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    • 1. Social Media & Engagement HB


About This Class

In this course we examine the importance of Social Media in business today.

From truly understanding your customers to engagement with them, Social Media offers great opportunities.

We consider some of the issues around great Customer Service and the role of Social Media in achieving this as well as considering some of the challenges posed.


1. Social Media & Engagement HB: Welcome to the social media and customer engagement cause by Robert Solvent. In this course, we show investigate what is meant by customer service excellence and will use various free marks on models on definition to demonstrate to you what is meant by the term customer care and indeed, customer service. We shall then work at the notion off customer and site. We think how we can measure both customer leads on customer preferences. We then look at her. This information is used to personalize it, delivery off our services or products. Customer engagement is always very important to all organizations. And understanding these and preferences of customers both note and in the future on social media and social business offers unrivalled opportunities for us to understand those needs and preferences. Cultural challenges are always there, especially in organizations that are changing rapidly, as are most organizations into these competitive environment. So what is good customer care, customer service or, indeed, total quality management? There are fees, free marks that can be used, but this one the seven seas is common, used and easily understood, so let's cut the seven seas customer culture, communications commitment, comprehension continues improvement on cost you shall know what each in turn. Firstly, there is a customer, and you will be a weird and most customer centric or customer focused organizations. Simply the customer is number one. If it were not for the customer, the organization could not survive or thrive, and therefore the customer is the very essence of any business. What we understand here, though, is that actually the light the customer, you have to understand their needs and preferences. This is what we will wait a river tree as customer and state. Only by understanding customer needs and preferences do we have any chance of meeting news needs and preferences on having any long term success on sustainable customer journeys. Coach, The culture that we're looking for is one off, no fear and no blame. Any organization will have failures and errors and organizations operating at the very forefront of innovation and creativity, particularly soul. As such, that should not be worried toe on up to failures or errors. The essence is that we went from our fields or errors reveling, cover them out, be aware and pick new processes in place to become better in the future. Communications is absolutely vital to any organization operating into these competitive world communications, I guess from two dimensions. The first is communications between the organization on the customer. Good communications really does mean everything to the custom communications between different members of staff as absolutely critical and ensuring that we deliver high quality service to customers. Also commitment by commitment, we mean that the chief executive officer on other senior members of staff are absolutely committed to doing the right thing. They're committee to excellent customer service and advocating for customers on putting things right immediately. Comprehension simply means that each individual member of staff should understand or comprehend what they do and her that leads to end customer satisfaction continues improvement on innovation. Any good quality organization will always have been about continues improvement the understand that we're not perfect and there is always room for improvement. An innovative organizations, such as the ones we are grateful to be working with in today's competitive environment continues. Improvement is taken for granted are such quotes. Organizations cannot rest on your laurels. You have to be continuously improving under innovating. Cost course is of course, very important. Of course, customers want eights on products on excellent services. Off course. They want products and services that meet their needs on the preferences. But of course they weren't at and value for money crazies. You didn't mean the cheapest unnecessarily. But we do mean competitive course can be divided into three main groups. Prevention, appraisal and failure and organizations that are not customer focused. It is likely that feel your costs will be very high in comparison to organizations that have good quality customer service. Implying is that because organizations who do not have a customer focus are unlikely to invest in prevention or appraisal cost to the same extent. Thus, more simply, more goes wrong. In that organization. The cost of failure are made up off points. If someone complains, very often, a number of people in your organization have to become involved and investigating that complaint. We always the good will not only of that customer, but of anyone that they happen to tail about their period experiences. In today's world of social media, that could be hundreds, if not thousands. That's good. Well lost can be fairly significant. And any complaints scenario in the modern organization. In addition to complaints that are prevention costs prevention costs are likely to be the highest costs. Any good customer focused on quality organization. These are simply the costs of getting it right. They me in court the course of equipment to share that, recruit the right people for the job, require them to dio on, of course, their behavior and values that fit well with the customer focused organisation. In addition to such as recruitment costs, you have cheating costs, training our staff to make sure their customer focused their competent and what they do and understand. Their role in our organization can also be fairly expensive. Essentially, what we're seeing is that prevention course mitigate against the course of getting it wrong . There is one other category, of course. Appraisal costs, thes air the course of appraising her Well, we're doing they're right, which involved quality assurance systems such as I s 0 9000 or even the customer service excellence model that people will Katzin. So let's now look at that customer