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Snowy Christmas Night - Let's celebrate the season with Watercolors


Snowy Christmas Night - Let's celebrate the season with Watercolors


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11 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Hello Hello!

    • 2. Materials you'll need

    • 3. Colors you'll need

    • 4. Prepping the paper + Pencil sketch

    • 5. Techniques

    • 6. Background layer

    • 7. Pine trees - Background

    • 8. Pine trees - Foreground

    • 9. Detailing the house

    • 10. Adding snow

    • 11. Thank you for joining. Merry Christmas :)

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About This Class


It is that time of the year again! Everything around is sparking in joy and is all set to welcome Christmas. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, we all need a little extra holiday cheer this year. So to help you get into the spirit I have come up with a gorgeous Christmas themed class. 

We will be a painting a beautiful Snowy Christmas Night. This class is going to fill your heart with so much of joy!

So wear that red cozy sweater, light up a candle, get a hot cup of chocolate and of course your art supplies ;)

Alright! Now that the Christmas mood is set, let's jump on to our painting :)

Art Supplies you'll need to follow this class

  • Artist grade watercolor paper (140 lb 100%cotton )
  • Round Brushes (Size 8 and 4)
  • Watercolors - Any artist grade watercolors - I have a separate section with color swatches of all the main colors we are using in the projects
  • White gouache
  • A mixing palette, masking tape, pencil, eraser, paper towel and 2 jars of water.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Hello Hello!: Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is dressed in red to enjoy the season. And so am I. Hello everyone, myself, Zaneena Nabeel. I am mom, an architect, an artist and an art educator. It has been a really tough year and I think we all need some extra holiday cheer this year. So to help you get into the spirit, I have created a beautiful Christmas themed class. This is a short and beautiful class which is going to fill your heart with so much of joy, right from the basic materials I will be explaining about each and everything you will need to paint this gorgeous Christmas night. The Christmas magic is already in the air. Let's spend some creative time together and make it a December to Remember. 2. Materials you'll need: Alright, let's have a quick look at the materials you'll need. Let's start with the watercolor paper. So for this class, I'll be using my Canson heard each cool press watercolor paper. This one has 140 LB And it is a 100% Carter. I will recommend you to go with any art discrete watercolor paper but dissolved minimum one for b LB. And it is a 100% cotton. To get the best result. You can go with any brand. The brand doesn't really matter, but make sure it is at least 140 LB And it is a 100% Carter. Because most of the time you'll be using your technique, right? And you may not be using the right kind of materials, especially the people. The watercolor paper has a major impact on your end result. So if you can please go with an artist grade vertical people. This is the painting you'll be doing today. I have just cut my people bad into two. And that is the size I'm using. It is roughly an A4 size. So the size of the soon as 26 centimeter by 36 centimeter. I have just got that be prepared into two. Okay, so that's all about the watercolor people and the size of the paper I'm using a feel free to go with any kind of science that you prefer. So this painting was done in a portrait mode. So if you want to go with the landscape orientation, that's totally up to you and also the size. So that's all about the watercolor paper. Now, about the watercolor, I will be using watercolor tubes and I will be using different brands. You can go with either tubed watercolor or paint watercolor with the brand also doesn't matter. You can use whatever you have caught. In the next section, I will be explaining all the colors you will need in detail. So to get a better idea about the colors you will need, please take out that. Now along with the colors you will also need a whitewash. The one I'm using here is from the brand Royal talents. If you don't have white gosh, you can use white acrylic. And if you don't have white acrylic or whitewash, you can go with white watercolor. We'll be using whitewashed splatter the snow to get this OPEX, nor it is better if you covert whitewash or right-click. If you don't have them, you can use your whitewater kilo, but you will have to go in a very deep consistency to get such a big snow, which is one of the main characteristics of this painting. So it has a lot of impact. Now to mixing your color, you will need a ballot. I'll be using the ceramic palate As we don't need a lot of colors. This one works quite well for the sprinting. You can use any of the normal watercolor palette to use. You can either use ceramic or plastic. Dinner plate would work perfect for this class. Now talking about the brushes. So these are the three precious I will be using for this class. All of them are from the brand silver black velvet and they all around pressures. The first one is size number 12. I'll be using this one for all the bigger washes. And the next one I have here a sizable eight. This one is, again for all those medium two because sized washes. And the other one's size number four, I will be using this one for all the fine details. You will lead any medium two because size round brush and the smallest size amperage for all the smaller details. Ok, so those are the brushes you will need. Now we need to add some pencil sketch for that you will need a pencil and if there is some mistake, you will need to erase that off, so he will lead an eraser restful. Next, you will need a masking tape to mask all the sides of your people. This one is a very normal stationary board masking tape. You can either use a washy tip or a masking tape. You would also need a people tau1. And last but not least, you will need to jars of water. One has to stay clean and the other one as servants of the paint from your brush. So quickly go grab all the art materials. And in the next section we'll be taking out the colors and I'll see you there. 