Small Doodling exercises- Handwritten letters | Shaishav Vashi | Skillshare

Small Doodling exercises- Handwritten letters

Shaishav Vashi, I teach funky animation

Small Doodling exercises- Handwritten letters

Shaishav Vashi, I teach funky animation

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro vse

    • 2. Layout vse

    • 3. Animation itself vse

    • 4. Render settings vse

    • 5. Rendering vse

    • 6. Extras vse

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About This Class

I make illustrations with different texts and words. I use Blender for animating those. For a beginner it can be intimidating but turns out it is pretty simple to start with.Here I give you a small procedure that might help you make something creative really really fast. Try it out on your own and let me know if you had fun doing it.

Meet Your Teacher

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Shaishav Vashi

I teach funky animation


Hello, I'm Shaishav. I use Blender for my personal and commission based projects. I really am passionate about my work and love to create new things.

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1. Intro vse: Hello and Shake Shobokshi. And today we're going to be making some hand drawn doodles in blenders, expensive for this year. Lettering skills don't have re perfect. On the other hand, it will be a lot of fun. If it's messy and quick, all you're going to need is your PC graphic on a bender. 20. So let's jump in. 2. Layout vse: So let's talk, Bender. Okay, this might look a little intimidating, but don't worry. It's very easy to get used to once you know, some basics. So just press a select everything, press X and then delete everything. We start from scratch. Uh, if you press the middle mouse button and then move your months, you'll be able to look around. Now, shift a tow, add a grease pencil object. You can have any one of the three, but I will add the monkey on also had a camera, so shift a on camera. Now, this isn't leaving gay into the space with a slightly weird I've warned to look at it from the front, so I'll just type number one. This is the front view. Andi, I'll have toe put this in the view of the camera, so I'll just type in control art back through. This is what we really want. This is the camera. The camera is looking at the monkey, and this is how big it looks to the camera. This is just generally out. The can use the much better to reanimation workspace over here on Yep. So there we have it. The monkey. The camera on the timeline, which contains key three 3. Animation itself vse: So we're going to start that we left off. This is the monkey in the camera view on there is this timeline. So the first thing that we're going to snow is select this monkey right click when the monkey Odjick on go to the top left corner and select Draw on. As you can see on the left hand side, you'll get a lot of options. Draw, Phil. Phil is like the paint bucket. Two days, Carter. Line our girls a lot. Lots of stuff. And then there is this timeline that starts at frame one and that frame to 50. Now it's second has 25 frames, so this is essentially 10 seconds. So from 10 seconds, we're going to go down to one second, so just type so you can just explain this panel. This rhombus corresponds to a key frame. Now we'll have to put some key frames 5 to 60 frames in the beautician off one second they not final animal. So there will be, like 123456 but almost his own by before going toe. That will look at this guy. So first of all, let's go toe. It is on, then it is the whole thing. Once you do that, go to the pensive Um, just a night in your message. If you want to change some settings over here, you can also that you can change the release by pressing the f g r. Just changing it here. So I changed it to 500 then so you can just do all kinds of stuff. You can also change the strength so it's all over writing your first key frame, that is, Hi. No, Once you hold high, uh, you can just add some I can only daily over here after creating this will go to another frame and then draw something else So we'll just go four frames ahead. Let's say frame, fight and you just that I had high again this slightly different. Now, if you're president left key. If you go on key frame for you'll see the previous one. And if you go to key frame fight, you'll see this one. And in the subsequent frames you're going to see whatever is on frame. Five. So for fight now we'll go to fame. 10 to stop in. Hey, three M 16. Hi, 20 on does not put anything, Not because you won't be able to see it. Anything. So there are five frames here and in just a plea. So as you can see, you have this nice little just here are, you know, potential you. 4. Render settings vse: Okay, so now we're going to add just certain things like the render settings on our camera, because this has gone a bit off the center. So first of all, we'll get out off this. Draw more on goto object more Onda, just find our object to move. That is our camera. So