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Social Media Marketing Collaboration (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok)

Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

Social Media Marketing Collaboration (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok)

Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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32 Lessons (2h 38m)
    • 1. Social Media Marketing Collaboration Trailer

    • 2. Finding the Right Platform

    • 3. Facebook Friends

    • 4. Intro to Facebook Like Pages

    • 5. Intro to Instagram

    • 6. Intro to Youtube

    • 7. Intro to Tik Tok

    • 8. Facebook The Foundation

    • 9. Facebook The Initial Push

    • 10. Facebook The Second Push

    • 11. Facebook Invite All

    • 12. Facebook Contest

    • 13. Facebook Collaborative Posts and Tags

    • 14. Facebook Live with Guests

    • 15. Instagram The Foundation

    • 16. Instagram Initial Push

    • 17. Instagram Second Push

    • 18. Instagram Contest

    • 19. Instagram Shoutouts

    • 20. Instagram Collaborative Posts and Tags

    • 21. Youtube the Foundation

    • 22. Youtube the Initial Push

    • 23. Youtube Collaborative Projects

    • 24. Youtube Tags and SEO (Search Engine Optimization))

    • 25. Youtube 2nd Channel

    • 26. Youtube Fan Videos

    • 27. Youtube Collaboration with Businesses

    • 28. Tik Tok The Foundation

    • 29. Tik Tok The Team

    • 30. Tik Tok Duets

    • 31. Tik Tok Tags

    • 32. Tik Tok Masterclass Promo

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About This Class

Have you been trying to grow your social media account and feel like you have tried everything? Are you wondering how other people seem to grow their pages so quickly? Then this course is for you!

In this course I will be teaching the strategies to how some of the biggest social media influencers grow their followers so quick. I will talk about strategies to grow all your social media accounts. Facebook Like Pages, Instagram, Youtube, & Tik Tok. I will show you how to leverage other peoples presence to grow yours on all the different platforms. I will talk about things that work and what doesn't to grow your account quickly.

I will show you how to build a foundation on each platform and how to grow your first base of followers and then later grow to huge numbers of followers. This whole course is revolved around collaboration, working with other people and businesses to help your your followers. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow


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1. Social Media Marketing Collaboration Trailer: Hey, how's it going, you guys? Thanks for checking on my course social media marketing collaboration for Facebook. YouTube, Instagram and I have been working with artists for the last 78 years from all over the entertainment industries, and I've helped many businesses and brands grow their presence on social media. I've been doing it from the beginning with many YouTube accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook like pages and now take talk. And the great thing about it is, I've tried it off. I've tried so many strategies to grow our exposure for myself and my clients, and I have found that the best best way to grow your followers is to use thes collaborative strategies that I'm gonna be mentioning in this course. I'm not talking about doing things like ads or follow and un follow and stuff like that. I'm talking about actual ways where you can use the success of other people to grow your success, to work with other people, to give more exposure for your videos, to focus on building a platform, a base so that you can promote your videos and get lots of followers thes air strategies that nobody's talking about, and I have found did some of the most successful YouTubers people on Instagram and so on are using these strategies. But they're not talking about it. And I'm surprised that there isn't a course like this already out there. Every other strategy cores, every other followers, success scores that you're going to see on this platform. Do not talk about this. And I know because I purchased all of them and and then I realized I needed creative course like this to talk about collaboration. So if you're ready to jump start your growth on the social media platforms and you're tired of being on there and you feel like you tried everything and you're stuck and you can grow your channels and check out this course, I promise you won't regret it. And you're gonna grow so fast in all your platforms. I'll see you guys in this course 2. Finding the Right Platform: okay, In this section, we're gonna be talking about the importance of picking the right platform for you. If you're going to get into social media, you want to promote your business, your brand, your art. Whatever it ISS, you gotta make sure you pick the right platform. Now, there is four major social media platforms that we're gonna be talking about throughout this course, and that is Facebook, instagram, YouTube and tic tac. Tic TAC is one of the new ones that has lately been grabbing a lot of attention and is something that you should not just ignore. And we're gonna talk about that dropped this course. So let's talk about these four platforms very quickly so we can determine which one is best for you. You might already have some of those platforms, or you might already have all of them. But what I personally have found and have recommended many people to do is to focus on one . There's nothing wrong in having all them okay, just for show, just for credibility, just for you to look like you are on all the platforms that somebody wants to follow you on one platform they can. I remember having a Twitter just for that purpose. I never used it, but it looked made me look good when I had that symbol that you can follow me on all these different platforms. But for the sake of having followers and success on social media, my recommendation is that you focus on one social media platform. Anybody who focuses on 1/2 way more success in those to focus on multiple ones. You might disagree, and that's fine. You do what you think is best for yourself. But I would argue that if you spend all your time on one social media platform, you will get more followers and you would be able to have more success than if you split your focus on multiple social media platforms. I remember having to have different devices so I can go live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. And it was just a lot of work juggling all these social media platforms, So I recommend that you focus on one so wish I should were you focus on. So here is a brief overview quickly of each one. The next few lectures are gonna talk about each one. The good, the bad and the comparison, but quickly want to make sure that you no, that is how important it is to pick the right one and and hopefully in this after this, like sure, you'll have a good idea of which one you might want to do. So for those who don't already know, YouTube is a video Onley, so YouTube. The focus of it is video. If your work. If what you do is about video, then you should have a YouTube account and focus on that. A good example of those who strive with video are Does it do educational stuff? Does that do comedy Those that are videographers? Does that like to speak in front of a camera? A share a message? Someone like me who does courses and speaks well does will benefit from YouTube because I can create constant videos and grow following that way versus photography. If I was a model and I looked well and I could take a lot of pictures of myself, something like Instagram might be better for me. Now. YouTube is great for video. We all know that, and if you're if you feel like you can strive at that. Excel at that, and you want to do all these ads and commercials or whatever it ISS for your business, and you feel like you consistently create videos on a weekly basis. Then what least a good number would be one time a week to a few times a week, or at least once every two weeks? If you take one a month, then you're really you're gonna struggle, succeeding on YouTube, those air doing really well in YouTube or posting almost daily a few times a week. And that's the frequency that people expect from YouTube accounts. No, if you can manage that on YouTube is for you. You took a great platform, Andi. We'll talk about the good and the bad later on. Next one is Facebook. Facebook is kind of like a little bit of everything. You could post videos. You compose pictures you could post statuses. You can go live. You can do events. You can sells stuff. You could do a lot of things with Facebook. If your business I recommend you used Facebook. Don't try to use the other platforms because they're very restrictive when it comes to promoting and selling stuff So if you're gonna be sharing a lot of information doing deals , posting statuses, pictures, just a big combination of things that Facebook is for you. Simple is that just stick to Facebook. You don't want to have a large following on one of these other platforms and realize that you're not getting the return that you want for your business because of the restrictions that these other platforms have. You stick to Facebook and you'll be great now. Instagram. It's great for those air a picture heavy. If you do good with photography, we post a lot of pictures. You take a lot of pictures you love taking pictures and or short videos because a cap on a videos one minute than Instagram might be for you a view or someone who is on instagram all the time loves using instagram and have already have a personal account than making one for your brand or your business is perfect. Stick to that and grow with that. Avoid the other ones and then just know the limitations, and we'll talk about that later on. The 4th 1 is Ticktock. Ticktock is now for many people, probably least of Jurgen and abusing Tic Tac as your main platform. And here's the thing about victim Wow, Tic tac might not be a good platform to focus all your attention and energy on TIC TAC doesn't require a lot of attention and energy. A tic tac post is 15 seconds, and the platform has a lot of tools to help you post on there and it very easy to get followers. So tick tock might be the exception of just sticking to one platform. You could actually have a mean account, and they use tic Tac to get a couple followers to push over to one of your main accounts on Tick Tuck. You can link your you to account your INSTAGRAM account and then get people to follow you on those pages. And then when you're posting stuff, you can tell people to follow you on those pages, so it's really good to Sometimes you stick talk as a way to attract attention to your other accounts, but just note that Tic Tac is it's really hard to I create stuff that fits a lot of industries because Tic tac is very niche based, like the people there on Tic Tac are all doing the same things. So where your your brands about in your business is? What what is about does not fit the tic tac atmosphere. What Tic tac is about. Don't go on tic tac tic tac and make you look bad. So make sure that Onley if would you find on Tick tuck seems to go well, which your brand or your business would. You want to get on tic tac and use them? So does that when it comes to selecting the best platform for you. Now, we're gonna move on to the next election. 3. Facebook Friends: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about a Facebook account now, no matter which social media platform you pick, A definitely definitely recommend for the sake of collaboration and what this whole courses about, that you get a Facebook personal account and that you get as many friends as possible. Getting friends is easy. You can send 100 friend requests every day and just grow that number, you know, and is really easy to find the people that you want to be your friends. This could be potential clients. This could be people in your industry. This could be people that are in competition with you in the hopes to work with them in a collaborative way to promote each other's social media following. And how you find these people is very simple. There's groups and there's a search engine and there's friends of friends. So if as a photographer, the way I will find other photographers is, I would join a photography group in my area and I was sent friend requests to everybody there and the people they work with, the models are on their their friends of the photographers or there on those groups. I will add them as well. Hairstyles and makeup artists. How did I find those? What I do what I did working with all these different artists is I will go on the search bar, and I will look for people who went to certain schools, art schools. Or if you want to do certain industries, you can find people who work Western companies. If you're an attack in the street, you can look for people who work for Google or work for Apple. And then just at all those people, it's very easy to get friends. And the maximum amount of friends you can have on a personal page is 5000. Now imagine the person who has 5000 friends versus the person who has 500 friends who has more opportunity to grow their social media accounts. The person with 5000 the personal 500. And the answer is obvious. A person with 5000 has a larger group of friends on there to be able to promote to and get to follow them on those platforms. Also, more people to be able to do collaborative things like the ones we're gonna talk about in this court's to help grow your accounts. So the first step in all of this is create a Facebook personal page. If you don't already have one, you should all have one on your page. Just are adding a lot of people and just start getting that number as high as you can. I was spent like an hour a day while hanging out with my girlfriend. Just like sending friend requests when I wasn't doing anything on my free time in the bathroom, just like friend Request friend requests from request Facebook will get mad at you. Block you from sending friend requests for that in a couple hours or in a date, you can send more friend requests. I've been blocked countless times, and I still haven't account. They don't like that you do that, but it's is not a permanent ban. They don't ban you from sending friend requests, so don't worry about it. Do it is worth it. Once you have all those friends, the connections and network, the resource is that comes from having lots of friends on Facebook IHS exponentially great greater than anything else you could do. So do that. Do that first, and then use that to do some of these collaborative projects and ideas that I'm gonna pitch to you in this course. Good luck to you guys. I see you guys in the next section. 4. Intro to Facebook Like Pages: said this lecture. I want to talk about Facebook like pages now in Facebook like pages. The good thing about it is that you can provide a lot of information to people about your business or whatever you're trying to promote. Whether it's yourself, your dance career, your business, Facebook like page, you can put a lot of by yourself. Almost similar to a website is a second step down from a website, a website. You can customize and add a lot of information. Facebook, like Page, also allows you to do that. You can add pictures and videos and a bunch of texts and and cover page and links and do promotions and live videos and all of that instagram, a Sghir, mortars, pictures, YouTube and Tic Tac. It's geared more towards videos. So if you feel like, um, your social media needs to be able to provide a lot of information to followers than a Facebook like page would be good for you. I personally believe that a Facebook like page should be used if you have a business. If you're doing something artistic or creative, I recommend using Instagram or YouTube for that, or tic tac and we'll talk about tech talk later on. So if you decide to use a Facebook like page, what I want you to note is that a Facebook like page is the hardest one to grow. It is easier to grow following on YouTube. Sometimes Instagram's really good and take talks the easiest, but for Facebook like pages is very hard, and the reason for that is because there's no search engine algorithm designed, whereas you create a Facebook like page and then you post stuff that people will find you. When you think about search on three other platforms, they have a system that so well put together so that people can find your page whenever you post stuff whenever you posted YouTube video whenever you posted Tic Tac. Whenever you post on Instagram picture, you have hashtags and ways to get people to find your post. But when you post something on a Facebook like page, new people are likely not going to find it. There's nothing set up where it's gonna show new individuals, as you noticed as yourself as a user, you usually not using that search bar to find things. You're usually on there looking at your friends and stuff to your friends share. So in order to be seen on a Facebook like page, you need people to share your work. If people are sharing your work and stuff to your posting, you're not gonna be seen. And that is a problem. So you're just posting, posting, posting. And no one's sharing your stuff tagging their friends. Then you're not gonna be seen. So is an uphill battle to get followers on Ah, Facebook Page. But it's still very important to have a Facebook page. Now the great thing about a Facebook page versus the other platforms. Like I said, you can post more information. You can post statuses with, um, all this texts, pictures, links and so on, and sell things on their very well versus the other platforms. So if you're trying to make money, then a Facebook like page, we'll get you, Ah, higher return on investment per follower than all the other platforms. So, for example, if I have 10,000 followers on instagram, but only 1000 on a Facebook like page and then I posted product for so more likely to sell more to those 1000 followers than those 10,000 on Instagram. Okay? And the reason is because if someone's actually following you on a Facebook like page, that probably more engaged to you and they probably, um it was they probably get that information better than on the other platforms of people. Don't follow that many pages on Facebook vs Instagram. They could be following hundreds and thousands of pages on instagram, but on a Facebook account, they're only following Ah, small amount of pages. So you're one of the few pages that a user is following on Facebook. Then there's a higher chance that your content will be seen by those people that are following you versus Instagram, where somebody's following a lot of people. So that's another thing to note about Facebook. So I just wanted to give you a brief introduction into what the value of a Facebook like page and the comparison of that versus the other social media platforms. Like I said, if your business and you're trying to sell something very important that you use a Facebook like page as we talked about earlier picking the right platform, this is some of the things that you need to think about when you're deciding which platform you're gonna focus all your attention. Okay, so that's and when it comes to Facebook, like pages, And now we're gonna move on to the next election. 