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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction: You had me at hello.

    • 2. Oh, Behave. What to remove.

    • 3. Color Matters. The pscyhology of color.

    • 4. Dramatic Bedrooms

    • 5. The Five Senses

    • 6. Beds and Bedding

    • 7. A shrine to love.

    • 8. Parting Words + your class project.

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About This Class


As spaces go, bedrooms are a problem. They need to both rev us up and slow us down. In this class, magazine editor Emily Grosvenor of The Oracle House will teach you how to align your bedroom with what many life partners want more of. Using classic design principles, scientifically-backed best practices, and timeless Feng Shui magic, Emily will walk you through the process of transforming your bedroom into a setting for a two-person slumber party. As the course wraps up, change the story you are telling yourself in at home about your partnership with a fun project. Be sure to download the accompanying workbook pages and extra resources to follow along with the activities and get extra support. Follow Emily on Instagram @emilygrosvenor or find her at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emily Grosvenor

Magazine Editor and Content Creator



Hi! It's great to connect.

I'm a creator based in Portland, OR, USA, Editor of the print pub Oregon Home magazine and the founder of the brand Tiny Travels. 

I'm one of those multi-hyphenate creators who has her hands in a lot of projects but most of the content I create finds use in the home lifestyle and travel worlds (places + spaces).

IRL I am also a writing teacher (University of Iowa, University of Oregon, and Linfield University (currently)).

To see what I'm working on, check out my Instagram. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

My courses fall into the following categories:

