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Snapseed Nightvision - Edit Your Photo in Complete Dark

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

Snapseed Nightvision - Edit Your Photo in Complete Dark

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. RAW vs JPEG

    • 3. Download RAW Photos

    • 4. Download Snapseed

    • 5. Lets Start

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About This Class

In this short Course I'm going to show you one amazing application named 'Snapseed'. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. It's available on both App & Play Store. And it's Totally Free!

This application is a gold mine of photo editing, you don't need photoshop or any other complex tools to work with, you can achieve basically everything you could think of using this useful app.

I'll be making more Courses on using this little app to edit different photos like, Landscapes, Aerial, Wildlife, Portrait photos and many more...


• 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below)

• Opens JPG and RAW files

• Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later

• Selective filter brush

• All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control

• Tutorial cards with tips and tricks about Snapseed and general photography

Meet Your Teacher

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Stevdza - San

Android Developer & UX/UI Designer


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Photography Creative

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1. Introduction: Hello there. Would you like to learn more about powerful and professional photo editing application developed by Google? And yes, I am talking about snaps it. Of course you don't need a photo shop or any other complex and expensive software is out there. Snap City is free and available for Android in I West as well. There are tons off tools inside snap seed, and you can edit images using swiping gestures to select the different effects in the enhancements. Most of the editing work is done in the cool sexual the application, plus snaps. It has a couple off pre made effects, which can be applied to any of your image, and furthermore, you can even customize those pre made effects as well. The best results will be seen on the ROI images, but you can edit other image formats as well. If you are not photographer and you do not share row images, you can go online and search for them in some of my next videos in discourse. I'm going to show you where to find raw images online. Eso okay, in these course we're going toe work on a dark image where we cannot see the face off person for sitting down and we're going through with snap seeds so we can reveal the face from that image. There are some powerful tools you can use with. Snap said, you just You just need a little time to get used to it. Okay, Thanks for watching this syndrome. And I know you're gonna be surprised how good this application is. 2. RAW vs JPEG: Okay, so there are two main image formats when you're shooting photos with your camera J pick and roll. And when you're using your smartphone to shoot photos, you're gonna mostly use Dre Pick for Mitt. Jay Peak is a compressed file format. This means that various organizations are applied to the image file, which makes the file sizes smaller. The greater the compression, the greater the loss in quality, but the smaller the file size and the less storage space needed to save it. On the other sand, a row file is an UN compressed version off the image file. Essentially, the camera takes the image data from the sensor and saves it in a in unedited in the UN compressed form it on the storage. A role file can take more space from your storage roll file. A size is roughly about the size off megapixel off your camera. So, for example, if you have a camera off 24 megapixels, your role file would have about 24 megabits, roughly, while R J Peg would take only 45 or even six megabytes, every camera manufacturer has their own ah ro file format, for example, can on a roll. Files have the CR two file type and The Night Conan role files are and e f files. Eso Bottom line. If you want to have more details and the possibilities is to work with your image editor software like snaps it, then roll file type would be the best choice. But again, ah, high detail J Peg can be very useful as well. 3. Download RAW Photos: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to show you two Web sites where you can download the role and Dre peg photos. So the first website is called we saturate dot com In this website, you can find the high quality role in J peg photos here. So in order to use or to download those photos, first unit to sign up and log in. And after that, you controls Ah, whatever images you want. So as you can see here, when you have over Ah, those images, you can see tags like Roe or J Peg. And then when you see a row tag, that means you can download the role version off this photo So you can see here. This is a very beautiful photo with the high quality details, and you can click this robot in tow down or that and down below, you can see some details about this photo like dimensions, like a camera model which made this photo and other details like I s so and so on. So, as you can see this file, our role image is ah, about 23 Magritte's and that the format is ah n E f which is Ah Nikon. A format for our all images in the next website I want to show you is called an splash. So ah, that other the second. The website does not share the raw images, but it has a high quality JPEG images and that he has them a lot. So you concert basically everything you need for Ah, for your practicing in a snap seal. You just type during the search bar up in the corner and, uh, you can share old images you want. 4. Download Snapseed: Okay, so we're going to down with the snap seed. You can find snap seed on the Google play store or on the APP store on the for iris smartphones and ah ah snaps. It is a little bit lighter on Ah, play store a five size off that application on play stories around the 20 or 25 megabytes while on the APP store is ah, over 90 