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Small Business Hacks - Online Resume Tool

teacher avatar Jillian Maxwell, Master - Affordable Business Solutions

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Part 1 Course Introduction

    • 2. Part 2 Building Your Online Job Application

    • 3. Part 3 Design Your Form

    • 4. Part 4 Thank You Page and Email

    • 5. Part 5 Form Conditions

    • 6. Part 6 Form Integrations

    • 7. Part 7 Publish Your Form

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About This Class

This class is designed for small business professionals looking to create a low-cost cloud-based solution for their resume collection. Email resume submissions can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and leave your company susceptible to viruses; while paid job boards and resume collection services can be expensive. This course was created for the budget conscious professional who is looking to streamline how their company collects resumes without breaking the bank. 

While there are many different free or low-cost cloud-based companies that could be used for this course we will be using the following::

  1. Jotform ( form creation and user interface)
  2. Google Drive (resume and cover letter collection)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jillian Maxwell

Master - Affordable Business Solutions


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1. Part 1 Course Introduction: Okay. Welcome to the small business Tax course on building and online Resume tool for resume collection. My name is Gillian Maxwell. I have over eight years of experience as a marketing and proposal manager and am a small business enthusiasts. And I'm here to share with you solve the autumn ization tools I've learned working in small business. As I mentioned earlier, we're building an online resume collections, and you may be wondering why you would need such a tool. Traditionally, HR is the entry point for all resumes and applications. They will see the resume, the email. They'll save all applications on an internal drive and well organized with all internal stakeholders. But this can lead to many different issues. Um, first, security concerns, Ray. What if their email the virus it conserves a bottleneck for the entire resume hiring process? Have one person or one department as an entry point for everything, and it could just frankly be overwhelming for the HR department to be bob down in all those emails using in resume collection tool leaves. Some of these issues and the hack I will show you in this course provides a low cost, all turned into some of those bigger resume collection sites that are out there. In this course, we're going to use jot form as the main entry point and collection of all resumes and job applications. And then Google driving Google Sheets will be uses our storage and organization mechanism, leaving the HR apartment each our department to manage the entire process. To be successful in this course, you will need to sign up for both the jot form and a Google drive account, and you'll need to familiar your familiarize yourself with The resource is I've provided in the class resource section. Our course project, or the culmination of the course will be a published online job application on your website , and we'll reach there in six parts. First, we will build the job application through in job form. Second, we will design it. Teoh ensure that it needs your brand guidelines. Bird. We will sat both the thank you webpage and a thank you email. Fourth, we will create form conditions or form rules. On the fifth part, we will integrate the form with Google Drive and Google sheets, and finally, Part six will be publishing your form and embedding the form on your website. I'm very excited that you will be joining me for this class where our first delivery below are a homework assignment. Please set up both your jot form and Google Drive account and introduce yourself in the course comment section. Did you guys see you next time? 2. Part 2 Building Your Online Job Application: Hi, guys. Welcome back to small business hacks. This is Day two. Building your job for your job form will look like this as your online application. And to do this you need in a an application. So if you have a job application handy, that's great. If not, you can use the sample job application I provide in the resource section of this course. To begin, we will be using jot forms, so log in to jot form dot com. And if you hit the log in by Ed center, user name and password, and you'll be good to go now your dashboard will show all the forms that you have created. So I've already created an HR professional, and I've put it into a folder I've put into a hiring folder. Boulders are a good way to keep everything condensed and organized, So if we want to create an HR folder, we have two folders here. And since the supplies to both, we can just drag the file into that folder and you can see the Boulder designation to the right little organization and got form for you. For now, we're gonna create form. I like to start from scratch and use the classic form style first step. We're going to set our heading. So the title of this application is each are professional. It is a remote position, and I like to put the business name