5. Intro to Instagram: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram accounts, and we're gonna talk about the good and the bad of it and compare it to some of the other platforms. Now, Instagram accounts are great for images there specifically made for images and short videos . The video length off something that you might post on instagram is about a minute. And if you're are someone that whatever you're promoting, whether it's your business or yourself or your art is very good at creating images for it and constant like a good number of images or short videos than instagram might be for you, Instagrams a great platform to get lots of followers as it has an algorithm would hashtags and a great system to get people to share your work and and collaborate them. When we talk about collaboration throughout this course, you're gonna see how instagram is set up so that you can get lots of followers. Then it Instagram is a great platform to use to get followers. Now, the bad thing about Instagram is that sometimes they you get a micro, you get micro notice on your posts and what I mean by Matt Micro notice is that somebody looks at your post as their scrolling through a bunch of posts. They'll give you a few seconds of their time to look at what you post, and then they move on. So if you need more attention than your post, has to be attention grabbing to get them to follow through and click on it and go somewhere else. Um, the other thing is that in your captions of your post, you can't post links to things, so you have to kind of direct them to go to your bio and then from your bio post something that will link them somewhere else. And they on your bio. You're only limited to like either another instagram page or you had to write out the name of your YouTube channel. Or you could put a link to one thing like your website. But then, if you want to promote multiple things, you're very limited. So that's a problem with Instagram. If you you're selling a lot of things, you're doing events, and we're doing a lot of different things that you want people to click on. Then Instagram's I'm gonna help you in that way to get a lot of people to click on a lot of different links to go to a lot of the from pages. So if you have a website and then you have events and you have this and that, then instagram so I'm gonna be in your favor. But when it comes to getting lots of followers and you trying to just build your brand, then Instagram is very good because as an artist, you can build lots of followers and get your work out there as an artist because of how many followers you have. People wanna work with you because you have a lot of followers. So when you post something is seen by a lot of people that is very valuable as an artist. Now the good thing about Instagram is that it's very easy to manage. Ah, Facebook Page has so many components to it that is hard to have. A good looking Facebook page on instagram account is very simple. Take a picture posted on there. You're done. It could be a simple last 30 seconds of your time to update your fans on what's going on with your business or yourself as an artist. While YouTube will take a long time of creating a video and editing and so on and posting on there and then Facebook would all the tax that you write and creating a nice post will take more time. Strategizing the posting something that is valuable and relevant will take a long time. But instagram it could be a simple off just behind the scenes of something that you're doing. Or it could be a simple last posting the picture of a dish or your restaurant or your business today with like a happy customer like it's very simple to create a post on instagram versus Facebook and so on. Now, when we talk about collaboration, which is what the course is all about social media marketing, you're going to see how it is easy to collaborate and do post and get lots of followers by using collaboration. And that's why if you have a a brand a business or something that you're trying to promote through social media, that could be use a lot of pictures or short videos. Like I said, Instagram is the one for you. So that said, when it comes to Instagram now, we're gonna move on to the other platforms that we're gonna be talking about in this course 6. Intro to Youtube: in this section, we're gonna be talking about YouTube, the good, the bad and why you might want to have a YouTube channel for your self or why you might not . Now you two takes a long time. You can't post as frequently as all the other platforms. Tic TAC is a 15 2nd video. Instagram is a picture you and Facebook is. A simple status update is very simple to post on the other platforms, and YouTube is the hardest. To create a video, you have to put in a lot of work, a lot of planning a lot off shooting, editing and publishing and creating something of relevance so that people find you and follow you. But the good thing about YouTube is that people the if you have a video worthy business or we have. If you're an artist that can best show their work through video format, YouTube is your best friend. You two people who are looking for videos are going on YouTube. So what, you're trying to show it's a video format, then you want to put it on YouTube. You don't want to really be putting it on Instagram because of the restraints that you have with Instagram, one of the restraints being the format like you can't really show a full length video because it crops everything and put bars on the top. In the bottom of your video, you can post a video passed a minute long, and on Facebook, it's not being seen by a lot of people. YouTube is the best place to be posting videos. You can organize your videos nicely, and people expect to see videos on YouTube. If you get subscribers on YouTube, chances are they're going to see all your videos. If people are following you on Facebook and you try to use videos in that way, chances are they're not going to see are your videos, because they didn't They don't usually like pages on mute on Facebook, toe watch videos. If they're subscribing, that means they have a YouTube account. That means that take you too seriously. And that means they're probably gonna watch everything that you have to post. So if I made a video and I had to choose whether to put it on Facebook or YouTube, I'm gonna choose you to every single time. Now, the other good thing about YouTube is that with a video, a video speaks louder than any picture. You can sell a lot about yourself in your business. You can promote the business very well. Now people think that if they have a business that they should, just like I said, Do Facebook. Maybe Instagram. Why do you to for business, while a lot of successful businesses have done really well with you, too, If you like speaking in front of a camera like this, like I do or you like to educate or you like to review or you like to create entertaining content, you, too might be for you, because you can do multiple things in a video you can educate and sell, you can entertain, and so you can tell people a lot about what's going on through a video. If your business, if whatever you're doing, is very complex, then you two might be the one for you because you can show everything in a video if you put it all together well, and then when it comes to collaboration, um, if you're good at shooting videos or you hire people to help you shoot videos, you can get a lot of people in a video and use that platform to reach a lot of people and video sell very well. They saying that in order of preference of chances of someone find something, videos of number one, pictures a second and texts a post written post is last. So, for example, if you are a photographer, pictures might be the best way to sell stuff because your work is photography. Everyone else video might be the best way. Um, because your work isn't taking pictures right now. If you saw art and showing the pictures of the art, my work best for you great. But sometimes even as someone who does something like that, a video showing your work might engage people and have them connect with you a lot better than just the picture of the work. So video can connect you with your audience in ways that instagram and Facebook sometimes cannot. So if you are comfortable shooting video editing, fine with you. If you have somebody who could do it for you, try you tube. Um, but if you if it's more picture worthy, picture heavy what you're doing. I was just stick to Instagram and award you two. So that's it when it comes to YouTube. And now we're gonna be talking about take talk as a platform. 7. Intro to Tik Tok: in this section, we're gonna be talking about tic tac, the good, the bad and comparison versus other platforms. So you can decide if you want to use TIC tac for yourself, for your business versus all the other platforms. Now the good thing about tic tac, the thing I love the most about Tic Tac it's not how funny it is is not all the dancing is not all the sounds, but is how fast people are growing their followers on tic tac versus all the other platforms. When you look at somebody who's on any platform consistently for three months to six months , you're going to see that somebody on Tick Tuck has 5 to 10 times more followers. Then if they had done it on Facebook and that done it on instagram of there, then it on YouTube. If I were to rank three platforms on you working consistently in the number of followers you'll have, I would put Tic tac and number one instagram s number two and then almost a tie between YouTube and Facebook. It's hard to tell, really. It depends on the type off thing that you're doing. If your videos are entertaining I would say YouTube, your videos are not entertaining. I will say, um, Facebook might get you more followers. But the thing is that take talking number one by a lot. I've seen people with three months on the platform have 20 to 50,000 followers when people who have been on instagram for 5 10 years don't even have that many followers. So it's crazy how easy it is to get followers on tic tac. That is the good thing about tic tac. The bad is that in order to get those followers you're doing with TIC TAC wants you to do, you're doing the videos. A Tic Tac wants you to make the trendy videos, the funny videos, T entertaining videos and your might not be selling who you are now of your comedian. If you're a dancer, if you are someone who speaks and entertains educates the TIC Tac is perfect for you. Use that platform, but if you're anything else, if you're a reputable business, if you are someone, um, that's not in the arts or a specific art that really isn't shown well in a video format, then Tic TAC is useless. You can really just go on, take talk, create trendy videos and hope that people will buy your, um, your dog collars or your T shirts because people aren't on there to really buy stuff. They'll follow people, and they will click on stuff if it gives them more of the content that thes take. Talks are about Now. If you're a dancer, you should be hunted. Tuck. Sick talk is perfect for dancers. If you are an educator and you use tic tac wealth, you can sell courses. You can sell your educational stuff through tic tac if you post a stuff that are about that now, when it comes to collaboration and tic tac. Um, Tic Tac is really easy to work with others and create stuff together at the problem with a collaboration. And Tic Tac is that Tic Tac is a platform that's growing slowly, is very hard to find other people. There are big on Take talk locally. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. They're very easy. If I were to rate how hard it is to find people on any of those platforms, Facebook is the easiest. Everybody's on Facebook, Instagram. The 2nd 1 YouTube is a little bit harder to fight people to make videos with the TIC Tac is the last one. There's not that many people making Tic Tac as Tic Tac is a growing platform that is slowly getting there but is growing really fast. But if you jump on it early and then more people start to you use it, then they'll be easier and easier over time to find people to collaborate to it. When a pitch. You guys many ways that you can collaborate on all these platforms throughout this course, so stay tuned for it. 8. Facebook The Foundation: and this is actually we're gonna be talking about the foundation of Facebook. So what I mean by the foundation ISS make sure that you have a well put together Facebook page. I can't tell you guys how many times I've seen people skip many steps because they're excited to have a Facebook like page and start trying to get likes without building the foundation. What is the foundation? The foundation is making sure that you structure your Facebook like page with all the relevant information, All the pictures, all the videos, a welcome status. Ah, cover photo. A profile picture. Ah, link to your website. Ah, bio on established date and address all the stuff that Facebook less you fill in. When you create an account, fill it all. Don't leave anything blank. Nothing's worse than being invited to like a Facebook page This incomplete doesn't have a profile. Picture doesn't have Ah ah, decent. A cover photo there has, like no posts, I would argue is best to pretend, um and run a Facebook page for a week with stuff before it, telling anybody about it just so it looks like it's an established Facebook beach built that foundation built the structure, built something that people will want to like and follow. If you don't do that, people gonna come in, look at it and leave right away. Okay? Get someone's opinion on it. Tell them, does this look good? What is it, missy? Do your research. Find other people who have pages just like yours and steal all their ideas. Oh, I like that. They did this. I'm gonna do this for my cover photo. Oh, I like that. They posted something like this. I'm gonna post something like that on mine. Organize yourselves in your pictures. OK? Don't just post a lot of pictures on your time lights. There's albums used. The album's create albums that mean different things. Pictures of the inside of the business, pictures of of food, pictures of customers, pictures of the last event that we have pictures of the last project that I did. Don't just post random stuff and make a look unorganized. People are so sloppy on Facebook like pages and on Instagram. Nobody would really get followers if they're unorganized. We're gonna talk about Instagram next. You don't want to. I have something that you're not proud of. um, So fix that up. Organize your pictures, organized your videos, organize your posts, organized your cover photo, make sure everything looks very, very professional. The highest standard and you could possibly make. Even if you have to hire somebody to help you with that. Once you have something established, then you can go out and try to get your initial push, which is what the next lectures about. So that's it when it comes to the foundation. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 9. Facebook The Initial Push: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the initial push on Facebook. What I mean by the initial push is you getting the easy likes and followers that from your friends and family. This is where you use all those friends that you made on Facebook. Because you listen to me. You added a bunch of people you told them to like your page. One of the cool things about Facebook like pages is that they have this little follow, but and this is an in Bible, and it's in by button invites people to like your page. You probably have got in those invites before you'll get a notification saying the Sally told you toe like for flower shop page, and then you click on it because you know why not being nice. You know you like Sally. You like her flower shop. That's a cool thing about Facebook leg pages that they have that that's linked to your Facebook account so you can invite all your friends to like your page. So first up is the initial push where you get your friends and family like your peach. So two ways to do this. The 1st 1 is. Do that invite where you invite everybody toe like your page. If you don't want to go and click one by one to invite everybody, there's two tips. The first tip is that when you do that invite, it'll have categories of people on there. They'll have close friends, people who live in the city that you live in, people with a part of groups or you're part of. I will go off of those recommended people and invite those because Facebook knows who you are most associated with, and those are the people that you want to invite. You have 5000 friends inviting 5000 is a lot. There's Onley, actually, Um, Max number of invites you consent at one time, so you want to make sure that you're not wasting it on people that are not gonna accept your invite. So use those to make sure that you're inviting the right people. The next tip is that there's plug ins for Google chrome that you can get that will click off all those little boxes for you to invite many people I've down. Look, I've installed several plug ins in the past that helped me invite a bunch of people and thats helps me with something that we're gonna talk about later on when we're using our friends accounts. But having that plug in will really help you be able to invite a lot of people quickly because it is time consuming and this will help you check off Ah, lot of people and then send that big invite. So use that and invite all your friends and family. The next thing I would do once I've used that invite button is I will start sending personal messages now. You should have a status telling people to like your Facebook page. Do it a few times. Don't do it so much or, as it becomes spammy and then the algorithm of Facebook will hide your post from people. Facebook will do that. So don't just be posting, you know, 10 times a day, like my page, like my pace, like my page. But what I recommend is start sending personal messages to people toe like your page. And the best way to do that is to tell people nicely. Hey, like my page, Here's a link and send it to somebody. If you send the same message over and over again. Facebook will block you from sending messages. And then a couple hours later, or a day later, you would be unblocked. I've been blocked many times before. It's no big deal. If you depend on Facebook Messenger, then you know, be careful and don't send more than, like 20 messages. But if you're like me and out there risk taker, just send as many as you can until Facebook blocks you and then wait to your own block and then do it again. Now, when you're sending these messages, a little tip that I found is that if you send this family message, people tend to ignore it. But a view message, everybody. Hey, are how are you doing or what's up? Or how have you been first to everyone, And then people reply to your message and then you send them the, uh, that's Barry message like, Hey, how are you? Everybody People say I'm good. How are you? Then? You say, Well, I've been great. Quarantine has been a lot for me. I just created this Facebook page. Would you mind liking it? Something like that will get you 10 times more likes than just saying, Hey, I got new page like it. People ignore messages like that all the time, but when they feel like is part of a conversation, then people are more likely to follow your page. So remember to recap, invite all on your Facebook like page the invite bun, and then message people aside from your status and whatever else you can think of to promote your page, get that