm trying to give value, give value and collect their email address right here. I have download edge of my life on iTunes and I want to point out something really important here on the warding that I have chosen. You notice? I didn't say by edge of my life on iTunes, I put download. There's a big difference in the whole sale psychology that I'm not gonna get into. But when you put download edge of my life on iTunes, I'm telling, it's gonna make people think mawr aptly to go click it. Go listen to it and hopefully eventually by. Okay, So it's really important. Another thing. Like I said, here I have different channels and playlists. You say sorry. Different playlists on my YouTube channel. I have music videos, video blog's. I have manifesting concert. It's got recent up loads. They're not showing it right here, but I have some other ones that show all my albums. Okay, because it's so important to ah, have all your music up loaded to YouTube. Okay? And so if I was to click playlists right now, so load in a second, hopefully doesn't take very long. I might even just move if this doesn't load as quick as I wanted to. Okay, here we go. It's loading. So I got my MMA fighter podcast. I have my lyric videos. I have my instrumentals have Manifest the Moment, which is an album of Citizens Active, which is an album fighter album. Glory album. So again, misled youth album My own thing. I even put all the way to 2001. I have all my records uploaded to YouTube, which is super important because YouTube again is the second biggest search engine behind Google. So, so important. So we're gonna go back, and I'm gonna be actually, you can't even tell by me walking to where the Internet is a little bit better because I want to make sure that I can really show you guys some cool stuff. So the sound might be a little bit different, but you know what? My Internet connection is way better over here. So I'm gonna show you how to promote your video, and we're gonna go into the back end of YouTube, which you click on your icon up here, Click Creator Studio. All right. I want to show you guys some cool stuff that you can do. Let's go to the video manager. All right? And what I want to do is I want to show you guys on a search for my video called Edge of My Life. Okay, Search should pop it up. Okay, so now one thing this isn't uploaded yet. Where's the newest one edge of my life? Right here. I'm gonna click on edit, OK? And here's where you can update all your description information, all right? And you could put in your tags, which is really important. And one thing I hope I've done it on. This is where I put the get free music. Okay. What I haven't done here yet, which is really bad. What I'm gonna do right now on the fly is I'm gonna add the lyrics to this description because Google loves, um, content and they're searching for content. And people want to know your lyrics, and so you should always put your lyrics at the bottom of your each of your videos. So that's what I'm gonna do right now for mine. I want to do it right on the fly because we want to make sure this is live. And we're doing it right Right here. I'm going to my lyrics the moment ah, edge of my life where you appear. Try to have your files is organized as possible, so I select that. Copy it. Go back paste. Okay. You won't have your lyrics in there as well to so now they are all in there, so I'm gonna hit save changes up here. Now, one thing you want to do is those things. You see what people are watching your video is super important and notations okay, when people are watching this video, okay, there's a little pop up that I can set up so that it can say, Hey, download this song right here. And I'm gonna add this right now. So add annotation, Let's go. Let's dio ah title. And so we're gonna do actually, no, I don't want a title. We want Sorry, it's note We want to add a note. Let's delete this title wanted. Where's it? Trash it. So it's quick on note. Okay, I'm gonna put download, or what my friend would say is you want to say, get free music here, but I want to put download on iTunes, okay? And I'm gonna put that up in the corner, and I can decide if you look at the bar at the bottom here. I can decide at what point I want that to play. And I could decide how many I want to play. So at the beginning of 1/2 minute, I could make this go download on iTunes, and I can add my link over here. And this is where I put my iTunes, Um, link. All right, I put it in here. So I'm just gonna open that up right now and that I keep all my iTunes affiliate links in, um, where I use what is this your text at it to do that? So I just find that file I call affiliate links. Because in iTunes, if you watch the 10 ways to make real money, you want to create affiliate links. So you're getting back end money is the wrong file so you can get back end money when you're promoting your music. So an affiliate link means you're getting money on the back end from iTunes for putting people to their site. Okay, so that's, like a stellar tip. I hope you love that. Can't see year so I can open up. Okay, there it is. So I'm gonna put my Lincoln here for the U. S. And that's my bit Lee Link. It shortened. And I'm gonna put that in here, and they might