in. Subtitle. Now, if you notice the header directly effects the for me. This is what your users are gonna see when they're identifying the form. To begin adding form, elements will use the tab to the left called ad form elements. You see, jot form gives you a few basic elements right away, so we'll use us. We're gonna add name will add Needed one extra. We'll add email, address and phone number. Now we have yes or no questions. So for this, I'm gonna use single choice and will type the question. And then you add your options. There is this ad, other option, and this will allow the user to write any word that they want in that section. So, for instance, here, if that was possible, my user could Right? Maybe I don't want to allow that, though, so I'm going to remove this option. So because I asked this question, I also want to know some more details, so I'll use the long text entry. And I want no talked. I want them to describe the work that they did. Now, later, we'll talk about conditions because we can condition this form so that this question on Lee appears when they select. Yes, but for now, we'll do the short text entry, and we're going to ask for their linked in you r l and then we'll do file upload and request their cover letter. As you see, there is spell check in, uh, in job form, which is good. The next question I want to appear above this linked in profile. You are also I'm going to select the question above it, and I want to know what date they can begin working using the date picker. And I'm also interested in what time zone there currently located in. I could do this a few ways. I can use, uh, drop down. I could do short text entry, but I think there's a widget for this. So I'm going to type time. Here you go. And because this is a U. S position, I'm going to choose the U. S. Time zones like that now I can add my question and there will be the drop down. Our form is almost complete. My last separate now is to move up this question and you can do that with a simple click and drag up. So this is a basic layout of a jot form without any access style. Next class, we will review styling your for ensuring the design meets brand guidelines, working on question conditions so that you have rules for each individual question and integrations so you can have a home for the files you to prepare for next class. Please create your job application as a job for once done placing you are l to the job form in the course Commons. Thank you, guys. See you next time. 3. Part 3 Design Your Form: guys, welcome back to part three of our small business hacks. Course designing your resume tool today we're going to put designed to our jot form. So I have a fully designed job form a on the screen at the moment, and we're going to go through the steps to complete this today. To do this, you're going to need a color guide. Uh, if you do not have one handy you can use. The sample color guide have provided in the resource is usually includes a series of colors and your text for the colors. You'll need the hex code and the RGB codes, if possible. So head on over to your job for your dashboard and let's start editing the form we're using you. The 24 was in front of us, so we're gonna edit the one we're currently working it. So to begin designing, you're going to start by adding the logo at the top of the screen. You can upload your your logo from your desktop. Um, I happened tohave a local that I've already uploaded in here, so I will select this one now. Immediately, you'll see your local properties pop up. You can change the dimension of your logo easily. Um, yeah, but I don't like the way this is. Look, it's taking up the whole pages, so I'm going to remove this and then research in my logo, resetting the local properties. So there you go. I'm also gonna center it at the top of the page. Now, before we begin designing our form, we're gonna add a little bit of structure. So to do that, we're going to go over to the ad element section and we're going to add a divider. I want to divide the content between the personal information, the questions asked, and the section where they can upload their resume or cover letter. This just puts a little bit of structure into the long page four. Man, you could do it a few ways. You can add a section title and that will collapse. Uh, you can break it up into three different pages as well. Um, see, a new pages form your next questions go on the second page. But I want this to be a single page, or I'm going to delete that and leave my dividers in. So now we're ready to add design elements to our form. So to do so, we're going to click on the little heat brush to the right, and this pops up all your design features. Jeffren provides a series of themes if we would like to use them. So if you go over to the theme section and you select free themes, you'll see all of the options available, and you can click on any one of these and just see how your form transforms. This takes a lot of the design aspect out of your hands and into job form hands. But if any of these dot designs work for you, please feel free to go for it. So with a theme like this, you can actually even further customize the theme. So if you head back to the design area and click advanced design, this pops up and you can change. The background emits right, a dog isn't appropriate. But what if