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Social Media Marketing Automation

Max Cord, Creativity | Experience | Desi

Social Media Marketing Automation

Max Cord, Creativity | Experience | Desi

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18 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Wtf is filler content?

    • 2. Social media content outsourcing

    • 3. What to look for in social content generation

    • 4. Ordering social images in bulk

    • 5. Social Media Images Order Delivery

    • 6. Ordering MORE social images in bulk

    • 7. How to by-pass Instagram's API and post directly from your computer

    • 8. Instagram Post Scheduling

    • 9. Instagram Posting Scheduling Hacks

    • 10. What's an Instagram Bot and When to use it

    • 11. Calculating and Predicting Automatic Follower Growth

    • 12. How to Get the Cheapest Price Per Follow

    • 13. The Anatomy of a Social Media Management Platform

    • 14. IFTTT and Zapier: How Integrations can Change The Way You Do Marketing

    • 15. Basic Integrations

    • 16. Let's Take a Look at My Integrations

    • 17. Advanced Integrations or Multi-Inte\grations [PART 1]

    • 18. Advanced Integrations or Multi-Integrations [PART 2]

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About This Class

If you're a content creator, brand owner, YouTuber, artist, photographer, freelancer or any kind of digital entrepreneur you understand the power of social media and how it can impact your business and expand your audience. But in order for this to happen, you need to actually dedicate yourself to create and post relevant content on your social media Networks on a regular basis.

But if you’re focused doing your thing, while growing your business and expanding your reach, you know things can get a bit messy when trying to juggle all of these tasks on your own.

The world has evolved to a place in which most daily tasks can be automated. If we now have self-driving vehicles, robot assistants, automated factory lines and even supermarkets in which cashiers are no longer necessary, don’t you think it’s time to stop juggling so much and let machines do the heavy lifting for us?

I get it. Social media marketing and management is a cornerstone of every successful venture. And, luckily for us, there are dozens of online tools you can start using right away to automate most of your social media efforts.

My name is Max and I’m a digital marketer / designer. On this course I’m going to teach you how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful automation tools so you can:

  • Save a lot of valuable of time by using automation tools
  • Create content on auto-pilot
  • Schedule content on a consistent basis
  • Increase your engagement metrics
  • Grow your audience

By looking at key metrics you will learn how to increase the interactions and engagement with your audience while significantly cutting the amount of time you spend managing your social media profiles and pages.

At the end of the day, time is our most valuable asset, and with this course you’ll learn basic and advanced automation features available to us online, so that we can stop wasting time managing our social media and start focusing on doing what we do best, creating value that makes an impact.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Max Cord