initial push of getting your close friends and family to like your page. And that way you get some interaction. When you post thinks you'll get some comments and likes. That is important because you want to start growing your following and the people they're gonna follow you and care about you. Is those friends and family. From that initial push the next lecture, we're gonna be talking about the second Bush. Okay, so I'll see you guys there 10. Facebook The Second Push: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Facebook and the second push. In the last lecture, we talked about the initial push getting your friends and family to like your Facebook like page. This lecture. We're gonna be talking about the second push. The second push is something that everybody that you know everywhere tell tells you not to do. But they tell you not to do this for one reason. And the reason I'm gonna tell you to do this is a different reason. So you will do this for this reason. And when somebody tells you not to do this, No, that is for another reason. Another very vague and mysterious. I'm just gonna get to it. So in the second push, you're going to get people to follow you that don't care about your Facebook page. The reason to do that is because first of all, that's the easiest followers to get. I'm gonna talk to you about some ways that I've done it in the past in ways that other people do it. But the main reason to do this is to build credibility. Now people don't know that if you have 1000 likes if you got those organically or you cheated to get those, they don't know if these Air riel fans or fake fans and I would argue that people don't care. Would they? Do care is if a page has a good amount of followers. The reason I say this is because when a page has 200 followers and another page has 2000 followers increase an impression on people that the page with 2000 followers is more valuable than the page with 200 followers. So let me give you an example. As a photographer, if I tell people to follow me on Instagram or Facebook on my Facebook like peach, and I have 50 likes on it, and then a competitors ER tells them to like their page and they have 5000 likes or followers. They're gonna think that that person's a better photographer than me, and I could have been doing it 10 times longer. My work would be 10 times better, but simply because they have more likes and followers do they believe that they're better than I am? So this is where the second stage comes. In the second push, the fake fans just to get that number. These are people that are gonna buy from you. They might be in the other side of the world. But the point of this is to make you look good so that you can sell and attract other followers. People like liking things that have a lot of followers. People second guess themselves when they see a page that doesn't have that many followers. So that's why people, I believe the second push is important. And the reason people tell you not to do this is because they believe that we're going to spend money. It's a waste of money because they're not gonna give you anything back. But they don't know how other people think and that they won't follow you like you unless you have a big following already. So first thing I want to talk about with the second pushes how many followers should you get? And that depends on your industry. If you're in the arts and might be a bigger number, if you're in a business, it might be a smaller number. My recommendation is to find your competitors, find people who are doing the same thing you're doing locally and see how Maney they have. And whatever they have is a good point where you should be at two or a little bit higher. Okay, so your restaurant, every restaurant in your area has 50 to 100 likes, then get 150 to 200. That way it looks like you're better restaurant than they are. So once you figure out this number, I'm going to show you some ways you can get those. There's two ways you can get the second bush. The 1st 1 is buying, likes. There's websites that will sell you likes on your Facebook like page. I've done it in the past. You go on there, you pay a little bit of money and you get these likes and they come almost instantly and I don't know where they're coming from. They could be people in China. They could be robots, I don't know, but the point is that they got the numbers to where I wanted to get. It has helped some businesses that I work with when I was doing social media marketing for them in those businesses are now look really well, so that's a nisi way to do it the other way is Facebook ATS? No, I'm not saying that you from putting ads that you want to sell your product, But you put these ads that are spread out all over the world that tell people to like your page and for a reason other than your business, something trendy, something irrelevant, something that gets you a lot of fans. I remember I had this ad running that I found from another course or this other YouTube video where I would put it on there and then for about 1 to 3 cents, I would get. I was getting a like So if people were clicking on it, it was costing me. Wanted three cents to get people to start liking my page. And the ad was a simple picture of a heart and saying, um, I love you. People clicked on it like the page just cause it said I love you had nothing to do with anything I was about, but he got me a bunch of likes, and it didn't cost me that much. There is, adds there, made just to get you likes and these likes are useless. And then there's ads that are made to make you money to sell something that you want to sell. So people don't know that this first category of ads exist. But I'm telling you, they do, and you can either buy, likes or you can create, Uh um crappy add that is designed just to get likes so you can look up both of those on Google and find those. And they use that to get to the number that makes you look credible. That makes you look like you're better than everybody else in your industry and then work on these collaborative projects that I'm gonna talk about to get actual fans that matter. The ones actually care that will contribute with you on your post and so on. So that's it when it comes to the second push. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 11. Facebook Invite All: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the invite all portion off your Facebook like page. We already talked about that and how to use that to invite your friends and family. But this course is about collaboration on the point of collaboration is to work with other people. So one of the ways that I found to get a bunch of fans is And these air, like real fans, is to get my closest friends and family or people I've worked with to do the invite all to their friends and family. So you either tell them to do it for you, or you haven't log in to your computer when you hang out with them, and then you do the invite all and invite their close friends and family. Now, why would they do that for you? Well, one, they're your friend and family, and they're doing you a favour. 2nd 1 is, you may be worked with them and they're grateful. And as part of the agreement to work with you, you want you ask them to do this, um, or you can pay them whatever. I remember. I once had free photo shoot to anybody who let me do that So people come over, I would take a few pictures, and then I will get on their page and invite all their friends and family to a certain account. And I would get, I don't know, 50 to 100 likes from real people locally to like my page every time I did that. So it works is very effective. And you will see that half a Knauer with somebody to do this will get you more likes and followers than a week's worth of work on your own. Trying to promote your page. Very effective weight to collaborate with other people and get a lot of fans and followers . So that's that when it comes to the invite, all portion of Facebook like pages and now we're gonna move on to the next collaborative idea. 12. Facebook Contest: in this lecture would talk about another Facebook collaborative idea that's gonna help you get lots of followers. This particular one is one of my favorites. I've got a lot of success from it. I have a lot of fun doing it, and it was very easy to do. So this is how it works. These are Facebook contests. They're sweet stakes. There's giveaways, but the point of it is that people have to like your page to be having entry in orderto win something. Now I've done several of them, and one of them that was very successful was a photo contest. Now Facebook doesn't have a contest AP built in. You can just click, start contest on your Facebook like page and create a contest. You kind of have to get creative to do it. But there is other websites that can run Facebook contest and link them to your Facebook accounts. You pay a little bit of money to set this up sometimes is free for a limited amount on the contest you have to see was up to date right now. But when I did it the way that it worked waas that this face full contest was people submitting their pictures off there, kids, and in exchange, the winner was going to get like, a gift card to Toys R Us and a photo shoot, and there was gonna be three winners. So you tell your close friends or family to submit to the contest and do you send them to your Facebook page? There's the contest. They will submit there, will submit the picture and their information, and then it would be uploaded to the contest automatically. You're not doing anything. And then people, the page will tell people that in order to vote on that picture to win, they have to like the page first and then they can vote. Sometimes they even tell them If you share it, you get another vote and I just set that up and told a couple friends and family about it to submit their kids. Next thing you know, I started getting likes from people who were voting, and I started getting people signing up for the contest, and you set a deadline for about anywhere from two weeks to a month to month and 1/2 trying to do it for so long. People get exhausted. I recommend just doing a second contest after the 1st 1 and the things that you give away, what I recommend is to collaborate with other people. So this way the contest would be very worth it to people to sign up because you can get better prices. So here's an example. Let's see. You have a page and your pages about pets. Okay, so you go to your local pet store and you tell them I have a Facebook page and I want to run a contest where sponsored by you, where you give away whatever you want to give away. And then there's this. You guys decide together that the pet, sir, will give away a month's supply of dog food or food for whatever pet. And then everybody submits to the contest. You get a bunch of likes from friends and family voting for those people to enter the contest and that page. That business gets a lot of recognition because they're giving away something on their part of this contest and you're getting a lot of likes on your page and you didn't didn't cost you anything, so you don't have to give away anything So win win for everybody. When for you getting likes one for the business for getting exposure and one for the the winners of the contest for, um, whatever they get if they win. And I've got a lot hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of likes when I ran a contest, you can do this over and over and over again. And the bigger your pages, the more you will get likes per contest that you run is one of the funnest things I did I have done to grow a Facebook page, and I totally recommend it. Try it out, um, and collaborate with other businesses, other influencers, anyone that can give away something so that you can run a contest and get a bunch of likes . And another thing, when it comes to giving, await things, businesses love giving away stuff when you say you're gonna promote them. To them, a cost of an item, a product or whatever is very small. I remember, uh, board games. This game was like 50 $60. Very big game. Uh, I had a business page on Instagram page that was promoting board games, and the maker of this game liked my page like the Post that I post. And then I went on their Facebook instagram page and said that sent him a message saying, I saw that you liked one of my pages, my one of my post. Would you be willing to give me one your game a copy of your game in exchange for a post? A video of me promoting your game, me playing your game? And they said yes, and I didn't have that many followers, but ages love giving away stuff to them. It cost him almost nothing. They just asked for my address, and a week later I had the Game $60 game. I was shocked that these businesses are just giving away stuff you never know. Use Facebook. Use Instagram, use email, use whatever you can to reach out to people. Tell them, Give me something to give away and I will promote you and then create a contest and use that to get likes. So there's many ways you can create a contests and giveaways and stuff to get likes like this post and like our page with this picture and we will give away on iPhone and then you'll see a lot of people like your page. So that's it when it comes to contest giveaways and such. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 13. Facebook Collaborative Posts and Tags: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Facebook. Elaborate of post and tags. So what I mean by collaborative posts is whenever you do a project or anything that involves working with other people, if your business, this will be your clients. If you're artist or you have a brand, anything that involves working with other people, everybody has Facebook. So if you have a company and we have a group, if you have anything that involves other people, then when you want to do is make sure that whenever you guys, it's post stuff that people are tagged in the posts. So as a photographer, whenever I did a photo shoot and I would posted on their Facebook like page, I made it a common practice to tag everybody involved. That would take the model the hair stylists, makeup artists and anybody else that assisted in the photo shoot. When you tag people in posts, especially in pictures, once up happening is that it shows up on their pages and that will lead to more exposure. Also, whenever you're working with people and you let them know to share the post that you did on their pages, then you'll get more exposure. That way, whenever somebody shares your status or your post, they can put a little caption above that post. So let's say you have a post saying, You know our business is having a sale blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, and then somebody shares that post that can write. Hey, check it out. And like this page, you want to tell people to show, share your post and to ask people to like the page, especially if they're involved with your brand or your business. Now this could be uncensored tive to get people to be involved with your business or your brand. I like to collaborate and work with many artists, and by working with many artists, I was able to grow my social media exposure if I work with the same three people over and over again. As a photographer, I worked with the same makeup artist. Same hairstyle is in the same model for every day. My exposure reach on Facebook was limited to that of that models and the hairstyles in that makeup artist. But by working with so many other models and hairstyles and makeup artists, I was able to grow my exposure whenever I post up, and they will share it. So my recommendation is to keep working with different groups of people. And if you have clients especially post about those clients and have those clients on Facebook share your posts. So that's why when it comes to collaborative posts and tags, and now we're going to move on to the next lecture. 