Social Media Content Factory | Your Step By Step Guide To Build Online Content...With Ease! | Steve Burnside, MBA | Skillshare

Social Media Content Factory | Your Step By Step Guide To Build Online Content...With Ease!

Steve Burnside, MBA

Social Media Content Factory | Your Step By Step Guide To Build Online Content...With Ease!

Steve Burnside, MBA

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18 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. The Topic of Topics

    • 3. Google for Topics

    • 4. The Keyword Planner

    • 5. Google Trends

    • 6. Keywords Everywhere (Literally)

    • 7. The One-Page Outline

    • 8. Easy Video Tech

    • 9. Video Editing Basics

    • 10. Video Captions, The Easy Way

    • 11. Vertical Video

    • 12. The Ultimate Giver

    • 13. Your YouTube Channel

    • 14. Website Articles (BLOG)

    • 15. Unique Quote Cards

    • 16. Posting on Social Media

    • 17. Schedule..Rinse and Repeat

    • 18. YAY! Congrats...

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About This Class

Unlock the Key to a Consistent, Meaningful, and Needle-Moving Social Media Strategy!

In this class, Digital Marketing Expert Steve Burnside shares his unique approach to creating an easy, scalable social media content system, that will free you from the stress of coming up with social media content and help you generate months worth of content in just a few hours.

With a focus on creating unique content, this class start from the beginning and take you through the complete journey, from finding topics, to creating content and scheduling it out on all the major social media platforms. 

This is the easy button for your social media content strategy!

Hands-on lessons cover:

  • Creating a Social Media "machine" that will generate months of content
  • Creating content for Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, your Website, and more!
  • Finding the topics that people want to hear about
  • The One-Page Outline that will be your guiding light 
  • Creating original visuals for your posts
  • Scheduling, and repurposing posts
  • and oh, so much more! 

Plus, Steve will take you through the basics of recording (with your iPhone or Android phone) and editing videos so you can take your content to the next level! 

This class is open to all levels. While no previous social media management experience is necessary, some basic familiarity with Social Media is useful. All you need to follow along is a computer, your smartphone and an open mind. 