3. Colors you'll need: So here's the gorgeous Christmas night we'll be building today. As you could see, it is based on a very limited color palette. We will need a lot of colors for the sprinting. Anyway, let's quickly have a look at the colors for the sky and the mountain and for the snow in the background. We need Payne's gray and integral. These are the colors I will be using. My indigo is from the brand, and beans gray is from the brand White Nights. These are the two colors I'll be using for this guy, the mountain and the snow on the ground. I will quickly sketch it out. That's indigo. And the next column, you will need a spin screen. Now for the pine trees, if you want, you can go with the doctrine of beans Green. For the ones in the background, I will be using a lighter tone of Payne's gray. And for the ones in the foreground, I will be going with black. This is the black. I will be using it a speech black by Shinzen PWC. Even if you are using things gree, you need to covert a Docker tune, which will be more or less close to black. So it is absolutely ok if you want to use your plaque instead of paint screen. So that is the third color. So we are done with the sky and the mountain and buying trees. And for the road also, I will be using black. Now for that little house to create that glowing effect, I will be using the ALU, the one I'm using US, cadmium yellow. You can use any yellow that you have got. You can use yellow ochre gamble GMO or yellow, it doesn't really matter. So that diet. Next is permanent rules. I will be using this one for the rest of the house. So you can see here there is a lot of orange around those yellow windows where you have that lied. To create that orange. I will be mixing yellow and permanent rules as I have these two colors on my palate, It is easy for me to create an orange rather than squeezing out a new color. That is why I'm mixing and creating an orange. You can really use an orange if that is what you prefer. Now, instead of permanent rules, you can use car, mine or chromosome, or you can use bonds in our war Merlin, and doesn't really matter the color which mitosis your loop because that is what creates that gluing factorial house. So the rest of the colors is totally up to you. If you want a more reddish color, you can go with Carmine are Clemson. Or if you wanted a more of a brownish or orangeish tune, you can go with vermilion or bonds Sina. So that's totally your call. To add in these darker dooms, I will be mixing a little off beans gray into my rules to create a Docker tune. That is the color you see here. So we told me the color you're using. It's born sinner are formalin to get adequate bone. Again, mix a little of beans grey or black, and use that dark dunes over here. Now finally, to add in these declarations or elaborate Christmas tree, I will be using Pivotal rate. This is a very bright and brilliant trade as really bright and boom. You can use any red color you have got. You can either use vermilion or any other brighter red. You can see this Indian straight hill. It's very bright and bold red. And that is why these declarations are really standing out. So if you have wash into the water glow, you can use a red guage for these declarations so that they will be opaque and they won't fade away. If you're using watercolor, make sure to go with thicker consistency so that they will be prominent and they won't fade away that quickly. Okay, so those are the vertical as you will need. Finally to supply to this known, I will be using a whitewash. If you have. Perfect. If you don't have, you can use white acrylic. If you don't have a click, you can use whitewater glow, but burglar should be your last choice. As we want that opaque white, it is better to go with either guage or white acrylic. But if you don't have it, it's fine. You can go with your whitewater globe, but then you have to go in a very thicker consistency so that the snow will really stand out and it will stay o peak. 4. Prepping the paper + Pencil sketch: So I have my people here. This is roughly an A4 size. Now I'm going to take down the people onto my board using a masking tape. This is a very normal masking tape. I bought it from a stationary shop. It's not being done steep or any other fancy expensive t. Let me quickly fix the full site. Once you have applied the masking tape is running infant girls across all the four sides just to make sure that the tape was formally fixed. If there are gaps in between the water gans seeping through and you won't get those clean edges. So in order to get those clean and just, it is very important to fix your people onto the base properly using a masking tape. This will also prevent your paper from buckling to an extent. Okay. I have fixed my paper. I'm just running my fingers and making sure it is fixed properly. Okay, I have fixed my paper. Now let's start with the pencil sketch. First. Let's add the snowy mountains in the background. I'm gonna go with three set of mountains. This my first mountain. Now adding another one right there. Now another one which is a bit more taller than the other two. Okay. So those are my mountains. Now this is where I will be adding the red cabin. I wanted to be a little elevator down the rest of the area. I wanted to look like sitting on our little snowy mountain. So I'm going to add a line like this. And I'm going to write cabin here. Okay? Now I'm going to add some doors and windows. Maybe a door here as four. So that my CAPM No, we'll have our Christmas tree over here. Then we'll have another huge tree right here. That's the Christmas tree. And we'd have another huge tree hill. Then maybe we can add one more tree over here. Okay. I just showed you the locations we don't need to sketch that. We can add them by looping. And now I'm going to add a route. He'll gain the shape of this road or two of my teens, when I add though, I might take it a level in or out according to what I feel at that moment. Okay. For now we just need to allocate the spaces and we just need to indicate all those locations. So we have a snowy mountains in the background and we have a red little cabin. And then we have added three huge BY entries will also have some very interesting background which won't be asked DTLS, these ones. And I have added a pathway there, and that's it. That is your pencil sketch. 