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Social Media Marketing - How to make engaging content FAST

Jordan Harry, CEO at StudyFast | TEDx (2M+ Views)

Social Media Marketing - How to make engaging content FAST

Jordan Harry, CEO at StudyFast | TEDx (2M+ Views)

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About This Class

You'll go from spending hours creating content to making engaging content fast and Jordan will take you through each step on screen.

By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, understand that not all platforms are made equally and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels. You can implement the same steps at work or for your clients.

Inside the course, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
  • Define your audience and unique selling proposition
  • Get found in the search engines with SEO
  • And much much more!

All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective.

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jordan Harry

CEO at StudyFast | TEDx (2M+ Views)


Jordan Harry is a memory and speed reading coach, and the co-founder of StudyFast.

Over the past 6 years, he has been working alongside co-founder Oyinkro on bringing StudyFast's mission of making reading and memory training accessible to all.

In that time he has been creating online courses, workshops and speaking at high-profile events to share his knowledge of how easy it is to transform the way you learn in bite-sized insights.

Jordan's TEDx talk, which has been viewed by 2 million people, changed our lives and with the help of the StudyFast team, we have now taught over 30,000 people from 170 countries speed reading and memory techniques.

Jordan's work has been featured on: BBC, TED, Virgin StartUp, LBC Radio and Metro.

