Snowflake pattern: Tips & tricks for speed and workflow in Illustrator | Ana-Irina Vescan | Skillshare

Snowflake pattern: Tips & tricks for speed and workflow in Illustrator

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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14 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction

    • Tools

    • Setting up your guides and basic shapes

    • Custom rotations and reflections

    • Drawing your branch

    • The magic of repeat-last

    • Expand and unite

    • Intro to patterns

    • Placing elements on a seamless tile

    • Crop & go

    • Patterns and how to adapt them

    • Recap

    • Your project

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Welcome to my first Skillshare class!

It all began some time ago when I wanted to draw a clock in Adobe Illustrator and I couldn't find how on earth does someone rotate something by the right angle, around a fixed center and in a reasonable amount of time.  Well, here is the result of all the things I learned trying to get to the bottom of this dilemma. 

This is a class I created for all the beginner designers and illustrators out there who might be struggling with the same problems I faced when I began learning Adobe Illustrator. Using snowflakes as my case study, I will teach you how use custom rotations and reflections, guides and polygons to create beautiful, but seemingly complicated objects. I will also show you how make seamless patterns in a very, very simple way.

My goal here is to make your life easier and to help you get faster and better by showing you how to use shortcuts and some very cool tricks that will help you complete not only this class project, but any future project in Illustrator!

I really hope that you find this class interesting and if you do, I wish that you will learn something new and useful. I can't wait to see your class projects and witness your creativity be unleashed!

See you in class!





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Ana-Irina Vescan

Designer & Skillshare teacher

My name is Ana-Irina and I am graphic designer living in Zurich. I love drawing and painting as my artsy hobby, but my true passion is putting my talent to use and creating graphics with a purpose. Here, on Skillshare, I am both a student and a teacher; I follow other graphic designers to expand my own horizon of creativity and I teach classes which I hope can help others learn new and fun skills.

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