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So You Want to Be a Freelancer? - First Steps

Robert G, Translator/Freelancer/Traveler

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    • 1. So You Want To be a Freelancer?

    • 2. Who am I?

    • 3. Pregame

    • 4. The Chicken and the Egg

    • 5. Work for Free?

    • 6. More About Low Prices

    • 7. How to Stand Out

    • 8. Email Template

    • 9. Job Alerts

    • 10. Course: Thank you


About This Class

This Course is for those of you who wish to earn a living from Freelancing. Those of you who would like to use your skills as an artist/designer/writer/translator/researcher/photographer/consultant/editor/programmer/etc. etc. and find a way to earn money, so you can have extra income, or even to earn a living, so you can quit your job and do your own work full-time. 

Chances are, you would like to start earning a living from being a Freelancer, but you're not sure where or how to start. Well then, this Course if for you! 

This Course will explain what you should do when you're starting from Zero. It will go through what to prepare ahead of time (so you won't be caught unprepared later!), as well as how to then find clients, approach them, and get chosen for freelance jobs. 


1. So You Want To be a Freelancer?: So you want to be a freelancer? This course is for all of you who are thinking of becoming freelancers. All of you who are wondering if maybe you should become freelancer. You should work for yourself. You should be an entrepreneur. You should be doing your own thing. And this will work for all types of freelancers. If you want to be a freelance photographer, a graphic designer, freelance translator, a freelance writer, a freelance researcher, whatever might be, this course is for you. This course will detail the first steps and show you that actually could be quite simple to become a freelancer. In this course, I'm going to show you what you need to prepare before you get started and what you need to make sure you have in order to get started. And then I'm gonna show you how to get your first clients, which is always a big thing gonna show you how to get these first clients had to attract their attention how to look employable to them, and then how to retain them. And then how to make sure that you have good clients and you keep them going on so that you could be on your way, earning a living through your freelance job 2. Who am I?: So who am I? And who am I to be telling you how this works and how to become a freelancer and what's needed? Well, first of all, I started off as a freelancer and ah, that's what I was doing, mainly as a translator is, you can see also as, ah, project manager a bit later on. At the beginning I was just in Italian to English translator, and that's how I earned my living. And this is my profile in prose dot com, which is one of the main translation websites. This is my profile another of the translation Websites Translators Cafe and this is how is earning my living until like I mentioned, I expand that have been and start again into project management. Now what does this mean? This means that I was working with other translators until slowly but surely I ended up setting up my own agency. So now most of what I do I went from earning a living as a as a freelancer to now I earn a living working on Lee with freelancers. This means not only all my translators of freelancers but everyone the person who designed this website are use freelancers for all my market research for lead generation, Um, for pretty much everything else that's needed, I work exclusively with freelances. This means that I've seen freelancing both from the perspective of a freelancer and trying to get hired, as well as from the perspective of someone who hires freelancers in all different sorts of settings. 3. Pregame: first start with what I like to call the pre game. The pre game is just what you need to get started. What you need ahead of time to make sure that you don't rush into this and you aren't prepared for some reason or another, and it's actually not that bad. The first thing you're going to need is a resume, and most likely, most of you already have a resume. Now. You might be worried because your resume isn't the perfect resume for someone who wants to freelance in your position. You don't yet have experience or clients as a freelancer and what you want to do. We'll get to that later. Don't worry about it too much now also, by the way, your resume is not your most important thing that you need. That's not the most important, ah, thing you need, even in the pregame section, so don't worry about it too much. The only thing I would mention here is to put your most impressive points on top. Your resume doesn't have to be a structured, as when you were preparing it to find a job in house to be employed and a company and work with them in their own office. When you're a freelancer, you have a bit more flexibility. But the main thing to keep in mind is to put your most impressive points on top. If you have worked with an impressive client before, if you went to a well known institute or school, if you have a degree that sounds good or whatever might be something that makes the most impression whatever, once again you think is most impressive. Just put that on top and structure the rest of your resume around that because that's the first thing people will see. And let's face it many times, right after they see that first thing that will decide if they keep looking at your resume or not, because very often they're looking over 50 or 100 resumes at the same time, and they don't have much time to go through everything with a fine tooth comb, at least not right in the beginning. So start off impressively. The second point is the photo, and this is something