So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer? Here’s What You Need to Know | Marisa Donnelly | Skillshare

So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Marisa Donnelly, Writer | Writing Coach | Editor | Author

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction: So What's The Deal With Freelance Writing

    • 2. Nothing Is Impossible

    • 3. Building Your Brand & Portfolio

    • 4. Creating A KickA$$ Resume

    • 5. Getting What You Deserve

    • 6. What The Heck Is A Pitch

    • 7. Network, Network, Network

    • 8. Conclusion: Grow, Work Hard & Stay Positive

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About This Class

Are you passionate about words? Driven by strong content and have the desire to help others thrive through the content you create? Do you love a fast-paced environment that’s entirely flexible and directed by you? 

Then you’re born to be a freelance content writer.

Whether you’re just learning about freelance writing, are curious what the term really means, or are ready to jump in, this class will help you learn about the basics in freelance content writing. From creating an online portfolio to determining your rates, you’ll learn everything you need to know. Plus, you’ll create a document that will help navigate your entire process (and get valuable feedback along the way). 

You’ll walk away from this class with the skills to land clients, write compelling work, and thrive in the writing industry. 

What You Need for This Class (And Your Future Freelancing Career) to Be Successful:

  1. A good attitude.
  2. A computer or laptop.
  3. Internet connection.
  4. The desire to work hard.