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Social Media Marketing - Digital Marketing Strategy 2020

Mark Timberlake

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129 Lessons (7h 54m)
    • 1. Mod 01 01c Introduction Ssm Section

    • 2. Mod 01 02 Social Media Marketing Monster

    • 3. Mod 01 03 Free Vs Paid

    • 4. Mod 01 04 What Is Marketing

    • 5. Mod 01 05 What Is Media

    • 6. Mod 01 06 What Is Social

    • 7. Mod 01 07 Local Vs International

    • 8. Mod 01 08 Activities Mod

    • 9. Mod 02 01 Introduction To Marketing As A Business Priority

    • 10. Mod 02 02 The Marketing Company

    • 11. Mod 02 03 Feast Ad Famine

    • 12. Mod 02 04 Continuous Marketing

    • 13. Mod 02 05 The 80 20 Principle

    • 14. Mod 02 06 Sales And Marketing

    • 15. Mod 02 07 Activities To Complete

    • 16. Mod 03 01 Introduction To Understanding The Buyer Journey

    • 17. Mod 03 02 Meet Bob

    • 18. Mod 03 03 The Seven Steps To Marriage LB

    • 19. Mod 03 04 The Buyer Journey Aida

    • 20. Mod 03 05 Attention Content

    • 21. Mod 03 06 Interest Content

    • 22. Mod 03 07 Desire

    • 23. Mod 03 08 Action Content

    • 24. Mod 03 09 Activities To Complete

    • 25. Mod 3a 01 Introduction To Bobs World View

    • 26. Mod 3a 02 Understanding World Views

    • 27. Mod 3a 03 Understanding Bob

    • 28. Mod 3a 04 Confirming A World View

    • 29. Mod 3a 05 The Family Kettle

    • 30. Mod 3a 06 Bobs World View Activities

    • 31. Mod 04 01a Introduction To Social Media Marketing & Seo

    • 32. Mod 04 02 Social Signals The Truth lb

    • 33. Mod 04 03 The Problem With New Websites

    • 34. Mod 04 04 The Snowball Effect LB

    • 35. Mod 04 05 The Great Deception LB

    • 36. Mod 04 06 Your Website As Your Data Center

    • 37. Mod 04 07 Activities To Complete

    • 38. Mod 05 01 Intro Social Media Platforms

    • 39. Mod 05 02 Finding Bob LB

    • 40. Mod 05 03 What Platform Should I Use LB

    • 41. Mod 05 04 Business or Personal Branding LB

    • 42. Mod 05 05 Social Branding Tips

    • 43. Mod 05 06 Creating Your Biography LB

    • 44. Mod 05 07 House Keeping LB

    • 45. Mod 05 09 Activities To Complete

    • 46. Mod 06 01 Introduction To Posting On Social Media Platforms

    • 47. Mod 06 02 The Golden Rules

    • 48. Mod 06 03 Curation Vs Creation LB

    • 49. Mod 06 04 What Types Of Content Should I Create

    • 50. Mod 06 05 Written Content

    • 51. Mod 06 06 Photography LB

    • 52. Mod 06 07 Infographics LB

    • 53. Mod 06 08 Video Content

    • 54. Mod 06 09 Podcasting LB

    • 55. Mod 06 10 Automation LB

    • 56. Mod 06 11 Activities To Complete

    • 57. Mod 07 01 Introduction To Social Media Posting Ideas

    • 58. Mod 07 02 Where Do I Get Posting Ideas From

    • 59. Mod 07 03 Stupid Questions

    • 60. Mod 07 04 Conversations

    • 61. Mod 07 05 Stories The Power Of Narrative

    • 62. Mod 07 06 Industry News

    • 63. Mod 07 07 Content Capture Systems

    • 64. Mod 07 08 Respecting Your Audience

    • 65. Mod 07 09 Activities To Complete

    • 66. Mod 08 01 Introduction To Creating A Social Media Post

    • 67. Mod 08 02 Take Them To The Movies

    • 68. Mod 08 03 Headlines LB

    • 69. Mod 08 04 Body Text LB

    • 70. Mod 08 05 Using Images LB

    • 71. Mod 08 06 Video Posts

    • 72. Mod 08 07 Quizzes And Polls LB

    • 73. Mod 08 08 Links LB

    • 74. Mod 08 09 Hashtags LB

    • 75. Mod 08 10 Activities To Complete