5. Techniques: We already had a look at the colors you will need. Now let's quickly have a look at some techniques that we'll be using for this painting. So the first one is these mountains here. This is a very easy and quick one, and it is quite beautiful as full. So you need to add your sheep first, then o to a model. You need to add o regular line. It doesn't need to have any particular sheep. So order this part of your mountain will be adding shadows and under this side will leave it as it is for the people white. So this area is more focused on the snow and the Syria is more focused on though shadows. So which will be the color you're using if it's spins, grew or integral, go with a very light tone and simply flip that area on the left side. You have already created that patch. All you need to do with simply fill up that Ada you created and that lighter tone of blue or gray or what will be the colonial using. Now on to the other side, you simply need to add in some lines like this. And that is your snowy mountain. This is the same technique will be using. He'll now, along with that onto the bottom, will be adding some drivers patterns. So to add on those drivers patterns, you need to dab your brush on a paper towel so that the paper towel will absorb all the water content and link the paint dry. Now you can simply scratches on the people and create these kind of try push buttons. So there will be more texture on your mountain. Okay, so that is the first technique. The next one is painting the pine trees. Now for the pine trees in the background, and also for these three in the foreground, the huge ones. I will be using the same technique. For the ones in the foreground. I will be a little more careful while I'm hiding those details. But for the ones in the background, I will simply add them in a very quick and carefree manner because they won't be very much visible. You can see them here. This one and this one is very much different, even though the technique is the same. These ones are looking very blurry as it is in the background, whereas these ones are quite a lot of detail as they are in the foreground. So for these ones, you can go in a very quick manner. You don't really need to put a lot of effort for these ones, but for the ones in the foreground, they need to be a little more detail. Let me quickly show you how you can pin those fine trees at a straight line. First, the socio tree trunk. I'm using black watercolor here. Now on the top. Simply add in some zigzag lines. And it can be some messy lines. Now the overall shape of your pine tree should be. Something like this. It's a conical or triangular shape. So this should be your overall shape. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to focus on the outer sheet first. I'm going to simply add in these kind of branches. Focusing on that outer shape. It doesn't need to be perfect, are symmetrical. You can roughly atom lines like these. You overall sheep doesn't need to be a perfect triangle. Some of those branches can be wider and mechanical outside that cheap. So I have added the branches along that auto sheep and I have got a rough conical shape. Now, I'm going to add in some teeny tiny lines along those branches I added. So other business focusing on these branches and onto all of these branches, I will be adding lines, lectures. You can see I'm going in a very messy magno and onto the Middle m simply filling up the black color. Now as I mentioned earlier, you don't need to concentrate on that triangular ship a 100%. Some of your brand is can go a little outside, some of them can be wider. This will make your tree look more realistic. Maybe just maybe some of you may not be happy with your tree, but that's absolutely okay. Trust me, at the end, everything is going to look OK. Because when we splat to the snow and then we add in those lumps or snow onto your tree. Everything is going to look beautiful. If you look at my painting here, you can barely see the shape of the tree. The enter your tree is covered in snow. So databasing and enjoy the process. We're nearly done with the tree. You can see I simply focused on the outer Xi or whatever the middle. I went in and added a solid black color. And that's about tree. Here is a closer look. Now, I've imitating those huge tree pine trees in the exact same way. These three hero, for the ones in the background aspect, I will be using the same technique, but I wouldn't focus a lot on the sheep as they're quite far and as we have snow on top of it, the shape was not clearly visible. So it is not really important to focus on the shape of those ones. I will quickly show you that as full. Again, I added a straight line. I'm taking my profession as exact minor, and I'm creating these kind of messy lines. You simply need to take your brush on either side and create these kind of lines. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that as you're coming down, you need to make your lives more wider compared to the ones on the top. So overall you have that trunk, Laoshi. It is actually quite easy to pin these trees. You need to let go of the fear that you have called and simply play around the toothbrush. Trust me, it will be fine and it would be really happy with your pine trees. Now, if you have any particular method for your pine trees, which you're comfortable, but you can follow that. You really don't need to follow what I'm doing here. We just need pine tree is visible method you follow orbital kind of binary. Uighur doesn't really matter. Okay? So that's all about the techniques you will need for this painting. Ok, so without wasting any more time, let's get onto or painting. 