Small Business Cyberthreats - Password risks | Dr David Chapman | Skillshare

Small Business Cyberthreats - Password risks

Dr David Chapman, Information Security trainer

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Password risks - Introduction

    • Password issues

    • Managing passwords

    • Password hygiene

    • SME password security

    • Practical implications

    • Summary and conclusions


About This Class

Learn about the password risks and discover how to improve your password security.  


In this UK-oriented, ~25-minute, non-technical course, Dr David Chapman introduces password issues, discusses password management, demonstrates poor and proper password hygiene and offers some tips to improve your password security.


The accompanying course workbook guides you through the issues raised to help you determine additional steps.





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Dr David Chapman

Information Security trainer

Hi, I'm David Chapman from CHL, a small UK company providing online information security and programming skills training.

I hold PhD in small firm information security from Coventry University.

As a practitioner, I am actively involved in cloud-based platform-as-a-service application deployment. I have project managed - classically and increasingly through Agile - many small and medium-sized information system implementations. I have also developed and delivere...

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