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Social Media Graphic Design with PowerPoint - Design, Animate & Export Outstanding Posts!

Andrzej Pach, Animation all the way!

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27 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. 01 01. Introduction

    • 2. 01-02. Downloading Resources

    • 3. 02-01. Changing Slide Dimensions

    • 4. 02-02. Adjusting to any social media

    • 5. 02-03. Pick a theme and topic

    • 6. 02-04. Selecting outstanding pictures

    • 7. 02-05. Selecting best fonts

    • 8. 02-06. If you want color schemes

    • 9. 03-01. First Theme Template

    • 10. 03-02. Double photo showcase

    • 11. 03-03. Side Wall Showcase

    • 12. 03-04. Triple Instagram Stories slide

    • 13. 03-05. Text Oriented Showcase

    • 14. 03-06. Circle Dashes Slide Template

    • 15. 04-01. Animating the entire scene

    • 16. 04-02. Multiple Animations on a circle

    • 17. 04-03. Building upon existing animations

    • 18. 04-04. Wait! Bonus Animation with Pictures

    • 19. 04-05. Make the coolest showcase

    • 20. 04-06. Best Font Animation You Will see in PPT

    • 21. 04-07. Spinning a circle

    • 22. 05-01. Overview with Slide Sorter

    • 23. 05-02. Using Transitions

    • 24. 05-03. Slide Timing and duration

    • 25. 05-04. Fade in and Fade off

    • 26. 05-05. Exporting ready videos

    • 27. 06-01. Thank you!


About This Class

A Powerful Skill To Have - Social Media Graphic Design with PowerPoint

Learning basics and intermediate PowerPoint skills will give you the ability to design stunning social media marketing posts for any social media platform in minutes. PowerPoint opens in 3 seconds and is ready for work!


What can you expect?

This course is prepared to give you an exciting design and animation journey and talking about Social Media design along the way. The course is suitable for both beginners or professionals who would like to learn how to adjust the size of the default PowerPoint canvas and be able to create great social media marketing posts for any platform.

We will work on the example of Instagram Story posts which have a vertical 1080 x 1920 dimension. By doing this example it will be easy to switch to any other social media platform requirements since we already work on the most "extreme" example. The ready project files are also available for download.

Why is this course special?

I don't show you PowerPoint tools and just how to navigate through the software, I show you how to design a real-life example post series for a selected topic.

Within the course, we will prepare and animate 6 slides. Afterward I Will show you how to export them to video, how to adjust the length of that video and plenty of other useful PowerPoint tricks!

I am not just an Instructor, I also run a YouTube channel, I'm a freelancer and business-owner so making eye-catching and impact-lasting design is a part of my job.

The goals of this course are exactly set, I wish to:

  1. Teach you outstanding design practices catered for Social Media design, branding and posts

  2. Teach you PowerPoint usage to an Intermediate degree regarding design, animation and video usage

This course has 4 comprehensive sections:

  1. RESOURCE GATHERING – Here I wish to guide you and show where to find outstanding pictures, great fonts, and color schemes. All resources I list will be available for free, even pictures! 

  2. DESIGN – This chapter is the main social media post design of this course. I will teach you how to design a consistent, on-trend and highest quality design to give you a great starting point for your social media marketing campaigns 

  3. ANIMATION – In this chapter, I will go over how to animate each slide and social media post we have created. I will show you how to make endless animations, adjust their timings and duplicate existing animations to make videos cut out exactly for your needs

  4. VIDEO CREATION - Here we will learn how to properly export videos from PowerPoint. I will show you everything you need to know about timings, transitions, and animations in PowerPoint.

Benefits of taking the course:

  • Completing this course will grant you a FREE certificate of completion

  • You will work on a project which you can directly use for your portfolio or social media posts

Remember To Enroll Now As There Is A FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee If The Course Is Not Suitable For You.