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1. Welcome: Well, let's start with a resounding welcome to this course. By the end of this course, you are going to be a social media content factory. You're gonna be so far ahead time you're gonna have content scheduled out for weeks, maybe even months. And all with a simple plan that is scalable template herbal. So you could do it over and over and over again. I hope you're excited. I'm excited to teach this to you. So to start off, I just want to give away the golden egg. Let's talk about exactly what you're going. Toe learn. So first, we're gonna talk about how you even find the content you're going to talk about. Well, once you have that content, what are you going to do with it? Well, first off, you're going to make a video. Now, that might sound scary, but don't turn this course off. I'm gonna show you videos the easy way. If you've never made a video before, all you need is your iPhone or Android phone and a couple quick tips and you're going to be a video master. It's not going to be a problem. Where we gonna do with that? video, we're going to translate it into a blawg post for our website. That content can be hugely beneficial for so many reasons. Run here all of those things. But we're gonna turn it into more of a long form piece of content. If you don't have a block, get that's okay. This is still a huge part of our process. And once you have this down, this is really, really quick. From there. We're gonna make content for any social media platform you want to make content for, whether that's Facebook instagram linked in How about Twitter or even YouTube? If you've always dreamed of a YouTube channel, this is the place for you. So, like I said, by the end of this, you are going to have a system in place that you're gonna be able to create content for all of these platforms, schedule him out and be really a social media rock star. Okay, what are we waiting for? Let's get started 2. The Topic of Topics: before we jump into how to find topics. I want to talk a little bit on the topic of topics, and all of us are trying to create an online business around something that we know we enjoy that we believe we have expertise in. So whether that's playing guitar or cooking or knitting, there are hundreds of thousands of topics in all of those fields. So in this course we're going to talk about the type of topics that we can find that we know. People are searching for, that, have that are trending, that are going to get us found by people that maybe don't know us. That's what we're going to talk about specifically here. There's another kind of topic that's a thought leadership topic or even a brand topic, and those types of topics maybe don't have the highest search volume. But they really spotlight you as a leader, as an educator, as you know, really somebody knowledgeable in your field and it's OK and I want you to have both types of topics for that. So let's break that down a little bit, so if we're talking about you know your guitar player, you want to start a guitar online empire. Well, when we do our search for trending topics, we might find a topic something like the 1st 3 chord you should play on guitar. Maybe that's a trending topic. That's not something that's going to necessarily shine your expertise on the guitar. But that's you just trying to help beginners get past that, that first frustrating part of not knowing how to play any cords, and that's going to get higher search volume. It's going to get you found. It's going to really appeal to those people that could see you as an expert in your field. But on the other side, I'm also going to have content that something like how I took one chord and turned it into an orchestra masterpiece. Now nobody is going to be searching that, but it will show me as an expert, as people find me on the Internet or find me on YouTube or on Facebook, and they see I'm putting out this kind of higher level content that isn't going to get the search volume. But that topic can be really interesting for people just scrolling through a feed and seen a topic like that. So it's just important to make that differentiation because during this course, we're going to talk about really, how to find topics, and most of that is going to be driven by Google search. So I also want you to be aware that you don't have to just stick to those topics. Talk about the things you're passionate about, talking of the things that make you an expert. You need both of those types of topics, and with that, let's start finding some topics. 3. Google for Topics: so it is time to start finding some amazing topics. The goal of this topic section of the course is that you could spend 1 to 2 hours a month and have 1 to 2 months worth of content ready to rock n roll's forest titles going Topics go. So that might sound like an impossibility to right now. I promise you, once you have these tools, you're gonna realize how easy it is to find topics that other people are searching. So here's the set up on the right hand side, I just have a note pad of pages, blank pages document open. So whatever you use for notes, you could just have that up on the right hand side cause you wouldn't be able to just type these down and make sure you have, um, have them documented. Somewhere on the left hand side, we have Google, and Google is our first stop in finding amazing topics. So all you're going to do its search, whatever topic generally are thinking about. So I'm just say, Facebook advertising. Now, as I'm typing, the first thing you see here is as I'm typing Facebook all of a sudden, Google is populating Ah, whole bunch of different searches below that Facebook. Now the search is there, populating there are searches that are popular. So you want to stop and take a second? Maybe not even type your whole phrase out cause I'm about to type advertising and as a matter of fact, the ones kind of above and purple or ones I've searched for in the past. But all the ones that are in black there are topics that people are searching. So let's see if any of those would be good topics. So Facebook and Instagram advertising Okay, Facebook advertising costs. I like that. So I'm gonna type that over my notes. Ah, Facebook and instagram Facebook Marketplace Facebook verse instagram marketing. That could be interesting. Let's see Facebook ads manager like that. Facebook and instagram advertising cost and that we kind of have that here. But I think instagram advertising costs would be its own thing. Awesome. Okay, so we haven't even hit search yet and we already have four potential topics or even four topics that we could put into Google search and find even more topics. So let's just go ahead. New Facebook advertising and I'm on it hit Search. Now this page is officially known as the CERP, or search engine results Page and the CERP offers you aton of information that you can use to find topics. Now, I want to point out something this information on the right, this key, this related keyword you probably don't see that that's a plug in that I have that we're going to talk about in a future lesson. So don't worry about that now. We're actually gonna just talk about what Google gives you for free. And as a matter of fact, I'll just blur that right side out real quick. Just so you're not tempted to look at it, Okay, with that being said, we are now searching Facebook advertising. So we have the, you know, the first searcher's old great. But now we come to this box. People also ask what a great box this is. So what Google is telling you is that people that are searching Facebook advertising here, other questions they are asking, and you'll probably see these look pretty similar to the results we were getting when we just started typing in Facebook and we had that drop down menu, But Let's take a look at what these four are. So this 1st 1 is how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? I really like this one versus Facebook advertising costs because I could literally see somebody typing this in. If somebody says types in how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? I wanna have content that answers that question. So I really like that for me. You know, I put a little star next to it. You have some, you know, just some indicator that I really like this topic. And I should probably make content around that. Number two. Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook? I really like that, too. I'll give that 12 stars. How do you advertise on Facebook? And as a matter what I like about this one, too, is I just released my Facebook advertising course so I could actually do an article on How do you advertise on Facebook and link people over to my core? So I like that So and then this bottom one. What is Facebook paid? Advertising. I like that one too. I mean, these are all great topic. So right off the bat. We've Onley searched one time, and we probably already have four or five topics that we could talk about. So if we're doing one post a week are month is done. We're already done. I mean, wrap up shop. Let's call it a day. No, let's not do that. Let's keep going. Um, so we're gonna keep scrolling down The other thing, you're seeing a lot in Google. The Google search engine results page now is these videos. Now, all of these videos are sourced from YouTube. So this is why it's so important to have a YouTube presence, right? Cause don't you want your video showing up right here? Anything you can get on Page one of Google is that's gold. So if you're feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of doing videos use, this is some inspiration on why it's important to do them. So now we're gonna scroll to the bottom of the page. The bottom of the page is full of just great information. So first off, we're going to see this related searches box. So the related searches is showing you searches that are that people that are searching for Facebook advertising. Here's other things that they're searching for. Facebook Messenger advertising, Twitter advertising linked in advertising. Advertising on instagram actually really like this because if you don't know the advertising dashboard for Instagram is also on the advertising dashboard for Facebook. They're the same dashboard. So when you go into Facebook and create your ad, it's the same place where you advertise on Instagram's. That's a really easy carry over for me. So I'm gonna type advertising on Instagram. I love that is a topic. Okay, now, here's the thing. You can now click on this and I'm gonna open this in a new tab. And now we're going to see the search engine results page for the phrase advertising on Instagram and Weaken. Do the exact same analysis of this page, and now we have people. All also ask and we have the videos and we're now we're down here to the part we haven't talked about yet, which is searches related to at the very bottom. So