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Social Media Master Course Part 1

Tay Wilkins

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5 Lessons (16m) View My Notes
    • 1. Becoming A Authority

    • 2. How To Use Facebook Live On Mobile Device

    • 3. Tracking, Targeting And Retargeting On Facebook.

    • 4. Creating A Facebook Ad.

    • 5. Building Engagement And A Following On Twitter.


About This Class

Social Media Master Course is a series of courses that will teach you how build engagement, build a following, and market across different social media platforms. In this part 1 of the series the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter will be covered.  


1. Becoming A Authority : Hi, my name is today and welcome to today's course. In a few minutes, you will learn what this course is about. How this course can help you feel free at any time during this course. To leave a comment or no feedback is always appreciated. How to become an authority figure on Facebook and gained a loyal following. Becoming an authority is a simple process, but something people struggle with the most. How many times have you going on Facebook or any other social media platform and seeing some advertisement with some random guy or girl claiming to be an expert nine times out of 10? If you try to find out who this person is, you will find a profile that has a bunch of quotes they found on the Internet and a bunch of links they post to try and get you to buy a product. This may get them a few sales, but the one thing they won't have our loyal followers These are the people that recognize who you are. They will support and share your concept, and they will share your products or services with other people. These are the people who will keep coming back, waiting for your advice, waiting for your recommendations, waiting for the next new and exciting thing you have to offer. If you want to have a loyal following that will keep coming back, you have to become an authority in your field. To become an authority figure, you have to show people who you are and what you are about. This is where most people have problems. They're either too scared to share their lives or feel they have nothing substantial to offer. So what do you need to dio? For starters, whatever initial filled you pay, make sure is what you really want to cover. It will make things easier for you when it comes to creating constant Next. Get it in your mind that you're doing this to help people and not to make a quick book. Next. Don't get wrapped up in sharing your whole life. The only content you need to worry about is sharing what is relevant to your nish. Everything else is optional. Here's an example. Let's say you are in the health and fitness field instead of just spamming. Links to diet and workout products actually show people what they're getting into be visual . Show the workout routine. Show them how the diet plan works. Take people along for the ride. Show them the positives and show them the negatives. Show them your progress. Treat this like you were talking to your best friend. You would want them to know the pros and kinds of what they're getting ready to get into, right. The most important thing here is to share your experience. Don't worry about if you look the part or what people have to say. Remember this with as much negativity and hate that there is iron. There's also an equal amount of love and support as well. It may not believe it, but there are people out there who really want to see you succeed. What this does is make you look like a real person and not a billboard. People want to be inspired. People want to relate. They want to engage. People want the feeling that they can achieve great things just like you. So give them that experience, and before long you will have the loyal following that will help you excel to new heights. 2. How To Use Facebook Live On Mobile Device : creating content with Facebook life. In this section, we will cover have to use Facebook, live on mobile devices, how to share insight and build up discussion and how to conduct reviews for products and services. Going lime in Facebook is pretty simple. First tap on the section that says What's on your mind? You'll be greeted with a drop down menu. Next, select the red video recorder. Iconic says Go live. Once you said Let go live, your camera will turn on. Click on the Blue Start live video button at the bottom of the screen and that's it. You are now life. Once you are done recording, hit the in button to finish the video. Here are five things you can do to build engagement with your audience. One. Make daily or weekly videos to share tips on a specific topic. Three. Share unique or exciting information with your followers. Four. Find a way to inject humor into the information you are providing, and five set up live Q and A sessions for people viewing your concept, advertising products or services on Facebook life. It's best to first start your life session. Teaching your viewers something related to the product or service you were trying to promote. Make sure it provides value or gives a solution to a problem. Introduce your product or service as a much more efficient way of solving the problem. Give your viewers a tour or demonstration of the product or service you are trying to promote and give your viewers the benefit of the product or service. Give your viewers bonuses that will add value to your product or service. Finally, give your viewers a clear Carter action. Don't be afraid to tell your viewers what you want them to do. Other things to consider. When going life, make sure you have a good WiFi signal or Internet connection before going live. You don't want a video to be Laghi or cutting in and out When giving an important piece of information. Facebook gives you the ability to post your live video after it is trash. This gives people who missed your live video a chance to see what they missed out on. Use this to your advantage. Make sure you let people know about your video. If you're posting life constant regularly, make sure your viewers know when you're going live either by giving them some type of schedule or by informing them you will be going like at least a few hours in advance. Pay attention to how long you live sessions are. If you have a