- Voice writing 

- Writing for Audience

- Creative marketing

 - Fen... See full profile

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1. Introduction: You had me at hello.: - Hi , My name's Emily Groaner. I am a magazine editor based in Portland, Oregon, and I also run my own special therapy practice called the Oracle House. So and I have been interviewing people in their spaces for about 10 years and in my therapy special therapy practice, Uh, what I do is I go in and I talked to them about how to set up their spaces to reflect the person that they want to become. So it's all about behavior, it So it's all about looking at how spaces can send us messages about who we are and how we would like to live. So I understand that there's a little bit of an ego involved in saying, You know, I know about lifestyle and I'm gonna tell you how to live. But what I want to do with this class really is take to specific problems that I see happening in people's homes, especially in the bedroom. So a lack of or a need for more sexual encounters with their partners and a lack of or need for more sleep. So I'm gonna try to tackle both of those with this course. Thanks for joining me so I've created a work book for this course you can find it in the resource is tab of school share. I hope youll print it out. It's I think it's 13 or 14 pages, and it has a number of guided activities that you can do while you're taking this course. 2. Oh, Behave. What to remove.: being reminded of, uh, you know, having fall outs with your family members or, you know, this is the guitar that my terrible father gave me. And then he left. And here it is in the corner of my bedroom. You know, here's here's an old blanket that my ex girlfriend gave me, but somehow it's made it into my life. Now with this new person, we don't want any reminders of all that old stuff. So any time you encounter something that kind of gives you that feeling of leg, maybe that's not part of who I'm becoming, Um, then just go ahead and get rid of it. You don't have to to get it out of your life. Yeah, just put in another room. For now, there's some safe things to remove that it can support your relationship and also support sleeping. Remove any pictures of Children, parents and any other people that really don't fit in your relationship. Remove any screens, including televisions, cellphones or anything that would be distracting in function. Mirrors allow energy to bounce around, which may interfere with sleep so you won't see mirrors in a classical punctuate bedroom is you remove any exercise gear since their associate with wakeful energy and anything that you and your partner absolutely hates, this is a chance to have your conversation with your partner about Do I really, really need to keep this thing that this other person can't stand When it comes toe artwork , Remove any artwork that is depressing, sad or that has any kind of bad connotations with them. Get rid of any vitamins or health products and get rid of clattered. In general, this is a good chance to just really let things go. So let's just take a moment right there and take a look around your bedroom, and you can either mentally note or noted in the workbook, Um, all of the things that you were now prepared to remove. 3. Color Matters. The pscyhology of color.: color is a deeply personal thing. The very most important thing about choosing paint colors for your bedroom is that you pick something that you absolutely love. You can read all of the fung shway and color psychology books that are out there, and if you don't love the collar than it's, it's not gonna work. So let that be your number one priority in moving forward and choosing colors. Yes, there is a red room in 50 shades of grey, but red can be quite stimulating as a bedroom color. I don't generally recommend red for bedroom walls. It can actually get your heart racing when you see it. That doesn't work for me on the level of getting you to relax. Bedroom Red doesn't really fit my definitions for a slumber party. But again, if you wanted to use it as an excellent color or as a statement wall, I could see it maybe working there. Blue, by contrast, tends to bring down your respiration in your heart rate. It's calming, and it pairs really well with wood, linen and warm neutrals. When picking blues, you want to try to stay away from blues that feel to Chile or childish. Green is also a deeply rest full color, since it mimics the greenery of the outdoors. Green lowers the blood pressure, and it comes in a white aram choices. Purple is the color of royalty, so it could be rich and sumptuous, but also relaxing from a functionary perspective Purple has long been associated with with wealth and prosperity. It also has the qualities of wood and fire, and it I always recommend that people choose purplish, not like a full on purple, but maybe like a purple Lee tobe, or like a light lavender or something that tones down the darkness of purple, pink and really anchor bedroom. Quite easily. It's worth exploring if you have any attraction to it. From a functional perspective, Pink is also really associate it with romance, so it kind of sends that message. Orange is an activator. It really gets the heart pumping. If you love, it can work, but with not without a lot of careful consideration. Then there are the neutral's and you know anything like Wait grayb aged hope there's air, always the decorators favorites because they allow the person's objects to really sing against them. It also makes it a lot easier to switch out your dick or if you're the kind of person who changes what you love Art. A warm gray on the walls is really gonna make the artpop neutral. Arms are a safe choice. They could be deep, really relaxing. But remember that we're going for sexy and so terrific, right? So if you choose a neutral, understand that you're going to have to make other choices. Teoh add to the drama of the space. So unless you're working and it's like part of a sexy wallpaper, I don't recommend putting black on your wall is unless you're using it as an accent color. This one really depends on your personal connections with the color in folks Way black as a watercolor, so it make you feel a little bit like you're drowning if you're surrounded by it, unless you balance it out with other colors. Yellow, by contrast, can really big hitter mess. You can have an activating, cheerful yellow that really makes you want to get up in the morning. Or you can have like a sad sack yellow that helps really nobody. I see yellow working, bestest accent color like a mustard on one wall were in the use of pillows. Yellow is a function of earth color, so it grounds you in the same way that, like a warm neutral or a beige, would manning with weight. Cause I feel like white is such a favorite for interiors. Thes days. I'm not a giant fan of white. White is a very intellectual color. It's it's got metal energy according to function. And so it really activates the intellect and put you in your head. Which is why it's not my favorite for the bedroom. Just keep in mind the what? What brings you in kind of what it takes away from you and if it's your jam and you're gonna figure out how to make it work, So before you move on, I'd like you to visit the workbook. I have a number of color palette. Resource is listed there. So if you've never done this before, there's so many researches on the Web right now for looking at color palettes, finding inspiration in the way that colors can harmonize together. So I gently suggest that people choose one color that they absolutely love, that they want desperately in their bedroom, and then they look for palace that incorporate that color in really interesting ways and then build their color palette for their bedroom around the color palette that they, they they've connected with. 4. Dramatic Bedrooms: a lot of our bedroom spaces are moving more and more towards the relaxing and away from the dramatic. But if we decide and think intentionally about how to bring more drama into the bedroom, then we can walk and basically into a set piece that was designed for our courageous pleasure. It's really very exciting. So many of the best ideas in the world have occurred when two things brush up against each other, right? That's what creates the drama. It's the opposites attracting. It's the rub. Bryant's Those true things that air are in conflict with each other but also kind of go together in a weird way. So those are the elements that were trying to harness into our spaces and into our bedroom in order to make our lives really more exciting. And it's by arrests, had the kind of romance that we really crave. Okay, so I'm just gonna go ahead and walk you through some of the elements of what I see as creating drama in a space so light fixtures that draw the late up anything sculptural, maybe shiny, something that will both illuminate the bedroom and kind of make it feel like you're on your own sexy stage. Another sexy element is draped fabric, maybe because they look like clothes that are in the process of being taken off or put on drink. Fabrics are totally sexy, so you could do ceiling to floor windows. Or you could just throw a sexy blanket across the top of your survey, and it'll add that that added drama. You can also incorporate pops of color on the bed textures. Your really important anything that begs to be touched helps with your sexiness factor. Also, consider adding some wallpaper. 