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Social Media Graphics and Ebook Cover Design Using Canva

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

Social Media Graphics and Ebook Cover Design Using Canva

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

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5 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Facebook Cover

    • 2. Twitter Header

    • 3. Facebook Post

    • 4. Ebook Cover 1

    • 5. Ebook Cover 2

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About This Class

In Part 1 of this class, I'll show you how to create stunning graphics for your social media accounts, using the power of Canva!

I'll teach you how to create a professional Facebook cover and Twitter header, and a Facebook post, which could be used on any social media site such as Instagram.

We'll use all of the core tools within Canva to get fantastic results, simply and easily.

In Part 2, I'll teach you how to use Canva to produce amazing ebook covers.

We'll use photos, icons, illustrations and typography to get really professional results, without the steep learning curve of other software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Canva is an incredibly effective tool, and has a much easier learning curve than expensive software such as Photoshop.

In this class I'll show you how to get the best out of it, so enroll now and I'll speak to you soon.

Meet Your Teacher

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29 Indigo Academy

Graphic Design Training


Hi, my name's Jamie Smith, and I'm a designer, web entrepreneur and teacher. I'm the founder of 29 Indigo Design Academy, which I set up to teach graphic design skills to beginners and those with no formal design training. I work on many different design projects, both for my own business and as a freelancer for artists and business all over the world - I have created album covers, picture books and illustrations, marketing materials, websites, book covers, logos and much more. I love design, and I'm really excited to be teaching here on Skillshare. Please check out my courses, and I hope to speak to you soon.