service excellence model. The customer service excellence model has five Cokes which together make up the wheel off great customer service. The first call customer in ST Second Culture of the Organization, third information on accents, fourth delivery and fist. The time and quality off service. Let's look at these in time. Number one customer in ST Customer Insight is essentially good marketing and did not mean advertising good marketing or customer, and ST relies on us knowing the environment in which we open E. It means knowing what is happening no and in the future, perhaps, and political, economic, sociological and technical terms. It means that we have an ageing population, a young population. How is the economy doing Is the economy and growth is the economy in constraint? This helps has worked out what tape of products and services customers are label to Bryant demand No on in the near future. The main part of customer in ST Door is looking at both perspective customers on the customers that we have right now, it means looking at two things. One. What the customer leads on to what the customer prepares. In other words, a customer me need to eat or how fit, but their preference, maybe for a protect your tape of fit. If we have to deliver high quality services or products, we have to understand both on trying to deliver both the culture off the organization. The culture of these organizations are wearing organizations, organizations that continue to evolve that identify any errors, mistakes of complaints on grand from them. The culture of such organizations is such that the head of the organization is likely to enjoy arresting to fill yours, to enjoy putting things right. Number three Information and access There are two aspects of this information, which is about the quality of information. Is information accurate on Is it available close different channels. Thus a good quality organization is likely to have a range of information from brochures. Tilly foots to websites Facebook groups Twitter whatever is necessary for its customer grips access refills Yes to the information, but also to the various channels in which anyone can access the organization's products or services. Our university could be a good example. Traditionally, universities taught Phil tame students, generally young students who had not yet started to their careers, and to these modern world where people are consistently looking for education that is likely to be different. Many universities offer today fill time courses, part time dear release evening on, of course, no yearning. Which of those people over the world. Access to away running 24 7 delivery organizations have objectives, Ames visions, missions and things generally that they need to achieve to measure success. This is what we mean by delivery time and quality of service. International researchers showing certain aspects that people demand from services and indeed, products. These include organizations that answer the telephone quickly, respond quickly to Twitter email and Facebook. Comments on the quality of service relates to the professionalism, the empathy, the friendliness and fairness exhibited by the staff off the organization. N o thes five aspects off quality together make for an excellent organization. The customer service excellence model is a very useful model in reading to a high quality service. A slightly older model, but none know is very important is that off the five dimensions of quality otherwise known a self qual for service quality? The five dimensions are one responsiveness to assurance. Three tangibles, four empathy and five reliability. You will see that too many reasons replicate. The five copes in the customer service excellence. Well, number one responsiveness Yes, responsiveness is about Hey, quickly we respond to the customers and quiet E, but it also has about ho flexible and adaptable, we can be to meet customer preferences. Two assurance assurances about how much our customers are assured that we have the skills, the knowledge, experience and the competence to the river, the service or product that they expect from us. Three. Tangibles The things we can touch if you were in office when they visit the office. Is it clean, tidy professional? If it is a product, as the packaging of high quality, Is it clear? Isn't legible for empathy? This is about people skills, which we said before is probably the most important. Do customers feel that staff empathize with any problems or challenges? The half? There's stuff. Listen to complaints and try and resolve them. Five. Reliability to the very old demand reliability. At one time, reliability standards will not just get, but we know all. Expect our cars to start first time and to keep running. We expect even most inexpensive of pain to work first time every time, managing expectations and perceptions. This theory, if you can call it that, is very important because it gives us a very interesting and ST into what people actually expect from us. Essentially, we're seeing that the quality gap is measured by looking at the distance between expectation of customers on the perception off what they have received did we have working at this is perhaps by using an example. If you're buying from an online change store such as Amazon, it will probably covers a good indication off when the products we have ordered will be the over to us. So, for example, we purchase the product on Amazon. Onder told that it will arrive in four working days. They have managed our expectation. Our perception is the product will arrive in four working days. If that product arrives and two working days were likely to be delighted, why, because of has superseded our expectations off four days? It is, of course possible that Amazon, you know, long it could deliver in two days but had built some slack into the system. So if they had told us to expect the ivory in two days and it had come into these, yes, we would have been happy because they had met our expectation. But our perception must be just be off a good service. That's it is important to realize that often we can manage customer expectations on, therefore, their perception off the quality of the receive. This is a real life example from one of our consultants. Declines. This is a car hire business or car rental business. The car on the left is a small vehicle in the sun Maker. The captain, right is a significantly larger four wheel drive on Drover vehicle, a customer