    • 76. Mod 09 01 Introduction To Community Based Marketing

    • 77. Mod 09 02 The Best Kept Secret LB

    • 78. Mod 09 03 Choosing A Niche For Your Community

    • 79. Mod 09 04 Choosing A Platform LB

    • 80. Mod 09 05 Gate Keepers LB

    • 81. Mod 09 06 Community Rules LB

    • 82. Mod 09 07 Shared Ownership LB

    • 83. Mod 09 09 Visiting Other Communities

    • 84. Mod 09 10 Activities To Complete

    • 85. Mod 10 01 Introduction To Building A Social Media Plan

    • 86. Mod 10 02 Why You Need A Plan

    • 87. Mod 10 03 Your Social Media Schedule

    • 88. Mod 10 04 Your Content Calendar

    • 89. Mod 10 05 Setting Realistic Time Frames

    • 90. Mod 10 06 Responsibilities And Roles

    • 91. Mod 10 07 Smart Goals For Your Marketing

    • 92. Mod 11 01 Introduction To Social Media Case Studies LB

    • 93. Mod 11 02 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Part 1

    • 94. Mod 11 02 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Part 2

    • 95. Mod 11 03 Twitter Case Studies

    • 96. Mod 11 04 Facebook Case Studies

    • 97. Mod 11 05 Linkedin Case Studies

    • 98. Mod 11 07 Youtube Case Studies

    • 99. Mod 11 08 Instagram Case Studies

    • 100. Mod 11 09 Pinterest Case Studies

    • 101. Mod 11 10 Social Media Case Studies Activities To Complete

    • 102. Mod 12 01 Introduction To Creating Social Media Images With Adobe Spark

    • 103. Mod 12 02 Adobe Spark Tools Explained

    • 104. Mod 12 03 Example Of An Adobe Spark Social Image Created On Desktop

    • 105. Mod 12 04 Example Of An Adobe Spark Social Image Created On Mobile

    • 106. Mod 12 05 Activities To Complete Adobe Spark

    • 107. 01 Introduction Creating Your Social Media Profile

    • 108. 02 Equipment Needed

    • 109. 03 Understanding Your Camera

    • 110. 04 Offset Lighting Set Up For Portraits

    • 111. 05 Front Lit Lighting For Portraits

    • 112. 06 Setting The Exposure

    • 113. 07 Posing The Face

    • 114. 08 Editing A Male Portrait

    • 115. 09 Finishing Your Male Portrait

    • 116. 10 Editing A Female Portrait

    • 117. Mod 13 01 Introduction To Blogging & Copywriting

    • 118. Mod 13 02 Identifying Your Niche Audience LB

    • 119. Mod 13 03 Finding Your Style LB

    • 120. Mod 13 04 Preparation LB

    • 121. Mod 13 05 Page Setup And Formatting LB

    • 122. Mod 13 06 Links And Actions LB

    • 123. Mod 13 07 Additional Content On The Page LB

    • 124. Mod 13 08 AIDA Copywriting LB

    • 125. Mod 13 09 Attention Phase LB

    • 126. Mod 13 10 Aida Interest Phase

    • 127. Mod 13 11 Aida Desire Phase

    • 128. Mod 13 12 Aida Action Phase

    • 129. Mod 13 13 Additional Thoughts LB

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About This Class

Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you want to understand the science and art of Social Media Marketing?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet?

Maybe you have tried Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing in the past and failed?

Master Social Media Marketing And Online Digital Marketing

In this course you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing.

You will learn what works and what does not work with online digital marketing and where to spend your time and effort.

You will understand the psychology of the buyer journey and how you can map that to your social media marketing, content creation and sales process.

This course does NOT cover paid advertising or podcasting.

