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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Four Cornerstones

    • 3. Webexample

    • 4. Your business website

    • 5. Your website's blog

    • 6. Googleplaces

    • 7. Youtube

    • 8. Facebook

    • 9. Facebook example

    • 10. Actionplan

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About This Class

This course is designed to help small business owners succeed in marketing their products or services in their local area.  Perfect for attorneys, restaurants, churches, daycares, florists, accountants, schools and any other business that wants a good local online presence.  In this course, we will understand the four cornerstones of online, google places, facebook page, and youtube channel.

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Thomas James

Small business marketing for you!


Hello, I am Thomas James and I help small businesses with web based marketing.  My courses focus on website, blog, youtube, and facebook marketing.

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1. Introduction: Hi Thomas James here. Or you're a small business owner, you want more clients, more sales, more customers. In this course, we're going to look at four cornerstones of internet marketing. First, your website and a blog that goes with it. Second, your Google Places. Third, your Facebook page, and finally your YouTube channel. Take this course. You're gonna get more and more conversions. You're going to rank higher and higher in search results and you're gonna get more business. So if that interests you and your small business owner, then let's start. 2. Four Cornerstones: This online marketing. In this class, you're going to learn how to do the following. First, we are going to get a cheap website. We're going to rank high in search. Second thing we're going to learn is how to obtain a Google Places listing. Third thing we're going to learn how to get it business Facebook page. And the final thing, we're going to learn about how to open up a business YouTube channel. I'm going to show you how to do all this for very, very little money upfront. Also, some of you may say, well, I've already got a website, I've already got a Google Places. I'm going to show you how to improve it. So if you're a small business owner, you can get your business higher and higher in search, more and more people will find you more and more people will use your business. Now, who is this for? What are the types of businesses that could possibly use something like this course? First go. First of all, as professionals, you've got doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, et cetera. Also small organizations such as churches, small non-profits, educational institutions. I've helped out a lot of schools, private schools before, small stores that don't sell that much online. I'm assuming maybe you own maybe little clothing shop. Maybe you sell a few things online, but you're not trying to be another Amazon or restaurants. Definitely used as I'm going to give you some advice. It's very specific just for restaurants. And finally would be service oriented businesses. I think this kind of overlaps with professionals. Anyone who's providing some sort of service in a local area. Now, who is this not for? And if you're in this, than stop watching this course Now this isn't for you. If you're on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, tick tock, whatever you're trying to be an influencer, you're trying to be kind of a celebrity. Yeah, you may be technically a small business, but this just really is not for you. Second, I think I've already kind of addresses would be businesses that mainly cell on line. You know, he got hundreds and hundreds of products. You're trying to optimize all of these different products for various searches. This really is not for you. And finally, you must have a physical location, either a store front or an office for these techniques to work. If you're trying to sell on Etsy or Shopify or some online service. This is just not going to work for you. Now before we go any further in this, we have to ask something. What's the point of advertising? Why did we do any advertising? I'm not just talking about online advertising. Time on any kind of advertising. What's it really for? It's amazing. You know, this seems like an obvious question, but a lot of people simply don't understand this. I see too many websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels that just brag about the owner or the employees. They put up all kinds of biographical information that really the customer, the client is doesn't care about too much useless information, personal information, or extraneous information that people don't need. And finally, information that is irrelevant, it won't attract customers. I have helped out dozens of small business owners get their business online. I myself have gotten my business. I'm gonna show you a proof of this later to higher and higher levels of search online. But many people simply don't understand why they're advertising. You want people to contact you. People to go to your store. So advertising then should only do the following things. One, it should establish your authority on a service. If you're a local lawyer, your local accountant, whatever it may be, real estate agent. You want to show, you, show customers rather why they should go to you. Why do you know what you know, what kind of expertise should you have? Second thing, we want to get people to contact you has soon has possible. This is a big mistake. I see small business owners making all the time with their online media. They have information about themselves, but they don't have a way for people to contact them quickly. You don't want people to scroll all over your website wondering how they're supposed to get in contact with you. Third, you want to get people to visit your store or shop easily. This is assuming you don't have maybe an office type business. Maybe, you know, you want people to come into your store. You want to be on that Google places, you want to be on maps. You want people to find your place really, really quick. And fourth, you wanna demonstrate your abilities is kinda goes along with the first one. But this is something that can definitely be demonstrated by video. We'll talk about that a little bit later in the course. The four cornerstones of internet marketing. These are four things you have to have if you're a small business