1. 01 01. Introduction: Hello and welcome in sight. Off this course I greet you with open arms because I'm really excited for what is to come for what we did here and for this entire class here, as you already saw in the promo videos, we will talk about the designing social media posts. Well, talk about using power point for that animating the slight exporting ready videos. So a lot off. Very fun and engaging content. My name is Andrea. I will be your instructor for this course. I would like to introduce you very briefly to the content and without wasting any time without making unnecessary minutes on the view. Let's dive straight into the PC and I'll showcase you how their content progresses and you will go into the content straight away. So be aware. This course is divided into four comprehensive and consistent chapters. In the first chapter, we will find appropriate. Resource is we will download photographs so we have something to work with. Then I'll show you step by step, how to design such images Such slight. Once we have the design completed and we have everything prepared, we will then go to animation which will be the third part in the animation, I'll show you various techniques and power point how toe animate, for example, circles how to animate pictures, how to enemy text, how to add movement and changes to existing slight. And this will be the entire animation part later. Once we have everything animated, I'll show you how to package fadeout transition and X four ready videos so you'll have two options. Either you export image and use the image on your social media posts, or you export a ready video, which could be used over any platform. No matter if it's YouTube. If it's instagram stories or if it's Facebook, you could use this everywhere. So ate a lot of useful earned very fun items and things in this course. This is it when it comes to the introduction. Remember four sections. Please don't be. Don't be bored in the first section when we will search for the pictures for phones. We have to do it. I know it's a bit in tedious sometimes, but we have to search appropriate resources in order to continue and make very nice designs out of it. House you in the next lecture. Let's proceed 2. 01-02. Downloading Resources: If you want, you can download. The resource is which will basically be the photographs and be ready. Presentation. Downloading the resource is it's very simple and the same for any skills. Your class, You go to your project and you hope that they re sources are here on the right side. If the file would be too big, I would put it here as a link to my Google drive. But since sculpture allows this size, you just click on this resource. You clap your hands because you are happy that this is downloading. You have this in a moment on your drive, depending on your Internet connection. And you just on zip this folder I'm using Winner are a bit of course, depending on the system and softer, you can have other programs and double clicking here. Boom! We have to template. We have two photographs, but of course, you can always download your photographs, your funds and prepare your own template. This is justice, a reference so we have something to get back on. All right. No gimmicky tricks here. This is how you download resource is on skill shirt 3. 02-01. Changing Slide Dimensions: Okay. Welcome in this, Lector. At first I want to consider the slight dimensions For that I'm opening a blank new presentation file in Power point when you are within power point If we want to design for Instagram for instagram stories will use full HD but turned like on the phone. Or if you want to do instagram post, you want a 10 80 by 10 80 square here. How to change the dimensions off a PowerPoint slide. It's pretty simple. You go to design, then on the very right side you select slight size, you goto custom, slight size and they're this screen opens now. Sadly, PowerPoint tells this in interest. Why don't we have this in pixels? I really do not know. It should be selectable, but currently we have it in interest. So let's work with that. I have established that if we want a full age the image because this is a normal age, the image we want 20 inches by 11. 25. So just do the same Size is here. The height will be 20 inches and the wit will be 11 interest and 1/4. So this will be a turned portrayed full HD video right now, we have nothing here on the slide, so we can either click, maximize or ensure fit. And this would be it on the right bottom corner. I can zoom this out and you see what I get. I get this upwards position rectangle, which will be perfect for our instagram stories. Now, depending on what you want to design, you can of course, adjust this to be a square or Toby. Something different. Now you know how to do this. To recap go to design slight size, custom slide size. And here on the left side, you have the custom width and height. Okay, this would be it for the warm up for the first lecture in the next lecturers and upcoming electors will work towards getting the proper resource is to make our perfect design. And then we will slowly crawl towards these design. It shouldn't be in problem. I'll show you great tricks how to do this very quickly. Then we will have some fun animating this. All right, See you in the neck lecture. We will go around and find proper, perfect high quality pictures which anyone who worked with social media or overall post something should be aware off. See you in the next lecture. 4. 02-02. Adjusting to any social media: just on a side note. How did I find how big should the slide be? I exported a normal power point slide. I went into Photoshopped. I imported this slide and then I checked. What are the sizes off this slide? Because I can change pixels here. I didn't change them two inches, and I knew how many interests and what is the native resolution from Power Point. It turns out that Power Point works with a resolution off 96 pixels per inch. I hope at least that this is the same for the Mac version, because on Windows we have 96 pixels per inch. So this is why we had 11 11.25 24 the height to make a perfect full HD video. So how can you find values if you have something other? Let's say that you want to create Facebook posts not in tow. Instagram story posts I just typed in Facebook posts size 2019. If you hear some sizes, I just click on this image and it took me to this particle just for an example. Let's assume that you want to create Facebook posts because you are the social media marketing person for Facebook, for your company or for the company that hires you. We have here a link images, car, photos, profile pictures and we have those sizes. Let's say that we want an image post size and I would like power point to have perfectly this side. 1200 pixels per 900 pixels. How to determine how many interests This is Very simple. You just type in Google. Pick those two interests. Basically, the first site which comes up, you select the DP I to 96 you're set. You just type here. 1200 pixels would be 12.5 and 900 would be 9375 Okay, I hope I will not forget this slight size custom. Slight size, you know, had nine 275 will 12.5 Boom. Of course, the entire presentation changes because, uh, it applies to the entire presentation. But I would open a new presentation file or copy this as a backup. This would now be a perfect image for a Facebook post. If you do not believe me, let me show you file safe s click on browse. I just want to save this as a J pick on my on my desktop. Maybe all slight. It doesn't matter. Okay? Images have been exported. Let me close everything down, including Photoshopped at this moment, okay? And including me here on the screen. Those are the images, right? Click open with you don't have to use photo shop. Of course. I just wanted to show you that this will have perfect image sizes. Control old I 1200 width and height. As you see, everything is perfect because we used the 96 pixels per inch resolution. So this is the only thing you have to remember when you are converting the sizes. This is meant to be just a quick tip. In case you have older sizes to work with, you shouldn't have any problems. Basically, the full age of the sizes fit nearly every platform. But if you want to be very platform specific and you want to have perfect notes too high, not too small sizes you can convert each possible size like that. Thank you and see you in the next lecture. Let's move forward. 5. 02-03. Pick a theme and topic: Now this lecture will be pretty short because I want you to select a theme for yourself. You have two options here. Either you create the same thing that I do with similar photographs or even with the same photographs, because I will be allowed to share them because they're free of charge to use. Or you will select your own team and you'll do something very similar just with your pictures, your branding or eventually, your collar off your company or the company, which you do. Social media marketing for orders for your instagram stories or posts. It doesn't matter. I just want you to pick a theme. My team here is a jungle theme for steam, a tropical theme and once comes to the design. I was thinking something universal, like a shop or discounts or just a showcase. So this is why I made those very universal slides and very universal designs or little posters which could showcase basically everything. I just run into some photographs like this, so I wanted to be consistent, So my selected theme here is wild tropical forest jungle, something along these lines. You can, of course, follow my path and do the same just to train yourself in Power Point and in this kind of design. But if you want, you can say that your own theme and, for example, do the same just with different pictures and different like phones. Okay, this is your turn. Now. Select your theme. Think about it. Because it's very, very important that you know the path you are going. Not just randomly designing, like not knowing what you do. Okay. See you when you have this selected. 6. 02-04. Selecting outstanding pictures: in this lecture, I want you to prepare at least 10 absolutely great photographs. I am available toe share the photographs I used with you. So I will try to add The resource is into this course, but it would be really helpful if you also search some websites for those pictures by some websites, I can recommend you to websites in my bigger, powerful and master classes. I talk about more upside, but for the sake off this shorter class, I don't want to use too much time off the course in order to search for photographs. So I'll show you that, too. Best resource is Labour. Stock is an absolutely great resource because if I, for example, pick forest here, I'll get about 2000 results. But what is cool? All those results are photos free off charge to use even commercially. Of course not. Those sponsored results because this is sponsored by shutter stock, But does pictures are listed on Web sites like stock snap or a negative space pixels? Those are all websites which allow you to download the photographs for free. What I personally prefer pixels is a very good website because you can change this size. But for the sake off this class, I'll download very large images because I want to have the freedom to enlarge them as I want and other. Absolutely. And my personal favorite is unspool s not come because the photographs are off really high quality. And I don't only mean the dimensions are and pixels I mean, the actual photographs are pieces of art. And I also research forest pictures here and look at it. I got 32,000 results. I don't know how this is possible. Perhaps some other key words later down the road are appearing. But what is cool here? And I was searching for a more jungle team and something like that. I entered fourth because I had no other keywords in my mind. Then I look at the key words here on the top side and it automatically health meet with similar keywords. Not only here I have most environment leave here. I have jungle. And then I was like, Yeah, jungle thistles What I was seeking. So for my design, I selected Jungle Jungle Pictures. I had 9000 to choose from. I selected a bunch. I have 12 pictures and totals, which I was able to create six random designs out of this. I want to you so either use the photographs I will share or go toe and splash or library stock or any other website. You know, perhaps you have some paid subscription for photographs and select 10 at least 10 absolutely stunning and gorgeous photos. Don't just be like, OK, I will select and use the 10 random photos I confined. Select only the vest off the best, the absolute greatest photos, which will make your design better. For example, this year on the right side, Why didn't I use this? I know. I think I should introduce this. I was using this one and go only for the best. It's really, really essential. If you want to capture people's attention for a least more than two seconds, your design is to be great. And if your design can be great, then help your design by selecting the best possible photographs. You can see the quality here is impeccable, and there is no use me talking more about those pictures because I want you to get to the PC and get to work on search because it's just absolutely. Yeah, this is the first light. As you can see, I was already knowing in my head kind of what will I design? So it was easier for me to search for those pictures because I already knew how I want to use them. But if you are completing you to this, just select some universal photographs. Select, maybe more, maybe 20 and you will be good to go. Now It's your turn. Use my resources or select your photographs just in case you are clicking in the photo and you can simply click on download free, and it's being downloaded to your drive to your selected location, depending on your options. 