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1. Facebook: Welcome courts crew thinkers. It's Jordan, Harry found of study fast and corkscrew Instructor No. One. In this lesson, we're going to be looking at Facebook, but more specifically, Facebook groups and why it's important that you separate your personal and professional life. If you are looking to start a business or at least create some sort, passion away, form your friends and family. Now, the reason why it's important to do this is you don't always wanna be sharing your hobby, your passionately business with your boss or with your cousin's best friend's sister. You need to understand there's different audiences, Andi, to not annoy your friends and family, but more so to engage those people who really want to follow what you're willing to give out. So why create a group is key? We're gonna take a look at the study fast Private mastermind, for example, Creating a group is key for various reasons. For free reasons. The 1st 1 it brings like minded people together. As you can see, the group is growing. We're turns of 42 members strong on day by day, new people join. This is important because beyond people just consuming the content you produce people gonna reach out to one another and engage with each other on. I find this really exciting when people no longer talk to me by this built relationships, partnerships and created businesses purely because of join my group. Now I'm not saying you have to create group, which will promote business and network and creative relationships. What you need to look at is bringing like minded people together because we do best in tribes. If you haven't seen Simon Cynics Tribe video on YouTube, I recommend you go check that out. But having a belong into a community is a great support system When things get tough. Number two, it's a support system, as we would just mention it. When you have questions, you're not the only one thinking it and having a Facebook group. Whether you join one or you create one, you can actually reach out to people who are experts in their field. People have expertise in a certain area, which you don't and get an answer without having to pay a fee and number free. Facebook groups are fantastic for bringing people who are true fans of what you do into one place now as a business owner or someone who wants create business, this is valuable meaning I have the attention on everyone. When I posted that in future videos, I talk about on instagram how we see 4000 messages that day on how to cut through that noise on instagram creating a group You have no competition, not in your group anyway. Now, yes, you can have certain rules where you tell people you know, don't advertise your work or your business. I don't have those strict rules. I want people to share their work in that business if they have one but everyone and he will see us here for etc. And this is invaluable if you are a business owner or looking to become one. Now that we've talked about why it's important, create group. We're gonna look at straight the power off emojis. Now, the reason one of the skips is everyone knows how to create piece of content. Facebook. Everyone knows different ways to write captions and text and capital letters, exclamation marks. But what many people aren't utilizing of a movies. Reason why use emerges is because it catches people's I. You can add a tone a context to something that's quite boring, which is usually the text and add a twister at more context emerges a really key. And if you aren't using these emerges, you're gonna fool behind. Set yourself aside at some humor, add some context by utilizing emerges. Be creative as well, you know, always gonna get it right But there is no viable long way. Alternatively, go the opposite way. Be powerful with your captions, pound the pump and keep him showing sweet. This variety will keep your fans engaged because they're not gonna be seeing the same thing every single time. Experiment with the length of your posts, such as to see more. Because once again, people gonna be cough by this and not always gonna be expecting a long post or a short one or just a image. Make sure your captions have variety, and using emojis is just one way you can do that. Different types of content, I mention. It's on pretty much all the social media platforms. You don't always want to just be posting status as such. Here. Make sure to add an image with sometimes the text on Compliment that text with a different caption. Don't copy what the images add attachments to your status is, um, additionally, here we are once again repost other people's content. It is not always about you, and your fans will see and appreciate it when you share someone else's bit of contempt. This is refreshing because it's a different voice. It's a different message, and your fans will really engage with the fact that you're not always promoting your business or at least your hobby. Be sure as well to share your fans work and so supports it. Get behind it at the beginning, it's gonna be tough to get your followers to engage in your group. As you can see, it's mainly me posting, but when they do, be sure to get behind it. Show love comment. Ask questions, tack other followers to get conversations going. This, of course, is a huge compliment to the original person that posted, but also give confidence to those who were just hiding and just on the edge of the fence to posting to realize that it's OK. And it's not the end of the world. If I don't get any reactions nine times out of 10 you will moving on from different types of content. Welcome your members. Now, of course, this is specific. If you own the group every week, I try to walk in my members. Why? Because it lets them know that I see them. It lets them know that I'm not too big or your group isn't too big and regards of how big it grows. You recognize every single one of them. This is great because each from these individuals will get a notification. You then have an opportunity to what date them where new things going on with the group. And I would call one of my welcome messages wherever is got incredible engagement. And each time you do this, you're gonna get comments. You're going to get people thinking you, and this is where conversations can begin on people then begin to trust on love what you produce. That's welcome, Members. It's a very simple feature on the Facebook app simply hit by post right next to your members. Why was when you click this space book fits a dummy text for you, saying, you know, welcome X amount members and it tax all of the people who are new as you can see here, then what you can do here is just edit text. However, you want to add relevant links on post. It's that simple. So if you know, welcoming your members at the beginning, I recommend you do it every single week. And finally, it seems common sense, but it isn't always common. Practice. Offer value to your group. If you set up a group with the intention to support your brand or an interest of yours, don't sell. Every single day is, as Gary V says, jab, jab, jab, right hook content, content, content, sale, value, value, value asked. This is really important. The multiple reasons the 1st 1 is it shows that you're not for a team that you know your stuff. Secondly, if the precipitate Ori bias the secretary biases where you do a favor for someone, they feel obliged to get back to you now, a lot of people play on this in markets. Him given away free e books, um, giving away discounts to a degree. But what happens is if you do something nice for someone, chances are they're going to give back to you and make sure that when you're offering value . You actually thank it. Think people when they appreciate you. For example, I have a student here who thanked me for the vocal information that I provided. This is powerful for multiple reasons. You realize that you've bought by the someone else's life and for myself that makes my day . Secondly, from the business side, this