I highly recommend because it since you're working as a freelancer, you're going to be working, most likely just online, which means you're very anonymous people are just going to kind of see your name and not know much about you. They don't know if you're trustworthy. They don't know if ah, you're even a real person behind it or if you're someone else pretending to be that person or very often. An agency will pretend to be a freelancer for various reasons, so a photo can really go a long way. It doesn't need to be a glamour shot. It also doesn't You don't need to worry about it is what I'm saying. If you're right now, your computer in a coffee shop for her in your room or wherever it might be in an office working and your computer has a webcam. If you take a picture right now, that's more than sufficient, because that is how the client likes to see you. Basically, they like to think that you are someone who is working, um, by yourself as a freelancer, as they imagine, and so that's all you need to worry about. You don't need to worry about looking to impressive or too nice or anything like that. Obviously, don't take a picture if you're drunk or if it's out of focus, but basically what I'm saying is you don't need to waste any time on. This is something you can do very easily from your computer or your phone if you need to. And as long as it looks semi decent than it's perfectly good to go. And it goes a long way in terms of transparency and showing the prospective client that you're are someone realized that there's someone real behind this profile. So the third point is the specializations, their list of services. Now, since I'm saying this for all types of different freelancers, a lot of these points are going to change. You're going to be different, depending on what type of freelancer you are. However, your specializations will be, obviously say, if you're a freelance photographer, specializations will be not only that, your photographer, but it will be what type of photography do. Do you do wedding photography? Do you do photography of real estate? Do you do ah, video photography? Do you do? I'm not a photographer's. Actually, I've no idea what I'm talking about here, but you need to sort of just list exactly what you specialize in, and this helps a lot just a pinpoint what type of person that client is looking for. Look, whoever's hiring, you probably knows just as much as I do about photography, and so you kind of helping them out as well. And if they're looking for someone to take pictures of their real estate and you list there that one of your specializations is taking pictures of real estate than right away, they know they're on the right track, and that can help them out a lot when they're looking for someone. So just a list of specializations for now, just list them out, and you can either have them as bullet points. Or you can have them as part of an introduction letter however you prefer. And we could get into that later exactly how, ah, how to present yourself. But for now, just make sure you have this list of specializations or list of services that you can offer clients. And the fourth point in the final in this pre game is what I highly highly recommend is to have a website and because if you have a personal website, it goes a long way once again to showing transparency into showing trustworthiness because it shows that you have actually dedicated some time and effort into this. Now your website could be your name, say john smith dot com. But very often that takes a long time, and it costs money, etcetera, etcetera. So there are a number of free websites out there. One that I use is about dot me. If you go to about dot mia lets you create a profile complete with picture and some links, and it's free. And eso that is, tends to be quite a popular option. But you can definitely use that, by the way, in terms of website, you can also use linked in or, you know, the other various options. Whatever you prefer. I like about me because it lets you structure it like your own personal website. But whatever you think is best, as long as he have some sort of Web presence and a profile of yourself that you can point people to, it really goes a long way. So make sure you have at least something, and as I mentioned, it doesn't have to cost anything, and it could be very easy to do 4. The Chicken and the Egg: So now we get to the problem of the chicken and the egg. And what does this mean? That well, the problem of the chicken in the egg is a problem that all freelancers and all entrepreneurs have read at the beginning. And that's the fact that don't want wants to hire you if they know that they are the first people to ever higher you. They don't want to be your experiment if you will, Uh, and so they want to hire someone who has more experience. On the other hand, how can you get experience if you don't get hired that first time? And that's the problem over the chicken and the egg, because which comes first, the experience or getting hired? I mean, obviously, you need to get hired. But if you can't get hired without experience than how does that work? In other words, he cannot get clients without a track record. But you cannot get a track record without clients, so that's the problem of the chicken, the egg when it's related to entrepreneurship. So let's start here with I'm going to start with several methods of solving this problem. I'm going to start with my least favorite, um, mainly because it's something that you hear about often, and a lot of people actually recommend it. And so I kind of want to get out of the way, and then we're going to go gradually for my least favorite ones. Two once that I favour more and more and more. So here's a solution. My least favor is S e o online marketing. I say it's my least favorite