7. 02-05. Selecting best fonts: okay, Not wasting in the time here, I want you to select and install two funds I have selected. Let me go to this slide. Let me enlarge it. Let me close or little design ideas and I have selected for the main phoned or for the designer is formed. Fake sire. If and for the text fund I selected, tell you or I don't know how it's read. But you can simply go to definitely don't come and search for the front Fake Saref. And why did I select this fund? Because it looks gorgeous and in this 100% free for personal and commercial use, you can, of course, take the time to research your phones. Or, if you want to make the design very similar to mine, take fake serif as the main fund and from another great website, which is fund squirreled dot com. I've selected this TT William Fund. What is great about this found that normally it has 16 styles. It's a very interesting fund with all those styles. Of course, Power point is not good enough to read all of them, but it works in power points, so this is a plus and in the licence, we have cell open fund license, which is basically the most liberal off all licenses. Let me just very quickly show you in the project files in my phones. In this phone, you have the license and and with this license, unless you don't resell this fund, which we will never do, of course, we are granted free of charge to any person obtaining a copy of this fund. To use, study, copy, merge, embed, modify, rid, distribute and sell modified and unmodified copies off the phone software. Which means if you create a design like this for commercial use or for private use, we can use this phone to legally. It is very important. So if you want the same phones, just download both phones or your PC. It's very easy to download them. You can here download this O. T. F. And here as well you can red click to download them. Once you have them on your drive, you are unpacking a folder. I have win Roberto, unpack them. You just have a look like and you install all those phones. You can select them all at once, just right click and select install. You do the same with the fakes. A reformed. You want to install the O T. F fund, which is the a bit newer former and the TTF. Then later on, when you work with power point, Look at the titty Liam or I really I'm breaking my my tongue when telling this We have 1234 instances off this fund. This is because Power Point is unable to read all the funds and put them here in the front library. But this isn't bad. We've four to choose from. And even if you use the light one, we can still Bolden it. We can still, it's like it. So we have quite the options here. Okay, now your turn download to phones or use existing funds over system because we will need them to make the design a little bit more custom and advanced than the normal calibri and times new Roman and all the standard phones. See you there once you have the funds 8. 02-06. If you want color schemes: Okay, we are finally prepared to the work just in case that you will not rely only on pictures and you need a color scheme if you took other off. My courses and classes usually already know what websites I used for color schemes, but if you don't, you have a few options. You goto collars that CEO and you explore colors. You go toe color hunt CEO. Previously it was the i o. Okay and you have beautiful color schemes which complement each other. And of course, there's adobe color, which is like the biggest website when it comes to color schemes. And you can select any scheme which would work with your brand with your company or with your current campaign orders with your private posts. Let's just select, for example, that I wanted this info color scheme What I would personally do. You can either download the file here to save it, or you just simply press print screen or you're on your keyboard, which I often do on IOS Press Control V here inside Power Point, it printed my entire screen. What I do. I'm going to form it. I'm selecting crop and I'm just cropping this entire design toe have this color scheme somewhere here nearby you click on crop. You make this smaller and you will have this color scheme somewhere here in power point later on. If you for example want to change the color of this fund, your home you sort of color. You select the eyedropper, you click down and you can select any off the colors from these pre existing color scheme. For example, with this jungle team what this work? Maybe the red one would work. OK, it doesn't Maybe the yellow one, but it isn't important. I just wanted to show you how to import color schemes done. We are prepared that start designing. Let's not waste in the time on introductions and let's finally go. 9. 03-01. First Theme Template: Okay. Finally, we get to the design to the best and most engaging part. At first you want to select a photograph? I have selected this photograph, Toby. My main theme for the first slide. OK, so I'm dropping that in. Okay. As you can see, we have the picture in. I'll just quickly delete the existing elements on this light. So I have total freedom off designing and you can see what power pointed. He did narrow down this photograph to the wit off the slight, but we still have to adjust the height. In order to do this, the simplest way will be to use the cropping functions. Please, by having the picture selected. Go to for mint, go to crop and pick crop. Now I can take the crop area. I can make the area bigger here on the top, bigger here on the bottom. And I can again go to crop, click on the drop down menu and select Phil off course. I can make the picture bigger if I want, but if I want it like this, I'll select the film option and it will definitely fill the entire area. Okay. Again clicking on crop and we have this preferred. The second element, we added, is going to insert shapes and selecting a rectangle. Police to the same. Select a rectangle and put it here. Ok, we have direct angle. It doesn't matter how big direct angle is. We will enlarge it. And for the Phil, I want you to click on Phil. Select. No, Phil, I want you to select outline six white collar. And now I want you to select outline. Wait and select more lines. Because six point, this won't be enough. I want this to be really thick. Okay, So I'm selecting more lines so automatically the former shape options appear. And in the wit I'll make it about, I don't know, maybe 10 points. Okay. Okay. I made more. I made 14 points, and right now this could stay in the Middle East. Also looks a very interesting and we could put some text here in the middle. But I want to be consistent and toe what I did previously. So I will enlarge this. Now I want you to come closer. You can come closer by selecting left control or command key and scroll scrolling forward. I'll go to the very top side. And look what we have the line here. But this stroke extends on the left and right side of the line. So you need to be worried about that. And we could, of course, and larger like this, it would be standing out outside of the slight. But I like to be, like, clean and have it to the exact size of a slight. So I'm pulling it like this. Okay, a little higher here and topside. I can see we have a slight mistake here. Okay? It can extend it. It can be extended. A little debt isn't a big problem. Okay? And now I want to extend it here on the right bottom side. OK? Unless I feel it. Perfect. So we have this shape outline prepared. We have a nice white border around this. What I did later on, I just freestyle by going toe, insert shapes and selecting a very normal standard rectangle shape and just putting it like this boob. OK, Perfect. We can do the same Since we selected no outlined this time. This time I owned the shape to be filled with white and I wanted to be a bit smaller. Okay, so about this size control de to duplicate and put it on the bottom side. So this will make like, the canvas for our design. I made such a super canvas that I made one additional element and we can no judge if everything is okay. If everything is ok, we can add the text on the previous slide. Where is it? Come on. Over. Under previous light. We did some text here in the top on the bottom and body text in the middle. We can do the same. Or we can just use the fake serif text Normally to do this, you are going to insert on the right side. You have textbooks and you will insert a text box like this. This will be my jungle text. Okay, Right now it's invisible. Ugly black text. So you want to try and click on this? But you want to change the funds to the fake serif or any funny deleted you downloaded and installed deleted. And I want to make this fund white. Once I have a dis white, I will enlarge this So I see what is going on on the screen and actually this looks pretty OK. Pretty engaging. So I'll just sent her this text. We can always take the elements we created and put them above and beyond and the existing text we now created. And this could be just as well our our design. But let me be consistent and let's do it like previously. As you can see right now, I'll just copy the text over and do old elements. What a front! This is what I wrote previously, I'll select my left control key and left bracket key To make this smaller. You can see the shortcut by hovering your mouth over, see control shift and this left increase and decrease. So I'm using the brackets or control shift and this left sign. I don't really know how it's called, okay? And I have no trouble selecting this bottom White one. This is a problem of Power Point. I'm holding shifts to make it go down Control de To duplicate this, put this on the bottom. I want this to be a bit higher. You can see Power Point has difficulties when it comes to selecting objects, but we have to somehow work around this again, controlled the and hear about the text and for his body text. As you remember, we have this really the time through a fund. Exactly Exactly what I said. It's the boat looks pretty cool. The bolt it light normal. Maybe. Let's check the normal. This is engaging text. Okay, When it's pretty big like this, it's really engaging. So I'll leave it like that because previously I had just some small Lauren Ipsum text. Okay, control A. To select everything. Help make this a bit smaller. Now it is a matter just of adjusting everything to the size you are desiring and how you want this to look. This is just another off clicking around and finding the sweet spot for everything up to you. See you in the next lecture. I wish you best off luck. 10. 