not take that because it's a bit lead length. They want an actual iTunes link. So let's put in, uh, where is it? Should have your files more organized than I do. Right? You know, if we have that the moment moment album there is being Let's grab that. Copy that sucker in there. Boom. So now I'm gonna come up here, I'm gonna hit. Publish. Okay, so now when people are watching the video, just scroll to it about a minute. So it's coming up in a second. So they're watching the video. They're loving this song. Boom download on iTunes right there. So the cool thing is, it's like, you know, they're watching it. They're getting all stoked about it. Download this song on iTunes download. You know, download this song on iTunes, whatever you want to do. Okay. And then I can have that play for, like, long as I want. You know, um, and it gets people to buy your music, so that's a real cool tip there. And notations that's called. Okay, So just so you know how to get that from the video manager, you just click at it and you can get in there and rock that. Now I want to show you a few more things, and I want to show you on edge of my life again. I don't know. I just feel like showing this video some other stuff that you could do. Click edit. Um, there's enhancements. There's audio if you want to down though the MP four of it so that you have the file. If you happen to lose the file, you can read download your file. It is compressed a little bit, but that is totally okay. Um, you know, those Google ads that you see are those ads you see before you watch a music video like, let's look up a video right now. I want to do this on the fly with you. Okay? I watched any video. All right. Um, most of the time, there is a little ad on the front of it. Okay, so I'm going to grab video here. Let's even describe one of my songs. Manifest stressed out. I almost guarantee you there's gonna be an ad playing before the song plays. Most likely. Yes, you can see. Even right here. Look, advertisement. Okay, You can skip in five seconds. All right, on hit. Pause on that. Okay. I'm gonna show you how you can put these ads inside to promote your videos. Okay? And you can really specify it. This is like ninjas stuff. Okay, this is awesome. You just find your video click on the down arrow you hit promote, okay? And you have to have a Google AdWords account, so it's going to say create campaign, all right? And I'm gonna say, uh, they make you fill this stuff, and I'm just gonna say the budget is 50 bucks, OK? And audience is gonna be everyone, because you can customize it that make you customize it later. Just put edge of my life. Music video. Um, too long they want Ah, by manifest. Okay, on hit. Next. I want you to sign into your ads words against want to create a Google AdWords account? All right, this is a great way to get your music in front of fans for so cheap. Um, I think it's for I'm able to get it anywhere between five and nine cents a click and so you can narrow it down to your age. We already looked in the last video with Facebook. We know my ages 18 to 24. You can decide what what bands. You want this to play like total like Google keyword searches. And you can have your video play in front of other people's videos. It's so amazing. Video campaign screen. I'm gonna click add new campaign. That should load up a new page. Okay. And so what's cool about this when you're starting a new campaign is under create new video campaign. I've already got older campaigns that I run here that you can see. Okay, if I want to use similar settings, I could just go click on this down arrow and load those settings so I don't have to go through all this stuff that I'm going to go through with you right now. But for fun, we're gonna call this edge of my life since the video with the music we don't promote into my life, I'm gonna call this training, okay? And I said the budget for 50 bucks a day that $50 sounds like a lot of money. Don't worry about it. You could do $5. You do $4. You can just spend whatever it is you want and you can decide when you want that add to start. And when you want it to finish, you're not spending more than you want, OK? And then I was looking delivering method here. Uh, I normally just leave this per standard show as evenly over time, you can do accelerated to show the ads as quickly as possible. Just really gun it out there. Let's scroll down here. And networks you want to make sure it's showing up in the YouTube search YouTube videos in the Google Display network. This is really cool where you get to focus where you want your ads to appear. A lot of times I've focused on Canada. Sometimes you can just focus on a specific city, your state. And the reason it's showing Canada right now is because I'm in Canada recording this. But I can focus on Germany if I wanted to and just type that. So this ad will Onley show to people that are searching in Germany. Really cool. It was gonna leave it like that. And if I was to do that, if this was the campaign in the focus, and I'd probably change this up here to edge of my life Germany so I could really realize and track it well, so I'm not getting confused, OK, and then here's your video ad. This is where you want to put the video in, that