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Smartphone Skincare Product Photography: An Easy Way To Create Stunning Skincare Product Photos

teacher avatar Foodior Class, Professional Food Photography Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Lighting?

    • 3. Select Your Props & Shoot!

    • 4. Smartphone Vs. IPhone Photo Result

    • 5. Set the Light on Your Edits!

    • 6. Sharpen the Image on your Edits!

    • 7. Give Lighting Effect to your Edits!

    • 8. Adjust the Color of Your Edits!

    • 9. Set the Mood on Your Edits!

    • 10. Raise the Brightness in Your Edits!

    • 11. Erase the Unclear Area in your Edits!

    • 12. Closing

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About This Class

Hi there, welcome to your new course!  Learn professional skincare product photography from start to finish with bright mood theme, with any mobile, either smartphone or iphone.

EVERYTHING you need to learn is all in one place.  Right here.  A truly valuable resource.

We teach you how to shoot skincare product photos with an under $100 smartphone and IPhone. And you will see that the result is slightly the same! All you need is the right techniques, principles, and setting you've learned in this course.

In this course you'll learn:

1. How to take amazing skincare product photos with smartphone you have

2. How to choose the right props & background

3. How to set the lighting on your shot

4. And finally, how to edit product photos using the best mobile apps

This comprehensive course is for 2 types of people: its for artists/craftsman needing to photograph their own creations to increase sales online...... AND this class is for beginner & intermediate photographers who want to turn pro shooting product photography for clients.

My name is Berry Phann, Professional Food Photographer Trainer from Indonesia. At my first five years, I was shoot food and product with all my own creation everyday. Now, you can see that my works have been published globally! Not only in Indonesia, but the works have been jumping around Asia Pacific, like South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and many else. More than 2000 projects have been finished. More than 5000 clients have been handled. JUST IN 4 YEARS!

All the techniques we teach in this course is very useful for you if you want to upgrading your skincare product photos for your online store, your  Instagram. You can also use this course to train your staff, so your team can create a beautiful picture using very simple way, very simple props, and very simple tools.


You are a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, online shop, website owner, or just someone who wants to learn how to take better pics of your skincare product!

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android – this course works for both!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Foodior Class