03-02. Double photo showcase: the second slight will be a collaboration between two pictures. This will be perfect if you want to showcase two elements on your slide. Okay, I'm creating a new slide. I'm the leading everything to have a clean slate and I'm selecting some of my pictures. Now, what pictures do we want to select? Basically, since we are selecting two, it doesn't really matter, because we will make everything work. Okay, so I just select to random pictures and drop it into power point. You can see Power point again has adjusted the wit and not the height. So we have to somehow make this work. So one of those pictures should be turned over. I'll press my shift key to make a perfect 180 degrees turn. All right. Perfect. Now where do I know where the middle will be? So I have zero here on the slide which will help me a little. And also the power point guidelines. So once I go to former, once I click on the crop and once I cropped down this picture, you can notice as I'm on zero. You can watch zero on the left side. I'm pointing my hands towards my monitor, and I don't know how this was supposed to work. You will notice you have this zero point here. Okay. Perfect. Now we can decide which portion off the image will be visible. Okay. I'll make this like this crop. Perfect. Now, the 2nd 1 I'm putting the 2nd 1 here, aligning it to the top. Just be sure that there's no space in between. So I go always to the top, and I go done down bottom. Okay. Once it snaps, I know that it's perfect crop Extend the cropping area to the middle. No, I can enlarge the picture to enlarge it like this, impressing my shift key and also my control. Okay, perfect crop. And we're basically done with the initial design in order to make this a bit more interesting. I did a circle in the middle so you can go to insert shapes and insert a circle I a process shift key to make the circle perfect. And we have this ugly circle, but I don't want to waste time making it white. I'm going to the previous slide. I'm selecting one of the elements I want as well to use control see, I'm going to the new Slight and Control V or Command V. If you're on a Mac now, it's very difficult toe. Pick it here and extend it. But if we come closer with my control and scroll wheel or on the right bottom side with zoom option closer, closer, closer. See a new door disappearing. So now we construct the dot and we can extend it until the end off the slide. If you find this is too thick, you can adjust the height of it. You can see it is snapping to the middle if you do not want it to snap. How many shortcuts will I list here? I'm pressing the old key and it will not snap. So I have total freedom. OK, I'll make this very thin. No, I'll move it to the very middle. I want to circle Toby in front, so I'm right clicking the circle and I'm selecting. Bring to front and you can notice that the circle isn't the same color. A little trick work around here is to select any other object that you already have. Format it, select on the left side, the former painter, or it might be somewhere else in the power point for Mac version. But you select a former painter. You have allowed this little painting. I can I will just click on the circle. And the circle will have the same format as these objects. So we have no old line white Phil, and it saved us a few mouse clicks. Okay, Taste would be basically the design I wanted to teach you here. Off course. We'll fill this design with some text, so I'm just going back to the previous slide. Control C control V. Maybe pressing 20% control A and making this black putting it here. And if I would now right, a second line. The second line is very far apart. But it also would be very difficult to animate later. What we can do, we can duplicate this text and we can write it separately. We can even change the size of the second text if we want to make this design a little more custom. Maybe this will be a bit bigger, so it's more in your face. What a big discount. Oh, my gosh. I have to run to the store now and perfect. And we have to design completed off horse, depending on our needs, we can add some little boxes, little text here. But essentially, this is what you were supposed to do in this design. Now it's your turn. Select two photographs, turn one over and try to make perfectly equally crops for the top site and both side off this light. I'll wait for you and willed and continue with the designs. 11. 03-03. Side Wall Showcase: Okay, We are getting on a pretty nice role here. And you can see the next light will be super simple and easy. We have to select the best photo you got or a really great photograph. And I felt like the more for to you showcase the better It has to be okay, New, slight, deleting everything and selecting my strongest photograph. I'll open this and I consider this as being my best photograph. I'm lucky because this images off such big quality that even if we enlarge it like this, it still looks magnificent. So what we have to do as usually make a quick crop to the entire screen and now decide what part of this image you would like to be showcased the images off such high quality that I have told freedom Here, I'll click on Crop and Boom. This is it. Since this is a very clean and this jungle theme design, I can safe time and I can just take the elements I already have. I'm going to the previous slide. I'm selecting them like this and impressing control. See and control V here. What you can do if you have absolutely no idea for new slight. You take existing elements somehow I have to click on this. Okay, I have managed to click on this and I will enlarge this. Look at that boom. This could be our new slight. If you have no ideas for a slight Just look at that. We could very simply make something like this to be our new design. So what I did here, I took this element and I placed it on the very left side to make a kind of a side wall for this and I took the circle. Now it's difficult to select the circle and elements. So what you can do, you can grab them like this. I need to make sure that I select all the text also and I'll put it here. I could possibly right click group and group them so they would be one group. But I want toe animate this later. So I rather stay with it separately. Okay, Perfect. I can see a small mistake here on the left side. So I have to moved us to the left. So it perfectly covers up the picture. If you want to preview it shift and a five. Okay, now everything looks very clean and very pro. So here I would like some information about maybe the website or maybe the actual promotion that I am running. Allergist Control, See this? Control the here website Com. Turn it with my shift key and I'll make this longer. So it stays here off course. Since this is white, I need to make it black. I need to make it smaller. And I don't want this to be as much in your face at this right now. I will make the letters uppercase because this looks like more clean for a website, and I want to use another version off this fund. I hope you are not hearing this. Some neighbors are playing music. Let me tell. This will be some ambient music. And I want a more narrow version off this fund. I have this till to tell you informed with a neck breaking, tongue twisting name, light fund, Boom. But there looks. This one looks so good that I alone. I will be okay with this. Okay, I'm putting this on the left side and I'm ready with the next design. We have a very consistent design you could put the showcase here. You got even put several photographs. I'll show you a cool trick later. Want to animate this? Just remind me about District and I show you how to make a re and nice showcase out of this . Okay. Thank you for much for your attention in this lecture. I hope you will do the same. Now, do this kind of slight. So we will have something to work with when we animate. And we are halfway done. A few more slides and we have a really neat template. Done what you also can do to see if you are doing a good job. If you're being consistent on the right side of PowerPoint, you have the slide sorter. I'll open this light sorter and it shows me all this life I have next to each other. Now I see everything looks pretty cool. Pretty well together. I can double click and continue my design like this 12. 03-04. Triple Instagram Stories slide: Now, this will be something interesting. A very, very interesting showcase which we can do with three photographs. They don't have to be equal, but it will be important that a top and bottom one will be equal. Okay, How to do this? The quickest possible way to copy the slide. Over. No, no, just kidding. We can copy one off the existing slights we already have And find unit a little bit. I'll control C and control Vida, slide at MIT. Elitist, Empty one. I'll move everything from the middle here a site. And I want to establish those three photographs or the text can be also in the side. This text also on the side. Okay. How do we make three equal photographs? I'll take one photograph. Former crop and I'll cropped is down to the portion off the image I want to the person of this life. Okay, let's assume that this is what I want. I want to make this image no smaller, so more off. This image will be fitting here. Crop. Now we want to take the second photograph. Now will even delete is because I want a different photo. I don't like the photograph that we used previously. And let's maybe again, or this one, This one is pretty dark as well. So many nice photographs. Okay, selecting this photo. You want to put this besides than the photo refuted here, You want to hit again on Crop, and now I will crop it toe the same size. What's cool about Power Point? This is one off the things that apartment does better than other things. It will automatically snap to the same size. Now it's just a matter of putting it on the bottom side. Okay, we have this. Now let's take the last photograph. I had the parrot in my case and the parents. It's like automatically perfectly snapping in the middle. But I want them to be a little bigger for that crop. And if I cropped them exactly to the to the picture I have here evolvement and under it, then I'll extend those bit replace and moved them, maybe to the bottom side, because I want here a big circle crop and boom and we are perfectly prepared for this light . This can either stay this way or you are taking this entire thing and putting it right click, Bring to front so everything is in front and just put it in the right place. Control C Control V or Control de to duplicate. I'll put this on the bottom side. Of course, I need to change the text. It can say always 20% off. Maybe here. Only one textbooks one will be deleted. Picked the circle Press shift. Press control. Make it smaller. Do. Okay, I'll put this back. And this is something very simple. Delete the text. I don't need any text. This is something very similar or the same, which we did on the previous life, yet just different photographs, but essentially a bit more. Here it was a bit smaller. Here. It's a bit closer. Nice close up, and I'll even show you absolutely great techniques how you could enlarged image in the middle When we come to the innovation part, I want to separate the animation part in the design part because some of you seek this design part more. Some of you want to know more about animation and what can be done. There's maybe not much advanced stuff we will do, but definitely some absolutely great tips and tricks which you can incorporate in your work in your videos and in order. It doesn't have to be off course for Instagram. It can be for any type off media you are presenting your videos on. Okay, this is it. This is that one of the nicest design from from this template, I think. And we will see each other in the next design. Let's continue. 13. 03-05. Text Oriented Showcase: Now this light is all because we want some text animation. Since we have very little text here, I want also some slight would you can possibly use some text on. Okay, This design is also very simple. We can select if a slight we already have control. See, just control V And that's the beauty of having a template. We can make very similar elements with the mother off a few mouse clicks. What I did here I made this object smaller and they put it on the right side with the website being again showcased. So it can I make it like this? I made this smaller and basically we used the same items that mean lower this I am pressing my control key so it gets smaller on the on both sides. OK, we have basically the website on the right side. We can stay with the circle, but I took some text here. Of course, we need to change the picture orders, change the dimensions of the existing picture. And what texted I use I used basically both off those texts. So I pressed control. See, I go to the very less design we have now and I press control V and I don't remember. What do we wrote? Okay, this'll looks a little bit off, so I'll change this. If it's like merging too much with actual background off the image, we can go to form it. We can go toe text effects shadow, and we can add a shadow on the text, See what happens on the screen. The text becomes a little shadow, and this shadow makes it better visible, especially on white text. What you also can do, you can open the shadow options which are in deformed shape, text options and in the shadow options. We can use the preset we have, and we can make the priests stronger by lowering its transparency. That shadow becomes more black. You can adjust the size to make it a bit bigger. You can adjust the blur, the angle and the distance. You don't want the distance to be too high, and maybe the transparency I overdone it. Okay, like this. And look at that. Now, the text really strongly pops. Just comparing this text to the sale text once again. You know the trick. You can click on this text or just on this object, former painter and click on the sale text boom. It already has. Now. It didn't apply on those. This is because I would have to click on this object. And it's very difficult, but I can click release, and it will also work. Okay, As far enough owned for the sale phoned. I would like to use the detail. Um, fund. Okay, I'm slowly getting it sale, but I would like it to be to tell you, Bolt, where is this phone? Somewhere on the bottom. It's your Italian bold sale Boom. We got it. Got it. It's pretty much ready. Of course, I should change the picture in the background because I have the same pictures I did here. I'll show you another frigate. Damn. So much tricks in this one crop. Let me quickly extend it. Let me quickly pick Phil and Crop. If you want this image to be darker and you have it selected in the format options on the left side of color and corrections, I can go into corrections and they can lower its brightness. This won't ensure that the picture will look as great as it did, but it might make text a little bit visible. Okay, I will lower the brightness after contrast. I like Trump and I'll try to bring forward like the darker part of this image. Seems like a horror movie. But that's not what I mean. I just want taste to be stronger, deeper, more green. Okay, now I think we got it. Maybe we overdone it. So you can go to the corrections and you can, of course, and go back to 00 to use its natural colors. Okay, I'm finishing up this letter. Now it's your turn. Well, we used a picture. We changed the box and they used to text boxes. And this took us plenty of time. So now it's your turn. Remember about the shadow if the text is invisible and about a picture which will be appropriate to the text. Right? This is it. Let's head on to the last slide. For now. 14. 