6. Background layer: Now let's start painting. I have my palette here. This one is a ceramic pallet, as I mentioned in the arts or play section, you can go with the ceramic or plastic or any other normal pilot to use. And I also have two jobs of water here. I will be keeping one jar aside and we'll use this whenever I need clean water. The other one I will be using for routing the paint off from my brush. We'll start with the sky. These are the two colors I will be using for the sky. Indigo and beans Green. I will be using the same colors for the mountain as foo. Okay? Let me squeeze out a little of both the colors on my palette. I'm actually running out of pins Gray. I hope I can finish this painting. I need to get a new tube. Can be in screen. Let's start with this guy. The area of the sky is quite less as we don't have quite a lot of idea. I'm not going to wet the background. I'm really going to add the paint onto the sky. Cooling with integral first asset is a night sky. We need to go what the doctor told me. I'm simply dropping in that color onto the sky. I'm going to wash the paint from my brush. And I'm switching to a little off beans Green. And I'm adding that. Now when you're closer to amount to make sure you're not adding any paint onto the mountain. Again, we get a little lighter. Now, carefully follow the outline of your mountain and fill up your sky. So I didn't OK. And somebody, somebody sky, I simply added a Docker dawn of integral. And in between I added a Luftwaffe beans gray, so that it really looks like that movie and gloomy, cloudy sky. There is no particular order. If you want to start with beans gree, you can't do that and you can add a little of indigo in-between. Are again do the same thing as I did here. So that is the two colors you can go in with any kind of company should we be? You can go with the gradient sky, or maybe you can go with indigo alone or being screened alone. Those things are totally up to you. We just need a dark, cloudy, and gloomy sky. Let's wait for this guy to dry and after that will be in the Snowy Mountains. All right. Looks like Mike's caret has dried. Now, I'm switching to a smaller brush. The one I used earlier was sized number two L. Now I'm going to switch to size number eight. Now for the mountain, I want a bluish gray or her grayish blue water, you want to call it. So I'm going to mix a little laugh, integral and beans query to get that bluish-gray Colo. We should be going with a light tone first. Let's try out the color. That looks fine. It should be even more lighter. Okay. That's perfect. That's kind of dough I'm going with. Now fill up your brush but that lighter colonial meat and add that onto the left side of your mountain. You can start by adding an integrator line in the middle, just like this. So once you have added that line, you just need to simply fill up the left side using that light took hello. Now, I'm gonna do the same for the other mountain. The one in the middle, drawing that irregular line. Now I'm filling that area in this light to turn off bluish-gray. Okay. So that's the second Mountain. Now let's do the same on to the other one. So what we have right now is the Shadows. On the right side, we have let the people wide, which is actually the snow. The white glow of your people will automatically start to look like snow. One to add in the talk, good tunes and all these shadows. You can see that here. You can see how easily and quickly be painted a snowy mountain. Now, make your color even more lighter. Using that color, you can add in field lines onto the other side. Two-step fuel random lines. You don't need to add a lot. Just few lines here and there. So that is a top bar. Now, I'm gonna take this color down, the same colour which I used earlier. I'm adding that in a very scratchy and scribbling Meno. And I'm bringing down, you can see the way I'm adding it here. I'm simply digging down. Now, once you have reached almost the middle of the mountain, you can make your color mode toggle. So the bottom part will be more targeted and the top along that sloping line. The model that we created will be adding pine trees. So to get that depth, you need to make this ADM mode toggle. Switch to a darker tone and fill up the remaining in that color. So you can see on the top we have a super snowy mountain. And over to the bottom we are going with the Docker tool. Now over here you can add some lines. This will make it look like there are some trace far away, just some blurry lines. As you back on his bed, when you're adding these lines, it will automatically spread and merge into the background. Op, the Background is two or three. Let's wait for that to dry a bit. And after that we can add it more lines so that they will steal. Because if you add in right now, they won't look like lines or trees. So it's just a waste of effort. Okay, now to your brush along this line carefully. So that is the right side. Now let's do the same thing on the right side. I'm taking my pressure along that line, the added here. Now I'm taking that Kahlo right behind the sludge will house filling that area. Let's add a little more on to the top. Now you can see we have a strong transition here. On the top, we have a nice snowy mountain. And over to the boredom, it looks very strong and patchy. The transition is not looking that smooth. Now to make that transition look most model, I'm going to add some dry brush battles with the same color, that light to turn off bluish-gray created. I'm driving my version of people to work to remove the excess amount of water so that I have dry beans or my branch. Now using this brush, I'm simply smudging the color into that white snowy part. You can see how nice that transition is looking right now. It doesn't look very strong and patchy. Don't go with the darker color, with the lighter color. With a light tone of that bluish-gray. And simply IS much that color into the background. Here