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1. Facebook Cover: right. So in this lesson, we're gonna have a look at making a Facebook cover. Now, Whether you have your own Facebook page or you have your own business and you're promoting online, you really know a nice, professional looking Facebook cover for your business. So you're coming to camera designs, created design, and we're gonna scroll down until we get to the social media and email headers and when to go for a Facebook cover. Okay, so across the left again, all the dimensions are up to date. That's the great thing about Can va. If anything changes. For example, of Facebook changes the dimensions they need, they will update automatically in Canada. So you know, you're gonna get exactly the right size when you start, so you see down the side here, they're all in the correct format, the correct size On these air the banners across the top of your Facebook page for your your own personal page or for your own business. So I thought for this example, we would have a look at Facebook business on DWI. Take the example of a hair salon. So I had a look on Facebook and just had a look at the kind of covers salons use. So I came across this one. So you see here, this is just gonna haven't logged into Facebook. Get But you can see across the top that have their logo on the side over here, and they have their contact information on that banner. Is this great? Big photo across here? Very sleek. And have you noticed? If you're doing a hair salon business, you need very professional looking photos. Okay? Like this one. Here's another one I found again. They got their logo, They've got their contact. And you've got your very professional looking photos in the background. Lots of dark color around here. Lots of space to put your text. And in here, they've put their contact information for their business. They got their address, they got the telephone number, etcetera. So that's what we want to do. We want to make a professional salon banner that we could use if we were promoting our salon business. So we'll come back into Ah, can va. I will have a go choosing a template. So I did have a look through the templates. What might be a very good one to use for a hair salon business and a scroll all the way down. I thought you want something quite professional looking, but also something with a bit of color. And I came across this one here I thought will work nicely. So I'm gonna choose this one. So this is our template. It's either go a nice picture in the background. Boring. Here. We can fix that. Sell on secrets dot com. We're gonna have a go completely changing this up into our own brand. So the first thing I needed to do was to find a really good photo to use for Arsalan. Now, there's not many in canvas. I went to our usual space picks, obey and had a look there Now for salon professional type photos. Really? Photoshopped photos. If you were doing a business like this, should probably better off going to shut a stock because they have hundreds of really, really high quality photos for this kind of thing. But pixel, But he does have a few, and I managed to find one that I thought would work well, so I got my up close. This is the photo I found that I thought would work really well with a salad. So I'm gonna switch this photo out for this one, so I'm gonna drag it as we've done before in now. As we noted before, this isn't center. This isn't how I want the photos or double click, and it gives me the option to change. And I can't go left or right, But I can move up or down. So I really want something like that. I can cut the very top off the photo. That's fine. But I want to get the majority off the image in the face in like that. So the tick There we go. Maybe he wanted slightly higher. So let's move it up a little bit. Just what cuts the top of the hair off here? There you go. That expects we've got our photo. We've got our text. But now what we want to do is have a play around with a text. Change the colors, change it around. Look at this blank space over here. What can we do there and see what we can come up with? So first I'm going to do is have a play around with text. Now I like the fact, they've got the word here. Boring hand. I've got the nice, bright, bold colors behind or they've done with that is put a rectangle in from our shapes on. Just tilted a little bit to give it a cool angle. So let's have a go moving. Maybe this into this space over here. We could move the text and then weaken drag. Oh, color. Same with this one. We could have a go dragging it on driving it here. I give you a nice big space up here now. So what we could do is drag this. Oh, fear. Maybe that needs to come down. And it No, no, I'm in. You can have something like this. We've using color. You could have it halfway through the text like that. You could have it. Something like that. Like a label. You could have it coming right off the page. It's not quite covering the G. I quite like that. So there we have straight way. We have a nice looking design completely different to the one we looked at before that would work. Well, we've got a really nice black and white image here with this nice pink and yellow really makes the text pop out and stand out. But we could if we didn't fancy having the color. You want to make it a more, you know, professional looking, sleek image. We could get rid of the pink. Let's change the color, and that's maybe put into a gray. Let's see what that looks like. Just move. Change that. Maybe into a lighter grey. And you could put that back in and you could have something that looks a bit like that. So you've got against all black and white. You've got that kind of theme going across. Maybe if you think the black doesn't work well with the text, we could change that in tow. White. Keep that black hole weekend again. Change that in tow. Want so it stands out a bit more. That's one possibility. Or we could have a go at changing