03-06. Circle Dashes Slide Template: so there's less slight, at least for now. Was just made a Sabonis because this photograph was so great. And also circles like that can be very nicely animated. Let me go. Let me Maybe I just duplicate this slight control de because some of the elements can stay here. What I did, I had this great picture, so he just had to use it. I'm using this picture. And as you can see, if we crop it to the entire slide, it will look totally amazing. So I'm going to form it to crop and cropping the area to the entire slide. And they're gonna impressing filled I can, of course, just to fill. If I need more space here and depending on how much of the jungle I want to showcase, Okay, like this and crop, you can see the shadow on the sale is now too strong because the black is too visible. So you either select a text without shadows or you goto text options. And in the shadows you up the transparency you make the size a little smaller. The blur can be also smaller. I'll just up to transparency. Okay, Sale Now I would like to delete this on the right side. Maybe you can put this on the bottom or just completely skip it. I want any slide where the circle was present Control. See? And control V. I will put this here on the bottom side. I want to somehow click on the circle. You can click on the circle if you have troubles by going toe home. Select selection. Pain Now select oval six. And without clicking on those weird objects, I can select the oval. I want to enlarge it back. Person shift and my left control key. Okay, a bit bigger built and I want to change its design. I'm going to form it. Shape Phil. No, Phil. Shape old line. White shape outline. Wait. Maybe those six points will be enough this time. But I want further adjustments. Right. Click on right. Click on the circle if you are able to click on it and go to its form and shape options and other box is opened and in the form of shape in this bucket off the shape options you have lying because this is the outline in the line options. You can change the dash type two dots or dashes or something like this, For example. I want dots here. Yeah, that that look pretty cool. Now this text, how did we have it Previously? We did make the text white, and we also had a jungle here. But this isn't necessary. So I'll change the Texas well, toe white. It might look a little better. This is just a matter off adjusting the text, adjusting the white, making here 40% and depending, if you want a top text here, you can select another text. You can place it here, call it the great sale. And I know it sounds super cheesy, but this is just a template, and you can see they are inconsistent. And I do not like this. So either you make boat flat or you make boat with this this shadow I'll click on this former painter and I'll paint shadow over to the wow. I didn't expect that. I forgot. So I need to go back toe light or normal fund, make it smaller, and I made the shadow adjustment on it. This is basically the design which I wanted to show you here and the most important part of the design is to serve because later on, we can animate. So it goes around it swivels. This will be very interesting to know about. And at this point, I want to finish the design part off this class off this course. Okay, this is it. I'm saving this template and we will go forward to animation into overviews and to have some fun and creating videos and example posts out of this. Thank you very much for listening to this lecture. And now continue on to create something like this on your own. 15. 04-01. Animating the entire scene: now here finally comes the fun part of animation. I was waiting for it, and this is my favorite part off Working in Power Point. So let's just look at the first light we did. If you animate something, if you learn how to animate you, look at the general composition and we have, like three sections here, Section one, which is kind of connected to the bottom section and the text in the middle. I want this text and this text to, like fly in Flammer from left from right in the same time. So I'll click on the first text in the animation step. I will select Fly. Okay. As you can see, it flies in from bottom. I want to change the effects options by going to affect options and select from left. Now the flying is a little better, but it's very static. I can preview it by opening the animation pain and by selecting play from it's very linear . What you can do. You can double click on this animation boubou. You can go to the effect options and you have a smooth start, smooth end and bounce, and hopefully it's the same for the Mac version, but it's a bit different in the Mac version, but I know those options are as well available. And if we do a suit start, it will start slower and then finish, which isn't the perfect solution here. If we go for a smooth and you can see the shift, let me preview it. If we go for a smooth and it does in quicker and at the end, it slows down. So it this is a very nice animation for this particular element, or we can double click on it. And under effect, we have the bound. We can give it a slight bound instead of the smoothness. In that case, it will look like that The bounce for the text is pretty OK, now I will go to the animation on the right side. I'll right click select with previous. So I have a zero here and it starts immediately when the slight start. And I also want to extended aeration toe 1.5 seconds because previously this was too quick . Let me preview the animation a bit too slow. I will reduce the duration. Okay, Right now it is just about right. Or maybe even reducing it to one second. OK, perfect. We have this kind of animation. I want a very similar animation on this little object. So it comes in in the same time when the text comes in. So again, let me select fly in off course a flying from left in the effect options up the duration right click with previous And now in this case, we cannot do abounds because if this would bounce boom, boom, boom, we would have an empty space here. So either you make this longer if you want the bounds here or in double click effect and give it a smooth end. Perfect. Let's preview how those animations worked together and then we can adjust this I do not like that. Those animations are so different and it is a slow to this quick. So what they can do? I can reduce the duration from the second animation play from All right, I will increase that duration from the first animation and this is just a matter off what you like. What's great here. Since I have already prepared this section, I can click on the text I can select. I can click on the text. I can select animation painter and paint this entire innovation to the bottom text. The only change I would need to make on the bottom text is to change the effect options to be from right this time. See so simple. We do not have to animate this from scratch. We just take the animation painter and you have to precisely click on this one object again , this object from right, and look at that with four animations starting at the same time, I want to people who will see this. I want them to focus at the 1st 1 than to focus at the 2nd 1 and lastly, to focus at the middle text. For that, I'll take the bottom boat animations with my shift key pressed on. Isolate both of them and I delay them by 0 75 Let's preview this entire animation from first. Pretty Okay, maybe quarter a second more when it comes to the delay what they found to be alive. And now this engaging text This will be the very last step. This tutorial gets a bit long, but quickly about the last text. You can basically select either fate or flying or float, but I will hear, select, maybe Zoom so it zooms into our face. I'll right click Select with previous I want the duration to be longer and this to be delayed of it. I was just in case. Check the effect options I have available Object center or slight center. In that case, the object is in the center, so it doesn't matter. I'll double click on the animation I go into effect, and I just want to see if there is. If there are some animation options now, you have to consider if you want to extend this middle aeration or if you want to click on at animation and, for example, give it a slight teeter. So it it moves a little bit until the slightest finished for dead. I will drive, take and select. Start after previous, I got double click on this animation and on the repeat options I would select. Repeat until end off slight later. I'll tell you what that means. How to change this And what can we do with this animation and how we can adjust the length of a video if we have a dare duration off an endless animation. That's it. That's it. For the first light. For the first animation, I hope you will be able to follow. If not, you can always download this template and preview the animations. What we have. I'm ending this tutorial. Now, Now it's your turn to do this animation. And later on it should be a little easier if we get the hang of it. Okay. See you in the next lecture and keep on animating. 16. 04-02. Multiple Animations on a circle: I do want to show you tricks to speed up your workflow. For that, we'll go to the previous slide. I will select the first text. I also like the second text, Oprah's Control C and Control V here. I'll put them on their side just so I have them here and the animations here and I'll take the existing animations and copy them over. This is why I told you we need to consider if you want this on one object or if you want separate objects for the jungle for rumble for 20% we can, of course, group does. But we will decide upon this in a moment. I'm taking the first text and having animations opened. Animation painter Boom. The second text animation painter Boom. Okay, we can see the delay is no pretty right? Let me delete this. I don't need this anymore. The delay between them is too long. So I reduce the delay because this is like 11 sentence Jungle rumble, slight bones and I want to select the middle circle instead of having everything separately . I'll press control or command G or I can right click group and group perfect. So we have to circle and let's give the circle to animations. First you want to click again on the zoom so it zooms again into our face. I'll select right click with previous. I'll make the delay a little later so it starts when the first text stops to appear. As we can see, it's aligned pretty much here, extended aeration and preview the entire thing. Okay, nice. It comes into our face. But I would also appreciate if this would turn out. So the real animation I should use here is grow and turn. So this is more the animation I was looking for. I need to adjust this with starting again with previous upping generation and making a slight delay. Having this no ready, I want to click on the middle circle I want to select at animation. And the cool thing is here that we can use the emphasis animations and extend them to the end off the slide. Do you want to spend? I believe Yes, I believe we want to spin here so occasionally it will