Topics Covered In This Course:

Module 1 - Understanding Social Media Marketing

  • The Social Media Marketing Monster

  • Free vs Paid Traffic

  • What Is Marketing

  • What is Media

  • What is Social

  • Local vs International Social Media Marketing

Module 2 - Marketing As A Business Priority

  • Marketing As A Business Priority

  • The Marketing Company

  • Feast And Famine

  • Continuous Marketing

  • The 80/20 Principle

  • Sales And Marketing

Module 3 - Understanding The Buyer Journey

  • Meet Bob

  • The Seven Steps To Marriage

  • The Buyer Journey - AIDA

  • Attention Content

  • Interest Content

  • Desire Content

  • Action Content

Module 3a - Bob's World View Marketing

  • Understanding World Views

  • Understanding Bob

  • Confirming A World View

  • The Family Kettle

  • Bob's World View Activities

Module 4 - Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

  • The Truth About Social Signals

  • The Problem With New Websites

  • The Snowball Effect

  • The Great Deception

  • Your Website As Your Data Center

Module 5 - Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Finding Bob

  • What Platform Should I Use?

  • Business Or Personal Branding?

  • Branding Tips

  • Creating Your Biography

  • Housekeeping

Module 6 - Posting On Social Media Platforms

  • The Golden Rules

  • Curation Vs Creation

  • What Types Of Content Should I Create?

  • Written Content

  • Photography Content

  • Infographics Content

  • Video Content

  • Podcast Content

  • Automation

Module 7 - Social Media Posting Ideas

  • Where Do I Get Posting Ideas From?

  • Stupid Questions

  • Conversations

  • Stories - The Power Of Narrative

  • Industry News

  • Content Capture Systems

  • Respecting Your Audience

Module 8 - Creating A Social Media Post

  • Take Them To The Movies

  • Headlines

  • Body Text

  • Using Images

  • Video Posts

  • Quizzes And Polls

  • Links

  • Hashtags

The Following Is Coming Soon:

Module 09 - Community Based Marketing

  • The Best Kept Secret In Social Media Marketing

  • Choosing A Niche

  • Choosing A Platform

  • Gate Keepers

  • Community Rules

  • Shared Ownership

  • Structuring Your Community

  • Visiting Other Communities

Module 10 - Building A Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Why You Need A Plan

  • Your Social Media Schedule

  • Your Content Calendar

  • Realistic Time Frames

  • Responsibilities And Roles

  • SMART Goals For Your Marketing

  • Marketing Mission Statements

Module 11 - Social Media Marketing Case Studies

  • Marketing Mistakes

  • Twitter Case Studies

  • Facebook Case Studies

  • Google+ Case Studies

  • LinkedIn Case Studies

  • YouTube Case Studies

  • Pinterest Case Studies

  • Instagram Case Studies

Join Us

So join us on the other side and learn how to master the science and art of Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing!


