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Smart Study: Tools to Increase Efficiency while Studying/ Study More in Less time

teacher avatar Vaibhav Nahata, Champion in Making

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (3h 30m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Myths about Study Skills

    • 3. Myths about Study Skills 2

    • 4. Importance of Smart Study

    • 5. Understanding Time Management

    • 6. Pomodoro Technique

    • 7. Forest Application

    • 8. Parkinson's Law

    • 9. SMART Model of Goal Setting

    • 10. The Kobe Bryant Model

    • 11. The Feynman Technique

    • 12. 80 20 principle

    • 13. The State of Flow

    • 14. Handling Distractions

    • 15. Setting Reward Loops

    • 16. Other Tactics- Journaling, Night Plans and Specific Targets

    • 17. Tools- Desktime (Computer Time Tracking)

    • 18. Tools- StayFree (Mobile Time Tracking)

    • 19. Tools- Alarmy (Alarm)

    • 20. Tools- Evernote (Note-Taking and Organizing)

    • 21. Tools- Google Calendar (Scheduling and Daily Planning)

    • 22. Tools- Loop Habit Tracker (Habit Tracking)

    • 23. Tools- Remember The Milk (Task Management and Organizing)

    • 24. Tools- Todoist (Task Management and To-Do Lists)

    • 25. Tools- [email protected]/ (WhiteNoise)

    • 26. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Is it merely talent that makes the best scoring students? Is it only about inborn genetics that makes some student "smart"?

ell maybe not, because I used to be a student in my secondary school who spend all nights studying and yet would often be far behind and now it's the opposite, I study almost 1/10th of my classmates and yet score more or around the best in my college all through the proven techniques that I learnt which I am further sharing in this course fully based on lots of research.

In this course, you'll learn-

1.What it means to study efficiently

2.Common myths about "Smart Study"

