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7 Videos (1h 20m)
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    • Frank "The Butcher" Rivera Interview

    • Bobbito Garcia Interview

    • Welcome to Class!

    • Exemplary Sketches

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    • Project Feedback


About This Class

Since the beginning of the 20th century, sneakers have become artifacts of societal shifts, reflecting revolution in the 60s, punk rock rebellion in the 70s, and hip hop identity in the 80s, to name just a few.

Sneakers are a consumable aesthetic representation of culture, and their value as a medium for communication transcends the leather, mesh, and rubber of which they are comprised.

In this class we will examine sneakers as vehicles of expression through creating our own footwear concepts, by either using an existing model and brand or launching a model and company you dream up.  As you run through the development process from sketches to shelves, you will brainstorm inspirations, draft designs, finalize a tech pack, and create an integrated marketing plan for your eventual product. 

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This class is everything and more of what I expected it to be! Even though I enrolled in the course well after it was over Elliot was quick and responsive in his feedback to me. He offered great suggestions and his feedback was honest. I feel as if I made a long time friend who shares the same creative drive as I do. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in all things surrounding footwear design, branding and marketing strategies.
Ryan Jones

Poursuite | Designer

Great Class definitely would be down to take it again
Very knowledgeable of sneakers and supplied invaluable materials and downloads.





Elliott Curtis

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