1. Mod 01 01c Introduction Ssm Section: in this part. Of course, we're gonna look social media marketing in great detail. We're gonna look at the fundamentals of marketing. We're going to explore the buyer, Johnny, we're gonna need to understand that. We want our marketings really work. We're gonna look at Social Media and Seo. We're gonna look at social media platforms. We'll also look at social media, posting social media, posting ideas. We're gonna look at creating a social Media post. We're also gonna explore community based marketing, and we're gonna look at creating a social media marketing plan at the top. It all off, we're gonna look at creating a marketing mission statement. 2. Mod 01 02 Social Media Marketing Monster: Now, if we're not careful, we can have a social media marketing monster each time. Why have I called their social media marketing monster? Well, a social media marketing monster is the social media activity that we do, and it often becomes a monster. And this is why people, when they try to get on with social media, mark saying they're going to fail now one of the things that social media marketing much is really good at, especially if your cell opener or a small business owner is it will eat your time. So what happens is you start realizing you spend a lot of time each day chicken status feeds and updates and seeing what Grant has been doing. And when you do that, also, do you realize that there's a lot of time being sucked into it, But it's not a lot off results coming out of your friend. And when that starts to happen, Social media marketing becomes something that we don't enjoy. So we're gonna have to train a monster. We're gonna have to train a monster toe work during set times, toe a shed RL toe, a system Andi for at this course will be discussing how we can do that. But one of the key things we have to understand about the social media marketing monster is when we start training our own monster in our business. He's actually really bad at something. Nothing he is battle. Is this going on social media platforms? Andi creating a sale? So the social media marketing monster is really bad at selling and that is how most people train their social media marketing once that they train it to sell. But he's really bad and then they get frustrated because I haven't had any success. But what he's good at, on the way we want to train our social media marks in Monster is he's good at capturing people and taking them over to our website, where we have useful and relevant and interesting content for people to have a look up. So he's really good taking traffic from social media and transferring that 12 website. That's what he's good at if we do it in the right way. If we train the monster correctly and that's what we're going to be doing as we go through this module and indeed for the whole course, what we're going to be looking at is how do we create a good social media marketing strategy that actually delivers something that is useful to us and isn't a complete waste of time? 3. Mod 01 03 Free Vs Paid: Now we have to look at free vs paid traffic. So one of the problems we're gonna have we've paid advertising is it gets very expensive, very fast. So if you go on Google AdWords, for instance, and you're trying to compete for a keyword, nobody's really competing. Google are going to try to force you into paying 456 $7 correctly, and there are ways to get that down. But it's really hard working. It's really difficult. I now give you alot click, but then they won't show your hat. So it's really difficult to get a lot of value of paid at now. Don't get me wrong. There is a place in the time but paid advertising, and it has to be done really well. And if you're gonna look into paid advertising, probably when the strongest ones that at the moment is Facebook ads Now the other problem with face book ads and Google ads and things like that is a lot of time that interruption based. So you're interrupting someone on that type of marketing gets blocked. People block adverts, even put, have the blockers on the computers on all the time. That ending off in defending themselves from paid advertising. Now the problem with social media marketing or with free traffic is that it takes a lot of time. It takes a commitment. It takes a long term commitment. Andi expending of resource to Get results So when it comes to looking at these types of questions, especially if you're a marketing professional and you consulting with a client, is the question asked him, Is this what you willing to exchange? Do you have advertising budget? What do you have? Resource? We've already got staff that can give that time to social media marketing and as a individual. If you're taking this course, do you marketing for yourself? Then you need to ask yourself, What is it? I'm willing to exchange a my willing to exchange from my time every week or some of my money you might have combination about. But that's the core question you need to ask yourself when it comes to generating traffic to a website. You can never do it for social media marketing for free. Or you can pay for traffic, which can get expensive. But the social media marketing well that looks for you to begin it isn't because there's a time cost. Investment on the paid of ties in obviously seems to be much cheaper, but clashing, expensive very fast. Now don't get me wrong. I think a good social media marketing campaign is absolutely phenomenal for creating awareness of your business and your brand is something that you should develop over 12 to 18 months. And that's how long it's gonna take to develop a really strong social media marketing presence online. But I have to start at the beginning, my thinking. I'm a willing to give that commitment if you are. And if you do the things we're suggesting this course Onda understanding by journey and the marketing funnels we're gonna teach you, then you can get very, very, very good results. I'm social media marketing. 