also, you can do that so that those patches are not very strong. You shouldn't cover all the white color we have in the background. We need them acidosis, otherwise, your mountain warm looks noisy. So we'll just leave the messages. Now the border media has slightly tried edges not too watery like before. So begin adding those lines. Now. I'm recording with a darker tone of beans query. Just one tone darker than the color we haven't depart cramped, not too dark. So that is my color here. Going with something like this. That is the dawn of beans Green. I'm using. Now I'm simply adding in some line. This will represent the trees in the background. And you will have that nice transition. It's a very easy step, but it's going to make your painting look more gorgeous. It would have a lot of embarrasses. You can take your brush along that line. You added an OH to the bottom. You can go with a bit more darker tone. Now on to the other end, before the background tries. You can see I'm simply adding some lines. Some of them are and some of the marsh auto formatting them close to each other. Over here the backbone has dried completely, but that can start a new airlines quickly. This is just a background layer, will be adding more pine trees in the foreground, and it'll be splattered snow onto all of these. So these lines doesn't need to have any particular kind of look. We just need them in the background. So how will you add them? They look fine. Don't worry about that. All right, so that is the whole background. Now let's wait for that to dry. Meanwhile, let's pin the snowy crown. This is where we have reached. We have a nice knowing molecule in the background and we have some abstract pine trees. I think I will quickly run my pressure and make two lines and little more prominent. Right now they're looking like some patches and liking my background a stone little web. So I'm making use of the time and making those slides a little more prominent. So we have some nice noise, margin and the background. And we have some trees in the foreground. These are the trees which are very far away from you, will be adding a more detailed bond to the foreground. Now let's wait for that to dry. Meanwhile, we've been the boredom Bart. I'm going beans query and integral. Again. Over here, I will go with the Docker tool and as I'm approaching towards the house, I will make the color more lighter. I mixed beans, Cree and integral. And I'm using a bluish-gray. It's a bit more darker tone than the other one. I'm going to add color over here. The same colour here. As I mentioned while I was sketching, I'm not really going to the shape which I added here. I will be teaching that twilight pain. So I simply added a Docker to over there and over here. Now I'm going to wash all the pain from my blush. Smudging that into the background. I will do on the bottom as if you go with a very light turn off indigo RPMs CRE over the bottom. It will give you that nighttime look. So to make it look more like a night, you need to add more of darker tones. And now let's wait for that to try. 7. Pine trees - Background: All right, everybody has completely dried. Now let's pin this house here. And for that, I'm going to use cadmium yellow and permanent rules. If you don't have permanent rules to get US car might our chromosome. Two item, the Docker demons, I will be mixing a little of Payne's gray into my permanent rules to get a darker tool that Miss quasar induced Carlos on my palate. That's yellow. And our lives love food rules. Along with that will lead them beans gray. To add into tanker tunes. I'm gonna switch to my smallest size brush and pseudocysts number four. Round brush by syllable black, but would brush. I'm gonna apply a light goto water onto both the warns. And there I have the window and a door. I'm going to drop in a little love. Yellow. The yellow you're adding will spread into the background because you're background is bad, which is absolutely normal. Now, I'm gonna mix a little off rules to yellow. To get an orange tune. You can really use your orange. As I have these two colors on my palette. For me, it is easy to create an orange by mixing them. Now, I'm applying orange around the yellow doors and windows. This tip is word bring Sendai, including effect to your house. So cheers, keep on adding an orange color around those yellow windows and doors. Okay, now, under the outer area, I'm going to apply rows. Instead of permanent rules. You can also use Carmine are chromosome or it can use bonds in our permanent if you want a more orangeish 2M. Now, I'm going to mix a little of beans Green integrals to get a darker tool. I'm going to apply that underneath the roof. Also along Hill on to decide as blue. Now the same goals to the other side. You can link the side little more darker. Along all these lines. There will be a shadow from the roof falling onto the walls. And that is why we are adding in darker don't. Over here, you can see our houses literally glowing in those slides. So firstly me, the backbone weight. Then we added a little of yellow onto all these doors and windows. And around that, we added a love orange, saw the orange and blue started spreading and merging into each other. On to the remaining area we've ended with permanent rules. Then we added some darker domes. Okay, so that is how we got that cluing effect for the house. Now, i'm going with a darker tone, the same color I used before. And that I'm adding a taco dawn underneath. Who? Just run your brush along all these lines. And also that flat area at a Docker don't allow all these lines. Now when the layer dries, we'll add some lines onto these doors and windows. That can be done at the end. And now I'm going to wash and clean from my brush. Okay, now it's time to add the pine trees. To add in the binaries. I'm going to use black because I'm running out of faint grey. And I don't want to waste my paint. Agree, even if I'm using beams Gray, I will be going to the very dark color, which will be more or less close to black. So I thought I would readily cold black. This is the one I'm using. Speech black by Shinzen BWC. If you remember, we added three lines. One over hill are the one here and another one here. So decipherable main pine trees. For the ones in the background. I'm going with a lighter tone and login with that board solid black. I will be going with something similar to this. The binary. So I'm going to add here are not very well detailed. A little 1and before crowds will be detailed ones. These ones again go with a very rough shape as we'll be adding snow onto these. Even if they are variability deal or not, doesn't really matter. It wouldn't be really visible. So you really don't need to put a lot of effort onto these ones in the background. So here I will have my huge tree. So that area I'm leaving for now. And also here I will have another tree, not all here as f2. I'm starting with the trade trunk. It's not a really dark color. 