I want to put my logo as the background image? Here you go, and then we could customise it from there. I don't really like this. If you like that, you would save, but I'm not going to. I'm going to get out of here and get back to the original theme design. So I'll scream back up to themes, and I'll do the default. See, First, I want to change the background color. Um, so I'm gonna go over to my brand guidelines and find the hex code for this dark, beige like beach that I've been using. Grab the hex could Now the hex, close air Web color codes. You can also use RGB, but here they seem to be using hex codes, and I have those hex boats. So we Heaston the hex code There you see, the background changes. I like to keep the white for the form because I think it's easiest to read in terms of accessibility, but I do want to change the font color. So I'm gonna go over and I'm gonna grab my dark blue hex code, and then I will he start in for the font color. Now you have a nice blue beautiful. Next, I'm going to go to the style section because I want to change the font. The fund that I have in my color guide is Verdana so I'm gonna choose Verdana and then I want to alter the but and at the end to match a little bit more. Within my brand style guides, you don't have as much flexibility here. You have to take the buttons that they have available. So I chose this blue button end. It's not really the right blue, so I'm gonna look for more of a gray. You now you can do a lot within this style section. You can change the spacing within the questions. Right now there are 12 spacing. Let's see, I change it up there closer. They could be farther apart. I'll go back to the redesigned settings. You can also change the width of the form. You could make this a very skinny form, a larger form. I'm gonna go back to the free reset for him with and then I like to change the label alignment. I like toe have my labels on the top of the question, as opposed to the left. You can also go back before we made the decision between Carter custom, you can go back to a card layout and see what that would look like. I personally don't like this, so I'm gonna go back to the custom of original There we go. You have are designed for now. Why don't you guys take a crack at this? Go into a job form, design your four and once completed paste the U R L to your newly designed form into the course comments. These guys see you next time. 4. Part 4 Thank You Page and Email: I opened back to part four of our small business hacks. Resume tool course. Today, we're going to be setting up your thank you page and thank you. Waveform works is when a candidate submits a form two things happen on the user side there , redirected to a thank you page, a web page, and then they're also sent a confirmation email. Similarly, on the internal side, the jot form account owner receives a confirmation email as well. In this course, we're going to be setting up the into a confirmation email at the user receives. So for this course, we're going to use the jot form that we have been designing and working in. We're also gonna use the sample. Thank you. Email and then the sample. Thank you. Web page, if you do not have versions of these, um, for your own company, please feel free to use. The resource is I've provided in the course, so we're gonna head to our job form dashboard and hit edit form on the form we're currently working in lead. Now our form is designed and all of the background stuff occurs in the setting section, so we'll head down to the thank you page. As you can see, there are two options. One of this is to redirect to webpage. You could do this if you wanted to set up a thank you web page on your website. And you wanted to use that for every form that used. So you would link the web page from your website to this job for you would place it here. I don't have a web pages. I've set up a za thank you, page. So I'm going to use the Jap form provided Web page. Silversea want to get rid of all of this information that John Form has already provided for me. I'm going to start by copying the contents of the thank you webpage from my sample. Here we go. And I want this to be left aligned. What? Then? I'm gonna work with form fields. So there's an area where I've put in between brackets position title and going to remove that, and I'm gonna head over to the form fields dropped down. And the position title, if you remember, is the same as the form title. At least as I have said it. So I'm going to select form title. Now, this means that HR professional remote in progress would fill in in that sentence. Next, I'm going toe added in my logo. Luckily, I already have it uploaded. This is a big big for me. So if I right click, it gives me the option to adjust the dimensions. I'm going to play around with that to get the size that I wore a little bit too small. But once it's smaller, I can then expand and create the local the way I would want it. And then I'm going to center. So this is my thank you page. Next, I'm going to go up to e mails and their two emails. If you remember, I mentioned before internal and then one sent to the user. So your notification is going to be the email that is sent to your internal team member. This will be a copy of the form that they've submitted to you. It will have the name of the individual, Um, who