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Lolo Jones, Olympian & Social Media Influencer

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8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Always Be Testing

    • 3. Demystifying Instagram Stories

    • 4. Building Engagement

    • 5. Lolo's 7 Favorite Apps

    • 6. Working with Brands

    • 7. Final Thoughts

    • 8. Ready for More?

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About This Class

Join Olympian & social media star Lolo Jones as she reveals the secrets to her Instagram success!

Everyone wants to know how to grow their personal brand on Instagram, but with so many fast-changing features, how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed? You've found the perfect place to start!

In this engaging and energetic 35-minute class, Lolo Jones gets real about how she's grown an authentic Instagram community to 400K followers and counting—and shares tips, tricks, and secrets so you can do the same.

Five bite-sized lessons cover:

  • The importance of "testing" posts to understand your audience
  • Advice for making the most of Instagram Stories
  • Tips for building engagement (the real way to get followers)
  • Favorite apps for easier shooting, editing, and analytics
  • Growing brand partners over time

Plus, every lesson includes real phone screencasts to show principles in action.

Social media is always changing, but after hearing how Lolo has worked to build a community, you'll gain a whole new perspective on ways you can customize her approach to work for your goals, grow an authentic following, and find success on Instagram!




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