telephone and told the organization that she wished a small rental car to visit her daughter in one off the very large capital cities in Europe. She ordered the car for one week at £20 or 20 US doors. Pretty. When she arrived to pick up the car, she was told that there were no small cars available. Car rental companies frequently overbooked hours on the presumption that people will not turn up to take their hires. If that happens, the often upgrade people free of charge. In essence, since they offered this a lady in a Land Rover which charged out at £80 per day or 80 door pretty for the same price as in the sun. Michaela the way they used the vehicle for a week and came back when she spoke to the staff at the end of for 70 higher. She was very disappointed, annoyed and wish to complain the basis of a complete as his foes. He rented a small car in order that it would be easy to maneuver in park in a major city. She was given a large car. It took more fuel. It was more expensive to operate for the week, and it was almost impossible to park in the inner city. Idiots. What has happened here? The organization staff had not truly understood the customer's needs and presidencies. Hurley was for the hired car. Her preference was what a small, easy to park on frugal on fuel car. Instead, they had met her lead me to be travel. But I feel to meet her preferences, giving her a far more luxurious, comfortable, more expensive to run on difficult to parked car. The message here, of course, says that you really don't need to understand your customers needs and preferences in particular. You need to do that if you're hoping to exceed expectations on Dover. Excellent quality. If we do understand customer needs and expectations very well, we're able to personalize the service, were able to deliver the service that Wien eat really ableto over the pro adopt that they need and the more than world we can choose seats, wheels, cars of her cars. We can choose almost anything to do with any product or service. We have going over these from manufacturers produce something and give it to his old going over these of the Ford Model T the same car, the same color. No, we want personalization so that we can be sure that the vehicle that product, the service we buying meets our elites. Aunt meets up references. We can even see this in such a social care where we're giving people self directed support . This means that the person directs. The nature of this report did acquire on the timings in which it is the lover. Organizations should not guess our needs and preferences if we do the end up as a car hire company that in the previous example good engagement communications on very active listening is no you necessity. So what about customer engagement? Very often, at present company send aid, customer satisfaction surveys hold for Chris scripts, and that's customers about the current goods and services We provide. Some people say that we're driving our business working in the area of human error. If you did that in a motor vehicle, it would be a recipe for disaster. You would not be looking forward that the challenges and obstacles ahead of here on the right, or to run off the road or crash into something in front of you. Perhaps business is no different today. It is about customer engagement. But how the as a customer want to engage with us? Whether that be by telling us by survey, by dropping us a note and email by engaging with us and Twitter or Facebook, or by taking part, perhaps, in a Facebook or other social media grip? These are all good ways off engagement, but it is for the customer to the ST what is the most convenient we to engage with us Robin the rivers. In other words, we need to be weird. Our customers are both physically and emotionally. If you're on a health spa on the swimming pool, it is likely that by being caused to the customer in the swimming pool areas or a perception our staff can engage with them when they're using the facility. They are available to get very good feedback. However, it is also the case that if there is a Facebook club or grip for a facility, customers will give a different paper feedback. It is likely that we will get the emotion, but you will always get a better quality of feedback when you're not at the venue and over time to reflect on this service he received. Thus we need to be where the customers are. We need to offer the customers various we stick of US feedback on. We need to engage with customers on their terms. Social business or social media arose those warts of opportunities to give us instant access to the voice of the customer. If we are looking at prudent grips or service strips and safest pick a ringtone, it gives us an opportunity to work in our customers. On our perspective. Customers we can look at what they're talking about in relation to our products and services, but also in all probability, about the competition. This goes A unique opportunity on one was not possible before social media. What channel should be years? The channel for communication under ended for service or product eleventy should fit the situation on customer preferences. If you think about communication, would it be rate to take someone to tell them they are no longer required in our workplace on there being fired? Of course, not that very much better done on a 1 to 1 basis, it is an opportunity to speak to people, explain why they're no longer required on, perhaps offer some alternatives or choices. Wag wise. It is unlikely we should tweet to someone about the death of him, the relative of theirs, much better to have personalized 1 to 1 discussions. It is, after all, all about social. Expect people. It's about empathy, customers of people that feel respected and loved when yourself by a good organization. So remember the tills. Three years for communication. The tools were used to deliver the service approved out on all but the context. If you think about the way in which customers just to engage and use of our services or products, it just to be very functionally driven by that I mean most organizations with have a sales force. They would have another logistics, the weaponry system, perhaps a finance system after sales and complaints. And this context, if you think of it buying a motor car, normally people would visit it can show them on meet with sales representatives. He would offer them the new vehicle to say than trade and values on country radio. However, after that stage, the customer