is a fantastic selling tour at a testimonial now 200 plus, People are seeing this and people on the fence about investing in put up to your service. They're going to see a real person who has no connection to you, apart from being a customer has appreciated a van value and what you offer high like this person show. Okay, this person be touts and be like, Hey, let's jump on a cool and then post that video off YouTube discussing things forever. This will bring immense value to the actual person that beached out and, of course, highlights lovers. But you are the authority in your area of expertise. There's always the objection is I don't have time, told him. Now, one thing you can do and what I uses a tool called Hoot Suite. You can use other scheduled posting devices whose sweet have a mobile app on a desktop app . Great thing about hoots. We I believe the free version. You have access to free platforms. So I used linked in Facebook and instagram on. What I will do is I will block my time. So on a Saturday, I will sit down for potential an hour on just post all the content for that week, all the following week. What allows me to do is to actually have deliberate for off what content and why am I bringing this at this time? Then for the week life gets in the way you may forget Supposed. Don't worry, because you've got a schedule post coming at a scheduled time. And then all you have to do is monitor and make sure if the more comments you apply back whose sweet is free, this is why I recommend it. I'm not affiliate. Have no ties to them. There's other scheduled posting applications that I recommend you check them out, paid features off course, elated, posting more platforms. Allow more features, but I'll leave that to your discretion. I would recommend that if you are type of time or least get into the habit off. Posting uses scheduling application Now the consequences If you don't create a Facebook group, if you have a business, all you want to bring a community together is your message will be lost similar to instagram in the feed and you'll be competing in a big pond. Facebook is very tricky to do well on. If you're trying to create engaging condom now, I'm not saying it's impossible because you have friends or family that will support that. But if you want more, you want to reach a wide audience, which Facebook sometimes struggles with. You don't want to be adding and accepting people into your personal life on your personal profile. Creating that Facebook group allows you to separate. The two allow strangers to find your group, and depending on the privacy settings, they can join without any resistance. And they can still gain the same values your friends and family would on your usual feet. So it's recap we've looked at white. Creating a group is important. We've looked at why having emojis and variety in your content is especially important. The different types of content what it doesn't always have to be your own, the value on the actual importance off welcoming members to let them know you see them and finally offer value to stop. Use yourself. That's the expert e in your field. I hope this has thought value to you. So your homework is to reach out to your fans, create a Facebook group and invite close friends and family who you know, won't mind or at least support your endeavors. To create your Facebook group. You have to stop with one fan, and we all have fans within our network. Once you build up momentum, external people will see the numbers. Still see the engagement and they'll join. But to begin with, start your group after its lesson. If it's relevant to yourself and begin by just inviting your friends and family and what you grow from there until next time. Keep thinking outside that box and keep reading fast 2. Blogs: heavy one. It's Children. Harry found a study fast and cooks for instructor. Then this lesson we're gonna be. Look at how to create engaging content for specifically your blocks that you might have a website so I'll be showing you the benefits off, creating an engaging block for your website. And also, if you have a fair party, platforms such as medium why it's useful to be putting on to fight party platforms and how to utilize them. Let's take a look at what will be covering so by the end, as a ways you understand why what, when, who and how to engage people who follow your content most effectively by using blocks. But what is important to have a block in today's era? What blocks aren't dead to the country of many people who say blocks are dead and no one reads them, they're simply not true. If you have an engaged following audience, they will take the time to read your blocks on Well guarantees argument off short and long form blocks in a moment. But for now, I wouldn't need to understand the value of having a block. So why is tracing a block so important for your website. Well, first of all s year that big word which we've all had junk mail form about what is SCR s e o stands for search engine optimization. To put it into layman's terms, it's the rankings in Google. If you have good as here, you come out first. If you have bad, you won't pay free. I know Wants to be on page three now S CEO is a key thing for if you have a business in a website. Because, of course, if you type in business training, health from wealth management gyms, you want to be the fast thing that comes up when people are looking for the specific key words we won't get into s You're too much the reason why blocks important because Google actually reads the keywords on your website. So by having a block, you can hack it by chucking him. Jim and Exeter, blah, blah, blah, blah. My health and wealth management, careers, advice, blah, blah, blah. Our career start up business school allows you to blah blah blah. So when people type in these words, if your website doesn't show up as the home page, the block link for your website will. And if you are using a four part platform, I understand. Yes, your works a bit differently, so I don't claim to be an expert in that, so I won't mention too much on that. That's what you want to be aptitudes. Position yourself in front of your target customer. My writing a block. These keywords will make sure that your pump up Google because you've got a relevant tam. Additionally, Google Rachel website, based on the time spent on each page. So if you can imagine if you don't have a blow on your website, people just clicking through, clicking through scanning or the words If you have a block, people will spend too 10 25 even an hour reading some of your blocks. This shows to Google that people enjoy your content. Google want to get your in front of more people, so they're gonna keep bumping you up. So it's a big thumbs up on a vote for you. The longer people spend on your block moving on to next point long vs short form content. This argument could go on all day and unfortunately, don't have the time to cover and it's just me talking about it. I'm gonna show you both sides long form content as bench before with S E. O. Is fantastic because, as you can imagine, the more keywords you having a block, the more likely you'll show up in the search the longer someone spends on your website reading your blawg special. If it's long, the higher you go in a search. Although if you create short pieces of content people more likely to gain value in a short period of time and keep coming back and potentially share it, people have short attention spans. Now we have so many destructions of so many things going on in our life on we live in a society of instant gratification where we are used to being rewarded now instantaneously. We don't often want to be the block for 20 minutes to get the take away message. A lot of the times we want to be out to scroll to the bottom and key, take away message and then move on to next block. I personally create short term content, short term, short form apologies on my website. I also illustrate how long it will take for people to read it. Now, of