that related searches box. If it shows up now, to be fair, it doesn't always show up. When we just saw that on this page that this box doesn't always show, but when it does. You definitely want to leverage it. And now, at the bottom of your search engine results page, and this will show up on every page. Is this searches related to Facebook advertising? This is really this is the canary in the coal mine, if you will, because this is what people are searching for. In addition to Facebook advertising. Now I know we've kind of said that a couple different times on this page, but take that all together and go man. You can come up with kind of a high level topic like Facebook advertising and see what Google is giving you insight to people's minds of how they're searching for the topic that you want to talk about. We need the leverage. It's amazing. It's it's crazy to think this much information is available on just one page, and we're not even through our first video of how to find topics. So hopefully you're already getting really excited. I'm getting excited. You probably hear my voice. So here we go. So Facebook advertising costs Facebook ads manager. Facebook advertising strategy. That's interesting. Facebook business. Facebook ads Library. Okay, Facebook free advertising for small businesses. So if I looked at those I said, Okay, great. I really like this idea of Facebook advertising strategy. I'm gonna click on that. And that will have the search engine results page for Facebook advertising strategy. So now we can scroll down and look at some of the same things. How do I create a Facebook advertising strategy? What is Facebook's marketing strategy? What are the advertising strategies? How or does advertising on Facebook really work? So you get you're gonna have definitely some similarities and some crossovers. But how do I create a Facebook marketing strategy? I like that. Okay. And now we're gonna just keep scrolling down here. And now we have these related searches down here. Facebook advertising straight 2019 Facebook advertising strategy. Pdf if you're going to create a free giveaway, maybe this is one of those options fit Facebook at Let's put that over here for that Under my free giveaway question. Mark section here. Perfect. Okay. Facebook ads, strategy, Facebook, ad targeting tips. I like that. Okay, so now we've created I mean, how many articles do we have here? 10. Probably already. So then you could click Facebook ad targeting tips cause I really like that. And the other thing you're online and notice is topics that keep showing themselves over and over again because those when they're going to beam or search. So we keep seeing the word advertising cost. How much does it cost? How much does it cost? So that will be probably the first article that I would do out of this at this point. I mean, once again, this is very preliminary. But you know, depending on what we find out about that, that keyword in future videos, maybe our first article will be how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? So now we'll scroll down here because now we have Facebook ad targeting tips, and I'm going to scroll down here. You can always look at the articles that are showing up on page one because this is where you want to be, so you can kind of see what the topics of those air 49 Facebook ad targeting tips. 10 Facebook ad targeting tips. 20 ways to improve your Facebook ads with better targeting. Okay, great. And then we get to the bottom here. Guns searches related to Facebook ad targeting tips. Facebook ad targeting tips 2020 2019. So these are getting pretty similar. How to target the right audience on Facebook. I like that. And you might be saying to me, They stand yourself right now, Steve, A lot of these feel like they're the same question and they are with similar contents. But the reality is people are asking things different ways. So we want to have content that answers their question. However, they're asking it so we might have a Facebook ad targeting tip video and article and social media content. But maybe we create a second video called How to Target the Right Audience on Facebook. That could be a lot of similar information, but it's just somebody asking the question a different way, and we want to be there to answer their question. So with that, I've shown you really some some great tips on the search engine results Page. Ah, and I think at this point you kind of get the flow and get how I use this when, at this point I would say you after that last click, I kind of feel like they're getting a little bit stale down here, here and searches related to so then I might try a different search were appear to kind of start fresh. Start a fresh rabbit hole, if you will, but there you go. That's how you use Google and the Google search engine Results Page to start coming up with topics. 4. The Keyword Planner: All right, So our next step in finding keywords and topic titles is actually in the Google ads Dashboard. Now, don't be scared by that. Don't be worry. Don't think I'm gonna make you spend a whole bunch of money doing Google ads to get this information. You absolutely do not have to do that. But you do have to have a Google ads account. So if you don't have a Google ads account yet, Goto adds dot google dot com. You can sign up for a free account. You don't have to run an ad. You could just sign up and you'll be good to go and then you'll be put into their dashboard . Once you're in the dashboard, you go under tools and settings. Planning keyword planner From here, we're gonna hit, discover new keywords. Yep, that sounds like a good idea. And then you'll see. We can actually just type in a keyword right here to discover Mawr keywords related to the key word. We are plugging in there now. The other cool thing about this tool is you can also see it's a start with a website, so if you have a website that already has content there. Or here's a hot tip that I talk about in my content Marketing for S e O. Is that you can actually use a competitors website. Plug it in there and Google will tell you what keywords would be closely affiliated with that site so I can get some inside info if you will. But where is gonna type in Facebook advertising costs right here, since it's our first keyword that we have on our list and we're gonna hit get results. And now right off the bat, Google has given us ah, 154 keyword ideas based on Facebook advertising cost. This is awesome. I mean, and you could just take this. There's actually little button right here. Says download keyword ideas. You can download this into a C S V so you can put it into an Excel file or into ah, numbers file and manipulate it from there. Or just start collecting keyword ideas. You can see that these columns are sorted right now by keyword relevant. So here's our main keyword we provided, and these ideas are sorted by how how closely relevant Google believes they are to the search phrase that you put in. We also see volume, which is the number of searches we've had in the last month. CPC and comp are really metrics used for Google ads. And so since this isn't a Google ads course, we're not even on a muddy the water with those. But you do also have average monthly searches. So this is the average number of searches that this keyword gets on a ah on any given month . So those are gonna have quite a bit of spread to them because keywords trend up and down. And so anything from 1000 to 10,000 for this Facebook advertising costs. But you can see some of them have 100 to 1000 and some of them have 0 to 10. And of course, this one's gonna be 0 to 10 right now, because it's average CPM, which has cost per 1000 Facebook 2018. Not many people are searching for that any more so. But you do have enough data here to kind of understand what keywords air out there. How many people are searching for them, how much search there is, and then on a monthly average basis, is this keyword going to keep up over time, right? So we wouldn't use a keyword that has a really low average monthly search unnecessarily so And then the other column here is just competition. How competitive is this keyword? So depending on what you're going for, you know the load of medium ones tend to be the ones I I shoot for because you have the best chance of getting found for those keywords from here. The neat thing about this, too, is up here. You see, we have a broaden your search. So Google is also giving you other phrases that they believe that you might be interested in. So let's just click this Facebook one, and we'll get rid of Facebook advertising costs. What happens when we just click Facebook? So there we go. Now we have 1220 keyword ideas that we can start looking at, and you can see the word Facebook, and it's actually good point. The less words you use here, the more broad these ideas are going to be. So Facebook, Facebook, Log in Facebook, Log in free Facebook, Facebook Log, log in sign. I mean, those are not gonna be articles, although they have a huge amount of average monthly searches. The reality is people aren't searching for that for an article. They're just trying to find the Facebook log in page. So key words that are too short can sometimes really create a headache. Because you're not you're not specific enough. So you're getting a lot of just very, very general keywords. So if we go back and hit, discover new keywords again, let's put in one other one just to kind of see what happens. How about Facebook advertising strategy? I'm gonna get the results for that. And here we go. Facebook ad targeting Facebook ad strategy, Facebook at Target. And now we have another 62 keyword ideas. Shopify Facebook ad strategies. Oh, I like that. And so once again, we could just keep popping in our keywords. And just even if we grabbed 1235 different ideas from each one of these results are List is going to get very, very long, very quick, and then I can just go up here and go. How about social media advertising strategy? I like that. So I'll click. Plus here I'm actually take away Facebook advertising strategy and then get results. Here and now I have another 12 keyword ideas. Social media advertising strategy. Ah, best Social Media's at advertising strategy paid social media advertising strategy. So those are different things. We could do PPC pay per click So you're the You can spend a lot of time in this tool just clicking on these additional ideas, popping in the key words you've already found to continue to grow your list. So this keyword planner once again is totally free. All you have to do is have a Google ads account, and you are in, so have some good times with the Google ads. Keyword planner. 