you want to promote. And so I've already got mine preloaded here. So I'm gonna go here and coffee that Euro rail link and then go back to the campaign management on a piece that in there she loved my video up. I am there. It is right there and then I just always leave. It is used default video ad formats and this is the picture that's going to show right away . So it shows you, um, what's going to show up for the 1st 5 10 seconds? And the cool thing is, you don't pay any money. Like, Look, you only pay if a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the ad. Okay, so that's great. So they at least get to show at least 30 seconds of your video, which is great. You want to put a video on there, it's gonna be bang, and it's gonna be really captured their attention. Your best stuff. Okay, You don't want to promote junk, and you can test. It is well to, But you want to definitely promote your best stuff. So for the display, you're out. I'm gonna copy that. You're all it's gonna be in there and in the destination. I'll copy over. It's just using your right Now it's grabbing a user auto generated image from videos and your channel. Okay, so that's the one it grab. I'm fine with that. I think that looks cool. That's kind of like, what is that? You know. So I think that's cool, or you can manually upload your own. If you have a specific image you would like to use. Okay? And then it shows you the different thumbnail options. Urine display video ad includes an image in some Texas Advil show differently, depending on the Web site or where YouTube it appears you pay on Lee when someone clicks that ad toe, watch your video. Isn't that great? You only pay when they actually watched the ad. So that is great. You're literally getting, like, thousands of eyeballs for only, you know, 5 to 9 cents of you. I think that's great. So the headline I'm gonna put his edge of my life my life music with you. Okay, um, by in there. And you can put whatever catchy titles if you want. Okay. And then landing page my channel page on YouTube or the videos Watch page on YouTube. You can decide whether you want to go right to your channel or just the video itself. Okay. And so again, it's giving you an ad name. I'm gonna call this edge of my life. Germany training. Okay. And in advanced settings, you can go schedule. You can schedule when you want to start. So it's October 27. I want this to run for about a week. So let's so 27th. So it's go down. Let's run it to the third of November. So one week Okay, your ads will stop showing after this date unless you change it later. And you can if you find it's going well and you want to continue in your like, Yo, this is working. This is great. I'm getting lots of views and then you have to sign up for my email. Um, then that's awesome. You see, Justin, increase of views and subscribers. That's what we're going. We're going after some new eyeballs, okay? And then add delivery frequency and capping. I don't really mess with this too much. I just leave the default settings device targeting. Whether you want it to be mobile or if you want it to be all devices or tablet, you really narrow it down of how you want it balanced out between the campaign. So it's quick saving. Continue. I want to get to the targeting stuff because that's what's really cool, man. Where you could really target who you want here, your select bidding and audience. Okay. Targeting group. We're gonna call this Germany and then training training you, Max, bid purview because you gotta understand. Other people are bidding for these eyeballs, and they're suggesting you wanna bid anywhere between five and 43 cents. I normally like to go just a little above, um, with minimum. Okay. And you don't want to go too low, and you don't want to go to high because you want to make sure that your bidding and you win because there's other people bidding for these eyeballs. Okay, so let's just put in eight cents, because I don't I don't really want to spend more than eight cents per view. Okay, so I think that that's great. But sometimes just because you put eight cents and doesn't mean that I'm only going to get paid since I might only pay five, I might only pay six or seven. Check this out demographic. Remember when I showed you in the Facebook insights, I showed you where the majority of my traffic is coming from, and it was really 18 24. So why do I want to focus on I don't want to focus on unknown. I don't want to focus on 65. That's not my target demographic. It may be for you or wherever you're at, but I'm gonna focus on the 18 to 24. I'm gonna un select unknown. Really again. I wanna be is targeted as possible. Okay? And then I'm gonna hit done. And most your fans air guys and was your The fans are girls and focus on that. You know, to be honest, most of my majority of my fans are males, but it's like 40% female, 60% male, so it's pretty half. So that's why I feel like I really want to just keep them both. There's let's click done. Okay. Any interests? Okay, so you can add interest, Like if your fans like, uh, you know, raw foods or they like certain sports. So there's just some connections with your with your groups. You can type that in here. All right. Liar. If they're into