14. Facebook Live with Guests: in this lecture. When we're talking about Facebook life with guests Facebook Live is unique tool that lets a lot of people know that you're online. It has a unique notification system that tells people and importance that somebody's life they have the story system on the top that shows people stories. But when someone's life that is prioritized so, and the reason for that is because a live story should be seen at the moment, while a story that's gonna be on for the next 24 hours or so, we'll not go away so they don't put that second. They want people to tune in live and creating live stories on Facebook is very useful. One tool that I recommend for people who do life's stories on their Facebook profiles is that to make sure that the life story is in a full video format, what I mean by that is that don't treat it like it's live and you're waiting for people to tune in. In the beginning, I see a lot of people make the mistake where they go alive, and then they shoot this live video for the current audience. When I recommend that you shoot a live video for the post that's gonna come out of this. So what I mean by that is this. Whenever you should've live video, you have the option of turning it into a full fledged post a video post that goes on there and it's a video. But the problem that people have is that they treated like it's just live and it's gonna go away. And then when they posted, it looks weird for those air watching it afterwards. If all your life posts are requiring people to to comment and and communicate and you're waiting for people to comment and communicated, there's all these gaps where you're not doing anything, then people, there's not gonna be a successful post afterwards. You should plan your life posts as if it was a video that you're shooting, even though you shouldn't alive, you're gonna post it at the end of it. Um, and you never want to make a life video that you don't post. There's no purpose and 2500 people watching the live video, and that's it when you can have a full fledged post that can be seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of people later on when they could watch. So you want to structure a like a video where you have an introduction, you have content going throughout the whole video, and then you have unending, regardless of if people are tuning in or not. Now, would I recommend for collaborative purposes is to have guests on your live videos they can tune. And even if they're now, which you taken, tune into the live broadcast where you share video coverage. So it's like half of them in half the other person, or they could be with you. But as soon as somebody is with you in your life video, make sure that they're sharing that light broadcast to their profile page. Because since it is on Lee on your Facebook like page on Lee, your fans are looking at it. But in order to get a bigger audience, then you have to have the guest go and take a second during the live broadcast, go to their Facebook like page, go to their Facebook account, find the live video and they share it while the broadcast is happening, might be a little like out there, But if you prepare ahead of time and they're on your Facebook like page, and then you click, Go live, and then they see the live broadcast, and then they share it and say, Tune in and, um, like this page. Then you will get more viewers during the live broadcast and you'll get more followers. Another thing is, you can tell people to anticipate the live broadcast, so the live broadcast will be happening at 3 p.m. Or it's gonna be happening in five minutes. Stuff like that will help people be ready for it and tune it. But I having guessed people who have followers, if they're not doing live themselves, that this could be a chance for people to get to know somebody. You could do interviews. You could do a lot of interesting things. One of the interesting things that I've done with Live is gone behind the scenes and some of our projects. Going behind the scenes is very interesting, doing interviews of people behind the scenes of a project showing the stuff that people never get to see. That's the kind of stuff that's interesting. And if you're working on a project or you have an event going on and you have a lot of people involved shooting that life could be a great opportunity to create a post. That is a different perspective. You're now showing behind the scenes, showing how this event was like showing how this project was made and so on and then having all those people, even if it's not live. But after you posted and published that live video share that video to people because they were in the video, this is a chance to get people and video and normally wouldn't be so if I do it project where, Um, I have a video project and I have all these crew members now get a chance to put them in the video because they're part of the behind the scenes, and they'll be more likely to share it because they were in the video. So that's just another format in which you can use collaborative efforts to grow your page , do live videos and behind the scenes videos. So that's it when it comes to, um, live videos with guests. And now we're gonna move on to the next section 15. Instagram The Foundation: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Instagram and the foundation we talked about earlier about Facebook and the foundation. If you skip to the instagram part or if you have both of those pages is gonna be a very similar lecture. The foundation of Instagram is one of talking about in this lecture is to build on instagram page that is worthy to be seen and followed. So don't skip out on your profile picture. Don't skimp out on having a nest staticky, aesthetically pleasing profile account. And don't skimp out on your bio. Put all the information that you you could fill out everything that you could possibly fell out so that people will want to follow your page. Now, some little tips about making your page look professional and make it worthy for people to follow is to have a team to be aesthetically pleasing. Which means all the post aren't on organized and they all seem to flow nicely together and to have enough posts so that people know that there's consistency and there's work following its not just somebody who posted something in 2018. We're gonna be taking this to Graham. Seriously, you should be posting often. So make sure that you have a common theme that they know what to expect, and then they want to follow you to see more one of the tips. Another tip I can give is to have, um, current, um, patterns are like Siri's. What I mean by patterns in Siris is that they can almost predict what's gonna happen next and will want to follow you to see what happens next. So this could be you tell him a story. This could be you doing a pattern of images. And if they like those images and they know they're gonna post more like that than they're gonna want to follow so that they don't miss out in it Or you could do something like tune in for the reveal, you know, like you take a picture off the set off a project that you're working on the reveal coming soon. Stuff like that would make people want to follow you so they can see when you post the final results. So things like that will get people. Um, you want to follow you too, to see the final results. So here's some tips on just a foundation. Make sure that you create a professional looking instagram is a lot easier than Facebook. Facebook has so many components to it to fill out in order to make a look professional Instagram. This is very simple compared to that. So that's it. Just build a foundation first and then we'll move on to the pushes. Okay, so that's a when it comes to the foundation of Instagram. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 16. Instagram Initial Push: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the instagram initial push. If you saw the Facebook initial push, then you already know what I'm gonna be talking about. But if you didn't just skip to the instagram one, then I'm gonna do a little recap and show you some tricks to do an initial push to get followers on Instagram. So you have an INSTAGRAM account. Maybe you're new to Instagram. Maybe you've had instagram for a while, but never actually did your initial push. The initial push is where you get your friends and family those that will follow you without carry what you're about with just three posts on there of the easy follows on the follows that actually matter because when they post up, they'll actually contribute and like and comment your stuff in order to get the initial push. My recommendation is to reach out to your Facebook friends. If you followed one of my earlier lectures about getting Facebook friends, then you will have a lot of friends is very important to have a lot of friends on Facebook so you can tell those people to follow you on instagram unless you have with long contact list and you're texting people. You're going old school. Chances are you're going to use Facebook to get your initial push the initial followers on your instagram account almost everybody that I know that's first signs off for Instagram and does their initial push gets a couple 100 followers just like this, you might get 30 40 but at least you got something. Now the best way to do the initial push is to do these few pics. The first thing is linked your Facebook account to your instagram. What that will do is it will allow other users who are your friends on Facebook to be able to find you easily because of your Facebook account. So what a lot of people do is that they follow people based on recommendations by Instagram or they go to find contacts on Instagram, and they see people that they're associated with example being Facebook. So when you link your Facebook account, you're telling hundreds and even thousands of people to your friends went on Facebook that you have on instagram account and this is it so that they can find you easily, so that is the first link your Facebook account, right? The next step is I would follow all my friends on Facebook on Instagram. Now, so many people that I know they're into Instagram marketing don't like following a lot of people and they think that they look more professional of their following zero people or dirty people versus 1000 people. And honestly, I don't think anybody really cares. So my opinion, if you're following a lot of people, it tells people certain things about you. The first thing it tells you it tells people is that you might actually follow them back so they might follow you because they see that you have thousands of followers. You they might get a follow back if they see that you have zero followers and they're following you in the hopes that you'll follow them back, then they know that you're not gonna follow them. So then you that you might lose a follower that way. The second thing is, when you follow a lot of your friends on Facebook, Biggin notified, do you're following them and a lot of people will be enticed to follow you back because they got that notification saying, you know, Mike is now following you. Oh, my cousin Instagram. Let me check it out. Let me follow him back. Mike is a cool guy. But if you didn't follow them first and they did their initial push a year ago, then they might not be followed. They might not start following you Now. Now, those who start to enter Instagram over time, um well and the following you Because a lot of people do this, There are a lot of people follow all their friends on Facebook. Instagram even has a way to just follow all which will follow everyone that they're friends went on Facebook. That something I did when I created my Facebook account. I got a lot of follow a lot of people to follow right away, which made My story is interesting because I could see all the post by all my friends on Facebook on Instagram, and it got me a lot of followers in the beginning. You want to do that initial push using Facebook and then after that, then goto Facebook and make your status have an instagram follow me here message a couple people and so on. But get that initial push, Get that first couple 100 followers, and then you will have some comments and likes on your post. So that's why when it comes to the initial push now, we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 17. Instagram Second Push: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the instagram second push. Avery saw the Facebook lecture where I talked about the second push. Then you already know what I'm gonna talk about. But if you just skip to the instagram part, then tunes as we talk about the second push, the importance of doing the things that people don't want you to do to get those numbers up to get credibility. So when it comes to Instagram just like Facebook, there is way to get easy follows. Now these followers aren't rial followers, and what I mean by real followers is that they don't really care about your Facebook account. And some of them might not even be real accounts. But the point is that the point of having these followers is not to get people who might buy into your business my comment like or anything like that. But to show an account that has a big number of followers, people rate instagram accounts based on how many followers they have. If you're our Muse station, you're a singer and you have 300 followers and then another singer has 30,000 followers and you were both trying to get the same gig. That singer with 30,000 follower has a one up versus you because they are. They're seen as someone who's better because they have more followers, even though you could have way more experience and way more talent. A lot of people just agree with this fact, but I've seen it time and time again that people with large followings get better opportunities and get their lives are easier when that number's up. So my recommendation is this fine. First, do your research on the appropriate number of followers that you should have based on your industry, based in your competition if your business and you find similar businesses near you that do the same thing as you see how many followers they have and try to have a least that many followers or more. If you're in the entertainment in the street, chances are the competition might have a lot of followers, and this step might be really hard for you. But regardless, make sure that you have an appropriate number so that people will find you credible like this is an actual page. I want to follow because of all these followers. But also make sure that if you're doing this, you have the post to back it up. Nothing looks shadier than on instagram account with 10,000 likes and four posts. Because you've got these followers organically. It was from posting on Instagram. If you barely post anything on instagram, chances are you didn't get 10,000 followers. So make sure that in the second push you also include adding a lot of posts. You might prolong the second push for a month from now. Ask you, build up the post to make your instagram look like it matches the number of followers. But regardless of that, make sure that you have bolt the number of followers and the post. So let's talk about getting these followers because a lot of you guys are saying, What do you mean get all these followers is not that easy? Well, actually, ISS there is few ways to get followers that are really fans of yours. It's just a easy number to show on there and make it look like you have a lot of followers . The 1st 1 is buying likes, I've done it in the past. I've done it for other businesses I consider it normal practice to make your instagram look more popular than it ISS. And they use that to your advantage is a strategy that I developed to help people in social media get a one up on somebody who's doing organically and taking a long time to be taken seriously to then do the next step. So what? What I've done is I go on Google find by likes, and then I just by some likes Instagram doesn't like that you do this, but at the same time, you're not really hurting anybody because you're not really getting anything from those lights except just seeming more important, what you're gonna use to your vanish later on. No, um, if you don't want toe by likes, um, or, you know, your weary of some of the sights they're selling likes, you don't want to be con from your money. There is other methods as well that I have found there. Some software's out there for Instagram, where you also pay for it, but the software will promote your page and get you lots of followers. The's followers might not specifically be fans of you, but they are doing this automatically for you doing the work for you to get you fans. So you just look up services to get fans on followers get followers on instagram and you're gonna see so many on Google find the one that you feel more comfortable with at that you could afford and use that on Facebook. There was an admitted where you can create an ad and then get a lot of followers. I really haven't found something that works as effective on Instagram, so I don't recommend Facebook instagram ads, Um, the follow and unfollowed method that you might have heard off. I don't think Is that effective? I've used this with bots and software and following the biggest Facebook instagram accounts . I've done every method of following on follow possible, and what I've seen is that the growth is very, very slow and then over time it goes away. The people that started following you start toe unfollowed you. So then all that work that you put in this following on follow method will go to waste when they all stop following you. So I don't recommend that method, so find one that works for you. Get the numbers to where you want Teoh and then move on to some collaborative projects and some other marketing strategies to get your followers up. So that's why when it comes to the second push now we're gonna move on to the next lecture . 