because chances are it won't do anything for you unless S CEO and online marketing is actually what you are freelancer into its your area of expertise. It's a very, very, very easy to spend a whole lot of money on S CEO in online marketing and not see any results. And I know this because of personal experience. I actually hired a company. Um, in fact, I hired a company. So this was years ago. This after I read the four hour workweek, was one of the companies that was specifically recommended by Tim Ferriss in the four hour work week. I contacted them. I spent over 1000 bucks I was supposed to spend around 2000. I spent close to 2000. Um and realized nothing was happening. I said, Either you start showing me results or forget it. We're not continuing this and because they weren't delivering anything at all, and it was it was a mess. Ah, lot of it was my fault. I was stupid about it. And I've learned over the years of how to remediate for stuff like that. But suffice it to say if you don't know anything about Seo and online marketing, then feel free to add some S E o tags when you're making your website or something like that, because that doesn't cost you anything. But definitely, definitely. I would have waste too much time on it and definitely don't waste any money on it, at least not at the beginning. Later on, you can see and try to evaluate, but at the beginning, there many other methods that are a lot better than S E. O in online marketing. Also, because if you're just starting out, SC and online marketing can have the best CEO in online marketing in the world, and it won't do you much if you don't have a good way to convert these visits into clients as soon as they visit you, and that takes some experience already. So SCN online marketing It exists. It's out there, and people are gonna mention it as an option. And for all I know it can work for some people out there. But I still haven't met the people that it actually works for, at least right off the bat. The 2nd 1 of friends and family, friends and family is something that's very often neglected, and for many times people are a bit embarrassed or they're not sure. And they're just dipping their feet in the water in terms of becoming a freelancer. But friends and family, first of all, can be extremely helpful because they're people who already know you and trust you. And second of all, you actually have no idea which ones that your friends and family might need your services . What I found actually, usually is that friends and family do not mean need my services, but they will be talking to someone who does, and some friend of mine will be having a conversation with someone who needs translations done. And so they'll say, Oh yeah, I have a good friend who is a translator who has a translation agency and they'll put them in touch with me. And so usually something like that will happen along those lines. Another good thing about letting friends and family know that you're becoming a freelancer . That this is what you do know is that it will hold you to your decision. And if you're feeling a bit tentative, you're not sure if getting started. Well, guess what? Telling friends and family is a great way to sort of to commit and to actually head into what you're doing. And ah, and therefore put more energy into what you're doing because you really feel like you need to make it work. And so I feel it helps on many levels in many fronts. So definitely do not neglect friends and family. Let them know what you're doing, and, uh, and just see what happens because you never know. So here we get a bit more into the nitty gritty. Another option is the jobs for a low price. Now what does this mean? Just for a low price means that you will do a job for a price that isn't all that good, but what you're doing it for us for ratings, and that's the important part here. So this means that you need to have ratings in mind when you apply for the job much more than price. So how does this work? This means that you need to prepare ahead of time and need to know what exactly want in terms of ratings. And unfortunately, all different types of freelancers have all different types of websites and different areas where they can go. But let's take up work. For example, everyone could get rated on up work, and everyone wants to get a good rating. Well, guess what? You can apply for a job on up, work for a very low price and say, Look, a Z can see I have no experience on up work and so I'm trying to get a bunch of good ratings. That's why I'm offering you this job for a very low price in exchange. If you're satisfied, I really appreciate if you could give me a good rating, because that will help me in the future, which it does if you have specialized websites like I mentioned before. For translators, there's pros are calmer translators cafe dot com, then actually I usually recommend trying one of those like, say, going on pros dot com and contacting clients through there and saying You'll do a job for a low price in exchange for a good rating on pros dot com. And just make sure that you specify that ahead of time because a then they know why you're offering it for such a low price. Even though you might be worth more and be it isn't it doesn't come as a surprise to them that you want a rating later on. Obviously, they're only going to give you a good rating if they're happy with your service. But at least they know ahead of time that you're doing it for the rating. There are some issues with the low price, which we will get into later, and that's why I don't actually always recommended. That's why it's just number three here, and there are other better options. But when you're first starting out, this can be an option. So I thought you should know about it. But of course that leads me to option number four, which