the colors. Dentist. Just maybe into one color. Say, let's ah, click on that one. Let's maybe add one bit of color. He could Perhaps I just moved. Sometimes this happens. Let's move that out the way you make it into a darker gray. Something like that. So now we've got one color in which could be ours or branding color if you have a certain covering your brand. So just to balance things out, you could come over to this text. Maybe we could change the website into our color something like this and that you have the colors matching across. That looks pretty nice. I think we could never go. Adding a filter onto the photo is a black and white photo. But you could change it up a little bit. Something like that. Perhaps you don't give it. That would look quite nice. We could take that off. Something like that really makes the face stand out there. That's a possibility. We could try something else. So that one was called drama. That works quite well. We could go for ST, so that works nicely. That keeps it a black and white image. What makes it stand out as a little bit more? Think will keep with street. So you got the colors. You got the website, but you don't have to keep with these words. We can change up to our own brand. So let's imagine our salam was called something like maybe Camden Salam a little bit too big. So it's just change that Camden Salam. You could put your branding over this side, just getting word on that. And so you want that? You could have it like that. So the labels behind will keep it so it's quite nice and readable. You could change over here. You know, you could put your address in, perhaps so we could call That comes in so long? No, my street. And then you could put your website in so you could go with something like that. I think looks really nice. If we put that on our cell on page, I think that would look very professional. And Justus good as the other ones that are already out there. So that's how to do a Facebook cover. Once you've done your cover, of course you want to come is normal to download again. It recommends the PNG far. You could I would personally do both download as a PNG and downers Ajay pig on, then just upload it into your Facebook page. Okay, there we have it and I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Twitter Header: So we've just gone ahead and made our Facebook cover for our business, which was our hair. Someone. What we're going to do now is have a go at creating a Twitter header for the same business . So I come back into my designs here into my templates. Scroll down to social media and email headers. We did a Facebook cover. This time we're gonna go ahead and create a Twitter header for the same business. So go ahead and click here, and that will bring up all of our templates. The really good thing about the Twitter template is that you see, over here, you've got in gray where all of the items of the elements will be when it's actually uploaded to your Twitter page. Or you've got the square here, which is where your photo will be or your brand image. You've got the bar down here, which shows you know where your tweets and all the information is your follow button and then you've got the Twitter bar heather up here, which shows you where that will go on the site so you can adjust your image. You can put it in so you know it's going to fit the frame correctly. And as we say, Canada always updates the size ings. So if Twitter ever updated their pages that sizes they need Camber would automatically do that for you, which is brilliant. So I want to go ahead and create a Twitter header that has the same branding as my Facebook cover. I want to keep the same branding across all of my social media. So what I can do is go back and have a look at why produced for my Facebook cover, which is here. So this image wouldn't work on the Twitter exactly like this. But if you see the writings around here on the left, this section here, that is where the picture's gonna go so is going to cover the text. So we don't want that we may want to use the same photo. We might like to use the same colors in the same lettering, but we might want to move it around on and, you know, change the spacing a little bit. So let's go ahead and bring apart Twitter head up. Now I want to use the same photo. I think his last time to create brand image so I can put, for example, just a standard template in And what I wanted to switch out this image and move in my hair image. So I'm gonna go to my uploads, choose the photo brought in last time, drag it across on every day again. You've got a filter on that. We can change that later. I don't obviously don't want the picture this far up, so I can double click one to the actual photo. Same as before. I've been dragged. And Recife. So I would like it about there. Just just so the top of the hair is being cut off, OK? And then click the tick. Great! And there we have our photo in the background. Next world is I'll get rid of this text so I can just click on the trash, get rid of that. Get rid of that. And I have a look at the filter is not the filter we use last time If we looked for last time, we got this nice, great black and white image. So if you want something similar, go to filter. We could go back to normal, which we had, but I think last time. I think he went for ST Yeah, which works nicely so we can keep them. And you could change it up if you wanted to keep the same image. But change the branding slightly could try different filter. But I think this one works nicely. So keep that the same. You may want to play around a little bit with the advanced options again. Situations down, but it's a black and white image. Anyway, this bottom one here works well. This produces like her a light effect behind. So you got the dark on the ages here. I looked like a light is shining behind the photo behind the person here. So we can up that so you can see if I move it right up to 100. This area is now darker on this