owner in the modern era and you want to do well. Number one, you have to have a website with a blog on it. I'll explain later why you need a blog. Now some of you may be saying, well, I've already got a website, but maybe it's not bringing in a lot of business. The first chapter of this class is going to really deal with websites and why it may not be bringing in a lot of business. The second thing is a Google Places listing. You wanna make sure that's up-to-date. You wanna make sure that's current. Third thing will be at business Facebook page. Now I'm assuming that you already have a personal Facebook page. And if you don't, this is very easy to obtain. And the fourth is a YouTube channel just for your business, many of you, if you already have a Google account, you have Google email account, you're going to need one. This is not optional if you want a YouTube channel because most of you know, some of you may not know. Google owns YouTube. So in order to get a youtube channel, you pretty much have to have a Google email account. But this is going to be a YouTube channel just for your business needs. Now why should you believe me? I know there's a lot of gurus out there saying you should believe in their program or this program. There are people who will sell you Services for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How to get your business rank higher and higher, higher. A lot of that stuff doesn't work. Why he's gonna prove myself to you right now and feel free to do this in a web browser. I live in a town called Bernie Texas. If you Google, Bernie music lessons, Barney drum lessons, Bernie piano lessons, Barney voice lessons. I pretty much come up number one. I own a music academy out here. I do pretty well. My businesses is always full. I spin very, very, very, very little money on advertising because my online presence is so good. And over the past few years I've helped out a lot of other businesses and organizations in setting up their marketing. So, you know, if you want to take a break, Google those things, you'll see that I come up pretty high. Alright, in the next chapter, we're going to get into websites. We're going to talk about choosing our domain name. But let's take a little break, go ahead and Google me and then we'll get right back into the next chapter. 3. Webexample: I think I would like to take some time just to some practical web-surfing here show you some of these principles in action. Has I mentioned before, I live in a town called Bernie Texas, which is a little bit north of San Antonio. And I'd like to show you some examples of some good and bad websites just kind of in my area and showing you some of the surrounding towns. By San Antonio, for example, there's a town called Seguin. And we're going to look up Seguin flower shops, perfect example of a small business here. So I click on that. Notice you have the Google Places listing. We're going to talk about this later. But this little map comes up. Let's talk about this first one, Dietz flower shop in tuxedo rental, kind of an odd combination for a business. Okay. This is the Google Places ad. Look, they've got 58 Google reviews. I like their addresses here, their hours are here, their websites here. Let's look at their websites and that's what we've been focusing on. Okay. What I really like is over here that got the phone number, they've got the address. So if somebody's driving around, they want to call them, they want to text him, they wanna get their address. They can get this really, really quick. Has a lot of content. They've got all the different categories here, got a lot of good information. And this is of course, a business that's actually selling a physical product. Now let's look a little bit of a contrast here. Okay. I'm going to search another neighboring town, but this time for attorneys, bo Verde attorneys, that will look which one comes up? This guy comes up, he's got let's check out his website. All right. Got some good general information. They can tell you that they've been updating it fairly quick, fairly recently. I really wish they would put the phone number right up here, but they've gotta book appointment. I like that. They probably got the phone number a little bit for it. Yeah, here they got it further data at least they've got it on the first page. But here's what's interesting. Look at this. Here you've got an attorney and a loro law firm here. There's no website. There's also no Google reviews. Here's another one. Here's another one, no website. And if some of the ones down here do have websites, but isn't it interesting that even among professionals like this, and if you do searches of your local market, you're going to find some businesses that don't even have their website listed or it's a woefully inadequate website. We're going to do another little exercise when we talk about the importance of Google reviews and worse, show you that many professionals, including many attorneys, don't even do a very good job of responding to bad reviews. So what I would do right now is whatever business you're in, start doing searches of your competitors. See what they're doing right and wrong on their website. See if they have a blog and ask yourself what kind of changes shoes you make to your website. Okay, that'd be good little exercise. I'll see you in the next chapter. 4. Your business website: Okay, we're back and we're looking at the subject of websites. The first issue is going to be choosing the domain name. Now what do I mean by the domain name? That's whatever comes after the www, like www dot Clarksville attorney or www dot Billy Bob's exterminate or whatever. Some of you probably already have a website. I would urge you to maybe keep that website there, but maybe have a duplicate site at what I call the location oriented web domain. And what do I mean by that? Let's say you're in a smaller town. Usually the bigger towns, the domain names will already be taken. But let's say you're in a smaller town. Let's say, for example, I'm in Bernie, Texas and I got the domain name, birdie music. Maybe you're in Lebanon, Missouri. You're a floral shop. A flower shop, if possible, get Lebanon floral or Lebanon florists, something like that. Something so that it's, you know, specific to the location that you're in and the area you're serving. Because most small businesses, they serve the area there yet, you know, an attorney isn't going to drive 300 miles to represent somebody. Local computer programmer or repair person is not