Social Media Marketing Mastery: Growing A Targeted Audience

Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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16 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. How To Choose Your Niche

    • 2. Your Reputation

    • 3. What To Market

    • 4. Time Management In Social Media Marketing

    • 5. How Many Social Networks To Use

    • 6. Creating Your Strategy

    • 7. Testing Variables

    • 8. Measuring ROI

    • 9. Sell With A Story

    • 10. Utilizing Video In Your Social Media Strategy

    • 11. Getting The Attention Of Influencers

    • 12. Creating An Enchanting Profile

    • 13. Creating Better Social Media Posts

    • 14. Maintaining Consistency

    • 15. Two Steps To Growing A Targeted Audience

    • 16. Conclusion


About This Class

Out of all of the methods I used to grow my brand, social media marketing was by far the most effective method. In one year, my blog traffic increased 15 times over primarily because of social media. Just like anyone else, I struggled with social media in the beginning, but after learning a few game-changing tactics to grow my social media audience, I started to get the results that I now have today.

I currently have over 200,000 social media followers across all of my platforms and I interact with hundreds of people on them every day. It's fair to say I am living the advanced version of a teenage dream :)

In this course, I will share with you the methods I used to go from no audience to over 200,000 social media followers in a time effective manner. Since I go to school, write blog posts, and create products, I don't have much time to work on growing my social media platforms, but the time that I use on my social media platforms is spent very effectively. In fact, I gain hundreds of followers across these platforms every day.

All you have to do to get lifetime access to all of the lectures on my course and the lectures I add in the future is to enroll into this course today. I look forward to serving you throughout the course and watching you grow on social media.