area. Has a like a light behind it. So you can That's quite nice effect. You can bring it all the way back down. If you wanted to be just a solid color across, we maybe go for somewhere somewhere in the middle to give it a nice effect. So the spacing of the image works well because you've got your main photo would go here is great. It's just behind in this space here. You still got a little bit of space over on the right. We want to add some text or we've got a little bit of space here, but often on Twitter, because you've got your face or your branding on this side and your information underneath your photo. Most people leave this area blank. You don't have too much text on the left, and we'll put maybe a little bit of text over here on the right. So let's try and recreate our branding from our Facebook header. So let's bring that up. So we want to use the same colors in the same text. Let's just see what text me hats. We had this one syphon size 42. So let's have a go at bringing in this Camden Salon text using the same font, and they will try and put these rectangles behind. So about members add text. I just pressed tea on my keyboard. Brings it in. So that's the lever on this that's preying. Camden. Let's change the color toe want, and that's changed front down here, too fun every game, and then we can change the size. It's too big for the Twitter, so let's maybe make it little bit smaller. I think we probably want the text over this side. This time. You don't want to be interfering over here with the photo, so let's do the same thing again, as in text. It's just type in Salam again. We want that to be white. Let's go here and that's go size 28. Bring your liver. So there we have our tanks following the same branding as our Facebook. Next thing we want to do is check out the color scheme we use for the rectangles. So if I, uh, just me that let's just check that. So if I remember correctly, we used that color and we have a nice rectangular bar. So let's I have a gut recreating that. So we go back to our elements, were going just put in a solid shape, which would be our rectangle three size. Something like that. Let's change the color. Can we wanted at an angle. So last time we had it, a slight angle coming in from the side. So let's maybe change up this time. Well, we could have it might bring that over here. Let's Maeve, but down a little bit. So I might want that coming over the side like that again. We want to have a guy at arranging it. So he wanted to move back behind the text, maybe just slightly adjust the angle on. May be slightly shrink it down, and then we could do something like that. So that's similar to what we had before. And then finally we have this gray, so use this dark gray color for another box. Just put that back. So let's come back in here. Let's add another box in. Shrink that down. This time we'll go for the great car. And again, you could either have it coming up. We could maybe have it coming down line, but on really wants move that back so you could work with something like that. Potentially maybe just move the angle slightly. There's not too severe. Okay? And there we go. So a very basic Twitter head of following the same branding is before who could put our website on? But that information might be in our Twitter page anyway. And so once we've completed it once we're happy with it. We can come into our downloads, download either as a J pick or a PNG file on, then upload it into our Twitter profile. 3. Facebook Post: in this video, we're gonna have a look at making a Facebook post for our social media. If you come along into the can for templates, you have the title here, social media posts and you have lots of different options. Now, the main difference between a few of these really is just thesis. I zings So you've got Facebook. Post is 940 pixels by 788 You go over here to instagram post that 10 80 by 10. 80 you've got just a generic generic general social media, which is 800 by 800. And, of course, you can make ah post in one of these templates and share across all different social media . So you're not confined just a one of the other. Because you once you click on them, there's loads of different templates inside each area on canvas. So why would suggest is have a look through the templates, pick when you like, and choose that, but for this video will go ahead and choose Facebook post, and we'll come up with all of the templates over here on the left hand side. What you'll notice is there's loads and loads of templates in the social media posts on camera. As you can see, you know, many of them are paid for templates. But as we've done in the past, you can use the template. Switch out the photo, which will be the paid for element, and put your own photo in. But we're gonna have a good producing a post. Say, we've just come back from our holiday. We've been vacationing abroad. We want to do a nice posted to So some of our holiday photos we can go ahead and maybe pick one off the, uh, templates that have lots of different sections for photographs. So let's have a look down here. Something like this, which has got three photos available that might work well, associate his Garrett's sale now, But we're gonna switch that up completely, change it up and at three of our holiday photos in. So you notice this is a paid for template because it's got this cross hatching here. So the first we want to do is just delete that image. Okay, we've got this big barrier up top. We can have a go. Just changing this up completely so we could just switch them out. Uh, that's delete. We could delete this text that won't not anymore delete that. That's delete that as well. And we could perhaps just delete that. And then we've got these photos. But maybe we want to spread them out to be slightly larger, maybe filling the whole area. Okay, so you middle one slightly larger, but that's fine. We got template. I mean, you can If you don't want to use the Facebook templates, you