spin and look at the yellow animation. I'll right click after previous, because I want this turning to begin when all those intimations finish. OK, we have one full turn weaken, Double click. On this animation, we can select how long the duration will be and how strong the turn will be and how smooth it is. 360 clockwise. It's OK. I want to give it a samoud and and a bit of a smooth start. And when it comes to the timing, I want it to be repeated until and off. Slight. All right, now, the duration to second generation can be changed here. So let's do it like that. And let's just preview how this will look like, Okay, it starts to quickly turn. And then at the end, it also slows a little bit down. Perfect. And this will repeat. Repeat, repeat. Maybe I'll up federation because this was pretty quick. Let me preview that. Okay, Now I see that the duration is maybe too long because I want to people toe, see 20% and to be able to read it. Okay. In orderto previewed, isn't there animation press shift at five. Okay. And it the problem is that it turns really quickly one after another. This is a little problem if you don't want to do this Instead of having the repeat, there should be an option to make breaks between the turns. But like Power Point doesn't have that. So what you can do instead of having it being repeated until end of slight? I was like none. And I apologised and duplicate this information quickly. I'll click on add animation spin I will select after previous or with previous It doesn't matter because I will strongly Great. I'll delayed by this amount of second. Okay, I'll again at animation spin at animation spin And this will be enough Three or four spins with previous I would give it a delay because I don't know how this video, depending on how long he want the video to be this long, you should multiply the spin. Okay, I have 12 13 seconds about here. If I select my mouth here, start 12 seconds and 14 seconds. 14 seconds for this video is completely enough. I'll even delete the last spin. Those videos should take about 10 seconds to play while longer And this is it. This is it. How I would animate the second text. We have everything flying in. We have the turning. We have some breaks and then it turns again. I didn't adjust this turn. I should make a smooth start. An end. But this is just a minor change I should make. Okay. The second sleight is animated. We are prepares to expert this to a video later or just to export an image from it. So now it's your turn. Animate this text, animate this text group the circle and try to work with to animations on the circle. 17. 04-03. Building upon existing animations: Okay, we are getting more efficient and better and better off those animations here. I wouldn't do anything crazy. I would just take this and murdered together with this object so I would right Click group and select group. If you have trouble selecting them, either go to home, select selection pain and click on them. Here you can click on two objects together very easily or just take your mouth and select him like that. I'll close everything. Don't this? I would go to animations and I would make a slow either fading or floating good night to select afloat on the up and down. So I would select a lion, of course, from left site. Yeah, and this works pretty well. I would double click on the animation to its effects, and I would give it a smooth and a very, very smooth end. The maximum around I can. So it starts quick and then gets this smooth end. Or if you want, you can also give it a tiny bit of a smooth start. I would extend the duration of this animation off course and I would right click select with previous Select A Circle and also control G to group it. I will. Right. Click and bring it to front. So we see the circle and I would copy over this existing information to be consistent. So I will select this previous item animation painter and the circle off course. We need to give the circle a slight delay so they don't enter the scene at the same time. Let me press shift. A 52 previous. Okay. Really nice. They appear one after another. And what do we lack here? Just consider that this video will again have about maybe seven seconds, maybe 10 seconds. You need to click on the circle. You need to click on at animation. Or if you are smart, you go to the previous slide. This copy? The circle over located. We have four animations. The only problem is that I didn't have smooth start and smooth. And here and on the last one as well. Smooth start. Smooth end. Sorry. Okay. Now I have a circle with four animations. And each time I have something similar like this. How you just control V paste this circle I pressed on the animation painter And the problem is that the green animation will also paint over animation pain to her boom. The leader, this one click on this one and the only thing I want to do. I want to change this first green animation to be flying, flying in from left and extend inspiration. Now do you understand what's going on in the innovation pain? The green animations are the entrance animations. The yellow animations are the emphasis animations, which is like growing, shrinking, pulsing, turning. And look at this right box when the animation start our present, the first animation and let me select play from and you can see what's going on 1st 2 seconds. We have two entrances, which is this and this. And then we have two spins, depending on. If you like to spin or not, you can also if not spend you can go to add animation and select oppose. Then it would pulls towards me. It's just a matter off adjusting those animations, selecting them with the right click to start with the previous animation or after the previous animation, depending on how late do you wanted to start and this would be again finished animation. Now, when we set the timing's off a video. We have to consider how long animations are Because animations overrule timing. Animations have always to finish when you create a video. So if you think that this video is too long, you need to delete some animations. I think this video this is just one photograph. So it should have the animations enter 7 25 This video should have, like, eight seconds or maybe nine seconds. Not more. 11 watts of It's too much. So this is an overkill. So I deleted the last animation. Perfect. We have this animated. We have this ready and we are already on the third slight, beautiful. 18. 04-04. Wait! Bonus Animation with Pictures: bonus. Bonus. Bonus. Bonus. Wait, wait, wait, wait. On this light. So you already know how to enemy days? Animate this, but we haven't worked enough with pictures. If you are, like doing a branding campaign or something like this, I need to somehow find my photographs. Okay, I have the photographs. Any photo you have, let's select in two different photographs. And let's assume that you want to do this photo showcase. Okay? The photographs are in the middle. You need to make the crop to crop them to the entire screen show so they could be properly showcased. Okay. Crop cropping them and clicking on fill to fill out the screen and crop. Okay. I would right click and send it to back completely to back then. I also like this again crop. Crop it to the other screen, crop it to the entire screen, make sure that this is filled out. You already know the process, so it isn't anything out of the ordinary. Right click sent to back. Okay, we have now. They need this photographs beneath this photo to other photographs. So during the animations on the animation pain Sorry. You want to click on this first photograph. You want to click on animations and you want this exit animation, which will be fate. You want this fate to show you different pictures? The little problem is that I have selected here after previous, and I have this line here. I want to get rid off this line. Select with previous make a delay. This is just a delay for the circle animation and now the side by clicking on with previous again where this image should fate Let me make this bigger. So maybe about three seconds into this animation, this first picture will disappear. But I have trouble is now selecting the picture, which is beneath it. Either I moved us to the site or I go to the selection Pain. Okay. Also, like this picture at animation fade right click with previous I can extend this information . I can make this animation later as well, depending on how long do I want this video to be playing? Okay. And this is it for this little cool trick. I hope I position it properly. Let me press shift of five and show you what will appear. So we have the animations as previously But during this entire animation, we have a little showcase, and it nicely aligns with the turns. Of course, you could have as many photographs as you want and look dysentery. Campaign looks now really cool because we would have several cool videos to be working with them like that in the next lecture. Elgin. Even cooler tricks with photographs. Of course, they are too close. They should be more split apart, so it doesn't happen so abruptly so quickly. Another showcase. Let's say that this is a story shoes and different shoes with appear or this is just one example. But you need to learn to animate with photographs, and you also need to utilize the exit innovation they have. Also delaying animations with those are the three basic types of animation. I have other, bigger courses which explained everything about animation. Here. This is just a crash course to teach you animating those slights. But normally I have a course which explains everything about animation, step by step, all the nitty gritty of things. So if you are interested, there is the great. Explain their videos and PowerPoint course where I extensively talk about animations and you really learn to animate there, and then you can utilize this knowledge here if you want just to make this campaign this kind of animations, stick with this one and I'll show you another cool trick in the next one. See you there. I can't wait and let's go and let's prepare it. 19. 04-05. Make the coolest showcase: We need to think about the animation as we see this light. So once I see dislike, I have an idea that this could nicely grow behind everything. I want to make sure that this photograph is right. Click sent to back. Now I want to show you a great animation. You can go to the animations and you can select the grow shrink. You can see this cruelly creates this like little parallax effect in which everything stays in place And this one gross right click with previous. So it starts automatically the my click and just consider how big should it be? I want to give it a smooth and and I want this grow, not suit to be so in my face. I want 110 on or 115% at most. Okay, a small and study grow towards me I want this intermission to take maybe four seconds I want to soak this in When the animation ends I want to add animation and give it a fade out . This fadeout should be at the end of this yellow animation. So for that you want to right click select with previous You want to increase the duration so it isn't so, so abruptly. And I'll delayed to the appropriate place. No, not not later than this. It should end together. Let me select the 1st 1 and let's preview this nice. They grow, they fade out. So what you would have to do now if you have a campaign like that, you either have images flying in from the side. For I was also thinking about that, that this should move to the left and the new force. You should come in or like previously, you take any photograph you want. For example, those three photographs 12 tree, Take this middle photograph, go to animations, animation painter and just paint the animation over. Paint the animation over. Paint the animation over. Now I would need to select this photograph. Make it big enough for crop it enough, right? Kick sends to back. It doesn't get in the way. You can see the only thing that gets in the way. We need to select know which one is first, which on the second, because we need to delay those animations so they start one after another. Let me click on that. Okay. It happens. That picture number three is the one behind it now, so I want to put it. You see, PowerPoint has automatically adjusted those animations. This is a really cool. So maybe this should be the next one. I'll put it here. I'll try to make it very perfect. Right click send to back OK, apartment has put it perfectly. If not, I could make this manually make this bigger right click sense to back. So it's in the very back behind all those photographs. And since I don't, I had I have to deal delay this by hand. That's no big issue. And boot. This video will take about the animations. Take 13 seconds to play, so the video could have, for example, 15 seconds or something like this. Let's preview shifted five, and we have the coolest information here, and we could give it more space by moving this up this down. But do you see this? Very beautiful animations. Very beautiful faith out. And this is really okay. The last fade out is necessary here. I will delete the last fade out because when the video ends, I also don't want there to be a blank screen in the middle. I want this video to end with the photograph in the middle. And this would be a beautiful, beautiful showcase. This is a really great idea for for slight designer and for animation. So I do hope that you can utilize this in your project. 