Professional Food Photography Trainer


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1. Introduction: Okay, Hello my friends. I'm so excited for today because today we'll do the photo shoot and together with us, I will explain to you about how to take very beautiful product photography using your mobile phone. Okay, Today we will demo with iPhone and the phone that is under $100. So you can see that. Oh, so the food photography, all you need is the right technique and very simple way to create beautiful picture. No matter what mobile phone you use, if you use the right lighting technique and you use the right principles, you use the right editing technique, and then you will produce the slightly same results. Okay So this technique is very useful for you if you want to use it for upgrading your picture for your online store, your Instagram. And then you can use this course also for the training for your staff. So your team can create beautiful picture with very simple way using very simple promps and very simple tools. In the next section, I will explain to you about the lighting we use for most of our product photography. 2. What is Lighting?: Okay, The first one is the lighting section. Many of my students asked me they confused because there are so many options to create the product photography using your phone. And then what I suggest is actually you can use any lighting you have. But most of my students shoot the product photography in their home. So what is the source of lighting in your home? Most likely it's from the window and then from lamp, you don't have to worry if you don't have a space, with the perfect window. Because if you have that, you can just use your window lighting. But if you don't have any proper window lighting, then you can use this one. This is very cheap. It's very simple also, you don't have to worry if you are not very familiar with photography tools because this is very simple. This is just a simple light. Yeah. We just use ordinary light bulb like this. One of my favorite is this one. I use the plastic one. So this is very durable. Yeah. You don't have to worry. Yeah. And then what kind of light bulb that I use? I use the white one. Yeah. Please don't use the warm white or warm color. Yeah. You just use the white one. And then this is the spec of the light bulb I use. Then, other than light bulb. You need to use this one. Yeah, this one is also very cheap and you can find in any online store you visit, you can find it in eBay, amazon, or maybe one of my favorite is the e-commerce from China, AliExpress. Maybe you are also familiar because I also purchase many of my photography photos from AliExpress. Yeah, they delivered to around the world. This one is very cheap. I think it's below $50. I think they have two kinds. The ones that have two slot and the one that four slot I prefer the one that have four slot because sometimes if the room is completely dark, I use four lighting, as you can see. For this one. I use three lighting for this one. Yeah, it's very simple. And the set is already complete because you also get its soft box and it's continuous light, how to operate? It's very simple. There are only two button here to light it up. So it's very simple. And then when you use it, you just cover the front of the soft box like this. Okay. Yes. To be able to use it, you just cover it with this one white screen and then I think there are some version of the soft box. I think for this one we use 40 centimeters for the wide and then for the high is 60 centimeter. It doesn't matter if you have the different size of the soft box because most likely it will be around 50 centimeter. Okay. This is for the lighting 3. Select Your Props & Shoot!: Okay. Hello, my friends. Yes. The next section we will do the photo shoot, in this settings, we will set the bright mode for product photography for the sample. It's a skincare product. The first step to do the product photography is the props selection and background selection. Have you ever experienced that when you want tho shoot something, you feel a little confused what background to use? what props the use? How to set up the ambience? Okay, how many of you experienced there is so difficult. I have very simple step for you in this section. Yeah. We'll use the white background and then for the background. Please note, if you choose the background, you can choose a background that is doff, so it's not glossy, so it's easier for you if you want a shoot. And then the first tips for me, if you want to be easier when setting all of your props, you can choose the props like this. There is, have slightly the same color with the background. So this time if you use the white background and then we use also white props like this, beautiful marble. And then beautiful artificial plans. And then yeah, for the accessories, I use this one. I will give you. some sample, what I type in the marketplace to find all of these things. In the next section, I will set up these props and then we will take the shoot for this product. Okay, my friends, yes, we are finish setup this ambiance and then I have a couple of tricks for you. First one is usually when you shoot the skincare.... product, sometimes you have to use like a tissue paper like this. Because if I don't use the tissue paper, the position of the product is not too good. So we put the tissue paper to bring the top of the product higher like this. Okay And then to create very beautiful shadow, we try to level up the marble with this one. So the marble will be higher usually when you set up