5. Google Trends: So our next step in keyword research is going to be Google trends. So this is trends dot google dot com, and as soon as you go there, you don't need an account for this. It's just a website Google offers, and you're gonna be presented with Enter a Search term or topic. So we're gonna throw in advertising on instrument and you can see the next page were presented with Is first off a graph of interest over time. How how popular is this topic over time? Now we have that said at the past our past 12 months. But we knew past our past four hours past day past five years past 90 days, and you can see how the topic ebbs and flows. So let's do the past 12 months just to give us a good amount of data there, and you could see that it has peaks and valleys and so you can actually have your keywords and focus on keywords that are trending historically in certain parts of the year. So it's kind of cool. As you scroll down, you'll actually see interest by subregion. So what areas of the country and we're in the us here. Um, and you can actually change where you're looking at. So we have United States up here, but you can actually change what country you're looking at. You can actually also change if you're looking at image search, new search, Google shopping or you tube search. So what we did, you tube search and we can see how that changes over time to let's go back to Web search, though as we scroll down, you can see obviously the popular areas interest by region. But then they also give you another related topic section. So targeted advertising is a topic user computing strategy, government influence or topic, and you could see this is a breakout topic. So let's do influence or just see what it says. Because right now we're just in the collection face the the Let's collect some keyword ideas. Now, whatever topic you're talking about, you are going to get ideas about that. So this is just broaden your horizon of possible articles and videos you could be creating . So here we go. As we typed in influencer, we can see that related topics. We also have related quarries, which is Tic tac influence or influence rewards 2019 American influencer. So this tool is just once get really neat tool that kind of just being there. Take some time, do some research. You might find that some of your keywords were really popular a year ago and have just been a downtrend. You might find some of them were on on an uptrend. You might find some that go up and down, so use this tool as a resource and a research platform to know what keywords are you should be using during what part of the year and also to come up with a couple new keyword ideas. So there you go. That's Google trends. Another page. You should be book marking in your bookmarks and checking out your keywords with All right , let's jump on to the next lesson. 6. Keywords Everywhere (Literally): So a couple videos back, I told you that there's a section on the right hand side of my searching in Result page that you probably don't have. That's a plug, and I have. Well, it's time to talk about that Plug in and the plug in is called keywords everywhere. So this is one of my favorite tools for keyword research and brainstorming because it essentially brings a bunch of the tools that we've already used, but it brings them all into one place. So all I have to do is be on the Google search engine results page, and I don't have to go anywhere else to figure out which keywords I want to use. Here. You have Facebook advertising in as our keyword, and now you can see keywords everywhere has ah whole bunch of data here for us. And one of the reasons that we don't talk about this first is because keywords everywhere is actually a paid tool, but it's very, very inexpensive, so I'll show you what I mean by that momentarily. But when I search for Facebook advertising, you can see right here on the right hand side, it pulls up related keywords Facebook advertising cost. Now you probably remember seeing these Facebook at agency Facebook Ads Library. That's actually a pretty cool one on it. I'm gonna type that in over here. Facebook Ads Library is a pretty cool feature that will do our article in our video on the Facebook Ads library. We're gonna put a little twist on it also, um, but you'll see what that is here later on in the course. But next, keywords everywhere gives us the people also search for. So here's a whole bunch of related topics how to create a traffic and on Facebook website traffic. So there's a bunch of keywords right here. Now what we have seen so far where it's just giving me the keywords. I don't pay anything for that that is actually free. But you can see that there's a button here that says Load metrics use 34 credits. Now, 34 credits might sound like a lot, but if we go over to the keywords everywhere tool and go to pricing, you can see it's on Lee. $10 for 100,000 credits. So if you're going to spend money on a keyword tool, 10 bucks for 100,000 credits that that'll last you quite a while. So if your total cost for the years $50 for something like this, or even $20 well worth it so you'll see what happens when I hit load metrics. You'll see all of the sudden I'm presented with the volume, the cost per click and that competition metric that we looked at earlier. Now for what we're doing. I'm really looking at the volume because I want to know that if I'm gonna put effort into contents that people are actually searching for that content, right? So Facebook ads tutorial Facebook ads pricing Facebook advertising costs. Now the other nice thing about keywords everywhere is you can create a rabbit hole with this also. So if we like Okay, Facebook ads tutorial, we can click that. And now it's going to populate the next Google Search engine results page. And then we can have a whole bunch more related keywords, and people always search for keywords. So Facebook advertising primer. I like that. I mean, that could be a good idea. Facebook boost or Facebook campaign examples how to create a Facebook campaign. I like that too. So we'll type that over there in our idealist Facebook ads checklist. That's a free giveaway idea. Perfect Facebook Advertising for Dummies. How to run a targeted Facebook at Facebook. Marketing secrets. So now we can load more metrics, and how it works is every key word it gives you information from is a credit. So there's 37 key words here, and so we're gonna load these metrics and then we can see the volume the CPC in the calm for each one of those. The other neat thing about this that we're not going to really dive into in this course, but just know it's available. This is not just for the Google search engine result page. You can actually use this on all of these sites. So Google Search search console analytics, Google trends, keyword planner being YouTube ah, YouTube tags, Amazon, eBay, etc. Answer the public. All of these sites keywords everywhere can actually integrate with. So when you're doing searches on there, you can actually see how many searches air happening. So if you're doing an e commerce thing and you're running on Amazon and eBay, this could be really, really powerful also, so There you go, Keywords. Ever. This is the tool that really ties it all together. And at this point, we definitely have enough keyword ideas around Facebook advertising to start planning our video and our next step. So with that, let's go on to the next lesson. 7. The One-Page Outline: so we have our topics. Now we need to talk about outlining our video. Now, this is where it gets easy, cause the hard part is just figured out what we're going to talk about in the video. The rest is just a piece of cake. So I've decided we're going to use this Facebook ads library topic. I'm really excited about that. Actually, did a little additional research on that It's getting about 90,500 monthly searches, So I think that's a great topic for us toe work on. And so I actually put my outline together. I figured you didn't want to watch me, right, all of this. But I want to go over it with you cause I want you to use this same general formatting first off the title for me, the titles. Going to Facebook Ad library lets you spy on your competitors. Facebook ads. Not a huge fan of the word spy. But I can tell you, just from other keyword research I've done, I know a lot of people are Googling How do I spy on Facebook ads? And so I want to make sure I'm capturing as much traffic as possible right as much searches possible. So although I would like to say something like Facebook ad Library lets you see what your competitors are doing, Um, the spy really is a powerful word in there. The hook, the hook is really what are people going to get out of this video? Well, the hook with this is with Facebook ads library. You can see all the ads your competitors are running. I mean, that is the hook. After that, we have the body slash story. So launch in 2018 and originally just showed political ads. Facebook Ad Library now houses ads of every business running ads on Facebook. Facebook made this feature due to privacy and transparency concerns. Really? That's the story I'm from that. I'm gonna break out kind of 3 to 5 bullet points that I want to make sure I make in my video and the 3 to 5 bullet points you're going toe watch how those 3 to 5 bullet points turn into so much more. Moving forward. 21 will be go to facebook dot com slash add slash library and search people's ads. Point number two is anybody can now do competitive research. And if you're not doing research, you're going to get left behind because we don't know it all. No one person knows at all, but this allows you to see the trends of ads happening on Facebook. So Point number three is use these as inspiration, not copies we don't want. Just copy people's ads. We want to use them as inspiration. And point number four is check back often to see what new ads are running. Don't just do this one time and then forget about it. Come back every couple weeks, see what people are running. See what new ads air up all of that good stuff. Now, once we get those 3 to 5 points, what is my call to action was the thing I want people to do after this. Well, if you're ready, start crushing Facebook ads. Check out my Facebook ads course, so I'll have a call to action in the video as well as the long form content that we're going to create. So with that, that's the outline of my video. Now, if you're stuck on some of this stuff, always remember the old thing. We probably learned back in elementary school. If you're stuck on an outline, you can always revert back toe. Who? What? Why, when, Where and how this is. If you can answer all of those questions, you're gonna have a good story. Also, I wouldn't take into consideration. Not all of your videos are going to be how to videos. So use this as a basic outlining guideline. Something to think about here is we are going to take this into social. So having quick points and thinking and tweets, if you will, thinking it's in short sentences is actually going to be helpful. So one of things I added here when I started thinking that ways, If you're not doing research, you're going to get left behind, and we're gonna use that line in the video. We're going to use that in our long coffee, and we're gonna use that in our social media posts. So as we're going through this, those short sentences that you think of just put him down and then we can make sure they get in there. So that's how we outline our video. So we're almost there now. We just have to record our video. I can feel the blood pressure going up already. Don't worry. I'm gonna show you exactly how to record your video from your iPhone or Android phone and how to easily edit it. So let's go ahead and get in to how to record this video. 