Creativity | Experience | Desi


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1. Wtf is filler content?: So in this video, we're going to talk about the topic of feeler content. Posting content on your social media channels is a must, but it can be hard like what type of content do we create? When do I publish it? How do I do to post content every day? This is why feeler content exists, but what is specifically feeler content? Well, filler content is a type of content that you post on your channels on a consistent basis, its content that you post regularly, maybe once a day or once every other day. It's so so content that it's extremely easy to create a new. Hence, you can create content ahead of time on plan for it to publish itself on your social media channels throughout a specific period of time filler content. It's an absolute necessity. In order for your social media channels to trigger engagement, you want to keep your audiences engaged. You want to start a conversation. So which type of feeler content are there and which type of content can you specifically create? Well, I'm pretty sure that you've seen feeler content on most social media channels. The king off filler content is inspirational quotes. They are really easy to create, and you can post them whenever you want on. Basically, you don't have to work that extra mile to create this type of content. It's basically this and most of the times it has four elements we have on image background like this one. Over here, we have a really smart, on insightful quote that resonates with your audience. Of course, on we have an author or a person who set this specific quote on also something really important about feeler content. Is that its branded? You need to include some sort of logo or text that makes reference to your brand. Why? Because this content is made to be shared on whenever people share it, you want them to share it with your logo in it. Not every inspirational quote needs to have an author there. Some quotes like this one from, um, my little brother's instagram account on Dhere basically just throws the text. Our a phrase that resonates with his audience off affiliate marketers on it says one day, all of your hard work will pay off. No one in particular set this quote. He just posts a message that resonates with his audience. Aunt, he adds Hiss logo down below. So not every inspirational quote needs to have an author. You can also use this same template to create a message that resonates with your audience now another type of filler content that it's really popular nowadays as these simple infographics. This is an example from coffee rules in which we can see how different caffeine drinks are made. Now the great thing about infographics as that one. They are simple and two. They are extremely easy to understand. Infographics are also meant to be shared because they provide some sort of insight into your particular niche or market. How much filler content shoot my social media channels have? Well, this is not an easy question to answer, because it depends on the amount of engagement on the posting consistency off each account . But if you ask me, I would say that up to 75% off course, you can have a social media channel that has absolutely no filler content. It sold just quality content that your audience loves, but it's really hard to create all of that content from scratch. So I do suggest that you used this type of content in order for your social media channels or profiles to look more active, but you don't have to overdo this as well. Not every post on your social media should be an inspirational quote or an infographic. You should also provide other types of content, like photos of yourself or your office, or of your particular product or service. I don't know, but you don't have to overdo your feeler content, so I suggest that up to 75% is a good ratio for your feeler content posts. So if every three out of four posts on your social media channels are inspirational quotes or motivational messages or infographics, that is perfectly acceptable. But again, this number should be something that you side on is something that you will see asked you. Analyze the numbers off your audiences engagement 2. Social media content outsourcing: so not every social media post has to be created by you or by someone on your team. There's a thing called outsourcing. I'm pretty sure that you heard about this in the past, but content creation for social media can be automated by having someone else do it for you . So outsourcing its about delegating your post creation. Your social media posts creation duties to someone else. The great thing about this is that you can create your images, for example, the images or videos that you're going to post on your instagram or face with Paige beforehand, and you can create them in bulk. You can have a specific person or designer create tens, hundreds or thousands off images at once in order for you to save a lot of time when it comes to creating the content that you're going to post on your social media profiles. So whenever you want to automate or outsource your social media post creation, you have two main choices. First, you have the cheap choice. Personally, this is the one I use. So whenever I want to create my social media images in at Bunce on in book, I go to Fiverr that come fiver dot com has a lot of people that will create your social media images for you. The prices range from 5 to 20 bucks per project under results are really satisfying. Now. Keep into consideration that anyone can post a particular job or gig on Fiverr. So if you're looking for professionally designed images, maybe this is not your choice. But if you want images that accomplish their goal off, engaging your audience and making your brand seem legit by periodically posting content on your social media profiles, then fiber is a great resource. You can save a lot of time by using fiber on. Also, you won't break your pockets because the projects are really cheap now. The second option is, of course, a Maura expensive option, but at the same time, it's more professional. At work is a network off talented professionals that will do work for you. Yet they are expensive, but here you can actually find riel and qualified the signers if your brand is a little bit bigger and you're looking for really high quality posts, so the main difference between fiber and up work is that fiber charge spur project while up work have variable fees, but they almost always charge per hour, so you can find the signers that charge anywhere between 10 and 40 bucks per hour. So this is something that you need to have into consideration when choosing this type off. Outsourcing platforms like up work because the amount of time that each professional or designer will take to complete your specific project is variable. So you need to add this in mind when choosing this type off outsourcing. 3. What to look for in social content generation: What do you need to look for when hiring someone to outsource your social media post creation? Well, the first thing is proof off work. Most projects or people on both of platforms are five er on up work, have some sort of portfolio in their profiles. So you need to choose a professional that shows you his or her work before hand so you can actually see the results before you actually hire them. This is really important because you need to hire someone that will give you content that you will actually use. And in order for you to know what this you need to say their work before you hired so proof off work is really important. When you're looking to hire or outsource your social media post, you need to see the work they have done in the past. In order for you to actually choose y sleep the person you want to work with, then we have to turn around. There's something that you really need to keep an eye on because some people can actually take a long time to deliver your project and make sure that when you are choosing a freelance worker for your social media post creation that you know how much time they will take to complete the project. So people in fiver tend to deliver the projects faster. Well, of course, the up work people on provisional will take a little bit more time. But it's important that you know their schedules on the time that they will take to deliver your project so you can actually going to see their this in your social media planning. Now both of these platforms have a satisfaction guarantee because you can get your money back or part of your money back if either they don't deliver their work or if you're not completely satisfied with the final product. But you need to take into consideration that even though they can give you your money back , they won't give you the time that they spend to complete the project back to you. So if you spend six days waiting for the designer to deliver the social media images on, you're not completely satisfied by them. You will need to hire another professional on weight once again for them to deliver the project so you can go for projects that take shorter time if you're not actually sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the final result. So another thing you should be looking for in freelancer is the reviews and ratings. Most freelancing platforms have a really well integrated review or rating system to see how satisfied their previous clients, where you can also check how many reviews they have in order for you to know if the specific person has a lot off experience or he or she is rather new on the platform. So this is a great indicator for you to outsource wisely. Now, last thing is price. Some professionals, especially on up work. They charge a lot for their services and off course social media. Post creation is not that hard. So you really need to consider this whenever you want to hire a mawr Price t professional, because maybe the results that he or she will deliver could actually be really similar to someone in the lower spectrum regarding price so price alone shouldn't be the decisive factor when it comes to hiring someone. Check their previous work, the proof off the work that they have done in order to see if it's a fit with your brand or social media channels. See how much time they take to deliver the project. See how previous clients have rated or reviewed their services on also keep an eye out for the price or feet that they charged for the competition of the project. 