going to drive to the next state is going to be somebody close. That's where your clients are going to be. So if possible, you want to look around and see if you've got or see if you can still find a web domain that goes with your location. Now this brings up a big question. If you've already got a website, let's say your web domain is Bob's Okay, that's the name of your business as well. People make checks out to Bob's exterminate or that's the name when you're small business DBA, whatever. Is it possible for the business name to be different from the domain name? Absolutely. As you can have the domain name, you know, smith, bill exterminate are, but the real business is Bob's exterminate. So what we wanna do here is search our local market. You know, go to Google, search for your competitors. You've probably already done this. You probably, no matter what business you're in, you know who your competition is. Okay, for example, there's a town in Texas called Free. Oh, let's say you're a criminal defense attorney in Frisco, Texas. You want to look around and see if free o defense attorney is taken. If that website is taken. You wanna see what your competitors are calling their website. You will see how many competitors you have. Now let's say you go and you find that no one's using the website free yo defense attorney or free o criminal defense, whatever. How do you register that? I think most of you already know this, but you can go to sites like or You just click on register a domain name you pay with credit card. Over the Internet. Also, you can pay for hosting plan. Definitely get the cheapest hosting plan you can possibly get. That's how you're going to register your domain name and get that website hosted and set up. Now, big question when it comes to hosting is how much content? Some people will try to get you to buy a bigger hosting plan because it will allow you to have lots and lots of videos on your site. If you want videos on your site, that's fine. You don't have to store them there. You can actually have a link to your YouTube channel, which you won't anyway for your small business. And the videos are, are housed at YouTube. They're stored on YouTube site. They're not stored on your exact website. Here's another question that often comes up. What if you were in a small town with a common name? Should you put the state name in the domain to? That's a really interesting question. Let's just say the name Columbia. There's probably several Columbia's. Generally, if somebody is searching for your business locally, let's say they're in Colombia, they want to find childcare. Google will know where they're at. They're going to know where their location is. So they're not going to send him to a different state when they're doing the search. However, you wouldn't hurt, you know, let's say somebody's already got the name Columbia childcare and they're in Ohio and you're an arc, it's all well, you could maybe put in Colombia. Your web domain could be Columbia childcare and then, you know, Arkansas or those state abbreviation for our console. You know, something like that. Remember that most people today they're not typing in web domain names. They're going to Google search, most likely on their cell phone. And they're looking that up. Okay. Let's say you've got the domain name, you've got a good one that you think will do well in search engines. What language should you use? Program? I would definitely go with WordPress. There's some debate on this on the internet, but I would say WordPress is a mosque. And why there's four reasons. 35% of websites all over the world are already using WordPress. So it's very common program, it's not going in where it's extremely easy to use. I don't consider myself to be a great tech person, but I can run a Wordpress site. Practically all web designers know it. And because of that, it's very, very easy to get help. Because you're going to be working with a website designer, a programmer. You want to find something that you can easily do. And if, if the web designer goes away, if they move off somewhere, you need to get a new programmer to make some changes. They'll know how to use WordPress. Now, let's assume you don't have a website or let's say you want to change your website, it's time to upgrade the website. How are you gonna find a designer? How are you going to find a program? You have two options. You can do a glocal Goog, Google search, and you can find a Web Developer probably in your local area. Somebody who advertises a lot. The problem with a lot of people who have great websites is they are advertising heavily and they are going to charge you more. I once helped an organization bring down the price of a website from $5 thousand. To about $1500. You can find somebody local and you can find somebody very good on Craigslist. I'm sure all of you know how to put a little ad on craigslist is very easy to do. You probably already heard of If there's not a Craigslist site for your small town, there's probably one in a town very close to you. Now, how do we find somebody on Craigslist? I know some of you are thinking I don't want to find somebody on Craigslist. There's too many dangerous, too many weird people. I'm gonna show you how to get all around that. First of all, craigslist is very, very cheap. You're gonna find people who are working with very, very cheap on their hundreds, if not thousands of dollars cheaper. When you put up an ad on Craigslist, just insist on someone local because what you're going to find is you're going to have these companies from all over bidding to do your web work. I think they use little search bots that go out to Craigslist. And that's why they're going to market to you. You don't want somebody who's not local. You want to be able to physically sit down with someone, get to know someone. You don't want to just write a check to somebody or send a payment to somebody you've never met, that's very, very bad. And that brings me to number three. Let's meet in public. Let's say you meet somebody who is local. Now, obviously don't give a lot of personal information out to them. You meet him at a coffee shop, you meet him at a restaurant, just filled them out, see what they're good at. Asks for their work samples. Asked to see some websites they've developed before. You want to ask about editing the site. They're going to show you how to upload it to your host and how to get it going. You want to be able to know that there's a password for all of that. Obviously, you