8. Easy Video Tech: So now it's time to talk about actually recording your video. And so, yeah, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on recording here, but that is not the point here. The point is, is to make this easy and to get to content out there. That's how you become a social media marketing factory. So for the video where we're gonna record, all you're gonna need is your phone, and I would recommend So for the video you're gonna record, all you're going to need is your phone. The rest of this is recommendations. So I would recommend a way to get audio into your phone. That isn't just the phone's microphone, because really in video, the video itself can be OK. But if the audio is bad, it is hard toe. Listen through a video with bad audio. So I would recommend is picking up one of these guys. This is a little lapel, Mike. This is actually a road lapel mic. Ivan iPhone. So it has a little adapter on the other end of it to go into it. These things, this is a pretty nice one. It's like 80 bucks, but they make a ton of these even get on Amazon for 15 or $20 on the resource is Paige, they'll be links to all of these, so you can definitely check out those. The other thing that I would recommend is some sort of phone holder. So this is a little contraption that hold your phone. I'm gonna put it on a tripod. The tripod That holding the camera, recording this with right now. And then that way, my phone will stay stable as I'm recording it. Uh, I'm actually recording if you didn't know With the green sheep behind me, some people in the industry will call this a green screen. But, you know, this is just a green piece of cloth that I bought off Amazon for 10 or 15 bucks, and it works just fine. And if you had to get some lighting, you could get something like a ring light, something like this that's going to bring light into your video. And once again, links to all of those links to all these things will be in the resource is Page. So the only thing you have to have is the phone. Okay, That is the the interest the entry fee, if you will. You know, you don't have a ring like that's fine. Use some sunshine. Use daylight. Use some other kind of light that you have some white light that you have go record outside . Go record next to your sliding glass door where the lights coming in, Hitting your face, right. Don't back light, but let the light come in hitting your face If you Onley have your phone and you're just testing this out. That's fine. Just be as close to the phone as you can on. Obviously, the newer the phone, the better the microphone is. But you know the further away, the more echoey it's going to sound. The mawr. You re verb in the room you're going to get, so try to get close to it. Um, and other than that, that's how we're going to record this video. Nice and easy. They were going to throw the video into Camp Tasia because I'm also going to do a screen recording. I'm gonna show you how to mix both of those. It's really this easy. Put your phone up, Record yourself, throw it in camp Tasia, do a little bit of editing. Call it a day 9. Video Editing Basics: Alright, so I've taken my iPhone every quarter. The video. I've been a quick screen capture of some of the things I want to talk about on the Facebook sites you can see right here, and I used Camped Asia, which is the software we're in right now, But you can use quick time if you have a Mac user. Quick time to screen recording can't ages both Mac and PC There's a ton of different screen recording software out there, So if what you are talking about in 12 screen recording, that's why I want to throw this in there also, and we're just going to do a quick, just the absolute crash course on video editing. So if you already know how to edit video, feel free to skip this. But if you don't and you're intimidated by it, I want to tell you there's only a couple things you're going to need to know how to do to get your first videos up and running. And those things are, get rid of the green screen. If you're using a green three now, you might have an amazing background at your house or your office or your studio so you won't even need a green scream. I'm gonna show you how to get rid of that. How to simply cut the video up, slide different pieces into the places they're supposed to go make a few small adjustments and you are good to go. So with that being said, let's do the first thing which is removed the green screen. So in software like Camp Tasia, you're gonna have audio effects and visual effects. They just call it, remove a color. Ah, lot of other software is going to call that chroma key. That's kind of the industry term for it. So all we're gonna do is apply that effect to our clip here and then over here there's always going to be a tolerance level. There's the green that you've chosen. And then how many degrees away from that green are you going to have also, So I'm gonna slide this over and you'll see as I slide it. There's green going away and coming back. This green is not the exact green of my background. So I was going to choose kind of somewhere in the middle there, and you'll see the most of the green screen went away, and I'm gonna try to just bring as much out of my hair as possible before it starts taking my shirt away. Because you'll see it'll take all of us away at some point. And so let's And I kind of look at my eyes. The blue and the blue in my eyes starts going away. I know I've kind of hit my limit. Now, the second thing I always do with videos, I make sure that the audio is coming in mono. So here I just selected both clips and you can see I can mix tamano. So what that make sure is that there is sound coming both out of the left and right, headphone or left and right speakers in a car or left and right speakers on somebody's desk so you don't want you don't want it just coming out of the left or right side you want coming out of both. And finally, just the simple cutting pay so you can see here. Here's the video. Okay, so you have a lot of space here. I took a couple different takes. Ah, we all make mistakes on video. Nobody does video perfect So the beauty of fate of editing and video editing is that you can take a many takes as you want and just cut and paste. So all we do is we're gonna cut. I'm gonna split that. And then all of that you conceived down here, there's just no audio because I was just fumbling around. So you split that there, and then I'm gonna cut that out so selected and hit, delete, and then move the rest over. And now that's brought the video together. So I'm just gonna keep doing that until I have the video I like. Now there's an introduction here. Yep, that's the one I did that I liked so much Split that. Delete that. And I'm gonna grab both of these and bring them over. And I'm gonna just keep doing that until I have the video that I actually like, and then we're going to get to this part where it goes to the screen recording and now one note here, make sure you leave yourself after you say your last words. Give yourself a couple of seconds so you can cut that out. So say your last words and stand in front of the camera for a second or two so you can cut it because this is what what you want to be able to dio. So I want to be able to cut it right there. But what if I just immediately went up to the camera and I had to like, deal with that? Then everybody would see me coming up to the camera alternated off. So anyway, this is the basics of video editing. Something like Cam Tasia is makes it super easy. And then, as soon as you're done with this, you can in Camp Tasia, they call it share local file. So then you can go local file and share this as an MP four, which is a video file. They also allow you to share to dot gov dot gift. But I was just export to MP four. That's fine for everything I'm doing export. And then you'll be able to have that video. A lot of video editing Softwares such as Camped Asia also allow you to share straight to YouTube straight to Google drive. So if you if you're using Google Drive to store your videos, you'd actually able to just go right to Google Drive if you're looking to grab a frame. So you were looking for a frame for a thumbnail for YouTube, then you can might be rough to find a good frame in this little section, but little just if we wanted that frame share export frame. And that's that. And one thing to know. When you remove the green screen, it's actually removing all of the background. So often, in a case like this, I'll actually take another background and put it under there. And then we'll have kind of a background that's not just black and sometimes that you just black with. Sometimes I'll throw a background in there like this, and there you go. It looks like I'm giving this talk in a cabin with my flannel on. It's perfect. And that's about all you need to know about video editing. There you go. How to cut, how to remove green screen, how to move things around to get him in the order you want. So I'm gonna work on this video and get the final one done 10. Video Captions, The Easy Way: All right, so now we have our video, but we want to add captions to the video, especially if you're gonna be posting this video on Facebook because as people are scrolling, the video audio doesn't come in. You really you're gonna need that text to catch their attention. In addition to that, we're gonna show you how we're gonna use this text to make our long form piece of content as well. So we're going to use the site here called Sub Title. There's a whole bunch of other sites that do this, but this is just one you can use, and all we're gonna do is we're gonna sign up for free and that takes you to this dashboard was going to add a new video. And here's our video right here. So we're gonna choose that video, and we're going to upload it into subtitle. Once the video uploads, it's going to extract the audio tracks which you can see is happening here. So once your video totally uploads, then you're presented with this screen. And if this isn't so cool, if you're not super excited about what you see here, this is amazing. So it's basically taken all of the words that I've said on the video and turned them into text and put them as captions on my video. So I go to anywhere in the video and you can