into into beauty here, they like cars. Auto enthusiast. You can narrow it down a little bit. Music lovers is what we're probably gonna focus on the like. Look, my music's for rap and hip hop fans. My music's also for rock bands, so I'm gonna so I'm gonna add those in their done. Here's again, though, that that's more broader. Here's where you get to narrow your targeting, so I love using this. You can use topics, target videos, but specific topics. Re marketing keywords and placements. Keywords is what I want to focus on. This is stuff that people are searching for. Okay, so if there's bands that I know that I think could people they would like them, they might also like me. So I get compared to a lot by Lincoln Park, so I'm gonna add them in there. I get compared to Eminem a lot, so I'm gonna add him in here. And if you'll notice as I'm typing this, see how it added others suggested, um, related keywords, because that means people are searching for this stuff. So people are searching for Eminem's new album, and then they watch a video of his That means my video pop up. You know, I have Trevor from 1000 foot Krutch on a lot of my songs, so you think it's probably a good idea to add them on there? I think so, you know, and it that it changed to crunch crunch at boom. It's given me some more suggestions. You know, I've toured with Skillet. You know, if you toured with another band where you open for another band, maybe you wanna put them in there, Put skillet. Uh, you know who else P o. D. Has been a band that I toured with. I'm also toured with slyly. They've got a pretty big audience, so you get the idea. All right, So just add bands that connect with you that you think would watch your music as well. So it's done. I'm going to save the targeting group, and then it should say want. Now it's launched. There you go. It's going. It'll take a little while to approve, but there we go. I've got my got my ad, and you can go back in here and you can check out some of the really cool reporting seats is not serving it. Okay, But eventually, it'll show me how many views we'll show me how many impressions that got. You understand, impressions are just People watched maybe the 1st 20 seconds and hit Skip. So you didn't pay for that. So this number is going to be much higher than the views of user. What? People actually clicked all the way through your watched all the way through, and then you have your click rate. So if you put an added those annotations like I suggested to buy it on iTunes or maybe download freeze songs because really you want get the email addresses. That's the main thing you always want to get for, but you can find it with the click rate is through, and then your average cost per view that's CPV stands for sometimes you've heard of cost per click, but in YouTube it's cost per view. So I hope that has served you again. You know, 50 bucks a day is kind of a lot, depending on what your budget is now. Much marketing dollars you have to spend. But again, five cents of U 26 even eight cents. That's pretty cheap for eyeballs, man and you, the side who watches it and what they watch. You know, I could put my favorite music video that's done the best and put it in front of more people , especially if I already know it's done well. Great way to build the audience. This is where people are watching music and listening to music So you want to be on here? Well, I hope that served. You post your questions, comments below and get a video ad rock. 4. Instagram Marketing Best Practices: What's up, guys? Is Chris Greenwood. A k manifest stoked that you guys were part of this music marketing for musicians and specifically focusing on Instagram. Did you know there's over 150 million users on Instagram? And they say, I think 100 million photos are uploaded daily. So his instagram a good place to be for your music. Yes, it is. And not only do you just upload photos with your instagram you can do videos is, well, videos of your music videos 15 seconds long. That is, of course, of you in the studio of you at live shows of you just saying it was up. Fans were doing a contest today that little did I say something 15 seconds long, Get a message out there and totally promote your stuff. I have a buddy named Straight. It makes skateboards, and he does this whole branding on Instagram. That's how he started marketing, and that's how he's built. His whole brand ended up getting featured on the popular page and is blowing up and having more than 40,000 followers on Instagram. And so it is a really good tool. I know it's a little newer on the scene, but it's still worthy to set up a profile and use it again. Out of all the ones that you know I've talked about today, focus on your to be present on all of them, but focus on your 1 to 2 to be your main. You know, social media platforms to build, you know, your audience. And what do I always say? You using your social media to get people on your email list to sign up on your email issue ? Have direct contact with your fans because we don't know. You know right now, if I'm looking at my instagram, there's not adds. There's not many ads right now. It's pretty low key, but they could change the rules. And all of a sudden I'm not able to