want to know the password when you meet with your designer, then you want to change it later just in case you're suspicious. The designer, the developer might go in and change something without your permission. They will be able to explain all this to you. I would advocate that you pay in cash upfront. Obviously you're gonna get a quote before. And a very important thing is a mobile design. What I mean by that is if you've ever looked at a website on a computer and then you look at it on your cell phone. Obviously it looks a little bit different. So you wanna make sure that they're doing a design that looks good on your mobile phone as well as on your browser. You really want it to look nice on your mobile phone because that's going to be the way most customers will find you in this day. Next, what should you include on your website, obviously your business name, and a quick contact. In the next chapter we're going to do web browsing. I'm going to show you exactly what I mean by this. You want them to be able to contact you quickly. You want a phone number and you want to tell them to be able to text you or call you, add that number. The good thing is on most mobile phones, if they see a phone number, they can with their finger just tuck that number and then they can automatically call you or automatically texts you. Thank brings me to my second invite them to contact you. If they're on a mobile, they can quickly call or text. I have a brief and keyword brief description of what the business does and the products and services. You don't want to overwhelm them with too many pages. You don't want to go over them with watts overwhelmed with lots and lots of text. That's a bad idea. You want a map page on your side just in case maybe they're on a computer and not a cell phone. They can kind of get an idea of where the business is. You want one of those social share buttons. So if they want to tell their friends about your business, they can go put it on Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. Now special instructions, if you're a, if you're a restaurant, excuse me, you want to put the menu on the very first page. So somebody's looking for Chinese food in your town. They type in Chinese restaurants, years comes up, they hit your site, boom. They are seeing that delicious food. They want that food. They're gonna see pictures are going to see prices. Get that menu up there. Here's what's not necessary about a website. You don't want to have too many pages because more pages doesn't mean a higher rank side. And second of all, you don't want to have lots of useless information. Okay? So what we're gonna do right now is this, we're going to look at some size. We're gonna do some local searches. I'm going to show you what I like about some of these sites and what I don't like. And then after that, we're going to get into the importance of a blog. 5. Your website's blog: All right, we are back looking at websites, and now we want to focus on how to rank your website higher and higher. And really the best way to do that is to use a blog, which is what we're gonna talk about in this section. Let's remember why we have a website in the first place. The main reason is we want to get business. That's the only reason we put it up. It has, it is true of all forms of online marketing. You need your site to rank has high as possible when customers are looking for your services and products. So if somebody types in, let's go with the exterminate are examples. So may types in, you know, Bernie exterminated or Lebanon exterminate or whatever whatever town may be, you want your site to be as high as possible, preferably number one. So how are we going to do this? Well, first we have to understand what factors into SEO. I'm sure you've heard that term SEO. It serves, it stands for search engine optimization. And we want to basically optimize our website so it comes up higher and higher and higher through this process of search engine optimization. Now there are several different factors in that. Number one is the age of the website. Older sites tend to do better. So if you've had your website for a long time, you might see that it does pretty high. So for me even being number one, hopefully, Number Two, The name of the domain. I've kind of already talked about this in the last chapter. We want to have a domain name that matches what people are searching for. So if somebody searches for, you know, smith Ville accountants, hopefully you've got a website, maybe Smith Ville accounting or smith, smith bill tax preparation, whatever might go with that. Number three is the amount of relevant information on your website. We've talked a little bit about that you're going to have your services, your products, what you do, but we're going to harp on that. And in this chapter quite a bit. Number four is how often you update the site, which I'm gonna talk about just second. Number five is Google reviews and other types of reviews. And we're going to have more on this in a subsequent chapter. Let's talk about the last two because that you really have a lot of control over and that you're going to find is something a lot of small business owners don't do enough. We're gonna talk about the importance of having a blog on your website. Number one, blogs allow you to frequently update this site. Google and other search engines reward websites that are constantly updated. Now that may be kind of a problem for you because if you have the same menu at your restaurant, are you offer the same services at your law firm or kind of the same hours. If you're a dentist, you may not need to constantly update the site all that much. You know, you're not Amazon, you're not Walmart, you're not constantly selling new products all the time. So you may say, well, I want to update my site, but I don't have all that much to say. Number two, blogs allow you to post relevant content. You can have articles about your business constantly going on these blogs. And blogs allow people to comment and to help you improve your services. Most blogs allow comments at the bottom. And they can give you feedback on your services, feedback on your products, help you, you get, have some direction, has a business. Now if you don't know how to start a blog page, you know when you get your website design, have a blog page. There's plenty of templates on WordPress that will easily do this. Next, we're gonna look at binding blog content. This is a big question that a lot of small business owners