settings for a smartphone photography, the one I recommend is you have to take the angle from the top. Because if you take from the top angle with mobile phone lens, distortion won't be seen. So I recommend you also mastering the layout for the flat lay angle. Okay, This is very interesting because in this setup, we don't use usual lighting. We use flash light from another mobile phone to create beautiful harsh shadow, especially in this top angle, we will create this shadow that will make your product pop out. Okay, let's do it. Okay, Before we take the photos with our iPhone and another phone that is under $100. Okay, I will explain something to you. Many of my students asked me what's settings I have to use? what kind of apps I have to use to take the proper picture? Yeah, from our smartphone, They asked me about what is the ISO settings, what is the shutter speed, what is the white balance settings? What is the F number? Okay for me, if you just start to shoot, you don't have to worry. If you have the proper lighting. Okay. For me, I don't have to worry about the settings if I have the proper lighting. So the first one is you have to make sure that you have the proper lighting to take from your mobile phone. Because if you have enough lighting, then you will have the higher quality of the picture. So you don't have to worry. The first thing you have to control is the source of lighting. So for this lighting, as I said before, we will use the flash light from here. Another checklist before we start. Yeah. Because now we are in studio. We have to turn off all the lights same as you, make sure before you shoot anything Yeah. Make sure the only thing you have is only the source of the lightning. So another source, please turn off. And then if you have window, maybe you can cover a window also. Okay. Or maybe you can use the window lighting, but for this one, we only use the flash light from another phone. Okay, Let's turn off the lighting 4. Smartphone Vs. IPhone Photo Result: Okay guys, we have just finished taken pictures for this scene. And then we have taken for two phones. We have taken with the iPhone X and then we take it with the Xiaomi phone Do you know that this Xiaomi phone? It's only $31 guys. Okay. I'm pretty sure that every of you that watched this course can afford this one. Okay, Let's compare pictures between these two. Amazing phone, okay Yeah, this one taken from the iPhone X and then this one taken from the Xiaomi. Okay. This is the unedited one. Okay. After this, I will explain to you the step-by-step to improve the quality of your picture using editing from your smartphone Usually we use Lightroom Mobile. Okay. This is the edited one. Yes. Yeah. From the edited picture you can see that this Xiaomi also can produce the high-quality. Okay, there's some rules, I will explain to you again about the rules that we set for we take, the first rule is the prop selection to create the bright ambience like this, you can start with using the props that looks more similar with the background. So the product will very pop out, and then you can try with the lighting we use to create the shadow. And then the third one, you can follow our instructions when editing with the mobile phone using Lightroom Mobile. And then I will explain to you a bit about our process when taking this picture. Okay. At the first, I talked to you that we close all the lighting from our studio and then it's very dark. And this is the picture. You can see this thing is completely dark because the ambiance is pretty dark. So I decide to open some windows here. What's the rules when you make the ambiance light coming in? make sure that the ambiance light don't create another shadow. Okay If you open your window, please make sure that they don't affect any shadow in your picture. So when I open the window, then it doesn't create any shadow, so it's very safe for me to take. And then the second rule is please make sure that your ambiance light don't affect the color of your picture. So as long as it doesn't affect any colors in your picture and then it doesn't give any shadow. So it will be very safe to open the window. So the source of my shadow in my picture is from the phone flash light in front of me. Okay. Okay. Then, I have a tips for you when you're taking the flat lay angle or the top angle. Okay. Using your phone, please make sure your angle is completely top. Yeah. Not this one. Yeah. but this one like this. Yeah. Completely the top angle because it can be seen there's a lettle distortion if you're not exactly 90 degree. Okay. And then because you have taken some time to create the ambiance please also make sure to take the portrait angle, the landscape angle like this. And then please also take some picture. There is close up and far away. Okay And then you also can explore the angle with negative space. This negative space, you can use it to put the sales letter if you want to post it maybe in your WhatsApp story, your Instagram story, and another platform to sell, okay. Like this one. Yeah, I take a picture with the negative space in the top. Okay. And then you can try to practice this settings in your home. Yeah, you can start with the bright mode for your product and then we will move to the next section. We will take another settings of the background. 