is doing jobs for free. Once again, we're going to talk about these a bit more later when we talk about the low prices. Well, but what I mean here is you could contact the same client. And if you find someone on up work who's looking for a good say photographer or graphic designer, you can say, Hey, look, usually I would charge whatever price, but I'm gonna since, as you can see, I have no ratings. I can do this job for you for free, so you have nothing to lose. But I really appreciate it. If you could give me a good rating if you're happy with the job and if it's a small job, something you can complete and I don't know, a couple hours and afternoon something along those lines, it could really be worth it, because these ratings can really help you in the long term. Once you have a good rating, it's there with you for throughout your career. And so if you lose out on one small job, it can really be worth in a long term to have a good rating. And that's why offering a job for free kind of makes sense for the client because they don't really have anything to lose. They're not losing any money, and in fact they could even hire someone else as well. But in the meantime, they get a job from you for free and all your skin Exchange is a good rating, and the option number five is to recognize opportunities. And I mentioned slightly different ones. And so what this means is that various times opportunities will come your way because supply and demand don't always go hand in hand. Sorry for the terminology, but when I went to school, I studied economics, and so that's the way I see it very often. But say, Let's take the example once again that you are a photographer and you want to specialize in in real estate photography and someone contacts you out of the blue says, Look, I don't have real estate photography, but I have a lot of cars. I need a lot of cars taking pictures off, and I need the engine don and this that and the other You I say, No, I only want to do real estate stuff because that's what I want to do, or you can think yourself well. Wait. Karzai could probably handle that. That wouldn't be too difficult. And so then you end up doing that job. And for all you know, this could become your niche. And it could become your specialization just because you were able to jump on an opportunity that was a bit different from what you usually do. But it was actually something that ended up being very lucrative and showed you a whole new market. Another thing could be someone says, Hey, look, I need Ah, I need great Ah, need a photographer once again for my real estate. So it's exactly what you want, but at the same time, I also need it. Ah, I need a video version and I need it translated into three different languages or 10 different languages. So you might say, Look, I can do the photography, but I don't do video and I can't definitely can't do the translation, but it might be worth looking into. What if you can partner up with someone who does videography and who could do the videos, and even more than that, then you partner up with someone who doesn't in various different languages. Suddenly, you can offer all these range of things that other freelancers in your prisons cannot offer . Anyway, these are just examples that I came up with just like this. And I've had various things like this happened to me as a translator. And in fact, I've seen other people kind of expand just because of this. Ah, friend who was translating? He was doing French to English translations and a client. You know, perspective client of his asked if he could also do tax forms and because they needed something translated, but they also needed to conform to the ire s for American taxes. And this allowed him to partner up with with basically a c p a in the U. S. And there were he was then able to offer this as a service to all these other clients. Say I can make all of your tax forms us compliant. And so you don't have to worry about the ire s anymore, which is a great opportunity. So this is something that you should really keep an eye out for, and it's you really don't know what it looks like until it falls in your lap. And so you really need to be ready to seize the moment, if you will, When something happens because it will be a bit different for what you're used to, but they can very often open the doors into very lucrative opportunities. 5. Work for Free?: So let's talk a bit more about working for free, because I mentioned before that you can contact a company or have a company who is looking for a freelancer, and you could say you could do a job for free for them. But working for free can actually work on many levels. And there many types of people you could contact to do a job. You know, just say a small job at the beginning for free as long as I meant, as I mentioned before. As long as you have a system in place for getting ratings for getting referrals, So what's the first option? The first option is NGOs, NGOs, air great for free work because NGOs can afford to pay people usually and they definitely can't afford to pay too much. And so they very often find themselves looking for people in many different areas, from translators to write us. They're photographers to whatever might be so many times it's worth it to find NGOs going the website see if they're looking for anyone but even just contacting them out of the blue and finding local NGOs. They're NGOs that you can think you can help and say, Hey, look, I am a photographer and I'm just getting started. Could you use any photography for free? You know, I really like to be able to help you out. You don't have to pay me anything. The only thing is, I would like a testimonial or a rating, which is very easy to do, by the way. But in the meantime, you get a bunch of free photography or whatever it is that you're