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Social Media Marketing Masterclass - Using Vlogging As Part Of Your Content Creation - Part 37

Mark Timberlake, Teaching Skills

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10 Videos (47m)
    • 01 Introduction To Vlogging

    • 02 What Is Vlogging

    • 03 Vlogging Equipment Budget Or 4k

    • 04 Vlogging Equipment Budget Recommendations

    • 05 Vlogging Equipment Choosing Your 4k Camera

    • 06 Vlogging Equipment Choosing Your Microphones

    • 07 Vlogging Equipment Tripods And Accessories

    • 08 Filming Techniques

    • 09 Editing A Vlog

    • 10 Vlogging Activities


About This Class

Module 39 - Vlogging Style Video Production

  • What Is Vlogging
  • Vlogging Equipment - Budget Or 4k? 
  • Vlogging Equipment - Budget Recommendations 
  • Vlogging Equipment - Choosing Your 4k Camera 
  • Vlogging Equipment - Choosing Your Microphones Lecture 
  • Vlogging Equipment - Tripods And Accessories Lecture 
  • Filming Techniques 
  • Editing A Vlog Lecture 
  • Activities For The Vlogging Section

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This course is part of a much larger masterclass, so please make sure you check the other modules out.

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Great course, Mark!!! A lot of this stuff I had figured out over the last year or so, but you put it together in a way that it makes more sense! If you are just starting out, this is an awesome course to get you you going and to have a great idea of what is needed. If you aren't just starting out, you don't know everything!! Check it out. Looking forward to making a video to share. Great job, and thanks!!
Teresa Trimm

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Mark Timberlake

Teaching Skills

Mark runs a marketing company called SME Heroes, which specializes in training on all things to do with online course creation and online marketing.

He has extensive experience with online business in various forms over the last 14 years and loves to share his hard won lessons and techniques for online business success.

In addition he also has over 12 years experience in online retail and over 5 years experience as a commercial photographer.

This means he has a deep bread...

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