5. Set the Light on Your Edits!: Hello. Yes, welcome to the editing session. This editing section is very exciting, guys. So for you who takes photo shoots by smartphone, actually, I think... editing is an important factor to increase the quality of the pictures. So actually in my opinion, you can take pictures by using any kind of smartphones. Okay. And as far as you know, the editing technique, the quality of the photos will be increased, guys. And one of my favorite tools is Adobe Lightroom as the first software I use are the version apps I use to increase the quality of the colors. And the interesting thing about Lightroom is that the settings we have made can be saved as presets. Then if there are new picture that we want to edit, we can just paste it for the next picture to be applied to the new picture So it's very easy to use Adobe Lightroom and the colors and the sharpness can be increased all. So guys, the first thing to is installed the Adobe Lightroom application. And then after you open the Lightroom application, and we've already got into the application guys. The first step is that you can import a picture by clicking here, okay If the picture is not ready yet, actually, it is already automatically. But if the picture is not ready yet, you guys can import it by choosing this okay, then we will strictly access to picture. After you guys search for the file that has been imported. You can use the picture here, just tap it once here, okay and the editing starts here. I'd like to show you how to know the info here, tap here so we can see the info. This is just... It should be later in the editing session I just want to show you that we take pictures by using a Xiaomi camera and the size is very small guys, and this is Xiaomi Redmi 2. You can Xiaomi Redmi 2 on online store And the price is only $100. I just want to give you an extra example that when you master lighting technique and the editing technique, the quality of the picture will increase guys. Okay, this is it okay. Then we go back to edit. I tap here again, then what would we do guys. First, I usually use the Light part, okay In the light part, then usually I will reduce the Highlight. Okay, Then I will increase the White. Why do I reduce the Highlight? Because usually there are some areas which are too white. It will be better if we reduce the Highlight. So the over-exposed image is at least not too white. So we reduce the over exposed area. This applies to almost all of the pictures. The highlight is always reduce. And then to increase the lightness, we usually use White instead of Exposure, because Exposure applies to all, if we use White. The lightness will increase and the colors will be bright and great. That's it. So I always play around with White. Okay. You guys can increase it as much as you want. Okay, guys, and the next step is that I always play around with this Shadow. In Shadow, Let's say the whether, it should be changed or not. Okay, I think we should pass this now. Okay, You see that when we increase it, the color is already quite bright, guys. So the color becomes better. Then what do we usually do, guys? Usually there are some unclean areas that we can fix. later guys, this picture is a bit rough. There is noise. Where should we do? Because the picture is a bit rough and grainy. You guys can play around with... well, you can scroll this left and right. Okay. And you guys can fixed the picture first in the Detail part. In the Detail part here you can use the Noise Reduction. I usually set the Noise Reduction on third or half of it. So the picture will become smoother guys. 6. Sharpen the Image on your Edits!: Okay, this is the difference guys This is after a Noise Reduction and this one is before. Okay, it looks different, right? It becomes softer. Usually I'll play around with Noise Reduction. This picture is softer, Okay this softer right? Smoother. Then I play around with the Sharpening. So we sharpen the image, but in the Sharpening there is something that you must pay attention to. When we increase the sharpening... You have to include the tools called Masking. So this is it guys. If we increase the Sharpening, it will sharpen all of the areas. But, In fact, we only need to sharpen the edges, like the area with lines like this, this must be sharpened. Actually, the smooth area like this doesn't have to be sharpened, okay Because it will add noise to the picture. So after we increase the Sharpening, I usually increase the Sharpening to half of it or more around 75 percent of the full bar. And I will do Masking until it's almost full. Okay, well, so if I do the Masking, it will only sharpen the ages. The middle area should not be masking. Look at this. It's smooth, right? If you don't do Masking, it will be rough. See, look, this picture is a bit rough. If we do Masking, it will be smooth, see... so it just sharpen the certain area guys. The areas on the edges, the streak areas, the soft area doesn't have to be Masking, okay. That's it. And next, I will play around with Color part guys. Okay, in this case, I feel that there's yellow light here. And then I think because there's no yellow part of the product, it can be reduced guys. Then I remove the yellow color so it won't interfere with the others. Because I want white as the theme of the picture. So I will reduce only the yellow color. Okay, I reduce only the yellow color because it will be removed in this area. So we can play around with the Color part and the Mix part. This might not be applicable to all of the pictures you edit. I only want to show that there's an interesting tool in Lightroom Mobile, it's in the Color and Mix part. Well, here we can add or reduce certain colors in the picture that we edit. So you guys can increase the yellow color, reduced the yellow color, increase the red color, reduced the