reach my 8460 followers that I have right now. Right now, when I post, yes, they all see it if they scroll down and go look at it. But again, not direct access. Instagram is free. They control it. If they want to change the rules, they can change the rules. That's why you want to push people over to your email list as soon as possible and keep promoting as far as how many times you should post today, I would say do anywhere from 2 to 3 posts to be one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one of the night again. You can look and see when you get your most engagement by when you post and check everybody's fan base is differently. But you know, the more you post obviously not over posting. But the more chance people are going to see you in your feet, because I follow about 72 people and I don't spend a ton of time on Instagram. But it's a lot to go through and scroll and find people, and some people follow hundreds of people. You want to make sure you're showing up consistently in people's feeds. When you're posting one thing, you want to make sure that you're doing as well is that you're hash tagging. Okay, they say to put at least 7 to 10 hashtags because when I want my instagram and I want to, like search up because sometimes I'll search my name. Sometimes I'll search other photos. You want more of a chance when people are searching for something specific that they're gonna bump and find into you if they bump into you and they're like, Oh, that's cool, man. What's that? Oh, follow all looking at his brain and go to his Web site. Oh, cool music. I'm gonna buy their music. It's actually pretty dope. They watched the video. You never know when you're gonna get traffic. So 7 to 10 hashtags that relate to your brand. Maybe it's a city. Maybe it's the style of music. Maybe it's your putting a similar ban. That's to you. Like it, you know Taylor Swift or, I don't know, Papa Roach. Or just, you know, Eminem. Or just, you know, Newsboys. Any artists that relates to your John or that you think might be a good match is a good strategy of people finding your music. Now I made some notes here that want to make sure I didn't forget. One of the things is a bit of a bummer about Instagram. Compared to Pinterest is Instagram doesn't allow you to put a Web link in your photos. They kind of closed the loop so people click on the photo. They're just going to stay with an Instagram, even though if you have the Lincoln your profile, that's the only way people can get to the site that you're promoting. And when you do edit your profile and put a Lincoln there, either put it to a music video to my store or to the opt in page to sign up for email addresses. And you can do that and create a squeeze page. A great place to do that is with megaphone. Or get your Web developer to set you up so that people can sign up on your email address. If you don't have something on your website, that's where I would suggest you set it up. First is have a little, you know, email and name for people to sign up for more music so you might want to have in your profile. Hey, sign up, Click Click Lincoln Profile and get free free seven free songs or something like that. Sometimes I'll put hey new Manifest merch store Click Lincoln Profile or hey, check out our latest music video and then they can check it out. So you want to have the hashtags you want to make sure you have a link in your profile. But another cool thing to do is, is when you're putting in your description, put the actual website spell it out. People know what to do, The more chance in the more of an opportunity you give people to find your stuff, the better. What else? Um, 15 seconds long. I mentioned that the video could only be 15 seconds long. They might change that in the future. We'll see what happens with that. Uh, contests are really good. Way to promote. Say, hey, like this photo, share it or comment for your chance to win whatever free CD free tickets. Another way to build your following. We are going to go to the instagram page on my phone. I'm gonna go to my screen soon. But one thing that is really important and a good strategy is the liking strategy to like other people's photos. What I do is a search for a hashtag, something that's relatable to me. Maybe it's another band. Maybe it's just music. Maybe it's just some popular hashtag where there is thousands, if not millions of photos that have that hashtag and you change it to the list view and start liking to start liking photo like like like like like and just start liking photos for, like, 30 minutes a day. And you want to like photos that don't already have a lot of likes on them. So when someone's looking at their phones, their phone, they're like, Oh, who's that? He liked my photo. Cool. Oh, manifest. Or whoever the band is, I'm gonna click on their thing and see like, Oh, I'm gonna follow their stuff, my body straight. Does this and no other bands that do this a great strategy to build followers? Kind of like the follow person to follow back a strategy and Twitter, but differently And you can't get in trouble? Instagram doesn't mind. Obviously, if you do it too much, they'll stop you and boot you out for a bit. But then you can just go back on and