see wherever I'm at its on a highlight the text that's being said right there. And there's a certain piece of texts that I want Teoh. See what part of video it's on? I can click up there and then it will take me to that part of the video, which is supercool also. And I can also play the video and I can play it in regular time. I can speed it up, slow it down. It will show me which text is being is being put on the screen at the time. So this is totally put captions on my video. If I don't like the look of this, I can actually go to style video and I can actually change the captions style, you know, do this instead, or that whatever we want to do, I can change the aspect ratio. I can added headline, so I can also do some fine tuning on the position and all sorts of things. So you can style it to make sure it's how you like it, and then you have the opportunity to render it and download. So once you're satisfied the video, click the button below and render it and hit continue. So now that it's downloading, I've been given the opportunity to either view the transcript or download the SRT. Now the SRT file is used. If you're uploading, you can upload the SRT file into, like Facebook or any other video platform that you want. But the thing I really want you to focus on here is View Transcript. Because now we have this transcript. We're going to download this. It comes down as a text file, and then we're going to use that for another piece of this whole machine. So super science. We have the video done this point. The video's done. It's shot, it's edited, we have captions on it, and now we've just downloaded all of the text that is on the video. So hopefully you're starting to see how this whole thing is going to come together. It's getting pretty exciting. We'll see you in the next lesson. 11. Vertical Video: all right, so I just thought I'd throw this lesson. And in case you're interested in doing videos and videos with captions, maybe videos that are a little more produced on platforms that have vertical format videos such as instagram stories. So this video actually comes from a YouTube video did on my YouTube channel. If you're interested in that, I'll put a link to the YouTube channel in the description of this specific lesson by thought of. Instead of just recording it all over again, I would just show you the YouTube video. So with that que the YouTube video and here's how you export into instagram stories and vertical platforms from Final Cut Pro. But the theories apply to any video editing software that you're using, so I hope you enjoy what's happening. It's Steve here to help you turn your passion into income, and today we're gonna talk about how to get some sweet instagram stories video out of final cut pro, so you probably have a bunch of video that you shot landscape, and now you want to turn that into instagram stories video and you're not quite sure how to do it. And final cut pro. Well, in about two minutes, I'm gonna show you two different ways to do it. First off, if you shot some video and you want to make a new project with custom dimensions, all you wanna do is go to file new project and then underneath custom settings, urine hit custom settings and you'll see the format here. We can actually choose all these different formats or custom. So we choose custom. Now, we can actually type in the resolution that we want, and we're gonna want 10. 80 by 1920 most likely. So there you go. Okay. Boom. And now we have a new project, and you can see that my preview here is actually in that portrait mode perfect for my sweet and surround story. Now, on the other hand, if you already have a project going like I have right here and I'm like, Oh, this is such sweet video, I really want to turn it into an I G story. Well, have no fear you could do from here. Also, it's all about where your clicked at this point. So I'm down here in the editor If I click here on the project again you'll see on the right hand side. I have a little box come up that gives me kind of the stats of the settings. I guess of the video. All I do is hit. Modify, modify. Now I have that same box that pops up. I can go to custom. We'll do 10. 80 by 1920 again. Hit. Okay. And boom. There we go. Now all I'm gonna need to do is if I want to change at it. Kind of what's going on in here. May I want more? The frame in there. And now you're all You have to adjust it. Now, keep in mind, because this was shot horizontally. Um, you know, you don't want make sure you're not getting those black bars on the top and bottom. So that's what let's just fill it. Boom. Will kind of focus in on that little kayak right there. Done. And boom. Now we have an I g. Story. There you go. That is it's that easy. It's that easy to make sweet idea stories with all the video editing power Final cut pro. I hope that was helpful. If it was, would you give me a thumbs up. If it wasn't feel free to give me a thumbs down. Hit. Subscribe if you like what we're doing here once get I'm Steve helping you turn your passion into income and we will talk to you next time. 12. The Ultimate Giver: So I thought to be a good moment just to stop and kind of reflect on where we've come from so far and what content you have at your disposal and how the content you have the videos you have in the text file that you have, those were really going to become the ultimate givers. They're going to become the things that allow us to published on all sorts of platforms. And we're gonna go over all the major platforms here in this course. But let's review what we have So far, we have two videos, one without captions, right here, one with captions. Down here, we have the text file from those captions right here on the right. And remember, this isn't just some random video. This is a video and a topic that we've done research on. We've done our keyword research on. We know people are looking for this, and then we did a quick outline for the video, so the text file should be in order of the outline that you've done. So we're not going to be scrambling around hoping to find topics. This text file should be pretty close to how we had the outline and how he recorded the video, and that is going to make our life super easy in the next couple steps. So let's move forward on actually publishing your content on two different platforms on the Internet. All right, let's get to it. 13. Your YouTube Channel: So the obvious first place for the videos that you've created is going to be YouTube. And so, while this isn't a complete get found on YouTube, course I did want at least point out a couple things that you want to make sure you're doing when you're uploading your video to YouTube. So when you're in YouTube and you upload your video, then you're gonna be taken to the screen to kind of set up the video. So a couple things I want to make sure that you do with every video. And I see actually, people missing 1 to 2 of these all the time. So first off is the title. You want the title to be what people are searching, remember, especially when your YouTube channel is smaller. You really want to try to capture the people that are searching for the topic that you're specifically talking about. And the good news for us about the title is we've already done the research for the title, right? So we don't have to think about this too much. That's why this are outlined. Our video is so powerful, cause we're gonna be able to use this while we're publishing content. So we're just gonna grab the title from right here and throw that into our title into YouTube. Now, YouTube has 100 character limit, so just want to be aware of that. But then that we're good to go, then in the description. Now, I have it auto set in the description with some Amazon affiliate links and other things that are going on. But you want to have in the description what the video is about, where we have a great jumping off point for that already with our hook or the body story. And actually, I'll take both of those. I'm gonna put those here. Let's go back here and do our 3 to 5 points and we could put those right here. We'll do you in this video, you will learn how to use Facebook ad library. We go. How to do now when you will need to tweak things a little bit to do competitive research. And I think we'll just do those two right. So in this video you'll learn how to use Facebook ads, library and how to do competitive research. That's awesome, right? So the outline that we wrote way back way back in the beginning of this course is now coming back to help us get all this content published. Okay, so there we go. We have the title. We have the description. Now the algorithm is looking at these things. The search engine that is YouTube is going to be looking at this thing. So you don't want to neglect any of these areas. OK, um, and then as you scroll down, here's where you can add your own custom thumbnail. And I would recommend doing that now, but a thumbnail, Just the picture that shows up when people are scrolling through the video list. Then you'll want to create playlists. Ah, and this is gonna be say, under social media strategy. Just do that right there and after playlist, you're gonna look a audience. Audience is where you indicate whether or not the video was made for kids or it's not made for kids. And so this via was not made for kids. It's not a cartoon or a toy video. Ah, YouTube has gotten very strict on policies for videos with kids and Children's online Privacy protection Act a lot going on there. So you just want to assure you answer that correctly. But the piece I want to make sure you don't miss is under mawr options down here is this tag section and YouTube uses these two kind of categorize your videos. So the end of the day, we want to give you tube everything that are asking for to make them know Hey, we're on the train with you. We're gonna give you everything you want. So here's some tags to let people know and let you to know what the video is about. So, you know, we might be Facebook advertising Facebook ad library and maybe I'll put online advertising . We have tags here. Now, everything you're seeing here, these blue This is actually a plug in that I have in chrome, so you probably won't see that. But if you are interested in this plug and it's called the vid I Q v i D. I Q. So you can just google that and find it and install it. If you want to do that and ask you what language it is, and you could just go through an answer these questions, then you'd hit next. Now these video elements and you. Probably. If you've watched YouTube videos, you'll know what these are. Maybe not by name, but there's a thing called an end screen. And that's where you can put little thumbnails at the end of your video to suggest other videos on your channel. Two people that have gotten to the end of your video and then cards are the little cards that pop up the little banners that pop up in the