4. Mod 01 04 What Is Marketing: So what is marketing? We got social, we got media, we got marks in. We're gonna work in reverse because marketing is the priority of what we're doing. But before we look into that, we have to understand what push vs pull marketing it now push Marketing. Its traditional advertising is where you push your message out in front of as many people as possible, hoping that the investment will bring sufficient sales to justify the cost of the advertising and also create profit for your business. But push marketing is very interruption based. So we're interrupting people where trying to stop them, doing what they're doing and do something else when people resist that now pull marketing. Why I called magnetic marketing, which the Internet has made possible, is the type of marketing that involves you creating content position in that content on the Internet, where it could be picked up in such. And now when someone starts looking for the solution that you are for looking for the product that you offer, that they can find it if you think about the difference there for a moment with push marketing, oftentimes you're working on a very cold toe lukewarm potential client. But with poll marketing, magnetic marketing, they are already committed buying a solution. No, your job is to make sure Don't they can find you and they're looking for that selection. One of the ways we can do that is by having a presence on social media marketing that drives traffic to a website and helps us increase our search rankings. We're gonna be talking about that much more later. Now, a number one objective in all of this is essentially we want to get them from social media marketing to our website. Now we're gonna have calls to action. We're gonna have different offers. We're gonna have lots of stuff going on on the website. But essentially, what we're trying to do is get them off our social media marketing and get them home to our website. And that is the core objective. Everything would do with social media marks, and it seems simple. But we talked earlier about how the social media marketing most to trace the cell. He's not very good at that, but he is good at getting people off of social media marketing when we train them properly onto our website onto our properties. Everything we have to do is understand wonder core principles of marketing is we have to choose our satellite channel. So what I essentially means is this There's lots of people got access to satellite TV or cable TV and you've got tuned and 50 or friended channels typically. Now, when you're watching TV and you got all these channels is an option, you're fine. If you think about it, you probably only actually watch about four or five channels. Arrest him, have no interest to you. So that means that when people are looking for information, they're going to come to you and they're gonna expect If you're searching for the Comedy Channel, letting I expect you to be the Comedy Channel were looking for Cooking channel. They're gonna want you to be the cooking channel. They come to you for cooking. They're not really interested in your views on football. You have to choose your satellite channel. So we have to communicate the information that that person has originally connected with us four and we have to broadcast on that single channel, which is the core service product, or offering that we offer on the way to illustrate this is a story like to tell about the guy. It's a Sunday afternoon. His wife and the two Children have gone shopping. You know, the dogs out in the garden, running around and playing He's in is Conservatory. He's sitting that cup of tea. He's got some biscuits and he sits down and every month he gets this magazine and it's very rare. He gets time to himself. He gets this magazine and this magazine is trained spotters monthly. So sit Stand is comfortable. He's ready. Opens a page on the first page. It says the top 10 woke up goes of all time so close it looks at the covers system, right? Terms of next page 12 Fashion tips for the autumn. This is another guest Re keeps finding content in that magazine that you haven't requested . He subscribed, but he didn't want that stuff. He wanted the stuff about train spotting. That's why he subscribed. And it's exactly the same. What do you think he will do it up? Subscription. He's gonna cancel. It is gonna on follow. He's gonna If it was social media marketing terms, he would just say I'm not gonna receive this content and he would switch you off. You see, what we're actually doing is we're getting people's permission to market to them for our social media channels. But to do that we have to stick to our expertise on a core skill. And this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. When it comes to social media marketing, they try and be free 100 channels of people. People don't like that. They're going to come to you as an expert, as an authority on a particular subject, that is around your core business, your core product, when the majority of your sales come from, and that's what they're gonna follow you for. And that's what they cannot come to you with information about. And if you start giving them over stuff, come out, you know, maybe what cup of coffee you had this morning? All the rest of it, they're just going to switch off. They don't want that. They've been bombarded with information constantly, so when they choose you as a channel, you got to give them what they subscribed. Four. Now the core of marketing really is communication. Marketing is about communicating a set of ideas to someone that they can respond to. Onda agreed to come into a trading relationship withers based on those values expressed. So one of the things we're going to communicate in our marketing is our expertise. You see if people I believe you're an expert when it comes to looking for solutions when it comes to choosing someone, they're gonna pick the expert. If someone was boiler breaks down, they don't call a gardener. They don't call a plaster of the