3.Tools to Manage time efficiently while studying

4.Productivity Hacks for Effective Studying

5.Specific App/Software Recommendations to support your Smart Study

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vaibhav Nahata

Champion in Making


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1. Course Introduction: So in every single classroom, at least two types of students. The one that's 34 hours and hours and hours and get their grades, I'm not that good. And there are a few who steady, so less. And yet when you see the grids, you'd be like how the world would they get back to all of us. Understand that a major part of our education system only please downgrades and months. And these marks are most dependent on exams, which are most often based on memorization and not analytical skills. There are a lot of laws into our education system for shop. But until you together figured out appropriate model, we need to go through this and not just go through this, but grow through this and develop our life. Hi, I am Bob of Ama university student for second year, consistently having a and E plus vz. And at the same time, I had my startup company called success aside here and my TV show in the masculine television, I'm a huge motivational speakers was, you know, where spoken do you'd stop over 51 countries at the same time, iodide forms, I'm Rick, wonderful inspirational videos. I've made courses like this and everything else we do is manners, why I study in my school. So I'm going to basically share you of how you can do more in studies isn't major talent that works away. Or inborn genetics that is playing a role over here. Well, maybe not because when I used to be in secondary school, I used to spend my study, my exams and all that stuff. And right now I study 110 tall, most of what I used to and yet my grades are among the top it my classroom. I learned these techniques by doing a lot of research, spending your time learning lots of skills. And that's how I studied what I use to intend next time into just one extra time right now. And in this course, rather than being a PhD professor telling you how you can study effectively. I wanted to be a brother and she do some mind-blowing tips and factors that and live. I'm going to blow your mind to which if you put an effort, you can come up and learn a lot of wonderful weeds to study more efficiently, effectively, optimize your time and me yet they get amazing grapes along with gate. It is obviously really important that we understand the subject really, really well. So in this course that dividing the whole of course into different segments that we're going to talk about. Different important elements that are associated with studying effectively. I am thought damn them, damn excited due to welcome you in this amazing course. See you through. 2. Myths about Study Skills: Okay, My dear family so excited to welcome you in this course. And now as we go ahead initially before we go into concepts, specific methodologies, lot of practical tactics and frameworks you are going to be, It's very important to understand what smart steady is not the myth we have about study skills and all that. Because one of my mentors is, before you know who you want to be, you must know who you don't want to be. You need to get rid of the wrong stuff. Because only if you get rid of the wrong stuff, you'll get yourself some space in the head to let the right stuff come in. So as we go ahead and we're going to talk about 11 prominent myths that we have already heard and we are going to discuss about each of them. Let's get started to discussing the biggest myths about studying. So that moment MittMedia offenses that you're studying is dependent on the hours you read. I mean, that is ridiculous, isn't it? Because I find it very different, you know? So this is how I see it. You know, learning outcome is equal to times spent into learning multiplied by the intensity of learning, right? The thing is when we talk about the length of study, when we say you need to study for us five hours. Yeah, definitely talking about one aspect, right? But if the efficiency factor is 0 at the end of the day, the learning outcome is, is going to be 0, right? Because the efficiency is really low, it's very important to understand that the SI unit of the SI unit of water is liters, That's our unit of weight is kilograms or grams, the SI unit of temperature in Fahrenheit. Similarly, similarly, the SI unit of steady v consider is the length of studies we have, right? The longer we study, which is definitely not true, that right measurment for the amount of steady we do is our learning outcome, what we learned and how do we measure that? We're going to talk about that further. But in a basic sense, we need to understand the amount of learning we do, right? That's really important to consider. Furthermore, we know this so many other factors like the right kind of focus, getting yourself into the state of flow, et cetera, which are kept, you know, which had kept nil, which are not considered when you are making an assumption that the longer we study the movie can steady, right? It's very important to understand that. And at the same time, if you have the right tools and tactics in your hand definetly, you can study less, you know, study mode in less amount of time. And if you don't have the right tactics very shortly, you can study less in mode amount of time as well, is definitely working, vice versa, my defense. Second, you shouldn't study at the last moment. There are so many teachers, so many professors, so many professionals, so many so-called experts who say that you do not have to study in the very last moment. I'm like, Why not? I mean, how does it make any sense? Because my difference API, there's this German scientist called Herman. German Hermann again, and he came up with this learning curve. We'll talk more about it later. But for now we need to understand that I learning actually reduces from a 100 percent of the time we study to 21 percent by the end of the month and it is gradually decreasing in an inconsistent way every single time. So if you study something tomorrow, there chances are willing to remember tomorrow. Of course, this is not suggested for subjects that have a long-term value for you. For me, you may be it is literature, but for somebody who's team might be just another thing to study. And if it is so for you by non studied overnight, get it right and then, you know, put it over, put it right the next day. Of course, you need to have the right memory techniques so that you don't forget. But I personally believe it is really okay to, you know, cram and, you know, do all of that, right? And in fact, you know, what, I'd also share to use that a quick story of mine. When I was in my tenth grade, I had three boats coming up and tomatoes, my pre-bid free books for social studies. We had political science, history, and geography at the same time and had literally almost no idea of it. And I had to study it over night and had some playtime to six o'clock in the night, PM. Wait. And then I sit to study. I study for eight hours straight, and the next day I go to my school, I give the examiner come up with amazing maximizer. If remember, I did not have no, I did not, I did not make something like a plan. Let's try digit to the right with the models I used. I'm willing to share to you as well. But first of all, it's important to understand that crabbing can work depending on what you are trying to study. Let us go a step further, mighty offense and talk about another important tactic for effective study. And that is that you should not have any stress about your exams. Wait a second. Whoever said that, why would they see that? Let me explain to you. Okay. Now, what basically is a sign of stress? Our heartbeat increases, we have set, we have mental tension, all of that stuff. What research says though, that if our normal breathing rate is, you know, it's somewhere down the line in the rate of a 100, right? But if it does go away until 130, 140, it is rather healthy because when you have a little bit of stress now you're cautious of what you're going to study, what you're not going to study. Of course, some people do it without stress, but for some people, stress really works, right? A little bit of stress works, obviously if the heartbeat reaches the 180, 190, but it's very harmful for your retention and stuff. But if it is going a little stress than it is really helpful because you have cautious if you have studied enough or not, and you can manipulate the stress in that item is well, I have my sister who used to, you know, who studied chartered accountancy and she came among the top, top a 100 in the end you have it thousands and lakhs of people applying for it, right? And she used to often get so stressed about a steadies. Itsy came off It's trying colors in CSS because I was stressed. That's why I was able to do it right right now. I don't mean you should have stress in the exam because if it has stress in the exam while you're giving exams, of course, it is going to impact your performance. What I'm saying is that during the preparation time and little bit of stress is important and not important, but It is okay to have it. And it might work for some people, might not work for some people. You need to make your own judgment about recreate. And obviously the ideal state of mind is the state of flow, the state of being able to study effectively. But if it comes a little bit, then it is okay. Because again, urgencies created when we have a little bit of stress and there's a little bit of urgency of what we're trying to study. It is going to help us might be a fence with this. Let us go into another important factor that we need to talk about, which is that intelligence is fixed width, birth. How many of you have heard that? Iq, iq, iq, iq. Well, very interesting, my dear friends, you know, many people believe that we are involved genetics of intelligence, that one's intelligence is fixed, which might not be too low. What might we do relatively is that that intelligence of a kid is a little, you know, some people are born a little more Goodwin, again to mix the other board good with music, but every single buddy is good with something. You know, there are eight multiple intelligences that every single, every single person has to eat. And logical thinking is only one of them, which we talk about most of the time. So basically, intelligence people believe is fixed, which is definitely not true. What basically intelligence does is that intelligence is all about ability to learn how we think logic at sector when we are born. But here's the fun part. Every single individual can come up with their own initiative that I want to learn. I want to develop and learn whatever they want to. You see, you know, Edison was really, really, really hard Getting Started out if I'm not wrong, Edison or Einstein after the age of three is when this started speaking. And normally kids start speaking at the age of 1.52, right? If intelligence also factor, they would never be where we are today, but they're doing amazing things, right? It's very important to talk that and other. It's not just about when the person is born, but the environment Jan nurtured into the initial years of their life. I mean, if you see a kid, very simple example, a kid learns the language, then learn because in the first three years of their life they hear anything but that language most often, right? And that's how they learn that language, right? It's not just about the language. Language is one thing that is noticeable early on. There are other character traits like anger, happiness, blaze, dream success, works great at sector VHS tape early on, and which can be improved later as well. But rather than genetics, it has so much to do with our own social environment and care sector as well. Many mentally retarded, as I showed to you, became geniuses later on in life. And if you know, for the same reason, the IQ of person is not a static function. Over time, a few give IQ tests, you can see that your max can go up or down. It's not a static function. You can choose to learn more about it. You can go yourself through that process and that definitely works. And that's why I'm idea of pens. I want to remind you that many people who were once called mentally retarded came out to become genius and help the words unbelievably through their inventions with this, now we are talking about another important myth that we have that we need to discuss and sort out in two days. Wonderful course. And now we're talking about the very big myth that we have. Now it is very important myth is that you need to do good in your exams. Okay? Okay. Is it really true? Well, my idea of is there, again, we talk about IQ most often, but along with IQ, there are three others quotient That's really important. Intelligence question that we talk about, the emotional question that is very much ignored and they're decent sciences that proved that 80 percent of personal success is dependent rather than EQ, right? Mainly people might not even know that term e q equals basically how a person manages that emotion and plays around with the emotion in the right way of sector, right? Eq. Another, along with that, there's an adversity question, AQ, how a person addresses adversity is that they have in life. Similarly, there are other questions that are really important. But most often, we are only only talking about IQ, which is probably not correct. And at the same time, if we focused on only ICU, there are other skills that we're not giving room to grow, right? There are a person who have musical intelligence, the people who have logical intelligence, there are people who have sensory intelligence, motor skills, they're really good with running. If you only pre and cleared out E ICU and greet schools, et cetera, then the kid, the student, you might not be able to give yourself time to develop other skills. I mean, you might be doing okay in exams and excellent and unbelievable in a sport, obviously you have to give a 100 percent into whatever you do. But that's how I believe it. You know, if if Michael Jordan was made to solve mats all his life, he wouldn't have Michael Jordan at the same time if you had Einstein play basketball, we wouldn't have Einstein, right? Everybody has their own individual skills and it has to be embraced in the right way. I view only talks about intelligence, but how about managing emotions, anger, relationship issues? And that's why you see so many graduates, so many highly educated people often get it all wrong and light, they're not happy and stuff, because most of us focus on IQ and literally let go of other important questions that are very, very essential for anybody to become successful in life. Remember, along with IQ, makes sure to work on no EQ as well as AQ, how you handle adversities and all that stuff. 3. Myths about Study Skills 2: With this, let us talk about the other very, very popular myth. And I probably believe this comes from Hollywood and volume would, you know that we can use only 10 percent of IBM. I mean, who comes up with all of these rate in the Hollywood movie, their movies like limitless et cetera, that talk about how they're using only a part of BIM, et cetera. But I mean, how do you measure that a person is using the billing? You can understand the amount of water there is in a vessel, by the amount of data you can wait a trait, how do you measure it? If a person is using the full list of potential. So it is completely untried that we'll talk about that a person can use only 10 percent, 520% percent. It's very hard to find any evidence of it. It is not measurable in any specific terms. So keep yourself open to the fact that in fact, if you talk about it in terms of memory, we can store up to 2.5 petabytes of information. I'm going to talk more about that in the memory section, but just, I must let you know that it is equal to watching 300 years, 300 years of movie in full PhD, right, for PhD level, that's the amount of capacity that we have within us. And we can exploit it all by learning the light techniques and all that stuff. Now, furthermore, the credit of the 10 percent coming up also goes to the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. This research quotes that, you know, it was first misinterpreted in the book by Dale Carnegie that we use only 10 percent of our print. And with this, I mean, if we have our choice to keep learning, keep growing, keep inventing, keep thinking, then we can go ahead and learn as much as V phone too, isn't it my fence with this, let us go into the item with that we have about studying and education as well as exams. That is, that we are too old or too young to study anything. Some people say I'm too young to learn that. Some people say I'm too old to learn that. I mean, why do we talk about that in terms of age? It's about the willingness and zeal to learn, right? That's what makes it different. That's what is playing a primary role if you want to learn anything. And there's this wonderful quote from Henry Ford that I'm just seeing it in my items. Anybody who is learning throughout their life is 20 or 30. And anybody who's learning, you know, who's who stops learning has already become old Henry fault seed that might not trust me with Henry Ford is credible rate. Then this, my dear friends furthermore, I mean, there's this wonderful concept that comes up from this book about growth mindset, right? There are two types of mindset that an individual have. The growth mindset that is all about growing, that I can learn new skill, that I can develop an O1 and all those tough new things I learned nibble. While there's an other skill, that is, the, you know, there's the fixed mindset tax says there is nothing more that can be learnable in life. Life is fixed and all that stuff. Now these are two completely different mindset and they play if it's your choice, you can be into the growth mindset and see I can learn why can develop myself more. Go in and intangible journey throughout your life of self-improvement, finding yourself. But if you say no, I have a fixed mindset. This is all I've learned in my childhood. Done. A quick check to do your learning mindset is to look back in the last one month, what effort did you put to learn any single thing, any single skill in the last some amount of time, right. That's what I like to put forward with you. Furthermore, my ID offence. Let me also talk to you about this wonderful There's this wonderful examples like this, this you have seen LN showed, I mean, I loved me, see videos about sees tunings. He's learning about different precedence and stuff. At the same time I have met who are as old as a 103 years cathedral. Um-uh, um-uh. She comes from a southern part of India. If I'm not mistaking the wrong name, and she's learning her eighth grade exams right now at a 100 three-eights and encouraging other friend who's a 108, steady at the same time, right? We must believe that there's more to learn. We must be open about the fact that there's no more I can develop and skills that I can honed over time. And if we can do that, believe me, there is no limit that we have to a personal development and growth. Let's also learned another very big myth that we had about studying and education is that you should not study more than a subject at a time. You know, people say that when you're studying, only study one subject at a time. If you are studying, match only study math. If you're studying science only study maths. Science at a time, which is controversial and not saying wrong but controversial. Some people see that if you're just studying one subject that helps you focus better. But the other perspective is that mass requires analytical skills. So why history requires memory skills most often lead. There's nothing much left to analyze because you have to remember facts. The thing is, I believe personally it works for me, it might be different for you. I found many of my students the similar way that you are studying maths at the same time bed, but in this idea of a history book, that whenever you feel who, my goodness, you can switch to the history book checkout, what's happening over there need a little bit and that can be helpful as well. So seeing point-blank that it might work or not work is right, right? Both of possibilities open. For some people it works, for other, it does not work. And if you talk about the depot concept, we'll delve deeper into it as we go further in the course. But right now, the concept basically that you can spend multiple amount of time while being focused into a thing. Or when you're stuck in a location, you have achieved a state of flow. You can go and learning about it right? Ticking. You know, what I'm trying to say here is that give yourself mind relaxation space. You know, it's different from person to person. Give your time, minor time to relax and think about it. And that's when you'll be able to come up with specific outcomes. Also, the other important myth is that you should study or not steady in a specific place. Now, the methadone, This is from both end. Instead, this would study in a specific place all the time. Or you should not study in the specific, you know, in the same place all the time, which is not appropriate, I'd say because there's this wonderful book about deep work rate and one of my favorite book in the list to study in terms of productivity and focus completely new set of concepts, et cetera. What it basically sees that it depends from person to person. You have a very, we have a hole we do to talk about it further. But for right now, let me just tell you that the concept of deep work is that you can work in a specific location for long hours and be focused. Or some people like to wander around in different places and you're trying to learn, try to find out which type you belong to. And then it would be amazing to learn about it, you know, taking time to understand their own, you know, how your own character traits is something that's very important. What is more essential or anything is that you have no distractions around the pleased that we are trying to learn, that you don't have pleased that you can put yourself and get, you know, distraction while you are studying. That's the essential part, essential component. The other secondary things and things like if you should study in 13, so you should be studying in multiple places because it is different for every single person. With that, let me talk about the second last myth that we have about study and focus and education studies in a host. Which is that you don't, or you do need a specific time to study. Some people say you need to wake up four o'clock in the morning and steady because the environment is really nice and all that stuff. What is very important to understand that you know, to understand your time, you know, you need to be your own professional. You are trying to help process. I understand. Types. Are you good studying at random paths or days in their day or are you studying good at standing specific times in a day? Yeah. You're good at studying long hours at a time. Are you studying small amount of things? Obviously, we have very in-depth conversation. Please stick around with this course and you'll be able to find out about that as well. And then what is also important to understand is that this state of flow, we'll talk about this as well. That when you get into studying something, then you get completely lost into it and maybe talk about flu, the timing which studies. It's also very important because you have circadian rhythms that goes on in our head. Rhythms that are running in a place and finding out what works for you can be mind-blowing transformation in your ability to learn what we are trying to learn with more efficiency and effectiveness, right? With that, let us go to the final myth that we need to debunk, right? You know, that success in school means success in life. My goodness. We talk about this all the time, that if someone is getting good grades all the time, then he's going to do great in life. And relatedly, if there's another kid alongside who's not good with academics and stuff. Their teachers, their students, they basically said that you had done in life, you have nothing to do. You can't make anything out of your life and you are done, right. Which is really, really bad. You have no idea how that impacts the self-esteem of a child. You know, students don't understand that really well. The thing is, we should be opened about understanding that success in school and success in life are two different things because life and school are two different aspects itself, right? In life and working someone's work in a professional way smoot about having the right kind of relation along with the skills. But schools majorly focused on and grade on the basis of mocks only, right? Which is awful in some sense. But we have to stack my own school and invite you over there. That's what we need to go through most often, right? There are many people who did really great in school but ended up not doing really well in life and vice versa as well. How many examples you need to have, tons and tons of examples of that field. All the different actors and celebrities that you look up too many of them openly shared that they were not good at studies. And some of them say that I was a great student and engineering and stuff. It's very different for everybody. I mean, of course the principal is like, if someone's good student, then the principles he takes over they can be applied into a different aspect of flavor. But most people don't think in that level of depth right there, mostly into the operations and learning and the neighbor look at it from that dimension as well. And it is important that we consider that we go into learning other's skills beyond studies in the young age itself. For some people, it could be dancing, singing, learning how to develop websites coding. We're doing public speaking like this, whatever that is, we have wonderful courses on public speaking by the way. Although all of these considered together, what I'm basically trying to say my friend, is that success in life and success systems cool, can be two completely different entities. And if you give yourself time to develop other skills at the same time, you are going to get a big advantage over all your other friends with this. Let me take you to a throwback to everything that we learned in the pinging myth segment of this course. We talked about how I'm going to come back to friend about how that success in school and success in life are two completely different things and not directly related. You can be successful in life and not good at steadies at the same time, right? Along with that, we talked about having a specific time to study. Should we have or not. We discussed that it depends on person to versa. Furthermore, we also discussed my dear friends about the fact that if you should have a specific location to study or not. And we found out that it's different for every single person, right? And we need to understand our own type. We also questioned and try to understand if you study one subject at a time or multiple at a time. And we found out that, you know, it can work if we studied multiple subjects at a time as well. It hasn't worked for many people. We also talked about how, you know, you're never too young or too old to study anything. There are people who are 14 year-old and a brand companies that I've worked in millions. And at the same time, there are people who are really old, like McDonald's founder, and they do amazing things as well. We also talked about the fact that we do not. It's a myth that we use 10 percent, 20 percent of our brain only. They can use as much of our beam that we want and it's completely free. It's Or is that we have along with that we talked about exams part as well, that we consider that, you know, if you do good in exams, then you are successful and you are right in life. And if you don't, then you have done that thing. You'd be able to do nothing, which is not true in many senses. Along with that, we talked about the fact that intelligence is not fixed, a global scale like any other skill. And with appropriate time spent on learning, we can acquire anything like that. You also talked about stress part of things. That we should not spend a lot of time into stress. That a little bit of stress can be helpful for us to hone our skills and develop ourselves as individuals. My dear friends, the other two myths that we discussed, which is that many people, it's used for INT, study at the very last moment. But if the subject Islam thing that you think doesn't align with a long-term vision. You can choose to cram in the last moment and that can work out for you as well. Finally, in the first part, we also discussed that the length of what we study is not what we actually study it, right? If we might be studying really, really long something for a long, long hours, but we might be retaining very less. And you might be studying really small amount of time, but we might be retaining a lot. So it is all a subjective concept. A quick throwback of all the myths that we discussed. I'm so excited to see you in the next video where we discuss another wonderful stuff about taking our study skills to the very, very, very next, Evan, I will see you in the next video. Media friends See you soon. 4. Importance of Smart Study: Hello, my defense. Now that we have already had a wonderful series of talks about understanding the most common myths that we generally have about, you know, about our study system. Let us now go into having a look into some of the very important reasons why it is really you folding to steady, smarter and rather not focus on studying harder. So we go for one reason at a time and then discuss about each of them, because each of them holds a significant impact and can meet with a big impact and transformation into your life. So let's go one at a time. Number one reason is that you give yourself room to a study and develop new skills. Now I want you to understand in the mid segment, we talked about how one of the common myths is that IQ is really essential. But along with the academics, there is seven intelligence that we don't talk about. If you can optimize your time into studies, then you can satisfy a cadence or be happy, awesome, that you have already learned what you need to academically. And now you can spend that same amount of time, my idea of tens, into learning other important skills that could really, really transform your life, right? That's a powerful tool because you can spend time learning new skills, boy, you can learn so much literally as Elon Musk says, that's, you know, we have an open world of learning. Now we can go out and learn anything you want from any place where you won't. That's how it works. Along with that, you know, if you have time in hand, it comes out as an advantage in terms of, you know, you can have you heard of the 10 thousand hours that you spend. Ten thousand ten thousand are into any specific skill. Gradually over time you can master it, yes, not developed, but mastery, that's really interesting. Now, 10 thousand hours is something that you need for mastering, but a hundred and ten hundred dollars, a hundred hours is enough for you to get started and have enough knowledge. 