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Social Media Cheat Sheet: Step-By-Step Guide to Reaching Your Marketing Goals

Kiara Smithee

Social Media Cheat Sheet: Step-By-Step Guide to Reaching Your Marketing Goals

Kiara Smithee

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Increase Brand Awareness

    • 3. Drive Traffic to Your Website

    • 4. Capture New Following

    • 5. BoostEngagement

    • 6. Increase Mentions in Press

    • 7. Review

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About This Class

In this course students will learn the exact steps they can take to reach their social media goals. We will be going over five goals in specific; goals that top brands and businesses set for themselves, which have lead, their company to success. A lot of people strive to "Increase Brand Awareness" but don't know HOW to go about if effectively. I will show you how to get started and turn your goals into results! 

Meet Your Teacher

I have worked with / sold to a handful of different industries. In my classes, I teach skill-sets that made these companies successful; and how you can reach decision makers at some of the most successful brands in the world and grow your sales with the simple methods of Psychology. 


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to the course. My name's Keira Smithy in this class is called social media cheat sheet. The reason I chose to call it that is because I'm going to be helping you take the exact steps you need in order to reach a specific social media goal. So a lot of major brands set specific goals for themselves, and we see them all over the Internet and we set those same goals for ourselves, but we don't know where to start. Some of the gold we're gonna go over are increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, capturing new followers and keeping them boosting brand engagement and increasing mentions in the press. So, like I mentioned, we have all these goals, but we don't necessarily know where to start. This class is perfect for you because I'm gonna show you what steps you can actually take in the tools you can use to achieve these specific goals and then even talk about measuring them. So no more shooting in the dark. We're gonna walk through this, talk together God, and click the next course won't get started. 2. Increase Brand Awareness: Okay, So for this lesson, we will talk about how you can build relationship with influencers and bloggers and get them excited about your product and basically talking about it with their friends. First rule of business is to make a list of 22 50 influence. Cher's in your niche. Think about who likes these influencers and if they're following, are part of your target audience. And if you need help finding influencers, you can search through hashtags user names with a lot of followers and the people who have blog's or websites that are pretty similar to your, um, product or service. So, for example, if you want to find people who love healthy food and healthy lifestyle, you can search. Do that hashtag and you'll find all the posts you can engage with those posts, um, or fitness. For example, if you have workout clothes and you target audiences, people who are conscious of fitness search to those tags and you can see there's plenty of posts. Go those posts. Engage with them. Invite them to come check out your product or your service. There's some tools for finding influencers and trends. One of the tools I like is the trend spotter for Instagram. So right here gives you little description. Transponder for Instagram. Let's who find top trending photos, videos and influencers. For any tag or topic, discover what's trending about your brand industry or campaign. Engage with key influencers view training. Hashtags slept from a list of popular tags and easily shared trending posts to your social networks. Transported for in Stream is perfect for brands, marketers and community managers who want to discover and engage with their viral content, real time trends and top influencers on instagram. And the cool thing is, all of this is measurable, which is really important some other ways. You confined influencers is through different agencies, so I'm a license influencer. So I work with different agencies. Basically, they partner me with brands. We're going to get a little bit more into what that looks like. But if you want to invest some money into it, you can go to the influence or marketing home, and they have a list of all the different agencies you can work with. Also, something to know is, there's a difference among reach, popularity and influence. Influence is not about how many people saw your post or re shared your content. Influence is all about conversions, and that is why it's important you work with influencers who genuinely like your brand or product and would use it in their lifestyle or their followers. Lifestyle. If someone makes a purchase based on a person's advice, that person is an influencer. Ah, perfect example of this is a makeup longer. They say, OK, I'm doing my makeup today. I'm doing this feature and this is the product I recommend you buy. So people were gonna watch her makeup log and they're gonna say, OK, I'm gonna buy that product because that's what I need in order to accomplish this look. So once you find your influencers, what do you say to them? So these are a couple of bullet points to keep in mind when you have targeted the influencers you wanna work with, um, and when you're ready to reach out to them. So the first thing is, you want to tell your story and what kind of value you can offer their audience. So when people reach out to me or brand you touch me, I have, like, more of a travel style journalism adventure feed in my