have. Because you're out running your business. You don't want to constantly have to produce your own content. So you may want to ask, do I have to always write articles? No, you doubt. You can find other articles out there and find your competitors are articles obviously, but you can find things on subjects that you're dealing with and reference them on your blog. Can you put up YouTube videos? You sure can. Can you reference your other articles? Of course you can. So let's look at that. Let's give an example. Let's say you're an accountant in Lebanon, Missouri. Start a paragraph saying that your service includes tax planning in the Lebanon area. You tell a brief story of a business. You help then reference an article about small business tax and link to it below. Be sure to mention your location and your particular service because that's content that Google is going to see, has it ranks your website higher and higher? How do you find blog content? Well, just do a simple glue Google search. You can, what's going with the accountant example, you can type in small business deductions. Maybe an accountant in another state wrote a great article on that. Or maybe you're a day care center. You see a blog article on Play tips for preschoolers, your church, prayers of thanksgiving. You're a Japanese restaurant history of sushi, whatever. There's. If you know how to use Google Search, you can find tons of content. You can do the same thing for YouTube videos. You can have it a video content and just at the top of the blog, right, a small paragraph, then reference the YouTube video. Very easy to do it, especially very easy to do in WordPress. Next chapter, we're going to be looking at Google Places and why you need a Google Places listing. Remember that's the next cornerstone in the four cornerstones of online marketing. Okay, I'll see you very soon. Thanks. 6. Googleplaces: And I'm back and we're going to be looking at Google Places listing. This is another one of the main cornerstones for local business online marketing. You absolutely have to have this, OK. Two main reasons why you need this. Number one, your business will show up on a map. This is very important in the age of cell phone searches. I don't think I even have to tell you this. People are constantly looking for products on their cell phone. They enter the name of the product and within a few seconds on their Google search, it'll, it'll show them a map of nearby businesses. And those businesses have Google Places listing. So you want to be in this game, you want to show up on the map. That's obvious. Second reasons you can get reviews for your businesses. More reviews, at least in my experience, lead to higher search engine rankings and more trust in your business. Some of this is obvious if one business has, you know, 30 or 45 star top-of-the-line writings. You can read through them. You're going to trust them more than a business that does not have that. Pay. What do you need for a Google Places listing? First, you're going to need a Google email account. So if you don't have that, go ahead and get one. I think this is very easy to do. You gotta You can just sign up for email for me, for Gmail through them. It's very easy to get if you don't already have one number to a physical location with a mailing address. When you first put up your Google Places ad, they will send you a card, a physical card in the mail with a confirmation code is all very, very self-explanatory. This is why this doesn't work. This course I'm teaching will not work for online shops at C, et cetera. Or if you're trying to be some sort of online influencer because it doesn't really work. I'm online businesses. It works for businesses with a physical location. And finally, Google email is also necessary for YouTube. We're gonna be talking about YouTube videos and how it's one of the cornerstones of online marketing. In the next chapter, let's look at some practical examples of this. I'm gonna get out of slides here, and I'm gonna go to my web browser here. Okay? I'm going to show you practically Once you need to do notice I'm at the website, slash business. You know, you can search this on your own and this is very easy to type in. I'm already signed in because I'm signed in through Google. So if you have Google Mail, you know what I'm talking about? If you're signed into Google, you're also signed in to YouTube. You're also automatically sign it to this and I'm going to click on Manage Now. And notice it shows you my old business location here, San Antonio piano. Another location for San Antonio I wanted I'm selling this business. But let's click on my current business right here and click on this. And look at all this. You've got so many different options here. I could probably teach a whole class just on Google places. But for example, you've actually let me go to info here. This is really what you need to fill out here. You can put your business name. You've got the different categories. Every time you click on one of these, it allows you to fill out things. They address the service area that ours, the phone number, your website, products, you have services you have. So when you first get this, just go to info and fill out has much of this has possible, okay, there's other things you can do. For example, insights will show you how many people are searching. That's all nice to do down the road. But we're just dealing with the basics of Small Business Advertising. So let's just focus on getting the Google put pages. Let's also look at this. This is very important reviews, very, very important. Notice I have three reviews and they're all five-star reviews. Notice I have the opportunity if I want to reply. Okay, so let's do this. We're going to look at how some people have managed their Google reviews well and how some people doubt, I'm gonna pick on attorneys again, because you would think that attorneys being really well educated. I mean, this is also true of doctors, accountants on other types of professionals. You think they'd be on top of this. And some of them are I typed in El Campo attorneys, That's another small town in Texas. I found good and bad examples here. Here's this what Adler purchase website. I'm going to go to their Google reviews. Now if it got a nice 5-star review here, now here you've got somebody saying really nasty things. Stay away from this place at all, cause a secretary is very unprofessional. Call to seek an attorney in. The secretary refused to help me because I didn't want to