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Smart Marketing with the Right Pricing Policy

Vladislav Tzvetanov, Theory without practice is blind.

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20 Videos (1h 27m)
    • Price policy 1 Introduction

    • Price policy 2 marketing concepts

    • Price policy 3 elements

    • Price policy 4 factors

    • Price policy 5 goals

    • Price policy 6 case 50%lower supply

    • Price policy 7 answer case 50%

    • Price policy 8 strategies

    • Price policy 9 costs concepts

    • Price policy 10 rate per hour

    • Price policy 11 purpose right price

    • Price policy 12 competition

    • Price policy 13 elasticity

    • Price policy 14 luxury specifics

    • Price policy 15 two prices approach

    • Price policy 16 three prices approach

    • Price policy 17 flagman

    • Price policy 18 process

    • Price policy 19 commonsense

    • Price policy 20 conclusions


About This Class

The Smart Marketing with the Right Pricing Policy course main focus is to provide knowledge and instruments for creating a pricing strategy that will grow company revenue and profits. 

The pricing strategy elements are discussed one by one and towards the end of the course are combined in a strategy creation process. 

The class journey starts with the role of the pricing policy in the marketing mix system, continues through the 5 major marketing concepts, the 8 factors that influence pricing most, the 4 pricing goals and ends at 2017 case study. In the meantime you will be given 3 theme connected quizzes. Then a sightseeing of many pricing concepts will be offered, as well as a template guiding you how to set rate per hour for the services you provide. You will be surprised to learn what the real purpose of the right price is, and most likely you will get fascinated by it, in the same way as many of our students from the indoor seminars were. 

You will learn how to measure the competition level in your niche, how to use the price elasticity and inelasticity in your favour. Scientific researches will be presented to you to explain why and how the flagman price effect, the two prices approach, and the three prices approach work. The journey in the pricing policy world will end with the role of the common sense, strengthened by the diagnostic reasoning.





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Vladislav Tzvetanov

Theory without practice is blind.

20 years of managerial experience as Director Marketing, Managing Director and CEO of local and multinational companies. Expertise in marketing, management, and sales.

2015 - now, Managing partner at Academy for Leaders Ltd, a management consulting company. Trainer in leadership skills, management skills, negotiations, classic sales, telephone sales, marketing strategies, growth management, among others, business consultant and mentor.

2017, Ph.D. in Growth Manage...

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