4. Ordering social images in bulk: this is fiber, and it's basically the place I go whenever I'm too lazy to do certain things like getting transcription for my videos are creating posts for social media, getting custom audios to use in my recordings and so on. Now this is the place that you can go in order for you to create your social media posts in bulk. Now we have a lot of different categories, from graphic design to digital marketing and writing in translation, video and animation programming Business fund. There are a lot of different things that you can do on Fiverr on. Maybe you're already familiar with the platform. But regardless off that, what we are going to do is that we're going to find a job, a gig that allows us to create our social media images in bulk. Ah, in this case, I'm going to look for a service in order for me to create motivation or inspirational quotes for my eye market Excel social media profiles. So here was this find services I'm going to put quote no, here we have, ah lot of different services. Some of them have a lot of ratings, others not that much, but what I need here. ISS Specifically inspirational quotes or images that are branded. That means that I'm allowed to provide my logo on day will put my logo in every single image. Now, as you can see, we have, for example, riel estate quote, travel quotes, success quotes, inspirational quotes, fitness quotes and so on. So, for example, if you're on the health niche, you can just type health quote on DSI, which are the services that are available to you for time here. 50 health and wellness quotes on so on. So you can also narrow it down, depending on your niche. But in this case, we're not going to use that. We're going to just look for inspirational quotes. Now we need to take into consideration that Ah, some of them, for example, this one over here. It has a 1,000,002 100,000 images for you. So maybe this is not the one that I'm looking forward because, uh, he basically gives it to everyone that orders his gig. I'm looking for something a little bit more personal that I can pass as if I had created it . So let's look, let's keep on looking. Maybe this one. Yeah, he has 207 reviews on Um, Yep. I kind of like it. Let let's check what this gig has to offer. So proof off work, Um, we have a video, and here we have the different types off images that this guy creates. So let's see, here we have the basic package that is 200 quotes with the logo included. Ah, standard package, 365 quotes on the premium package. So let's just, maybe, or their Ah, this one because I can program my instagram to publish one quote every day for a year. Now, here we have three revisions. This means that you can actually tell the guy if you liked the final product or not, and he or she will have to reveal his delivery for up to three times. So we have three revisions, and here we have the turnaround over delivery time. Two days. But maybe I want to do it. And just one day. So I wanna have this quotes by tomorrow. So let's select this on. Proceed to the payment. Here we are, ah, lot off different options that we can choose from to upgrade our order. No, I think that we are ready. Processing fee one buck total. 21 bucks. Proceed to payment on. I am just going to order this product so we're going to pay with my PayPal. Balance on our order is being processed. Each time after you purchased a gig on Fiverr. You have this different questions or options that the gig owner or creator gives you. For example, what industry does this order relate to on in this case is marketing. So he's asking me for my logo with the bathroom removed on. I'm going to upload it right now. Okay, so here I upload it my logo on. I'm going to copy the image at risk on place it in the order requirements now, uh, removed the background. It's all removed. No, I just want instagram quotes, the square type. So here that we have a little counter that says that this guy has exactly 23 hours and 59 minutes to complete the order. I'm gonna just hang on and I'm going to show you the final result off this gig on. I'm going to share with you my thoughts. And if I think that I will be able to use this image is so thank you very much on I'll be back with the final result on the next video. 5. Social Media Images Order Delivery: so Hey, guys, I woke up today and a so and email that told me that my orders were ready to be reviewed on the filed project was ready to be downloaded. So it's amazing this guy took, like, five hours to complete the whole project, so I hope that the results are as I expected. So let's go messages. Ah, here we have the first order, So Yep. We have it over here, huh? Well, so this is the first gig that I ordered, and this guy says, because I love to surprise my customers, I've made ah, 135 boners quotes for you. Yeah. So we have a total of 500 quotes. That is amazing. So here we have the file on, I'm just going to download it to check the final result. In the meantime, I'm going to create a new folder to add all of the different quotes. So here we first have the motivational quotes. That's the first gig, and I'm going to check the order. Look at that. We're all faced with a serious of great opportunities. Breeland leaders, guys as impossible situations. Hey, guys, day. Look, not I don't like this one. Yeah, I think they look really great out of the 500 quotes, I'm guessing. Ah, don't like that fund. I'm guessing that out of this 500 quotes, I will be using around 300 of them. So, yeah, I'm really happy with this results. So I believe I also ordered the digital marketing quote package s so I'm going to create a new folder to store does. And let's review that other order. Hey, So this guy, he gave me 100 bonus quotes. That IHS really great. So let's see how this, um so let's see how the quotes are looking. I'm going to download now this file on. I'm going to start checking them out. Remember, this was the digital marketing quotes. Well, Twitter is not a technology. It's a conversation, and it's happening with or without you. So we have that little quote over there. Um, yeah, with our logo down below, So that is really great. Um, I'm don't think I will be using this one. Well, but, um, most of them are really great. Yeah, I'm really happy with the results. Even though I won't be using all 200 quotes I probably will be using around 100 and 20 quotes. So I'm really satisfied with the result off the gig that I ordered on fiber. It's really important that once you receive your orders, you received the final result. You go and you need to either request or vision or accept on review the order in this case , we're going to accept it. So yeah, we're happy. Ah, fast delivery Waas the best thing. And, um, no, I don't have any requests for this guy because I was really satisfied with his job. Yeah, excellent. And here you need to enter a little review that summarizes your experience with working with this guy. So, yeah, after you received the orders, you need to review them and accept them. Uh, and if you think that there's something that did not meet your standards or you thought you would receive something different, you can, of course, request the revisions according to the number of revisions that the original project, um or geek included. So I'm really happy with my results. Now. I have 700 different quotes that I can just use whenever I want. Schedule them on my social media accounts on, I can begin boosting the amount of content on engagement present on my social media pages, so I'm really happy about it and let's keep automating the heck out off our social media. 6. Ordering MORE social images in bulk: Here's an update off the order status. Um, I found this gig. I think it's from the same guy on it says I will design 50 digital marketing quotes with your logo. This is great because I'm in the digital marketing niche on this gig. Feats. My social media posting needs perfectly. So here we see the types off images that these guy creates on. Yep, I really, really like them because they are specific to digital marketing. So we have 50 digital marketing quotes at 10 Bucks 100 digital marketing quotes of 15 bucks on 200 digital marketing quotes. 25 bucks. So, uh, we have all of the three packages at a one day delivery turn around. So I'm going to go with the middle one that IHS 100 digital marketing quotes. I'm going to select it on. Yeah, I won't anything. And Percy to payment. I'll pay with my PayPal. Beilin's pay now and the order is processing. So once again, I have the same questions. The logo over here No need, um, just a squared ones. And I don't need excel. Yep. And start order. Order started. Let's see that Counter down below and Yep. And we have again 23 hours and 59 minutes for this guy to deliver the order. So this was the update. I really didn't plan for this to happen, but I found a more compatible gig. So on the next video, I will show you both results. First, the 365 motivational quotes. I'm going to add a motivational quote each date. Andi. I also ordered 100 digital marketing quotes that I will be showing you on the next video. 