blue color. Okay Then there are three choices, Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. I will explain it one by one, Hue is used to change the colorization. Shift the colors from red to orange or red to purplish, Okay. So I will show it to you guys. This is red, if we adjust the Hue, the red color turns. Orange. If we adjust the red here, the red will become purple. See. We can play around here. Saturation is the intensity of the colors. The intensity of the red color would be vivid or fade almost White, okay, that's saturation. Luminance has bright and dark sides. So if it's red, there will be a bright red or dark red. That's it. So there are the difference guys, Saturation with the color into gray. If it is reduced, if it is increased, it will be more red, while the Luminance will make the red becomes dark red. It is bright red, okay. Okay. And then what we will do here is that I feel that the yellow color is a bit interfering. So we tried to get into the yellow color and we will reduce the Saturation of the yellow color. Okay. Yes. Okay, let's try to reduce the Saturation too, yeah. And then it might be a bit purple. So I want a picture to be only the red and white... in this picture, so we will play around with it. We will reduce the purple color. The blue color. Yes. Okay. Yes, that's it. So we only let out the colors that we want in the picture. That's it. 7. Give Lighting Effect to your Edits!: This time, the next thing that we will do is give a bit of lighting effect. You can select here in Light and then you guys can try Curve tool. I will explain to you a bit about curve. Actually the function of curve is similar to the Light curve is actually around here, guys. If we set the Curve, it is the same as the others. But for me, the interesting thing about curve is that we are more free to use it. The straight line in the Curve indicates the picture which we are currently editing than this area in the dark area, And this X axis line is the axis in our picture. So this is dark, this is bright, okay. This line is our picture for you who are confused, I will straightly give you the example, okay. For Curve, we usually give three dots, 1, 2, and 3. So there are three dots. You can just tap it. Okay, guys, just the tap it, then the function of the dots is that if we change it, the dots won't be moved. Because if we tap it twice, the dots will disappear. If we change it, the dots, will move too and don't stay still. So we will put it there. So te function of the Curve is this is the dark area and this is the highlight area of our picture. This is the dark area. This is the bright level, okay. So if we move up this line, the dark area of our picture will be bright. If we move it down, the brightest area of our picture will be dark. For example, I will move it down. Okay, so where's the bright area in this picture, guys? This is it, this area is brightest, the brightest area will be dark, okay. If we move it down, the brightest area will be dark, okay, if we move it up in this area, which means the shadow area, will be bright. See... the darkness area. oh, the darkest area is over here, guys. Because there is a darker area here. Okay, if we move it up, see it change, it will be bright, see? So that's the function, what for. So this is the favorite effect, my favorite effect which I always use guys. So if you see pictures on Instagram which are a bit dramatic, it means that the area is usually move up a bit. Yes. So it is a bit dramatic, right? Okay. Like this, I usually move this down a bit. Okay. Then, let's compare it. Before, after, before, after. Okay. One more thing. You can go to Optics and turn on both of them. So this is auto correction from Lightroom Mobile. So I usually turn it on. This is Remove Chromatic Aberration, which actually gives sun lights effect to the photo, like blue and purple effects. In the area with direct sunlight, a ray of sunlight often happens, so we usually remove it. And then the Lens Correction usually includes automatic mode that helps you fix the picture if there is a lens error. Okay. And one more thing, guys. There is a Versions tool here. So for those of you who are confused, oh, I've already edited it, but I want to try other settings. I want to test and compare it, what should I do because I only have one picture? Well, this can be solved in Versions and you can choose Create Version, okay? For example, you can give it a name best 2. Well, that's it. So there will be some Versions that you can choose. This is the original version, this is the best 2 version and this is the current version Okay. So you can compare the results guys. 8. Adjust the Color of Your Edits!: Okay, well, then, okay, let's continue, guys. Let's beg again. I think this picture is a bit yellowish. A bit yellowish. Okay, So I want to turn it into pure white. We can select Color here. And then there's the temperature of the picture, but they still affects the whole picture. We want to make the picture more bluish or warmer, more yellow. Are we going to turn up the green or to make it more red? So we can just slide it, okay. I want to make it more blue because the picture tends to half a bit of yellow, okay. Nice. And then here I see that the product image doesn't look perfectly straight. The product is a bit tilted. So what should do we do? You guys can choose crop tools here, and then we can try to check if it's straight or not. Okay, very good. You can compare it. This is before editing guys. This is after editing. Okay, then if you want to make the picture brighter, you can increase