is unlikely to again talk to the seal drips. They may talk to the logistics or delivery department about when the vehicle is to be delivered to them for pickup. They're like what you talk to someone in finance, the bank or somewhere else about her to finance the car when the car arrives. If it requires a service or if something is wrong with the vehicle, it is like where the person has to contact after seals or service. It may also be the case that something is wrong with the vehicle, and they also have toward your complaint with customer service over the complaints department. In this example, the old way the customer heart to engage with different functions functions made it easy for the supplier, but it was very difficult for the customer who had to what their way through the organization and talk to various individuals often starting from scratch with their information and information about their problem. The new we the jury is much better. Most organizations of one point of contact or if you contact them, they will pass on information rather than forcing us a customer to contact various parts. It is very likely that the customer can use different channels to connect with you separately, the telephone or indeed visiting you Twitter, Facebook, instagram, whatever watts of social media channels are always used to communicate Today. I am suggesting, however, that there is 1/3 we or a better me on this, always a customer to engage in any way a toll with the organization. The organization will then record the customer's interaction, perhaps the complaint or the in quantity, no matter where it comes from. For one, visit Twitter, Facebook or other channels. It is recorded in a customer relationship management database, which is available on the clothed Teoh staff. This means that when the customer gets in contact again, every member of staff understands a customer's position, understands what they're purchased from us on, understands how to help them best social media there four hours us not only to understand the customer's needs and preferences, but always the customer to see that we value them and do not wish their time in transactions with us. But ultimately all business is about people. It is about the people in ER organizations and how they relate to the people who want to buy from us. It is about change, but change in his both direction and effort what we're trying to see here and says that he moved to be watched becoming customer focused organizations. The types of skills, competencies, attitudes and behaviours we need will change in order to consolidate this on the sure that really teen the types of values behaviors etcetera required. We have to ensure that the people on the organization moves from where it waas toe where it has no or aspires to be. We have to make sure that we reward people for the new behaviors and values on, punish them or, if not, punish them, correct people who go back to the old week off being, in other words, for things to change, you have to change. But why, then, with all the opportunities that social media offers us for engaging with her customers for really being able to understand them, to understand what they want from us and prepare for months. Why is it that some people and organizations are very, really off social media? I believe it is because if we do feel or have an error, this can be very public to the people. Take photographs, the scape situations even take video and post them onto social media, which can go viral to thousands of people. Organizations then become responsible for fixing problems. They become accountable for what they have actually done. Andi do so in a very public way. That's I believe. Many of us fear social media because we fear being brought out into the open. We have a problem with failure. So how do we change the main set off? The people that work for us both know and in the future education, recruitment, reward and recognition and continues professional development, an education. It is likely that we should be looking to educate young people with very good inter passion all skills. It is very probable that the wreath of technology will father egg salary in coming years, so chaining people in skills about particular programs, for example, is probably totally unnecessary. It is more important that we understand how literally two individuals and how to understand what people want and need when you're recruiting people. We need to be looking at the competences acquired. Both know and perhaps over the next five years, advocate people with behaviors and attitudes that there are likely to be able to wear those on do new things. Our reward and recognition systems need to change. We need to be rewarding and recognizing people who are adaptable, flexible, and you're opening. Operating any new ways of being continues professional development. We all need to be aware Ming individuals on dwelling organizations, the speak off changes such that it is unlikely without one kid here in our lifetime, we need to be adaptable and flexible, the future and what does it hold? I believe that customer engagement through customer grips, web chance, etcetera on the move towards customer communities on the Internet will indeed be the way forward. In the next five years, we will get more engagement from customers whether we want it or not. Other channels traditional channels will remain on. We need to get to know our customer on prospective customer even better. I think what is exciting about that is that social media follows us. To do that, we can set almost silently, to some extent, working at customers, listening to customers and listening to what they prepare on. Listen to the chant both on our organization, its products and services as well as that of competitors. Customers do have increased expectations on day. I'm sure that will continue. In essence, in somebody. We have fantastic opportunities to get the voice of the customer. We have opportunities Johnson form our industries. We have opportunities to increase self service on community, helping customers resolve any problems. I hope you have found the short course off interest to you. I invite you to contact us in any of the ways detailed below. If this course has a community attached to it a few feet to ask questions of either of us or other course participants, I hope you have enjoyed working the way we believe Customer engagement Customer insight on social media fit together both no on in the future