7. How to by-pass Instagram's API and post directly from your computer: One of the things that people like the most about some brands on people on Instagram is that they post on a regular basis. But doing this can be hard. Most of the times you get caught doing other things and posting on your INSTAGRAM profile just sleeps your mind. Well, there are a lot off interim automation tools that you can use to schedule your posts in advance so that you do not forget to do it so you can keep adding your content on a regular basis. Now is the groom doesn't behave like any other social media network out there when it comes to automation. Why? Because you need a dedicated up to post your content into instagram in advance. It's not like Hoot suit or Buffer, in which you can load most of your social media profiles on schedule your posts On this platform you can have your Facebook tweeter, Google plus Pinterest. I don't know. Ah, lot of different social media networks can be automated and can be scheduled using this to services. But this is not the case for Instagram. Instagram has a really strict a P I, and this is the application programming interface, which is basically the code or the part of the program that speaks to other APS. Let's say your social media automation tools. But even though the big to social automation tools like hood suit or buffer do not allow you to add your instagram on, schedule your posts in advance, their APS that certainly allow you to do this. So what services can you use? The 1st 1 is called later. I really like this one. It's really need, and it's constantly being updated. The 2nd 1 is plentifully Planet Lee is a little bit more old fashioned, but it works just great. Now, the 3rd 1 and my personal favorite is Gold Grum. This is a fairly new service, and I'm going to speak about it in just a moment now. Both later and Planet Lee allow you to schedule instagram posts. They have great Bischel interfaces, but suddenly they don't allow direct posting. You really need to keep an eye out whenever you're finding instagram post scheduling tools , because most, if not every service, do not allow you to post directly into your instagram feed. In most cases, you will get a post notification like this one. This means that you will have to go on your phone review and post your picture video description everything by yourself. The only thing the APP will do is remind you that you need to post a specific time, send you a notification to your phone, load your picture and, of course, the description of that particular post. So this might be great, but you need to constantly be checking your phone for notifications in order for this up to actually do its job. Now grump on the other side, even though it lacks certain key insights like which is the best time to post or which of your followers are more responsive, they actually allow direct posting. You can post directly into the up schedule. Your posts in Advanced on Graham will actually do everything for you. It won't send you an identification. It won't pre lower your photo and description on your instagram app for your poster. It will directly take the content that you upload on the service. It will also take into consideration that time and date that you want your post to go out on will actually post the content for you now on the following video, we're going to review and see how Graham actually works on. You will be able to see how to schedule and post directly into your instagram feed from just one up that's located at Drum that C O. 8. Instagram Post Scheduling: when it comes to automatically posting stuff on your instagram account, I personally again, I used grum dot ceo. It's one off the only APs that allows you to post directly into instagram on you don't get those and knowing post notifications and you don't have to log into your cellphone each time you want to actually publish opposed that you scheduled on other ups like later you can get started for free. You have a free trial off three days, and after that I believe that you can have an account that can hold up to two instagram profiles for just nine bucks a month. So you should definitely check it out and see if you like it on if you're going to use it on your social media practices as well. This app is really, really, really simple to use. As you can see, this is our that sport. So here I have one of my INSTAGRAM accounts and I'm just going to add a new one by clicking this pretty little square green button over here. So I'm going to at my market Excel instagram account. I'm gonna click at account on. I'm going to wait for the account to load on the ground dashboard. So just like this, all of my instrument pictures have just loaded right here where it says time line. So if you take a look, you can see that each picture has the date and specific time. It was published on how many likes and comments each picture has. So if we click on it, were taken to the specific Instagram page with all the content comments, legs, and you can basically also interact with your audience right from here. But we just added the incident account, and now we're going to schedule a new post. So in order for us to do that, we simply click here at media and, for example, I'm going to go and at a couple off the quotes that I outsourced on Fiverr. So, for example, this one number one Twitter is not a technology. It's a conversation, and it's happening with or without you. So here you can see that you can actually crop the photo, and you can also add your caption on your tax soap. Remember, every time you post on instagram or any other social media, your goal is to start a conversation. So in this case, I'm going to ask my audience. I'm going to ask them. How are you using Twitter to communicate your values to your audience? You can also add um Emojis Um I don't know. Like do you have, like, a megaphone or something that we might want to add? Let's see. I want to make a phone. They want a megaphone. Where is that megaphone? Here? Them There we go. We just added an emoji. No, Um when I'm going to add hashtag I do not like again the hashtag to show on the caption because it looks really spammy. So in order for me to start writing my hashtag, I just enter a space and I put 12345 periods on. Then I start adding my hash tax. Now, whenever I want to create a lot of hashtags new hashtags and hatch tax that actually allow me to grow my instagram account or any other social media account, I go to this website and I enter a particular term. For example, in my instagram post, I'm speaking about tweeters, so I'm going to type social media. Andi, I'm going to take all of this tax. Copy them on. Add them over here. Yep. De 30 tax. So here you have two options. You can click on schedule or post. Now, we're going to click on schedule right here. We have a date and our field. So, for example, I want this post to go out tomorrow at around 12 PM my time. So I do that and I click save. So just like that, I just scheduled my first instagram post on if we take a look here we have a little one in a bubble. Word says scheduled. So if I click it, I'm able to see my recently schedule post. When is it going to go out and read what specific time on? I can edit the post on, Modify it before it gets out on it gets published. I can even delete it. Change the time change. Hashtag all of that. So this is a really useful way to schedule your incident. Posts on Actually handle everything. Incident related just from one simple dashboard 9. Instagram Posting Scheduling Hacks: social media automation is so about saving time whenever you're posting stuff on handling all of your social media responsibilities, right? So this video is dedicated to how you can save a couple off minutes each week by using some off grams dot co features. So we're going to cover four things that you can use in order for you to save some time whenever scheduling posts on instagram. So the first thing is that whenever you are adding media, for example, you want to schedule a new post, you can select more than one photo at once. So, for example, we are going to select two photos we're going to click on open on the 1st 1 pops up. We can crop it at the caption my hash tags on. We're going to schedule it four today and about one more hour we're gonna click on safe now when this first post saves and closest grum automatically loads these second post that you added. So this one, for example, So we just repeat the process the hash tags on. We're going to schedule this post two hours from now, so I click Just state. So we checked here. We have our recently schedule post right here on the scheduled tab. So that is the first time saver you can add More than just one picture or video at once on Grum will automatically load them on. You can edit them one by one without having to upload each individual photo on clicking on the file on all of that stuff. Now, the other thing here is that whenever we click on the scheduled time, we can see the posts or there by the time that they are going to be published. So this one's are for today and this one is for tomorrow, even though the one for tomorrow was the 1st 1 that we added. So you can actually see your content in the exact order that it's going to be published on Instagram. Now, these second time saver is the Boeing. We're going to add a new post number four, a caption right now, here we have down below a post to and we have our account pictures. So this post is going to my main account. I Mark Excel, but also you can select more than one account that you want to post your content to So, for example, if you have a really important update or something that's a little bit more generic, you can actually post it to more than one account at once. And you can schedule them to go out at the time that you want the post to go out. So if you have two accounts or more accounts that you want to publish on at the same time, you can do it by using this option that says post to below the post description. So this is also a time saver, so we're gonna just schedule it for maybe two days from now. Uh oh, perfect. And we're going to click on state. So this is the second time saver now four number three, we are going to see yet another time saver on. This is okay. I think we're number five. Perfect. So we're going toe Are caption again this our religion? Eri captures. I'm just writing them really fast for you to be able to see how to automate and save time on certain things because you do not need to ask a question on every single post. I'm just doing this for demonstration purposes. So what I wanted to show you here as the third time saver iss this little button over here that says at the first comment. Some people don't like to add their hashtag on the main caption for their pictures because yeah, if they show up and you don't put any spaces on your caption, your post will look released, Mommy, because you