all objects are listed here. You can either click on this box right click on this box. But you can just look on this camera or here. Andi, if you click on this arrow, you'll see the location X, y and Z. So just play with it on deliberate something good. So I'm just clicking on dragging my mouse. So this looks I think this looks likely were Dutch. It's not just one dessert, and so Okay, so we have position on camera on this in the centre breast space to see your animation on, yet it looks perfect. Now we're going to see our first ringer sfl on and you will see this. This just doesn't. I want my macaron, Toby varied and so many other changes. So let's go there in the big section. First of all, I will just click on this plus sign and go toe the animation. And very Andi here will see their interest, which is the street. Now we need to change this women to change a lot of stuff here. So we'll go back to the animation Onda the we'll go to the world. I want the world or the background we fight so the world settings air here. I'll just change the colors toe completely. Wait, So this is right. After 11 on and you get this. This is nice. In case you're not satisfied with whatever you get here, you can just click on this context Goto Color Management Radio Zero down my toes. You don't mind? But in my case, it is working. Fine. So just use one. Also change this value according to your specifications. Andi. Yeah, this is what we need, Dorinda. Now go to any frame and just type in a village. Just check how it looks. Andi, it doesn't look good this seeking this chicken, so that part is done. And now they just set up the animation itself. So for that, we are going to go to this. Manu, this is the are put Manu. As you can see, it looks like a Fudo coming out off camera. Okay? Whatever. Andi, What we want to deal with is this output. So, James, the output folder on Then we'll change this from PNG tohave impact in blender If you put BNG over here when you have 25 frames intervals Andre, 25 images on, then it will give it to you. You will have to convert those images in tow video So we just avoid that will just select ffm back instead of tired. And that will go according instead off Matt Rosca We can I Jews and back four This is only based on experience and nothing else. 26 if you want. I called lost less or something. You can do that. But medium is good as well and including speed. Is this? Yes. So with this, we are really doing that 5. Rendering vse: Okay, so now we're ready to render on. We'll just go to render on bringing our animation. Um, it was a show. You which frame it is that I'm letting right now, free and full of client frame six, Whatever that is on. And once it gets done, you'll be able to see it. 6. Extras vse: Now we're here for some extras. Now, this was a black on by animation, as you can see on, but it was a very, very specific animation. Now what if you want toe, make your animation more colorful or more asses bit smoother, you know, stuff like that. So what we're going to do is we're going to try and see what we can do that so Well, first, select this Suzanne object of this Suzanne was the name of the monkey. I mean, what if I did do this? So it's OK, we'll go to draw more again once we select Suzanne here. Will have to goto when you select Suzanne here. Believe in you. You should withdraw more. If your cameras director, you won't be able to go to Rome. So you are in draw. And now you're just going to add a little of a bit more colored key frames over here and see if we can make it better. So if you choose the pencil way, we have some options here off strength, radius, brush and whatnot. But, uh, as we can see, we have these 3 to 4 materials were here. I want to add some more materials and more colors so that I can pick from them and just add them. It's not very straightforward, but it's simple. So we'll go to materials on. Just add three off them on one second. Okay, so just name this red yellow or there's rotors Blue is so we'll just go here on. We'll change the color of the stroke, too. Read if you think about it. It's just the making your palate before starting to draw. Oh, it's supposed to be a little So Syria, we have these three. And now we have all kinds of materials. Anything that we want, right. So we'll go toe any frame over here and we'll just draw anything else. So I just changed this and I draw a blue color. No, I larder. You look alert. I don't know. It doesn't have to be perfect. No, See, I don't like this your local because it is too bright. I can just dark gonna this I'm while they load luck. Now go to any other random frame ongoing. Do have this red. Now we can also make some bread with your law and some new Onda. I just ended of it yellow. Now when we press space and see our new animation Hey, look, this is much like bring treat on duh. Once bills, once you have decided on this, we'll just render it again. So file on a normal size render in the animation on and you might get something they note of this night.