the White. Okay. Or you can also play around with the Curve. The Curve, if you guys want to apply average color like bright also not dark in the middle area. You can also increase it. But I usually keep the setting in the middle area. So you play around with the Curve only on the edges like this. So it looks like an S letter. So if I want the picture more dramatic, I usually tend to not make it too wide. So I will reduce it a bit. Okay. Yes, okay, this is it for the editing result by using Lightroom Mobile guys. For those of you who feel like, for example, guys, for this, I will explain it more. We haven't talked about Shadow and Blend , right? I rarely use Contrast Why? Because if we increase the Contrast, the color of the picture will change. So I don't really like using Contrast, but you can use Exposure. If you think the picture is too dark. You can play around with it but based on the order guys. Reduce the Highlight, increase the White until it looks right. Shadow is the shaded area or the area which is too dark. You can make it darker or brighter. That's what shadow is used for. And Black is the really dark area. So we can make the black, more black or brighter Yes, that's it, guys. Well, maybe you want to try increasing it for example. The shadow might be turned up. Yes. This is before, after. You can see it right? Before. After. Yes. Okay. It's so simple guys. And then when you want to make presets, you can choose here, at this point. And then you can choose Create Preset, okay? You guys can name the preset, for example, personally, I like to name it based on the date. For example, the 2009. This is only, for example, guys, you can add a date followed by product white. Okay, then check it, it will be a preset If one day you want to use the preset. It is just, for example. I will reset the preset first. You choose preset here and choose the previous one. Okay Wow, a lot of presets have been safe when... 2009 product white. Okay, It's immediately done guys. That's it for how to set it, guys so you can use it again one day. Okay. Yes, Very good guys. Okay. Then let's continue to the next session. 9. Set the Mood on Your Edits!: Okay, then there is one more thing, guys. I will try something before moving into the next step. One more thing, I want to try, okay, Let's try eight guys. In this part we're going to make the second version of the picture. Well, this is important for you when you are in the process of editing, you can try some version so you spend enough time to choose which one you like. That's one of the editing tips guys. When you are in editing process, don't just make one version. It will be great if you can make some version. So it will be broaden you experience deeper. Okay. Let's try it here. Maybe I will try shadow version, which the shadow isn't strong enough. So the pictures mood will be brighter. So maybe I'm going to try increasing the dark areas. Maybe I will try it first to see if I can increase the black here. Okay Yes, Nice. I think the picture looks cleaner guys. Because the theme is kind of clean, okay guys. So we're going to try again. Okay, I will try increasing the highlighted area. So for all these dots, I suggest you to try it when you want to change it, you can try only in these dots. You can increase it to make the middle area bright. You can bright it up. The area here is a bit dark. You can brighten it too, okay Let's choose Done. Let's see, before and after. If you think it's too bright, you can go back to Curve. And maybe this bright area can be reduced so it won't be too bright, guys. Yeah. Okay. Very nice. So you guys can try some versions. The previous one could be the dark versions. Now, I will increase the shadow so it becomes brighter. Okay, guys, oky, very nice. We have just tried the second alternative. Okay, then, when you've done, you can export the picture by tapping here. You can select Export to Camera Roll. Now, you select here first because there are some choices. You can choose Jpeg, the Largest Available Dimensions, and the Image Quality, which can be changed into 100 guys. Okay, it's done. you can select Export to Camera Roll. And after that, yes, done. And you can check the file in the gallery. Okay. Let's move to the next session. Okay, this is the preview result guys, look at these guys. This is the result of the picture that has been taken by using the under $100 smartphone. Okay. Now you guys imagine, "Are we able to take high-quality photos by using cheap smartphones?" This is the result, guys. So it depends on our skills in editing, just like those in the previous ones. Got it guys, okay. This skills could sometimes make you think, "oh editing anything is actually difficult, editing is actually needs time, editing is actually complex." Okay, actually you need to understand this, in editing if you follow the flow first and tried to spend time to make some versions, you will find the style you like. That is very important guys. Because even though you have highly sophisticated phones, sometimes when taking the picture, there are light conditions and other conditions that require editing skills. It's because we can increase the quality of the picture for more significantly, and this is... The under $100 smartphone. And this is the results, guys. The quality is also sharp because we have already increased the quantity by using Lightroom. The picture turns out great. Okay guys, let's move to the next section. 