Smart Marketing: Using Google Analytics to Tap Into User Psychology | Nana Dooreck | Skillshare

Smart Marketing: Using Google Analytics to Tap Into User Psychology

Nana Dooreck, UX Designer | Writer | Explorer

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Smart Marketing Intro

    • Setting Up Google Analytics

    • What Is Your Bounce Rate?

    • Are There Gender Differences?

    • How Engaged Are Your Users?

    • How Are Users Interacting With Your Site?

    • Next Steps


About This Class

Nana Dooreck, founder of Rubicore Designs, teaches students how to use Google Analytics to learn more about their website’s audience. Each component discussed, including bounce rate, gender, session duration and users flow, is tied back to psychological concepts for improving design. This class shows students how to find hidden gems in their analytics dashboard while learning why those elements can help improve user experience.

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Nana Dooreck

UX Designer | Writer | Explorer

I am a UX designer with a background in psychology. I help companies improve their user engagement and retention through research and proven design principles.

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