middle of videos, sending you off to somebody else's websites. You're gonna have your website as an approved website. Now, this is a really powerful tool in once again, this isn't the course for this, but this is a really powerful tool to be able to get people to your website. So make sure you do some research on end screens and card because they are often used and if used right, they can really bring a lot of business to you. And then the last part here is just visibility and visibility is whether you want this thing to publish as soon as you hit Publish down here in the right hand side. So unlisted means that anybody with the video link and see your video. So maybe you uploaded You send some people to take a look at it, Make sure all looks right. Um or you want to send it to a client. Whatever it is that's unlisted in private is where you actually tag. People would actually indicate that certain people can see the video down here. Schedule. That's what I use a lot. So you would schedule the date to go pub the video on a certain date to go public So you'd hit schedule. You'd hit a date sometime in the future, and then the video would would actually go live at that time. So once again, if you're batch in videos, you're trying to get two or three out a week, then you can use this schedule tool to just do all your work at once and not think about it . So that's the key things for YouTube. Uploads, really. The title, the description, the tag. I want to make sure you're doing that, also answering those other questions. They're super easy, and we just want to make sure YouTube knows we're in the same train as they are in, and we want to help them get our content out to as many people as possible. Doing a good thumbnail is really big. If you don't know how to do a thumbnail, you could just, uh, look up YouTube, thumbnail creators, or even go to canvass C A n v a dot com campus a free tool. And they make it really easy to make thumbnails as well. So there you go. Now our video is officially on YouTube. So now let's move on to our next platform. 14. Website Articles (BLOG): So our next task at hand is getting our content onto our website now. For most of us, we would call that a blawg article. They might be also called a post. And for those of you that are cringing a little bit at the word blawg thinking those died years ago, I would highly recommend you do some research on blog's and how valuable they are. They bring search engine optimization or search traffic from Google or Bing to your website . But also we need a place to send people. So we're going to be posting content on Facebook and on Twitter and we have a video now on YouTube. We need to have a link to our website to get people to our websites, to be able to either sell them a product. Or maybe we have advertising our website. However, were monetizing are making money. Um, we want to make sure we're promoting them. Maybe you have an email sign of form or an in person seminar that you do. All of that is going to happen on your websites. You would make sure this content is there so you can send people to your website the great thing at this point is we have essentially had the article written for us. That's right. Remember when subtitle gave us all those subtitles and we could download them into a text file? I have those right here on the right. This is essentially our blawg post. It just needs a little love from the sense of, you know, a little formatting and editing. So even though it doesn't look that great from a formatting standpoint, there's my article right there in WordPress already. And now you're looking at the title. Well, with the title, we already have all of that thought through. Right. So here's our title. I'm gonna put that right in here and now the other cool thing is, we can actually grab our YouTube video and put it on the post as well. And if you've never placed a post inside of an article, show you real quick, Here's the video that we uploaded. I'm gonna hit the share button, and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit in bed. I'm gonna take this little piece of code and just copy it. I'm gonna go back over to our article now if you have a visual builder and a text builder. If you paste that little piece of code in the visual builder, it will actually just tell you the text. It won't actually put the video there. So you do want to go into the tech side because the text reads the HTML and all the coding stuff. And there you go. Now we have our video in there. So now at this point, the reason why I wanted you to have the 3 to 5 points in outlining your video is ears are going to be the 3 to 5 points in your article where you're gonna kind of bold the title and make sure people can see that. So I take a couple minutes to clean this up, and I'm gonna show you how this looks once we're all done. So I've cleaned it up just a little bit to show you kind of the foundations of what this is going to look like. Now, remember, we're taking a video and turning it into tech, so there will be moments here where you have to just kind of go through and make sure the text makes sense for an article versus video. I haven't done that totally here, but I just kind of lined up the different sections. And then I would just go through and added the sentences that make it sound more like a video than an article. But here it is. We have the video here. We have a header title. What is Facebook ad library and then kind of some of these subheds and the subheds. I got inspiration from our 3 to 5 points. So one point, here's how to use once. I'm just saying how to use I put the Facebook ad library is extremely powerful to do competitive research to see what your competitors are doing. So I took inspiration from the our video outline, but I want to make it a little more powerful in the written form. And then you can see this is what this is gonna look like on the blawg right here. So we have the video, the title, and then you could grab some pictures and kind of do some or fancying up of this. But I want to make a point here at the very bottom. I put a little line. If you're new to Facebook ads I just released my new Facebook ads crash course, and if you click here, you save 30 bucks and get it for only 9 99 So that's the kind of call to action that we want tohave in. The article now might not just be a text link. Maybe you have images or video to call people to action to buy your courses or your services. Whatever you're offering, the point is here. The power of the written content on the website is We can post things on Facebook, have somewhere to send people and then convert them into paying customers. Or sign up for your consulting or have them work with your business, whatever the case might be. So there you go. That's how you take the video and you turn it into a Article four your Websites. And now I have a link right here that I can share with anybody to get them over to an article about the Facebook ad library houses. Feeling good? Let's go ahead and go to the next lesson 15. Unique Quote Cards: So we have our video. We have the article on our website. Now we need to create social media posts, and now we're going to do that with a site that I love called Can Va. Now, if you are a photo shop expert or you have another site like pic monkey or something else that you like, that's fine. Feel free to use that. I want to show you can Va because they are really geared towards people that don't have an art department that need to create awesome looking designs. And they give you great templates to do that, even with their free account. So if you've never explored Camba, I'd recommend you go there it c a n v a dot com And as you can see, right on the dashboard here, there's a post for creative design, social media. So he just hit this button and it's going to start. Creating a social media post for us is amazing, and we're going to work on what I call quote cards Now there's a lot of different types of social media posts out there. What the goal of these post is is to take quotes out of our article or video, put them visually on an image and then have people from that get interested enough to click the link. We're gonna put in the Social Media post to go over to our website or go over to our video once again the point of social media. Yes, it's to be engaging to be social in all of that. But if you're running a business offer that you also have to figure out a way to get people to your website to do business with you, Hopefully this intrigues them enough to do that. Now, not every single post you're gonna put on Facebook or LinkedIn is going to be a quote card , but it's good to have these. It's essential to have these really and have them in the rotation. So based on the article we just did, let's do a quote card for that, and I'm going to lean into this quote. We've been using that If you're not doing your research, you're going to get left behind for every article. The reason why early early on in this course, I told you, think in tweets. Think in short statements for some of this is exactly for this reason, because for every article you do, I'm hoping you're creating 3 to 5 different quote cards with different quotes from the article to be able to share on social media and rinse and repeat. So if you end up with 20 articles, I mean, think about this for a second. If you ended up with 20 articles with five quote cards from each of those articles, that's 100 pieces of social media content that you're going to have at your disposal. If you're posting twice a week in 20 articles with five quote card from his articles, you have your year done already. So that's part of the machine is getting this flow going so that you create the video, create the Article five quote card from that article in all of that you now have in your tool belt to schedule out, and we're going talk about scheduling out here in an upcoming video. But we're going to we have it. We now have a square canvas here that we're gonna create a really quick quote card. Now I love in Canada because they actually give us on this left hand side a whole bunch of different templates. We can choose from four hour quote card. So you see right here quote social graphic and we can see that there's a whole bunch of different social quote graphics and I love that. And so we're just going to choose one here. How about this one right here? And then we're gonna just take our quotes and you can see it's really easy just to manipulate the different elements here and our quotas. If you're not doing research, you're going to get left behind. We're gonna copy that. I was gonna pace that right into here, and I want that a little bit bigger cause I wanted to be able to be seen a little bit better As somebody's going through their social media feed. Gonna bring it over here to the left. We're gonna bring this over. We want to enlarge that square right there. And