will have a lot of hashtags and people don't like to see. Oldest hashtag hashtag are for people to find you not for people to read. So most people prefer to at their hashtag on the first comment So you can do this with this little speech bubble I can over here. So if we click at the first comment, we can add our hashtags on the first comment on day will be automatically hearing from your followers on. They won't actually get to see them unless they click. Read more on this first comment so you can also schedule this post. I'm going to schedule it three hours from now, and I'm going to click on safe. So third time saver is to add your hashtag as a comment or up to be ableto add the first comment directly from the scheduling interface Onda last but not least. And this specific time saver is not just applicable to Instagram but to every other social media out there on we're going to talk about hashtag. So whenever we out load a new picture, I suggest that you always have your hashtag preloaded. How do you do this? Well, you can use one off the automatic hashtag generators like this one over here from sick metrics or maybe even ah, the old hashtag generator which both of them generate you 30 random hashtag based on a particular search turn that you entered. So you can, for example, click marketing on get your hashtags over here on, then just paste them on your first comment. But also what I suggest that you do is that you save this hashtag regardless if you created them with the hashtag generator websites or you created them by hand because you know the specific hashtag that your audience resonates with. Andi used toward this hashtag on a note pad. So, for example, here I have a lot of different hashtag that I have saved throughout the times eso whenever I need them. I just opened the appropriate No pad. And I just used them right there. So I don't have to waste any time coming up with new hashtag sor generating new ones each time a post, a new piece of content. So this are the four time saving keeps for instagram publishing that I can deliver to you right now the 1st 1 s you can at more than one picture at once. The 2nd 1 is that you can schedule post for multiple accounts at once. The 3rd 1 is that besides the original caption for the picture, you can also add the first comment on the 4th 1 is that you used preloaded hash tags that are generated from one of the hashtag generator websites or that are stored in, for example, no pats. So if you come up with any other time saving tapes that you think of, for example, with this particular instagram posting platform, let me know on the comments, and I'll make sure to add them on this video so that we can all benefit from this time saving tips and little tricks 10. What's an Instagram Bot and When to use it: Now, when it comes to interim, butts grow Mista I think it's one of the ones that works best. I've never had a problem with it. And a salon off instagram bucks are getting banned by instagram. Um, this one is one that has been around for some years now, and it continues to work perfectly. So the first thing you need to do is go to grow, mr dot com on actually create an account. Everything here is really straightforward and really simple. And I'm going to show you how toe at an account set it up on have it up on running in no time. So we're going to go to dashboard. This is what you will see when you log in. After you create your account on here, you will see ah, list off off the instagram account that you have hungry, Mr On. Of course, How much time do they have left for running? Now we're going to add a new interim account for you to see how it works. And I wanted to tell you that each new instagram account ah has a trial period off 12 hours so you can actually try it out see if it's working, and if you like it, you can actually start subscribing to the service. So we're going to add on a storm account, do one for market Excel, and yet it was just successfully connected. As you can see, we have 12 hours on the service, so if we click on it, it opens up on. We have three options. We can activate the like ER, which means that it will go around liking pictures from different people that use certain hashtags. Or you can actually tell the platform to start following or on following users the ones that, of course, don't fall you back. You can also choose the speed in which this or happens if you want to be a slow, normal or fast, I recommend that you leave this or normal because you want to seem like a normal person or you can turn it down to slope. Now, if you're just trying out the service, you can actually said it too fast to make the most out of your 12 hour trial period and see if the service is actually for you or not. On this video, we're going to see the basic options. So we're going to go to settings and we're going to turn on the lighter Andi follower or on forward, we're gonna leave this or normal. So the first thing that we will see s if you scroll down below you have three options hashtag user names and locations. So I think you figured out by now it's really simple. Epically calm hash tax. You can actually start adding different hashtags and this stuff were Graham. Mr Will actually go to Instagram. Start looking for people that have posted pictures or videos. With this hashtag on it will start liking those pictures or videos or start following the users that uploaded those pictures. You can start adding hashtag so over here you can also click edit as text and paste a list off preloaded hash tax. There we go old, the different hash tax. I'm going to remove them or you can also use some of the presets that this black firm has for you. For example, if you are on the motivation niche, you have different hash jacks that they have over here. So it's really simple to just need to add the hashtag on leave Grammy start to do the rest . Now, you can also do the same for user names. Now, what will display at form do with those user names? Well, basically, they will start targeting their following. So you need to put an account that it's actually similar to yours. So you need to take into consideration that will ever use her name. You put here this platform were will start following on liking the pictures off the people that interact with this accounts. So you need to make sure that you put someone that actually resonates with your audience. You can be someone that you look up to, a brand that you feel is doing things really good or maybe even their competitors is really up to you. So, for example, I can put here Pat Flynn or Louis House. Or maybe I feel I have Sport is doing a great job. You get the point. Whatever you, sir, you put in here, the software will start targeting their followers on the people that interact with their content. It's a really great way to start rolling your audience while actually tapping into the audience off someone that is already an authority on your niche on last over here you have locations. Basically, if you want to narrow down the people that this platform is going to follow or the pictures that it's going to like based on a specific geographical location, you can put your location over here. This works really great. If you have a local business, um, or you want to filter your audience according to a specific country or city. So this R D basics that you need to know to have this platform up on running, um, you go in here, you create your account, you then connect your instant account with the service, you activate the liker and the follower. You said the speed. If you want the activity to happen on a slow, normal or fast paced on, then you just at the hashtag user names and locations off the people that you're going to be interacting with 11. Calculating and Predicting Automatic Follower Growth: Peter Drucker once that that you can't manage what you can't measure. So, one of the most crucial things off social media management and automation is seeing the numbers on it. How those numbers impact in your growth. I just finished my 10 day package on Grew Mr. And I wanted to see how I did. I took a screenshot off how I was doing 10 days ago. This is my number off followers. And this are the people that I was following. Now, if I take the look at today, which is 10 days later, I actually have more followers on. I am following Mawr people as well. But what do these numbers mean on what can I do to actually improve in the future? Well, in this case is I like to create spreadsheets. Spreadsheets give me the confidence to take informed decisions when it comes to investing in something like an instagram. But in the long run, this is the spreadsheet I created the first row house, the titles of the columns we have instagram followers growth with. But that's the name of this chart. We first have the number of followers. The number off people were falling and the ratio, remember, the ratio is the percentage between the people that you were following and the people that follow you back. So 10 days ago, 1800 people were following me and I was following 4400 people. This gives us a ratio off 2.4%. This ratio is basically acquired by dividing the number off people that you were following in this case 44 83 divided by 18 21. There we have it. That's actually 2.46 But well, that's okay. You can round it up. So why is this number important? Well, if you want your interim account to be taken seriously and you want to become a nun authority in your niche, whether that is for yourself or for your brand or a company, you need to make sure that this ratio is close to cereal. Why? Because, for example, if we'll take a look at any account that is an authority on any each, I can guarantee you that 99% of the times the numbers will look like this. Let's take into consideration. For example, Louise House. He has 515,000 followers. While he's only following 748 people, let's take a look at Elon Musk. Yeah, you can see the relation and even in smaller companies or people that are just starting out , like, for example, the INSTAGRAM account board game a day. I am a big fan off board game. So I loved this, um, instagram account because it features one new board game each