share any personal information. Well, look at this response from the owner in order to avoid conflicts of interest, especially family all cases, it's our firm policy that no points would be set without the prospective client providing their name and contact contact information. This is due to conflict of interest rules. If you're an attorney, you know what I'm talking about? This is also exist in other professions. This is a good job by an attorney. They they refuted the bad review, the Rabat review still up here. They can't really take it down. It's difficult to take them down unless you can prove they're just spam. But they did a good job refuting it. Now look at this. Here's a nearby website. Here's one of their competitors. This is John Mauer and associates. Got him pulled up. Let's go to his Google review. Look at this guy. They are tearing this guy up unethical, unprofessional. Please take your money elsewhere. Rip in this got to shreds. There's two people down here who like it. This guy didn't even bother to respond. I tell, I'm telling you if you look at your local market, you are gonna find plenty of examples of this with local businesses, any type of business you're going to have some that have no reviews, some to have a lot of good reviews, some that have a lot of bad reviews, and the business owner does absolutely nothing. That is a big, big mistake. Let's go back to our slide show for a second. Let's look at getting good reviews. I'll just put this in small text here. If you want to get good reviews. What I would do is this. I would first of all, 1 second, let me make this a little bit bigger. First thing you can do is you can just ask for a review. Ask a client to just go on Google review AS this is being done all the time. The second thing is kind of a more novel idea. I call this review exchange. Let's suppose your, and let's go back to the flower shop example. You do a real good job for some event, you provide a lot of flowers. Maybe the person hiring you is an accountant. And you say to your client who's an county, say, look, I would really appreciate if you go online and do a review here, here's our Google Places listing to a great review for us. And also I'll do a review for you in your accounting practice, all you have to do is just tell me some stuff, maybe giving you five minutes or ten minutes of tax advice. And so you let them give give him some point some pointers, excuse me, on tax advice, that's totally fine for you to do that. So they've helped you, you've helped them You do a review exchange. What I would watch out for is don't do too many reviews in one week. I don't know if this is still the case has happened to me several years ago where I was constantly asking people and I got a whole bunch of reviews in one week and then most of them disappeared. And I'm not sure if the timing had something to do with that. Maybe there's some sort of algorithm that Google puts out that suggests that if you put too many reviews out in one week, it looks suspicious that may or may not be the case, but to be on the safe side and kinda spread your reviews out. And like I just said, do something about your bad reviews. Alright, this covers Google places. If you don't have a Google Places, let's go for it. Go ahead and go get it. And then in the next chapter we're going to look at YouTube. 7. Youtube: And we're looking at the third cornerstone of internet marketing for small businesses. The youtube channel. What do you need for a YouTube channel? I think I've mentioned this before. First, you need a Google account. You need an email account. At Gmail. You can easily get this. And you can easily see once you go to Google, you open up for email. Well then you can open up a YouTube and you can start building your channel. If you, if you've never done this before there plenty of videos actually on YouTube of course, that show you how to do this step-by-step. You can put up some pictures, you can do description. Very, very, very easy to do. The second thing you're gonna need, obviously is a camera. Now should you go out and buy some expensive camera? No. If you've got a modern cell phone, you've got a modern iPhone, Samsung LG, whatever. You've got a camera that can shoot. Very, very good. In most cases, high-definition videos. You can learn how to do this easily. And the beauty of it is if you're on Wi-Fi, you can just upload that video straight to your YouTube channel. Third thing I would definitely get as an inexpensive tripod. Now, what do you think tripod? You usually think of something that holds a real camera. But now they've got plenty could tripods that hold cell phone cameras. There were all over Amazon, they're all over the story. You'd get one for about 15 to $20. That works perfect. The final thing is a video editor. This is a program where you can flip the image and a video, you can cut it down. You can do just some basic editing. It's very easy to use. I use a program called In shot, plenty, plenty easy to use. Look into that. Now next, what's the value of having a YouTube channel? We talked about the importance of having a website that's easy to get to. Anda has a blog. We talked about why you have to have Google Places. Well, one area where it shows a lot of value is in your expertise. You're trying to convince customers that you know what you're talking about, that you're offering a good product or service. This is so effective and an actual video just shows things that talking to people and we're sending texts to people or explaining something on a website certainly can't do. Let's pretend you're a financial planner. Maybe you want to explain bull and bear markets. Maybe you're a chef for a restaurant, you cook a meal or part of a meal. Your realtor, explain closing cost or the ups and downs of your local market. There's all sorts of things to do. Whatever industry you're in, you can go on YouTube right now. You can find local content that's similar to yours. Don't be afraid of looking at other videos of possible competitors or people who are at other markets, other cities doing what you do. Next. This is something that so many small businesses miss all the time. You need to show people how actually to get to your business. Now you're going to have a Google Places add. It's going to show you where you are on a map. But even if people see it on a map, sometimes if you're in a crowded plaza or office building or maybe you have a tricky entrance. It's difficult for people to figure out, how do you get to your