offering. Try to offer it to some NGO around who could definitely use whatever you're needing. Even if you do something like, say, market research or lead generation look, NGOs need leads. They need to find new people who are interested in who ah, you know who want to either investor help out or join or otherwise be a part of their NGO. And so lead generation could really help. So whatever type of freelancing you do, it could be worth it to find NGOs and see if you can do something for them once again, not too big, but something for free that can then help you out in terms of a testimonial or review or rating or a reference etcetera, etcetera, another thing of community organizations, thes air neighborhood organizations or religious organizations. Something around in ah that you confined locally that maybe you're already a part of. And because it's right there on your doorstep and these very often, once again, like NGOs, they need all these services, but they don't have much money, and so they very often really like it. If they have someone who is a part of their community or close to their community, who could offer this help? And so it can really be worth contacting them and saying, Look, I'm just starting out. Or as you can see, I don't have any ratings or referrals, but I really appreciate if you could have any one. Obviously, if you're happy with the job and in exchange, I'll do this stuff for free for you. Another option is freelancers. Now. Other freelance serious might actually need your freelance work like, say, once again, you're in market researcher lead generation, while other freelancers can definitely use leads. Or if you're a freelance writer, definitely, other freelancers could probably use help with writing up whatever they need their bios. Or maybe they need to help with, you know, whatever it might be. This that and the other. So definitely try toe, look into other freelancers and see if they need help with anything. And once again, you can say, Hey, look, I'll do this job is quite easy for me. I'll do it for free for you. But in exchange, I'd really love if you could give me a rating on whatever website issues and they understand because they're pretty much in your same boat and in fact, they might then ask you to do the same thing. We'll get a bit more into that later as well, but they will ask you to do the same thing and so you guys can help each other out. And this can also help for networking on the road here. How about here as well? Because chances are where you watching this? You're watching this on a platform that a lot of other freelancers are using. So it might be worth trying to find other freelancers on this platform, either who are teaching other courses or just taking other courses as students and get in touch with them and then seeing if they need any help or if there's anyone who are you could be a service to, and because there are a lot of freelancers in a lot of places, so it's definitely worth getting in touch with them. And here is a good a place as any. So if after all this he still don't have a place where you can work for free and in exchange for ratings or for reviews and for references that could help in the future, then what I usually recommend. It's Just do something yourself, solve a problem yourself like I'm sure if your photographer once again that you go to a lot of websites and you see really corny photography, I want to take a couple pictures and just send them to them and say, Hey, look, you know, I took these pictures. You can feel free to use them, and if you're interested, I can do more pictures for you. And if you're happy with them, I really love it. If you could do a rating, if you could give me a rating, give me referral. Give me a reference something along those lines. Likewise, with translations. I work a lot with a lot of translators, and this is something I recommend if they find a website that hasn't been translated to offer to translate like, say, their home page and say, Hey, look, I translate your home page for you. I'm happy to translate the rest for you if you're if, uh, if you are happy with it and in exchange I just like a rating review or if it's a big website that you ask for payment, or just ask for a rating review for the first home page that you translate or whatever it might be. It's a judgment call and you can see depending on what client it is and how big the job is , etcetera, etcetera. But try to find some place where you think you might be needed and just take the initiative and do it yourself, because chances are maybe a company that is already busy or they're already doing their own thing. They don't have time to evaluate if they need your services or not. But if you give it to them and they find it on their lap, they're not going to say no because it was already given to them. And so this can really be a good way to introduce yourself and also just to get a rating referral right off the bat. And so whatever your services like, if you do graphic divine and you see a company that has a logo that you think isn't very good or company without a logo, just send them a logo. Say, Hey, look, theater three different options for a logo that I thought it for you guys. If you like it, please feel free to use it. You know, all I ask in exchange is if you could leave me a rating or throw here because I'm trying to build up my business and very often don't understand, especially if it's a small business. You know, we've all been in the same boat, and so they can definitely understand that. 6. More About Low Prices: so here, as promised, I'm going to talk a bit more about low prices, and I'm going to talk a bit more about why I don't like them now. Little price. There's something that are gonna come up, especially when you start using platforms for freelancers and