Small Steps to Consistent Goal Setting | Wanda The Brave | Skillshare

Small Steps to Consistent Goal Setting

Wanda The Brave, Let's reach our goals together!

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12 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How it Works

    • 3. Getting Started

    • 4. Consider Your Goals

    • 5. Set the Date

    • 6. Class Project

    • 7. Tools You'll Need

    • 8. Things to Consider When Making Layouts

    • 9. Sit Down

    • 10. Now What?

    • 11. Be Kind To Yourself!

    • 12. Conclusion


About This Class

This class is all about goal setting, that is true, but my main goal is to make things a little more actionable and reasonable for you so you do not get overwhelmed learning this practice.  In this class, you will learn a weekly goal setting practice that will help you take small steps to gain (or regain) structure and presence over your week.  I'll walk you through every step of the way with openness, honesty, and kindness. I'll encourage you to think about what you really want to get out of this practice in a gentle way where you can be honest with yourself.

We'll talk through:

  • what goals are
  • considering your goals from week to week
  • which goals are worth putting on this weekly list 
  • setting aside time for these sessions and ways to have fun with it and hold yourself accountable
  • what tools you need and what to consider to use in your layouts 

From there, we'll sit down and goal set together. We'll reflect from week to week. Furthermore, we'll talk about how to take weekly actionable steps from this goal setting list. Lastly, we'll talk about treating yourself kindly throughout this process.

This class is important because it will gently move you into consistently working through your dreams. Additionally, the community that we build around this practice can act as a support system. Let's build each other up and accomplish our dreams!

My aim is to provide you with a framework that helps you get all of the things you've been dreaming about and wanting to do into actionable steps from week to week. I've designed the class so that students can support each other as a community, use it as a self-care practice on their own, or find a new way to connect with a partner or friend in regards to goal setting. I think it's a really useful way to look beyond the to-do list and get things done in a more mindful way.  After all, it's with the smallest steps forward that we truly make progress. So let's get started!