submitted the form? The name of the form title. And then over there, you can put who should get the form. So right now I have a being sent to me the auto responder is the form copy that goes to the user or the candidate to confirm that they submitted. Therefore and what I want to do is I want to provide them with a little bit more information than just the form copies. So I'm gonna copy my sample email, and I will paste it above the form content because I want them to see that they have a copy of their form to. So I'm gonna play with form fields again. I select name because I want their name to populate. I'm also going Teoh, enter the position title or the form title, as we've already confirmed. And then I'm gonna add my website. And that will be the email that they receive upon submitting the application. So those two are set up. Why don't we test out this this new Thank you page? So we have our form here. I'm just gonna hit submit, And when I do, my thank you email comes up. And if I had entered in my email address, my thank you email would often also have been sent to the email address. So for next class, please set your thank you page and your thank you email. And then Poppy in peace. The link to your updated form in the course comments. Thank you, guys. See you next time. 5. Part 5 Form Conditions: Hi. Welcome back, Teoh. Part five of our small business tax course on how to build an online resume tool and today , here, doing form conditions. So what are form condition? Four conditions are rules that you can apply to the entire form or specific questions and these help with the user experience within the form. For instance, with this form here, this questions asked, Have you ever had a remote job if you slept? No, there's no question underneath it. But if you said yes A If yes. Please describe question Appears this was set in the form conditions and we're going to go through that now, So I'm going to head over to the form we've been working in. Now four conditions are set in the setting section. So you go to settings and then conditions. And you see, we already have two conditions set into the form, but I'm going to delete those so we can start from scratch and to set your first condition , you're gonna hit the plus sign. Now it asks you to choose. I like show or hide fields, and it's a rule. So if this question is filled, I would select right with? No. Then hide. Do the question underneath it, Erica. Okay, so let's do another one. I'm going to if the rule that I want the question to apply to. So if questions selected, what happens, it's filled with No. Then I want to hide the question underneath it. Okay, So the next world, but I want to me is to redirect to Anu. Thank you, Page. Based on a question ants. So first I'm going to select Thank you, Page. Or And I will get rid of this information, and then I'm going to select the trigger. So if the question do you have the legal ability to work in the U. S is filled with? No. Then there redirected. Teoh this Thank you Page. We set our thank you pages in part four of this course. So if you need a refresher, I suggest you revisit part for the course for this. I'm going to write a simple message, um, identifying that we cannot proceed with their application due to their response to this question. - Okay , so I thank you. Messages set, and I'm going to save my rule. So now I have the three conditions that I set for my form and I'm gonna preview my form so we can test out how these were. Well, if we scroll down, we see we have the first question we created a roll on And when we hit No, it goes away perfect whom he had. No, it goes away Very nice. And if we hit no and then submit. We are redirected to our new thank you page based on the no answer. But, you know, I want to ensure that my two questions the if yes, is hidden until yes is selected. So I have only if and I'm going to add. So if the question is equal to know, then it's hidden, and I'm going to add if it is equal toe empty. So now if we test our form, if the question is empty or the answer is no, the If, yes, please describe will be hidden. If the answer is yes. If yes, please describe will appear. And that's the basics of form conditions. So why don't you try this out as your homework, please set your form Condition. Thank you guys. Have a good day 6. Part 6 Form Integrations: Hi, guys. Welcome back to part six of our small business hacks course on building an online resume tool. And today we're gonna do our form integrations. But before that, I want to show you the back end of the form so you can understand a little bit about how your formal work and how you will be able to see your form results. Okay, So to do this, I am going to head over to my dashboard. And if you notice one form already has two responses. So I am going to get out of the edit form, and I want to look at the responses. So I'm going to go to more and of you submission. What you're provided with is an excel spread sheet of sorts or one that you could export into an excel or see SV or even a pdf file and then each individual application. So this is just do you know how everything will come in? Um, and it could help you when you're planning out how to manage your form submissions for today. We're gonna do our integration, so go back to edit. Form and integrations are handled within the