18. Instagram Contest: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about sweepstakes giveaways contest and so one I've seen time and time again. Many influencers and businesses use sweepstakes and giveaways to get lots of followers on Instagram. And this is a great opportunity for you of your business. Or even if you're an influencer to do something creative to get followers. Now, this course is about collaboration. So I'm going to show you the collaborative way to do this. The best way to do something like this is to involve other sponsors to sponsor your giveaway sweepstakes and so on. So you find a local business that has something to offer and say that you would give away X from this business. If you like our page on Instagram, sometimes they will have an INSTAGRAM account as well, and they will want to promote promoted to so you say toe like bolt our page. Then we will give away this. Now you're probably asking yourself, why would this person one to use you instead of themselves to do this? Um, contest? And the reason is this When the other person is doing this contest, if he posts, you know, make sure you have liked our page toe win this the people, they're going to see it already followers off that page, so they're not going to get more followers. But if they use your page, then they feel like they will get your followers to follow them. So they want to use other people to run their contests of the day, get followers, and this is where it begins. So you do a sponsor to get the con the price or whatever, so you don't have to spend any money on it. Now, if you want to give away something, you want to give away an iPhone because you know you have an extra iPhone, whatever you want to do the giveaway yourself and give away something, go ahead and do that. Then the next step is to involve other people. So the way it works is this. You tell other people to, um, join your contests as ambassadors of the contest, and what they would do is that they will share a post by you. Were you announced the contest? So let's say it will have me holding on on iPhone. Right. So So here. This. This is how the post will look like you see a picture of me like this. This is a post on instagram, an SS on the caption. Um, like this post comment on this post. And like my instagram page to when on iPhone 11 pro. Max, That's the latest iPhone. Right now, everybody will want to do that. Because even if you have that iPhone, who doesn't want another iPhone taken salad, they could give it to somebody else. Now the contest is set, but now you need it to be shared by a lot of people and grow. Right. So you then get other people who have 15,000 followers and tell them to be part of the contest. Now, this is why they would be part of the contest. Okay, you then tag. If you then tagged them on that post and tell them that in order to win, they have to follow those people as well. Right? So you grab Adam, Michael and Jessica, right? They have a lot of followers each in your caption for that contest, you say, follow all these pages and then comment done to be entered into the contest. So now everybody knows that the rules are that they have to follow all those pages. No, Adam, Mike and Jessica are promoting this contest, and now their followers are following everybody else and each one's followers following everybody else. And now everybody's account grows exponentially. Um, so is great. I've seen this happen. I've seen it happen with, like, 20 accounts, and I had to follow 20 counts in my chance to win something. I forgot what I was gonna win. And I follow all these accounts just because I wanted to win this thing. I didn't win, but whatever. And I couldn't find those accounts toe and follow them later, and I didn't want to spend the time to do it. Who cares? I'm now following these accounts if they post anything inappropriate, al and follow them. But it was an easy way to get followers. So do that with some group of people, find other people who have followers, a good number of followers, and tell them they're gonna run a contest, that they want to be part of it and they will get followers. And if they promote it, we will all get followers. Okay, Now, the last step to running a successful contest giveaway or whatever is to tell people to tag somebody that has been proven the most, most most effective. And here's the thing. A view. Don't want to run a contest with other people. You can just have that be the rule. The rule is to enter into this contest. You have to tag a friend in the comments below. So Jessica, in order for her chance to win the iPhone, she tags Leslie. Then Leslie sees a post and sees that she has to follow you and tax somebody else. So Leslie tags Henry and receives a post, follows your page tax somebody else. And then you get lots of comments, likes and tags, and then it grows exponentially and you get lots of followers. Um, link that with a couple other people who are helping you with this contest. And then everybody gets lots of followers and you run a successful contest that can get you thousands of followers. So that is how you do collaborative efforts to run a successful contest and get lots of followers. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 19. Instagram Shoutouts: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram stories Shadow. It's instagram stories, shoutouts. It's been a proven and effective way, an easy way to get lots of followers. And this involves working with other people, which is why is perfect for this course. So the way that this works, it's like I like. So once you've done the second push and you got a couple of 1000 followers or whatever the appropriate number is the you a phone, then you then find people who are in the similar industry issue and have similar Instagram account's followers that you feel accounts and you feel that their followers would be great followers for you. And you tell them through messaging or email or whatever format that they have as a contact on their INSTAGRAM account that you want to do a shadow for shadowed on your story. And if they agree, which is very common practice to do so on Instagram. I've seen it time and time again. Then you guys share a picture. You guys post that picture or you guys share a status, uh, post would tag the other person and you guys do it on each other story. When you guys do that on each other's story for the next 24 hours, that person is promoting your page and in return you're promoting their page. And after the 24 hours has God, nobody would know or remember that you even did this. But now you got a bunch of followers for it, and you can do it over and over and over again. Would other Instagram accounts I would say that this strategy is very effective and you could do it a different levels in tears off followers that you have. So let's say you have 1500 followers and you do this with someone who has between 1000 and 3000 followers, and then you guys share each other and you guys grow each other's page. Now you hit 23 4000. Now you do that with somebody who has between 3 to 5000 followers. Then you grow in your page 256 7000. Then you do this with someone who has between 87,000 followers, and you keep doing that like that growing and growing, and you grow a lot faster if you're being shared by somebody who has a lot of followers. Eventually you're gonna hit 6100 you can be sure by somebody who has 100 to 200,000 followers and you're getting 30,000 followers in a day. It is crazy how this method has helped so many people grow so fast with very little effort . Now, obviously, it's hard to reach people at higher tiers, but when you have a lot of followers, it's easy for them to say yes, because they know that they're gonna get a lot of followers to. So that is one of the coolest, awesome miss methods that I've seen. Some of the people that I worked with get lots of followers fast. If if if the some of this whole course was just a dis method alone, it would be worth the money of this whole course. I think this method is something that everybody should be implementing. But I feel like a lot of people lack doing it because they either don't know about it or they don't feel comfortable reaching out. But trust me is well worth it, and people have been doing this so much that it's normal if you get rejection. If people don't like that, you're reaching out to them, just ignore them and move on and find somebody else. So that's it when it comes to shout outs on instagram stories. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 20. Instagram Collaborative Posts and Tags: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Instagram's collaborative posts and tags. So a few things when it comes to this. So the point of this is that your post, it will get people to start following you. And you do this by getting fans of people that are involved in this post. So what are the steps to a successful collaborative post? They get your followers first step is make sure everyone's tagged. If you have a picture with 10 people on it, make sure everyone's tagged on that picture. You can tag anybody, make sure you're falling them on instagram, and you tag them on the post. Okay, The next step is make sure that that person other people involved in this post also post that same picture or a similar picture where you're in it and your tact severe featured any picture in a post in a video. Whatever they gets post on instagram, make sure they tag you is very important. If you're working with anybody you take. Somebody asked for a picture of whatever you tell them tagged me on it on Instagram. My instagram handle is this. And if you haven't made your instagram handle yet Make sure you make an easy one so people can find you You don't want It's really hard Instagram posts where you say, Oh, it's s and a Z and two more SS and then another Z and an x y and w and ah, a star I don't know something ridiculous. Make it simple. Now, next step to um, doing this is that make sure that if you can, um, and tell people to caption, follow this awesome company, follow this awesome page on their captions. If you wouldn't do that for somebody else and they're willing to do that for you If you make the part of the agreement of that post, then they will do that. So, for example Hey, I'm gonna take a picture of you this photo shoot. But when you post your picture on instagram, I want you to tag me and tell people in the captions to follow There's awesome photographer and then tagged me on there. Almost everyone will say yes to that. I can't imagine anybody say no, not unlike promoting other people. Even though we're working together, it makes no sense tell people to do that remind them how important it is to you and they will do it for you. And you will get followers when people are posting and tagging you on stuff. This is great for clients. If you're working with clients now, with that in mind, it is good to work with certain individuals. Toe have lots of followers on Instagram. Hey, you know, I get to work with whoever I want to get to take pictures of whoever I want. This model has 200 followers on INSTAGRAM. This one has 20,000 besides the money or whatever or how they look what I have to gain from working with them, it's exposure. I get more exposure with this one than with this one might want to work with this one. That's something that you might have to you have to think about when you're working with certain individuals and you get the choice of picking between individuals, seeing who has the most followers who can promote you to more people to get them their followers on board. The last thing is, whenever you get a chance, um, have people do stories about you, um, and tag you in the behind the scenes air Great. A lot of people like to shoot behind the scenes and make it a post, but a lot of people do like to do it for instagram stories. And better yet, if someone wanted to do a live video on their INSTAGRAM account and have you in it and tagged you in it, that that would be huge for you. So what you do is you push on the idea to shoot a live video or to shoot behind the scenes pictures for Instagram. Whenever I did a project, whether it was a video project or a photo shoot, I would always tell everyone involved, take behind the scenes pictures. This is really cool. Take pictures posted. Tag me. I would even write my handle on a dry erase board or put it up on the wall somewhere so everybody knows where to tag me. I remember doing this, um, doing big group photo shoots for, like, 10 models or like, 50 kids part of a dance company, and I would put my instagram handle all over the place so everybody who was taking pictures of them getting ready or behind the scenes to further stories or whatever would tag me on their post, whether it was for Snapchat, instagram, Facebook or whatever. And that's something that you want people to do when you're working with them. Don't miss out in that great opportunity to get some followers while you're doing the project before it's even done. And then you posted something like We tune in for the final results or final results on my page. Next week, we'll get you lots of followers because they want to tune in to see the final results. So that's and when it comes to collaborative posts and tags on Instagram now we're gonna move on to the next section. 21. Youtube the Foundation: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about YouTube. We're gonna be talking about the foundation. If you saw my other lectures on Instagram and Facebook in the foundation, then you know what I'm gonna be talking about. But if you skip straight to YouTube because you're all about making YouTube than this lecture very important. So the foundation means that you're building a YOUTUBE account worth following. So what that means when it comes to YouTube is that you follow all the prompts to making a beautiful YouTube page. Now that means your profile picture. That means the name of your YouTube account. That means the cover photo on your, um, channel page. And that means making any appropriate playlists making the trailer video or the main video that people see when they subscribe. Just clicking on every prompt filling out your bio felling now links everything that you can fell out on YouTube to your YouTube is consistent. Now, some of the tip I'm gonna give you guys some tips on the foundation of building a professional you to page so that it might come in handy for those that are brand new to making a YouTube account. I've made several, and I follow this, so I know what works and what made me want to follow some channels. So the first thing is, if you have a YouTube posting schedule, if you decided I'm gonna be posting once a week, I'm gonna be posting three times a week. I'm imposing every Monday. Whatever you decide, however frequent, you decide you're gonna post share that somewhere on your channel. Now, if you break that which a lot of people have. I know big accounts like Davidow Break and Liza Koshi. I used to do this thing where they will have to post every Monday. Once a Friday was for David and then, uh, Liza was Wednesday's. But they always post the day after because they were always late on it. And it was a funny pattern that they were told every the whole world they're gonna post on this day. But they're always one day late. But people don't care as long as you're posting consistently. And if you give them some indication that you are gonna post consistently, then it's gonna get somebody to want to follow you. Now you can do this in your bio, which people might not usually read, But one of the best places to do it is either in the videos themselves a reminder. How often you gonna post or in your cover photo that big cover photo this on top of your channel could say posts every week or post three times a week or post every Monday. That's something that I found have made me wanna follow channels and I will make other people want to follow because they know they're gonna post consistently. The next thing is, did you have a consistent theme? So we're just posting one day you playing games the next day You post of log. The next day you post a review video the next day you post on educational video if you're all over the place. Anybody who followed you for a certain type of video might be like that. It might decide not to follow you because they don't think that you're that type off person that makes that type of video. Because you have so many different types of videos, they might only want to follow you. Every Onley posts this type of video, So if you're gonna be doing a YouTube channel. Make sure that you planned ahead. What? Your team off. What? Your YouTube videos they're gonna be about and then you stick with it. So anybody who watches any one of your videos and sees that then could decide I wanna watch . I want to describe because I want to see more videos just like this. I don't want to see something completely different. Now, if you are a nen flu insular and this is about you and who you are as a person and you're a variety of things that maybe that will work for you. But in most cases, people want to see consistency. So you have a consistency, a team and a post schedule that will help creating the foundation of your page. The last thing I recommend for the foundation is playlist. Once you have a certain, um, Siris of videos, create playlists for those videos and then make it a series, if you can. So let me show you an example off. So let's say you like to post skip videos, okay? And these certain skits involved, um, a little bit of everything, but three or 45 of them involved. Um, you talking about, um, basketball. OK, but all the other ones are random. You can have a basketball Siri's and have a playlist of all the ones with basketball and then in your channel. You can say the basketball Siri's and they can see them all there. Things like Siri's, where you break down your videos into categories, makes your channel look more professional. I've done it with my in the media channel, where I had dance videos behind the scenes videos of logs and people can find easily the different types of videos. So if you are doing more than one type of video, you can categorize it there and help people find them because people struggle. And if they're struggling, then might not want to follow your page. And then the last step is make sure that you have nice looking professional thumbnails. People look at the thumbnails and my one to click on your video based on the thumbnail, the titles also important, but the thumbnail seems to be a lot of times. More important, they look at that picture in the side. Hey, this looks interesting. I wanna see that the thumbnail could be a screenshot off the funniest moment in your video . Or it could be something designed, photo shop, whatever way you decide to do dumb nails. Make sure that they're aesthetically pleasing, that they fit the theme of all the other thumbnails and that it makes people who go to your channel and look at all your video. Say, this is professional. This is something I want to follow. I'm gonna follow this person. So that's that when it comes to, um, the foundation off YouTube and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 22. Youtube the Initial Push: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about YouTube. The initial push. So what? I mean by the initial push, if you've tuned into my last lectures about Instagram and Facebook that is getting your friends and family to subscribe to your channel Now, this initial push is gonna be a little bit different in the one on instagram and on Facebook, because the goal here is to get 100 subscribers. Now that might seem really hard, so you might have to put in a little extra work than you might have have to on Instagram and Facebook. But once you get that initial push, it's gonna be worth it. And the reason you want 100 subscribers? It's because once you get 200 subscribers, you get to have a custom. You are help for your YouTube channel. In the beginning, you two will have your channel, your I'll be YouTube that come forward slash in a bunch of random characters. But in order to have something that says YouTube, that common forward slash channel four slash the name of your channel, something easy to be able to type in where whenever you want something easy to be able to put like on a on a website or on a business card. Then you have to hit 100 subscribers. Then I'll let you customize your out. So when I tell people to do the initial push on YouTube, I tell them to try to hit Ah 100 subscribers. That is a key number now. There is not gonna be a second push on YouTube like there was on Instagram and Facebook. There isn't an easy way to get a lot of people to subscribe to your channel and get that number to go up. But it doesn't really matter, because when it comes to YouTube, people aren't describing to you and following you because of the number of subscribers that you have, just like the other accounts. So you don't have a one up on everybody if you have fake subscribers like you might have on Instagram or Facebook, so I don't recommend doing a second push in which you try to get fake subscribers. Just looks like you have a lot because even if you have 300 subscribers and thousands subscribers, it's not going to make a difference. People aren't gonna be Mawr enticed to describe to you, and it's not gonna make you look more credible. People only care about the content of your YouTube videos so it would really matters. Isn't your YouTube videos are getting lots of views? That's what people really care about now, if you have. If there was a second push, if there was an easy way to get 10,000 subscribers and these their subscribers that you just paid a little bit of money for and you got. But they're not really watching your videos then was gonna end up happening is that when you post a video, you're not gonna get many views, and it's better to have your views match the number of subscribers that you have so in reality with. More important is that you have genuine subscribers, people who actually care about your videos. So do the initial push. Get the front, your friends and family to subscribe to your channel. Now YouTube is one of the hardest, in my opinion, to get followers, and the reason is because there's a lot of people who have Facebook accounts. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. The next one is Instagram, and then the next one is my opinion. Tic Tac is getting there. And YouTube there's not that many people that have accounts, and there's describing two channels. When I ask people when I take a little poll around and I tell people, Hey, do you guys have a YouTube account? You guys describing to people? Ah, lot of people are not. They go on YouTube to watch videos, but they're not making accounts and describing two accounts. But the good thing is that those adduce described to you are very, very, very, very likely toe. Watch your videos unlike any other platform. Ah 100 subscribers. 1000 subscribers on YouTube is worked 10 times more than a hunt. 1000 followers are than 100 or 1000 followers on Instagram or Facebook. People this described to YouTube channel are way more likely to consume that content. Then people who are following on account on instagram people. They're following an accounting YouTube, so they're really worried that much about that number. That number is not equivalent to the numbers that you see on Instagram and Facebook. You should have more likes and followers on Instagram and Facebook than you showed on YouTube, so make sure that your contents good. And that your that the followers, we will talk about growing followers to collaborative process throughout this course. But when it comes to the initial push, just try to get to 100. Create that custom you're out, and then that would make you more credible that you have a custom euro and you design your page very nicely. So that's why when it comes to the initial push now we're gonna move on to the next lecture . 23. Youtube Collaborative Projects: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about YouTube collaborative projects. So when it comes to collaborative projects and YouTube is, the whole point of this course is to use collaboration to grow. Your exposure, which you want to do, is work with other people on your video projects and then use that to gain more exposure by using their exposure through social media to give more views on your video, which in turn leads to more subscribers. So whenever I did a video project, I always made sure that my project had a lot of people involved as many people as possible , and not just in the video but behind the scenes of the video as well. I would get people assisting and behind the scenes video in styling and assistant audio whatever job I can assign anybody to be involved in in the video, so I can credit as many people as possible. Crediting a lot of people in a project allows you to get seen by more people because the more people involved in more people would feel the need to share your project. If they were part of the project, they will end up sharing it in the next lecture, we're gonna be talking about tags, which is part of working with a big group. But I always use that to my advantage. The other thing was, whenever I'm looking for somebody to work with my project, I make sure that they have a lot of followers, if possible. If I get the chance to choose who to work with, working with other people who have a lot of followers either on Instagram or Facebook or maybe even on YouTube could be beneficial for you when you creating your video projects to then get a lot of followers to see your videos. So another thing that I found beneficial when doing collaborative projects is to create project videos that involves other people. Sometimes you have videos that you've created that are just yourself. Like the whole video. Siri's everything that your channels about is just yourself. Well, sometimes finding something that could involve other people that will still fit. The theme of your YouTube channel could come in handy. For example, let's say you make gaming videos right and you record yourself in the corner and all your videos is about you playing a Game one way is to have, like a matchup versus other people or some sort off video where you're playing with other people who are also gamers who have a bit following, Um, or like invite somebody who's never played a game to complete your game. Even though it's off team with your channel. It still involves gaming and involves other people, and that can get your followers doing a video that's strictly for the purpose of getting followers sometimes helps. I am as a photographer, even though like videos, not big thing with photography. I make sure that I did behind the scenes videos, and I had a channel where I could shoot behind the scenes video, and I can credit everybody evolved with the photo shoot or the video process. So that was something that always helped me out. So, uh, work on video projects that could be done with other people. If you get a chance to branch out and collab with people who are on YouTube, that's gonna be a big help. People who already have a lot of subscribers on YouTube is work Ah, lot more than somebody who just it has a big falling on Instagram or Facebook because people with big followings on Instagram and Facebook doesn't always translate to subscribers on YouTube. But subscribers on YouTube will sometimes describe to other channels that are linked somehow to the channel that there's described with so somebody that's really big on that all the YouTubers that I follower. I also follow channels of the other people that are in their videos. So a lot of people who do logs 10 to log with other people who also have logs. Popular examples of that would be someone like Logan, Paul or David Dough Brick. Um, if you watch there channels, you will see that they will make videos with other you tubers. Getting together with other YouTube verse and and working to grow each other's channels is the biggest thing that you can do as a youtuber. If you can find other you tubers as well to Collab what so meaning that you're part of their videos and they're part of your videos is gonna be very big into helping grow your channel quickly. So that's why I recommend, if possible, to find anybody who does. YouTube is really hard to find people locally that does you too, and also does video similar to what you do. But you happen to find somebody, work with them to grow your channels together. So that's when it comes to collaborative projects, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 24. Youtube Tags and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)): in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about YouTube tags and s e o. So what I mean by that is that you use the captured to put links and tags of other people that were part of your video project like that. My last lecture was about collaborated, collaborating with other people. This is very important, crucial point part to collaborating with other people. You want to make sure that you tag everybody in your captions below. So let me explain what I mean when you tax somebody which you want to do is put the name of the person who was in your video and put a leg to all their social media accounts underneath their name. And let me tell you why that is very, very important to do. Okay, so imagine you work with, um you know Tom Hanks. Okay. And you put Tom Hanks instagram handle not just act Tom Hanks with a little outside. But you actually right instagram dot com forward slash Tom Hanks or whatever it is, it's the grip. You are Elvis and you write his Facebook like page and you've right his twitter and everything. Now, what is up happening on Google is that when people type in Tom Hanks and they go to videos or they search Tom Hang Instagram and then click on videos or the videos, suggestions of videos pops up on Google. Your video is something that will pop up or if there are you tube and they search up Tom Hanks. Your video will show up. You don't have to put the title of Tom Hanks in the title off the video. You could just put it in the caption and it's going to show up. This is very important because as these people that you're working with are being searched because, you know over time people search some of these people that you're working with. If you're working with a new artist or an influencer or some sort of celebrity or anybody in any industry, as over time they will grow and people will search for the And if your video has a link to their site on a new tube, your video will show up. I remember, um, my website being and the caption of somebody else's video, and then every time I search my website on Google, that video was a suggested video. So this person was piggybacking off my website to give more views to their video, which is amazing that that's how it works. If you put links to other people's websites, other people's instagram, other people's whatever on your caption, you could put it many links as you want, but make sure that they're relevant of people actually show up in your video. Then you're going to get a lot of people too more exposure through Google to show up on to give more views on your video, which is amazing. Now. Another thing you can do is if you don't want to just tag people, you can tag businesses. You can even tag locations. Will you do is you find links to websites of a business or or location or whatever, and you put those legs as well, you know, say that the song that was used was this song the, um, the location was this location. Make sure that you has details. You can't aim your captions, says people search those things on Google. Your video comes up as an option, and if your video has a lot of use, then is like number one option and imagine somebody has their own YouTube channel, but when they google that person, your videos show up before their videos. That can happen if you do this right, so make sure that you always always tag and tagged with as much detail as possible as many links as possible. You're going to see more views on your videos, more subscribers and so on off of other people's followers and other people searching for other people or businesses or whatever. So that's it when it comes to tax and S E. O. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 25. Youtube 2nd Channel : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about a second channel also known sometimes as a behind the scenes channel. A second channel is something that's very popular in YouTube when somebody has a main channel. This focus honest earned the but you want to produce other types of videos. Instead of running the theme of your main channel, you can create a second channel and let people know that this is your second channel with the focus of promoting your main channel. Now you're not trying to do all the tricks and strategies that you have for you to grow your second channel. Your second channel is just to produce extra stuff and those that happen to find those videos and like him, the goal is to get them to like your main channel. I found this in a lot of YouTubers that I follow. So someone like David Dough Brick what he does, they re not familiar. You can look them up on YouTube. His main channel is a four minute and 20 seconds of log of him and funny moments with his friends. Now what he does on his second channel is all the extra stuff that didn't fit in to the theme of this first channel. He would put in a second channel, usually bloopers. So any extra footage of the I laid over he'll put it all together, posted in a second channel. And then people got mawr content out off that out of Davidow brick, and you know they love them for it, and it is great. So if you want to build your brand even more, you can create a second channel with extra stuff. So many YouTubers have extra second channels. The second channels could be, ah, different style of video. It could be behind the scenes video. It could be bloopers. It could be whatever you want. But the point is that having a second channel could make it so it doesn't disrupt your main channel because the scrubbers might be following your main channel to see certain types of videos like Let's say you have a cooking channel, right? And then, um, you do cooking, cooking, cooking and every video is a recipe to something a new dish. But you want to talk about fitness and, you know, um, nutrition or exercise or whatever, but you're worried that you know is not gonna fit your, uh, the theme of your channel. Everybody's expecting recipes on there. They don't wanna have to skim through nutrition and exercise stuff to find the recipe videos. So you create a second channel with all those extra videos. So somebody likes those videos. They want to get recipes from you. They will follow your recipe channel and then that way it doesn't disrupt your main channel and you do the second channel. Now. How does this fit in with collaboration? So what I've done in the past with Second Channel my second channel has usually been a vlog channel, So I have a main channel where produced professional videos like Professional Dance, constant videos or our photo shoot videos or music videos or short skits or commercials and something creative. My second channel is usually my block where I do a little behind the scenes of my life and I say work on all my projects so that second channel, the focus on that is I link my first channel and I tell people to follow my main channel. So as I've logged and I do that just for fun, not professional purposes, I get more people to watch my main channel. But the main thing I get to do is the Latin what I talked about in the last two lectures. I get another opportunity to feature some individuals the mine I get featured in my main channel. So my main channel, let's say, did a photo shoot and it shows like the motto and me shooting the motto. Or let's say we're doing a short film and we have the actor Senate, whether it's a photo shoot or a short film, there's a lot of people in the background that helped out and making all this that don't get seen in front of the camera. Now my vlog got to show them. I got to log and talk to the makeup artists and hairstylists and the director, the producers and everybody involved, and we get to show them all in the video. Now they might not be seeing in the main video, and they still be promoting the main video. But then promoting this vlog as well because they're in it is another opportunity to get more exposure and tag more people and give more views and grow your channel. So if you feel like it will fit your YouTube channel. Well, try making a second channel if you have other ideas and you want to separate the content altogether and while still being able to create content. So that's when it comes to second channels. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 26. Youtube Fan Videos: and this lecture, we're gonna be talking about U two fan videos. So what I mean by U two fan videos is that you are in the in other people's videos or you make videos to tribute to fans. This is all together in one lecture, because I feel like it kind of goes together. So let me explain. Sometimes you will make a video for your fans. Videos like that would be like question and answers videos or, um, a video idea that offense suggested or something to do with your fans, people, they're subscribed to you, and that in itself is collaboration because you're involving other people. Now, if besides that idea, another idea is to be in your fans, videos or other people that you work with in their videos. So what I mean by that is if anybody has a YouTube channel and you could be in their videos in one way or another, whether it behind the scenes helping produce their videos or in the video itself, and you can get the tag being tagged in their videos will help, um, get more people to click and follow you on your channel. So that's something That's very big that I saw a lot of YouTube verse. Do you tubers were helping each other grow their channels by saying, you know, help me out of my video and I'll tag you in my video, Which means in the caption below you confined you to verse YouTube account So David Delivery would put his under his caption a list of all his friends. So you saw, like, 10 15 people in his YouTube video, and now you can find all of them in the caption below and start following all their YouTube channels. And that was something great. And they were doing what I suggested this lecture to do. They were being part of his videos to give more views to their channel so you can find other people who are doing you to join their channels. If you could do a search, you know by city, you know, let's say you live in Chicago. I would type in Chicago logs or Chicago, anything on YouTube and just there, scouring through everybody on there to see if I could find a Chicago YouTuber and then reach out to them either to Facebook, email or whatever and say Hey, let me be a part of your videos. You know, maybe I'll be a part of their videos first, and then maybe there'll be a part of my video. But by being part of their video, they put me in there. Captions. And then I get more exposure, Dad Way. So that's it. When it comes to collaborations through YouTube, Now, we're gonna move on to the next section. 