So You Want to Play a Musical Instrument: First Steps | Valentina M. | Skillshare

So You Want to Play a Musical Instrument: First Steps

Valentina M., Music Ed. Visual Arts. Coffee.

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Intro

    • Types of Instruments

    • Size And Sound Matter

    • Materials And Maintenance

    • New or Used

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About This Class

This class will cover the first steps in getting started with instrumental music: choosing an instrument for the right reasons and details concerning purchasing an instrument. I created this class to answer the basic common questions I receive when a student or parent initially contacts me wanting to learn. 





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Valentina M.

Music Ed. Visual Arts. Coffee.

Valentina Mendoza has been involved in everything arts since elementary school. From painting, drawing, creating logos and photo backdrops for high school clubs, to being highly involved in every school music program available. When it came time to choose what to study for college, it was no easy feat. Valentina finally decided on Music Education and completed her degree at VanderCook College of Music in December 2015. Still yearning for more experience in the arts, Valentina has been utilizi...

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