5. The Five Senses: So we're going to get to a different sense now where we'll be talking about sent sent to sometimes the for gotten sense. We don't generally walk through life smelling her way through the world like a golden retriever. And that's that's really kind of too bad because, you know, sent has this really powerful ability to capture you. In the moment when you're really smelling something, it's very difficult to think of anything else. You're really focused on it. What I've done here is I've gathered a number of oils. This is lavender. It is one of the only oils that has been proven to have antidepressant qualities, and that can help you reduce anxiety and help get a rest will sleep. Then we have you wrangling and jasmine. So Jasmine has this kind of like dirty sexiness to it that you, lang lang, doesn't have. Um, it's a lot more expensive, of course, but I think in terms of inspiring couple ing, it's probably gonna be one of your co two cents. Let's look for a second at Clary Sage Cleary Stage is one of those classic therapeutic oils that people use for anxiety. If sleep is your issue if getting to sleep is a problem. If insomnia is issue clear stage might be a good one for you. It, um, it's most little bit like tea. Actually, it's got like an herb e t. Green characteristic. Let's look for a second. Actually, this is like a perfume Great Petrolia, which is kind of like a dark resin, spicy woody, very sexy. So Rosen's air kind of interesting. It feels fresh laurel like walking through a rose garden. So there's a lot of more exciting ways that people are using rows of these days, which kind of dirty it up a little bit. I'm thinking in particular of Like a heretic. Perfume makes a perfume called Dirty Rose, where they mix it with other sense that make it feel like less like an English garden T and more like, you know, sex and you can get a vanilla essence. But I actually like the vanilla scent that is natural in like a Ben. Join with Ben Jolene Essential oil. So it's a it's a resin from from a tree like that because it doesn't smell like like a bigger shop for Finland. It doesn't feel like, you know I just meet you these cookies. And now you know I'm gonna try to get you to have sex with me. It just feels very, almost other worldly perfumer who makes the all of the perfumes for Gwyneth Paltrow actually for her group brand. So his name is Douglas Little, and he has a perfume company called Heretic Perfume, which I'm just, like, completely obsessed with. So this is one that I wear all the time. It's, uh, it's made using like a rare frankincense frankincense. It's another oil that has in a depressant properties, and this one basically feels like you just walk down the aisle in like a grand, um, European cathedrals. So I highly recommend any of the sense that that he makes so sound is another one of those senses that we can bring into the bedroom. You can use sound for relaxing. You can use it for intimacy. It's also one of those deeply personal choices. What sounds sexy to one person may sound just silly to another person. So what? I always like to recommend people dio is have this conversation with with your partner. Um, things that my husband find sexy are completely different than the things that I find sexy . And it's really want to just talk about what the elements are with each other and then to maybe make a mix tape, um, combining both of those choices. It's depending on how you feel about eating in bed that you may have a visceral response to a suggestion to to bring some food into the bedroom. So I wanted to make this as advertising and as clean as possible. So I wanted to introduce you to these Trader Joe's extra direct chocolate wedges. This is one of my favorite ways to bring the sense of taste into the bedroom, so you'll notice when I open this up. There's actually none in there because I have even, but they do come in this lovely little 10. They're cheap, they're delicious. So incorporating touchable textures is one of the fastest ways that you can heighten the drama of a bedroom. Using contrasting textures will heighten the drama between different you'll see if I throw that on there. You'll seeing you're seeing automatically a difference in how it feels now that we've thought a little bit about how to bring ourselves back into our body and how to engage at a very human level. I want you to go into your work. Brooke and I listed all of the senses there and just taken opportunity now to brainstorm some ways that you might want to bring all five of the senses into your slumber party. 6. Beds and Bedding: a little. The ideas I've been presenting in this course can be pursued with a minimum of investment. But we've kind of got into the big thing now, which is the bed. I have a really, really long bed backstory I could share here, but I'll just give you the highlights. Basically, it took us a very, very long time to get a bed. We slept on crappy mattresses on the floor for a while, as one does. We've shared twin beds together. We stayed in hotel rooms that have king beds. But at some point about six years ago, we finally grew up and decided to actually participant. And we saved up for a long time to do it because we knew it was gonna be a big investment. And when you do something like that, I mean, you feel a little cheese. You're like, really bad. But it's so worth it. Oh, my gosh, it's Ah, it's literally life. Changing furniture can be life changing. Then a bed can truly change your life. 7. A shrine to love.: so in. In spiritual traditions, shrines are often dedicated to one god are one particular saint or an ancestor. In the bedroom. You can actually create a shrine that's dedicated to your love and your partnership. If you could think for a moment about all of the objects that have passed through your hands on your on your couple of journey, all of tickets times, all of the Eastern postcards, all of the love letters, um, all of the gifts, maybe the little notes past. I think about about what there's objects are and what they symbolise and gather them all up together. And you can have your very on. My love strain is this constantly rotating collection of couple softies have taken with my partner. We have two kids, and our lives were very busy, and we don't get a ton of time to spend together this trying as a reminder ties that we do take time for each other before you move on. I'd like you to think about what might work for you as a lump. Streit. How might you create the story visually? Go ahead and brainstorm some ideas in your workbook right now. 8. Parting Words + your class project.: Thank you so much for joining me in my core slumber party. I hope you had a lot of fun. I know. I certainly did. This stuff is supposed to be exciting. It's supposed to be more fun. I hope that you're not overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that I presented here. Uh, but just remember that you can always just pick and choose what resonates with you and the funds. It's kind of like sexuality. Fun thing is just to try things and to see what works for you and what works for your partner. So now that you completed the course, you could move on to the final project. I would love to see the love, the love science that you're creating with your partners. I feel like there's an opportunity there for us to really understand the full breath of creativity that you could go through with this kind of project. So if you if you do do that love trying Please, Mr Pick, uh, under the project Resource and I would also really love a review. So in this kind of work, I never recommend anything. Especially the more magical aside, I don't I don't recommend things that I just read online. I only recommend things that I've actually seen working either in my practice for my clients practices. So it would be really helpful toe everyone into the community just to understand. But especially from those more magical elements. What is working for you at what what you see has made, like, most dramatic life. So go ahead and share your stories there and otherwise just thank you for joining me and all save in the next video.