course, I teach speed reading, so it has development. See there. But this does. Let's to me to know how long and what to expect from this book post. So they almost have a get out of jail card before they even start. So I say two minutes to read to three minutes. Most of my blog's are, so they average between 500 to 700 words per block, all with subtitles, Subtitles, subheadings and clearly illustrated points where they could take away key messages. Nothing too heavy, nothing too dense, full of value on little waffle. I found this to be effective with my target audience purely because these are people who are learning to speed read. I'm going to be more effective with that time, However, if you go into medium, if you use medium, which is a company slash platform where you can create your own block page, you'll find that people have some incredibly long block forms. Nine minutes seven minutes six minutes, five minutes and these the popular ones on medium so you can look at this and you can kind of gauge where the sweet spot is so some up long form First, a short form. I would say it's based on your analytics. Figure out what works well and what doesn't work. Well, most importantly, experiment with both to get a very result. Next. Hyperlinks hyperlinks are crucial. We come back to s CEO again when hyperlink in for Google. You will get thumbs up if people hyper link back to your website from an external one. So if you write block for a never company lex, a company called Shoe Box. Andi, they hype link your website on theirs. You're gonna get people who read that block over to your website, and this allows them to get into your systems into your funnels on ultimately buy into you . Secondly, for Google, the bigger the company that link back to you the better because it's like of a favorable for job. If a big CEO says I trust this person, hes SCV you're gonna listen. And so Google See that when you will be referred from a company with good s young when they pass it on to you. Google Um well, these guys must be creditable, and so it helps your s e o score move up meaning once again you come higher up in the search rankings. On top of that, many people make a business through affiliate marketing. So, for example, here I've embedded hyperlink to cello. So this is a block either on trail. Oh, and you guys confined there on the course as well. Onda Hyperlink Teoh, A specific affiliate link for myself where if you sign up and use trailer, which is free, I get free month off the pro version. It's fantastic. Now, of course I'm not doing this is a business, and this just allows me to use the features. But people actually create business through their blogged by writing of a viewing products . And then using our specific affiliate link is that when you click that link and they send you to that website, the company contract where you've come from on the original source, so you will get commission maybe 2010% off the initial sale. This could be very lucrative if you're selling or reviewing monthly subscription products where the customer has to pay £7 a month to use the service, because then you get a cut each and every month. I won't go too much in South because once again, that's a lesson in course in itself. But this is why using hyperlinks are great for two reasons. Meeting him, adding videos. This is something I personally haven't seen many people utilize. I feel like it's a secret dream that not many people realize that it is a great ninja tactic. We talked earlier scr about the time spent reading your block. Now Google can't exactly measure people's lives movements, and if they're actually reading it, someone could leave your block up on the tab on If they leave it and go make coffee, that will count. So you'll can't measure for persons actually reading it. What's word? So the way I Hackett and I've seen some of the people in this, the thing all these toxic, some shame with you I haven't created. And now passing on These are things that I've learned from incredible mental Zoff Mine. Andi they've taught me and they've tested it. I've tested it. Some things worked. Some things don't The things that work I keep. So these videos, if you can imagine if you've got a free minute video, why are the beginning just like myself on a trick play. They're now going to spend four minutes 44 on this page. This is fantastic. Even if they bother not to read the blogged, I've locked them in for four minutes. And if they do, then read the block. That's an additional two. These are different ways of just hacking that s CEO to make sure your block get seen by more people. On top of that, not everyone wants to read. Some people enjoy listening. Some people enjoy watching, so I'm hacking it from all different angles. They can play the video and read the block. Maybe not effectively. In fact, as a teacher, I know they can't effectively, but it allows them to take it in the preferred means off learning, which leads on nicely to our final point. Other platforms understanding that your website is only one platform for you to share. Your block medium is another. And it's probably one the most popular platforms for you to actually create a block. And I understand as many others, including linked him where you can now use linked in publisher publish a block on there. This is great because not only will it linked back to your website for guarding wherever you sell, but established yourself as the authority I've mentioned in previous videos. If you want to be an expert in your field, you need to provide value. You need to help people for free and show them that you can do the job before they invest. Any money blog's are one of the best, if not the best way to do that now. Of course, many objections around time is if you don't have time to create a block now, admittedly, nor do I. There's two ways you can do about it. You can transcribe videos into written formats and then edit that transcript and uploaded as a block. Or if you're fortunate enough to have to financial resources, you can hire a copywriter, send them the video as I do, and then they create ah Balog around the key points and then put it into their own words. So the messages communicated differently but still has that same core principle. So if you don't have time to type one up, which, of course you have to find time. But Germany don't You can use things that Trent Andreev, which I believe Ah, really Cost effective, ranging from £5 a month for X amount toe outsourcing it to someone for £15 a month and creating an organic original piece to take that into consideration. Now the consequences. If you don't start doing a block on your website, you will be missing a great opportunity. No, only for your S e O. As I mentioned, to establish yourself as the authority as someone who can really offer value to others, you'd be foolish, not crap loving your website regardless of what you provide on sale. Because somewhere whenever you can offer your opinion, your forts upon your industry in the written format and even if that means transcribe in one of your videos. So your homework for the end off this lesson. After watching this, I we need to go find a block. It doesn't have to be mine. It be great if you did. But go find a blogged on medium or from a successful entrepreneur that you want to follow, like Gary V. Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Andi. Start gaining inspiration. If you don't create block yourself, follow other people's gain value that way. Be inspired by what they do. I'm with time. You'll figure out how to create your own, that's all. For now. Enjoy blogging, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. YouTube: Hey there, everyone. Welcome to another lesson on creating engaging content in this lesson. We're gonna be talking about YouTube, the second biggest search engine. Second, of course, to Google without me going any forever. This is why you should have a YouTube channel. Whether you have a business, passion, hobby or unique talent, you need to be documenting it on YouTube. People will find you. And that is why, before we go any further, stop this video, go clean yourself of it, channel and come back to this video. Now that you've got a channel, let's jump in. So the first thing we're gonna talk about is finding trending videos in your category before you can even start, create content you to find something worth sharing. Now the best way to do that is by looking for content within your category. Now that will take myself, for example, I teach speed reading. So my categories anything to do with professional and personal development, specifically education. There's many or formative leaders of market leaders within accelerates planning. So what I would do is I will check out their channel on. I will see what video step producing what videos are doing well on their channel on How can I put my own twists or even an additional video into what they've said? Whether arguing for or against. So before you have to sit down and bring far loads of different ideas to make a video you didn't have to. The work's been done for you, especially things like relevant affairs. If you're looking at news, check the how and see what's trending on Twitter. Make a video piece of content on that. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just add another will on do a little bit different. So that's the first thing before you start making videos. See what videos are doing well by emulating people who are leading in your category. Next, the argument once again of long form versus short form videos. There's various various videos on articles on YouTube that say on disapprove long and short form contempt. I am going to say once again, as always, see his down to your audience, studied the analytics. Now the way you can study the analytics is by using a tool called bid I Q v I d. Like you, I'm not awfully again. I can recommend them because I use them on a daily basis. What it does, it's a plug him onto your channel so you'll be actually actually see analytics such as, Well, even let me talk about it. Let's have a look So we'll take a look at a recent video that I uploaded. So before you begin that you can see my YouTube looks a little bit different now. This is some of the statistics that I can see about my channel. I can see I was watched in the last year views over the past couple of days on, interestingly, the amount of subscribers and how that looks on a timeline so I can actually track what I'm doing. And if that's corresponding to the growth of the climb in my channel. So we'll take a look at a recent video how to remember names once you've actually installed like you and uploaded a video onto the platform. Vin I Q is a plug him so your YouTube channel doesn't change. There's just additional features that you can open and close. I won't go into like you too much because, as always, that's another video. Another lesson on its own and if you sat up like you have some great tutorials. But were you about to see is, as always, something that gets managed will get measured. So we need to sell ourselves some measurables instead of aimlessly producing content and using views as the KP I two key performance indicator off success. We can jump in and look a little bit deeper. You can look at countries that are viewing and that will determine whether you should actually start transcribing your captions into another language. The device is the average view time and interestingly, how it performs on our whole, where the likes the comments people coming from. Additionally Vidic, you will show you how you can actually improve your video with this checklist. They see I've still got a lot of work to be done, but this plug Innisfree, it has an additional add on option where you can pay for. I've been using the free one for about a year, and it served me very well and taking my channel into a new direction, one which is seeing and yielding a lot of results. So that is the argument long vs Short. Unfortunately, I have no definitive answer I don't think I ever will. It's similar to the CEO with blocks. The longer someone watches your videos, the more likely YouTube will promote your content. However, the argument is with someone wanna click when your videos if it's 30 minutes long, I don't know, depends what content you're doing next. We'll look at hyperlinks. Hyperlinks similar to blog's can be effective for your YouTube videos. The way you would use them is by actually putting them into the video description. If you're not utilizing, you're missing a massive opportunity to gain followers new connections on potentially sales because most people watching your video, they will hit the description if you do it yourself nine times that 10 other people do, too, to be sure to add at least one link into your course course your video description consistency similar to Instagram. When someone comes to your channel and see that you haven't uploaded the video four months , they're not gonna subscribe. They're not gonna hang up out as I mentioned earlier, we live in an area where we're used to instant gratification. We want results. We want value straight away. And if someone who were thinking about following only gives us gratification value occasionally, that's not going to sit well, not for the majority. You really want to scale your YouTube channel any platform. We come back to what I said at the beginning. It has to be consistent. It has to be valuable content because people follow those who can produce value. If you could do that on a daily every of a day, a week, you will find your YouTube channel will cry. But make sure that the content you're producing it's a value and that goes back to 0.1 off seeing what actually works instead of aimlessly posting content and then no, actually measuring how it performs, I finally You don't need all the equipment to produce engaging content, as you can see in this video, or turn the volume off so you can actually watch. This was a scream recorded very similar to this where I produced a PowerPoint presentation . I did innovation over the top of it. In fact, I foolish she's missed this little thing at the bottom on the Google, the icy Haider, but I still put it up. I still put it up. All I needed was my computer Mike, if you have finances, you cannot buy an £8 mike off Amazon, and that will do a good enough job. But this piece of content is gonna bring value to someone on. It took me two minutes Faith for touchy film a couple of minutes before and afterwards to produce and actually upload it. But this is now going to stay on YouTube for his long until they closed down, showing you don't need any fancy equipment to produce valuable, consistent contempt. A lot of times people use is an excuse for not getting started on this comes onto objection . But Julian, I can't start YouTube channel because I don't have the lighting, the audio, the HD camera. Right now I'm filming this with my computer webcam. Um, the microphone is off the headset, which is affordable off Amazon Onda. Off course I do. You have some good lighting because I believe And if you read up on this, good lighting can really make up for a poor quality camera and bad lighting. What? No good camera can save a video from poor lighting. You want to think of the M V P model minimal viable product M V P. What's the minimal man off effort? Slash investment. You need to dio to produce the product. So, for myself, I tested simply and I still do. I use my iPhone. This doesn't good enough job. Once you've gained some traction on some results, then step out. Potentially invest in the DSL are then maybe into some lighting, so that when you do use your phone, it looks awesome. And then, of course, onto audio. And even then you don't necessarily need all the equipment depending on houses. You're doing this now. YouTube. It can be a money earner when I believe you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours off watch time for fasting House is a lot. But don't let