Social Media Basic : Reinvent Your Instagram - Make Everybody to Love You

Firdaus Omar, Art and Design Enthusiast

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9 Videos (11m)
    • Intro

    • Discover Your Style

    • Define Your Content

    • Where to Start

    • Reaching Your Audience

    • How to Do it

    • Mingling

    • Recap & Reminder

    • Class Project

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About This Class

What Instagram doesn't tell you about using Instagram. What you actually need to know to make a successful Instagram profile.

Learn on how to make you Instagram works with this on point, no-nonsense 10 minutes guide to visual social media on Instagram. I will show you how to create the best media feed, impress other users, develop strong followers, and produce great content on Instagram.

The are a plethora of Instagram on the Internet [see : Skillshare] but they will only work if you already have a strong foundation and a huge follower list [and money in the pocket]. My guide is for a starter like you who are are just starting or wanted to make it right.

Hope to see you in class!

- Firdaus

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The teacher goes directly to the point, his explanatios are very cleare, with detailed examples and tips for you to use and get the best of Instagram.
Reminds beginner photographers and budding photography enthusiasts what and not to do while pursuing their dream. A conclusive and brief enough class to re-invoke imagination and provide inspiration as well as to show you what and how to do it.
This was super useful, exactly what I have been looking for. Really clear and concise and makes a lot of sense, perfect if you are looking for guidance or clarity.
Katie Venner-Woodbridge

Katie The Artisan





Firdaus Omar

Art and Design Enthusiast

Hi! I am an independent graphic designer from Kuala Lumpur. I am all for art and travel, and develop a creative mix of cultures and countries.

It’s all began with my first computer when I was lil' 9 years old. I fall in love with MISPAINT! Eight years later, I ditch it for Adobe Photoshop as I got more serious and spent the next five years designing theatre posters. The rest, is history.

How I did it? I hold to my living mantra,

"Do it Till You Get It, and Everyth...

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