poster regard around that. So when restaurants reach out to me, they're like, Oh, your followers or your You know fans would love our restaurant because it's modern and fun , for whatever reason, right? So you provide your influencers with why they should want to work with you and what their followers or their customers would value from it. Okay, so give them a detailed description of your product or service and how people like their followers have benefited in the best. Give visuals or provide ideas of how the influence or concrete's visual for their page make it easy for them to work with you basically. So you could do this one of two ways you can give them the actual photo to post or the content to share. Or you can, you know, give them ideas on what they could do for their post. So if you want them to feature a workout powder or something right, you can provide them with the photos that goes with their profile blends in well, or you could encourage them to go take their own photos in a certain environment like okay , we want you to do photos by the beach or by the gym. You know, stuff like that. Give them all the make it easy for them. Give them all the resource is Teoh posted. And so it's very easy for them, because if it's a lot of work, they probably won't want to work with you because they have a lot of other people coming in with offers. Nothing is. You can develop a campaign for them toe hosts. Once again, you want to make this easy for them, So ask them what kind of topics products or services their followers engaged with most. So here have that example of the makeup Blawg Example. An influencer can host have a landing page or link where you can click a measure. Click right, which is really important where the vlogger influencer can encourage followers to enter Toe Win or Brian Byproduct at a discounted rate for a limited time offer. Tell them to tag three friends. This is important because you don't want just want one person to do what you want. A lot of people to do it so everyone's tags, their friends. It encourages more people to take advantage of the offer as well. The benefit for the influencer is they people will follow them for special offers. So that's when we talked about on the other side. Like, what can you offer them that will benefit that influence or directly? Well, people are gonna be loyal to them because they're gonna be having these, like freebies or offers that their followers wait for. So that's a good example. You can really do it with anything, but the the thing to remember is, you wanna have a landing page or some sort of link that you contract because this shows you your you can measure your results. So with anything you do any marketing effort, you want to make sure it's measurable. So when you have ah, either an affiliate link or a landing page, you can measure click rate. And then you can, you know, talk about your conversions, because that's what this is all about. So just to remember for a little recap, you want to reach out to relevant influencers because you want them to be excited about trying your product. If the influence or generally loves your product there, shout outs will come off more genuine and frequent, which will result Teoh Mawr conversions. There also be more likely to do business with you in the future 3. Drive Traffic to Your Website: Okay, so there are many ways one can drive traffic to their website, and this course we're not gonna go super in depth on the exact strategies, But we're gonna talk about things you want to be mindful of. So the 1st 1 is to hone in on your seo strategy. And for those of you that do not know what that means, S e o stands for search engine optimization. It's basically when you type in a phrase or a word and Google, the optimization is what pulls up those results for you. So something to keep in mind is keeping your content is king, and what that means is focused on publishing quality content. Provide new information on topics as often as possible. So updating a block posts a once a week, Um, longer articles, the better. For some, this composes a challenge. So consider hiring a writer for your Web site or blogger, whatever. Who has experiencing keywords? Those keywords is what populates your article or post to come first on the search engine results and definition keywords phrases in your Web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Google has some recommendations for a CEO. Here's a couple here, right for the user. So, as tempting as it can be to write long articles with 100 of keywords to make sure you know your site pops up first, you don't want to do that because then the readers just reading through a bunch of jargon, You want to keep the content fresh, concise and have them keep reading. And I think you want to do is you write in Your bog post is linked to other pages. Products, etcetera. You want a link out using hyperlinks? Also, the actual Web page you are else. So when you type in www dot whatever that you are ill, you wanna have key words in it. So if you're doing like a used working out is an example. So if you're advertising or talking about a protein powder than you know, have the protein powder keywords in your URL, as well as in the title of your article. You want to have the key words in the title of your article, so keep it fresh. Keep your content updated. Help search engines understand that your site is up to date and relevant and then put social share buttons on all of your block posts so people can share your content, which in turns brings people back to your page and starts trending on social media. So there's some tools you can use to just kind of speed up the process of sharing with so many social networking sites. It can be hard to share one post on all these sites or