1a drives, you'll get to see the actual color. Now because of painters bed, it is looking like a two-body doc Kahlo. And but it's not just like Harvey tried it earlier, adding messy line toward each other. On the top, you can have some short term deadlines. And as you're coming down, you can make your life more wider. You just need to concentrate on the top area that is very unique, that binary sheep or what are the boardroom, you can simply feel that Ada and the solid color just onto the top add an a proper xi. I'm starting with another one, adding the tree trunk. Now, taking my impression as exact minor onto either side and creating these messy lines. Now as I'm reaching the bottom, I'm simply filling that area and that color. Okay, now in a similar manner, I am going to add more poetry. Now I'm going to add an endobronchial. So you can avoid the completion of tall mountain shorter ones so that it will look more realistic. You shouldn't be adding all of them and the same height. We'll have one main tree here. So you can leave it like that for now. And I'm going to add a taller one there. If you haven't noticed every other artist draw pine trees and a little different way. So the method that I follow may not be comfortable with someone else and the methods somebody else for loop may not be comfortable with me. What I meant to say is if you have any particular method which you are comfortable would go with that. You really don't need to follow what I'm doing here. You can go with any kind of tree that you're comfortable with. All we need is just some pine trees in the background, which will let you follow. Doesn't really matter. Anyway. If you want to try my tree, I will show that one more time and to quit ETC1. But then you need to get a handler. Does just that carefree brush movement, but you have to practice. Okay, so here you go. Start by adding your tree trunk. It is just a straight line. Decide on how tall you own your tree to be an Adam, the line accordingly, thus, the tree trunk. Now I'm simply taking my brush on the either side, that zigzag Mano. You can see I'm not really concentrating on the shape of these lines. As I'm coming down, I'm making my lines more wider. Now, along with those lines, I'm adding some scruple, send some little patterns. You can see how care endlessly I'm taking my brush on either side and I'm adding so much of messy patterns. But at the end it is looking like a nice tree. All I did was I simply took my brush on to either side and created some messy scribbles and battle. And I just gotten region on the outer sheet. I wanted that trunk Laoshi. Okay, now using the same method, I'm going to add more trees. Now, you're going to feel tree is not having a proper shape, even if you're not happy with your tree. That is absolutely. Okay. Trust me, it is going to look fine at the end because we'd be splattering lot of snow onto these trees. And that's known as queen to make everything look okay. So without any field, go ahead and add an as many tracks as you want. Just make sure you're playing with different hide. Some of them can be taller and some of them can be shorter. Where I have added that pencil line, I will have my huge pine tree. So I'm going to leave that area under the tree, right? Okay. Now in the next section, we're going to be adding the main pine tree. 8. Pine trees - Foreground : Now let's add a will mean trees. For that, I'm going with a solid black, Kano, a much darker color. Say that its proper black. So let's go with the first one here. Let's add that tree trunk first. So decide on how tall you, when you're trained to be a straight line. Okay? For this three also, we are going to do the same thing, but the other lines will be alittle more correspond detail. So we'll go with that black solid colo. And under the top at some teeny tiny lines. Once you're coming down, you need to make your lives more wider. At the same technique we discussed earlier, this tree also will be adding a lot of SNOMED. So if you're not getting the shape prior, that's okay. For these three huge trees in the foreground. Rather than making them validate tilde, you should be focusing on the outer shape. So overall, u3 Should have a conical shape, like a triangular shape. You don't need to sketch this out. I just want to show you the overall sheet that you need to follow for your tree. Once you have added you foolish to heal, you should have a similar shape. So it's the same shape I have here, restful. So if I draw a triangular shape, so that is the sheep. So then you're adding the foliage by the end, you should get a similar shape. Okay. Now let me go back to my full Leach. I hope you guys are quite clear on how to draw your pine tree. You can either take your brush and depressing moment like this and concentrate on that outer triumph flow sheep and Philip, that Antonio shape with these kind of battle are again follow the technique we used in the technique section. There we added branches along that outer triangular shape. And we picked up all those branches and added them teeny tiny lines along all those branches we added and onto the medullary simply filled the black solid color and finish tableau tree. Or Kayla trial