settings tower and we'll go down to form integrations. First thing I want to integrate with is my Google drive. Um, this will allow me to create a house for all the resumes and cover letters that I am accepting, and this will add you to build a little bit more organization. Everyone doesn't have to have access to your job form account, but if you give a few individuals in your organization access to your Google drive, then they'll be able to see all of the applications coming in. Make sure that you have organization when they upload, uh, the integrations, allowing you to choose how you name your photo file. So the first is the name of the form that would be the name of the folder that will be created within Google Drive. And then they're giving you the name of each file. And here they suggested it be time stamped by the time I want to know the individual's name who submitted it? So I'm gonna go to form fields and entered me and I'll hit. Accept Great integration is complete, so let's see how this looks right. There you go. So in my drive, folders been created called HR Professional remote, and that is where all of the individual files will store, and we'll test that out in a moment. But first I want to go back and create one more integration. So I want to integrate with Google Sheets. I don't wanna have to go back and forth to my job form account to manage the resume acceptance process. So I'm going to link this with the Google Sheets account. That way I can see all of the things that come in through Google sheets and not through the job form account. So again, they're gonna ask you to name the folder that is created within Google sheets and then the name of the file. Great. And now we're gonna establish the integration John form I find to be very user friendly. So it's awesome that they have these integration already set up with so many of the tools we use. And if we see this is the spreadsheet that has been formed and they already populated the two responses we've received, um, despite not integrating until after those came in. So that's that's really cool. So let's see this entire process in action. So I'm gonna go to preview form, and I'm just gonna put in my name. And I'm going to add my resume so we can see what a file upload will look like. There you go. And I'm gonna hit cement and I get my thank you page email. That's very good checks and balances there. So if I refresh my Google drive, we have a folder title Gillian Maxwell inside the folder. The pdf is a copy of my application. Click in that. I didn't really feel anything in, but that's the copy of the application. And then the file below it is the word resume file I submitted similarly in the Google sheets. You have a link to the resume file over there. And then over here, I can view the form. And there you have it. That is how you do form integrations. Why don't you guys give it a try and get your form publication ready? Using the form checklist provided in the class? Resource is Thank you, guys. See you next time 7. Part 7 Publish Your Form: Hi and welcome back to small business hats. Course on building an online resume pool. We're doing part seven on this course, the last course publishing your form. So we're gonna head over to our desktop and we'll quickly look at our form. So we have built out our form. We have set our conditions and our integrations, and now we're going to publish the form. I'm going to do this using the WordPress site that I have active. But the things I'm showing you should also work in any other website hosting site you have . You'll either use the embed code or the u R L. Luckily for WordPress, I just need your out. So I'm gonna head to my WordPress page and I mean edit faction, and I put a quick job description and so underneath that I'm going to add a element and I'm going to add the in bed element. And for this I just need my form. You are? Well, I'm gonna grab my formula or else east it into the area that has prompted. And I have a clean you. You'll see that my form has become embedded in my sight. Now people can complete the form without leaving my site. Hits of meth and all the data will go through if you don't want this form in your site. Right. You think it looks bulky? You want something cleaner? We can also do this with a body. So I'll keep my job description, and I'm going to add a new black A bunch in black. I was hiding. There we go, and I will tape into my butt and black. You can change the look and function of it. Um, but I will add Click here to apply. Great. Now, to do this, you're going to to link with your jot form. You will add the link, but in and just put in your URL easy. And now, if we go to preview, our form is underneath our job description. And when we click on it, the jock form pulls up into new um, how? And there you go. Pretty easy to embed into a website. Um, and it will give you a nice clean work as a quick review. We have built her job application and shot four designed It added a thank you page and thank you. Email created form conditions integrated the form with Google, drive for easy management of all those applications and then finally publish the four. So if you would please publish your form on your website and include a link to the page on your website where the form lives in the course comments below. Thank you guys, Have a great day.