you realize that there's competition on price. And very often, if you're going to charge $100 for something, someone else is gonna charge 80 and someone else will charge 70 etcetera, etcetera. And so you're wondering Well, maybe I should compete on Price because if I charge too much, they're not gonna hire me. And unfortunately, then you start getting to these price wars, which is basically a downward spiral. And these can be really bad because no matter how low you charge is always someone who can charge lower than you do, let's face it, even if you charge such a small amount that it's barely worth it for you. There's someone else who maybe is just trying to see if they want to be a freelancer. But they already earning a living from some other jobs, so they're happy to do it for even less. Or maybe they're a student, and they don't need to worry about earning money yet. And they're just kind of doing it just to, ah, get some experience and see what happens. Or else they already have money and they're just doing it for fun anyway. There's so many other reasons why people can start charging less than you do that. If you start entering into these price wars, it can really just be a downward spiral, and it's almost impossible to get out of the situation. The problem is, if you find a client and end up doing a job for a really low price for them, you can't then say later on Oh, no, actually, my prices much higher. So if you want to keep working with me, then you have to pay me more. Ah, that just won't happen. And so you've either stuck. You're either stuck working with a client for a very low price, or you have to drop that client and not work with them again because they're not gonna hire you for a higher price because now in in their mind, you are worse, that low price and that's it. And so it's almost impossible to get yourself out of that situation. And that's why I'm very often mentioned that free is better than Chief because free is obviously not something sustainable. And eso is obviously a one off thing. And they just feel very lucky that they found you and they were able to get it work, work done for free. And, ah, but they understand that in the future because once you you are more established, you're going to charge that they're not gonna be able to get it for free in the future. And so they're gonna have to pay you in the future. If they're happy with your work. They're just happy to have been able to get a job done for free at least once. And so that's why I recommend free as better than a low price. Another thing you can do when I touch upon this a bit before was an exchange of services. And you can do this not only whether the freelancers but other businesses as well if it's say, a translation business in your graphic designer, you could say, Look, I can offer you a graphic design. I can design your website Aiken, design your logo and stuff like that exchange. I really appreciate it. If you could translate, you know what I offer in different languages. And so then I can offer my services to people in various different languages or whatever it might be trying exchange of services with other freelancers, other entrepreneurs, other small businesses and stuff like that, because in this way you can then get once again get ratings and referrals, as I mentioned. But you can also get their service done just in exchange for waiting referral to them. And you could really benefit each other in more ways than one. Once again if there's repeating. If you do decide to proceed with low prices, just you can do it. That's fine. And that's why I keep mentioning because it is an option. But you need to understand the trade offs. You won't have any repeat business, and it's risky with the reviews as well, because they might leave you a good review. But in the review they might right. Oh, I'm really happy that I was able to hire this person because it was a really low price, and they do jobs really cheaply, and so, you know, we really came under budget and helped us out a lot. You know, you don't necessarily want to review like that because then other people just think that you're really cheap and when you start charging them more than they're not happy about it. And so it can really be risky when you do jobs for low prices. And so that's why it bears repeating. 7. How to Stand Out: So let's talk a bit more about standing out, because when you first start out, you're going to be competing with a lot of other freelancers who are like you. And so how do you How do you get picked? Heidi gets ready. Stand out to you know, how do you make sure that the client looking through the various different freelancer that could be 20 5100 different freelancers? How are they gonna pick you? Well, And so what most people do is when you start out, you look for other examples because you're trying to create your profile. You don't know how to create your profile on up work or on pros, or on guru dot com or whatever the website might be freelancer dot com Any one of these. And so you look to others and to see what they did. And, you know, you kind of there you get a feel for what works and what looks good. And what doesn't The problem about this is that if you see nine out of 10 people doing something, then you're going to think, OK, then that's what we're supposed to do. That's what I need to do I need to list my services in this way or, you know my introduction that way? But is that necessarily right? You should maybe pay attention to that one out of 10 people who does something different now. What is different with them doesn't look sloppy. Or does it actually look good that they catch your eye if it's something different? But that's eye catching and doesn't look bad, then it might actually be worth it. Not to copy everyone else and to do something that's a bit