can just come straight into your layouts and pick one of your montage type layouts that we did earlier. But for now, we'll stick with that. It's just straightened up a little bit and let's go ahead and put some of our photos in. So I managed to find some nice holiday snaps on picks. Obey. Of course. If you this were you doing this yourself, you'd want to use your own holiday photos. But just for the sake of this video, let's just put in a few of these snaps we've got to imagine. I went on holiday to I B third, had a nice time on the beach, did that surfing that windsurfing. I'm gonna put a few of those photos in So as we did before, I found this one from I b through this. Look nice. I'm gonna drag this one in into here. We could have a go changing them up later. Actually. Do it now it's double click. As we know before we can drag into the every we want. So maybe have it. So the word I beat that is seen. That's to see how that looks. Everyone is in here, So let's just across it because I made it slightly too wide. That's why this is coming out as it does maybe a little bit more. Can you just want to play around with it? Did you get what you want? So it's quite nice. Let's have a go up. Ah, windsurfing photo That looks pretty good. Let's maybe just move it to the side a little bit great. And maybe something for the middle. So this one we used earlier would work quite well. A noise surf flotations Move that. Thanks. So there we have it. Something like that. You might want to just move it to the side, just so it's completely centered. So you got equal sized to on the side are, but now or the one in the middle is slightly wider. Okay, and there we have it. Now we have our photos. Let's just have a little play around on. Let's see what we can do with it. Let's use all of the elements we've used at some text things we've done in the past just to make this graphic look a bit nicer. So first thing you have to do is use the same filter across all three, because at the minute there are different filters. Doesn't look right. So let's click on this one. Um, there is a summer filter that my thing is this a summer photograph that might work well, it really brings out the colors. Let's try the same filter on this one. I'm gonna leave across, find summer. Great. And then again, same on this one. That's summer. So creates the first we've done. We've put the filters on on that all looks more combined as an image. Now they all look like they belong together, which they didn't do before. And once we've done that, we can have a look at maybe adding some text on some shapes of some lines. So Let's go to text or you could just put some standard text in. We could put like with them before. Maybe I am sorry element. Like a shape we could put square making. Maybe make it transparent, put some text on top. But let's just try looking under the text tab here. You could put standard texting, but they've got lots of really nice looking text. You got ones? Ones with Borders. All these circles here. These will work Well, okay, so we could try putting something like this in, So there's loads of colored ones. Of course, we can change the colors up as we got three. We maybe want one that's more like a badge that would work quite nicely. So there's loads as you can see. Loads and loads of badges, loads and loads of options on that. Maybe, you know, we could try something like this first, like a son we could put that in. This comes as one block on unit so it can drag the corners to resize can change the text. So maybe we'll just for now just call it my base that we could maybe make that bit smaller . Put it in there, so you get some text. But again, you can see it doesn't really, really stand out. You've got this yellow on this light background. It doesn't stand out so we could try one of our standard little tricks, which is putting in shape behind. So as it's a circle is, try circle. Make it slightly bigger than the text, maybe slightly bigger like that again, we want to arrange it to move it back, and then we may want to. Well, let's move that out 1st 1st we want to send to this nice incented. Let's change the transparency, so it's not too solid, so you can still see the picture behind. Great. And then let's move, but in so you could do something like that. But a nice, dark background maybe add a bit of transparency, and then that makes the tanks really stand out. However, we want to look at the colors were using. So when you're picking of colors, you only generally want to choose. Maybe what maybe two colors in your color scheme one or two colors. You don't want too many colors, but I was like to pick colors that match the colors in the pictures or some of picking out some little color. So as you can see in here, this little piece of turquoise on the wet suit is a nice piece of color that matches this off turquoise on the sale of the windsurf over here. So I think turquoise would be a color that will work well in this image. So go ahead and change up. What's her coy's again? It's You can change the huge, maybe a little bright. So let's pick that. Let's maybe change it a little bit with darker saying With these yellow, I don't think we want the gold got document colors. That's the color we just created. So let's stick on that. So again, something like that. You can have the turquoise matches the turquoise here, and you can play around with that little bit. We could have a change. So if you're not sure, if you don't like that, we can just remove it, remove the circle and try something else so we can go back to text, have a look at some of the badges. Something like this would work well, even though it doesn't look like it would quite a nice shape has a nice badger for maybe make that bit bigger. Maybe line that up, Tom. There again, we don't like the color on the tech. So we could just, you know, delete that put in the title here. Which could be my beef, uh, to say, for example, And yeah, summer vacation is