Social Media Strategy Optimization 2017 [Includes your Social Media Checklist] | Youshaa Motan ☯ | Skillshare

Social Media Strategy Optimization 2017 [Includes your Social Media Checklist]

Youshaa Motan ☯, Creative Director - Better Yourself

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12 Videos (23m)
    • 2017 Social Media Optimization-Intro video

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About This Class

Everyone who’s started from scratch knows how challenging it can be.

Creating a social media presence seems easy at first. But scaling that into a successful social media strategy? That’s hard.

Or at least that’s what most professionals out there would have you believe spending tons of money for their advice.

But what if I told you there is a formula that actually works? And that its covered in this class.

That no matter the industry or niche-whether you are an online teacher or a creative brand looking to scale your social media with your business, you can develop a social media strategy that delivers real value? With me now...

All it takes is some planning and PREP.

  • Preparation
  • Research
  • Execution
  • Profitability

In this Class, I walk you through the 10 practical steps you can implement within your business.

The methods yield predictably good results immediately. Anyone can do this.

If you want to increase engagement, social referral traffic and your customer base apply the 10 steps with me now





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Youshaa Motan ☯

Creative Director - Better Yourself


I am the Creative Director at Better Yourself For Women - An online, micro-learning platform for women empowering you to become the best version of yourself through lifelong learning.

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Better Yourself delivers knowledge to your inbox through 5-day micro-courses delivered every day in easy to digest email lessons - spanning 15 categories and we add more classes weekly.

We're all for women empowerment, so joi...

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