20. 04-06. Best Font Animation You Will see in PPT: Okay. Instead of wasting time and showing you how to animate the first text, how to animate the second text, how to animate the box on the right side. I'll just show you the coolest trick you can do with slight where you have, like, text. And you would like to do something with the text because it's very boring. You can click on this text and I'm not 100% sure that this is available in all powerful inversions. But definitely in 2016 it was available, I think, in 2013 as well. 2019 off course, The power point for Mac. I'm not sure, but I want to show you this. Here. Perhaps there are similar options and other versions in the newest version and also into bit older ones. You have found color. Let me click on that and you can see it slowly turns into orange. We can utilize this even more. Open the animation pain and let me tinker with the animation which we have here since the Texas already here will not bother to, like, change the text or make it appear on the screen. I just want the text to be the flashy part here. Considering what I'm doing, I could even consider deleting the sale. Okay, right. Click on the text. Select with previous just in case. Double click on this information. When you go to its effects in the front collar, you can select the front color. But in this style right now, as you previewed it, it slowly turned from white toe orange. If you wanted to get back to orange later on, you can enable out reverse. So it will go from white toe, orange and again from orange. Dwight, note that this will extend the duration of this innovation by an entire segment. So this animation, instead off two seconds, would take four seconds because we have the outer reverse. Okay, that aside in the style options, you also have this flashy coral for versions and depending on which color you select, there are a bunch of different styles. But for example, orange works really well because it has this kind of rainbow effect. I also like this rainbow effect. I make a smooth and and smooth start just so the animation isn't so linear. I want the animation to flow and go back something like this on the bottom, we have animate text and I do not want to everything to be animated at once. I want to be generated by letter. And so the animation won't be too long. I will reduce the percentage to 3% delay between letters. Let me select. Okay, let's preview how this looks like. As you can see, this animation takes no five seconds to play. So with the reversing, it would take 10 seconds. You can grab the yellow part if you want to reduce the by letter options. So now this animation takes 3.5 seconds together. Seven seconds shifted five to preview What happens? We have this beautiful coloristic. And if you don't like it, you can extend this. Of course, this would look a little slower. I really enjoy this type of animations. Just look at this slight. If we delete the sale, if we put this in the middle, if we maybe make this a bit quicker and the last part slower okay, it will flow in nicer into the letters. In my opinion, this animation is really, really beautiful. What you could do You could double click on it. You could make it repeat until end off slight. This way it will use the timing off the transitions off this light, and it will color and recall er back until we stop this video. I think this is really great for some instagram stories, for instance, or imposed or just to post videos around the weapon. If you are doing some social media marketing, this would be the perfect way to display or text. I hope this trick will be very useful to you, and this is something completely unique. And very rarely anyone does this or people do not know that this is available in power point. So be smarter and utilize what you can do. And you will be surely praised by this type of animation because it's really custom. Thank you for listening to this lecture. I hope everything was crystal clear. We see each other in the next lecture. I'll just show you one small little trick on this slight as well. And we are basically don't with the initial animation off are slight 21. 04-07. Spinning a circle: okay, Without any further ado, Instead of animating the text today, I want to show you this little different trick. Off course. You can click on the text and you can give it some animations like, for example, the zoom or the fate. Ah, I'll up for the zoom. I'll right click on them with previous and I'll extend their duration and also delayed him between them. Just so one text appears and then the second text appears. But this isn't important. I want to click on the circle. The circle is independent from those text boxes and this time I'll not group them. I want to select a circle, and the coolest trick here will be spin. Look on spin. And as you can see, this is spinning around right now it's spinning very, very quickly. But we can a justice by right clicking, selecting with previous I don't want in Italy, I want it to turn from the get go. And either you increased adoration or your double click Select on effect and change the amount. For example, toe 1 80 instead of this 3 60 smote start and smooth and would be very nice here. Okay, you can see we have a completely different turn. And here the animation takes three seconds. This is perfect because we can double click on the animation and we can give it a repeat until and off. Slight. Now it's convenient to have three seconds because if we export this to video, the first animation has to play. So the video will have at least three seconds. But after that, we can cut the video when we exported straight from Power point. When do we want? Okay, so just let me quickly maybe get rid of the smooth started and so has one continuous motion . I'll press shift a five to preview what we have on this slide. You can see it turns around and there is one element is sometimes a bit bigger. That's just a little part, went error. There is nothing I can do about this. It makes this 1 80 turn and and it disappears again to this place. That's just PowerPoint with Overall, we have an animation like that, and until we click to cancel it, it will go nicely rounded and it will turn in turn in turn if this is too boring for you, you can possibly click on this text. Just give it a slight port. The press with previous. So it starts. Maybe the duration of the longer. And you could multiply this animation by just clicking on at animation. Paul's at animation pools at animation ports. I would have four off those pulis's, so I would select all of them with my shaky. I would right click start with previous, and I would just delay them. The lady lately lay, maybe duration even longer. Delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay. Okay, I know that this video shouldn't be longer than 10 seconds, so I will not give any more off those poses shifted five. You can see the 40% pulsates towards me from time to time, and this gives it the nice little animation tweak it needs. I still believe that spinning around is the most important part of this. This video, this animation and for example, pictures in the background could change or just here could be the biggest element displayed . This could, for example, fight off. If you want to get rid of this during this animation, select both text, click on at animation and select Fade off this fight off. I'll just place it here So it's easier for me to see, because those are the same object, right? Click with previous, and you have to delay them after the green animations. This even more delight. So right now we have to spend this great sale text or any other text comes in limit face off. And we have that still spinning in the middle, very clean, very much to see in the background. And that's why you want to use dashes sometimes instead of a solid line around. Okay, I hope this is also a very nice trick. It turned out to be quite a few animations, but this isn't a big problem. It's really nice to have those animations here, and we are done with animating this beautiful slight. 22. 05-01. Overview with Slide Sorter: Heather, Welcome in the export section that finalizing section off this course before you export a great video artists and already image from this You want to take a last glimpse on everything If you did a good job, if everything is consistent between each powder if something isn't bad, for example right off the bat I see this website title isn't too visible. You can click on the image you can go to its corrections and maybe make the image darker. You want to do something that everything looks right? Just look at this website text right now it's much better visible if we make the image a little darker. Okay. To take a glimpse at the entire design we did on the right bottom side, you have the slight sorter. If you click on the slights order you open deceive you. What's great? We can even make them closer. Do to make them even bigger. It's gonna be as big s s your screen and and this will make the image. The image is comparable to each other. I can no preview everything. I can not decide if I did a good job. For example now, the website is good visible. This is a little different slight, but it's okay. And here on the right side of this green, In my opinion, this green is a little bit too juicy in compassion with other greens. But this is just need picking, depending on what your needs are. It's very well that this light is just as good. But if I would like to make this like, less saturated, I would make sure that I clicked on this image. I would go again to form it to the color and in the core we have called saturation. I could, for example, lower the saturation a little bit. I could select more variations or picture color options to open the color options here on the right side, under picture picture color, we have to saturation. I will maybe lower the saturation just a little so it isn't so super super green. Now it's a bit dark, so the temperature could stay on the picture corrections I could after brightness just a tiny slight bit. And this would be my little adjustment. I go back to the slight sorter and after Power Point renders this image, you can see this. You see this takes a little while. I can compare this photograph, and in my opinion, it looks a bit better. A bit more consistent. So this is the last step you want to do. Once you've designed everything to make those small tweaks. Small adjustments off course. They do not have to be made its very well that all those pictures are wonderful in it on itself. But and what's also great? You can see we have to animations. And timing's off this light also on the slight sorter. We'll go about this just in a a little bit. I will de select this 10 seconds because I do not want to have this visible right now. And this is why I wanted to teach you a slight sorter in this section. This was a sneak peek because once we set up timing, both animations and timings are set here. So it's easier for us to know. How long of a video will we export? Okay, See you in the next lecture. Let's proceed 23. 