call a plumber or heating engineer. So one of the things we want to communicate is our expertise. Now the second thing we want to communicate is our authority. Now authorities often derived from the opinion of those around us today perceive that we have authority. If they do, they will start communicating that authority on your behalf. One will be looking at social proof later, Um, and we can start communicating our authority through social media marketing on the third and probably most important thing we communicate for our social media. Marketing are our values. Our moral values are ethical values. Now this could be positive or negative. Let's take an example where someone leaves a negative comment on one of our social media post. Maybe a client or customer or someone like that has had an issue with us, and then we respond to them. We've you smell What? Do you know what you're saying to potential clients when they see that is, you don't treat your customers with respect. Now, if I see you respond and say we apologize for the issue apologized for the problem with experience, please get in touch with us using this method, and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible. Now that communicates a set of values that you're gonna help them, you're gonna take responsibility and you're gonna try and see it through. So when we communicating free marketing, we're tryingto communicate the three things, our expertise or authority and our values. No, the price about product. And if we can understand that expertise, authority and values communicated and accepted develop trust. And when a potential customer trust you, they can move through the buying cycle. So that's what we're trying to communicate. One. We are an expert to we have authority in this field off study. This area of expertise is business and free. We have values that they are gonna feel safe in their going to respect and appreciate unless essentially, what marketing is is communicating Nike free values until we get a trust response. 5. Mod 01 05 What Is Media: So what is Media? Media is content we produce, so it's content that we produce and put out on social platforms. Now Anderson Golden rules to creating content and that content could be blog's videos, podcasts, infographics many different types of content we can produce, and we'll talk later on in the course about how to choose the right type of content, you and your business. But there are golden rules we need to touch on. When it comes to creating content. Number one has to be useful to the recipient. It has to be relevant to the recipient. That comes back to the train spot analogy we discussed earlier. Andi, if we create content and media is useful and relevant, we follow those two golden roles. People will consume that content and they will followers back to our website. So when we're putting stuff out there, it has to be useful to the intended audience and has to be relevant. It seems pretty obvious, but most social media marketing abandons these two golden rose because they drop into what I call the cat pig syndrome. So let me show you what I mean. This is no social media marketing this is a cat pick. This is social media sharing. Not see many businesses do this Every now and again, we're gonna throw out acute camping. But let me ask you a question to showing you this image give you an overwhelming desire to buy my products and services. No, this is just social media sharing. Now some people will encourage you to do this is part of your social media marketing. But if we remember what we discussed before by sharing a cat pig, we're saying, essentially that our business is about CASS is our business about cats. If you're selling computer equipment, sharing pictures of cats doesn't really communicate what your business is offering. The only time you should share a cat pig is if you sell pet products, then the cat pig is appropriate. Now this comes back to the point. This isn't social media marketing, Mrs Social Media sharing. That's great. On a personal profile, you found a lovely cat. Pick anyone share of everyone Now who doesn't like a kitten picture. But we're trying to actually achieve marketing objective. No, what comes into this is a picture of your sandwich. What you having for lunch? people don't really care. And one of the things we're gonna be looking at much more debt later on is, I think, although we FM W I I FM, what's in it for me? Most people not interested in you, they're interested in them. So when we share stuff, it has to be something that resonates with them that connects them toe a product, our brand, our services. So pictures of coffee kittens taking your dog for a walk, all the rest of it. A nice of you trying to make friends with people. If you're trying to create a social media marketing campaign, you're trying to communicate your expertise, your authority and your values, and you need to stay whom topic. 6. Mod 01 06 What Is Social: So what is social? What is a social element of social media marketing? Well, the first thing we have to understand is something called social proof. Now, Social proof is what others say about you and your business. Know what you say about your business? But what they say and that is one of the most powerful fundamental aspects of social media marketing is that you can create a conversation around your business, your products and services the other people are initiating in carrying on. Now this is what is known traditionally as referral based marketing. Referral based marketing is where someone else refers you to someone else. So a typical example would be somebody starts a garden in business. I pick up to clients at a really good job on then someone else's. Oh, you gon looks lovely and they'll say, Yes, we have a new gardener. He does our gardening. Would you like his number? Or I'm in trouble to my boiler. Oh, you need Jeffs number. He fixed my boiler. He was really good. Here is really cheap. That's referral. Marketing on online marketing just takes