that bother you each day. Just chip away. And before you know it, if you are looking to monetize your channel, you will Otherwise, don't worry. Understand why you've created a YouTube channel? A nice to bring value to your followers on to your audience. So realize the consequence. If you don't actually start channel, is your gonna be missing out again? Video form is still one if not the number one form of consul, right now people value when they can. Here see you. It's almost like they know you without knowing you. Technically, it has various forms where you can transcribe it into orbit and content. You can strip the audio or make a podcast with your video. Video is fantastic. I'm bias and saying it because it's my best and most favorite communication. Understand that if you're not comfortable in video, don't force yourself know everyone will do at the beginning. And this is your bit of homework. Don't start producing a piece of content that's 15 minutes long because, like myself, I make mistakes. I stumble up, I say the wrong thing, but it's okay. These states happen on people actually connect more with you if you do make these mistakes on camera. If you do want to be a little of a perfectionist, feel free to cut up and edit your videos. They look great at the end, but they take a lot more time on the back end with editing. But your homework start nice and simply use this everything. Whether use Snapchat Instagram Facebook stories we've been just keep it to yourself. Film yourself for one minute and before that woman. It have a clear message or point. You wanna communicate what this will do. It will get you more effective as a communicator because you only have one minute to communicate your right there. Number two. It will make sure you don't waffle because, you know, working with time and number free, it comes back to Parkinson's law. Parkinson's Law says a task expands based on the time allotted to work. So when we don't set a time for video, it can seem very daunting because we'll fill out my gosh about have enough content. I'm not gonna only got five points. That won't be two minutes. It's OK. Relax. When you actually saw yourself one minute, the tar seems extremely small, one quote unquote easy, and so therefore, you're more likely to do it. And once you start building the habit of filming yourself, watching yourself, making slight adjustments or I say, also quite weird, um, away talk too fast. I don't took fast enough. Then you'll become confident that publishing that woman it content then producing too 3 10 minutes wife off content in no time Before you know it, it feel natural. If no alien we're not producing content. It's the best of luck producing content with only one minute using your phone to get yourself started. But if you really ahead, get your YouTube channel going. Download video I Q. Start analyzing your content to engage more followers until next time. See you, sir. 4. Instagram: welcome courts through thinkers to another lesson on how to create engaging content. In this lesson. We're gonna be looking at Instagram now. It's not just for those photographers who could take beautiful pictures can also utilize Instagram for your business and your personal plan. There's always let's see what we're gonna be covering to begin with. I want you to understand by the end off this lesson, you won't know what pieces of content, how to post those piece of content when to engage your followers to make sure you break food the noise to communicate your message. So why now was important more so than ever, Because you're day trading people's attention, we see more than 4000 messages a day, so your job is to cut through that noise to communicate your message. Whether that be a call to action, to buy your product or for them to engage with a post so you could actually get market research on a new course content you want to create, I'm going to show you how exactly, do that. Before we get going, I want you to create a business account on Instagram. This is very simple, takes a couple of seconds, and you don't have to pay a single dime. We weren't about to show you on this tutorial because, of course, when the desktop but on your mobile, if you head of it a little cock setting school the way down to I believe it's change account business camp. You then be able to after a couple of steps, transfer your personal count into a business. One. No, a lot will change, but you'll get a few new features. For example, you'll be out to get a little great height one. And if your name, where you can change that entrepreneur, personal blogged or public figure. But most importantly, you'll have access to the insights that the insides wouldn't be extremely useful for you to analyze. Which pieces of continent room Well, im what pieces of content aren't doing so well. It will show you free other things. It will show you who your followers are in terms of where they are in the world, what age, what gender. I will show you the impressions on the actual likes and engagement on each piece of content so you can see in a nice feed. What piece of content did well. Most interestingly, you can see when your followers are most active on the platform. Now we're gonna cover that shortly in terms off what times to post. But there's an interesting argument to be had. I will be covered in just a moment. So let's see what will be covering fast. Why business accounts are essential. Essential because they will allow you to analyze your performance. What gets managed gets measured. If we don't have something to measure, we don't know if we're succeeding and our plan when supposed. Now we're gonna head over to my camp, and we're gonna have a look at things that I experiment with daily to see when it's the best time to post. Now there's always arguments to be had off. When is the best time to post for myself? My followers at least active in the morning. So this time of day, I normally postal repost content I've already got. This is because most people are looking for hits off motivation to start that day. Now, the great thing about this is not much competition. Pitcher it like your fish. You're in a small pond on your big fish, so you're going to get a lot more eyeballs, but the content can't be too heavy. So as you can see, I posted this stuff in the morning and engaged pretty well. The comments are going to be a lot less in the morning, as I said before, because most people are starting that day, however, the's piece of content I posted in the evening. Personally, I try to keep my feet aesthetics, which is a video in itself. I post three pieces of content at one given time. These were posted all at the same time within seconds of one another. But you can see the engagement was very different. The favor of posting in the evening for myself, when my users are most active, is your plane. With Instagram's algorithm is a competition. You're no longer a big fish in a small pond. You're now a small fish in a extremely big pond, So what you need to figure out is, how do you hack it in the evenings? Why pose my most powerful piece of content in the evening? Because if it does well, a lot of people will see it. So I posted my usual motivational content in evening and you can see it performed pretty similar to the morning. However, it got zero comments because people were distracted with the mass amounts of messages. However, you can see the one in the middle. Why post myself from my mother exceeded expectations off both posts and is probably one of my most engaged piece of content today. The reason for this is quite powerful bit of content. I understand who my followers are on. I think that's one of the most important things you need to do before you start posting is understand who is your target audience. For myself. I have free categories. I have my personal life, my athletic life on my business life. So all my piece of content kind of split up into those three sections for yourself. You may have five. You may only have one. If you