day. They have much more followers than the people that they're following. So this should be a goal for us. Well, toe, achieve this. But in order for you to do that, you need to actually look at the numbers and see how the ratio is changing. Okay, So 10 days ago, I was full of wing um 4400 people on 1800 people were following me back. So 2.46% was 10 days ago. Today I have 2200 forwards on. I am following 6300 people. So this means that the ratio is bigger in comparison to 10 days ago. This ratio is bigger. So the difference in this 10 days using this Instagram bar, I increased the number off followers that I had by 448. This is really good because this will be nearly 1200 people if I took this service on, bought it for a month. But also you can see that I am following 1900 new people. So maybe a lot off this new followers come from the people that I started to follow or the but started to follow for me. So this ratio between the followers and following is 4.20. That is a lot, but this results were achieved with the fast setting hungry Mr. You can tweet the settings. For example, you can take your settings and leave it on slow or normal in order for this numbers to even out. I wanted to see how my account perform in the fast settings, But as I have checked in the past, when you leave it on normal or slow, this number's actually even out. Now I suggest that you start doing this, charge yourself, try out the different settings and see actually how it impacts in this last roll over here . The Growth column. So it's just as simple as that in numbers you confined power on. By measuring your success, you can actually achieve a better social media management 12. How to Get the Cheapest Price Per Follow: So when I made the first video and Mr I had 10 days left on my plan on this WAAS the result in terms off followers Now, if we got a 10 day plan, we would have to get the three days and the seven days plan on this. Give us a total off 15 and $98. Now, if we take this price and we divided by the number of followers, we get the price per follower. Each new follower custard me 0.4 dollars. With the calculations that we did have up, we can say that each new follower had a price off four cents for me. Now, if you take a look at this column, um, I predicted that if per Mr performed the same acid eight on those 10 days, I would get a Toto off 1300 followers in the 30 day period, 4000 for the words on a 90 day period. And, um, in about a year, I would get 16,000 followers. This is a great number, and remember, this is dining or a pilot. I absolutely did nothing on my end to crow my instagram account during this period. So this is a straightforward projection that I can rely on off course. This number can be a little bit smaller or maybe even bigger. But this is a prediction that, well, actually served me to make the decision of which plan to get on going. Mr. So the pricing structure for this time period gives us that if we got a 30 day plan, we have total or 39 bucks for those 30 days. And if we were to purchase a year well, almost a year, we will have a total off almost 270 bucks. Now, as you can see, we have the follower prediction on we have the price per follower prediction. And of course, this numbers decrease as we increase the amount off these in or plan. So it's new fall where on my 10 day plan costs me four cents. If we got the third days plan, each new follower would cause me three cents and the 90 days, which is the biggest plan that they have each new full aware would cost me two cents. Now, this is a great result because it's a really cheap price for each new follower. If I wear to choose a plan, I would choose the 90 day plan because even the growth rate off my INSTAGRAM account, I predict that this one will be the cheapest and the one that has the best results. Andi. Less price per each new follower. Remember this numbers are off course, a prediction, but you can use this sort of charts whenever you are evaluating. If you are willing to invest in a new service or not, there are a lot off metrics that you can take into consideration here. For example, the one that we used over here is price per follower. But you can use other metrics that have to do, for example, with engagement like price per like price per comment, price per click on other type off metrics that you can also evaluate to see if it's worth investing your time and money in the new service or not. Remember, we are trying to get services that will actually do the work for us in order for us to be able to automate the growth off our social media profiles without us having to do anything for them to grow 13. The Anatomy of a Social Media Management Platform: So perhaps one of my favorite tools when it comes to automating my social media marketing is Buffer Buffer is an accident platform in which you can manage multiple social profiles in just one dashboard. You can save a lot of time by using it on on this videos. I'm going to show you what's great about buffer and how you can integrate it to your social media marketing efforts in order for you to save time and focus on what really matters. This is by first Main Dashboard. Most social media management platforms have a similar look lack who stood, for example because they work in paths over here on left, you have your accounts. I have for simple my Twitter account, my Facebook page, my linking page, my ghoul plaice on I can collect my instagram or any other social profiles like, for example, at sea, um, Pinterest, Facebook groups linked in profile or pages. And so one. Now remember that I'm not using this platform for Instagram because I used graham dot coat graham dot co allows me to pose directly from the platform whilst this buffer up on Lee allows me to set instagram reminders, I need to go into my phone myself on posed the content manually. But let's go back to the dashboard. So buffer works this way. You have four main taps, this one in the left in which you can select your account. This one is the content tab in which, as you can see, all of the different posts are being scheduled. We have tomorrow, the day after Saturday on duh. This is basically make you. If you're working in teams, you can collaborate here and make changes in real time on. You can also receive content in your inbox. But this is for the awesome plan, which is the pay plan. I have figured that for my social media marketing needs, the free plan basically is a great option. You also have an analytic step in which you can see your recent posts on how they have performed in terms of reach, clicks, etcetera. You can also get to see your most popular or least popular posts if you have the more advance plans and also you have some sort off in that analytics. If you unlock the business plan now here, you'll to have ah lot off settings in which you can, for example, select the type off link shortening service that you want to use. For example, instead of BAFTA l Y. We're going to use beat the hell why you can enable Google Analytics Campaign Track ING's. You can add your team members. You can reconnect your social profile if by any research they got disconnected. For example, if there is a big event coming or a holiday or I don't know, you can post your entire queue. For example, if you're going to launch a new product or you have a big campaign and you don't want, um, content getting the way, you can pause all off the different content that is going to be, Ah, publish with buffer. As you can see, you can post it an unforced it right here. You can delete all of the posts, are on cue or basically also remove your accounts. 14. IFTTT and Zapier: How Integrations can Change The Way You Do Marketing: most people when it comes to connecting to services, use one of these two platforms in order for them to be able to connect to services on automate things like their social media. So the 1st 1 that we're going to cover is called I F T T T I F 13 t's. It stands for If this then that I'm basically the name says. You know, if this happens, then do this other thing. Now when you go to I f t d t, you will find this cards. Each card is a different applet. Annapolis is basically an integration off to different services. Like, for example, turn Bluetooth off when you disconnect from blood of device, get a notification for birthday events and your calendar. You can sink your new instagram's to a Pinterest board. And, yeah, the possibilities are endless. Well, sort off. So applets work in a really, really simple wait. If you want to create a new applet, just click one that's either recommended for you or you go to this tap that its goal search and you can search different services like Twitter, or we can choose one of the services that are recommended for us. Or we can go to one of the categories that are down below, for example, social networks. So here we have all of our social networks. Now, for example, if I click on Instagram, I already have it connected. So, for example, I have this apple. It automatically share new INSTAGRAM videos to Twitter under more outlets like Post Your Instagram photos to Tumbler and so on. You can click on more and, yeah, a lot more up. Let's load up. No, if we click on, for example, Facebook. I don't have my Facebook connected. I removed it for you to see this. We have a button that says Connect. So if we click on it were taken to the Facebook Connection page on, we just have to authorize I ftt in order for us to be able to use this service on select, for example, which page or profound we want to use with the integrations? As you can see, if Facebook we have different um, applets or integrations here, or corrections, like automatically sure, your instrument of Facebook. Save your photos to attack photos from Facebook to Google photos, and so one. If you click on my app lets you can see the ones that you already have. Like I have this once activated. Right now you can see the ones that are on or off on. For example, I get a notification when the International Space station passes over my house in order for me to be able to see whenever it does on. Also, I have this one that I really like in which my android wallpaper is changed