1000 is enough for you to be considered a good match matter expert, right? When we talk about the 10 thousand hours and it's a totally does that level of people. So maybe you can develop that time over the school time itself. And I know, I know so many young people who are doing so much more just because they get this edge of time with this stunning. You have this wonderful friend from cash mandu, who's just 16. I met him when he was 14 years running is software and website development company making a hundreds of dollars every single month. He's into thousands of dollars now just because he could kickstart his journey was really long because he had that vision and mindset to get started, to develop his skills and kept this without hampering is steadies at the same time that could be really powerful for you as well. And also my dear friends, great ideas of bond, not because you want to come and pick, just sit and say I want to solve with ideas, ideas, they won't come to you. But if you'd rather put yourself into learning new skills, developing new things, you can come up with amazing ideas. We've talked about the concept of finding passionate sector as well. Well it all gets started. My ideal friend, when you give yourself a wonderful space, timing to double up your newest of skills. Mighty offense. Very important, very interesting point. Now let's talk about another thing. You know, you can do amazing internships when you have that timing. I mean, you know, I found this wonderful. Wonderful YouTube video series called Don't call us beat and about how students in Singapore who are not so good with again, mix starting at 38 and fostered so that become, they can become ready for life further. And that they had this wonderful concept of sending high school, middle school students into internships in bakeries, small businesses, You know, so that they can learn how the real world works and find a space for themselves to do something in this world, right? It's really interesting because in my last course, we very in-depth talk about how you can find your passion and all that stuff. Very, very recommended. One of my best course, many people are getting, giving very good feedback about it. Right now you need to realize that it is really helpful for you to find your passion in life. Many people want to find what is their calling and stuff you can easily get started was that journey by doing internship in as many places as possible. And basically, it gives you a largest speculum to look at. Okay. But you have working over some way you can look at not just one aspect of your brain is open. If you're open to learning, you can explore so many dimensions of the same book and that can help you grow immensely. I mean, when I got started with my journey, I use literally any place I could for free. One month, two months. I've worked at online shopping stores. I've worked at tuition centers, I've looked at media houses. I worked at the front of all these companies I used to sell TV was because they gave me spective of dimensions to look at it and that I really helpful for me perspectives development is one of the key components took do in life. And right now my dear friends, if I can show you, you know, along with all those learnings, have been a lifetime of experiences that are going to stay with me forever. You know, wonderful experiences with the friends I met over there. The wonderful learnings I had with all of those. So I highly, highly recommend people to get into internship as young as possible because you can add varied dimension. You can help the people. Very recommended, but yeah, don't tell this to your parents because there'll be angry at I'm asking you to hamper your steady, Just kidding. But this let's come up with a third, third reason. And that is that you can leverage over your existing intelligence style. Now I see that, you know, it's not very grades are often not in what many people say that you know, a single sheet of paper cannot decide your future and all that stuff. That is agreeable to a very large extent. But we need to realize that, you know, that many people rank you, judge you on the basis of those grades and you can use that judgment to your benefit and you getting what I mean to say, right? We are living in a mundane world right now. Using skills that you have you can leverage to ask schools for opportunities that you want to have in life. Like I want to do internships, so I want to, I want to do this in this color. I want to launch a program or school often send students our site for exchange programs and competitions. And if you put the dorsal position yourself in the right way by getting those waves, et cetera. Boy, that could be a very good leveraging tool for you as you go ahead along with that, you know, it's very powerful, you know, to have the right influence group in your life. For me, inference group could be a bunch of my friends, one of my mentors and all that stuff. And to have the right influence group. Very often when we're young people judge you on the basis of their cake mixes that people many times don't like to have people in the group because they are not good with studies, et cetera. Now, that's not ideal, I agree, but that's how it is. You know, you have to accept of how world is and then take initiated was changing it. So when we get started, there are people who often just that way. And if you're good at k1 McLean, you can get access point to that group. And that group, you can have friends who are innovating and come up with amazing stuff that could be a future. That you could create a future into getting what I mean to say you seeing the direction which we are going. That's right. Along with that, my dear friends, you know, in this intelligence that you develop often helps you access, access networks, right? So let's say you're meeting new people who are trying to meet new people, your network. You know, new people and say I was, I'm a very good student, comes as a good value proposition for them to talk to you. And you know, also when you enter a conversation, if you have good idea of the subject matter when you're talking to them, you know, you can position yourself to be someone who is very good in that subject. And once you present yourself in the right fee, you can leverage over that metalwork to your own benefit. At the same time. In various international program extremes programs and stuff, they see your grades still important. So, you know, getting scholarship for further studies or getting into the right places, having the right grids help. We cannot say no to that factor because that is true, that exist. And until we can't change something, we need to comply or you can choose to get a VSL, whatever that is, right? But that let us come to the fourth and that is very importantly escaping this rat race. You know, we're all running in this rat race of everybody trying to be somebody else, trying to pursue something else. And in this all pursuit my defense, everything is cool until we start doubting myself and still be put ourselves into that hamstring that we won't come out right? We completely lost in that rat race that will never end. And we spend our whole life being nobody that is really, really sad. So basically, you know, the question is, if you can get yourself out, if you can get your sediment extra time to develop other skills, et cetera. There, what is the normal life look like? You get born, you go to school, you go to university, you get to college, you do your first job due to your second job, you get married, you get kids, you got older, you may be joined some charts or some social group and then your DAG, which is not an ideal life rate. But if you go through this process of general education that most people do, it's good to be very hard to come out of this tight race if you have a site skill that you can develop and later find out how you can monetize it in the future. You can push yourself out of rat race to doing some amazing stuff in life, right? That's really interesting insight that I learned and is one of the reason that I wanted to do what I want to do, right along with that, my new offense. If you can explored new dimensions of lifelike in Thailand are a hundreds of people called digital nomads would go there and just work digitally from PC, make money and live. And that might not be ideal for you, that might be ideal for somebody else. Other travel is parishes that you have. If you can give yourself leverage when you are young over time, then that can be really powerful tool for your future as well to help you grow with that. And then once again, if you can exchange, get yourself out there, you can learn so many mu subs because you are meeting so many new people and that's when you can. Again, networking is something really powerful, you know, very, very baffled. One of the, I heard this the other day, your network is your net worth and I can't agree more with it. That's so true along with that, you know, again with vaccine programs and stuff, if you can give yourself less, get good grades and Yang time, then use that grades to get scholarship into international exchange programs, get exposing the right way. That can be really, really, really helpful for you with this. Let me come up to you with the final point and that is managing the students strengths that we have right now. So I am a team coach and that's most of my bookends pirating. So become champion in life. I close them, I trained them, I help them become better in DVT. So that's, that's all I do, right? So basically stress is something that is really new in students because the level of stress they feel with studies when you're young is, Is much. But if they get into real life, that stress is only going to get bad if they don't learn to manage it, right? So when you are young, when you have, you know, if you can do more amount of things in that item out of time, you can learn how to manage stress about studies, not just that. If you put yourself into other endeavors, you are going to get stressed opportunities, stress opportunities, right? And you can experience through it and learn it. You know, Buddha one said My dear friends, that you cannot learn through it by listening to, to, to learn truth only by experiencing growth, right? You can learn how to manage this only through experiencing it and using the tactics and tools to your benefit as well. Furthermore, Up, students offer, I see, I like the world is gone and I can't do anything because I got my grids out and all that stuff. If they can manage well because they're efficient in their studies. That stress can go into better things. I had this friend called canal and he's a 1703 companies sold one of them per million dollars, right. And the shared me that wrap-up, you don't get to choose the amount. Quick get to choose if you have tests or not in your life, you can. You get to choose that quality of stress you have in life, right? What you choose will stress you that that's something that you can choose, but you cannot choose the other way around. And my dear friends. If you get bad marks and all that stuff, that could be another reason for you to get stress and all those depression, all those stuff which is not ideals for young people to have. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about, right? If you're informed, if you're not, if you're prepared than you are worried less it's an infinity loop, the more prepared you are the NES, where do you get it right? With this? That's what I wanted to talk to you about. We're talking about myths. Now we've talked about importance. Let me give you a quick throwback of all the five important since we've talked about, we talked about giving room for us to learn new skills. You know, if we can learn new skills, we can leverage it in all these differences. Getting your internships in your young date. Along with that, we also talked about using your intelligence as a leverage to, for you to do amazing things. You talk about how using this tool, we can escape that general rat race that most people go through and you can come out of that as a champion. At the same time, we talked about how we can manage stress in the right way if we can learn how to study smart and no time. But this, thank you so much. I'll see you in the next video and we'll get started talking about very wonderful time management tools. I'll give you specific techniques here. We had a lot of ideation thing, lot of perspective thing. Now comes the specific solution. A part you're going to talk about specific models that work for me, definitely worked for thousands of other people, my students and might, might work for you as well. See you in the next video. 5. Understanding Time Management: Okay, Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Has it ever happened to you that you have an exam coming up the very month and you say that now it's okay, I just have a month to steady and need to get really into studies. I need to focus after give me a 100% dedication wrap-up, I have to become a super free to be able to complete my studies and you're all motivated and yea, I will do it. And then over time you say, well, you know, you get started with setting the 30 that you open. Your book said, Well, I have 30 days, right? I mean, 30 days equal to 13 to 24 hours. That's so DOD amount of time by shouldn't study like No, maybe a few video games would be a little fun. We have a whole life to study and Bro, one sheet of all that thoughts coming up to your mind. Then it's 15 days and you say, Okay, I have to study. Know your parents say that it's time to study and you did to put yourself out there to get a 100 percent, you say, Yeah, I'm willing to do it all and I'm going to rock this time, not like, like not like last time. And then you'll get started with starting and then the night, the book becomes your favorite pillow and then you steeple, you have a week to study, you have almost whole of your syllabus to cover and your parents are freaking out and you are freaking out and then use it to study, you get started finally reading book. And then all of a sudden you realize that your crushes online and you start chatting and you get lost internet. Furthermore, now you have a one-day left. I knew be like, okay now, now if I don't do, when am I gonna do it right? You get started with studying, you study, study, study, and then you realize that you will not be able to do it. So in the night TV, like I did not I did not study. I could not sit in the last light. Maybe you can get up in the morning early and study. There's an alarm or four o'clock in the morning to try to wake up, you say, like astronauts said, in one month, I did not study in one week. I did not study in one day. How the hell will study in one few hours, sleep for a few hours and then I'll study, then less time left. You have one hour to exam left, you wake up. And then you'd be like an old study the whole time. A single sheet of paper cannot decide my future. I'll do it. I feel like you go to exams and you are planning a very fun situation at, but many of us go through it. Maybe it's a little exaggerated. Maybe it happens to even you are doing your assignments, but that's a common thing that most of the students face. So in this course, it's not just that challenge is a challenge that if somebody sits to study, It's not just about they don't want to study how to focus. I have a little limited focus span. And did you know that our focus banners only seven seconds at this point of time. And your study focus time is only 20 minutes, which is 12 minutes less than our ancestors used to have all the social media age it you know. So basically in this course, in this segment of quotes of time management, now going to delve really deep, we're going to find specific techniques, specific tactics, specific ways in which you can come up with v's to manage your time, play with your time, find VCE to focus study efficiently. And although other v's can basically help yourself put yourself in that study roots so that you can give your a 100 percent, I'm going to give a science back to everything I talked to you. Because I believe that credibility is really important when we're talking about these big concepts. And then one after another in each of the medial explained to you, give you an assessment so that you can now put yourself out there, apply whatever you are learning and see the results. Because remember what I said in the last video, we can experience, you can learn about the roots, not just by listening to it, but only experiencing it. Okay, that's what I wanted to share and I'm so damn excited to see you in the next video when we talk about some really, really, really amazing ways that you can develop time management skills to help you leverage in your studies in all these different ways. Bye bye and see you. 6. Pomodoro Technique: Okay, My dear friends, Welcome, welcome, welcome back. And now we are in this course directly jumping into some practical ways to find solutions of managing our time PD Well, what do you think is the biggest challenge? And it comes to time management for students. Just give you a moment to think, right? The thing is that you're having a normal time, you're watching Instagram, nothing will come to your mind. But as soon as you get to study everything from the uneaten to design your friends, to milk, to how you had to talk to a friend that you miss, two, that you need to wish birthday to somebody. Everything else comes to your brain. And right in the very time that you are trying to study, that we are starting to use ID. Well, that's a very common problem that almost every single student hasn't. There's nothing new about it yet. There's a very wonderful technique that is called the Pomodoro technique, which we are going to discuss in this video, which can be an unbelievably powerful tool for a healthy, for helping you battled through this challenge. Managing your attention span and efficient way. My dear friends In this video, we're going to talk in a very detail of how you're going to use it. You're also going to understand there are some technologies, there are some applications that you can use to leverage and leverage that tool and develop it in your life. So the Pomodoro technique comes from transit Cicero in 1980 when he was himself for students. So he was a student struggling to manage his focus time. And basically, he came up with this simple pen Pomodoro technique that had helped him go through his examined. Rather not just go through the exam, grew to it exhilarated. And amazingly, therefore, he made his name to the very top. Now what does a Pomodoro Technique? Puppet 12 technique is a very efficient way for you to manage your steady, but you dissect your study into 25 minutes blocks. Once I gave, you dissect your study time into 25 minutes blocks like I'm going to study for 25 minutes, and then I'm going to take a break for five minutes. And then I'm going to again study for 25 minutes and then again take a break for five minutes. Now these 25 minutes that you are going to study, because you have setup cutoff time, you have to be very, very efficient, very, very effective, very, very result-oriented for those 45 minutes and you're studying and then you take a five-minute break. Again, look around and room and do whatever you want to do, clear game. But often that 500 bricks turns into 50 minutes of peaks. We need to manage that. Okay? And this is a really powerful tool because in this wonderful course on how to learn, how to learn, how to learn this is of course by Barbara Oakley, if I'm not wrong, six years about are diffused and focused mindset. So if you're focused for too long, we need to get out room around, take a pause so that you can learn. That's why you are advised to take a good amount of sleep and you are a student to help him captivated, you know, that subconscious segments in our bin, they are conscious segments damping. And it is really powerful that when you take that please. Now here's what we need to remember. Every 25 minutes of steady and five-minutes or bake is one cycle. And after you complete such four cycles, 1234, which could be around two hours for you to take a longer break for 20 to 30 minutes and 12. Take those 20 to 30 minutes spray, you can get yourself again into the tomato cycle 1, 2, 3, 4. And that's what you will do throughout the process that you achieve your learning outcome idea of friends. And this has been used by source so many students because you're locked up in this world where you have so many things to look up to when we're sitting to study, it helps us focus in a very efficient way, right? I'll give you a very quick example to be very specific. Okay. There's this little car that you have, right? And there's this kid was this little card. This toy is cleaner own goo, goo, goo, goo, having fun on as day and Ben, when he's playing around with this little toy car the very next day, it's father comes to him with a remote control car is news and he's having fun with it. What will happen to the little gap? It will get thrown off plate. Similarly as with focus and studies as well. The studies the little Kuffler is, right, we can study around me if you don't have distractions, but if we have a lot of remote control cars ready to distract, as it could be social media, it could be a fence pinging unit, could be anything Is that was very subjective. It could be that there's a cricket tournament that is going on. You need to watch date. It's very different for everybody, but we have all those cars. The question is, you need to find a way to escape through all of them and get yourself to Cu this time slot. Now, this is the interesting part for some people, it is 25 minutes, but the other researchers that prove that the Pomodoro Technique, time slot promoter technique definitely books, but the Pomodoro Technique, timing is subjective to every single person, right? For some people, it might be 20 minutes while it might be 40 minutes or 30 minutes. And if they take a break before that, they're missing out on the opportunity of being able to do more on a singleton, right? And it is a really powerful tool that many people need to understand. Some people say promoter is not working for me. Wrap up, this is the one major reason and this formal data has been helpful to so many students. But as I said to you, you need to find out what amount of timing works out for you. Well, how do you find that out? Well, this is what you need to simply do. We need to put yourself through the process. There is no other way, right? You need to try 25 minutes time slots. See how's it working out if it works for 25 minutes, well, go for it, right. If something's working for you, would you like to change it, right? But if you say okay, 25 is not working out level, let's try painting, right? That's right. If I'm already two motivated and I'm 25, let's try 30. And when you go through that process of drying 25, 2030, that's when you'll find out that what is the right time slot that you need to go for, right? You're getting the point right now view understood that it could be subjective to have your own time slot. And of course, you want to get started with increasing it like if it's 25 or would the time you need to put the effort to turn it into 30 or 40 or whatever that is. But you need to put yourself into the right process and see how it works. Now furthermore, my idea of tens we are going to talk about right now. A rule of thumb we need to find out. Okay, many people asked me what is what is the timing for me? Another one good way to find out about it is this very wonderful way. I found out you start reading a book, right? And then you read a book in agenda timing makes sure that you're not biased, being too interested to study or to not interested to study, you find out the dry time to study. You start reading those books. And when you add heating this book, find out how long can you sustain yourself reading the book, right? The amount of time you can sustain yourself reading the book is the exact time that you need to put that your attention span for you right now, right? And then you go on over time, increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing it. One very powerful way to increase your longer attention span is something I learned while the breath meditation, very simple, all you need to do is taking your breath and breathe in the right way so that you can learn how to focus efficient p. Let me explain to you what I mean by that mighty offense. When you take in breath, inhale the bread, we needed the right way. When you hold the breath, you will it the right way, you delete it the right way. And overtime, when you are taking the breath you're giving the bet, you're observing it, right? And not judging, but observing how the bed is coming in, how it's going out, and that's how you supposed to do it. Let me give you a quick sample. How long can you do it, right? How many circles of this candidate and you are taking a breath and put your, put your heart into this segment of your, of your, of your nose so that you can observe that the breath is coming in and the beta's going out. And that's how you'll be able to find out what is the right time span that you have for yourself might be offense, okay. Now along with that, there's this very powerful tool along with that, that is called the target. What is the data? Let me explain to you again. Very powerful to track tech is basically a tool that you find any one substance that you focus on, right? It could be for me the tip of this pen and just print as long time as possible. Looking into it, you observe it, observe it, observe it. You delve deeper into the observation of this segment only, you only watch it. And then whenever, whenever you start to get external thoughts, anything other than watching this, what you basically do my defense is then you you put your head into your head. What do I say? You put your head into a headwinds. You observe what thoughts are coming in, what thoughts are going out. And if you can observe that the level that is a really powerful tool in itself might be offense for you to get focused. It really works well. Along with that, you don't repeat this exercise for some times and you know, talking about the train to 30 minutes, checking the book, reading exercise as well as these exercises. Then you repeat over time. You'll also be able to find out what's your attention span right now and increase it as well, my dear friends and we don't want to go from massive improvement overnight like if you're going to 2007, the time 12 to 15 minutes at a time? No, no, no. That's not how it's going to work out. If you put yourself right there, you might be able to do once for 15 minutes, but if you try to put yourself again in the 15 minutes cyclin, you feel you stop doing the Pomodoro Technique, right? Because you lose sales, believe that this system works. And if you lose the belief, how in the world is the belief going to work for you? It might be a fence. You need to understand this really well. And then apply it in your life and then you see the difference. And I learned in this book called compound effect that if you improve just 1% every single day, you'll be 36, 0.7 times better the person you were. If you get only worse, 1% every single day by the end of year, you'll be more than 20, 22 times if I'm not wrong, worst than when you started. So it's very important that you put your focus into the little minor step. That's why they say, you know, you can't eat the elephant at the same time in-between little segments or fittingly to cut it up into pieces and then eat. It might be a pens and focus on the power of compounding, believe in the power of Pomodoro Technique, and only then it is going to work for you. This is something that is really interesting I found out okay, along with calling Pomodoro Technique, Pomodoro Technique, there's a real variation that you could try or what do I mean? So let's say you really love playing Pub G, right? Let's say you really love playing Pub G. Let's say you really love playing Nintendo. Let's say you really love just wandering around in your status, right? Whatever that is, you find out what that is, and then you turn it into that. Let's say some people really love animate. So they make an enemy dodo, right? They make a GI doctor, they make a Nintendo. Nintendo could be dead. So basically, this is what will happen. You know, you play for 25 minutes, you study for 25 minutes, you take a five minutes Peak or you've watched anime, you play Nintendo, you play Pub G, and then you get into 25 minutes of work. This is not ideal, but this is how you can get started. This is a hack that could be really powerful. There are many people who use it in their own way. And when there's a 20 to 30-minute gap, you enjoy playing it the whole time? Well, I have no played a mobile game since like three years other than clean logo with my grandmother, if I'm not wrong because that that works is a distraction for me. That does not work for me, but it might work for somebody else. It might work for you. You are all individual beings and one specific solution, one specific fit might not work for all of us. And this is what I'll tell you, gave 20 minutes, five to 10 minutes clock or 25 minutes, 57, five minutes block, and then four blocks of it for circles of it for one big brick and then continuing the cycle itself. Now because I talked to you a lot of out this Pomodoro Technique. There's this really, really wonderful tool called the Fordist app. Okay? It's an apple you to use Pomodoro technique where you build a forest out of, out of the Pomodoro Technique. Let me go into the application and show you a demo of the wonderful Pomodoro Technique and love it. You can download it mobile phone as well. Let me show you of how the beautiful Pomodoro technique works. I will let me get into my set and so yup. Okay, Thank you so much my dear friends. It was fun talking to you about the Pomodoro technique. In the next video, we are going to talk about yet another technique and tool that you can use to increase your time management skills when you are studying. Thank you so much, I'll see you in the next video. 