business? Once I had, um, yes, somebody film a video showing how to get to my business. I just drove around and they filmed the video. I've done a video of somebody showing people how to get to my actual door, just an intrinsic video. So if you've got a business, it's a little bit hard to get into. Just filmed a video of you walking or driving up to the video. It'll work wonders. Another area where shows values, just testimonials. You can do testimonials from your customers, your clients, whether it's a happy diner, maybe satisfied legal client, whatever. I'm having them do a little, talk about how they love your service because that gives social proof to your business. Obviously. Another thing is the YouTube videos show up in search results of via tagging the video properly. This is something you must do if you want to come up in Google search, because sometimes customers are looking for a product or service and they do an image or video search, and you want your video to come up. So let me show you how you do this. Hold on 1 second. Let me get out of this. Let me go on over to my YouTube channel. Now, here I am in the Edit mode of a CEO. This is a testimonial video a student of mine did several years ago. The title of the video is San Antonio piano lessons. Shane, At the time I was teaching in San Antonio. In the description right below, and I have my website, I have my phone number. Okay, now look down here at tags. And again, if you're not technically able to do this yet, there's plenty of online resources explained this very well. I've thought about doing another video course just on YouTube marketing, but I think this covers the basics. Notice I wrote Bernie piano lessons, Barney music lessons Barney music teachers, Bernie piano. So guess wat, when somebody goes to Google and they do a search for you and they look at videos. These videos are gonna feed into your websites SEO. They're gonna make your website higher. They're also going to be able to demonstrate your product to a customer. It's a win-win scenario. So get going on this. Film, a video today, a brief video doesn't have to be great. You're only competing with people in your local market. And in the next video, I'm gonna talk to you about the importance of a business, not just personal Facebook page. 8. Facebook: Of small business internet marketing, and that is the Facebook page. In this unit. I'm going to talk about why we need a Facebook page. Then in the next unit, I'm going to show you what I do with mine and how it can be useful to your business. I think the first reason is you have constant interaction with your customers and potential customers. I'm assuming I'm talking to people right now who have a personal Facebook page. You see this all the time. On a daily basis, almost any business can put up an ad or you see something that you like on Facebook, you can immediately go into a discussion, ask questions, the business owner can respond to questions. Also, of course, you know all this content is shareable. There's just a great way of interacting with people, which of course helps you sell your products and your services. Yes, this can happen on a blog, yes, this can happen on a YouTube channel. But Facebook use is just far greater than both of those. Just far more interactive, especially if you're trying to reach a local audience. Second reason, much easier to update a Facebook page than a blog or YouTube channel. You don't have to go and write something lengthy. You don't have to go film a video. You can simply find something, hit Share, click on it, it's up there. Most of you use a Facebook app, it's own a mobile phone. Very, very, very easy to do. So I have people I know who update their Facebook page 234 times a day. They're constantly getting into conversations with other customers and potential clients. Very, very easy to update. Third reason, and this is something I don't see has much has other ways of promoting your business. If you look in your local market, you can definitely find groups that are designed to sell things. Let's say, you know, you joined the Smith Bill Texas or whatever, you know, community group. You can post things from your business all the time. Sometimes there's restrictions on what you can and can't post. So read the group rules. But many of these groups have, even, even local groups will have three thousand, four thousand, ten thousand members. That's a huge potential in it since it's so easy to share stuff on Facebook. Well then all you have to do is go to the group and click. This is not something that's as easy to do with a blog article or with a YouTube channel video. Next reason. And this really is something that I'd have to do an entire course in and of itself on. And that is paid advertising to a select audience. Many of you don't know this, but if you have a Facebook business page, there are ways of broadcasting and add to thousands of people within a certain geographic area. And you can limit those people by age and by interest, occupation, all sorts of things to do. That's a whole different ballgame. I've had some success with it. I really don't need it in my business at this point. But it is certainly something you should consider doing if you're brand new to an area. But again, this is kind of a different, another thing to get into, since this is just kind of an overview class, I will do a class on this much later, but this is much, much, much more of a potential to reach than a blog or YouTube channel. Because blogs and YouTube channels aren't gonna allow you to broadcast the message to that specific and audience. Next, I think I've hinted at this four mentioned this before. Customers can easily share your information. If you've been on Facebook before, you see how instantaneous this is, yes, they could go to YouTube and click on a link and put it somewhere, or they could go your blog article and put it up somewhere. It's possible to share things other ways. But Facebook is just much, much easier. And finally, this is something a lot of people don't know about. I didn't really discover this door recently. A Facebook page can actually show up in search results. So somebody's googling your product and they see your website is also possible for your Facebook page to show up in Google search. And since you've got essentially two websites out there, you've got the main page for your business, you got the Facebook page. It can help your main site, your main website get up higher and higher in search rankings. So that's