27. Youtube Collaboration with Businesses: and this lecture. I'm gonna be talking about you to sponsor videos where you create a video for a business, a brand or whatever. If someone has a company, if a business has a big following, one of the things that you can do is make a video for them that will be on your YouTube channel is very important that it's on YouTube channel so that people will follow you as part of the agreement for making the video. Maybe you don't get paid for it, or you could pay very little. Whatever the agreement ISS, you make sure that it's on your YouTube channel. One of the several examples of videos you can make is you can make a commercial. You could make a review. You can make an instructional video, or you can just feature the products somehow in your video. Whatever manner you do it. The main things that you want to do is that you include that company of business and attack . So if they look for that business or company, your video shows up on search engines like we talked about with tags, and the second thing is that the company or business shares your video through their social media platforms or their websites. I've made commercials for small businesses and on their websites. They confined that commercial, and if they click on it, take them to my YouTube channel. They can see the rest of my videos. That's one way that through collaboration through businesses and such, I was able to get views. I've once got a product from a A game company in exchange for a review. Video made that video, and when people see that video because that game shared it on instagram, it will link them back to my YouTube channel. So if you find either local business or someone with a product or something that you can share, promote, review whatever on your YouTube channel, you can use that to give more exposure through the exposure of that business or company. So that's it when it comes to collaborations with businesses, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 28. Tik Tok The Foundation: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about tic tac and the foundation. If you saw my other lectures about the foundation when it comes to instagram YouTube or Facebook, your you know what I'm gonna be talking about? So when I mean the foundation, I mean building a page that makes people want to follow you. That is a first step. If you don't do this step, everything else they're gonna learn about in this course or any other strategy that you implement to grow your followers on tic tac. That's not gonna work. We want to create a page that makes people want to follow you. I'm gonna talk about some tips off things that you can do to make your page, something that people want to follow you. So the first thing is, you want to fill out your profile. In completion, you want to write a bio. You want to link your other social media accounts. You want a group, put a nice profile picture and you want to post a good amount of tick tocks. Now, one thing that you can do is follow a team. If you know that you wanna be seen as a certain type of tech talker. They make sure that all your videos air consistent. Another thing that's very important that you do is make sure that you picked the appropriate thumbnail for your videos. So people a lot people don't know this but tic tac. You can slide and picked a few second thumbnail to be like a boomerang off the thumbnail for your videos. So when right before you're about to publish, you'll see your video thumbnail options on the top, right? You click on that and then you pick which part of the video is your thumbnail, and that would be your thumbnail. Doing little things like that will help make your tick tuck profile look more aesthetically pleasing. Now, a big tip when it comes to the bio is that you follow two things. The first thing is that you tell people a little bit of by yourself so you can say, you know, im Ah, 25 year old, you know, dancer, where I'm a 25 year old from Chicago or whatever. And then just like a little one sentence about yourself, very basic. If you if there's something unique about yourself, you have a creative skill. Your model, your dancer. You're an artist. Your your entrepreneur. Whatever. Just put that in there so they instantly know. Okay, that's what this person ISS. The second thing is that for the second sentence, you tell people what your page is about. So you can say I make funny videos, I make dance videos, I make trendy videos, I make educational videos. I talk about this and so, telling people what your channels about. If they go straight to your main channel profile page, they'll know what it is about and in the sight of they want to follow your not then the last thing. If you can fit it in that you have enough characters left, you say, follow me for more. Um, take talks or whatever, Just like a little called reaction to follow you. A lot of people skip out in their bio or just don't think twice about what to write in their bio. Following tips like this will create a foundation. Something of make your profile, make people want to follow you. Now there's not much you can do to your profile. Unlike all the other social media platforms that allow you to customize your profile page in so many different ways. Tic TAC is very basic. There's only so much you can do. But if you don't do those very few things you could miss out on a good percentage of followers, even if you just miss out a tempest head off followers the difference between you know, 9000 and 10,000 followers, you're gonna feel that difference. So Tic TAC is a great platform to get followers is very, very easy to do versus all the other platforms. So I recommend Don't miss out on this opportunity to build a aesthetically pleasing tic tac profile. And don't miss out on any opportunity to grow your tic tac. So that's that when it comes to the foundation that we're gonna move on to the next lecture 29. Tik Tok The Team: and this lecture, we're gonna be talking about tic tac, the team we skipped out in the initial push and the second push like something that you might have seen in my other social media accounts. So when we're talking about Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we were talking about that. The reason you don't really have to worry about your initial push and your second Bush is because when it comes to the initial push, it's very hard to find friends of family that follow you on Tic Tac. Tic Tac has a very specific demographic of your specific target audience and a lot of people that you might be associated with my not fit that so they might not be following you . And whatever small number of people do are a tic Tac is not worked. The time and effort to group get those people when it is very easy to get followers some tic tac. So it's just better to just jump on and start doing tech talked and spent time talking to, You know, 10 people who might follow you from your friends and family, unlike the other platform for is very hard. In the beginning, talks very easy. And then the second push, there is no a little trick that you could do to let boost your followers and has also not worth it. Because, like I said, you can get followers very easily on tic tac. People are following you. If you have 200 or 20,000 if they like your content, they're gonna follow you. They're not asked judgmental about the Mina followers that you have. If they like your content, they're just gonna follow you, unlike the other platform. For their really judge you based on the number of followers you have and then decide if they want to follow you. So when I talk about the team, what I have found is that you could do a channel on Tic Tac's 10 times better. In my opinion, if you have at least one other person involved or more when you involve other people, you're open to so many other types of tic tac's that you can do by yourself. There is a big number of people that all they do is put their phone up on a stand somewhere click record and record themselves, and that's it. And that'd be great for a lot of people, but I have found that when you work with other people, you're open to so much more. Especially if you lack a talent like dance. Or, you know, we're not, like, very attractive, and you can just, like, show a picture of your face and get a bunch of followers, like If if you don't have that, you know, personality or skill that can get people to follow you Naturally, then working with other people I found really helps. That's something that I struggle with. When I was doing tech talk, making videos by myself was very hard. But once I involved other people, it made a funder, and I found that I was a wood to create videos faster, a lot easier and better. And I got more followers for it. So what I do is I found people that were interested in Ticktock. People that were either dancers or like to act or just, you know, wanted to try it out because they spent so much time on Tic Tac and they thought it was funny and they wanted to be a part of it, and I got them involved. I got my sister involved my roommates friends room that I've worked with in the past and so on. And I've made tick talks with them and it was so much fun. Some of the things that you can do when you work with other people is actually move the camera. If you have your camera, understand, you're limited to light just one placement for it. But when you have other people helping you, then they could move the camera around, follow you and do a variety of videos. So working whether people is great for that aspect. Now, if they have talked themselves that you guys could collaborate in the sense that, like, you know, um, you're their videos and they're in your videos and they you guys tag each other and we'll be talking a little bit more about that in a few lectures. But chances are you're not gonna find people there taking to talk seriously, but that is a great thing because a lot of people want to be in tech top, but they're too scared to do it themselves. So you orchestrate direct produce these tic tac videos yourself. Then people are going to want to be a part of it because they want to be in Ticktock and people aren't creating channels and trying to make their own videos a lot of the time or, you know, realize that you're taking them more seriously and just want to be in yours as long as you can tag their channel so that they can give use. So finding a few people that you could make tic tac toe it and then getting together and in making, like, 5 10 or 15 of them all in a row and then saving them to be published later or really, really help you out. So my best advice since this course is about collaboration, is find a team, find dancers, people that are funny, anybody who fits the type of videos that you see, a tic tac and the type of videos that you want to create and create your little tic tac team. So that's it when it comes to TIC tac teams, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 30. Tik Tok Duets: Carol Basket killed her husband, Wacked convinced me that it didn't happen. Phantom Tigers, they snack it. What's happened? Carol, Basket this lecture we're gonna be talking about Take talk duets. So do it's is something in tic tac where we find a video on tech doctor you like, and you wanna do a video next to that video at the same time with the same sound, Then you'll be doing a do it to do it. Do it. All you have to do is click the share button on the bottom. Right Click on Duet is gonna put that video either next to your above you whatever position you want And when you click record is gonna play that video back, and then you do whatever. Next to that video, that seems like a dumb idea to do. But I have found that piggybacking off other successful tick talkers will get you a lot of use. If somebody likes that tick Tucker, then you would end up getting views of people that like that Tick Tucker, the biggest video that I have ever created, The one with the most views. The one that went viral. I had over 100 1000 views on it, and I had less than 200 followers. You can see how proportionally different that is in the amount of views versus followers was on a duet. I found a popular video video that I thought was going to blow up and be huge in the early stages before it got pretty big. I think it had just come out, like two or three days prior than me making the do it. It was Miranda sinks, doing a dance. I dressed up like her, and I did the dance next to her and following her move step by step. I did it in slow motion. Pure, pure, pure, pure compu held up. We do mean city job. No, no problem. But we minutes his tone to, and then I just posted out there and I got over 100,000 views and like over and so many followers because of it, it is a great thing to do, in my opinion, to do it off other people. Now, some people just recreate other people's videos, and the problem I have with that is that that's what everybody is doing on the platform. But by doing it due. Yet you have, in my opinion, of different and sometimes bigger chance to be seen if people are following that person a lot. If somebody has over a 1,000,000 followers on TIC Tac and you do a good duet off a recent video that they did, chances are you're gonna get a lot of views on that video. And that is a fun way to collaborate with existing tech Tucker's now when it comes to collaboration and ticktock, The main thing to think about this different than all the other platforms is you're not actually reaching out and talking to people to collaborate for. Tech talk is hard to find people who are on Tic Tac tic Tic Tac seriously. So my version of collaboration through TIC Tac is using existing popular tick talkers and grabbing their audience and basically sharing or stealing their audience. You want to get the fans of those tech talkers to start following you, and to do that, you do things like duets and tags, which will talk about soon, recreating their videos to get people to watch your videos. Fans of those people Okay, so for collaboration, fine. A popular video do a duet. You can also react to a video that's also another option. My opinion, in my opinion, I haven't found success from reacts. I rarely ever do it, but if you feel like you can't really do at a certain video, you just want to react. There's a react video feature. Just try it out, play with it and see that works. But piggyback off of other people's success and you'll see that you'll grow your channel very quickly. So that's it when it comes to duets, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 31. Tik Tok Tags: in this lecture will be talking about tic TAC tags. Now, Tax is going to follow the same concept as before, where you either do a duet or react or recreate somebody's video. But the main point in this is that you tag the big stick Tucker that you're using as part of your video. Whether it was a duet, a reaction or you re created a video, you make sure that they're tact in the caption or your video. And what that's gonna do is that people who are fans of those people, your videos air going to show up on their for you. Page. I know this to be true, because every person that I follow on Tick Tuck I see videos of people that tag those people aren't my for you Page. So, for example, let's say, um, Addison Ray created a a new choreography to a dance. And then, you know ah girl, it recreates starts doing that dance with that choreography, and she tax Addison rate in her caption. Unlike the hundreds and thousands of other girls also did videos with the ad instance rate choreography. Because I'm following Addison rate, I will see sometimes that a person's video if Addison's rate is tacked on the caption. I also started seeing duets with people that I'm following, so I would follow this girl who would like lip sing a song, parts of a song, a sound. She will lip sing part off a sound, and I followed her and watched a lot of her videos. Then, besides her videos on the for you page, other people who duet her, I started doing lip singing the rest of the sound, so it looked like they were singing together. Build video started showing up specifically if they tagged that person on the caption. And that's when I realized that if you tag of big tech talker in your caption, but you're actually doing something either a sound or something similar to what they do or a duet or so on, you're gonna get views from that fan base, so make sure that you tag other big tick Tucker's when it's appropriate in your tick tugs and find big take talkers. And if you're following trends and so on, used them to create your tick talks and tag them and your video. So you're collaborating with them and piggybacking off of their success to grow your fan base and get successful yourself. So that's it. When it comes to collaboration with Tic Tac, there's not that many options out there. Here's a few. Those were a few examples of ways that you could do collaboration ticked up. So that's it when it comes to this course. Thank you so much for watching See you guys in another one. 32. Tik Tok Masterclass Promo: in this lecture, I wanted to tell you guys about my tick tuck masterclass. A complete guide to Tic Tac is one of the courses that I've released on this website where you can learn everything to do. Would using tic tac A schools a dizzy on all the features a fax, all the buttons to created take talks to navigating through the app and so on. You came to this If you are a tick talker. If you went on this course to learn about getting followers on tic tac and you want to learn more about using tech top, then please check out that other course you won't regret it. You learn so much about it is over six hours of content of everything to do with tech talk . Thank you guys so much and check it out.