different. And when you go through all these profiles and look at other people, ask yourself what stands out, even if it's something not work related, They have something that catches the eye, if that makes him stand out than trying to make a note of it and see what it is, because this is something that you probably want as well. And if they have something, if they were able to do something in a different color, or if they were able to mention that they are a deejay by night, or if they really if they were a professional snowboarder or something like that, something that really stands out then that can help out. And so you obviously don't copy them if you're not a professional snowboarder, but maybe could give you an inspiration idea for you to do something as well, and so you can stand out in a similar way, and that way, at least people notice you. And if they notice you, then they're that much more likely to keep looking at your profile and, ah, and keep getting to know you better and therefore pick you. And another thing that I've seen on various websites, and this will depend on the platform and what's available. But it's a video. If you could do a video introduction of yourself. This convey very often be very good as well, once again for transparency in terms of having a photo. I mentioned that before it helps to show that your real person transparency. But if you can show a video, it's that much better, even just a video of you talking and talking about what you do and introducing yourself. It can go a long ways. In fact, many times that goes a lot further than having a professional video made, because that way they get a feel for who you are and that you are a real person behind the ah profile, the online profile, which can very often be anonymous. So if whatever website, your deal with offers a video format and that you could do a video introduction that I highly recommend doing that. But regardless, just finding a way that helps you stand out can do wonders in terms of being picked. 8. Email Template: So I've talked about getting clients attention, especially if you're using these websites like up work and and guru and freelancer dot com etcetera. But on the other hand, very often you need to contact the clients yourself. You need to email them, or even if you do use these websites, you still need to send them a message or send them an email. And so I think the best way to do this is to have an email template that you could use yourself. And in order to do that, I'm going to share an email template that I use and so that you can not copy it, because then your email temple will look very similar to mine and to probably other students. But at least he can help you out, and you can use that as an inspiration so you could create your own email template. So this is my email template, which I will make available for download. So just want to go through it quickly and talk about how you should structure your own email template based on this. Now they're a couple of things. You'll notice the upper Red Case type should be personalized and can remain the same for all job applications. So what does this mean? This means that you should definitely right whatever you need in the in this red section. But every time you apply for different jobs, you actually don't need to change the red section. Once you've written this once for yourself, you don't need to worry about changing it. But obviously it will change if your photographer, if you're a researcher, if you're a writer, these will you know it will depend on what you do, and so you should make that personalized. But then every time you apply to different jobs as a photographer, as ah, right or whatever it might be, you don't need to change that part. So you just change it once. The locus purple, on the other hand, should be changed for each job that you apply to. Because for every job you apply to, you can't just send the same email over and over again. I can tell you, as someone who's higher, many freelancers I can always tell when someone sends me a template that's just been sent copy and paste into a bunch of different people. You least wants to personalize it a little bit. Obviously, you can personalize the holy milk for every single client because it takes way too much effort, especially if you're trying, especially beginning. You'll be trying to contact many different clients and very often many times throughout the day, so you can't write the whole thing from scratch. But they should work at the good template where you only have to change certain things. But the rest of it, you already have it written out. So let's go through this quickly. It starts off with hello name, and this is the name of whoever you're contacting. And if they don't have a name of whoever contacting, then just leave it blank and just say hello. But otherwise just right. Hello, John Smith or whatever as ah, here you can write photographer as, ah, professional copywriter. As whatever might be, I'll be happy to assist you with your and then name of the job request. You know, if they've been if they say they need help with a translation of whatever, whatever you can say, help with your translation of whatever, whatever, Whatever. And then right here, my type of job, a graphic design Lee generation experience is extensive, still say by a graphic design experience is extensive. From then. Do one example to another example. So and you want to do you know examples on different sides of spectrum something small to something big or something local to something international, whatever it might be. Just two examples of stuff that you worked on. Even if it's something once again that you have been paid for or that you've done for a friend feel freed, included, it's working done. So you know why not included in the past I've