what I'm gonna do in the next video. I'm going to take you over to the internet. I'm going to show you how mine comes up in search rankings. And I'm gonna kinda show you the basics of setting up a Facebook business page. See you in a bit. 9. Facebook example: The Facebook cornerstone chapters. I'm going to show you how Facebook page can show up in search. And I'm going to show you how to basically use a business Facebook page. As you can see here on Google, I've typed in Bernie music teachers. You see my big page right over here. Here you see my actual website. But now look down here, this is really neat. There's my Facebook page. By the way, all these other businesses you see, most of these people aren't even located in Burney. This is just kind of some big companies that pay for big ads. So as soon as they realize that these people really aren't and Bernie, they're not my area usually though. Just go ahead and click on mine. So you see on page one of Google, I've got not one website, but to websites listed. So if you keep your Facebook page up-to-date, you do something with it. It's very possible that it will help out your main website and it will show up too, which really lends a lot of credibility to you. Now, I'm gonna go over here to my business Facebook page. Basically. Let me go to the very top here. And let me go to the top of this one. Okay? If you want to create a business Facebook page, you just go up to your search here. You type in create business page. It'll walk you through it step by step by step. But you see here I have the home, I have the inbox. These are messages that sent the people sent to my business page. I can interact with customers there. I can click on promote, or I can click on add Center and start one of those ads that I just talked about. This is neat right here, the coke on insights. This will show you how many people have been going into your page. Look at all this whole long seconds loading. This shows you how many page views, page previews, page likes, it shows you everything so you can keep track of this. They've got great analytics. Now let's go back to home. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to share something real fast. We're gonna go into YouTube. And I'm gonna click on, is if five best pianos. Let's see if we can find a very good look. If I type five digital piano, this is obviously relevant to my business, so I'm going to click on this. Go up here, control. Okay? And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to share that on my wall. Let me just go down, go down. While I create post. All I have to do is Control-V. And post just like that. Notice it said boost posts right here. That's if you want to use the paid advertising piece where you can send this post all over your local community, thousands people if you wish. So that will appear on my page in a few seconds. See how easy it is to update relevant, and share relevant content. So if you don't have one of these business pages, get going on it. I'm sure at this point you have a personal Facebook page. It's very, very easy to do. Just remember, go back up to here and click create business page. I'll see you in the next chapter. We're going to kind of wrap everything up and give you an action plan. 10. Actionplan: You've learned a lot. Now let's try to put this into action. We learned about the four cornerstones of internet marketing. What should you do right now? The first step, if I were you, is research your competition. Look at your competitions website, their Google Places, their YouTube and their Facebook. Usually you're in a local market. You can just do Google searches for Competitor type businesses. You can look at their websites and ask them yourself, is our website better than yours? Is yours better than theirs? I'm do they have a blog that look at their Google Places? How many reviews do they have? Go on YouTube and try to search your competition. Go to Facebook and try to search your competition, see what they have and what you don't have. Compare and contrast. Then upgrade what you're doing. If you're competitor has two five-star reviews on Google Places, then you need to get five. If they have a blog with maybe two or three entries, you need to get seven or eight. If they have one YouTube channel, you get ten. Constantly compare yourself to the competition because that's what your customers are doing. That's what your potential clients are doing. When they search for products or services, they're gonna compare you to other businesses in your area. Third step, seek help if necessary. I've already told you about how to get a good and cheap web designer. I know that I've covered a lot of different topics in this. And maybe there's some things you understand well, maybe there's some things you don't understand well. The best thing to do to seek help is simply go to YouTube and type in how to, and then whatever you're looking for. You can type in how to upgrade your Google places, how to maximize your blog, how to find a Web designer, how to upgrade your Facebook page. There's all kinds of information out there in this business, in this market is constantly changing. I'll be the first summit. I don't have all the answers. And if you'd like, go ahead in this course and write me a question in the discussion area and I'll, I'll try to answer it. But please note that this is an ever changing area. You need to stay on top of the game. So from time to time, probably on a monthly basis, we'll do a little bit of research, do some googling, trying to find out how to maximize these four cornerstones of internet marketing. And this brings me to the final point, keep building. If you get a good website that's bringing you in business, that's great. If you start to do better than your competitors, that's great, but don't slack off. Continue to add those blog articles, continued to add that Facebook content, continue to do YouTube videos. And if you get to the point where you're just totally full with business and sometimes this does happen. I mean, this is clearly happened to me. A good suggestion is find another competitor and refer some visits to him. Now in some areas of business, that may not be a good thing to do. But I know accountants, I know lawyers, I know even doctors who will farm off clients to other doctors, lawyers or accountants, and they'll get a nice little referral fee. It's a good little extra source of income. Okay, so I'll see you in the discussion section, And I hope you learned a lot. Thanks.