7. Forest Application: Okay, friends, let me show you what the Fordist app looks like. One of my favorite apps when it comes to productivity and time management. It is available in your mobile phone as well as you can connect it to your Chrome with extension with there. But let me take you to the app right from the beginning. Let me show you how it works and maybe you can get started. Maybe this could be a lot of news for you. This is what you need to do, okay? There are two options that we have over here, and that is the mood of a timer. As a stopwatch. In the timer mode, you just need to track thing, tap the Three, four different circuits, species, and all that stuff. And it asks for your permission excepted. Now all you need to do is you can set up a Motorola according to their time. You weren't 25 minutes is the suggested time slot. And then you click on Start plant, okay, now, now here's the thing. Okay, You might want to turn on and turn off according to being suggested. But let's say while you are working on this, you move outside the application. And what basically happens there is that the application knows it, right? It knows it and it is detecting knew the whole time. Now, it says that you're still going to move out of the air for a long amount of pain. You click on give up. This says there will be 13 is withdrawn from the forest and you give up. Now this is what happens if you wanted to create a tree, but he did not create right? Now because of these, what basically happens is that you lose control and we cannot get the forest. But if you're good with doing your task, working through 25 minutes slot, you'll create a list for yourself and this is how gamification works. You give your server tasks to complete it, and therefore you are rewarded in the form of Fordist. So it's a very powerful app because you see if you are a student, you'd want to please your podcast. And that's how human instinct to work. It's kind of a game of Azure. And for the game, you need to focus on the task that you're doing. So I highly recommend this for you. Ok, now you can click and find out the D's and you fail because you gave up the killer of your tree, you gave up rate tree died for no reason when this happened. You can reach out to them, this is really good. You can also collect points, you can go and be focused that should allow you to leave app as well and all of that stuff. So yeah, it's a really good application when it comes to helping you manage time using Pomodoro Technique. Let me take you to the PC now and show how the Chrome extension of the same books. Okay, so let's go to the PC now let's see the Chrome extension that we have for the forest application. Let me show you how it works. Let me show you how I use it and how you can get it. Let's start by how you can get it. Just type in Google Fordist, Google Chrome extension, right? You click into it a link app periods up, you just go into it and webpage opens up with within the, you know, the Chrome Web Store, all you to do is it's completely free. So all you need to do is to click on Add to Chrome. And once you click on Add to Chrome, it will after it up in this list. You might not see it like I have it over here. All you need to do then is just click on this button pen and we'll have it right in front of your next research part. So all you need to do thereafter is that two modes. There are two modes in chlamydia friends. The first mode is allow us mode, which allows you to do stuff while you're working. The other one is the blackest mode in which you, you block using any of the websites that might not be up to it while you're working. So let's say we have chosen the blackest mode and I click into it to plant. Right? Now, once I've started this, I'm supposed to be in the certain webpages. I'm not supposed to browse here and there. And we focused on the theme that I'm trying to do. Let's set go into Facebook. And you see this, this came up. If I click on give up, the plant won't be planted and I'll get notification like this, right? I click on give up. This will kill your cute little tree. And this is a really small notification. But profoundly the impacts are being because we are there to build a forest and it plays an emotional and psychological game right there. So it's a very powerful tool. If I click on Yes, It won't happen. And your tree is that again, that verification. But I can always go again and say, and work right again, right? So that's how it is really powerful to do it. You can link it if they're mobile application as well as I told you before, you can unlock all these other trees as you want. If you initially planned that tree is in a sustainable way, maybe it is a paid plan for this as well. So yeah, I highly recommend all of you. This is a really powerful tool like and connected with my mobile application that I'm using the blockage and allow us to again specify which applications to block. In that block is YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, I can add URLs I need to block. And the lowest is, well, which only applications I'm supposed to use? Yeah. So that's how I wanted to talk to you about the forests application of very powerful tool. It's a combination of Pomodoro Technique as well as gamification and learning. And it really helps accelerate your learning growth rate. That's what I wanted to talk to you in this video, my dear friends, I'll see you in the next video where we talk about yet another powerful tools to help you increase your productivity while studying. See you. 8. Parkinson's Law: Hello, wonderful community. It has been a wonderful tried with your discussing about how to leverage the power of studying smart to make yourself a wonderful student and leverage all the other segments is when we talked about midst importances in the last video, we talked about our beautiful power of fold-over technique in this specific video might be a family we are going to talk about. Yet another really powerful principle that has held me, that has held many people who are studying smart, optimize the time of training. And this is a principle rather rate, this principle is also known as the Parkinson's, parkinson's loss. The principal goes like this, woke, expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Once again, invoke expanse Suez to fill the time available for its completion. The whole idea is, it basically depends on the deadline reset, right? It is a personal choice to send the deadline to complete a task and it will take that long. It's a long. Has it ever happened to you? This happened to me all the time when I was in my school. So when I was in my school, I used to, you know, we had assignment during a summer vacation for a month. That sucker, I don't know how it works out in your part of the world. But when you had this vacation one month, we had all these tasks that you have to complete these many question from these many books, you need to read these many books and write somebody's do this and that. And you had to make those front pages in which beautiful friend pages acknowledgment and write the whole assignment in a full-size people with lines, etc. It's very different now it's all in computer. But you used to spend hours and hours into that. And you know, I remember we used to meet this front-page is beautiful one. And I used to say I'll start working on it a month from now. You don't have one? I have one month. I'll get started soon. And eventually I would have seven days to complete all my assignments. I'm rushing crazily, even I'm not able to enjoy my it is during those seven days, but somehow never ever I went, you know, I I have not submitted my assignment. It happened with all of us, right? We do it in the last moment yet we are able to do it. That happens with all of us. So basically, the same time can happen in 10 days. The same thing can happen in one day as well as the choice of what deadline we said was there. And of course, setting a deadline means efficiency as well. If you want to do it really too fast, the efficiency will be sacrificed. But if you learn the right techniques, it might not be sacrificed as much. So there's this wonderful story that comes from APJ Abdul Kalam. When he was in his college days, when given an assignment, he was given a scholarship for study and it wasn't made and given an assignment to make, you know, make a structure of, you know, think about and create a different structure, invented structure of a military airplane. And he generally takes three months. And then his professor says that you need to do it in three days. He says, How in the world will I do it in three days, right? And he, he somehow desert sources essentially, it looks really bad if you don't submit the better one in two days that is selectable by the community. We will. Cancel your scholarship and he put in all effort and completed in two days, in five days, he did the project would almost all of the college students did in three months. We'll later us about the top from the profits of why he did so to Colombia, said I wanted to see if this kid is really something, you know, and I thought he has something in him and I wanted to check that if, you know, if you've really had that Spock and ever since APJ Abdul Kalam had been dealing motivated to do things faster, do things better. And that had been a superpower in his journey of becoming a champion is journey of becoming successful in a wholesome. And that's what I wanted to show it to you as well. You know, when Bill Gates was first writing the code for basic, the first version of the code for Microsoft, which was put into the LTI and machines, computers. He literally went to the company and said we have a software available for you that we can sell. This shows to us maybe because in that time they were not so many softwares that used to be made right? So Microsoft, bill Gates would literally every waking hours to sleep in these chairs, right? Code again. And then finally do it the basic version of basic. The basic was the name of the programming language submitted it, and that's how the first personal computer in the world had, had, had a wonderful software written by bigots, and that's when Microsoft was founded. It is with every single thing my offense, you'll freak out when you understand that vole fills out that time, you give it right? It's up to you. And Elon Musk says that if you want to do something really big, if you want to start a company you need to have, you don't, you need to be working every single being. Let me show you a video about it. When my brother and I were starting our first company, instead of getting an a problem and we're just rent her as a small office and we slept on the couch and shout at the YMCA. And we were so hard up we had one computers so they can visit. The website was up during the day and I was coding at night, seven days a week all the time. And I briefly how to go from that period and in order to be with Michelle, just sleep in the office. Work hard like meeting in every way they are. That's that's the thing I would say. Particularly if you're starting a company. Well, the question about this again comes to your mind is how does this happen? Map of how, how's it possible that be able to do it? And I'm going to give you some scientific reasons behind it. But let me show you another thing, okay, as it ever happen to you, if you're doing that assignment overnight or getting prepared for that exam just in the very last moment and yet kneeling it really well let us happen with all of us. All of us have tried or direct in some way or the other. And that's a simple proof to acknowledge and consider the fact that it is possible. Now why does that happen? A very good credit of it can be given to the state of flow. What is the state of flow? State of fluids, this situation of mine, my dear friends, that The thing is happening without redoing it like the singer is singing without heat triangles thing is that the intention is lost yet activity is happening when your swing glossing to the verb, you lose. You lose the understanding of space and time and just get so lost in the world. That's why I love scene musicians right? Hitting the keyboard and they're so launch into the music that they can't feel anything else. You'll see that in a very often we see that in the bass players as well delve so lost the game that we have lost if they have lost sight of everything else. And same principle can be applied into work as well. We're going to talk in very depth. That's going to be a long video about flow further. But right now I just wanted to let you know that a very big credit for Parkinson's Law of working could be the state of flow and the state of flow. One of the very important factors to get into that state of flow is having a leaky bucket of challenges of vocal little bit of stress into the world. And that really helps you get into the state of flow. My dear friends, again, I didn't see that the allele really powerful tool for anything, you want to do, anything literally, if you find that something is urgent to complete a surgeon to do, you'll find a way to do it. You know, Elon Musk that says if you do it something, you know, when he was asked once that if you had feared when you're starting SpaceX, et cetera. And he said he didn't have the fear, but he did it anyway because he thought it was important enough. And similar, Lee v. Have the level of urgency because we don't want to drop out of school rate. Let me show you the video of Elon Musk seeing that he does it even if it have fears. I think I feel fear quite strongly. So someone is just how the absence of care I feel quite strongly. But there are times when something is important enough, you've got enough to do it in spite of theorem. But promotion and thick, I feel fear about this and therefore I can do it. It's normal to feel fair. Restarting SpaceX, I thought the odds of success were less than maybe you were to make some progress. If we could just move forward, even if we died, maybe some other company could pick up the baton and entrepreneur. But these principles, you'll be able to get yourself understanding of the Parkinson's Law. Now this is what you need to do. You need to set deadlines for every single study that you are doing? Every single study, I need to complete my Social Studies Chapter 7, be specific about it. Chapter 7, chapter 8 by the end of ABC timing, et cetera, be very specific about that goal and then be able to achieve it as well. But it's very important to be specific about the goal set deadline that you want to achieve and then you will be able to achieve it. My idea of pens with this, I'm going to see you in the next video where we talk about yet another really powerful tactic and technique for you to develop wonderful steady skills. See you in the next video. 9. SMART Model of Goal Setting: Welcome back, My any offense. In this wonderful video course segment, we are going to talk about how do we set deadlines and specific goals. In the last video, we talked about setting deadlines and specific goals and your side, the question is, how do we do it? A very good model to spit specific goals is the smart model Reno smart goals, you know what a smart goals let me extreme S stands for Specific. You know, whenever you need to study anything you need to keep yourself and give yourself specific him that you want to achieve. There is a vile difference into saying that I'm willing to steady social studies. And I'm going to study Chapter 7, page number 353 of my civic segment in social studies. Because, you know, we choose the path of least resistance. So when we have a precise tasks that we have to complete, okay, this is exactly what I need to do. You have mental energy is not wasted into finding out. And, you know, as we remember in the last video, we talked about deadlines. Similarly, being specific helps you become more focused to understand what you need to study. And it is a really powerful tool. That's why they say, when the goal is specific, Exactly, This is what I want to achieve. The likelihood of people achieving it is much, much higher. There's another research study that confirmed the same. They read a bunch of university students, if I'm not wrong, these steady of University of Stanford, Stanford University. And what they did is they chose students of the MBA, and they asked students of what their goal was in life. And then what they found out is that 83% of the students said they did not have a specific little goal in life. And because he did not have specific goal in life, the check the other part and the 14% of people had specific goals, but there was no written, right. They had a goal. Not clear as much, but and David not treated. The 3% had goals that are written. Guess what, ten years from then after completing the studies, the research on them again, and this is what they found out 83 percent of the people where in the lowest half of earning money and success, etc, they put out the metric, the 3% that ten times better than the 97% of people who had, who had cools or who had goods and did not have very specific or written once and 83 percent and the other 13 percent were written goods were not written goes, but they had goals with t times better than the 8780% percent. So if it's setting specific goals is so, so powerful, why would you not want to try it as well, right? We know it works. Along with specific. We need to go to the second segment of the smart goals, which is being miserable. Every good must be measuring. What does miserable mean that you can, you see, I see a doctor series to a student, then you need to drink water right? Now. If he understands, you need to know specific thing, right? Like I need to drink five liters to milliliters to liters, right? And he says, okay, he drank water little bit and you can say, well, I drank water but I'm still not well, the question is, can you measure your goals, right? So. Having specific goals helps become, you know, has some measurable, make it measurable. But this is the wolf pack. You're not having a measurable goal in the sense that you can look into the feedback of the system that you are studying. Social studies is just steady message edible in the terms that are you able to do your practice test? Well, are you able to check if your completed x number of chapters or not? Having a measurable goods create a feedback loop. And feedback loop is a really important part of the steady and learning process. Because if you don't have a feedback loop, then you won't have a literal understanding that you are learning or not, right? We talked about specific, we talked about miserable. Talk about achievable now, right? Achievable because sometimes there is a difference between delusion as well as being dreamy, right? These are different being between delusion and, as well as you know, I'm getting the right word for you and having determination, right? If you set a goal for yourself that I went to study three chapters and general, you study 1.5. It's something that is doable, right? It is achievable. It's a challenge, but it's achievable. But if you say, I'm going to say that the holes education all of my book overnight, that is not achievable. And what ends up happening when you set up maneuverable goals is you end up not achieving it. Then when you don't achieve goals, you say that I'm not good at studies, right? And you lose your belief in the whole system and studies and then you end up not doing value to exams and any of those stuff, right? So you need to set goals that are achievable. Something that you think acquiring your potential light out is doable, you know, lead to look at what the attention span currently is that we talked about in the Pomodoro technique, you need to look at different factors and find out what specifically is achievable to use a very subjective concept, very different for every single person, you need to find out what is achievable for you, right? The next rule is delivered. Sma. What is delivered stand for. I mean, if you're studying for your college and school, we'll talk about this concept later, but 80 percent of your questions come from the 20 percent segment. Do you know? And if you dig deeper into question banks have to dig deeper into books. If you dig deeper into taking suggestions from your professors and pieces, you'll be able to find out that, you know what is delivering for you to study this segment of steadies will yield the best results for you. And it is through this analysis that you'll be able to put your effort, your time, your dedication, into the right direction. So go out there and try to find out what exactly is that you are trying to study. You know, is it even relevant to your exam matter? Is it relevant to oh, personal growth and what you want to learn as well, right? And if it is delivered to your personal goal, you dig deeper, you go really deep into understanding. But if it is only for one single term exam, then it's going to be a different thing for you, right? It's going to be different. That's what I wanted to show you. And then comes time pieced. Now this is really powerful again. What is time-based? Every single goal must have that slot of time in exact term that you are going to give to it. So you can see that I'm going to achieve this thing. This is achievable, but how are you going to allotted time? How are you going to give it time? How you're going to divide your data into segments that you can give it the amount of time it requires. You are able to give it the right time slots only then all the SMA IR is we'll do a because at the end of the day it's about US studying efficiently. Use studying efficiently is the result of your spending efficient amount of time into studies. Remember, we talked about learning outcomes which equal to time spent on studying, multiply it by the efficiency of steady, right? With this, That's what I wanted to share. Do you make sure before you set goals for your studies and education? They are smart and not hard, but does hart stands for coax adult. Let's start going into it. But just a reminder to you that you need to set smart goals. And only through smart goals, you will be able to attain what you want to buy difference. This was it for this video. I'm going to go into the next video now. We're going to discuss about really powerful model, one of my very favorite or they'll find most, most amazing models that I learned the other day. It comes from Kobe Bryant. Many of you might know him as a wonderful basketball player as well. So we're going to go and understand and dig beepA very deep into the concept of this model and find out how we can apply it to my life. I'll see you in the next video. Bye. 10. The Kobe Bryant Model: I'll give my idea of family friends. Welcome once again to this beautiful chords on studying smart and not hide. In this specific video, we're going to talk about a model for you to develop focus. Not focus specifically, but manage time in the right way so that you can manage your studies. This model comes up one of your favorite players in basketball? Yes, it's one of my favorite. Could be bled. Unfortunately, we don't have him with us anymore, but we have what he taught us. We have with us the amazing set of learnings that he had given to this world that we can learn and imbibe into wildlife as well. And I find is techniques and teaching so particularly amazing and interesting because they're all actually well, you can get into the ground, put in the work, and find out that it works for you, right? And he did it. He's the man not just teaching and coming up with this concept, but if the man who live with those principles and that's a proof for us that if it's working for him, why would it not work for us as well, right. So let's go into understanding what's the Coby brand model. I like to call it the Coby brand model. Again, one of the best basketball players out there. What's the model basically? See before I tell you the model it's important to, well, he's a basketball player, Baba value bringing him it studies. How does it make any sense at all? I'll explain it to you before required. Okay. Coby brand was a wonderful intensity player, right? You use to get into the field, put in the effort delivered, the results and all that stuff. What was really key in his achievement and success was the intensity of work he put in value was working, right? And as students is when we need to have a high-intensity of work, we need to deliver and get amazing results. The question is, how do we achieve those results? Now, the achievement of those results comes from learning what principles he came up with that helped him become who he was. Retail you see is that you know, the basic principles of life and success. I've seen respective of the field and genre of folk whose value of wonderful billionaire who made his way to the top, again ground and again top. And he's one of the more successful real estate people in the US, in one of the best in the world as well is opinions are highly regarded. Let's get back to what we were talking to the Coogee plant model, right? Immediate clear, right, why it is really relevant for us as well to understand and see if we can apply the Kobe Bryant Modena life. Let me explain to you what the QBI brand model now is. Now this is though could be brand model. You wake up really, really fairly early in the day. Okay. Be full o'clock. That's what he used to do. And then push yourself into shifts of work, right? You give yourself shifts of work to do. You take big time and then you put yourself into shifts of work. Once again, let me give you the exact time slot and what type piece I really mean by it. This is what Kobe Bryant used to do. Used to give himself, you know, wake up at four o'clock. He used to go to the gym factors for three to four hours and then take a 12 do I pick let's say four to eight he was working out, then need to complete ten o'clock rate and bent knees relaxing rate again from, you know, from 12 to 40 did another shift of work, right. You puts it in four hours of work again. Picks one to two halves of relaxation, six to 10, another shift upward, and that's how he does for eight to 12 hours of work, how was the event? And then he gets 10, 2, 4 sleep as well. He has a good Six amount of sleep. He has resting he has been resting in the day and he is doing his work like more than anybody, any other basketball player in the world, right? A very interesting model that IHL applicable for students as well. What do you need to do to apply it is, you wake up at four o'clock, it's going to be yearly. Really hide I have tried it and it is really hard to do. But once you start doing it, you see that boy, that results in degenerating, it's just unbelievable, not good. I'm seeing the word unbelievable. And, you know, I don't say that enough and I really, really needed financing it. Okay. What do you need to basically start doing? My defense is you need to start setting up specific time slots. So you wake up four o'clock for T2-weighted that shift that you need to book in. Now, you can do it in the Pomodoro ways that he's taking 34 hours slots. You can take six to our slots as well. The Pomodoro sought machine that we talked about 25 minutes, assignments, vk or any metadata or whatever that was for you. You'll find out you put yourself really early. You put in the three to four shifts, so forth. You take the bit, you put the shifts of work, you take a big you'd take the shift of work, you take a break and then you put the final shift and Ben slips, right? You can wake up the next day and study them before we go ahead, let me please point out that sleeping is not sacrificing sleep very often is not the right strategy. I'm not seeing me to sleep early. You can sleep one o'clock, but you cannot sacrifice just leap time, at least five to eight hours of sleep or something you read before exam one day doesn't make sense at all, right? Sometimes you're studying in middle long made