remember to do so. So this tool, if then if this then that it's really cool, used to use it. It's automation that could bring traffic back to other social platforms, and you can create your own recipes. So if I click this, you'll kind of see what I'm talking about. Um, for example, and it's not just limited to social networks like between each other. So if you press a button to track word hours in Google Drive so you can link it with Google Drive. There's even Spotify. Here is a relevant example. Tweet your instagram as native photos on Twitter, so basically you can create a recipe that says, If I posted Instagram photo automatically share that photo on Twitter, so that way you don't have to go and manually share everything on all your viewer, um, platforms here, here again share Facebook page updates on Twitter. So a lot of people do that for Twitter. Everything just automated. Keep your Facebook and Twitter pro fire pictures and sink, and then you can connect to other things here, even your blog's automatically share new post to your Facebook page. So that just helps. Make sure you're, you know, spreading out all of your content so you can just click, turn on. And now, whenever you post a new bog post, it will share that blood post on your Facebook reach. So these are all really cool recipes is what they call them. Let's go back here and check out a couple other, um, instant video to Twitter video. So you click this. If you post a video on instagram, it will automatically share on your Twitter in video format. Super helpful tool. Um, I have one is for personal use, which is if I save a song on Spotify. It sends it to a Google document off all the songs I saved. So probably one of the most genius, um, social site management sights I've seen so back up your iPhone contacts to single document . So even just for personal organization, their stuff there sit. So right here What was talking about saving all of your content into a spreadsheet Bunch of recipes here. So the next strategy is to make sure you have a call to action, but in you can do this on your Facebook Instagram website. Basically, the concept is toe. Have people click in purchase or click and do something. You can create a call to action to encourage people to sign up for newsletter or buy a new product, etcetera. So on my Facebook page, I do consulting, So I have them click and you can request a time. And right here they click requested time. And since this is the back end for my account, it shows you you know how it works. People will fill out a form you'll receive. This information in the message should be able to create appointment without leaving your Facebook page, and then you could just but in there's a different lot of different. Call the actions you can do so share a photo or video advertising business, get phone calls so all of these air called actions, and then it generates a button that says Call this person or set an appointment or share this photo now. So creating called actions is really important. Like I said, you want to have measurable results. This is a great way to do that. And then last but not least, link all of your accounts Seems like an easy concept. But I want to make sure all your social profiles and websites links are listed across all your accounts. So, for example, on my website I have all my social links. And then if you click, it takes you to this. Now, here on my instagram. You see that I linked to skill share classes. So then, on my skill Scher profile, I have all of these accounts listed. So all of these air listed on all the different platforms just really helps people get ahold of you across different mediums. So I hope this quests was helpful. Like I said, we're not gonna go too in depth, but just want to make sure that you're doing as CEO. You're focusing on keywords you have called action and you're linking your accounts. These are just some basic strategies you want to start with and you can, you know, research in depth on how you can perfect those strategies. 4. Capture New Following: Okay, So many teach you guys some techniques on how to capture new followers on instagram and keep them. We're not going to go super in depth. I'm gonna actually reference you to to other classes I teach that are really specific, but we're gonna go over some basic strategies. So techniques to do this 1st 1 see who is watching your social posts and send a private message inviting them to try your product and or service. So use your hashtags used other followers that are relevant to you or kind of your competitors looking who follows them, go interact with those people and try to steal their attention. Essentially number two. Like I said, watch your competitors falling. Invite them personally to try your product. So something is suppose a comment or direct message. They just wanted to reach out that you might like our product. Let us know what you think, etcetera, etcetera. This can be very time consuming, but well worth it if you target the right demographic. So an example is a data should be looking at who follows Nike and engaging with Nikes. Followers also consider partnering with other social media experts, So if your photographer and in need of a writer reach out to a blogger who needs help with photos, make the exchange So both parties benefit. I see so many people, they even do it to me. They're like, Hey, can you, um, post my product? I'll give it to you for free? Well, as an influencer, that product or service that they're offering the name may not be what I need. What you want to do is find out what their needs are and see if you can contribute to, you know, giving them are solving that need. You want it to be equally beneficial for both parties. People say, Well, just ask him if they composed