on a daily basis based on NASA's image of the day. So, yes, as you can see, there are a lot of different services that you can connect. But the thing here is that most applets on ftt are focused on users or personal usage for that matter. Like, for example, if connected to a polluted device, then play music. Um, a. So yeah, basically, the services are more connected to your personal social networks or your house appliances, for that matters as well. Um, but yeah, it's a really useful tool that we will learn how to take advantage off in order for us to be able to automate most of our social media efforts. Now we're also going to cover another one called Sapir on DSA. Pierre is really great because it's a little bit more work or business focused than I ftt, but it's really powerful. At the same time, you have much more services that you can connect on. As you can see the affirmations that you can program here, I really will be more work related. For example, if I select slack and Instagram, the service is automatically going to find perfect matches and SATs are related with instagram on. It's like so you can see that you can choose as many services as you want for complex type form. I don't know on it will see how it can connect those services in order for you to be able to create seps. And yet you can just cruel down here. Ah, search for services like PayPal, I don't know or instagram or male team. And yeah, you will see them right here. And you can just basically start selecting on connecting those services, seeing the existing integrations that are already created that someone else already connected, or you can make a fresh new sap out of scratch. Now, on the next videos, we're going to take a look at the different ways that you can use both. I ftt on superior in order for you to make the most out of this platforms on for you to be ableto automate as much as you can your social media networks. 15. Basic Integrations: Now that we know that multiple processes can be automated, let's start actually automating some stuff. So we're going to first cover how to create a simple app let with I f t t t And then we're gonna go to sappier and see how it works. So we're there now remember, there are two ways in which you can create connections or integrations in both I ftt and superior. So the first one is to actually look for one Onda, um, pick one that's already created. For example, On this video, we're going to create a simple integration. We're gonna tell the platform that whenever I upload a new video on YouTube, I want to share it to one of my Facebook pages. So I'm going to click on YouTube or search for YouTube. Here we go, and I can connect you to peer and start seeing, which are the integrations that we want, for example, automatically share your new videos to a Facebook page. We can click on that one. If we turn it on, we need to start giving permission. Toe I ftt to actually be able to connect of service, but what we're going to do is that we're going to create it from scratch. So we're gonna go to my app, lets we're going to click on New Applet. And this is the way that this programs work. We tell them that if this happens, then the program needs to do this other thing. So if this we're gonna click on this, we're gonna search for YouTube. We now need to connect you to, of course. And now we're going to choose to trigger in this case is new public video uploaded by you. So we have the first Treeger ready. If something is upload to my channel on YouTube, then what do we need to do? So we're gonna split on that on. We're going to search for Facebook pages here. After we define a trigger, we need to define the action that is perform when that triggers activated on for that to happen, we need to connect the service in this case Facebook pages. We click. OK, and now we need to tell I after the which page do we want to, um, connect? In this case, we're going to connect my market excel so it correctly can update. Yeah, it's connected now, we need to choose the action that happens when the trigger is activated. In this case, we are going to create a link post in order for this service to actually post a link to the video that I will be uploading on my YouTube channel. So we Grantley concrete link post. So where it says link, you are rail. We're just going to leave this your ill and now we need to create a custom message. So, for example, like, Hey, guys, I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, and now I'm going to click on Add Ingredient on, for example, I'm going to put the title of the video. Okay, so whenever a new video is published, it's going to say, Hey, guys, I just upload a new video like, for example, eight things to do in order for you to improve your Google ranking results or anything like that. So when you're done with us, remember, you need to enter your rail where it says you link Curiel on. Then on the message you need to create a custom message, so we're going to click on create action when everything's nice and smooth and yet we just have the applet created. The integration is done, and we just need to review it. We need to tell a service if we want to receive notification. When this apple that rants This means that every time that I have learned a new video to YouTube and it gets posted on my Facebook page, I will get an email notification that that just happened. And when everything said and done weekly can finish. So yes, the applet has just been created. Ah, here, for example. We can turn it off if we like. Then we can turn it on again. On when this happens, we get to actually review. The different settings are configurations that this tablet was created with. Like, for example, if you want to receive notifications or you can edit a little bit your message or at a new ingredient like for example, instead of the message having the title, you can tell it that you want the description on it and so on. So when you're done, you click on Save and you can turn it back on with the new settings. So, yes, it's just a simple a star on. If we go to my APP lets the new apple that we just created this over here 16. Let's Take a Look at My Integrations: I'm going to share with you some of the app lets or integrations that I use on a daily basis in order for me to be able to automate my social media. So for the most parts I used, I ftt on. What I do with the service is that I try to connect the content that I create on multiple social media platforms on I try to take the content and publish it elsewhere in river me to expand my reach, engage with more people and eventually grow my audience. So let's take a look at the different applets or integrations that we can use. So for example, um, here we have one automatically share new instagram videos to Twitter. This one is really great because I can create a nap load my video story instagram on. Then they will be posted on Twitter. I forgot that I need to add the integration for photos as well, because they also want to share the photos that I post on Instagram to Twitter. Yeah, and we can do it like right away. For example Look this we take a look. New applet reposed research for Instagram. Ah, we're going to um, create this one new photo by us specific hash tag. We're going to create attack digital marketing, create trigger on If this happens, then share it on Twitter Post a tweet with image Caption source. Yes, great action. And then we just click and finish. Okay, so the first integration has been created on. Now. We also have the, uh, pictures that we post on Instagram will get posted directly to Twitter. A swell. So we're gonna go back to Apple, It's and yes, we had the instagram video supposed to Twitter. And also the instagram photos will get posted to Twitter. There's something here that I don't want. Oh, my incident photos to be posted to Twitter so you can filter the pictures with a specific hashtag and that hashtag will tell the service which photos to consider in order for them to be able to share them on Twitter. So I also created a Pinterest integration here that it says Oh, Dominic Philippine your instagrams two aboard when using a specific hashtag. So I created this up. Let in order for me to be able to filter the pictures that I post on instagram and post them to a specific board on Pinterest. So in this case, when I used the hashtag digital marketing, it will be posted on a digital marketing board or any other board of your choosing on Pinterest. That's another cool integration here. So I have Instagram posting to Twitter Instagram posting Teoh a Pinterest board. I have the one that I created in the people in the previous videos, where a new public video in my account is created, then create a lean post on market Excel. This is the one that we went through recently, and this one is really special because I have a folder in my Dropbox cold Facebook PFC. And whenever I upload a new PdF to this folder, it creates ailing post with, of course, a link for people to be able to download this material or the speedy EFS on my mark in Excel Facebook page. So as you can see, the integrations here are not just limited to social networks, but also they can cover other services like Dropbox, you know. So, um, here's another one that I filtered my tweets, for example, from my next record account with the hashtag digital marketing on whenever I have a hashtag that says digital marketing that tweet that it's a photo twit will be posted on my American Excel Facebook page. So here we have another curious integration, because we have that whenever I post a new link post. For example, when I find something online with the hashtag digital marketing, then I create a link post with the same content on my American Excel Facebook page. So as you can see here, I connected my Facebook personal profile with my public page for my brand in or for the content to go from one place to the other and saving me sometime whenever I want to share things with my audience. But it doesn't end specifically there because I created on other integration that protects with Pocket, which is a service that basically allows you to save stuff from the Web. You know, refer you to be