understand why people follow you, you can keep producing content that is valuable to them. One of the key tips to succeeding on Instagram is producing consistent and valuable pieces of content, and I understand who my target audience are. So I tried to break it up by not posting the same thing every time it's understanding went to post is what your business account will allow you to look into moving on next into what will be looking at the different types off content, as you can see there. No all photos there. Noel videos. They're not all just text. It's a variation. People get bored seeing the same old thing. In fact, there's a term called banner blindness. Facebook found this when they had all the ads on the right hand side on the desktop. You might not remember this, and there's a reason why. What happens is our brain becomes very smart. It wants to be efficient. It's also very aware when it's been sold to. So what happened was Facebook noticed people weren't clicking or even looking at the right hand side off their feet because they knew that's where the adverse work and it same with the Google searches. When you search for something, you get the ads at the top. Well, I was kind of skip those Google ads, and we go to the first organic one without the ad because we're aware that maybe we can't trust it was being sold to, So you want to switch up your pieces of content and I do this by re posting other people's content. So it's not always me posting tweets because they still have relevance of the on a different platform. I also like I said, sharing my personal life because all the time do people want my study tips? Which of course, most people do. But I understand it's a small majority that do you want to see the man behind the business ? Moving on next, Use everything. Now. Instagram has various features and what I recommend is you use every feature on your stories. Make sure that you use boomerangs because what will happen is instagram will favor you when you use all of their tools. Usual highlights however you wish and deemed necessary. Make sure you have a link in your buyer when it comes to posting. Always poster location. Play around with the caption and be sure to always tag someone or something in that. That voter Now I'm not saying this because I've tried and tested it myself. I've learned from people who are killing it right now. People like Louis House good artists, copy, but great eyes still, so make sure you follow someone who is killing it on Instagram on. Still one look into what they're doing. Why are they doing it on? How effective is it? You know, for example, here he has his tweet. What? I've replicated a short captain. And of course, he's got bigger following that myself and many of you watching. Don't let that put you off. We'll have to start with one family, but Lewis tries to make sure that he gets back to as many people as possible. Okay, so by looking at what people are doing, you can stay ahead of the curve and make sure that you're always a step ahead over the competition, doing and finally engaging with your fans. Now, I mentioned this just a moment ago. Now a nice little hack here is up. Instagram, similar to Facebook's algorithm, is they've promote your posts when there's engagement. Now, if you are doing something that's time sense to say, for example, you have a product that is launching tomorrow, every comment you want to respond to, to keep up in the top of people's feats because it's launching the next day. However, if it's not time sensitive, track out, allow your content be hot four minutes and then when it starts to quite in down, begin to then comment on Do apply to people. So let's have a look at this. This waas back in August 24. Andi people start commenting on the day. Why start to do was I started to respond to people couple weeks later when the content started to slow down. And you can see I constantly do this whenever people comment. I don't come in straightaway. I allow it to go a couple of weeks. Couple of days as a Hey, thanks. Great. Hey, keep up what happens here? Two things. The person's gonna get notification. I'm gonna come back to your feed and they're going to see the new content you've got and like an engaged with that new content. Additionally, they'll reply, or like your comment that you responded on to that post and that's gonna proof that post back up onto their feet and two people who follow them. This is how you can keep recycling your own post and saved Well from now for many of you, you're gonna say, But Jordan, I just don't have time to produce content every day, every week. I'm just not Matt exciting. Believe it or not, the only piece of content in my past six is this one I had to create. Which was our festival. All the rest I recycled form Twitter I reposted from someone else on I once again be posted someone else's piece of content. All of it is relevant. Andi, When people come to your feet, the first thing they're gonna look out is when The day last post. So, for example, I posted a day ago on this post right here. Now for many people when they see this. Okay, I'm gonna follow this guy. He's constant in his game, producing content. If you haven't posted for a couple of months, you bet your bottom dollar people are gonna follow you. Because why should they? You're not gonna bring them any value any time soon. No, it doesn't have to be like I say, a perfect image. Recycle and repost. The key is consistent. Valuable content. Now, your piece of homework for this lesson is I only to post at least once a day. That's all house. Now I'm posting free post every other day, but I want to challenge yourself to create a piece of content. Now that piece of content can be on your story, just like so, Or it could be an actual post in your feet. Whatever you decide, challenge yourself to post at least once a day, you know it's a few things. Number one. You noticed that your engagement and followers will slowly increase Number two. You'll find what works because looking at your insights now you got business account. You've got to see what piece of content doing well, and then the free. You find a piece of content arm to him well, and you can stop doing that and double down on what works. Well, that's all I ask you to dio after this lesson is posted. Bail content once a day for seven days. Document. Don't create until next time. I'll see in the next lesson 5. LinkedIn: Hey there, everyone. Welcome to the final lesson on creating engaging content in this lesson. We're gonna be looking at Link them your new CV. Lincoln has grown over the years on. As a result, people including myself, a secured great opportunities with jobs, building their network on meeting people they usually wouldn't meet because unlike many of the other social media platforms, where if someone likes your content, only they see it move up that feed we've lengthen. If someone likes your bit of content, it shows up in their feet. And then anyone that likes that bit of continent shows up in theirs, and it's a snowball effect. So I'm really excited to show you how we're gonna hack. Link them now. To begin with. We want to look at timing as Lincoln is seen as the professional network compared to all the others, you have to be smart with your timing. Studies have shown that if you post at lunch time, most people in their lunch break, so any above content, such as a block video or long form status is worth for posting at lunchtime because people are looking for escapism looking to be distracted. Alternatively, once again post in the evenings after 6 p.m. By the time people have gone home, but their kids to bed fed themselves. I'm looking for the escapism. This is where linked in kind of has its own rules compared to the ever platforms, whatever platforms you wanna look into the insights in terms of your followers and of course, were linked. And if you've gone into national audience, you have to take that into consideration. But nine times out of 10 the country you're in try to