minion to that's a different thing, but on a regular basis, leaping list is never a good idea, does not help your baby in any way and interact in all these different ways. And what basically happens when you wake up early is that it gives you a lot of time advantage over all the other people. You know, if someone's waking up at eight o'clock and putting in the work hours and you are waking up at four o'clock, you already have a full and leverage, right? And they never be able to figure out. And as he used to say that over the time, over that time the difference just magnifies, it just increases. And once the defensive, it is very, very hard to cope up and play and he's going to get better every single day because he's doing it, right? And what does, why does waking up early and helium makes sense to me at least is they are so limited distractions in the morning. I mean, because you're the first person to wake up, most often full o'clock in your home, you have no people to talk to. If you're going that is there's no, nothing to stare. Just a beauty of the niche of very good oxygen. And you know, I've been as like it has just 5% out of our body weight or most, but it consumes 30% of oxygen is oxygen. And you know, when the oxidative stress, the blood flow is also valid to your brain. So your brain is in a really open environment to learn, very suggested to read. In ammonia environment which can get the morning air, fresh oxygen is being generated if it is not too early, right? You have fresh air coming in and you are enjoying. I don't know the sunrise times I can't see about the fish here. But all these other things make sense. And at the same time, if you open Messenger Instagram, you, you have no one to look. You don't have your crush online. And there are few people online who are either light pullers, dunk or whatever that is, and a few people have left their vita you want, That's why it seems to you that they are online, but they are not only just solely limited distractions early in the morning. And you can do your stuff without nobody's talking to you. The in the in the day, somebody knocking your two, disturbing in any way, nobody friend calling you, right? And it works is an amazing tool to get started with your focus media friends. Along with that, what basically happens is you start focusing on the right things, then you have started your day on success. Your D goes on in an efficient way because you've started with success, you realize, Okay, I've had a good start. Now let's use this to do amazing things further. And we need a sense of quantitative that is built when you wake up early you study, you say, okay, I'm getting discipline, I'm getting better at this. Let's go forward and do it even better, even better, even better than that mindset shift comes in then every single things around you take a turn. So it is very, very suggested to at least try. I'm not asking you because it's a different metabolism and body factor for everybody tried making up four o'clock or D, try executing this technique. See if it is working for you. If it is working for you, go on, continue it. It does not work for you. No problem. Right? Can always find something else to walk around with. That's what I wanted to share to you with this technique might be offense. Furthermore, understand that there's a battle fundamentally of waking up really early. I know how hard it is, but this is what I understood. Okay. Remember the first time you went to school, you crack the first angle, try to speak. You stuttered. The first time. You try to walk, you fell down with your face in the front, right. But every single time when you started it was hard, but eventually it got easy and you are doing it as a regular practice in length. You need to push twin the starting so that you can effectively do forward. I know again, waking up soil, they might be really hard. So let me give you a wonderful tool we have. In the last two last video, we talked about the wonderful tool of forest. In this, I'm going to show you a wonderful alarm app called umami. Okay. Allow me what it does is that it compels you to wake up, not a slap in your face, but data is wonderful activities like you need to take to get this solved. Otherwise, that alarm simply won't shut off. It is so damn interesting. I used it and it had delivered very wonderful results during my exam. I had to wake up because I had no choice. And once you have given up 17 little determinations and you have golf stacked it, most people are motivated enough to continue it further. Okay, Now this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to switch over and show you a demo of how umami volts so that you can use it for yourself as well. Okay, with this. Thank you so much. I hope you understood how umami works. I hope you understood everything we talked about in the co-brand model of this video. I am so damn excited and cannot wait to see you in the next video where we talk about yet another very powerful technique for you to manage your time efficiently as a student. I'll see you in the next video. 11. The Feynman Technique: Let me welcome you once again to this wonderful course journey. This is the apple and you are watching smart study series. So first of all, before we go ahead and we're going to go four, and this time adding the Feynman technique. What does the Feynman Technique? Who's Richard Feynman? Feynman Technique comes up from Richard Feinman and whose he is one of the best teachers ever in the world. So he used to teach physics. He wasn't the most legendary teachers because when students use to listen to him and students are learning from him, swing with Lawson, the learning that you could see that they were genuinely wanting to learn, that they were genuinely so excited about the subject they were in those into what he was teaching and all that stuff. And that's why he's considered on the best teachers ever in the history of mankind. Now, what we're doing over here in the recent times, don't want you doing over here, is that we're trying to understand his technique, that he suggests to be able to learn any single thing in a very effective way. The first step of the Richard Feynman technique, also known as the Feynman Technique, is name of concept, right? You know what concept that we are trying to learn, right? Write down, first of all, know what concept we're trying to learn. Is it algebraic equations and linear variables, or what exactly is that you are trying to be very specific about what you're trying to learn and go out there and try to specify it over there. Step number 2, write down what we are trying to learn off it, right? Write down what you're trying to learn of it. What is the exact thing specific that you are trying to learn in the whole subject? Now, subjecting the whole sum is really broad, so you need to go out there and find out what you are trying to learn, right? It's going to be specific. It's going to be something that's very, very important that you understand. The third step is that when you're trying to learn, go out there and write down whatever you have learned in like we talked about in the speech deputation technique, to test the knowledge you have acquired and write down whatever you have learned for that process, right? And once you note down everything that we've learned, get back okay, and note what you have learned, trying to make a note of it and look back, identify the missing gaps of what you had to learn. Once again, you note down what you have learned and now you look back to see, okay, this is what I've missed to learn, right? Once you do and try to find out what you have much to learn, you need to go back out there once again and see what we missed to learn. Once you see what you had missed to learn, you are supposed to get back to learning that. And that's how this loop goes on until you feel that you have developed a specialized expertise into the subject that we are trying to acquire, review, and simplify. That's the basic technique we are talking about ONE view and simplify. You review what we are trying to learn. You simplify the process of what you're trying to learn, and that's how it works at all. Now, this is very important to understand when we're trying to do this. Ten lot of distractions that come by the way, like their focus issues. You're not being able to focus when you're doing this. There are a lot of things come into the mind. And when very wonderful reader do is what Demosthenes used to do. I'm going to talk about this further in this course. But what Demosthenes used to do my defense is that he used to shave. Let me show it to you is 31st of all. So who's the most police? Who was a famous Greek philosopher, how we started this journey. He was born into a ditch patriarchy. She's patency rates. He was from a Nobel background. But in the process, like in the room back then his parents were killed and all these leaders seize that we all his land and property. And as he was growing, he learned all of this has happened. But he was younger. He did not have a voice and he could not speak and fight for themselves. So what do you realize is that for him to put out the void out there, he has to learn public speaking, to speak well, to come up with good content. And he's spent hours trying to require the public speaking skill. His sois was his voice was not so horse it was supposed to be. So used to go there in the top of a hill with stones put in his mouth and try to shout out whatever you wanted to. He tried to speak so that it sounds sounded big. And after lots of practice, one day he went to the middle of the market and sharing his story of how his neighbors, I teach it in cheated him. But people laughed at him because he was still not good. So when characters whom he put, he took a, he took a device over there. I'm not sure if scissors used to exist back then. Used to see he used a tool and cut away half of his his aide, he cut away half of his hairs. And he practice so intensively for the next few months public speaking so intensely that he became a master into it. He came back to the world, shared his story and later with gradual time, people started to respect him because he had a voice. And gradually he turned out to be one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Now, are you supposed to shave your head from the between? Obviously, that's what I am trying to say. But what I'm trying to say my pens is to challenge awesome, right? Put some sticks out there. What you can do that tie your legs with a not, right or put a little. Now this might sound funny, but the chain around your legs and give you the keys to your momma, right? What you can also do is that tape your mouth by anything, put anything out there to find a way so that you can use physical stimulations to keep yourself away from distractions. Because we learned already in the depot concept that one of the biggest constants 2 of effective studying is the challenge that we face with focus. Now that you're understanding what I'm meaning over here with the focus issue with the Feynman technique with using physical stimulus. This is what I want you to do. I wanted to go there, take a moment and think, what is the exact physical stimulus you can use right now to battle your challenges do you face while studying focused, right? What I mean by this is that all of us face focus is who's trying to study anything that I'm able to focus this effectively. Focus, focus that effectively and all of us face that challenge. Or do you need to basically do my dear friends is take a break. Take a break. Go out there bath once again, and you need to go to the drawing board, work on it once again and see how you can come up in a focused way. It he view one of the best ways to go ahead and go further in your life if that have the right Thoughts. Why? Because you have 60000 thoughts coming club when? Every single day, every single day, 60000 thoughts come by, go buy, right? So the thing is, you need to make sure that these thoughts are constructed. They are helping you grow. And how do we ensure that? Very fairly simple. Remind you, vent, you need to get out there and practice this. How do you practice this? Let me explain this to you. You can practice this simply by reviewing pots, by taking specific beaks. Let me explain to you once again now. Let's say I'm sitting out here for no any specific reason. I take a moment back and look back to what I was thinking just a moment back, I give you my thoughts and the thoughts that constructive or destructive. And if these thoughts are constructive, I'm going to delay that. Okay, I'm doing good. But as soon as I realized destructive, this is taught, is destructed that it's not helping me grow. I let that thought go right now, so I put a cross in my head. Let me make you understand what I mean by destructive, destructive thoughts or thoughts when you're talking about people, that you're talking about, events. But constructive thoughts and now you are talking about ideas when you're talking about your tax that help you grow in the whole time. So that's what's Feynman Technique. My dear friends named the concept right back, but you learn C, What do you have? Forgot to review it and remember to continue this loop until you found out that you have expert diets over the subject. This is what I wanted to show you, my dear friends. Thank you so, so much. It was amazing saying to you about the Feynman technique. I'm so damn excited to see you once again next week. Not make 30k in the next video data. This is what happens when you run a TV show or next week. 12. 80 20 principle: Welcome back, ladies sense this is the above and you are voting smart study series. And I'm so excited to show you some amazing tip that I learned as a student that can help you grow as an individual as well as, as a student. So basically we have talked about a lot of techniques and tactics. Right now. We have had created this course with a lot of effort. But right now we're almost in the end part and please one, there are a few others techniques that I want to share to you about. And this technique might be a faint is known as something that you might have heard, might not have heard. This is the powerful Pareto principle. What did I just say? The baffled Pareto principle. Would you like to guess why it is called the Pareto principle? I don't know when this period of Pareto principle basically says that p percent of what you do. The 822 and the Pareto Principle, also known as 80 percent rule, basically says that there is the 80 to 20. The issue that is applied to every single thing like 80 percent of business comes from 20 percent of your customers and like 80 percent of your patients come from 20 percent of your syllabus, right? 80% of their fence, right? 80% of your friends somewhere in lodged into the 20% of the whole classroom, right? 80% of what you there, you know, if you have a 100 plots you via 80 percent of it and the other 20 you where 80 percent of the time that 20 percent of fluids that you have, this is how it works out. Everything literally in the world revolves around the ability to 20 the issue. And it is very strange phenomena and yet it is very, very powerful. It has turned out to be very powerful and it has worked for so many people, right? So basically that's what 80, 20 principle is. And the question now comes up, how are we going to apply it into our life wrap-up? Well, let me explain to you the 80, 20 principle can be applied into your life. There are a few very, very important segments, okay, number 1, we'll look into different segments or Pareto principle that we can cut out and we can understand, interpret, and use it to get better results. Number 1, my dear friends, is that 1820 pencil can be applied to the fact that 80% of our deserts and questions come from 80 percent. Results come from 20 percent learning time. Once again, 80 percent deserts come from the 20 percent learning time. This might be the time point of time where the oven flow and all that stuff. And that's really important to understand. You know, that 80 percent Dr. desserts every single time my defense are coming from the 20 percent of the effort you're putting in. This is what you need to understand. You are getting those results because you are going into state so flow. So if you're going into states of flow every now and then, then, you might want to have a system whereby you can create those 20 percent moments, even more light. So you need to find out how you can go into states off low mood often. How you can get into flow situations more often. And once we can do that, there's going to be a fundamental change in your life. Once again, remember, 80 percent of the deserves that you acquire in life are going to come from the 20% of time was spent for dopamine be a fence. 20% content. That 80 percent question comes from rate. You see, while you're working out over there, 80%, 20 percent of the content has 80% of questions in the exam. So you need to go out there and hunt. You need to look to the question management it to look like asking your professor, you need to ask the right people were given the examined the past unit to hunt and find out what are the sections that you need to focus on majorly, right? If you understand the sections that you can, then you can put more time into those sections and go forward and work it out. Obviously, it is going to be an assumption until you steal the question people, right? Assumptions or can work if they are made with a lot of understanding and research out there. Another thing, 80% of their time is consumed in 20% of the question. So can you go out they identify what are those 20 percent of the question that I'm consuming your 80 percent time and learn how you can optimize the time you spend on solving them through techniques to teaching practice sessions, back-to-back practice through active recall and space repetition. If you can go all day and learn these, that can be really, really powerful. Now, what basically happens a new limit, 20, limited to 20 percent most often is you optimize your time as well as increase your efficiency. If you can increase your efficiency and optimize your time at the same time, what's basically going to happen is that you're going to give us more room to study other things, to learn other things. If you can learn more and more stuff, That's amazing because you have more time left to do. You have time left now that you can execute to do every other thing that you want to. We might want to take internship, you want to work, you know, meet new people. You want to spend more time watching documentaries about the subject. You want to develop a skill that you want to develop. There's a whole lot of possibilities that open up if you can learn how you can play around the fact, optimizing your time idea of pens. And there's this wonderful quote by Steve Jobs that said, you know, focus is the ability to say no, right? So you basically understand which things have to be said No. You start focusing on the right things, the little things, and that brings about a lot of difference into your lifestyle and all that stuff. Well, that's what I wanted to share to you about the 80 20 principle, a really, really powerful tool. My dear friends, I hope you go out there, apply it and see that defense it brings to your life, your self, my defense. Thank you so, so much for taking their time could take this beautiful course. It was a beautiful journey that I covered with you. I had so much fun discussing about all these because as I showed you before as well, I'm not coming out as a professor right now, trying to share you all these wonderful things and this, and that I was myself for student, I am a student, I have applied this and I'm so glad that you trusted in the systems that I showed you. You you were open to the fact to listening to me, even though I'm not a professor, I have a bag down into learning it myself. And therefore, you heard me, You listen what worked out for me. Thank you so much for that. And now I'm going to pick a quick recap of everything that I learned. There are a lot of techniques that we learned and yeah, I have a lot of research papers again with me. And I have to show you because this is conclusion. And it will show you that I've put a lot of effort to get this thing to you in the most understandable way. So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to take a quick reminder of everything that we learned in this course so far, so that, you know, as you leave a head of a year, you can go out then check how many of them you are able to apply. My dear friends, we earlier talked about the memory, mnemonics, rhythmic and by aims and all that stuff. Thereafter, we talked about memory palace, how it is so effective. We talked about the products they affect, which is about basically my dear friends for DC effect, you know, already is about you going out there to P so that you can learn on your own. You also learned about the reward and risk loops might be offense, yep. That you need to have a goal to tears as well as a fallback. If you don't do this says what you have to pay. You need to. The wonderful default model that we learned from Cal Newport, the bi-modal approach to the mic, the Jordan realistic, the mob mentality, all those stuff. I hope you remember that we learned about the January stick effect. We learned about active recalls how much power it takes, if you can recall and revise it that i 3, we learned about species a petition, the power of pegging that this test as many times as possible. We also learned about all these other techniques like note taking the Cornell note-taking that I shared you. The other note-taking methods that's really powerful. I hope you go out, they apply these and see what brings difference and brings. There's so many other techniques that we'll learn throughout this course, but the apps, that's what I wanted to show it to you right now, go out, they execute this and see How big of a difference it makes to your life. Thank you so much for taking the time to take this course. This is the adult nafta and this was smart series. If you'd like to see more courses on the same subject, please let me know down below, and that definitely come up to work with other content for you. Till then, bye bye. You can find out more about me at Vab of I'm also available in different social media, instagram, Facebook to LinkedIn, to Tik, Tok, and all these platforms. So thank you so much. Once again, reach out to me at Vab have at the date if you have any questions. And then Buh-bye. 13. The State of Flow: Welcome yet again, wonderful family members. An amazing questions together, fight our fears to Earth, examined all that stuff, and together discovered the best tools we can manage our time well, during the exam, it is a real challenge. I know where you're coming from. We all have been there, so we are discussing some amazing strategies. We already talk about the wonderful Kobe Bryant model. We talked about the Parkinson's Law, the Pomodoro Technique and all that stuff. Now we're delving into my favorite vague, I mean, I aspire to as pi about this all the time. This is my personal favorite. I'm sure this is going to be a lot helpful for us. Well, let's go right into it. Let's discuss about it. Let's find out how we can apply it into our life and make the most of this media community. Let us go ahead. We are talking about nothing else but the wonderful magic, stake magnitude, unbelievable power of the state of flow. Right? Now, what is the state of loss data flow is a period of time when you're working into something, when you lose track of time, when you are literally doing the work, but you don't know you're doing it to ensuing laws into the thing that you lose track of time. You don't have to worry about it anymore. You're just lost into it. That's a really powerful technique when it comes to time management for any single person. And I've personally used this a lot for my benefit. Amsterdam is going to invoke for you as well. So let us go ahead find out how we can use the state of flow, what actually the state of fluids, and how it can be really powerful tool for all of us. So this is something that has been historically used. There is, you know, this is a state where the character is lost into cricket. The syngas long lost into songs that dance is lost into the dance. And the boilers Boston to its boiling, right? You see this all the time. That's singers are suing would often to the song, but they're literally no idea what's happening around. That's exactly what state of flow is. To understand what exactly the state of flow is better, you can watch this movie called Alone Pixar movie, really highly recommended, inspirational and very specific movie is when, you know, most often when state of flow your soul in Ross, so much loss into it that you lose track of time also, you know, know what's happening around you and all that stuff. This is the state this is a steam state with Elon Musk when he was a kid. I've shared this story before if I'm not wrong, but let me repeat it to you. So important to emphasize, when he was young, he used to, so getting grows into thinking about this and bad watching trees that his mother was to give salting come a long commute, you gone and used to be so loss into this thing that you wouldn't respond. In fact, you'll take into a hearing DR. just to check if you had any hearing problems because he wouldn't respond and he wouldn't wish it was soon lost into it. You know, was a very famous they pile IPO. Yet when he was writing points, used to have a cigarette in one hand and will slow loss into writing is poems. That the cigarette when it would burn in his hand and he had no idea, right? And he wrote poems on things like 0. He's given three our speech on simply 0. That's interesting, right? That's exactly what I'm talking about. Deserts, you know, daydreaming is a perfect example of being into flow rate. Same happened with Albert Einstein when used to look at the complex and was swaying good Austria, the compass and how it was working, that you forget everything. And that's what later in vibrant encouraged him to go into the way of physics, to explore it, to learn more about it. And that's why we have Albert Einstein. So thanks to the compass and the state of flow, also, my dear friend, when we talk about self-help and personal growth, we are basically looking at tips and tactics and all this way. Now, flu is something that is more of intuitive, this VA to develop it and we're going to learn it further in this video. But it is something that is more intuitive and something that all of us can develop as individuals rate, it is more generic and it has been followed since thousands and thousands of years, all the fighter men when they're lost into the fight. That's what state of Louis, right? Even if if if if there is a land running behind you and you're running, that's a state of fluid you are learning, right? So basically, It's a very powerful state. When the piece is high, you're doing it with a hippies and you have lost track of time and all that stuff. Now before I tell you into what flow is, I need to explain to you. Before I tell you how to get into flow, I need to explain to you some important fundamentals. Oh yeah. Number one, essential prerequisite for the flu. Okay, well, I'll explain to you in terms of quantitative is therefore called quantum circuit. Assume that there's this axis that we have over here and we have four quadrants Omega. The first side represents the side of skill, okay? And the second side represent the level of difficulty or challenge, right? We imagine first quadrant where the level of skill is low and the level of hardship is also low. The other upper quadrant, but then level of skill is high, but the level of challenge is low, okay? The third quadrant, Let's consider third lower quadrant to be the third one. The level of challenge is high, but the level of skill is low. And the fourth coordinate is where the level of challenge is higher. The level of skills also high. Right? Now, can you guess which state depicts the ideal one for State of Lu? Take a moment to think, right, each of them have their own advantage. Disadvantage will not go too much deeper into it, but just guess which one represents what we're talking about. You are right? Yeah, Talking about the fourth quadrant. The fourth quadrant, the top right quadrant. And that's what we are discussing about what basically happens in this quadrant, is that the level of skill is really high and the level of challenge is also high. So when you have both meeting at the same point, what basically happens, magic morale, you give it any word. It's so powerful. Because again, you are lost into the air to add completely engrossed into what you're doing. And that leads to unbelievable results for you as an individual. Now let me go deeper into explaining to you that in more depth right now my defense. The fourth state is it works because the level of skill is high, which means. From the inside you can give a 100 percent, right? And the level of challenge is high, which means it demands a 100 percent, okay? If it demands a 100 percent, you don't have 100 percent. You want to get into setup, look, right. If it demands not a 100 percent, but you have a scale of a 100 percent, That's agender, easy work. Why would you need flow to do it, right? Once you understand this quadrants VR in the right state to further discuss about how we can develop it within our life. And now that you have understood basically about the fourth quadrant, just explaining to you once again that level of challenge is high and the level of skill is also a, that's what you need to understand initially before we delve deeper into how to get into flow. Now I'm going to pay you for specific tactics that you need to get into the state of flow. I have a