that process and explodes it online so that people can come to you through the social proof that other people offer. We're gonna talk about U. S. P, your unique Senate, but what makes you different to everybody else? Well, when you understand, it doesn't matter what you say, but what other people say about your USB, then becomes what they're saying about you. Do you think about that little switch in your mind? It's no about you commuting your unique selling point. What makes you different? It's what other people say about you to define geo us pain because here's the golden row. People will not buy from you based on what you say they will buy from you based on what ever people say. So let me give you an example. If you've ever shopped on Amazon or any online platform, you'll go on that you'll read the description. I guarantee most people go through that description in about two seconds what they had to at the reviews. I looked down and I want to see what everybody else has said about that product is any good . It's not what the manufacturer, what a distributor says. It's not even the seller of the item. What matter is the third pie. Independent verification. So when we're engaged in the social element of social media marketing, what we're looking for is to create conversation around our products and services on our offerings because they're becomes the social proof that would enable other people to engage our services. So what? We need to look at it from different types of social proof, so that's gonna have a look at that. So let's have a look at some different types. We've got comments, re shares, follow accounts, reviews and endorsement. No comments have found on posts YouTube videos on blog's Whenever someone leaves a comment makes an observation. When someone else sees that and see someone engaging with you, their perception of your social popularity increases based on how many people they see commenting. Now another type of social proof you're gonna find, particularly on social media, is re shares. So if someone takes your content in shares again to someone else, that is a form of social proof. Because although I can say to you, here's my latest article, Please read. It is really good if someone says his marks latest article, please read is really good. Neesh area people are going to have a much higher willingness to engage in that content. Now Follow accounts. Reform of Social Proof As we build our social media marketing campaign, one of the things that we should be thinking about his follow accounts. How many followers can we get now? There's social proof in having lots of followers. But there's also something else, because when follow accounts go up, that means is more. More people are agreeing to receive your content is higher re share value, more engagement. So all the time you want to be getting those follow accounts up and the more followers we have, the more authority people perceive us to have. Now don't fall into the trap of buying followers or buying reviews. There are people are offer those services, the hug rooms will catch you and it's not genuine. People will see it. You want to create genuine fans of your products and your services, not fake ones. Now reviews are especially powerful, both positively and negatively if they're good or if they're bad, because reviews are saying people saying this was my experience with this business, so that's a very strong form of social proof. Now endorsements are really, really powerful, and they will come in many forms. They can be in the form of a review. They could be a private email on what we want to do with those endorsements is want to capture that social proof, take those endorsements and actually put them on our website. So we're gonna sell a product if we can place an endorsement before that product before they go into perching that product, that's gonna add value. So a little tip on how to manage endorsements if the endorsement is made publicly, feel free to reuse it on your website. But if he endorsement is made privately, were an email, always ask permission because some people will not like you sharing a personal communication. Have you just send him a quickie about Thank you for the endorsement? That was wonderful. Do you mind for sharing my website most of time? They're going to say yes, endorsements extremely, extremely powerful. So if we look at these, these are all the activities off other people verifying that we're a business that has expertise, authority and good values. 7. Mod 01 07 Local Vs International: So let's look at local versus international social media marketing. The first thing we have to ask is, Where is that audiences? It local or international? That seems like a really obvious question, But sometimes people don't really think about it. So where your audience is gonna change the way you social media marketing or somebody activities you actually do? Do everything you have to ask is, Are they actually online? So if you've got a website for Bowling Club members, you might actually look at it and think it. Actually, these guys not really online, they're not really using computers, that the older generation that may be struggle with computers, and I know it seems an obvious thing toe ask. But it's really important. So actually, before you set out on your social media marketing, whether local or international, so I see, think and measure. Is this viable? Now? The challenge is but come from Crane. An international social media marketing campaign is. There's lots of competition for what you're trying to put out there. You have now entered onto the world stage, so that could be a huge challenge when it comes to create a social media marketing campaign and your product has no boilers or you ship worldwide. Now, if you have a local social media marketing campaign, what you're gonna find is you got geographical area you actually trying to reach, and you're gonna approach that completely differently. You might do much more community based marketing or