that technique again. So I'm adding branches along that trial color. She I'm taking some line two, you move outwards so that my tree look a little more realistic. Providing those branches. Now onto all these branches. Adding some lines and some patents. For this reaction. The overall shape is what is more important than the detail. So try and get that triangular shape, which is what brings in that Christmases character to your tree. For these huge binaries, we'll be adding two rounds of snow. Wind will be this plateau. And the other one will be adding lumps of snow onto all these branches. So once we go into those two rounds of snow, that details wouldn't be that clear. What matters is the overall shape. Let me quickly go ahead and fill all these grinders with this teeny tiny lines. Then I will be filling that remaining EDA and assorted collage just like I'm doing here. We already discussed this in the technique section. And I hope you guys had quite clear on how to do this by increase now. Now in a similar manner, let's add our other Trisha. So if you want, you can add a triangular shape just to get an idea how tall Theogony portrayed to be. Now just like college, before, start with your trade trunk. I want my tree to pay for it at all. So I'm taking it till Hill. Now on the top, I'm adding goes teeny tiny lines. I'm taking my threshold to either side and I'm adding them. Now as I'm coming down, I'm making my lines more wider. Now adding branches along that triangular shape. Simply adding those branches. Once you have added them along the sheep, you can add some teeny tiny lines and some little batons and scruples and fill up that trial color shape. You can see the way I'm writing them. My whole focus is on the outer shape rather than and the details. Now go ahead and fill up that Ada and the middle with all kinds of patterns and scribbles and water. Well, you wanna foo there. You can see how easily we created a card. She has huge pine tree. It's an issue to think right now we have one more to go using the same technique. I'm going to add another tree. The last one is going to be over here. On the right end. We had less than gap there. Just like how we did earlier. Start with your tree trunk. I'm going to add a huge ratio. This one is going to be quite tall and huge. So that's tall line. Now I'm going to add the four lead on to the top. I'm adding those messy, teeny tiny lines by taking my pressure Diego signed. Now as I'm coming down, I'm making my lines more wider. Now for this one, I'm not going to add a triangular shape. Once you get over the technique, you'll be able to do that without adding that guidelines. You will automatically follow that trunk laoshi, I want to get the hang of it. Okay. I added enough of branches. Overall. I gotta try and color shape. Now, I'm going to fill up that remaining era and a solid black color. Maybe I can add some more 4H, overcome my toward here and make it a huge train. Okay, we have added all the pine trees, the ones in the foreground, and also the ones that background. 9. Detailing the house: So this is where we how reached. You can see that cluing house surrounded by a lot of pine trees. Now let's quickly pin the road and then supply to the snow and may call painting look more snowy for the road and going with black, again, the sheet that I added earlier, it's not really visible right now. So I'm gonna go with a rough shape and your role as an irregular line, just like I'm doing it here, which will make it look more natural. Entry illustrate. Now fill up that Ada and black does role will divide up or snowy crown into two different sections. One will be an integrated upper part and the other one will be our bottom part. So this is a sloppy area and we have some more snow at the bottom and the middle. You have a road. Once you have added an alkaline fluid road, simply fill up that Ada and a solid black Hello. Because there is quite a lot of snow. The actual width of the road warm, you've really visible. So to make it more natural, you can take your road a little in and out into that Norway Crown, just like I'm doing it here, rather than going with the straight and Colby perfect line. So go ahead and add in a similar kind of shape for your road. Now once this dries will be splattering snow onto this, to make it more realistic, you can add in some lines later. Just onto the x noisy crowd. Just pick some random media and add and fuel little lines like you don't need to add a lot, which is few here and there. Now, I'm going to add them. Feel crass. Again, just very little. You don't need to add a lot. Go in a very random manner and adding fuel, grassy lines like this. Okay. Now I'm going back with the Docker tool and fixing the shape of the road. I'm just running my brush around that outline I created and just fixing the sheep. Okay. Now we'll have to wait for this to dry. Just bloodless nor we have to wait for everything to drive ME wireless. Adding the remaining details. I'm going to the medium tone of integral. I'm going to add a line laters, a thick line just to show the shadow onto these points. As far. Along with that, you can add some random lines. Now some typeless batons and as much thought into the background. Now, I'm calling back to black. I want some more dry push buttons will heal. So I took black on my brush, dabbing my impression of people adding some dry brush battle. Just a few, few over here. As along with that, you can add some dots, which will be like some little storms or something which is there on the ground. I'm really happy with the way the spinous tuning out. Our house is really clean. Deny. I'm gonna to, And the paint from my brush. And I'm switching to a dark go to North rules. So if you have used to Carmine, you get expands gray or black with your car, minor crimson, and get a Docker tool. The CDS still little weight. I'm going to carefully take my brush and add an outline for these doors and windows. Now who these funds? Just an outline. Switch to any branch which has appointed tip so that you will get those crisp and delicate lines. So