lot of research peoples with me as well that talk about flow. But right now my dear friends, I don't want to get too deep into it and we'll look at it occasionally to give you some stats and data. But I don't want to delve a lot deeper into it because I want to give you actionable right now. Okay. Let's consider getting flu as part of four steps. Okay? Here's the thing. Number one thing that comes up is having a specific goal. What does having a specific goal mean? We talked about it a little bit in the smart goals, smart tool, right? You have a specific learning outcome that you want to achieve. Expats number x part of speech number. This is the reading material. Everything is clear, right? You need to have a very deep level of clarity of what you're trying to understand, what you're trying to acquire, what we are trying to learn. First of all, so that you can put yourself into the further process of going whatever fossa is, right? But first of all, it starts with exact thing that you want to achieve. Let me give you an example. I want to complete Chapter Three's 19 questions. It might science book, rate and add. The other goal is I want to study science. I want to study Chapter 3 and solve the 19 questions in the sense, I want to check out 33 examples from Chapter number 13 of trigonometry in mathematics. I want to study mathematics. When you look precise. Gui wanted to show you there's a lot of client the benefit that you give which you wouldn't get otherwise, right? So that's why it's really powerful to have a goal which is really specific. I can't stress enough that having a specific goal is what is more important. Just to give you an example, you see if you're running a marathon, right? If you're running a marathon and you said you have to run a marathon, you keep running up at, at the end of the ritual, get tired, right? And will stop running. You know exactly what kilometers of marathon you need to run and when you know exact kilometers of marathon you need to run, you have a specific goal there to aspiring towards, and that's the piece you're complying by because you know that I can read this target only by this level of speed. This is the final target. This is where I want to read. Having a specific goal, make sure that you're, gives you a target that you want to choose. If there is a ship. Without a direction that it has to follow, it says that you need to see it as motivated to sail. But even if it seals, it will end up going in a direction that is, that might not be desirable. That's the power and importance of understanding what I'm trying to say, my dear friends for the flow, it is really important that you understand that do you need to find this piece where you have a specific goal? Also, one very important thing that you can do is setting yourself some goals. I'm going to talk about the revived loop for this. Well, but I'm just going to give you a quick introduction over here. My dear friends. Having a specific goal to tease is really powerful, right? I'm going to give you two perspectives into it. Number 1, having a goal is really powerful. Why do I say so? Because some people are setting not the, for the sake of studying part of the greets, a tech plan, you need an extrinsic motivation like, I'm going to eat a cake, pie. If I complete my exam, if I complete 33 questions and you then you practice discipline to be able to do it, and then you make your 33 minutes and there you have your, you know, that you eat your Pi and then you have a dopamine circuit understanding their pain. When you do it right, you get to eat apple chocolate cake pie, and then you do it again. You eat cake pie again. And that's how you put yourself into the loop. Something like the Pomodoro reward rate and the medulla technique. But it's a little different that you do it at the end, you get it at the end. On the other hand, there is an argument that if you are choosing for the Gordian Knot really enjoying the journey, that could be true in the context of the subject to aesthetic and all that stuff. And I wouldn't disagree to it as well. It's that you need to find what techniques and what, you know, what subjectively works for you. Because as you know, all of us are different as individuals, right? So you need to find out if it evolved system works for you as well. For me, for certain subjects like like business and global contexts, diversity workplace, which are little bit 30 cal it works hoping, right? But if you put that same reward loop into something that's more logical, analytical, like mathematics, I get frustrated and I end up eating my chocolate pie. And once you eat that, you forget about all these loops and stuff, you can just have it right here, then I can just go and have a trait. That's how it works. And also, if you can understand specific goals, then you can achieve your task in weeks because you know how you can organize, because you know what you want to do, right? Very often use it to study and you don't know what you need to study, you just know you need to study. And because you don't know what you need to study, you end up not steady. Don't get into the cycle of study trap, right? Furthermore, my defense, JK Rowling when gets into, you know, I'll talk about this further as well, but JK Rowling in Deep Work segment, we'll talk about it further. But right now I just wanted to let you know that, you know, JK Rowling, whenever she needs to write a book, she gets the concept and the OEM, But she goes to a, you know, a hotel room and then C times to get a certain state of flu and writes X number of books. I want to let x number of books and then see crafts. The world had a point. That's how she wrote Harry Potter as well. So having a specific goal, no matter what the topic is, no matter what the context is really, really powerful. Even for the subject. Yeah. A little skeptical about saying the same for the word loop, but we can see very confirming that it is going to work for. That's right. You said the trade is going to work for you sitting specific goods. Second, we talked about the first step of specific learning outcomes. Second is having a high level of challenge, right? We just talked about the four quadrants of challenge, right? Having a quadrant of challenge, but it is hard as well as you know, difficult, you know, and once you get an initial understanding of topic, that's when you have a little bit of challenge, okay, you find out that this is the challenge and you need skill of studying as well. I mean, if you're not good at the subject or it is going to be very hard to get into flow because you're going to get stuck into questions and once you are stuck its height. Remember, the biggest challenge for flu is the challenges that come into play, right? It needs clarity, focus needs clarity, fluid needs clarity, right? And if distraction come down in the wave, just like I'll talk about it further about distraction right now, light is a way to hack the flow state. I mean, keep the target just a little higher. If it is too hard, too out of reach of the capabilities you have, your rather we'll do turn yourself off because you start doing it. It does not work out and then you blank now. But my type of thing to do, you'll give up in between. So make sure you have a challenge level that is considerable in-between, right? There's a level of challenge, but this is something that is achievable for us. Well, you know that I have the level of skill that I can learn this, right? That's what is very, very important for you to understand about the challenge segment. Remember once again, we're talking about clarity of clothes, you know, specific learning outcome you want to achieve. We talked about level of challenge and now we are talking about the third, probably the very essential thing. And you're talking about flow. And that is, that distraction is the enemy of law. Once again, distraction is the biggest enemy of full know, if flow is G1, then, you know, then, then this taxon is Robin. If flow is Iron Man, then, you know, he's a villain. Distraction is the biggest challenge that comes in the view of flu. And many people, that's why they find it really hard to flow. Now, I'll give you a quick example. Okay. If there's a water flowing down the lead and they are little rocks that come out. They really stop it and try to disturb it, right? Of course, the, the push through in the water finds its way. But the challenge is that it does not flow correct behavior in terms of our flu, we need clarity, clarity, clarity to achieve anything with flow. And if it is obstructed with these challenges, boy, it's going to be a lot harder. So it's really important for you to understand that you need to break the flu cycle. Furthermore, my idea of pens, you need to understand another yet important thing that it is this tear it off or I mean, it is a state where you lost into the art. But if you try to get lost into the art, is going to be really hard to get lost. You're getting what I mean to say. You can try getting in love. You get in love because you find the right person. Similarly, you let it be a little bit of art rather than science. That's how you'll be able to achieve it over then it's important to understand this. There are few rules when I talk about removing obstruction, go for minimalism. Floatable, keep your place so you are working on trying to understand or learn as clean as possible. This is really small thing, but it really helps because having too many things around, you have to care for a tibia. If I have too many things in my table, I need to look at it. It requires my sensors to look at it. You want to sensors to be involved only in what you are trying to do. So make sure you have a minimalist environment. Forms should be as far as possible, right? And notification should be off in general as well. I believe we should keep notification of I keep my off all the time other than for a few functions as well, you know, no promotion email, no instead down messages, you can just check your message at times, right. It's okay. Why do you need a notification? Someone has something or generally just call you. Right. So basically what I'd like to suggest to you is that close off notification either via doubt, keep it closed so that it is not disturbing you in a whole some idea, friends keep your notifications closed once again. And no matter what other times as well, I suggest it, but it is a further but violin flow, very, very important for you to let it go. Other than that, my dear friends, I need to say to you this as well. Key whatever you need, right? In the people, whatever you need. Has it ever happened to you like I read this joke the other day, I my pen, ready book, ready, chocolate, steady, steady table, ready, I have my back. This question. So the question magnetic, I've only left to steady now. But in terms of flow, you need to have whatever requirements you have like. You have to be in a place that you don't have to stand too often, right? You don't have to get up from the place you are. That's the arrangement you need to give yourself when you are trying to get into full, okay. Tried to understand these principles and you'll, you'll, you'll get to know how to get into the flow. We talked about how you need to have all the right things in the table and then further move on and talk about distraction. Find your friends, having rock people say that music helps in getting into flow. Very true. But if you put the wrong music is going to kill your focus. You forget flow. You are not able to focus for a few minutes as well. You don't have to have one to have music in which you have to mumble back, you have to sink back something that is hearable, something that you can just tiers. There are a lot of focus music's available in Youtube. Mild ones go for it. It just straight flow music, delta t time music and you'll find some amazing wants to look up late. And also I'll talk further about the other view just in which someone's working and you're working along with. But yeah, for now, that's what I want you to understand with this. Let me go to the fourth is important to understand that when you're trying to get into flow, don't beat yourself up, Okay? It takes time. Getting into state of flow. It takes time. It won't happen overnight. It won't happen as single time that you want to do it. It's a process, it's an art, as I said to you, it's not always a 100 percent signs. It's more of the thing is, you know, if you stop in the beginning, you will never be able to acquire the skill. So give yourself time to develop the Octavio set time to develop this skill. And over time you'll be able to do it. I mean, for first you might be able to have a state of flow for 20 minutes, 60 minutes, liter. Sometimes you'll be able to read 60 minutes, but the other time in your tights just 20 minutes, right? So it basically takes time. If you want to develop this dataflow, don't beat yourself up, give yourself some time. And you know, it's like initially when you start cycle, it requires a lot of inertia has, so it is with launching a rocket, you know, initially. The first round requires a lot of momentum. It consumes around 70% of yield rates. But eventually, once it gains momentum, it goes on flying really high. Now, it is very similar with the state of fluids that the starting period might be high hired, but eventually it might get easy, not just its state of flow, but any specific skill that you want to develop. It's going to start height, but eventually over time, if you give yourself time, it's going to be easy. Along with that, we are here to discuss about another, you know, yet very underrated thing that when we talk about getting your certain state of flux, which is adequate hydration and oxygenation, airflow and hydration. I believe that even if you want to get into a state of flow, you need not just will, but capacity as well, right? Our body capacity as well, and our brain is in constant need of enough V0 is to get energy, right? I say to you before as well, I've been as only 5% of body weight yet it consumes 30% of our flow rate at 30% of our oxygen, right? So it is water, you know, water hydration really helps clean function. We're event that tons and tons of research about it. So basically what I'm trying to conform with your widgets that give yourself adequate hydration and oxygen. Keep a water bottle just next to you and drink hot water. So I have something like this every single time, which mean by lamp. Okay. Once you get into state of flow and when do some things to be careful for once you get into the state of flow. But it's like you're blaming the CPU and it is an optimum utilization. It is using, it's a 100 percent efficiency very specially when it is working with, you know, with flow because it's the auto mode, right? There are no manual operation. It's working on the auto mode. And when it is working on the auto mode, it requires lot, lot of effort. So very important. Keep a water bottle near you or something that you can go and have a water quickly? Form. I also prefer keeping a glass of water already filled with me until you spill it out. And at the same time, sitting in an environment where you have enough air coming in fresh air. What it basically does to your bean is freshness really helps your brain feel fresh. That's obvious requirement saying that well, just revising with you measure that gives your sediment environment where fresh air can peep into you, your body. And also, you know, if you are opening windows leads to a lot of noise into your roommate sector, then go for listening to some bytes noise along with your learning puts, put on your earphones. Try to keep an environment where you can open up your lighting source and have light. And I have my windows closed right now so that I can have optimum lighting conditions. But otherwise, if you're not filming our course like me or something, you know, that it's extravagant. Please make sure you try to keep an open environment for you. Let the A1, also with all of these mighty offense white noise focused music I've already shared to you about it. Finally, let me talk to you about some things that you should not do when you get into the fifth state of flow. You see whenever you're getting the State of Lu, I highly recommend don't ever look at clock. Never. Because once you look at clock, you get legalization of space and time. And that really humps USB because when you look at timeline, you see like, okay, I've achieved this much. Well that's good. That's amazing. I've done so much and that kills flow, right? You won't be able to go with the same Piece, et cetera. That's why what I do is that instead of my laptop, I keep a small sticker like this in the lower portion. I just put it out there so that I don't have an opportunity to look at clock, right? You can do the same. I don't even have a clock in my room because I know that it will hamper my state of flow possibility of getting into the state of flux along with that, take a pause only when you think you need it. Sometimes we get into an illusion that we need a break. Don't need a break. We hadn't flow rate. Don't lead Pomodoro Technique. Disturb your state of flow. When you're a state of flow, be over there, stay longer. You don't have to push it. It's really critical rate. You can start with o due to as I shared because but state of fluids in idle situation because the pace and intensity of work is really high, right? So when you're focused, don't say that well, have done so much and get back to doing what you are doing, know that, that will really kill your productivity and stuff to do that. And at the same time, don't be proud of being enclosed. Volume flow, don't be proud of being in flow, because once you realize that you are in flow, you might lose your state of flow. You just be there and enjoy the moment and do your work. It has been so much talked about in different old, you know, old writings as well. Like Dao De Jing has lot of Lao-Tzu toggle, lot, lot about state of flow, right? You lose track of time and stuff. So be very careful about these factors when we are trying to get into state of flow and you will realize how powerful it works out to you. Let me divide you once again the steps to get into the flow. Number 1, set a specific target that you want to achieve. Specific achievable target, have a challenge that is high as well, a skill that is high so that you can challenge your level of skill and your learning as well. At the same time, keep distractions or V phones and notifications away and keep our environment of learning where you can authentically learn. At the same time, delays it takes time. Don't beat yourself up, take time, and then you'll get into a state of flow and also make sure you have proper hydration as well as a flow in the place that you are trying to practice. If you practice all of these, eventually with time, you'll be able to get into flow and you'll thank me of how efficient this technique was. And then I request you to please go into discussion and share your experience is that it will really increase a lot of other people with this. Thank you so much. I'll go now to the next video where we talked about yet another wonderful tactic for you to get wonderful timetable and routine for your study. Thank you so much. See you in the next video. 14. Handling Distractions: Okay, so welcome back My dear, wonderful family members. Now in the last video we talked about the beautiful parvo of creating a wonderful environment around us. How having a better environment to work and learn in helps us become better individuals, get better learning outcomes and all that stuff. Now, we are going to discuss a step further trying to eliminate distractions. It's an extension of creating a wonderful environment that you have already talked about. And we're going to talk about a few really, really powerful techniques that you can apply, see transformational results and then applaud own yet that's what was possible, right? So I'm so excited to welcome you to this video because this content might be a little small. The video might be relatively small, but the impacted drop it onto my life is just amazing. I mean, when I started to apply these, I think IT IS myself as a fundamental person and fundamentally as a person at the same time, many of my students who learned how to play it on the distraction a little better. They got a lot of changes in the light as well. We cannot ignore the fact we know that a young when you're trying to load that a lot of distractions. I mean, you have just started to study your friends calling you to have to meet out at ablaze. You have social media notifications around you. You have, you know, you have all those teenage hormonal changes inviting you to have some fun and all that stuff and then you have to study. So we have to have, you have to find a lot of these challenges while you are sitting to study and the elders have a hard time understanding about trip. It's much more distracting that now than it was back then. Just kidding. They have their own challenges. Now let me go to this specific thing that I wanted to share to you about. You'll see a shared to you about the patho of having a small or a big God. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. In the past I told you of the kid having a small car and the big gut. But let me be more specific about the explanation to you right now. This is what I'd say you okay. Let's see. You see a kid right there. Okay. And you have candies right there. Every single time you're a kid, you have little canvas every single day, and all of a sudden the other day of either gives you a demo, let's say, and you places that little candy with debit silk, wouldn't you be happy? And now if it gives you the candy as well as S2, if you have a choice, what would you choose? No questions, then let's celebrate. If you have a choice to make, to have a smaller heart and a bigger house, what would you choose? Obviously, the bigger house in most cases and without exceptions right? Now, this is what I wanted to share to you about the are always conscious enough to make better choices and our life. Now this is the whole gist of the conversation we are trying to have. Every single time we tried to study, we are not able to focus because there's a power or hanging out with friends which is more powerful than the power asking you to steady. There is a power that's asking you to open them, watch or own Instagram random videos, which is more powerful than your power of being able to sit and steady, right? What do you need to make the transformation? Well, it starts by having a decent bigger than studying itself. While you are trying to study. You know, there was this wonderful article that I met the other day. I'm not sure about the credibility, but there was this man who ran in the util volcano in a place who will then even faster than Usain Bolt, because he had that compelling situation in which if he hadn't run, he would be in a loss. It's very, very important, mighty offense that we understand that these so-called distractions and actually challenges that PEPs, right? It's a challenge, not just about distraction, but it's that we don't have a bigger region. So whenever you're trying to study, whatever you're trying to study, you need to get yourself for reason that is bigger than the general reason that you've seen front of you. And only then you'll be able to combat the demons right there, trying to stop you from being able to study, officiate the are you getting what I'm trying to say? If you can bring this transforming, that salvation within yourself, a lot of things are going to change itself. And also talk to you briefly about the if-then model that if I get triggered towards social media, this is what I'm going to do. If I'm asked to study for ten hours, this study, you know, I'm I'm asked to go for capability with my friends. This is what I'm going to do. If this, if this, if this, if this, you need to have a clear chart of Fs and this, because most often you will find out that it triggers, that trigger you to go out. You know, 2's something over studies are often something that you have created. So you can choose to play it around the other way as per your choices as well. Now that we have talked about it, let me also show you this is yearly powerful technique that has helped me immensely. I mean, I use this every single time I'm trying to study, I'm trying to work. And this is so damn simple, something called list. What does list? Let me explain to you. Now, whenever you're working, all of these distracting thoughts come to mind. I need to eat an apple, I need to go to see a vent. I need to eat chocolates, I need to go play. I need to message with the guy, I need to do this and that at this point of time, if you let the thoughts go, they keep repeating in your head. If you don't address the thought right, then it keep knocking around. That time you are doing your work, what do you need to do is get yourself a normal sheet of paper, write a normal sheet of paper on what would be really Idle. Is that what I'll do is get yourself a little DID, right? And every single time that you are trying to study a thought beyond your study comes out goof hunted down. And what basically happens by this simple act is let's say I want to eat an apple, you write it down. Now your brain stops putting it again and again. Why of APA? How does this work? It's a simple, simple thing to understand. I've waved wants to think thoughts. Therefore, I want to make sure that the thoughts that it is instilling, I've taken into account, I've taken considered, right? But the challenge is that these thoughts might or might not be asocial Jews. What basically happens when you write down these, you know, these thoughts or these distracting things that it considers that the thought is secure because it has been written, it has been secured and now it can switch to thinking about something else, right? I'll getting me, it needs security that if you remove something, then it becomes really powerful for you. Are you getting what I'm trying to say? Once you have understood using through lists, it has been such a powerful tool for all of my students. I believe this is going to work wonderfully for us. Well, other part multiplied give you my dear friends is to remove what you don't need in your work, please? Yes. Go out there and remove what you don't need in your workplace. In your workplace, it you'll see there are tons of things that we're going to pack too many papers to maybe chocolates, too many. Too many things that are not required at instant. Why do you need to keep it in the table then divide? You need to keep it visible as I shared in the past as well. Minimalism. Minimalism really helps you get focused in all circumstances. So try to get rid of the things that you'll do not require at the correct moment and it becomes really helpful, right? I also told you about the fact that you need to remove about your phones as far as possible, right? Even when you're waking up in the morning, don't keep your phone around, you keep it as far as possible. Because if you keep it as far as possible, what's basically going to happen is whenever there is a link told whenever even the alarming subsidy to goodwill distance to be able to grab the phone and all that stuff, right? So keep your foo as far as possible, all of those things and as much as possible other way around is they'll keep your notifications off. With this. These are some important points that I wanted you to understand. Don't try to kill this fractions because they'll keep coming again and again. If you have a habit of using social media, don't do that. I won't use social media and replace it with something that is more fun as well as productive, right? I have a bad time voting wrong type of TV shows and stuff. Try to replace it with more fun with more, you know, finally yet interesting and helpful goals for your booth statement. Like, you know, you might be like, you might be liking to watch Shark Tank for instance, right? Go out there, make these fundamental changes and you'll see a lot of difference coming ahead for you in a wholesome. That's what I wanted to show it to you in this distraction video, my idea champion friends. I'm so excited to see you in the next video. And we talked about yet other very, very, very powerful technique for you to take yourself to the next level. I'm babble of Manhattan, you're watching smart steady series. Thank you so much. See you in the next video. 