changing. Even do anything you want. Now let's have a look again. The colors don't really work in this design. So as we've done before this change up our colors to our document colors. Let's get a nice yeah. Exchange the dark brown into that can that works well, you can get the background, that light color. We could have a go at changing that you could for really dark color. Make it stand out. That looks works quite well because you've got the the black here on the windsurf. Works with the black here, maybe summer vacation you want like that that works. I think that works better than the previous one. So I was just going in here. Have a look at some of these badges. They worked really well moving around. Change your colors so it matches your color scheme. You could add some lines. There's a line here we don't really want. We already got this dotted line here in this solid line below, plus thes swirls here so we don't add any more lines. But if they weren't there, we could go into our lines tab elements. We could put some lines in, just like they've done here. Some very subtle little things. The three little truck, little diamonds on the side. They work really nicely, and all that will be is coming into lines and choosing a set of lines, such as the dots or the squares of the diamonds here. So that's our social media post. Once we've done it, of course, we can download it. If it's going on Facebook, something like a J. Peg will work fine on. Then we can post it up. Okay, thanks very much. And I'll speak to you in the next video 4. Ebook Cover 1: right. So in this lesson, we're gonna have a go at creating an e book cover more specifically, a Kindle book cover. Now, as everyone knows, a book is always judged by its cover. So if you ever be known to the Amazon store, you scroll down the books, you have a look of the covers and is the cover that catches your attention. Now, this is where I think Can Vert does brilliantly because in the past, it is really hard to make professional looking covers. If you didn't have photo shop or professional design schools yet to pay a lot of money to get your Kindle book covers looking really good, where is now in can ver We can come in, we can have a look at the templates and we can produce really nice looking covers really, really quickly. So we're gonna come down to blogging any books in our templates, and we'll click on e book on That is going to bring up a lot off the templates now loads of free templates in Canada for e books, which is great. There's something for everybody. Whether you're releasing a cookbook, you know, a story book of fiction book. There's load and load of templates. So the first thing we're gonna do is have a look Amazon and see some of the covers they have on their Now for this first video, I thought we would have a go at making it travel book. So I went to Amazon search for travel, and this is what came up. So you have your standard travel books here and you have something like this which I think were, you know, obviously selling very well. And I think it would be easily replicated in canvas if I click on that one. You see the photo across here? You've got really nice beach scene Clearly has a really good filter on that. I'm just the name of the top up here and then how not to travel the world on. And she's basically used to fonts. You got not travel on world in one front and how to the in the other front again. Very nice and simple. What works Really? Well, now we could go ahead and create cover like this, but I thought we'd have a go it using some of the icons. This times we've done a lot of work with photos, so I thought we'd have a look. An icon based image. If I go to Amazon again, Look for travel. I scrolled down and have a look. A a journal type travel book. Okay, and if I click on this one often these journal books. This is a journal if you want to write in it. They come with lots of these icons. Lots of images, like postcards, stamps, airplanes on their done very much more along the lines of illustration rather than photo. So I thought we would have a go at producing something like this in Can Va. So I'll go back into camber. Go back to our designs. We want to go to war. Let's try again. Let's go to e book again. You've got Kindle cover here. If you want it specifically for Kindle, we're going to go for e. Book the eggs. If you see underneath, they got exactly the same pixels 1410 by 2250. This one's 1410 by 2250. What, you will notice those when you click on one of these you'll get different templates so you can click on the Kindle, have a look at the templates they've got for those or come on the e book and have a look. A templates have got fears, but gives us lots of choice, you know, to see which one we would like to use best. So for now, assisting with the book, let's go back to our templates. So I was having a look for a template that would work well with a journal stole travel book , and I scrolled down, and I found one that I thought would work well, which is this one here. So Allison's travel notebook, right. So, as you can see, this one is made up of illustrations. You've got the title in the middle. You've got a solid color in the background, and you got all of the elements here which you can drag about which all illustrations which you can move. So you got one here which we can change the colors. We can move things in and out these of the colors up here we can change. So we're gonna have a go at using this basic template keeping some of the elements changing from some things ourselves and creating a brand new cover. So let's have a little play around that. See what we can do with that. So first of all, let's have a look at the color schemes they've obviously got for this. This peach color again. You can see it down here on the key. That's their color scheme. But we may want to change that to our own thing. So you can click on an element, come over to our colors. You can change all the parts of the elements. I