schedule your content so ever comes out during the lunch break between 12 to 2 or in the evenings six onwards. I haven't looked too much into the weekends and how it performs. Then that's probably a different animal. But as a good Gemmell, a farm look, a posting around lunchtime or in the evening. Next, we want to take a look at the embedded videos Witherington and will bring mine up. For example, this was something I had to play around with myself. Why? Found was when you post a link them on, Do you post YouTube link People will ever have to click the video foot to play or they have to actually go to YouTube and it takes them away from your lengthen, and then they have to load on and watch it there. Your job is to minimize the resistance for them to engage your content by no embedding the video. You are making them having to take additional actions such as pressing play, waiting for the loading screen going toe another tab. We want to remove that. Okay, it means you might not get a subscriber, but you have to understand you have to work with the social media platform then no, all made equally on your pieces of content have to adapt to the platform. So if we take a look, this video can also be found on my YouTube. But why did here must grab people's attention was put a title, which you can use using in shot. It's a free mobile app on. I'm sure there's plenty off desktop applications that will allow you to add text with video . So what happens is people read the captions. Now, of course, this doesn't mean a lot to people. However, when I say Please watch this and passed along, it sparks their attention. Everything about embedding them is, they play automatically. Now. I'm about to show you without reloading my pages, going back down cities of content. But maybe we can find one if I go to my home page. Once that's loading, you'll see the importance off videos that water play. There's little to no resistance to enjoy. The piece of content on what happens is you find yourself being sucked into watching content that you probably wouldn't usually watch. So here we go. Grant Cardone. I've scrolled I haven't collect, were creator or consumer. He's used a couple of hashtags, and due to my poor wife, I divided second a while to load. But I havent clicked anything to start watching this video, and already it's starting to play. If I had good WiFi as you continue to scroll, you may find other people using this auto play feature. All people are. We had another one there. We can see. It's obvious my wife eyes in the fastest today. Do you see why? I mean, what's people could lick Seymour. We've wow the actual written content, which is quite a lot here. His video would be playing in the background. It hasn't required me to click anything else. It's just required me to have good wife eyes as he wants it. So this is something you want to start utilizing as a tool. One. Posting your content. If it's a video, do not just embed the link. Embed the video and by that head of your status and like the video bottom to embed it so you actually have to download the video and then loaded onto platform itself. Next. Hashtag. So we saw a guy called Grant Cardone, who is, if not the best Selves coach in the world. I'm by using these Hashtags, you can create your relevant ones. So when people click it, if you've got a unique one, don't get a library off all your other videos On top of that. Of course, if you post often in this hashtag, people can follow it. So if you follow this hashtag people will see your status. People will see your post and your content. Same of instagram. You want to stop following Hashtags and using those hash tags and begin dominating it. You'll reach a new audience, but audience are interested in your neesh next consistency. I can't say it's enough. I've said it in pretty much every video, and I'm gonna fake em. People want consistent value. We've Lincoln's a little bit different. Lincoln's more of an opportunity to get in front of people. People don't often go to Lincoln to follow someone passe, but if you keep posting content on, someone likes it and it shows up in their feet on. Do you keep putting content and the same person keeps liking your content? You're going to come up in someone else's feed on, they say. I believe it's seven or nine times someone has toe see or interact with you or your brand before they take action. So this demonstrates how often you to get in front off your potential customer or potential new follower to actually engage them to make sure you're being consistent on Lincoln as well. And finally, attack of a people now prove emphasis here, make sure that development don't piss off your network on B one. Those guys attacks 40 people because you're gonna annoy them and you're gonna know them very quickly. Attack people who are relevant to simply do it just post above contempt, such as video on how to save time when reading Nice little plug there on, then tack, um, someone who would benefit from the video tag. Darren Haydar Um, I think you'll find value from this video or hey, down Allison, Lucy Craig Think you'll find value from watching this video? What you've done, there's you haven't just generically stamped and said Type very people. Hopefully, you fought value to those key people. Those key people now feel obliged to now comment and like your content, which now has already automatically giving you five bits of comments. Five automatic lights instantly and, of course, Dr Shop in their feet. That's not have seen, but other people on quadruple triple double your chances off more people engaging with your content. But the objections. I don't have money or connections Jordan on. I get that similar to the Facebook group. You have to start with a couple of fans. So start by connecting with old school friends. Linked into a great job of recommended people you should probably connect with is a smart algorithm off who they think you may know. Your challenge is every day for week at 10 new people to your network on Lincoln. Hopefully you know them if you don't send them a no and explain why you're connecting with them. But can it? With 10 new people what you'll find, It's compound interest. You do that for seven days over a week. That's 70. New people do that for two weeks. That's 140 people and so on and so forth, and that network will grow as you keep producing content. You'll have more opportunities for people to engage with it, and you'll find you won't have to reach out to people. People will start connecting with you. Well, you've got to say, Hey, thanks for the connection. Can I ask what was the reason? Happy to help the amount of times I have done that and secured a new client. Speaking of them, um, a new friend purely based on that question or the initial message to new connections, I can't tell you how many times that's happened. What I can tell you is I do it religiously now. If there's only one thing you take away from, this is, be sure to send that kind of follow what message when someone asked to connect with you. But in the beginning, you need to do that for one week at 10 people a day. And on top of that, don't always have to post new content. As I've mentioned in previous videos. Share other people's content. If you're bringing value to your connections and your followers, they will not care if it's from you or from someone else. Okay, on a side note. If you are, um, business owner and you have a product and service, you do want to be publishing your own content because I could say establishes. You are the authority and you can trust with people but on the side. You can't keep sharing and giving value through other people's content, and those people will appreciate that. It's and it will snowball in your network walk. This has been the final lesson. The how to create engaging concept. Your job is to now take action. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email. Jordan At study Faster UK or make sure you comment on the video below until next time. Ceasar