start liking. You know, if you don't have the time for this, hire an intern, get a friend, get your mom, your sister, whoever to like photos for you so you can start building your profile on Instagram totally a good platform for the musician demographic. If you're not on their do it. You wanna have videos you want have photos? You want to be hash tagging at least 7 to 10 hashtags post 2 to 3 times a day. You want to put the link in your profile? Ah, link in the description. Be consistent. And another thing I'm gonna show on here if you want to reach out to someone you want to reach out to a brand Ah, promoter or maybe another musician on instagram. They have the opportunity where you can just direct message someone which I'll show you on the screen. So his instagram important? Yes, it is used to build your profile, but always again push him back to your email list where you sign up with a Weber I recommended or mail chimp. Go for it, guys. And I'll see you on my screen. OK, guys, So I've got my iPhone in my hand here. Let's open up, Instagram And we're on my profile page here, and I'm gonna go through all the different settings right now. I'm currently on list view, but where you can scroll down and look at all the photos that I've posted previously. But I prefer to keep it on the view with all the square. So it's kind of like, um, sparse to cross, and you can, like, look at more pictures more at once. Um, the only other option is here where you can see photos of you people that have tagged you in photos. But what I want to focus on right now is edit profile. Click on Edit Profile. Here's where you can change the Web link. Okay, so when you're posting stuff on Instagram and you're like, Hey, um, I want you want to point people to a certain thing, made me buy your album or watch a music video or sign up for a free song. This is where you put the link, and you can say, Hey, click Lincoln Profile or when you're posting a picture, just spell the link out completely for me like Look, I got just launched new online manifest door, and so that goes to my new store. So that's what you want to put in there. None of the other options. You really need to worry about our focus on for this lesson here. So there we go. I've got about 1000 posts, 8000 plus followers. I'm following about 72 people and I want to go in and actually go to my home page. So where you can see, this is what I look for All the people that I'm following, okay? And I want to focus on right now is the hashtag okay? When you go into the hashtags and you want explore, you can search for users or you can search for hashtags. And this is a really powerful tool for when you want to build your platform and build more followers. Okay, so say there's a band that I want to look up. That's like, I wanna get more followers like, let's say, Lincoln Park. Okay, I would just look up all the people that have posted Hashtags with Lincoln Park, and this is kind of the strategy to get more followers. And I do this. My body does this and I've heard a lot of other people have done it to build their profiles at the beginning and get more followers. And it's the like strategy. I like to call it So here's all the photos that people have posted with hashtag Lincoln Park, which I think is a similar ban to me, so I would just click to the list view. And then I'd either have me or an intern to start liking photos constantly, not even looking at them just doing this as long as you can until you either get kicked out or they block you. And the goal is what you want to do is you want to like photos that don't have a lot of, like, sexy. My name is now popped up there, and they're like, Oh, who liked my photo? I'm gonna go check them out. Oh, manifest all cool. Click on this website or click on his store and see what he's all about. Oh, that's kind of cool. Maybe I'll follow him. Follow, and then you just have a new follower. You do this for 30 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day, or have an intern or someone do that. You are going to get more followers. You're going to get more fans, and again it costs you nothing. I don't care if you do it on the toilet or wherever you got down time. You're waiting in line. If you're trying to build your profile originally and you want to do it on Instagram. You can just spend some time doing this, OK? And then you only want to do it for so long because this person posted 30 minutes ago. So the longer someone posted a picture like this number will just keep going up and up. The longer normally a pictures been posted, the more likely more likes are going to be on it. You want to like the photos that have just been posted recently, so you might want to get a more general term that has a ton more that has a ton more photos and therefore more pictures that are relatable to you. So one might What he suggested one time was Nike. You know, there's a lot of people posting about their Nikes. Look, 33 million posts. Okay, so if we go click here and then click on the list view seven seconds ago, look, no likes, You know, um, 20 seconds ago. Again, No likes. Okay, so I like this and again. It could be anything. You know, you could look up a country. You could look up anything that's