this is how it is looking like now. Now became mix a little off Payne's gray into rows and go the medium tone. And I'm going to add some lines onto the house. Some horizontal lines. Okay. So that's that. Now it's time to splatter the snow. 10. Adding snow: Okay, it's time to splatter the snored. I'm gonna take out my whitewash. If you don't have white GWAS, you can use your whitewater Googler, COBIT, Echo Lake. Any of those would work. You need to go with a thicker consistency. You shouldn't be adding a lot of water if you're using your whitewater color. If you add a lot of water, you won't get that opaque white. I'm using my smaller size brush. I added a bunch of water. Before that, we need to add few random lines of integral onto the roof. Fuel lines like this. Okay. I had forgot that. The medial portion should be your people, why'd you shouldn't be adding a lot of color onto a roof. So the people, Why does a snore here? And the rest of those blue tones are the shadow. Now, back to snore. I've already deacon whitewash on my brush. Now. I am going to simply slide to the white onto though anti-obesity. More snow. This doesn't have any limit. You can set the limit. If you want more snow. Most plateau, if you want less noblesse black tab. Going around, flattering and adding a lot of snow because I wanted the painting to be too snowy. Okay. Look at that. Look so good right now, I'm going to meet this house more slowly for us. Let's clear this roof line. You can go with an irregular mine here. You don't need a straight line. You need to add a line as if your hand is shivering so you will get that perfect snow util flying. Now, you need to add some lines like this, which will look like that dripping snow. And now seeing onto this one, none of your line should be very sharp and clean and straight. Now I'm going to add some similar lines here. Now it's time to add snow onto this tree. You need to simply add in some solid bite onto all this for lead. Gistic, that opaque white paint on your brush and adding some white patch onto your tree. There is no particular shape for anything that you need to follow, simply add and take patch of white onto your tree. Some area, it can be a smaller patch and at some media it can be a pico batch, which will make your tree more realistic and natural. This is a very simple step, but then it has a lot of impact on number painting ascii or painting a snowy Christmas night. This is one of those step which will bring that snowy character to a painting. So go ahead and add an ask many snow as you want. All you need to do is simply add some tick patch of white onto your tree. You can see the way I'm adding it here. It's a very messy Shi. You can also see the difference between the trees we have on the right side, those two victories. And once we added that know, the whole character of the painting has changed. This is exactly why the step is so important. In a similar way. And let me quickly add install onto the restaurant to trace if you wish. And now under the road also, I'm going to add some snow. And just to make it look like there are some lumps of snow on the road to start and few shapes like this. And some bigger dots and some scribbles and some random patterns. It doesn't need to have any proper shape. Just like how we did on that tree. You just need to add in some patches. Someone feel patches can be little bigger ones and some of them can be smaller ones. Now, along this line where we have the road, I'm going to add in some whitewash so that area will look ready. Why damn snowing. You need to simply add optical white-collar along that line and smudge that into the background by Dr. Frisch batons. This would make it look more scary. Now, I'm gonna do the same on the top area as for first-time adding up the quiet color. Then added smart start into the background by some dry push buttons. So simply scratch your brush and mindset so that the one we are strong transition between that white batch onto your background. Okay? Now the final step is to make our Christmas tree look more Christmases. Now to make up a tree more Christmas, I'm going to use red to very bright and bold red. I'm not adding a lot of water. I'm going with the verde solid and bright color. And onto our tree, I'm going to add some tiny circles like this. You need to have an idea about the proportion and add them accordingly. The more the merrier. So go ahead and add in as many circles as you want. If you have guage, maybe you can use your red squash. So it will stay quite bleak. I'm quite happy with this one. You can see I denied anymore Drew, I'm going with a buddy. And I think that is quite a lot of the Creation on my tree. And maybe I can stop it there. 11. Thank you for joining. Merry Christmas :): Finally, I'm going to splatter and some stars onto the sky aspect. I took paint on one brush now I'm tapping on it using another brush. At the same way how we created the snow. Simply splatter and adding as many stars as you want. If you're not sure about the consistency will be you can try it on a scrap is of people. Now, we went over some of your stylus or a beaker, that's okay. That can be your snowflakes. So it's a combination of snow and stars on the sky. And that we are done with our Christmas night painting. Now let's build up the masking tape. And several finished painting. A really loud the snowy effect of this painting. Especially the trees. And also the rule because it's black and the snow is really standing out. And also the snowy mountain that transition from the light TO background, the taco full crown has come out really nice. I hope you guys had a great time painting this Christmas night, and I really hope you guys enjoyed it too. I would really love to see your class projects if you're trying them out, do post them in the project gallery. And if you are posting them onto Instagram, don't forget to tag me. My Instagram handless aurora by z. I would love to share your work with my followers. Ok, thanks a lot for watching. Celebrate this beautiful season with your friends and family. Happy Christmas.