15. Setting Reward Loops: Okay, wonderful community of friends. We have learned so much till now about getting into the focus state, taking in your managing your time while you're trying to study and this is going to work wonders for you. I'm sure. As you go ahead, there's a lot of things that I want to share to you about. Lot of things that we need to go on to get into the right type of management waves. I'm making this course into two segments. As you note, this is the first part and we'll have another one released very soon. But for now, let's go ahead and let us talk about yet another really powerful way for you to set a system, manage your time while you're trying to study. This technique is really powerful and this is something is related to the wonderful part of managing time. As you're talking about the wonderful art of managing time, we are here talking about relatively different way, but it is very efficient. Okay? So we are talking about the reward loop. What is the reward loop? C are being invoked in terms of, you know, you have learned about the reduce reuse, recycle rate. But there's yet another, another three. I write it start with, you know, reducing the time taken to study. The second step is using what you have learned. And the number three is retaining vertical. And I won't get a lot deeper into it right now. But right now let me get into the word loop. What is it about loops? You get started with doing something, you get a reward, and so you do it again. We'll get started with doing something. You get a reward, so you do it 1 second. It's like these are liberal who go to, goes to work every single day, right? Why does he go to work? Because he gets a p. Right? Why does a person go to office every single day if he's paid $40 thousand a month, right. Because he's going to work over there because he's going to get that money by the end of month. For many people, that reward is the mortar, right? We can use this same principle in our ability to try to study when we find it pretty hard so that we can get started with studying efficiently. Now you must understand that that evolved loop is only suggested for a short-term thing. Because if you practice in the long-term, your results will definitely be affected by it. And that's the last thing I'd want you to take out of this course, right? Because you are, if you're not really enjoying studying, then you are not going to get the results at the end of the right. It's very obvious, it's very clear to all of us must be to get results for ourselves. And that evolved loop is just one way that we can help ourselves into that process. So as we go ahead, let me get started with you. Let us discuss about how you set your reward, right? So basically there are two things you can do with yup. Okay? The first is the Revolve loop and the other is the position two. Okay, what do you do over here is that you set at a board that if I publish this, this is what I am going to get. But on the other hand, along with this is what I'm going to get. The other hand, the opposite that if I don't do this, this is what I'm going to lose now. I'll talk about this very briefly right now. Okay? What this means is that pleasure is a very powerful emotion. It releases dopamine, right? But at the same time, these are emotion that is much more powerful then the desired than the desire, than the pleasure, which is feel fear is often a better motivator for people. So if you don't complete this, this is what it will cost you, you won't believe. But for making this course, I have bet 5000 Nepali rupees to offend. But if I don't complete this course by x number of b's, then I'm going to give you this amount of money, right? There's an application as well that you can use for the same I'm going to show you in the final video where we do trial of different application that you can use. But it's a really powerful tool. I just wanted to remind you and remind about it to you right now my defense, along with setting it avoid, make sure that you avoid is something that is not addictive, right? If you give yourself a reward that, you know, that I want to make a, you know, if you give yourself a reward or something like this is what I want to get in terms of Instagram users, in terms of tik tok uses, then you are going to end up desert, fair amount of chance that you're going to end up getting the trap. And once you're getting the trap that you start doing it, it does not work out. The likeness likeliness of you doing it further becomes really, really, really low, right? So I've very much suggests you to be very careful about it. Don't put yourself into that situation where you have to be Saudi for yourself, right? And as well, my defense, it can be very good extrinsic motivation, but tasks that analytical, the tasks that require you to put your amount of febrile, think logically, it's going to be hard to work it out with a reward loop. If it is clipped because you are putting yourself into pressure, it works if you want to type faster, but it does not work if you want to do some analytical works, right? So be very careful about that. And if you, even if you're using a divert keeper devote small because if you keep it too big or if you keep the risk really too big, a little too big as helpful because that creates urgency. But makes sure it is in there right away, my dear friends. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about right now. If you achieve a target, you have, you know, you can get a cheap time and all that stuff. I'm going to discuss with you about this in further courses, but that's what I wanted to share to you about the reward loop. Let's get into the next video. We discuss another wonderful, powerful technique to manage your time efficiently as a student. I'll see you in the next video. My defense. 16. Other Tactics- Journaling, Night Plans and Specific Targets: Welcome once again, wonderful friends. I am Ravel and I am excited to welcome you to yet another video of this beautiful cause that we are discovering and trying to find out amazing way to build an amazing system so that we can study more effectively, more efficiently and generate results for better grades and all that stuff. So as we go ahead, we have discussed about lot of really powerful, really wonderful tactics and techniques in this wonderful segment of the course might be a family. We are going to work on yet another powerful skill. And that is the scale of a lot of skills. In this video, rather than going into one specific technique, we are going to talk about Prentice smaller techniques other than this, which I really, really powerful and willing to help you in a very large sense. So my difference, first of all, let me talk to you about a very simple way of planning everything you need to do a day before. Once again, plan everything a day before. Once again, plan everything. That's right a day before. So this is what you need to do, my idea, friends, these are tasks that you want to achieve, a goal that you want to achieve this, anything you want to achieve. It is really, really powerful if you can set the whole target for one day ahead, right? They say that the data's not start the day the, the stats, but the day before, the day does not start the day it starts with the day before, right? You plan out what you're going to do, your journal on what you have accomplished and all that stuff. And if you notice my idea of tens, this is how it works. This is why it works great. If you ever noticed, whenever you're sleeping, we sleep, we have some emotions and things that are going on in our head. Now if you close the notice some time, you'll realize that the moment you wake up, you're actually waking up with the same emotions and same things murmuring in your head. Which where when you waking up, when you're sleeping, if you sleep on by chanting mantras and stuff, you'll wake up in the morning with the same excitement of chanting a mantra and all that stuff. That's why you don't. Even when I have keynotes over the next day, I practice it just 20 minutes before I sleep so that when I'm sleeping, my brain gets time to process and it works really well, as I said before as well, because I'm Barbara Oakley scores, you know how to learn. How to learn, right? She talks about the powers. Simple thing has simply the diffused and focus states of mind you take courses will diffuse state of mind when you're sleeping. And it is really helpful. Now, this is what I'm going to do. Okay? I'm going to put out here widget itself a video of me talking to you specifically about a very powerful during learning method that I use currently, it's called Kim maker. I'm Kim ticket. Just say sum well, let me get and talk to you about it. Came to me as well. Same level. Let me explain. You see, I learned this amazing thing, use and use back-end best comes from a Jane AGAMOUS. So, you know, I learned about the practice of journaling years back when 60-year-old, unclear when I was in Bangla, told me about it and it has changed my life. So what is given me a card? I'm Kim to make it just a sum. Well, I'll tell you what you see. It's a general technique that you can do every single day to help you be accountable. What does Kim maker of me give me Come means writing down of what you did throughout the day. What did I do? Give make that up and you make a note of what you did. What I like to personally do is I write down five or six key achievements of the day. Five to six things, I'm grateful, but throughout the day, the next thing to do is Kim, to make it just theism. Kim Sutton, they jumped us Umayyad army. The next thing is given to me to say, so what does that mean? What was I supposed to do today? What was I trying to do? The yet could not complete it. So you would write down on what you miss, vote 32 to four points, five points depending on your need. The final step is Kim Sutton. It jumped us, Amanda, right down on what you want to oh, what do you won't suffer tomorrow. And this is how when you do it every single day, you know, in which direction you are moving. This has got a profound impact into my life and I will do it after as well. Now I hope you understand what we're talking about in the Kim Maker model. This is what we're gonna do for the now. We are going to look into yet another wonderful tactic and that is setting deadlines, the power of deadlines, my defense. Now I have a question for you. How often do you set deadlines and what deadline do you set for yourself? It's very different for everybody over here because for some people, setting deadlines works really well. For others it does not. But it is very, very suggested in terms of EPC and the gross level. What is however controversial is that do you need to set deadlines or do you need to set specific time slot for yourself? Once again, deadlines or time slots. So one is the timetable method in the morning, five o'clock, I wake up six o'clock, I will exercise, et cetera there. Then if that by 10 o'clock, I complicate this stock by three o'clock. I complete this task, right? For me, timetable works better. Big event, I have to do tasks in everyday format. But for me, when I have to record it, courses like this, the other way around works as well. If you can try doing both at the same time as well. An experiment that's also very interesting. But before you do that, this is what else is there is a link up a wonderful module for you. What you need to do basically is that you need to put out a model out there so you have time slot divided for everything you need to do, okay? One morning, six AM to 12 PM in the night, slot out timings of, you know, 15, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and see what you are doing throughout the day, right? And once you come up with a data of how you spend your day, That's it. That's what will really help you use that data further in your productive users to decide your time slot, et cetera, et cetera, for the idea of fence. And this is what, you know, this is what I'll do for you. I'll I'll I'll show you a demo of my time telling you about and then we'll go ahead and also, I'll also show you about an amazing application in the next video, which is very powerful when you're booking on a laptop to see how much time you're spending learning, etc. And there's an another application that is usable for your mobile usage as well, right? With this, thank you so much my idea of tense. It is amazing talking to you about another wonderful technique, tactics you can use to take your productivity as a student to a completely next level, new level, right? And I will see you in the next video is now where I'm talking and giving tutorials about different productivity applications that you can use. See you. 17. Tools- Desktime (Computer Time Tracking): Okay, so now we're talking about a tool to help us track time, to know what we're doing throughout the diene are learning to see if I learning is effective suits to do check out how we are using a laptop when I'm trying to learn how productive via Has it ever happened to you that you think you're studying for the whole day. But once the d So you feel like I've done nothing and you feel like I understand where my time goes. Well, it is because you have a hard time taking account of the time that we're spending throughout the day. And when you're using computer, when you're using devices, it becomes really hard for us to know of how we are managing the and stuff. So I recommend you a tool that I use to manage my time. Let me show you which tool I use. It's called desk It's a time tracking application that you can use for personal use. Now, if you're using it for personal use, then this won't cost you any money. It's completely free. Let me show it to you. Okay. It's completely flipped. If you're using it for only you laid user, which is automatic time tracking, app tracking and mobile apps. This is completely free that you want to use it for yourself. If you want to use it for your team, then it might cost you money, but you can still get a free trial at secular for 14 years. So let me show you of how desktop looks like. I'll log into my account first of all, so let me get you back this time. I click on my desk time and this is my account. Now I have not been using it because I had a team account. I was managing my team. So I'm just showing you virtue of an old account that I used that was very helpful for me. Let me show you data off my old account. So here's the fun part. You know, this was my team member, mom, my mom that I was that is that I was hired for something, is an amazing individual. Now, here's the thing you know, whenever using this course, this shoes mean not only the time mode of time I'm spending, but exactly if it is productive or not, and it actually finds out what time I spent is productive and what is more productive. If you know that isn't productive, it is not good at coming up with application. If I'm using Adobe Photoshop or video, it's not really short, so it gives a neutral for it. And you can go into the application and change the settings to make it according to your relevant. Now, all you need to do to use this timeless want to start using it. You have to download a small application along with it all you need to do that, just log into testing and Bill asked to download an application remotely in your PC so that they can track what amount of time you're spending on each of the things you can open and close by you are studying. Let's say you're not setting at this point in time, you can pause the time tracking software. I also found out that they don't have data leak, et cetera, in my understanding. So it's very safe to use at the same time. And helps me very much to stay productive because I know where am I wasting my time. I know vamp spending my time and it becomes really helpful as I mentioned, this is what I have not been using for a while because this is a group account that I was using. I just wanted to show you this as a sample. Now let me show you one another tool is whether I'm using recently. It's called VST no time and it is a Google plug-in all you need to do to get this right, waste no time. Google Chrome, right? All you need to do is, and you will get an extension possibility for yourself or you need to do, therefore, is to click on Add to Chrome. I won't click on Remove to Chrome right now. And whenever you go on certain websites that you think is not delivered like I've done it for, so it sees me if I'm wasting my time or not, and it gives a very good account for your time tracking as well. This is the time tracking that I have been doing. They chose you various spending your time. And it is really, really powerful for you to be able to track your time, to know where you're spending your time and all that stuff. But their limitation for relational time is that it only captures the data that we are using into the same browser. It does not track for the whole computer. But it's still useful because it blocks that other cannot have created a block list for my Because I don't want to waste my time too long on Facebook. And once I have done with the time I get notification that you had done with your time to speak to another thing, right? That's what I wanted to talk to you about in this video. Have another softwares and application that I want to share you will help you become better with just Studies, move focus. So let's go ahead. 18. Tools- StayFree (Mobile Time Tracking): Okay, My dear friends, Welcome. Now, we heard talk about an application that you could choose to keep track of the time they're spending while working on your laptop. But many of our time as your student reuse provided to do our work, to learn and all that stuff for the team, for a specific application that I use. That is very, very powerful to help you keep track of your time, but to a spending by learning and all that stuff. And that's what I wanted to show you in this video. So the application I'm talking about today is called stay free. All you need to get it is go-to place to find stay free, screen, time, usage, tracker and limit App Usage. Click on open. And you just need to confirm your birth date because of privacy reasons, they want to keep a count of the age that you have and you need to grant permission after that to the application, have an option pop up once you do this, this is an Android. I believe the option is very, very similar right there in the iOS as well, but in the Android it does have that. Now I will find the application here is the Phi and permit the usage. And now, because the permission is given, it can track the time, etc, for the application. Now, did he started tracking the time? You know, there's the list that we have, the total time spent to date. So you see, even if I downloaded it, it kept track of all the time that I was spending today. But tomorrow. Right. To model this, it comes up with your daily. They use it stuff. I spent a lot of time on YouTube, on Instagram and WhatsApp. Now, I used to have to use Instagram a lot because that's directly connected to the work I do with videos and subs have to use WhatsApp because that's the only communication channel I have. And I believe one R7 lets him Facebook is pretty good. And you have to upload a lot of stuff as well. Now along with all of these, let me show you some other features that they have. They have a feature of analytics rate. It shows you the amount of paint I'm using. If I'm decreasing it. It said that that decrease the time over here. But it does not know if I'm using it productively or not. That's the option. Probably no. Time tracking will offer. They think that you will give an Instagram is for negative views. It might be, but depending on the hook you're trying to do because I went to research or against it as you have to spend a lot of time over there right. Now, let me show you them other features like this have, it has a concrete limits for specific apps that I want to use, right? Total usage is my thing. I will get a notification after I use an application for one or two minutes. All right. I'll get them custom warming saying stop v. V, okay. Whatever you want. I'll click on Okay, right. That's how it works. You can set up this stuff for all of the time. You can let it run in the background. It's valid if you want to keep efficient graph of your time the whole time and I'll click will allow us to just show you how distinct books and at the same time, let me show you some other features that it says Notifications. How many times have I have I had been getting notifications, notifications off for all the apps or most, um, I keep it open for Instagram because there's a business account that I run from the specific things. So it it has to be there. I've done that. I keep notifications of as much as possible. I have these charts that depict the time of the Zeus's among, like how many times I've opened the application and used it as well. You see now this is the regular time tracking that I've already talked to you about. There are many applications have not used. By. The other is the system launcher, the food, and all that stuff. Now, along with all of these, they have these new features that have come recently. Breakdown in terms of chart that I can use to have a watch on which applications I've been using and all of that stuff. Now, they have this feature that they can, they can put different sections, two different applications like entertainment, social networking and all that stuff. Now, they don't know, I think social networking, they take Facebook and applications like that in social networking. But yeah, I been using it in a different way. And the application might not understand that at this point of time. But as students, I believe these are the features that you are using most often. This is how you're using the application most often. So it will be very useful for you, right? Let me go back to the distinct rate and log out and log 16 thousand. Can you believe 1650 it in a VQ of an iPhone four wooden 1600 times. That's a big number, right? And daily I unlock around 227 times. So these are data that help you understand where you are so that you can go on into the cycle of improving your time span you are using while working fence, I highly recommend you do this app to keep track of the time you're spending in your devices because that'll help you optimize it further. That's what I wanted to talk to you about in this video. You've already had a look at this time. Now this application, once again, the application name that I'm using is guess what it was. It's still 50. Okay. Thank you so much my new offense. I'll see you further in the next videos. Buh-bye. 19. Tools- Alarmy (Alarm): Okay, So my defense now I want to show you of how another beautiful application for time management works, which I call umami, which is called an army very powerful tool to help you wake earlier. I use it all the times I when I was in school right now as well, where the times when you need motivation to wake up and you find it really hard to get started. But once you get started, well, it becomes so much easier. So it's, it's true all of us realize that wiggling up morning can be life-changing, but we have a very hard time through it. I'm very sure that this application will be helpful for the same purpose for you. And let me browse you and show you how application looks you just go to pleased to invite, allow me you get this application. Click on, Get Started, and click OK. As simple as that. Now what happens is as you open allow me again, my dear friends. You have these features. You can set alarms as conventional lamps, but you have a really amazing choice. So you have to choose toys. Quick alarm, that's the conventional lamp that all of us, all of us use, like let's say set an alarm for a certain amount of time, right. For three minutes, whatever that is. Right. And this specific ringtone that I've chosen for the same That's the convinced the alarm that all the other normal allowances will provide. But there's some really amazing features that allow me has and I want to show you the seam. So it has a future of horoscope and news which might not be or might be relevant according to the place you are in and the interest you hold. What I find particularly amusing is a feature called alarm. You go to alarm and I'll show you what you can set an alarm for specific days as usual. Now, here's the fun part. Here's the real fun part. You click on mission and you have options over here, right? So if you want to wake up in the morning and what you need to do is that you need to type. So you need to type two phases. And only if you've typed two phases you'll be able to wake up. Otherwise, the ringtone will keep on bringing until you type those words. It can be motivational traces or it can be my faces, right? It's motivational traces. You click on US mission and they give you an option to try for free. Now that these features are paid and it's up to you if you want to use it. This one is also paid, but the other features that are free and really amazing, okay? Now this one is the memory person. You write five, 15 tiles, you use the mission, click on news mission. And this is what will set you up that you need to, when you wake up, you need to remember that tile movement and all that stuff. Or you can choose a spot to click a photo from rate. Let me give you an example. I can click. I can find this to be my location. If I click on this thing, then only they recognize. And let say this is the ad. Let's say I choose the keypad, the mousepad of my laptop. Okay, this is the picture. Only if I click the picture again, I'll be able to wake up, right. There are other options that you have that you need to shake your arms really hard, okay, 36, 35, 66, and city mostly middle or hide. You can use this mission. Other missions that I love a match because this is too stimulating, can decide the number of problems and the difficulty level of them that you want to choose and click on US mission again. Or it can go on barcode or QR code. You can create a QR code. You can build a barcode. And only if you click on that QR code, you'll be able to wake up, right? And you can simply choose none of the missions as well, but that wouldn't give us anything special other than the user experience. I really like the UI of this application, along with all the other features. So I very much encourage you to go out debt, use this. They don't even have a snooze feature. You can make it out there for yourself, right? You have an alarm power backed up, you have time pressure, you have wakeup check as well, right? If you're sleeping, if you're not picking up, yeah. These are something really special. You know, you have a 100 seconds to confirm and all of these things. Now, I particularly very much recommend you if you were a student to use this application. I'm not suggesting you to get a paid plan. It's your choice. It has some features that are better, but you can get started with the free plan itself. I've been using it for a while and it has turned out to be very, very useful. So yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about in this video. You can go out there, get the alarm Yap of t, and use this tool to start your morning like a champion. I use it personally very often and I believe that this can be helpful as it was for me, for you as well. Okay, so that's what I wanted to discuss. This is the tool I wanted to discuss with you right now as you further to discuss about other really, really powerful tools that you can use to become a better student. And until then, I'm so excited to see you further, let's talk about some other powerful tools that you can use to leverage and increase your productivity while studying, and also that time you consume while studying. Amy, single-subject, buh-bye. 20. Tools- Evernote (Note-Taking and Organizing): Okay, My dear friends, this as whatever note looks like, I personally recommend this as the note-taking application that you can use for your mobile phone as well as your laptop and you're trying to study. For me, I get a lot of random ideas in the most random worst of times. And I don't know if I should give attention to it right then. So I just to go to Evernote or nodes in them by phone and keep a note of it. I find Evernote much better. I have reinstalled Evernote so that I can show everything from trash about how this application looks, how it works, and all of that stuff. So let's go ahead. I'll just go on. Let's say I want to use it for school, right? And then I need desktop. They have all of these versions available. I'll use it in full versions. You can choose that you want to use in the pieces. Let's say right now I only choose desktop app. I click on next, right? Last notes. They have to do three application. Let's civically can all of these three, and you see that? Well, we'll go with the plan. Now here's the fun part, okay? They give you an option in hand to actually write custom notes. You write a blank note about anything you like. You just see, you know, rate. You're getting all of these that you'll get all these manuals and we're trying to study and get started using this application. All you need to do with you, my dear friends is right, OEO, about the subject you want to write, let's say chocolate, right? And you have one line about in being sharp color. Sorry, I forget my spelling ones again, that's what happens when you write it in the high-speed. Success is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? Are you getting where we're going with this? You can also have other options like to do over your, you can plan your meal, which I find rather different. You can outline your essay. They give you, you know, custom theme works that you can use that they are trying to work on your essay. So you see it. It's so beautiful. It helps you organize things in such a beautiful way if you're trying to write an essay, Let's end the essays about the importance of education in lives of developing countries students, right? So you have mean idea. They give you a format that you can fall. I find it really special. They are format for so many other things over there. My dear friends. Also, you have notebooks optional, which you have specific notebooks were subjects that you want to add for mathematics, so scientists and all that stuff. And also my dear friends who can have VT planner for yourself, for your studying. Let me show it to you what a weekly planner looks like because I find this really good. It helps you make a very good format of the things that you want to do in each of the day. I say I want to study Economics, Chapter 9, right? And I list different thing that I want to do. And later I can pick on this, you know, and this gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Believe me how happy you feel once you do this. Okay, let me show you some other features they have in the top, they give you options to color your text. You see there was a toddler I added to my text, if you like. And they say that having colors to your text is sometimes it's actually helpful to see you, to help you see things in a more efficient way. So let's say I want to study science, Jap six, right? And it helps you outline things. I mean, it it says it is a note-taking