it, they'll do me the favor. A lot of times, people will not do that. Majority of the time. People will not just be nice and do the favor to help you out. If you can offer some sort of exchange, you're much more likely to get what you need, and then also they'll get what they need, and it's ah, it's a beneficial technique, so always offer something that they are looking for or need in exchange for something you're asking of them now as faras actually gaining followers and loyal followers and the strategies to do that in a more in depth. I didn't choose to talk about it in this class. Um, just because I have two other classes on it. So how to gain 1000 followers on instagram in one month? It really breaks down the techniques and even tools you can use to do that. And we target, um, conversion followers. So these are just you're not buying them. You're not, you know, just looking for random dollars. You're looking for customers essentially through instagram, and this class is gonna focus on that. And then, as well as the six steps to gain followers and loyal customers instantly, just kind of shows more of the business aspect of that. Both of these are good. This one's more for branding and social proof. This one's more geared towards people who want to essentially generate revenue or business . So I would recommend checking out both of those who gives you a little bit more in depth 5. BoostEngagement: Okay, So for this system, we're gonna talk about boosting brand engagement. Also, how you strategize your content strategy for campaigns. So best time suppose is always important. They're always changing. So you want to have a couple of resource is to check up on this, um to resource is I like to use his co schedules. Blawg. It's that's what their primary focus is on scheduling posts and then also the standard Pew Research Center. That's the general research center for everything. And they do have a social media section, so definitely reference those two resource is periodically, I would say, once a month just to see if the dynamic or the culture has changed. You wanna post when people are online and going to see your post also encourage people to share and you have to make it easy for them to share. So to the left, you can see there are many share options. We have Facebook, twitter and Pinterest, and this is not a clickable link for the slide. But on this website, I grab this screenshot off a website. When you click it, it takes you to your private Facebook page with the predetermined you know, quote or logo there. And then it is very easy for you to share same thing with the Twitter and Pinterest to the right, here is an option to click to tweet. So there's different codes you can set up for different things. Ah, making it very easy to share. And that's the primary concept. If it's difficult for people to share it, they probably will get frustrated or impatient, and they won't share your content. So make it very, very simple and very, very convenient. Easy for them to share, and they most likely will. So what is shareable content? These are kind of the Ford tell alls for it. It evokes emotion whether be positive or negative emotions, so either makes it angry. Makes you happy. A lot of times, the best terrible content is humorous content stuff that makes you laugh. You wanna share it with someone because you want to make them laugh. You think they would also find it funny? So use humor relevant to your following. Of course, if you satire, you want to make sure that that, uh, demographic in not falling, you know, also finds that content funny. You don't want to offend anyone used interesting titles. That's kind of just with everything you dio. You want to make sure that it's engaging and once again make it easy to share with share buttons. So, for instance, on Instagram you can push the little airplane paper airplane icon, and then you can select who you want to share to. They do that so that it's, you know, shareable content. Instagram wants people to engage with their followers post. Now, as I mentioned, I'm an influencer, and I work with, um, a couple different agencies. And this is an example of terrible content for a campaign. And this example is Petco, and it looks like they're running a campaign for new kittens to the family. So here on the back, and it tells me, is that influence or what? My guidelines aren't if I want to participate. So this is a little bit more in depth on how you can create shareable content with your influencers, or how your influencers are gonna host shareable content. So this is my little intro. What's in it for me? So this is just telling me as an influence or what I get out of it. remember we talked about you want it to be mutually beneficial. Um, I'll get paid if I choose to partake in this campaign. And here are the contest guidelines. So you must have a kitten ages zero of the months old to participate in this campaign. Congratulations on your new family member. Petco is everything your kitten needs for complete nutrition supplies and services. Show us your bonding with your new kitten. So basically, what they're asking me to do is find a kitten that's ah, no older than 11 months post a photo. And then here are the guidelines of what they want me to do. Now, if you're gonna be paying influencers to post content, you want to be very, very specific. Now, these air, all the guidelines for one post. So if I partake in this campaign, I have to abide by all of these rules. And these rules are put in place for a reason. Because, of course, we want measurable results, and we want to encourage people to buy or adopt kittens. Okay, so let's just go over some of the rules that people put in place for influencers. So caption must include sponsored Peco family and