megabytes. But don't worry. On this application is pretty useful, and you're just gonna let it so we don't worry about that. Ah, I will put the the application wings down in description if you want, but you can just google them and you'll find it right away. 5. Lets Start: Okay, So when you open a snap seed, you will say this big add button here. So it basically means that you need toe upload your image from your storage so we can start editing. So I will select my human traits you saw in this intro, and you can zoom out and zoom in tow, see this picture more clearly. And on the bottom bar, you see three different options. Eso first, his looks second tools in the third export. Most of this tutorial we're going to use the 2nd 1 which is tools. And as you can see, there are many options for anything. But in this tutorial, I won't be using each and every off. Those are just He was a few of them because I want toe make a few changes and not everything. And we don't need actually every one of those tools for this tutorial. So the 1st 1 to an image, um, as you can see here on the bottom left corner, we hear X, which means we don't want to save those applied effects on the bottom right corner. We have ah track mark icon, which means that we want to apply those effects, and when you click this filter icon, it will show you a window off options which you can enhance. So like like a brightness ambience, highlight and so on. And when you choose one, you can tap in the swipe left or right toe, increase or decrease the values. So as you can see when you increase the ambiance, we can see the picture more clearly. So in this case, I'm going to increase the Indians toe 10 plus 10. So next I'm going to select another option, which is highlights. You can play with those values by by dragging Ah, left or right, you will see which which effects will have the best look on your image. And in this case I will set Highlight two minus 100 and next one is shadows. Let's play again. Those values move your finger or left or right, And as you can see when you move right, we can see the image clearly. But the image is not that clear anymore on, and we don't want to ruin that soul. It's Ah, lower down, lower down shadows stool from 100 to 40. And I think for this fine But you can also decrease this value, maybe to authority or whatever value you think it's the best. Uh, okay. Next winning toe set the world so you can play with the values as well. So, as you can see for we decrease the values the image will be will have a court look. And if we increase the world, we will get this cinematic look, which is very warm, and we don't want to increase warmth that much. I think 70 plus 70 will be just enough for this purpose. Okay, As I said, you can play with those values by yourself to see which looks sorts of the best. And after we have added all those effects we want, we can just press. Ah, this is a check mark on the bottom, right corner and those all those effects will apply. Okay. And then if we want to check the original file weaken, just step and hold our finger on this image, and it will immediately show our original image file so we can compare our two images. Eso next. I'm going to use the curves from the tools and, uh, you can basically play with the curves to increase the white balance or or ah, lower the brightness of this image. So I'm just going toe said this two points on my own. I am. I'm going to choose what looks, uh is the best for me at this moment. But you don't. You don't want toe increase those values too much here because it will ruin your image, of course. And when you're done setting your effect here on the curves, you congest the click. Apply down in the bottom right corner. Okay, I think this should be just fine. OK? And next, What we need is ah, another tool. This time I'm going to select the brush tool so you're you'll see how we can play with the right bar stool. It's pretty amazing what you can do with it. But before that age, the our escape, that's a good the effect for, ah, daylight images, but not that good for ah for a night just like that for dark images because it might ruin the image too much. So let's go toe brushes, truths, exposure brushes here and the crease exporter toe 0.3. Because we don't need too much exposure and we want toe exposure, the face and or other elements of this photo, which Ah, a little bit later. So we want to increase the exporter a little bit. And the on the bottom bar, you can see the I icon. And when you when it's activated, you can see your brush. And if you were we and when you want to deactivate that you won't see this red path like you see right now. And you can change that by ourselves. So it's ah, he was brush a little more to increase the exposure off those elements in this photo. All right, so all those Ah, like, uh, places here needs to be exposed a little bit more so we can share a better image. Okay. And one thing more that should be exposed is left side of this photo. So in the left side, we can see the source of the light, and we want to increase the exposure of death so we can get look like the sun is shining on the left side here. Okay. It was good. Now, when you press this, Iike, when you can see the brush path So that's the path we, uh who were used. And if you want toe remove the brush path, you can decrease the exposure to zero, and basically it will apply a razor. So you'll see now. Okay, I have decreased the exporter, and now I can just remove those brush baths where I want. And that's pretty much it. So it's Ah, deactivate this eye and see how our images looking now. So it's pretty much fine. So let's apply the filter and you can tap on this image to see at the original file and how we've changed that you can play, Ah, a little bit more with those values and effects you can do, Ah, a little bit more about this image. And when you want to save your similar, just click export and save it on your on your stories here it's that simple. Okay? And that's pretty much it. We should have ah successfully edited our image. As you can see, it was pretty dark inside, and now we can see the the person's face. So think for watching and CIA