10. Raise the Brightness in Your Edits!: And then guys, the next application is Snapseed, guys. You can search Snapseed in App Store or Google Play Store. And then you can install and just open it. After you open it, there will be a page like this, and then you just select tap anywhere to open photo. And then you wait for a second. Well, you can choose open from device, open from device, and then recent, and this is the picture. Well, you just pick the last picture, guys, and then this is it, okay. And then what's the use of Snapseed? Usually I use Snapseed to finish, all the things that are related to general colors. And then if I want to edit something on this part in certain areas that I want to fix. I use Snapseed, okay, why don't we use Lightroom. Well, I will open it in a second. Well, in the free edition of Lightroom for both of this menus, this Selective menu is used for editing only, the certain area. You must use Lightroom premium. You must subscribe to it. Actually, the subscription is not expensive, guys, as far as I know, it's around $7 per month. Well maybe for you who's phones are used by the team to post, to edit and etc. That's worth it to use it. But you don't have to worry about the premium one. Because actually the free application has already covered by using Snapseed. Because I will try it. This area is a bit too dark. I'll try to make it bright, the edges are too dark. I will make it bright by using Snapseed. Okay Well, the process is that when you get into the app, you select Tools. It is in the middle here. And then my favorite one in Snapseed is using the tools called Selective, okay. Well, you can choose Selective here and you can select it here, okay? Select the plus sign, make sure that it's blue. And then you tap here once, well this one appears and then if you pinch using two fingers to enlarge it, Okay, it will show a kind of range. that will be brightened by Snapseed. Well, I might set the range this much and then you just slide it to the right and left. There's the menu bar that slides right and left. It's the bright and dark that we will set. We brighten it up a bit so it's even guys. So I will try making the pictures smooth in order to make it looks more attractive. Okay. Well, then I also will try the edges here, guys, and one more, just tap here once and then increase the brightness too, okay, and maybe I will try it here and here. Okay. Let's play around with the Brightness. And once again, over here, I will also increase the Brightness. Okay. Very nice. Yes. Before, after. So I will try to Brighten it up, you learn it, at the same time, guys. 11. Erase the Unclear Area in your Edits!: And then you can choose tools. Well guys, there is an interesting tool here, named Healing. So actually Selective, Healing, and Brush, which are made premium by the Lightroom. It can be converted by using Snapseed. Well, why don't we edit it by using Snapseed from the beginning? There's the tune image, just like in the Lightroom, right? But I think Lightroom is more comprehensive. There is some menus, there are not available on Snapseed but available in Lightroom. So I will prioritisize using Lightroom. Okay. Well then you can go back to the Tools part. And then we can try Healing here, guys, Healing is used for erasing the unclear areas. Well, you can zoom like this. There are some stains guys, and then you can just brush it. Well, it will disappear. You just brush it. It will disappear. And are there any stains? And there are some stains over here. Just tap it guys, okay, and it will disappear automatically. Okay, Well, it is for you want to fix the picture in detail. And ups. If you brush it wrong like that, you can go back in these ways. Okay. And then I will brush the edges. Well, it turns white, previously the edges are dirty, right? Well, we will brush the dirty edges. Go back a bit, I brush it a bit well, so it turns more white. Okay, Very good, Very good. Well, let's see... before, after. Well, this is one of the features in Snapseed that you can use too... well, we just tried it out. I will try once again. Let's see, Glamour Glow. Well, Glamour Glow gift the softer effect. It turns dreamy light, but for this one, maybe I won't try too much. Well, okay after it's done select tick, and then select Export. Okay. And then just guys, I usually use a menu named Save a Copy. Yes. So it will be saved into different file. Okay. Well, after that, you can just access the picture immediately and it is already in your gallery, guys. 12. Closing: Okay guys, this is the last part of our course. Okay, we have learned so many things about the product photography. We suggest you can practice one by one. You don't have to worry if you find that your picture is still not that perfect. Because there are still many part of practice you can do from the prop selection, from the lighting technique. And the last part is the editing. Even you can practice maybe if you still haven't buy or you still haven't know what kind of product you want to shoot. You still can practice from the editing part, okay? Because the editing part that we teach you is very applicable for many kind of picture you have taken before. So, we are very excited to keep in touch with you. If you find this is very inspiring and you have practice many things. Maybe you can also visit our integrated account here. You can take as many pictures you have already practice. Okay, I'm very excited to keep in touch with all my students around the world. Okay, maybe we can collaborate in the future. I'm very happy to see you all day long to explain many kind of product photography technique. Okay, I'll see you in the next course. Okay. See you next time... Bye bye.