Snapshot: Building a two-sided marketplace for services | Rich Peterson | Skillshare

Snapshot: Building a two-sided marketplace for services

Rich Peterson, (30k+ students)

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Two Sided Marketplace Introduction

    • Two Sided Marketplace The Current Options

    • Two Sided Marketplace User Experience & Features

    • Two Sided Marketplace Monetising Your Marketplace

    • Two Sided Marketplace Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this short set of lessons, I discuss the considerations when building a two-sided marketplace for services. 

We use the example of a rubbish / waste removal marketplace and give a broad overview / snapshot of what to consider when building this marketplace.

Note: This is not a step-by-step for building this type of marketplace. For a comprehensive view of how to create your own marketplace, see my course on Building A Marketplace Using Sharetribe . These courses both assume that you'll use a paid subscription to Sharetribe for building your marketplace. Sharetribe does have a 30-day free trial for you to assess whether it's a good fit for your peer to peer marketplace.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions before starting the course, otherwise, see you on the inside :)





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Rich Peterson (30k+ students)

Rich Peterson is the founder of Generous Work, where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through innovation & design.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketplaces, collaborative consumption, design that works and, of course, his family. When he's not consulting, teaching, selling a truckload of books or lending money to people in third-world countries (through Kiva), you'll find him reading, playing beach volleyball or...

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