able to read it later. So, for example, when I save a website where the tag digital marketing, then it will create a link post on my timeline on If I go to edit this applet, you can see that whenever I tax something with the digital marketing tag anything that I saved. It gets shared to Facebook with the hashtag digital marketing, and given the fact that it gets shared with that hashtag it not only gets shared on my timeline, because whenever something wish, the hashtag digital marketing gets shared to my personal profile. It also gets shared on my Facebook page. So this to applets work together because I'm able to brother the Web, save anything that I want a line on posting in my personal timeline. So this is the first tablet. Whenever I save something with Attack digital marketing, it gets posed on my timeline with hashtag digital marketing on. If there's anything posted with the hashtag digital marketing on my profile, it gets then posted as a link post on my brand page, so it works really sweet. So as you can see, there are a lot of integrations that you can create in order for you to be able to save a lot of time whenever you're creating new content, for example, and sharing that content with your audience and you're gonna also have other integrations in order for you to be able to ah, share files or share things that you find online, saving you a lot of time and effort by using this services 17. Advanced Integrations or Multi-Inte\grations [PART 1]: So as you probably already realized, there are a lot of ways in which you can state a lot of time by creating integrations on sappier or I ftt. But integrations do not need to connect. Just service. One with service to multi integrations is when do you define one trigger on Multiple actions are performed afterwards, not just one. So let's take a look at this example. A lot of times I create different files. PDS cheats. What throughs? Tutorial. So yeah, Any store off complementary materials, for example, for my own land courses on. I like to share that material and that content with my audience. So what I do, for example, as the following Every time I create a new file, I add it to a folder. This folder is located on my dropbox. So what I did is that I created to applets on I f t t t. This one is the first applet service one blast service to in which I connect Dropbox to Facebook. When a new file is added to this folder on, I think the service checks like every five or 15 minutes if their new files on the folder than What I programmed is that that file that's located on X folder gets shared as a status update. But this status update has to include the hashtag marketing or you any kind of hashtag that you like. So this one right here, this one is the first apple it or integration that I create whenever a new file is added to a specific drop of folder, shared that file on Facebook with a specific hashtag. So the next athlete that I create, for example, it can be this one. And here I connect Facebook to Twitter. So I tell the service whenever I create a status update with the hashtag marketing then and only then posted on Twitter, of course, as an update. So whenever this happens, it also gets posted on Twitter with the hashtag marketing. And later I can connect, for example Ah, service four that can be a Pinterest board or then service five. That can be, um I don't know what post on tumbler or whatever on this hashtag specifically which is marketing is the one that acts as a trigger because whenever this hashtag is present, this will happen on this way I can make sure that whatever fail I upload to this folder not only gets stored on my drop bugs but also get shared on both Facebook on Twitter on Yeah, I created to integrations to make this happen, but you can create us many integrations as you like. This is actually a really efficient Andi great way for me to save time, because whatever I put on this folder that says to share pdf will get shared with my audience on. I just need to make sure to create or outsource the material on. I just put it on this folder and it gets shared everywhere. So that's something great that you can do with integrations. So if you really put your time on it on, focus on it. And if you really create smart integrations, you will be able to save a lot of time on social media on. Basically, you won't have to go ast's much as you do to your social profiles or to buffer or to any other site in order for you to be able to focus on what do the best you know, creating your content, so make sure you find a way that works for you in order for the status updates and the content with social content to be generated automatically so you don't have to log in on, go to the site and go to the network and share your content. Make sure that you create integrations on both sappier or I f t d t in order for this shaving process to happen automatically. 18. Advanced Integrations or Multi-Integrations [PART 2]: If you want to create multiple integrations or multi integrations at once, I recommend that you go with Sapir. I know that I FTD t It's a really great platform with a lot of options, but I think there are a little bit more user oriented and a little bit more limited when it comes to connected multiple services. On The great thing about sappier is that you can create a trigger with a lot of factions that happen when this trigger is activated on your not just limited toe, one action hair trigger. So in this case, we're going to create a sap with one trigger and to actions that happened afterwards. So we're gonna go to make a sap and we're going to use the integration that I just told you about. The drop books one on. We're going to create it at once. So in the first trigger, we're gonna name or stop on its drop books. Content gets shared everywhere. So we're grants like Dropbox, and we're going to click a new file in Folder SE plus continue. Make sure it's working correctly and say, Let's continue and yes, so what you need to do here is that you need to select the folder. Of course that you want to keep an eye own in order for the service to know what their new files. So we're going to click on the folder in this case is to share pdf and we're just going to click. Continue. Yes. So let's click on. Continue on then. We defined the actions, for example, share it on Facebook pages. So in this case, we want to create an update every time a new file s added to the folder that we selected previously. So we're going to click on create page post, Say please continue. Yes, Facebook pages is connected. And now we need to select the page that we want to create a post update on I'm a click cell . And here we need to feel like the message. So hey, guys, I just I did Ah ah new content on. So ah, what I said just that you do is that you create, for example, file names that are actually descriptive, for example Ah, here it's called market target market. A neat market hash it, so maybe I can put something like, Hey, guys, you can now download my and I click here. What it service insert field on I click on file name, um, for example, for free on, whenever this post gets shared, it will say, Hey, guys, you can download my market target market on each market had shaped for free now or something, you need to make sure that the message actually complements where the final name in order for you to be able to create actually relevant post updates that actually makes sense. So if you have the habit off naming your files descriptively, you will be able to create actually really relevant message updates. So here it says, link your rail, we're going to click. Ah, we're going to select a share link on. We're going to play continue and that send a test to Facebook pages And yeah, as you can see here, it says, Hey, guys, you can now download my market target market on each market. Hack shit for free on here. This they can share it, download etcetera. So we are finished on. We have a trigger with an election. But wait, we need to create actually another action. We want to greet a multi step. Um integration. So we're going to click on this plus icon on, we just select another action like a Twitter update. So we're going to create a tweet. Continue, and we're gonna just duplicate what we did on the Facebook message. Now, when you click on insert a field and you're creating a multi step integration, you will have the option to peek either some elements from the first trigger or from the second action. If you want this action to be related with Dropbox in this case, we have new filing folder, we click on it, and now we can start adding fields from the trigger itself. Dropbox over Grant's gonna file name on here. We also need to add the share link on the message because Twitter doesn't give me the option to add a separate your l. So after we're done weekly continue and we can just send a test to Twitter to see how it's working. So yeah, as you can see here, it says, Hey, guys, you can download my market target market. A need to market hatchet four free on the link is here down below. As you can see, we just created an integration with two actions that happened when the trigger is activated and you can just keep going, you know, you can just keep going. We're going to go finish. You can just keep going and at as many has steps asked you like on Yeah, it will work perfectly. You don't have a limit on the amount of actions that you can define after a trigger, it's activated. So, yeah, you can create a lot of new content based on the simple fact off sharing a file on drop bugs on you gonna all of your social media sharing that content at the same time. So you don't have to do the extra work of going to the platform on fetching the link from drug books and sharing it on creating a different update for every social media network. So it basically just happens automatically on. That is what is great about sappier because you can connect as much services that you like on you can basic click read a great or really long chain off actions that basically automate all of your social media needs at once. So to get the step, you're done, we're just gonna delete delete this action on Now we can turn arse up on