social media, community based marketing. Where Ukraine Online community. That's a local resource of international. You really need to be worrying about content, blog's YouTube videos, talks and key waas so that you can compete as much as possible internationally. But before you go forward, have to really think about is are you gonna talk an international market, which means lots of competition? Are you gonna launch a local social media marketing campaign where you're going to focus on the local community and getting people interested in your content in both? These instances are the real key is creating the online community. You can create an online community and that will be discussed in another module part of this course. You can overcome both of these sets of challenges, but the reason I bring out is you need to be thinking from the beginning where your audience is, what their needs are how you're going to get them to interact with you and how you're going to get them to give you the social proof you need, where it's gonna really count. 8. Mod 01 08 Activities Mod: activities to complete activity. Number one. Sign into your Facebook account and county ads on the page count the number of times you see interruption based marketing or push marketing. And think about how many of those ads you actually took, any notice all in the past and how effective they were on you. Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you clicked on one of those links? What was it that made you click Activity number two without reviewing the lesson. Writer sentence. Explain the difference between Push and whole Marcus E activity number free without reviewing lesson name free types. Social proof that you would like to see more off in your online marketing campaigns. 9. Mod 02 01 Introduction To Marketing As A Business Priority: marketing as a business priority in this module. We're gonna look at how every company should be a marketing company. We're going to look at the feast and famine cycle. We're going to explore the principle of continuous marketing. We're also going to look at the 80 20 principle. We're gonna look at the traditional view of sales and marketing on whether that still fits in modern marketing campaign. 10. Mod 02 02 The Marketing Company: the marketing company. The reason why most businesses fail is because they don't take marketing seriously or marketing is an accident. They occasionally happens to their business. Now we can learn a lesson from Red Bull. Whether you like their drinks on the When I say Red Bull, most people will probably say, Oh, rebel, yeah, they're a fizzy drinks company But actually the no, the way less structured and set up is they are a marketing company, the cells Red Bull, and this is something we need to understand. A successful company, a successful business is a business that prioritize their marketing because if you're not marketing, nobody knows about you. And if nobody knows about you know when combined. But it goes much deeper than that, because when you become a marketing company, you become very aware of your message on every front. So whether it's a social media marketing campaign where it's on your website, where it's on the telephone, whether it's on point of service, where we've got an installer going out because you're a marked and company and your focus on communication, your expertise, your authority and your values, the natural consequence of thinking and running a business like that is that you will get sales. Now. When you start thinking like a marketing company, then essentially your product, your service. Your offerings become which X Because once you learn how to market your business, you can market any business and widget eggs. Doesn't matter what you sell doesn't matter what service or product you offer. The same principles apply now. Another thing to understand is that marketing, good marketers and most sought after skill is good marketing. With businesses on, people pay huge amounts of money to get the right type of marks are on board that can actually create results for the company. And that's because it's probably one of the most important part of the business what you communicate to your customers. But you might be thinking, but I don't like marketing me personally. I love the psychology of marketing. I love how marketing works and how you can match the buyer. Journey toward marketing funnel. There's a lot of people just don't like marketing. Even if you don't like marketing, you still need to understand that principles of marketing still need to understand how it works, so that when someone else does your marketing for you. You know that they're doing marketing the way it should be done. Now. This is a challenge, a lot of time flipping this model of business on its head because normally a business is a business that produces something, and it has a marketing department or sales department. But when you flip over when you become the marketing company that sells Widget X, you're focus on revenue potential, have the opportunity to experience exponential. So I want to encourage you to be excited about transforming your business or helping someone else transform their business from someone who makes products to a marketing company that sells widget X. 11. Mod 02 03 Feast Ad Famine: now one of the biggest problems you're going to find in any business that doesn't have a good solid grasp or city imports of marketing is the feast and famine cycle. So the feast works like this. You do a big marketing campaign, you get low to cells in, everyone's really busy. And if it's a factory, everyone's making stuff, and it's really good. I was really happy because it's feast time. And then what happens is because everyone was so busy. Because, you know, our marketing company that makes which X or you don't represent a marketing company that makes which it X is the marketing was probably done by Doris, who's a reception. It's a did a bit social media all of a sudden stops. And then what happen