relatable to your knish in your genre. That's the like strategy spent 20 to 30 minutes doing that a day, Okay? And when it comes to Instagram, like I said in the video, you wanna post stuff that's really popular? This is the popular page or the page. That's kind of customized to you. That instagram does, depending on what you follow will show up in your stream again. An instagram you wanna post stuff that looks good. That's share a ble that people like. This is all very photo sent tricks. You want to post stuff that people are gonna want to like. And that is good looking stuff, you know? So I'm gonna post something. I've got a picture saved in here. I've got my skateboard here. The custom manifest skateboard. One thing I want to show you here when I hit next, I can adjust all the settings and spend some time as much time as you want. I'm not gonna do that right now. It's gonna put a little filter on it right there. One. The cool thing you can do is once you've posted and you got it right here Just about to post. You can enter your caption. What you want to say? I recommend again. 7 to 10 hashtags that are relatable to use that when people are searching for Hashtags, hopefully you can be found. You can tag people if you want, and another thing that you can put in your description. If you have a certain link you're promoting in your profile page, then say Um, instead of saying Lincoln profile Right, which I'm gonna type right now says I am profile. Let's pretend that, says Lincoln Profile, You could you could just put your actual website address. Okay, Um and I would just put manifest dot com here or youtube dot com slash manifest or whatever your band name is, Just spell it out. People know what to do. They're not dumb. If they like it and they want what you've posted, then do that. Another cool feature is is the direct messaging feature. I just clicked direct here, and depending on who I'm following Aiken direct message a brand or a person I want to reach out to so say there's a skateboard company I want to reach out to, and I post this picture and then I put direct message them, and then that message will pop up on there's and I can talk to people directly, which is super powerful and super awesome. Okay, so that's how you direct message someone and again you can select who you want, a direct message like sailing and direct message. My body sons. I just hit that and you can send it Thio. More than one person is well, too. You can direct message multiple people. So that's that. I want to go back, and I want to show you guys something. Where if you post something by accident, you can go back to your posts. Like if I wanted to change this picture here, Low battery again, that's great. I can click there and then I can click on the little item here where the three dots are. Click that, click it and then I can share it. I can copy the URL Aiken tag. People who want to take people that were in the photo and photo with friends or Aiken delete it and repost the right one. Because how many people have sent an email or posted something they didn't want to post? And then it was up there already. So those are the main things I wanted to go over again The like. Strategy works when you're trying to get new likes new ah followers and people just finding out about your brand. It's a great way to get started and to start, you know, posting stuff and just getting out there. One thing Teoh. I have a buddy named Straight. His ah, code is just because he's a great person to follow S T r GHT. Okay, this guy has 44,000 um, followers. Okay? And all his pictures look awesome. He will not leave a photo up there unless it has a certain amount of likes. He'll actually delete it if it doesn't get a certain amount of likes because he wants to keep his brain looking big and looking awesome. And as you can see, he posts a lot of good looking stuff and that's related to his brand. And another key that he does is on a lot of his posts. He created his own custom hashtag, which is the art of skating on all his photos. He has the art of skating, so kind of creates this his own little theme, his own thing, that he's got going on for himself And that is really smart to do that, to create your own custom. Hashtag for you for when people are following you. There we go. That's Ah Instagram for music for musicians. Keep posting stuff. One of the cool thing I want to just show before I go. Did you know this year I posted a video 15 seconds long? I just took it from my, uh, from my one of the lyric videos and created a 15 2nd little video of it. It's not playing the volume right now, but you can do that for your shows. You can do that for your music videos for your live. If you want to say something, I post definitely a lot more pictures. But videos are a great way to reach out to people and to put stuff out there, Theo. Anyways, um, putting videos on there is super awesome way, especially for people to hear your songs here. Your music. That's what it's about, right? Here's a music video. I posted its kind of when I just go over this theory, people connected. I should have done more Hashtags to, so I'm learning about this stuff, too. But again, the key is consistency. Go for it, make it happen today