then what else I'm gonna do is I'm going to put the website actually mean What I'll do is I'll put that underneath here and then we'll just dio awesome. Now I can choose. Just keep this as it is. I mean, that's a great quote card and once again will have the opportunity to talk a little bit more about what this quote car means in the description in our social media post. But we can also change this background. You see, in Canada, we have backgrounds right here on the left so we could choose that. And if we wanted Teoh do something like that, we could have the stars. Or we could have this fire right here or thes sparkly lights, twinkle lights of truth like that. You have this. I mean, there's all sorts of great stuff in Canada for you to use. So if we chose this, get left behind, kind of like with space and then And this is a perfectly good quote card, you could just do that right there and call it a day. Um, the other thing that a lot of people you'll see do is they'll actually put a picture of himself so I could actually have this picture and kind of make this a little bit bigger and okay, and it up a little bit. And there you go. So we have a perfectly good quote card right there, and we were able to make that in just a matter of minutes. And so then we just download this and then we could go on and make another quote card. So this is really the easy button of how you can create social media quote cards to go on all social media platforms and make 345 of them per article so that you're really going to get that machine rolling. So there you go. Now you're going to see how we put it all together on Facebook, right in the next lesson, and we'll see you there. 16. Posting on Social Media: So now it all comes together as we start posting are quote cards on social media. Now, I'm gonna show this to you on Facebook, but the same theory applies to all of the other platform. So I don't feel like we need to go through every single one of those, but in Facebook, where it's gonna go down here to write a post when you go down to write the post. This is where you can say a little bit more about the article you're going to send people to, which is on your website. Or if you're trying to get traffic over to YouTube, you can actually set him to your YouTube video. That's cool. So, um, and as a matter of fact, you could take the video you recorded and actually upload that video onto Facebook once again. Now you have content with all sorts of flexibility. That's the beauty of the machine here. So we're gonna just write a quick post. So here's the text I came up with for this specific post. Now, on Facebook, it's on auto populates, um, stuff. But you can just x this out and then you can actually choose photo video, if you'd like and then we're gonna do are quote card right there. So now we're gonna have this awesome post with a great graphic as well some text of and the link to our website article to get people over to our web site. So this is really cool. We're ready to rock and roll here now on Facebook, you can use their publishing tools to schedule this out, or you can just post it right now. But the general idea here, if you want to grab their attention with that image, think about somebody just scrolling through their phone. And once again, this is on Facebook or on LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever. They're scrolling through their phones. You need an image there to catch their attention. We're going to give them some value text at the top. What's in it for them, right? Facebook is giving you the keys to the Facebook ad kingdom, and then we can just post that on Facebook and we're ready to rock and roll. Now, of course, there's more to it than that because there are also great tools out there to be able to post in schedule, post across all of the platform. So now I'm gonna show you a quick one that I really like called Sanibel 17. Schedule..Rinse and Repeat: now that we have a steady stream of content coming in, we need a great way to manage that content as well as make sure articles don't get left behind and become one and done articles. Instead, we need rinse and repeat articles, and what I mean by that is whether you're on Facebook linked in Twitter. Instagram. Not every one of your followers is going to see every post you make, so it's perfectly acceptable to repost post that you've already used. Maybe not every day, but even every three months. If you just reuse some of those older posts, that's totally fine. And it's part of the social media machine. Most companies, they're doing this in doing this effectively. They're not coming up with great new fresh content. Every single day, they're coming up with quality content and then getting it out there as much as they can. So the tool I use for this is called send able. I'm gonna show you a couple different features inside. Sensible. There's a lot of different platforms that will do this, but there does need to be a couple key features, and one of those features is a content library so insensible under content my content, you can add different pieces of content that you've created. So we just created that post on Facebook. Well, let's create a post inside send herbal. Instead we just hit add content, Social media. Now, the other cool thing about sensible is you can also create blawg posts inside of Sen Doble and will connect to your website and just published the block post. So you can actually have that all scheduled out through one single dashboard. And they also have a tool where you can send content to an email address and it will put that content in your library. So we're gonna hit social media I'm gonna put left behind. Then we're gonna put that same text we used on Facebook and then down here, you see replaced link preview with image, and guess what image we're going to use. You've guessed it are quote card and hit add content. Now you can view this content in sensible in either this grid layout or a list layout on the list layout is a little bit easier for me to see it. So I'm gonna click that now imagine you have three. The five different posts for that one article, and then you have 10 different articles. You might have 5100 200 different pieces of continent here, so you can schedule out months in advance. Part of the machine is not just creating a bunch of content. It's creating a consistent, ongoing process that makes your life easy. That makes it so. You're not stressed out about posting on social media. So now we have this. All I'd have to do now is over here on the right. There's a button that says Share, and now I can share this to whatever service I want. So here's my Facebook page. Here's my linked in page. Here's my Twitter account and you can see the nice thing is that sensible adds tabs. This is the other feature you're going tohave toe have. Which is it? Consent. Different versions of the post two different platforms because there are small differences between Facebook linked and Twitter incident, all of them to make sure that you're getting the ideal post to each platform. One thing that drives me nuts is when people just post something to Instagram and auto shares over to Facebook because it's so obvious that they've put no effort into the Facebook side of it. It's just an auto share so even see on linked in. There's a little yellow exclamation point there. So we'll go over here and it says for best results. We we recommend using images with a landscape, and you can crop and do that. Well, that's great. So we can actually go back into can va and create this in a landscape versus this square feature. So will weaken. Do that later. No problem. And then we can actually schedule this out. So when I hit schedule, you'll see it pops up a time in a date. So now I can go. Okay. This is gonna be for Wednesday at 209 And there's a button for repeat. This is so powerful, so you can repeat daily weekly monthly annually. So we did monthly every three months until September 17 2021. Okay, Now all of these posts are going to be automatically repeated every three months. That is so powerful, cause once and you can set this all up and we're gonna hit schedule here and now that post will post every three months for about a year and 1/2 is what we have. It's scheduled out for I don't have to think about this post again for a year and 1/2. It's amazing. Now, the other cool feature of Sensible is if I go to the Sanibel home and I go to calendar right here, I can actually see where that post is and where it lands and say, OK, well, I know I I want that by one another Post, you know, on Friday, the 15th here. No problem. Choose my three profiles here. All right, this is a test post here. Post a Facebook. Lengthen Twitter. I could do an on Twitter. I can add my hashtags right there, and then I'll schedule it out for the 15. Perfect. And then I can repeat, I can actually choose what time it is, and I can hit schedule. And so you There you go. So there, Because And what happened is that because I created a little bit different post for Twitter than I did with Facebook and linked in by adding that hashtag tweet, it created two separate postings here. But now what if I didn't want that on the 15th anymore. You know what maybe I wanted on Saturday. Here's the cool thing is in this calendar, I can just drag and change and put wherever I want these scheduled. So this is another great feature. You can see your whole social media calendar in one dashboard and just see exactly where they're going to go and schedule them to where they make sense. Maybe you're running a sailor promotion on a certain proxy. You want some of your posts that revolve around that on those same days. So that's just a really high level overview of sensible. But the point is, is having a tool that you can go to your content, go to my content, have every one of your post there and available for you have a calendar to see exactly when they're going out, what platforms they're going out on and being able to reuse that content is huge and once again was suitable. We've just touch the surface of what this software can dio so definitely recommend you go sign up for a free account with sensible, check it out and see if it's the right tool for you. But that's how we take all of that content are new. Machine is making and make sure nothing gets left behind and then we're always have content available. 18. YAY! Congrats...: Well, congratulations for making it to the end of the course. You are now equipped and empowered to create a social media factory. And that will also include YouTube and content on your website. Really? If you follow these steps, come up with the topics people are looking for. Create the content. You will never have a shortage of content which will bring in mawr traffic to your website . Mawr leads more sales, all sorts of good things. Once again, congratulations. And I'm super excited to see where this takes you.