Petco. They're doing this strategically because they want people when they search a hashtag To come to this campaign, I have to create an image showing a special moment with my kitten that is no older than 11 months old. So they're being very specific on what this kitten has to look like. Kittens featured images must be wearing a collar and tags, so must be visible. Tags do not need to be from Petco, so showing I think it wants it to be a pet. Typically, kittens, um, are animals that air house pets have collars if showing any pet supplies, examples, toys, snacks, food, etcetera, it must be purchased from Petco within the past year. So also another brand marketing there. Pet Parent is strongly encouraged to be featured in the image but is not required. Include Lincoln Bile for 48 hours after posting. So this must be a link like we're talking about my other crosses. That's encouraging people to do something called the Action Post caption must include this exact Burbage How you're getting supplies for your new kitten at Petco to check out the link in your bio three. Encourage your audience to follow, so it looks like there's some freedom there and how I want a word that but these air the delivery bols I have to include in my caption on then content must be owned an original, so I cannot use someone else's photos or content. I have to generate this post myself, and it also tells you what not to do. What they're what they will not pay for. Do not post a selfie of any sort. Do not post a old image or throwback image of your cat. Must be a kit in that 0 to 11 months old in a new photo. Do not show any other brand logos, trademarks or copyrighted items in your image. Do not include any actions that may be harmful to your pet. Feeding them candy, placing heavy objects on them, etcetera. Obviously, they don't want to encourage that. Do not use profanity or cursing, nudity or suggestive, implied nudity. Do not use personal watermark signatures or overlays. Do not use instagram collections or carousel feature, so they're very specific on what they're looking for and what they'll pay for. This is all part of their strategy and then, you know I mentioned having those, uh, links track this marketing effort. Here's a perfect example of that. So if you are a company looking to hire an influence or keep these rules and guidelines in line, this is not unusual for influence here. To get a request like this, I get them all the time, makes perfect sense. It honestly makes it very clear and easy to understand what the company is expecting of me . It's a win win for both parties. 6. Increase Mentions in Press : okay. I still want to talk about increasing mentions in the press, and this is more of your traditional press. So broadcast and print, I've had the honor of working alongside many media professionals in my career. I worked at two local stations here in San Diego as well as to PR stations. So we're gonna go over some techniques when pitching to the media. And these techniques are not things you necessary learn at a university. But they're learned to experience. I'm gonna share with you my experience so that you can benefit also is a professional networker when it comes to a broad broadcast media. So the first thing we're gonna talk about is traditional press release and who you want to reach out to, etcetera. Do you want to know your audience? So your audience for traditional press release is going to be assignment editors and producers. Generally, the assignment editor will determine what is newsworthy. They will then relay the info to the producer who will decide if the story is going to be featured, either in their publication or on broadcasts. So getting networking with the assignment editor at your local news stations, you can simply just call and ask you. The assignment editor isn't us for their direct email. You can, you know, send a card. You really just want to try to build a relationship with those assignment editors. So now how to pitch to assignment editors? Um, one of my good friends, Jesse Garcia. He's this time editor for Fox up in Oakland, and he says that the best pitch will get me in the 1st 3 lines. So basically, the five W's, um, tell him who, what, where, when, why it will help him decide if it's news where they're not, and then call and ask if he received your email or your pitch. So going into the five W's, we kind of touched on it. So he says, five W's goes further than creativity for an event when it comes to broadcast media. An example could be if you're covering the food, drives a food food drive next Tuesday at 4 p.m. In Carlsbad for this charity or who is supporting it. Okay, so it tells him. Okay, Yeah, this is exactly what we need to fill this media spot and five W's who What, where, when, Why so I talked about phone call. If you don't have relationship with the editor just 20 seconds. If whoever you get on the line, sometimes it's receptionists. Who can I send it to? Okay, thank you. Also in the pitch now and then. You want to call and follow up, make sure that they have received it. So when it comes to building relationships with publicist journalists, assignment editors, etcetera, there's some techniques you can do outside of the business connection so you can find their personal social media profiles and start engaging with their posts. So that way they're going to see your name. They're gonna get familiar with it instead of, you know, when they're looking in their business emails or their business. Social media counting. They're getting bombarded with all these names. I don't know. So that's what I recommend build Ah, interpersonal relationship with these, um, journalists. Simon enters etcetera on their private social media account. You can also even reach out to them. So