worked on and then job similar to the one being were requested. And so here, if if they want the translation of a legal document, a legal contract. And you can say in the past I've worked on many types of legal contracts. Ah, you know, if it's something similar, if you haven't worked on a legal contract per se, then let's something impressive. Like say, in the past, I've worked on ah job so many different types of legal translations or I've worked in the courts of, ah, New York City or, you know, whatever. It might be something impressive if you don't have something that's similar. Do something that sounds a bit impressive or something along those lines. And here you add something that is similar to the company, basically something that you have in common with them. It can even be non work related. So you can say, Moreover, I've worked in If the company is safe from from Florence and you know, like my family's emerging from Florence, I can say, moreover, my family's from Florence and, uh so I know your company well, or I've worked in many of the same areas or something along those lines are. Moreover, I see you are snowboarding company, and it used to be professional snowboarder or more over. Ah, you guys deal with so and so movies and I'm an expert or I've watched all of the so and so movies or whatever. It might be just something that you might have in common. Even if you look up. The person say I see here from Charlotte and I'm originally from Charlotte as well are are used to live in Charlotte as well. It will be great to work from someone from the Queen City. Queen City is a nickname for Charlotte and So you know, you can kind of establish yourself as Trump chummy and as a local, um And then right here you can find more information, including some samples on my website here. And that's the website. Euro once again, the less I mentioned before either website about dot me or whatever it might be. And ah, and then you write my way for this job will be the price. And I'm going to begin in your convenience. Bobo Bobo bobo block. Thank you. Your name and your website once again, just repeat it and, uh, and put the website about dot me here. I put 88 pages for translators. The American Translators Association page, if you have it or something along those lines, um and yeah, that's basically the email template. And this one I would use as a freelancer in the freelance translator. So feel free to take this as an example to customize it, personalize and as you see fit, and ah, and then to use it as a template for when you're dealing with your own clients, 9. Job Alerts: so another thing to mention is jobless because very often people don't think about this or don't make use of this, which could be a big mistake. So my advice is to set them up. So what? I mean, here very often websites will offer jobless. And so what this means is that if jobs come that apply to you and that are suitable to you , they will send you an email. And now all different types of freelancers have all different types of ah specified job websites. If your translator I know very well pros are common translators cafe, they do have job alerts. And so what you could do is say this is my language combination. And so any time there is on opportunity in this language combination to send me an email, please. And so if this is an option for whatever websites you're dealing with, in definitely absolutely 100% set them up. On the other hand, many other websites do not have this option. So what should you in that case, if this is not available than what you can do is just set up on alert on your calendar. If you check the website you see every day they have new options. Well, guess what? On your calendar for every single day, you should remind yourself to look at that website because as time goes on, you're gonna forget to look at that website every now and then. So put it as an alert on your calendar. But if you realize that new options and new jobs come on that website, you know more like once a week or so, then you don't have to check it every day and then just put on your calendar to check it once every week. And we use your own judgment and see how often you want to check on different websites, because this allows you to then check on many different websites up work. Freelancer dot com You know, pros. They're a bunch of other ones that offer, you know, like I mentioned Guru and other places where you could work. And if you're designers, say there's 99 designs or there's fiber dot com, etcetera, etcetera, and so you might just want to settle your calendar to remind yourself to check on these websites regularly so that you can always be sure that any new job that comes up that's suitable for you. You're applying for it because when you're starting out, you're working the numbers and so you want to be applying for as many jobs as possible. 10. Course: Thank you: thank you very much for taking my course, and I really hope you find it useful. And please feel free to check out any of the other courses I offer as well. As you may know, I'm a freelance translator, and I also run my own translation agency. So if you are a translator, keep in mind that I offer reviewing services for resumes and CVS as well as online profiles . I also offer one on one consulting. You can access either one of these services by going to the length that you see on your screen now or also by checking them out of the resource document you'll find at the end of this course. I also have a book called How to Be a Successful Freelance Translator, and the third edition is available now on Amazon. You can access it at this link here, and this as well will be available in the resource document. Otherwise, thank you so much once again for taking the course, and I would love to hear any feedback that you might have