want to change that. Think about what? Color me. What we might want in our scheme again. Maybe Gifford turquoise stands out. What nicely. You can do the same for this one. You can change all of these later, but it's worth just going through on may be changing things to the colors, but you would like Okay, so we can change potentially the color there. Um, up here. Maybe we could changed. That gonna change too much. Too obvious. But we could change potentially. I'm one. I want to go with this one. We just change may be just the circle. They're not too much. Maybe change the circle on this one as well. No, that's the wrong one. Must be this one here. Sometimes they're quite similar colors. There we go again. You can have a little play around. Change the colors. I think we'll do. Next is change the text. So I'm not sure about this font. So let's see if we can change that. Something through more sketchy. Okay. Looks nice. Alison's travel notebook again. See if we can change the font up on that. I'm something that might look a bit more hand written. Ah, it was when I used a while, but I don't quite see it. Let me go back and have another quick look. Maybe you don't need to talk. Okay? This one works nice. I've used this one before. This is a really good front. Make that bigger. Something like that. It's already, but I think the funds are looking nice. Alison's travel notebook. Now you can You can leave all of these elements in, but I actually want to produce our own design. So let's go to elements. Is you something we haven't used too much off recently? Such as illustrations. So in here, of course you got loads of nice illustrations you can use. You can scroll through, find loads of things, but let's search for maybe travel, see what comes up. So it's good to illustrations. Okay, It's quite love paid for ones, but there are few good free ones. The airplane looks good. Let's get that in. So again, you can resize thumb Move them about was quite cluttered. Image. Let's maybe delete some things again. You can just click on the trash can here. Or we could just highlight the image and pressed early on our keyboard. Just remove that the keys, maybe want to get rid of the eyes. Okay, we could maybe put the plane down here again. Same thing up here. We want to keep all of this. Or maybe just maybe get rid of that tag. I think that spreads it out. I think that looks a little bit cleaner. All right, let's over. Look at the background. Now they've got this solid background here. Come back to our backgrounds. We could just change up our backgrounds. If you want one of these ah colored ones with the lines, you could go for a solid color like a great but I would be quite nice is to put I an illustration in the background. So again, like I do most times I went back to ah graphics program. So we are stock photo library, which is, of course, picks obey, have a look through, looked through the illustration, look for travel and came across something I thought would work well. So again, there's normal a click on the download and just drag it straight into my up close. And it was this background here, like a postcard back for answer. I want to bring them over as an image I can again I can stretch it out. Uh, that's bring it up and that it fill that space and that becomes like our background image. So again I can move it around. So I got that nice stamp in the top right hand corner, like fat and some of the lines, and then we go. Something like that, I think, works nicely. You've got this stamp behind. I think that works well. So again we might want to just some of this text now. Now, if the lines are straight weaken, drag on the little our and we can actually tilt the text that you could have it almost like a stamp across. Or we could just try and sort line out with with the dotted lines. Very good. Not sure about the color. Um, this is try Black. First of all, Alison's travel notebook again. That looks pretty nice. Let's move our airplanes so it's kind of centered. Maybe let's bring him down a little bit, but okay, now, straight to where I can see, I've got a pretty nice looking cover there now just to finish it off, we could add a little a little touch of some of the elements reviews before. I mean, you've got the title in the middle. You've got a lot going on in this cover, so you maybe want to sort frame the text so you can see it. So perhaps we could day elements. Let's try lines. Rodion lines. Let's choose something in line. This perhaps just out of frame our peace. So let's maybe put this across above. Let's get that slowly meant that could work something like that again. It's changed the color to ah course, so you could potentially put some lines in like that. Maybe have a go doing the same thing again underneath. Maybe changed into turquoise. Let's and let's leave it behind the wing of the airplanes as me back. Okay, so you could do something. Let's move it back again. It's just what goes behind Thea piece of paper that so? Something like that. You could do just a short frame. The text inside. If you didn't like the colors, we could switch them out of there too bright. But you get the idea we can get these weaken, drag them around. We could remove them all together. We could put it bit to the left, and they have it. You can use icons. You can use lines you can use the backgrounds on. Then you can have a go at producing a really nice looking e book cover. 