large group of people leaving your videos, they may be too long. Consider shortening your videos. If you want to increase your completion rate. Take time zones into consideration. Pay attention to where your views air coming from. If a majority of your viewers are on the western side of the United States and you are on the east and make sure you are adjusting the time of your life sessions accordingly. Consistency is key. Always provide value. Remember there someone out there who wants the same audience and they are working just as hard. 3. Tracking, Targeting And Retargeting On Facebook.: tracking, targeting and retargeting your audience. You can use a feature called Facebook Insights to track how well your videos air doing minutes watched average completion rate, unique views, likes and dislikes. All these things can be viewed in insights to future steps. Click on the inside stand located at the top of the page, then click on videos located on the left side of the page, creating a custom audience audience. Targeting helps you show your ass that people who are most likely to buy into your product or service creating a custom audience is pretty easy to set up to create a custom audience . First hit the Little Triangle icon at the top rights out of the screen. Next to the question mark from the drop down menu, select managed ads on the next screen. Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen next to the Facebook ICA from the drop down, select audiences on the right side under assets from here. So let create audience in the top left corner from the drop down menu Select lookalike audience. Next, choose whether you want to use an existing audience or Daloa in external audience like your email is next. You'll want to set the location in the audience size. Creating a lookalike audience will allow Facebook to reach out to new people with similar interests in relation to your business using existing data Targeted marketing using Facebook Pixel If you are unaware, Facebook pics of is a piece of code that you add to a website or sales page that allows you to see how would your Facebook ads are doing. Facebook Pixel helps measure actions taken across your opt in pages as well as yourselves. One Facebook pics so can also track actions across multiple devices. You can also optimizer adds, to serve to an audience who will be more likely to take action, run dynamic product ads and get access to audience insights to create a Facebook pixel. First it the little triangle, but at the top right corner of the screen. Next to the question work from the drop down menu, Select Managed AIDS. On the next page, select the many icon in the top left corner next to the Facebook icon from the drop down menu, select pixels under measures and report before we continue. It's important to note that the next step will require you to name your pick. So pick a name that best represents your brain or business. Be careful what you choose. You can only have one name per account. Select a set of pixel bun and enter your name. If you're using a platform that is supported, you can use the Facebook pixel integration tool. Your second option is to insert the pixel code manually. If you choose to do it the manual way, you will have to end it. The A C M l of whatever thing will page of the platform you are using. First copy the pick SoCo, then edit the female of your platform and pasted above the in head. Take something else you can do with the pixels is set up standard or custom events for your conversions. This is used to track specific actions like someone adding a product to a court or wish lists similar to us on the pixel. Once you select the events, you will receive a code This town, however, you have to pace the code. After all, below the in head tag. Test the pixel in Event coast to assure their tracking properly. Use event coast to see exactly what people are doing when they visit your website or sales one. Make any necessary adjustments to get your desired outcome. 4. Creating A Facebook Ad.: creating a Facebook ad campaign to get started. First, click on the trunk of blood that the tap rights out of the page. Next to the question. Work from the drop down menu. Select. Create AIDS. When the next page will be anxious to choose an objective, choose the objective that best fits the goal you're trying to achieve. If you're not sure what to choose, the safest option is to select conversions from the right side at the bottom of the page. After you choose your objective, you can choose whether or not you want to split. Test this campaign split Testing is highly recommended if you want to run a successful campaign. The very last thing to do on this page is to give your campaign in the try and make the main relevant to what you are trying to achieve. Once you're finished hit, continue next will be acts to pick a conversion. If you are tracking a website, you can use the Facebook pics on you created for that website will create a new conversion . You will also have the options of tracking and app or Facebook messenger. Next, you have the option to add an offer. This is a good action if you are running an e commerce store and you're looking for a way to get more traffic to your site next, you can choose what Facebook focuses on with your split test campaign. If you choose not to act into split testing, this option will not appear. Now it's time to choose your target audience. Here you can choose gender, location, age, income, specific Interest in the list goes on. Facebook will let you know if the audience you're targeting is either too broad or too specific. It's best to know exactly what group of people you are targeting before you start your campaign. Next up is the option to pick where you want your kids to show you have quite a few options , so make sure you choose where you place your heads wisely. Now it's time to set your spending budget. The great thing about Facebook is you don't need a whole ton of money to get started. You can start with as little as $5 a day to get started. Choose whether you want to commit to a daily budget or a lifetime budget. If you pick a daily budget. You can choose to run in every day continuously until you decide to stop where you can set up a start date in an indie. If he chose to act out of split testing, you will see the top