Facebook Messenger is a great way because people were typically on Facebook must endure in their free time or their private time, and then they'll see your name, and then you could kind of pitch do that way as well. And then at the end, the day just want to strive for a genuine friendship with these people. Because if you know you want something from them there and want something from you, it's gonna be a mutual beneficial relationship. Um, try not to come off is I need this and I'm not gonna contribute anything. So I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley Jacobs. She's a reporter at CBS, um shows, morning features and lifestyle reporting at San Diego's in Berlin Station, CBS News eight. Though she spent most of her career as an anchor, she loves getting out and doing creative stories to highlight great events in the area. And what she says is, in her eyes, the wackier the better. So I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley Jacobs, and we did a little Q and A and neither some of the questions I asked. And then I got some feedback. So I said, What is a pet? People, viewers and people pitch stories? And what she said is when people lied with so and so from another station, did this story on X Y and Z, and I thought you would like to do something similar with our company. What she says it is that it makes me not want to do it even more because she doesn't want to copy someone else's work. Um, I want to know why story will matter to our viewers and why it's timely. Teoh are station, so basically, don't reach out to reporters saying, Hey, so and so did this story. Um, you should do it as well for our company. Next question was, how do you prefer to be contacted in regard to hearing pitches? And she said, Call it a sign of the Times. But right now I think the best form of communication is text message. Um, I mean, that's kind of pretty typical. It is, you know, Signet's sign of the times. She also says, I love emails for pitches and initiating conversations. It's great to have a paper trail for our communication and great to search through all emails, to remind myself of what topics we covered together and what types of clients and agencies may be represented. So something to keep in mind. You can do that once you build that personal relationship with them. I've texted her probably more than I have emailed. I did send any messages for paper trail like, she said, but text messages typically the best way to get a hold of someone expression was other than having a newsworthy story, which is a big problem for most people. Um, what are some things the public slash people can do to better their chances of getting featured on broadcast or by reporters slash producers? So for broadcast, it's gonna be very visual. So she says, talk about visuals right off the bat. An example of this is How do you feel about going live on air as thousands of bees swarm around you so you can imagine what that looks like visually and especially for broadcasts. Um, you want to make sure that it's visually appealing. She also goes on to say, we're visual medium and need to know how active or visual story will be before I can even consider doing it. I always appreciate when companies are restaurants, switch it up and they're visuals for reporters from other stations. It is common for several reporters to be at the same location for features and lifestyle reports. It's only have different options to truce. It helps us feel like we're delivering a unique product to our viewers, though, were all covering the same event. So just really offering a different either visual or activity. Ah, make the event coverage different from the other stations. If it is a major event in just a last side note from Ashley, solid relationships go a long way. I love working with PR people who make the segments fun and show up with a great attitude. I value my friendships with professionals in the industry and look forward to seeing people from segments at other events and around town. So this all goes back to building relationships with the people you want to be in the network with. So these are just a little tidbits on increasing your mentions in the press. The key technique here's to build relationships, and then you can use their personal social accounts. You can reach out to them in different ways and then also put pitch visually or engaging segment idea for them 7. Review: Okay, so just a recap of everything we went over. You want to network with influencers and offering exchange. Also, sell the valley of your product. They're following. So, like we mentioned, tell them why you should be featured on their page and what it's gonna offer you as far as value to their followers. Opponent on your seo strategy. Using those keywords generate quality content, not quantity. So it's better to post quality than just a bunch of random photos or photos are little blurry, etcetera. Call the action. You can do this on your Facebook. Your instagram with the link basically get people to quick and do something. Follow your competition, so steal their followers. Still, the competition's attention evoke emotion in your post to boost engagement. So we talked about how you can do that and build relationships with people in the press that will give you longevity is a business and then also help you with increasing mentions . Thanks for taking the cost. You guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your comments below or any questions you may have. Don't forget to upload your project. I attached the outline. Social media cheats cheats. You can print that out or just fill it out and then uploaded. I'll be reviewing it. Also include a screenshot of your guys instagram so I can follow you guys who will be enjoyed the class.