Social Media Management Tool: Be Your Social Tutorial

Dennis Smith, I Teach Success To Help Others With Their Success

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11 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Be Your Social Introduction

    • 2. Be Your Social Sign Up

    • 3. Be Your Social My Account

    • 4. Be Your Social Dashboard

    • 5. Be Your Social Home

    • 6. Be Your Social Scheduler

    • 7. Be Your Social Visual Composer

    • 8. Be Your Social Streams

    • 9. Be Your Social Stats

    • 10. Be Your Social Content Research

    • 11. Be Your Social Support


About This Class


Be Your Social is an affordable and time saving tool for you to more easily share content on social media. It's a social media management tool to make life easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Don't forget to download your free 14-Day Trial of Be Your Social before you start the course.

Here's what you can do with Be Your Social:

Scheduler - Quickly schedule your post for a future date and time

Be Your Social lets you schedule or reschedule your post at a future date/time across multiple platforms. "Favorite" those post that have the most success to make it easy to reshare. Delete, Edit or reschedule post and use powerful filters for finding future or past post.

Easy To Use - Post to all of your social media platforms at once

As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or add custom content separately.

Visual Composer - Post / Schedule With Beautiful Images and Templates

Be Your Social let's you easily create and schedule stunning images. Add quick links like websites and your favorite #Hashtags (Visual content is proven to garnish better engagement when it comes to effective social media marketing)

Stream - Monitor Your Social Media

Here's where you can add your social media accounts from all your platforms to monitor your comments and likes so you can engage with your followers.

Stats - See How Your Post Perform

View your stats for all your social media platforms and sort or filter by account and specific date range. See which content performs best, best date a times, hashtags and more.

Content Research - Find Great Content To Share

Search YouTube for video content to share or search Google News, Facebook, RSS Feeds and Trending and then share that content to your social media platforms.

Online Support - Help When You Need It

Submit support help tickets when you need help or have questions.

Start saving time on your social media management with this easy to use tool.

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