5. Ebook Cover 2: Okay, So in the last video, we had a look at creating a Kindle cover using the illustrations, an illustration background using something illustrations from inside can ver. We could have used some of the icons if he wanted to, and we produced that journal cover. Now, I thought in this video we would have a look at creating a book using a photo background and some text on top. So what we'll do is we'll come in here and we'll go to the templates. And last time we used e book, this time will come along and use Kindle. So we'll click on the Kindle cover, and that will bring all the templates up. You'll notice that the templates this time are different to the templates we had last time . So if you weren't happy with any of the templates you found in the book, come under kindle and you can scroll down and find one that you like. So I think about what kind of book we could make, and I thought we would go for one of the stars of books that is really popular on Amazon, and that's cookbooks. So I initially looked for Italian food maybe we could make an Italian cookbook. And then I came across some pastor books, so I went to Amazon. We'll have a look at the Amazon page on. This is what came up. So you see, you've got your kind of standard cookbook covers. This one here with the chef on the clear text in front, nice and simple again. Down here, you got the chef and you have the text 100 pastor recipes, and you've got this nice block off color behind, slightly transparent. And we've done that quite few times in campus without be really easy to do in can ver on. But what? We have a look at this one. Nice Inkley. Got a nice clear picture off the pastor here. The title, The name of the author, etcetera. I think we'll have a look at producing something like that. So let's go back to our templates and it's scroll down and find one that works. And we want one that will work well with food. So this one here, for example, food knows that one would work. Well, you've got some more like fast, fresh green. That would work well. But I did notice there was one here. That one's already obviously got the pastor in it. And I think that one would work well for a pastor recipe book. So let's go ahead and click on that as you notice. This is a paid for template. You got the dollar sign here, but as usual, this is just the photo that is paid for. You can see with the cross hatching. So what we want to do, Of course, you could just buy this image if you want it for what we will do is we'll go up to the trash can and will delete the image. That means we can still use the template with our own picture. So, as we've done many times, I went into pics of a search for pastor, came up with lots of images. I chose one that had the license included, as they most most of them do. So you have the license included to use for your commercial work downloaded. That image dragged into my up close, and here it is. So we're gonna do is I'm going to use this as my background image. So click on that. But obviously it's at the minute. Is the wrong way around. I want the pastor to be at the bottom in this space. So you've got all of this clear space up here to see the writing. So I just click on the little arrow, I'll turn it around. And as you can see, the just next to my curse that you can see the degrees which is quite helpful so I could get it bang on 90 degrees. That and it's done. So I'm going to drag this out to fill the space, things like that. Now I want to move this to the back, so I'm gonna get a range and click back. Oh, you that we don't want this tournament here, so let's just leave that every day. So there we have it. We have the pastor in the background, and there we can start adapting it for our needs. Our first thing I'll do is have a go. It just stretching this photo of it. We've got this big white power in the corner. I don't really want that. So that's just stretches. He don't see that. Great. Now I've got the pastor here signal about half this space shuttle, the clear space for the text. But as you can see the text here as a little little too close to the image. So what I'm gonna do, I like this ill icon. Maybe make it a little smaller on and move it up. And then what we can do is move everything else up was well, so again, you can go in, of course, change funds change everything that you want to do. But for this example, will just keep the front, um, and change. I mean, you obviously would have a good name. We'll just call it a pastor for now. Very simple recipes for great tasting Pastor. Classic Italian Cookbook Down here, we've got the name off the author again. We can't see that now with this image, so we might want to put a bar across there. So let's go to our elements. Nice and simple as two shapes go for a nice square well there. And we can put that on the bottom again. We don't want the white because that's not gonna sharp. So it would choose for now we'll choose the color off the doctrine, which is this one. I will move it back. It's not quite sentencer. Let's just move that down so you could use it solid like that. Potentially, we could change the transparency so you can see some of the image behind that might work quite nicely. I think that's better. Um, again, the white on the green. That's that to stand that we can keep that so again you can have a play around with this. We could change the colors if you wanted a darker green to go with the darker green in the past up we could come Ah, into the greens, perhaps, and then dark and cold down. So it's a stands out more. Or we could keep both colors so we can choose that Color verges for the world. Pastor. Potentially, we could, uh, keep that in that light green color and change this text into a dark green color. But works will begin in May, even though you may be don't want the like bringing on the dark green there. So let's change this as well. That so strange old on will change that as well. I assure you that part. So there we go. When you're thinking about fonts, you don't use too many funds maybe two fonts in your work. We'll look at funds later on in the course, but I would suggest sticking with the ones that they give you the templates you can change my about. But you see, this one classical telling cookbook is the same as this one here. Recipes for great tasting pastors. You got your headline front, which is pastor on then These are almost like your subheading fronts. Okay, Done here. Um, so there we have it. A nice professional looking cookbook cover made in camp.