05-02. Using Transitions: in this lecture. I would like to talk to you about transitions once you click on the slide, no matter if on the slide sorter or if you double click on this light Here you have access to the transitions. Transitions are independent from animations that you see here. Animations are applied to objects. Transitions are applied to slight. If I click any selected transition here, the transition applies to the beginning off the slide. Which means if I select slight number two and I select a push, this push will happen between slight one and two. So here at the beginning, this is why I always explain this because some people make a transition here and think that they, when they go to the next light transition, will happen. No, that transition happens previously from the previous slide to this slight which you click the transition on. Let's say that I have here a post transition and on the next later have noting this will mean that from the let me quickly play the first light from the first from the beginning, from the first slight to the second slide, there will be this push transition. But from this second slight to the third slide. There will be nothing because the push push transition was on this slide. So their transition happens between slight number one and two. You can quickly select all slight with my shift click taking the first slight shift kicking the last light will select all slides and you can apply transitions toe all slights at once if you are a bit lazy. So this would be a quick way to add transitions. Let me select none because we will still work with the generations for each slight. The last thing I want to say you, when it comes to transitions it remember that transitions take time. If I select the faith transition, this first slight will start with the fate on the right side. We will talk about the timings in the next lecture. But on the right side we have duration. And this on the left side here this is the duration off the transition. So not only we have animations on this slide. Let me quickly go back toe animations and open the animation pain. We have three seconds and then an endless animation. So we have those animations. But before those animations happen. We have one second off a transition, so this automatically makes the video. If we export a video or a this entire slide one second longer on the beginning, because we have this entrance fade in transition. Police remember, transitions are applied to slight, and transitions take valuable time on slight. This is important to remember when it comes to exporting videos, and you kind of want to know how long your videos will be. Let's go to the next lesson and talk about something super interesting, which will be timing's off entire Slide's. 24. 05-03. Slide Timing and duration: we are close to the final balls. Timing's off slights. This will be a very important because this will determine how long a video will be when you exported under transition Step. I told you that if you select the transition, for example, the fate or any other, you have generation off one second and we have timing off slides. If you create a video, you most often want toe. Instead of selecting one mouse click you want to select after a certain amount of seconds, this is also convenient. If you do presentations, you can make it. After a certain amount of seconds. This goes to the next light. Now watch this. We have animations here, 3.25 seconds, and then another animation, which starts at 3 25 it goes endlessly. You must know that animations overrule timing off a slight, which means animations have have to finish until you can go to the next light. Look at that. Let me select it. This slight should continue after two seconds to the next light. But we have more than two seconds off animations on it. What will happen? Well, you know what will happen because animations have to finish. Only then this life can continue. When it comes to endless animation. At least one interational off. This animation has to end. So one loop, 1.25 seconds off this animation. So start to treason to five. It takes one second and 25. So 4.5 seconds have to pass before this slight can possibly continue to the next light. Why do you want to use the timings and transitions and remember that you have additionally one second off faded. If you want this second of this video to be nine seconds or 10 seconds long, you just work with these. Look at that. We need to make it at least five seconds because we have 4.5 seconds off animation. So no matter if we placed four seconds, three seconds, two seconds, it will anyway play the animations to the end. I hope this makes sense so far. But after that we have complete freedom. We can make the video seven seconds long. We can make the video 12 seconds long. It's completely up to us. Let's make it seven seconds and see what happens. This entire video this entire one slight would have eight seconds of duration. Why? Because we have seven seconds on slight and one second of a fading look at that fading one to tree. Four, 567 Go see. Well, I cannot count seconds perfectly, but you get the idea. If I would make this slide transition to 10 seconds, it would make 123 about three or four off those post animations. And then it would continue one second fade in 1234 5678 nine, 10. You see, this is how it will again pointing my hand at the monitor. But you are watching the monitor because I'm recording it. This is how it works. So I want you to get familiar with the timing. I want you to open power point. Take one slight. No matter if this slightest animated or not. No matter If you at a transition toe this slide or you select none, I want you to select after and play around with the amount of seconds and see what happens . Why do I not use on mouse click? I do not use on mostly because I want to have control over this video. I want to select by myself how long this presentation will last. And this will come perfectly clear in the next lectures. When I show you how to expert videos. I'm really excited at four this moment, So see you in the brief moment. 25. 05-04. Fade in and Fade off: all right, We are a deep, very end. Let's assume now that you want that fade in and fade out for a slight one trick, I very often doing Power point is a use. I used transitions to make the fate in. Then I select right click new slide. I create a completely blank new slide. I right click on this slide. I select former background and I give it a black background. Look at that. From the first light, the first light will fade in tow. A black color, for example. Fate. You get the idea this light will be only here to count as a fade off on the transitions tab . I make sure that this slight has one second off a fade off. Is this or maybe 0 75 1 seconds a bit easier to count and it'll proceed after zero seconds . This means that this blank black slide will have no duration besides this one second. So just in case we create a video Now let's say that my video is supposed to have 10 seconds. No problem. One second off this fate off one second off this fade in, I'll increase it to one second. So we have eight seconds off this slight left. Let's see. No, If everything works properly and if you would be exporting those two slight, they would make a 12th video. Why do I use this blank slide instead of just making the next light and fade off? Because I want just this one slight. This is just a little helper off course. We do not have to make this fate of, but it looks a little nicer because if we wouldn't have this slide this light, that video would just end a black video. And look at that. It looks at Leiser. One second fade off eight seconds off this animation now, Boom, boom, boom and little fade off at the end. See, it looks a little nicer than just abruptly ending the video. This is why you can use those tricks to make a fading or fade off off course. You could do this another way. You could insert rectangle, but this is inconvenient. You could insert a black rectangle, you could go toe animations and you could make this black rectangle toe fate in. But look at that. I'm selecting with previous I'm making this black rectangle to the appropriate place I would like it to be. And 7 25 Okay, maybe more. It will end at nine seconds. But look how inconvenient If I want to edit this slight, I need to move this to decide. Then I need to read it, and then I need to bring this back off course. This would work as well, because this is a normal animation, but I and do prefer to have another slide, which will be that little fate off, no matter if you decide for it or against it. This is something to remember, and it's convenient to have a fade off or exit slight even for your normal presentations or normal posts. It's always a very nice thing to have to have this little faith off in the next lecture will finally export our ready video. I'll show you a few examples how toe make ready posts and slides out off this design 26. 05-05. Exporting ready videos: triumphal moment off. Exporting eight. Ready Video has arrived. Let's assume that you want to export this slide. Number one, I take the fade off the one second fade off. I go to this slide. I quickly go to transitions just to see how long this light is. One second off transition and eight seconds of duration. Perfect. I click on the slide sorter. As you can see, the slight shorter shows me that we have eight seconds off duration. It doesn't consider the fade in and fade off. So this is something to remember by yourself. And my ready video will have 10 seconds. I need to select the other slides. You can just click and drag from the bottom here. Or you can select the last light shift. Click this slide. Right click. Hide. Slight. Okay, Onley. Those two slides are visible active representatives off this presentation. So if you want to export a ready video file export, create a video and look at that. You can see here use recorded timings and orations. We set the timing generations by ourselves by default part. When gives it five seconds per slide, or you can just record yourself the timing generations. If you are talking about the presentation, but this is not the case. I'm creating a video. I will create it to my desktop and I'll pick safe on the bottom. You can see here this is now rendering boom. It has already rendered. Of course, it's also possible Don't have a screen recording software Press shift of five and just record your screen like this year. But you do not have to do this. Let me go to my desktop somehow. Let me go to my desktop. This is my ready video. This would be a perfectly capable and ready file to put any social media. You could have any image in the background. And as you can see in the video perfectly 10 seconds sometimes Power point isn't so perfect . And those animations later little this is just power point. I cannot vouch for it 100% but most off the cases it works really perfectly. We have 10 seconds of the video, just as we wanted. What if you want the next light? No problem, right? Like hide this, um hided this. Give it this fight off. Click on this slide, maybe give it as well. A fate after instead of a mouse click after, like, six seconds. It doesn't matter. I have here a short cut to create a video. I know this isn't available on the power point for Mac version. This is the quick access toolbar here on the normal version of Power Point. We can take all elements we can right click on them on. We can add gallery too quick access to Albert Boom. And we have this very convenient here in the quick access Tolbert. I, for example, made the creative you here with one click desktop slight to enter my video here. On the bottom, as you can see, is rendering. It takes a little while we're under because this is a video but slight to boom. It has 12 seconds because there are some more animations or I don't really remember what we had. Those spins Those spins took a little more. It doesn't matter. He perfect, ready, capable toe upload video. This is how you export videos on Power point. You can off course Do this in a few ways. You can record your screen or exported straight from here with. I wanted to show you in this lecture. How to do this This way. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you for arriving at this point. Now it's your time to export a few videos and see how this works. In practice there, there might be a few variations between the power point for Mac version and the power point for Windows version. But all of what I shown here is possible to achieve with both versions. So you just need to click a little bit around or eventually search for the support pages. If you have some troubles or we can discuss together, maybe we will find the solution. Please continue to the next lecture. We are wrapping up the content. I'd like to very sincerely thank you for working with me and learning with me, and we will talk to each other later. 27. 06-01. Thank you!: pains. Welcome. At the very end off the course, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to take this content with me. I have here a candle I have here an apple flower. I would like to give you everything I have. But the biggest thank you for me personally is if you arrive at the end of the course and you're satisfied about the content. If you are, I would really appreciate. If you give me a thumbs up a positive review. This will really keep me going and tell me that this class was something positive for you. And you learned a lot. For now, there's nothing more from a my sights to say than thank you very much. I have appreciate creating this content. I hope you appreciate this apple now. Just getting I hope you appreciate the content first and foremost. I hope you are going out of this course with new knowledge. And we will see each other in all their electorates like that or on the web in some videos . See you then.