image. And if you chose to act into the split testing, you will see the bottom image. Next on the list is and delivery optimization. This is where you tell Facebook what actions you wanted to track in the type of budget strategy to use. If you are new to using Facebook AIDS than is recommended to select conversions and select lowest cost for your budget strategy, creating your Facebook A. Now it's time to create your aid. First thing you must do is choose a Facebook business page. If this is your first time using AIDS and don't have one, you could create one. Here. You are required to have a business page in order to use Facebook AIDS. Next, it's time to choose a format. The format is how the ad will be displayed to the public. Choose a format that best fits with the product or service you were trying to prove. If you're promoting a digital product or a website, and you may want to choose a single image or single video. Or, if you are promoting products on your online store, you may want to try the care so or the slide show. Next, choose an image. You can select one from your device. Or you can choose any of Facebook's stock images. Make sure the images shoes stands out. Also, Facebook is not a fan of images with a ton of text order. If you image has text, tried to keep the text minimal. Next, selectively where people will go to when they click on your head. You can also send a message Is that Facebook Messenger people will get after they click on your age. It works sooner. Systemic subscribers emails through an auto responder. Next, give you add a headline. This is the text that appears right under the image. Your headline is important. You need something that is going to grab people's attention. The best thing to do is to look at what the competition is doing. Emulate, but don't flat out copy Now that you have their attention grabbing headline, you next need to give the people viewing your and a reason to click on your offer. This is where the text field comes into play. Find a creative way to tell people what you're promoting and also a clear call to action. Your text will appear above the aid. Also, you will really have a few lines to work, so make it short and make account. Next, you can change the call to action but located at the bottom right of your A click on the learn more button on the top left of the screen to get a drop down menu and then choose which caught. The action fits best with the product or service you are promoting. The next section is dedicated to giving a description to the website you're promoting. You have two lines to give me a proper description of your website, so make it count. Also, if you need this field blank Facebook will shots of pull a description from your website. Finally, you can add your Facebook pixel in any custom events you set up earlier and that's it. Your Facebook ad is now complete. Take a minute to look over everything and make sure you have everything configured correctly. Once you're done shroh down to the bottom of the page. Click the confirmed boy and you're set 5. Building Engagement And A Following On Twitter.: generating traffic. Using Twitter in this section, you will learn how to generate traffic using a social media platform shorter, you will get a brief but very informative lesson on how you should be using this platform, as well as how to generate tons of traffic to your website. Lee capture pages or product offers. So what is your desired outcome when you post content? What is your goal? Are you trying to get people to a website? A product offer? Maybe you're trying to gain more followers. Whatever your desired outcome is, it's important that you do not treat your Twitter account like a giant billboard. People would just ignore you scroll pastor concept. It's called Social Media for a reason. You have to be social. This doesn't mean you can't drive people to a website or on offer because you can't. It just means you're going to have to put in a little bit more work for us in order to do so again. If you want people to perform your desire action, you have to be social. So what do you have to dio there a few ways to go about being social like posting constant that is either humorous, informative or inspirational, asking for opinions or particular topic, or starting up a conversation on something controversial. The most important thing here is engagement. You want to give viewers a reason to keep checking out your content. Most social media platforms, including sweater, make it easy to engage in your concert. In Twitter's case, you have a comment re sweet like in a direct message. ICA. It's not enough to just post concert. You have to give a clear, colder action. Good quarter actions are re sweet. Leave a like leave a comment direct message me. Follow this person like if you check out my follow me on Twitter data shows that sweets their eggs for follow increased responses by 250%. People love to participate. If you show people something they like and ex for retweet or like chances are, you'll get it here some other ways to boost traffic Helping people in your knish. This is a great waste of good authority in your field. If a person found the information you so you can ask them to share it so it gets out to more people. Do split testing make a slight variation of your post, either changing some of the wording or the image. This will give you a better idea of what your viewers will respond to. The most used Twitter analytics, Twitter and Analytics is a great way to find out just about everything you need to know about the people viewing your content, age, gender, location interests unless goes on with Twitter analytics. You know exactly who your target audiences used his tool to your advantage knowing who viewed your content than most were knowing the times people tune in to check out your content can make all the difference. Learn from the best five people in your niche. You are getting the results you are looking for. Take notes on how they interact with people on social media, immediate things they're doing in their business. Hopefully, you found something useful in this. The only way to get a hit in the industry is to know more than the next person. The Internet can be very rewarding place if you put in the work and finally thank you for taking the time to check out this course