Slow Cooker Secrets: Get More Flavor in Less Time | Learn with Yummly | Stephanie O'Dea | Skillshare

Slow Cooker Secrets: Get More Flavor in Less Time | Learn with Yummly

Stephanie O'Dea, Slow-Cooking Expert, NYT Best-Selling Author

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12 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Benefits of Slow Cooking

    • The Braise Formula

    • Preparing Your Meat

    • Making Your Own Spice Rub

    • Applying Spice Rub

    • Setting Up Your Slow Cooker

    • Checking Progress

    • Finishing Touches

    • Bonus Lesson: Braising vs Stewing

    • Conclusion

    • Hungry for More?


About This Class

Eager to get into slow cooking, but not sure where to start? Join New York Times bestselling cookbook author and slow cooking expert Stephanie O’Dea and Yummly for a fun 40-minute class to unlock the secret to tender, fall-off-the-fork flavor — specifically with a delicious pulled pork. 

Stephanie walks us through 5 easy steps:

  • The basics of using your slow cooker 
  • How to "braise" and "stew" with a slow cooker 
  • Prepping meats before you slow cook  
  • Making your very own signature spice rub
  • Proper techniques and timings for maximum flavor and tenderness  

She also shares a variety of helpful tips and juicy tidbits about slow cooking other dishes for your family, friends, or simply meal-prepping for yourself.

By the end of the class, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to make a delicious, old-fashioned BBQ pulled pork at home – and enough to go around!


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Stephanie O'Dea

Slow-Cooking Expert, NYT Best-Selling Author

Stephanie O'Dea made a New Year's Resolution to use her slow cooker every single day in 2008 and write about it online.

This simple idea resulted in a highly-trafficked website and several books, one of which spent six weeks on the New York Times best-sellers list. Stephanie has appeared on Good Morning America (three times), The Rachael Ray Show (four times), featured in Real Simple Magazine, Woman's World, and She is a contributing editor to Simply Gluten Free magazine and...

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