app, but along with note taking it as we remove beautiful features, right? You can have a meal plan for yourself, but daily reflection, this is another beautiful template that it provides. What went well, what didn't go well, what I can improve on and a daily basis, you can just reflect on Lita about what you do and all that stuff, right? And that's why I find this really amazing to be used for any single person right there. Now the other beautiful features that this application has, let me show them to you for though. They have other templates for other different things like meeting notes. They have project plants, this source or many things. I just loved this. I just loved this application more because it has so many features to actually segment the work that you're doing to help you be organized. And you can also, at any point, Let's say I'm done using this, right? You can simply go out there and find a way to delete what we have done over here. Let's say I want to, I want to select this one, right? I can go on this note and I can delete it later once I'm done with this stuff. So it helps you be specific. It helps you reduce clumsiness. You can sort by date. And also it has various other features to help you be organized. My dear friend, they have shortcut features like all of these. I mean, for every known that I've taken, it is available over here. Let me show you what the home looks like. See the dashboard, how beautiful it looks. You can capture web clips, right? You can have images, documents or images. I mean, what else do you expect a note-taking app for you to do? It was note-taking app and they started, but I think right now there will be more than a note-taking application in terms of the feature they provide, in terms of the widest services that they have to offer at this point of time. So if you're looking at note-taking app, there's so many others out there. But if you ask me which one is most efficient, I'll say for me, it is your Evernote. They give you a scratch pad as well. Let's say I don't want to open and organize it. I can just try it any stuff I want. And later I can go and organize it. That's how beautiful it is. And you see, click on Convert to note, you say clear pad and they clear it for you. You can upload web content, right? And so many features, you know, accidents, I click on web content. They helped me do that as well. But these are just amazing features. All you need to do is, and this is amazing. They offer you all to you for free. They have premium features so that you can have longer space, more space. But if you're a student, this is this little chance you need more than 60 and b's for notes and stuff, right? So that's what I wanted to talk to you about in this video. So we're looking for note-taking app, highly, highly recommending you ever note. And also you have other features that I want you to go out there and explore. We have limited time for this video, so I won't do it get really long. You can also go out there and say, you know, you can create your own logs for yourself. You know, That's what I want to talk to you about right now. Thank you so much. And I wish you the very best for this day. I wish you the very best. Let's going further with this course. And I wish that you make the most out of this application and other applications that are discussed further to help you become a better student and scorer and low no, wholesale. Thank you so much. 21. Tools- Google Calendar (Scheduling and Daily Planning): Hello. So today I'm only showing you a very common tool that is what many people know. But yet it is something that I thought I must mention that we are talking about productivity tools and stuff. So let me take you through the process of how Google calendar works. I'll just show you in basic sense of how I use it and how you can use it. So if you want to use Google Calendar, if you don't, if you already know using with Canada, you can skip this video. If not, I'm going to take you through that process. So you just need to try calendar dot and you'll have the website pop up. I'm swinging a sample of how I designed my day. Here's what it looks like. It will open up the day that you have in front. Now, I'm opening up a day that I have in front of me. And you can specify the time course that you have for the day, like 67 am, I have permutation book reading. And the thing is, if you have, we'll get into installing your mobile as well. What basically happens is that they can synchronize and you can get notifications throughout your day off for next time coming up and you're going to make a silent notification. You can make a noisy notification, you can make beside your ringtone and everything that in the phone. But you have only show you how I schedule my day, so I have my stuff ready for six to 77 to eight AM. I need to work on reading books? Sorry, 745745 to 08:45. Am I going to spend on educating myself because I'm into public speaking and inspirational and motivational speaker. I am working on my speed stuff. I have my specific goal that I've recorded. I have wanted to get a Skillshare course strategy that has scheduled for a specific day. Then I have to make certain things for my for my mama. Then I have to meet my social media managed. I have to work on creating my landing page. And similarly, my guess that I want to invite, I want to complete a course that I'm working on and all of these. Now, here's what I want you to understand, what you're talking about. This setting up specific goals on a daily basis is very powerful. But at the same time, we need to be very, very careful that you don't beat yourself up if you miss out on some deadlines. Now here's the fun part. Whenever you are working on specific courses that you are eating. When we are learning in the spring specific subject throughout the day, if you're living with the family and the home, most possibly they are things that will come ahead and go out. You can't let, you know failure to do one specific thing to impact of Woodson performance for the day. So I want you to be very careful about that. Let me show you some really amazing feature that they have. What really helps for me that has specific links, of course, this that I want to check out. If I show you over here, I have online course that I want to take, and this is the course that I want to take up already linked it over here. That's how simple it is. And so what happens is that when I opened up my laptop the next day, I can simply go into the course and helped myself out. Also, I want to show you that you can add. Just pass this click on Create and add stuff. It has a lot of features to do things simply, you can just click on Overview and schedule the D1 type, right? And stuff Also. Whenever you have a meeting, you can also add guest. Maybe you want to work with a friend. You know, you can just add them, invite them, and that can be really, really helpful as well. I know many of you already knew that I did not want to go a lot in depth. Now, you can also classify your learning time into different fields. I used to do it earlier, but I find it peaks a little more time and I can simply work it out on, on the palm and color. But if you think that can help you be more organized this good for It's really recommended. Right? And that's what I wanted to talk to you about my defense in this specific video Google Calendar, if you're not yet using, it could be a really powerful tool. And that's what I want to talk to you about. Bye. 22. Tools- Loop Habit Tracker (Habit Tracking): Okay, My dear friends now I want to show you a really powerful method to keep track of your time. There's this application called loop habit tracker. Let me show to you what it looks like and how you can use it to boost your productivity. So all you need to do basically is go to Place 2 and find out the application, the loop habit tracker. I've downloaded it for you in this need to open. And now it's very simple as you can. The interface is very simple. You want to add a habit, right? You didn't happen, let's say eating. Eating, let's say eating broccoli, right? That's the habit you want to create your own mind about my spelling with strong and question could be, Hey, did you eat broccoli today? Right? I just set it for myself. And I want to repeat it two times per week, 5 times. Perfect. And if I want a reminder, what time do I wanted to say it? Right? And I want it every day. I click on Save. Now what this does is that once it's, it, am I going to get a notification if I've done the same or not? Let me give you an example of something else. My course, right? And I'll set that time made goals today, right? As simple as that. And I could repeat it to everyday. I said the time to let say foo, 50 Fu PM. Okay? And I click on Save. What this will do is that as soon as it gets 454, it will hop in a notification to me and asked me if I've done my habit or not. And it will definitely create very good charts for you to understand. It is an option for dark theme as well. I like this very much rather the white theme, because I like it more, right? That's how it works. So you see, I've got a notification from them right now, milled cuz today I just click on it and then I see yes, I confirm that I do so and then it creates a calendar over here of me being able to do it. Are you getting where we're going with this? Every single day? You get a choice like this. You see that you have done it and it will happen on a regular basis. This is a very powerful tool for you and I'll, I'll show you what kind of chart it offers to you after you have done the tough stuff. The application. They provide really good charts like this one, this one, this one. And you can have a very clear picture of the amount of work you're being able to do. Get a beta of your you're going one of my mentors always said me that verbal. If you want to get somewhere, you need to always and always start by doing the, you are right now. And that's what is reflected through this wonderful application as well. I highly recommend using loop. I used it back then sometime back, and I found it to be personally useful for me. I am, I've shot. It might be very useful for you at the same time and for all those people right there. So check it. This application out secret is delivering for you if it is not relevant for you. These are the other applications out there called fabulous. I had this before me, but it has most of its feature in the paid version. It's very gamified application. I used it back then. I don't use it anymore. It's a paid application, but it is very gamified. I, I love the interface that it offers. And if you're looking for something like that, just go for this one. If you are willing to spend some money who are better quality, then this one might be as well a very good option. Fabulous. Okay. This one was fabulous. Thank you so much guys. For yet another video. In this video we covered about the applications for us to take crack of our inhabit. This could be habits like study habits, of eating habits, etc. Because all of those play an integral role that we are trying to study for exams or anything else. Thank you so much. This is what I wanted to discuss with you about in this video. And I cannot wait to see you in the further videos with even further better flighty about different subjects that we are trying to master in terms of being better students. Thank you so much and see you in the next video. Bye bye. 23. Tools- Remember The Milk (Task Management and Organizing): I'll give my defense now I'm showing you another beautiful application for reminders and stuff. This application might be offense as Remember the milk, don't get on the name. It's humorous, it's beautiful. The animated graphics. It's a very good tool for helping you keep yourself reminded with all that stuff. To get into this, you need to click on sign up free. You get into your, let's say I wanted to make an account quickly to show you all, I'll make a password which you won't be able to see. And once you've done that, you can just click on sign up. I can click on Sign up, or you can just directly login with Google. And they welcome you and you have an application that you have that you can use. Now, what you do next is to launch the application. Let me get you right into it and show you how the applications work. Therefore, it's a very beautiful feature that I highly recommend you to use. Now we're going forward and looking at how the dashboard looks like, right? So this is the dashboard that you have for yourself, right? This is what you want to do today. Tomorrow, this week, given to others and trash. Okay, so today let's say I want to buy chocolates right now. It's okay if you can just write it but see the amount of features that you have, you can add due date, you can add start that date, can add it into priority 123, like an individualist, as well as your adult features. Let me show it to you here, but you can just put in the hashtag and put a personal, right? You can add the location, you can add the read function for every day. You can add an estimated amount of time this is going to take for yourself and can also delegated to others. Don't you find it amazing? You can add other people to your contacts and therefore delegated to them. And each of those people will appear in these different lists. Smiley offense, you see this tomato this week given to others. You have personal work. You can add other places like, you know, student light if you're a student as well. So all of these maker, Geely, really good sense for you to be able to do stuff. You know. You can add a smart less that it has a beautiful feature, that it has a smart list. I don't want to take a lot of time and place spinning each of those small functions and features that remember the mill towns. But I really love this. It has a very beautiful interface, William White application as well. But I like using it might be say, because as you guys know, I spent more time into my PC learning and all that stuff. Now if you want to add people to let say your wife, your children, or if they're a student, your friends or your roommate can just type down the image and it will send them an email to invite you. And they can as well be part of the glue and you can delegate tasks to them. They can get notifications, which is a paid feature in to-do-list, but it's fee or is your right? And that's really amazing. You can add locations for yourself. You can add your home location, right? And you can navigate it through this app, this feature like current location. You can have tags along, you can add tags like happy, sad, and know. The amount of features I'm seeing is it's so beautiful that it gives you a lot of scope for exploration. Now, along with these, let me show you some other stuff that it has, the minimalistic back down. Once you complete tasks, that gives you a dashboard for completed it off. It has it has a possibility for you to make it offline available as well for yourself. Yeah, This is the beautiful application of Remember the milk. Very, very minimalistic, very, very simple yet very, very effective if you want to manage your time in an efficient way. If you want to do your stuff and you know, and delegate it in the right way, right? That's what I wanted to talk to you about in this video. My dear friends, remember, the milk is something that you must remember to help you be productive while you're studying the next time. Well, that's what I want to talk to you about. And we have dealt with a lot of beautiful, beautiful applications right now, right here. Let's move forward right now, right here, talking further. Thank you so much and see you further. 24. Tools- Todoist (Task Management and To-Do Lists): Hello, my dear friends. Now I've wanted to introduce you to my favorite Todo application to-do list application that has been super dam helpful throughout my journey of helping myself become more productive, focused, and most importantly, not forget stuff because I forget things like anything I don't know about you, but I mean, I forget things so often the least of things that I definitely lead this. And rather than having a pen to paper to-do list which has its own value at the end of the day, but keeping it Digital, have to I keep track of it every now and then while you're working, the time when zoomed on opening and writing is also really, really less. So I highly use, I like using to-do-list a lot. I recommend people to use to twist a lot. And let me show you of what to do. It's looks like so this is the dashboard of to-do-list. All you need to do is just go to Google the to-do list and you will find the application to download. I just made a random list of stuffs to do so that I can explain to you what the application looks like. So this is the work. Let's say that I want to do all you need to do. Let me show you a clip by this class feature up OER. You're going to write down the specific goal that you want to achieve. You schedule your tasks to specific day 23, 24, 25, 26. And you can also make it a part of a specific project. You can open up different projects. Super champ is one of the training programs I do for the students, so I can list it that way. I can keep it in inbox directly. The other thing that allows you to do is add in labels, but it's a paid feature. If you have a student email address like at the rate of, at the rate of dot NP. Well, you can simply go and use these and it can be really easy for you. The other thing you can do is set priorities on the task that you want to achieve. Priority 1, priority 2, 3. Now what this does is it shows you the task in the top of the list if they're prioritized it as top number one, number two, and number three. And I find this feature helpful as well. There's another feature of setting deadlines earlier of reminders, but you need to upgrade for more. And you might want to check out if you have a student email address through which you can access this application as well. Now along with all of these, let me show you some other wonderful features that is application has, it has features to give me phi things like this button. Once you achieve five things, you got an email with some good stuff over there. You can ask questions, you have reminders on the stuff that you are trying to do. And all of these tough. There's also a possibility of you trying to link this same thing into your Google Calendar. Also, my defense, Let's see, it is a task that you have today, you want to be scheduled for tomorrow. You can go just complete click on it and right next week and Save. And it will reach to that task for you. Similarly, it allows all these other features. Many of them are available into the PID fetching, have not put it into priorities because I just wanted to give you a quick example of how this software works. I think the other application as well like ME DO and all of those. But personally I find the UI, say in the face of this application really comfortable, it's black. You can also change colors in it. But I find this really good for me. So yeah, it's highly recommended if you want to set to-do lists for yourself by invoking, I personally use it at all, it all it a lot and I'll highly recommend it to you. Let me see if there's anything I can help you know more with the same question, I move forward with other applications sharing that can help you be more focused in your journey with note-taking and all that stuff. See you. 25. Tools- [email protected]/ (WhiteNoise): Okay, So my dear friends now I want you to bring some really amazing applications. If you have too much of noise around the place you work or anything like that, that these are sites that I really powerful to help you get focus. Now, I want to introduce you to the concept of white noise. White noise basically means, is that the US, let's say you have a noise generator of energy generated electric generator coming from near your house and that's really disturbing for you, right? So what you do is that you'll be pleased that noise with another noise that can rather be helpful for you. That's why it's called the white noise and many people call it different names as well. These are some music that in many ways are proven to help you mentally as well. Neurologically when you are going to focus. Of course, it's all about so much about your personal distractions and all that stuff. But really, these things do have an impact and you're trying to focus at least at some scale. So let me show you two websites. Students feel the websites that I personally use, that I really like to use for white noise and you can get for your service well, some mapping, it's a map D, but I'll suggest you that almost all of them have a free plan as well. So you can just go to focus at-will dot com, right? And all you need to do therefore, is that, you know, just go down here. You can take a focus quiz over your date. How many days caffeine, chocolate, and substances. I don't I don't do that generally rate. What is your thinking type? I think I'm mode of entrepreneurs stick template 8 into voted. Am. I think I'm both introverted and extroverted. How good is a general ability to focus? I would say on average at it. Have you ever been ADD no, I have not been diagnosed. I see myself would reserve disagree strongly. I see myself as someone who's january trusting. Yeah. I mean, yeah. I see myself as someone who tends to be lazy. Disagree a lil, I see myself someone who's relaxed, handle stress. Well, I'm not sure. Yeah, I'll say this. I see myself as someone who has you artistic interests. Oh yeah. And I see myself as someone who's outgoing, sociable, strongly agree to that. I would say agree a little too, that I see myself, someone who has done does, who does a thorough job. And and show. We have a lot of questions. We'll keep going with this, right? I see myself as an active imagination. I think I have active imagination. Sam male might eat is ten to 20 and they'll come up with a very scientific music for me that's highly recommend it, right? So right now I have an optimized level of sound that I can use for my focus. They have this, this, this, and these are some things that are really good. But, you know, these are customized up to some level to the general sound that they have. You can also directly go to focus at, this thing. And you'll see they have some really good music. I would tell you that you can browse through and use rate. Now along with this, it, the other really amazing Apple website that I use, very simple rather in comparison, It's called noises online, right? And this, you need to select the music that you want to, you, maybe you get collaborate to 23 of debits. Very minimalistic website does not have a lot of stuff. And I think that, that's the reason it is free. You can donate of course, but it's the completely. So it gives you some suggestions about how you can mimic some musics to get the best one for yourself over your butt on the website, you can understand it. Just okay. Websites, okay. Does a good website that you can use for white noises and the other alternatives as well. But if you're looking for something in which you can make, contribute a little bit in terms of creativity, find which one works best for you. And therefore you can use noises dot on lane, it's friends. So that's what I wanted to talk to you about in terms of white noise, which helps you focus in unfocused, in environments that a little bit of mice. So we are recommending this to you and see you further with recommendations and helping you become better at are studying skills. 26. Course Conclusion: Okay, my difference finally, we approached the conclusion of this course. It was a heck of a journey discussing with you different tactics and ways in which you could manage your time as a student. You could play around and do things that are often hard to. And it was so much fun because I can, I, it was a wonderful journey for me to learn at the same time I'm sharing to you, I hope you had an amazing learning, amazing insight with this course. Please go down in the discussion section. Share your keen science with this course. Review of what you think about it. And at the same time, please email me or feedback and VI be HIV at the rate, VIP HIV ME You can check out about my invokes at and at the same time before I sign off debt, we take just a moment to say to you everything that we learned in this course. Pv Shelley talked about different myths that we have about Studies. My defense, we talked about myths right before, right from citing that, you know, you need to study longer. We need to study everything. You should not study everything on the last moment that you should not stress about something that, you know, intelligence is fixed with birth, discouraged that these are all myths. We further discussed other myths that is very prominent among all the people. Like, you know, that you have to do better on exams to become successful in life. That you can utilize only 10 percent of your beam PV loved of how this makes sense at all. We also talked about, you know, if the fact that we're never do young or too old to learn any single thing. Also, my dear friends, we learned that the fact that you should or should not steady one thing more than one thing at a time is a myth. Leading or not really in a specific location is a myth because it's subject to 2% at the same pay my dear friends, we learned that specific timings to study is again a myth because it works so somebody and it does not for the other people. My defense, you also learned that success in school does not always mean success in life and it is different for every single person and my defense. They talked about importance of the importance of being able to study smart off how it gives us room to learn new skills, to give us opportunity to do internship as we are young, it gives us opportunity to leverage on AI intelligence, how it helps us not be stressed. I'm like other students and use our emotions in a better way to become champion and whatever we are trying to do. We also discussed MID offense, that it helps for us to escape from my general batteries that we have created that you need to do this and that and this and bad hips, you wanted to become successful in a wholesome. While we discussed all of these things, I'm sure that you had wonderful insights. And I believe that understanding initially of the importance and the myths we hold is going to be a good funnel going further, learning about the other thing. That's why it took a lot of time talking about it, right? Furthermore, my dear friends, we talk about time management. We talked about time management. Recall demoed Pomodoro Technique rate for 25 minutes, five minute time slot, and you don't. After four cycles taking a long 20 to 30 minute break, you can add variations to it, like nicknamed anecdote or whatever that is. You could try to find out at 25 is your right time or it could be a little more literally less for you, right? It's subjective. We discussed about it. You also might be a friend's talked about the wonderful Parkinson's Law that works, takes the amount of time we give to it. So setting specific deadlines of whatever thing we want to achieve works as a superpower to get it done really fast. Like we discussed about examples of my Social Studies exam. How I read an all night and then still scored good rates, rate, I don't suggest it, however, that would be not a good part of this course if I do. Furthermore, my defense and we're talking about Kobe Bryant model of waking up as early as 4430 in the morning and doing three to four reps, 324 segments, or turning it into eight segments of pomodoro as well. We also might have friends talk about the state of flow, right? If you remember how to get to flow. But before that, we also discussed the wonderful part of smart goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant as it is times based goals for our life. My defense, we also discussed very, very long about the state of flow rate, how you need to have a higher level of challenge as well as higher level of skill to get in the state of flow. And at the same time, the 5D, the requisites, you know, the five-step model for us to get into the cell, the state of flow having a specific goal that we have. Removing the challenges and distractions like Mumbai infinite cetera. We discussed that the distractions are the biggest enemy for the state of flow. How understanding that it takes times makes us feel comfortable and at the same time, keeping a proper airflow as well as hydration into our body. Also, my dear friends we discussed about looking at the clock must be avoided when you are trying to get into flow. At the same time, you must really, really look and try to avoid other things like saying that amine flow and enjoying that state of flow, boasting too much about it because that works negatively for us. Furthermore, we discussed about other tactics like sleeping the right time, waking up the right time, sleeping with specific goals set for ourselves, setting some wonderful reward loops and thereafter the event into a wonderful journey of reviewing some amazing applications for us to practice all of these in a efficient way with all of these media fence. Thank you so much. It has been an amazing journey, discussing and talking to you about all of these. I'm, you know, I'm releasing a second part of this course as well, where you learn in depth about memory focus, as well as other important aspects like note-taking when it comes to studying. It was a heck of a journey with you in this beautiful course. You're all wonderful people. Make sure to respond back in any way possible sharing what you think of this course and this is Zappos signing off. See you in the next course on studying or any other thing, checkout. We have amazing courses on finding passion, on creating a vision board and all those stuff. Buh-bye.